Exclusive First Look: Castle's Season 5 Key Art Plays With Handcuffs

The official key art aka poster for Castle Season 5 features two conventionally attractive people, yes, but is there more to it than that? Lucky for you, TVLine has secured an exclusive first peek at the pretty.

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For one, there’s the visual callback to one of Season 4’s buzziest outings, “Cuffed,” given the special hardware Rick and Kate are sporting in the poster.

But there are also two embedded spoilers, one who has seen the premiere could argue. The first comes from the tagline. The second has to do with the aforementioned manacles. Because of the events of the May finale, are Castle and Beckett’s “hands tied” figuratively, seeing as the NYPD probably frowns on such fraternization? Or do they again find themselves bound at the wrist, literally, in the Sept. 24 season opener?

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How do you rate Castle‘s Season 5 poster? Does it set the right mood?

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  1. Jim says:

    Cuffs. Beckett’s sex hair. Yes, it sets the mood.

  2. Templar says:

    Would love this poster for my collection. [hangs head in shame].

  3. kyle says:

    nathan looks mad photoshopped

  4. justafan says:

    I think someone got a little over excited with the air brushing. They both look a little odd.

    Cute idea though

  5. OMG the photoshopping. MY EYES!

  6. pamela says:

    So cute..love me so caskett!

  7. Lisa says:

    There’s a fair bit of air brushing going on!! Nathan Fillion looks like a wax work!

  8. Sarah says:

    LOVE it, but my god waaay to much photoshop used on NF

  9. Magda says:

    So. Much. Photoshop.

  10. itsmemartu says:

    I think they get literally caught in the act, perhaps by Martha and/or Alexis?

  11. Janet says:

    OH DEAR GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Jenna says:

    Do Stana’s fingers look crazy to anyone else or is that just me?

  13. Petra says:

    Yeah it sets the mood!

  14. Chiara says:

    I love this picture… but they should tone down photoshop! :p

  15. Leigh says:

    Wow. First I loved this picture then I read all the photoshop comments. Still think the picture sets the tone though. Can’t wait for the 24th!

  16. Chiara says:

    It’s not Nathan who look uglier!!! It’s the photoshop guy who make him look like they glue his head over someone else body!

  17. Ky Johnson says:

    They should try again. And fire the photoshopper for abuses of power.

  18. Mack says:

    Tssss the amount of hate you’re going to get…

  19. anonymous says:

    i dont even care about the photoshopping. they’re beautiful and this is perfect. its light and adorable and definitely sets the right mood. I AM SO FREAKIN EXCITED!!!!

  20. Josh says:

    if Castle and Beckett’s storyline is remotely close to the House and Cuddy storyline, I’m out! Their ending scene was so alike (House, S06), even the lines sounded the same.

  21. garrs says:

    gods, why so photoshopped? I wouldn’t have recognized neither of them without squinting. And reading the text bit

  22. phoebe says:

    too much photoshop indeed

  23. Maria says:

    Awesome. I was looking for a new screen-saver for my phone. Thanks Matt!! Looking forward to Castle season 5…always.

  24. Melissa says:

    Photoshop???? why do people care about that!!! The picture is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE CASKETT, and I need Sept 24th to be here like NOW! :D

  25. heather says:

    i’ve seen better fan arts/photoshops pictures of castle from fans than this. seriously abc need to hire better graphic designers

  26. Linderella says:

    They are both adorable…no need whatsoever for photoshopping this lovely couple!

  27. Debi says:

    Wow – Beckett smiling?

  28. Tim says:

    yawn…. ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………………… So over the “will they or won’t they” on EVERY TV show on primetime.

  29. Marky41 says:

    I could be wrong…but I don’t think Stana needs that much photoshop.

  30. CC says:

    Fraternization doesn’t come into play because he’s not a cop. So it’s ok. ;-)

  31. Mrafb says:

    Too photoshopped.!!! Although i am very excited for the coming season. Can’t wait!!

  32. Tsuz says:

    Geez, even Nathan wouldn’t recognize himself.

  33. JESSICA says:


  34. teezer says:

    Castle looks like a bad collision between Nathan Fillion and a young Alec Baldwin! At least to me he does…

  35. Julie says:

    Photoshop or not, they are one gorgeous couple. Is a little Caskett in the works?? Ooo.

  36. Anna says:

    I definitely like it

  37. Amina says:

    The pic is good, I so like seeing them together and don’t really care about the photoshopping. However, I don’t think Kate’s hair colour is a good choice!

  38. almost unrecognisable thanks to photoshop.

  39. SomeDude says:

    Is this a cop show or romcom? Are they trying to drive away the male viewers?

    • E. says:

      Just wait till you see the premiere before you judge please. According to people who have already seen it, there’s more than enough action to compensate the romcom aspect that you mention.

  40. Bonnie says:

    can’t decide if it would be funnier if Martha or Alexis caught them….

    • Audrey says:

      I’m thinking Martha. There’s humor in her character so getting caught by her will be comical. She has always been a Caskett shipper. Alexis, on the other hand, is more of a serious character and she and Beckett are not in the greatest term. So being caught by her, in my mind, is more melodramatic.

  41. Patti says:

    Love the poster idea, but not crazy about the over kill on airbrushing or whatever it is that they did. Love the show and I’m counting down the days till it’s premier.

  42. Yikes says:

    Not only are they airbrushed to hell, I have seen better fanart that photoshop the two of them together more believably than this. They clearly were not even in the same room when this was done.

  43. shumaila says:

    i like the whole idea but why extreme photoshop

  44. Kate says:

    This is driving me nuts. What happens in the beginning where they get caught…should I assume Alexa catches them? That would make sense since the hint was she will probably know first and considering she was only gone for the night at her all nighter it would make sense.

  45. Audrey says:

    My eyes! My eyes! So much pretties! Send help!

    Love the freaking tagline and the handcuffs? Looks like its gonna be a fun season indeed.

  46. They are so cute…))) It’s very beautiful post))

  47. gossip2010 says:

    i love it !! can’t wait to see caskett in the premiere !! the 24th, i’ll be officially dead lol =)

  48. casper says:

    A. I agree with the “too much Photoshop” comments. The actors already look great in HD. This looks like a poorly done fan art. In fact, I’ve seen more impressive fan arts.

    B. I’m intrigued by the tag line and use of the cuffs. It’s a nice callback, not only to the season 4 episode “Cuffed,” but also to the season 3 poster as well.

    C. Based on the spoilers I’ve read so far about the premiere, I think Beckett will get back at Castle (for having to do the “walk of shame” in front of his family in the first scene) by cuffing him to her bed in the last scene. ;)

    • Flick says:

      Wow, that is actually very plausible! Fits with all the spoilers as well.. Seems like cuffs are a big thing! With all the references! Though, out of all the posters, my favourite is still S3.

  49. Thijs says:

    Is is just me or does he look like alec baldwin?