It's Official: Michael Strahan Named Kelly Ripa's Permanent Live Co-Host

Live with Kelly and MichaelThe worst kept secret in the TV biz has finally been made official: Kelly Ripa introduced former NFL star Michael Strahan as her new co-host Monday morning on the newly-rechristened Live! With Kelly and Michael.

“As a guest co-host, Michael’s chemistry with Kelly was off the charts, and continued to grow each time he visited the show,” said longtime Live EP Michael Gelman. “The interaction between the co-hosts always has been what makes this show different from any other on television. Kelly and Michael’s ability to play off of one another and just plain have a good time together creates great TV for the audience.”

Ripa has served as sole permanent host of Live With Kelly since Regis Philbin stepped down last November 18. During that time, a whopping 59 different men and women joined Ripa behind the Live desk following Philbin’s departure. But in recent months, the list of serious candidates was narrowed down to three: Strahan, SNL vet Seth Meyers, and classical singer Josh Groban.

Strahan’s Live duties reportedly won’t affect his other broadcasting gig on Fox NFL Sunday.

Thoughts? Thumbs up? Thumbs down? Still on the fence? Hit the comments!

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  1. BEBE says:

    Let’s all take a deep breath. ..remember when you first started your job. . .you didn’t know anyone’s name, you didn’t know the “company/corporate vocabulary”, every thought, response, idea, and conversation was filtered and edited through your “I’m new here, let me get though the probationary period without making an ass of myself by revealing who I really am” meter. . .Please let them like me!, Well, all of the rude comments you’ve voiced for Michael – keep in mind, when you first walked into your new job all of your colleagues and co-workers had the same opinions about you! Hmmmm, maybe they still do

    • gambrelli says:

      Michael is no Regis – but he is likable, warm, and does his homework.

      The problem is Kelly – she is still an amateur after ten years on the job. She has no idea what a genuine conversation actually is. She presents an extremely fake persona composed of over the top over-acting punctuated by the constant interjection of a series of juvenile expressions: “Oh, my gosh!”….”Hmmmmmm”…..”It’s ‘MY’ favorite”….”You’re ‘MY’ favorite”…..and on and on. She rarely brings anything of interest to the show, and when she does it’s always superficial in nature compounded by her usual sleazy take on things that she seems to equate with humor.

      It is all made worse that while she insists,her children do their homework she doesn’t t do her own. She is unprepared for her interviews, with Michael often doing the heavy lifting.
      Kelly never fails to bring the conversation back to herself – and when she does she runs ‘her’ story about ‘herself’ into the ground, repeating it over and over from one show to the next.

      When this show is cancelled, and it will be, it will be a real shame if Michael is assumed to have been the problem.

      Kelly has never been up to this job.

      Regis was always genuine and he did all the heavy-lifting that made the show a success -Kelly is once again riding on the coattails of her co-host and leaving Michael to do all the heavy lifting while she over-acts her way through incompetence.

  2. Peter says:

    The guy is an inarticulate jock with nothing interesting to add to the conversation. It’s painful viewing that only lasted 9-minutes because that’s when I turned off the first show and have not looked back. Sorry Mike.

  3. David says:

    Kelly and Michael are funny and great together. its obvious by the postings that some if not most of you are threatened and not ready for the ebony/ivory concept! Thats ok! The audience appears to be getting younger and more diverse which is just like I like it and how it should be! Laters and sorry your stuck with just watching fixed news!!

  4. Amanda says:

    I can’t stand Micheal on the show and can’t stand watching the show due to him. I am sure he is a great person but not a right fit. How long before the producers realize he is sinking the ship!

  5. Lisa Lawler says:

    PEASE put some weight on Kelly and some COLOR in her hair!! She looks like she’s either a frail 90 year old woman or a 9 year old chemo patient. Not a great look.

  6. Tom Charters says:

    I used to be a daily fan but now I never watch the program since Regis retired. I give Kell and Mike two seasons and they will be gone. Kelly should have learned some lesson from Kathy Lee Gifford.

  7. Donna says:

    wow listen to the anger in these posts…..give him a chance!!!

  8. sHEILA says:

    Has anyone ever noticed how many times Kelly says, I or me, good luck Michael S., Kelly loves talking about herself.

  9. shawn says:

    Have been a long time watcher of the show, starting today I will no longer watch, I tried to give Michael a chance, I do not like the two of them together, she acts way too juvenile with him, I hate the way they come out dancing, its just went way down hill!

  10. Jon says:

    I loved Regis but Strahan is hilarious!! All of the people that say there’s no chemistry are just these people that comment on the web all day, because the only thing that brings them joy in life is to complain and insult others. There may be a few valid negative comments but for the most part they didn’t even give him a chance. As far as the comment that he abused his wife, that’s ridiculous. For all we know, that never happened or maybe he had a loud argument with his wife. In either case, do you really believe everything you hear on tv? Who hasn’t argued with their spouse? Abuse is aweful but there’s no evidence that he was abusive, and making accusations without evidence is completely immoral and unethical. There have been times in the 90’s when Strahan acted immature. The fact that he is who he is now is even more impressive to me because of that. He has not only proved that life does give second chances, he is also setting a great example for other NFL players, a lot of whom struggle in retirement. Way to go Michael! Great show and I will watch for as long as the show is Kelli and Michael

  11. Flor says:

    Great choice, Congrats Michael!

  12. Ann Chumley says:

    Will Kelly and Michael give Ann Romney on the show?

  13. Sam Perez says:

    Why is it when the YANKEES lose, not a PEEP when they WIN my god you would
    think there is no other team nor city that exists except NY is it because you all based
    in NY???

  14. Regis-Baby!!! says:

    Honestly, when I first saw the show MANY years ago – I thought it was the “Regis Philbin, Live Show – (with cohost Kathy Lee Gifford). Then the producers got rid of Kathy Lee for a younger cohost, Kelly. Now they’re trying to find someone who can match Regis’ “Notre Dame” Glory-Day stories, and they have chosen a retired professional Football Player. I guess if Mark Sanchez didn’t still have the urge to BURY his hands under the Man-Pillows of a 6′-8″ 350lb NFL Football Center, then HE would be co-hosting the show RIGHT NOW. I’m sure Gelman made him an offer. ;-)

  15. martiska says:

    They dragged “we are getting a new co host ” for so long that i have stopped watching long ago that i don ‘t really care.

    • Bowser says:

      I don’t understand this 19 to 49 demographic…! Aren’t these people working? or raising their children?…well I guess they are collecting welfare and getting food stamps… the people buying the products advertised are working….so if Gelman is looking for a younger demo…and these people are not working…how much can they spend? As for M.S. not a good fit for young or old…advertisers listen up…!

  16. Eve says:

    I really loved Kelly before but when Michael joined her she became just bluuuuhhh… I cannot watch it anymore. What happened to this bright and intelligent woman? She lost spark, too bad because it is obviously a very bad combination. Make the change before the show will be closed.

  17. bobbye says:

    It’s all about demographics – they’re trying to garner a more diverse audience in hopes of improving the ratings. I’m surprised they didn’t bring in a new producer. The production values haven’t improved any (except for the new studio – where did all that Regis money go?) and the camera really needs to stay on the talent – not Gelman and company. It’s becoming monotonous – so time will tell.

  18. cheryl simone says:

    Everyone left that is sane needs to write to all the sponsers for this disaster!! Kelly was ok with Regis ( a real star) but on her own!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding? And Michael OMG…voice lisp? Cant even understand him. She look ridiculous with him. Cancel show or replace him asap! PLEASE EVERYONE get real…he stinks.

  19. sherry says:

    I love the show!!!!! It’s awesome!!!

  20. dre says:

    Wow! Did you see them do the Beyonce & Jay Z bit?? What about the Nikki & Randy Jackson from American idol?? They are great!! And really appeal to a younger hipper audience! The older outdated racist audience will not like that episode at all!!

  21. Bowser says:

    Wow you must be a plant…how much have they paid you …!

    • jayne says:

      hallo browser or whatever your name is, why do you and others like you hate? You are the kind of people who are never happy at other people’s successes. OMG! Shame on you!

  22. kathleen says:

    Kelly your great but maybe the show needs different co-hosts weekly. Michael just doesn’t cut it. Kelly & Regis were great together. Maybe time to put the show to rest.

  23. Shelly says:

    I hardly ever watch this show, but saw them start tearing apart Michaels dressing room. Just throwing perfectly great items out the dressing room doors. So insensitive to what is going around them in NY and NJ.

    Maybe stuff will go to be offered to others but your attitude was unacceptable. The show should be ashamed of itself.

  24. dre says:

    Seriously, I wonder will there be any conservatives who love the fresh concept of the black man hosting a show with the white woman??

    I also wonder will there be any liberals who hate that same concept? Probably not, usually these things go hand and hand.

    • Judy says:

      I agree with you all the way. I think the combination of the black man with a white women will a big factor in either liking them or disliking them.

  25. michael is a great addition to the show kelly on the other hand will bring the show down she was always sucky and worse now also see an affair coming on and that will be the end of it all i think michael should keep his eyes open wide kelly will ruin him she is the worst host ever give credit where credit is due michael is the winner here

  26. Judy says:

    Michael is horrible with Kelly. Very bad choice. Seems that I’m not the only one that thinks so. More comments against him then there are for him. He needs to go.

  27. deb says:

    Regis sucked.. like Mike much better

  28. dj says:

    It reaaly makes me sick to see Kelly is always lying on Michale. She acts like she wants him. It is embarassing, Poor Mark and her kids. She can’t keep her hands off of him. Kelly I have no more respect for you!

  29. Diana says:

    Get rid of Kelly and keep Michael!

  30. Maria says:

    About the power ball, i think you need to choose 5 numbers and one number for the power ball ,I think,

  31. nick says:

    I do not watch the show anymore!! I just do not see what Michael does for the show. He was not the right person to replace Regis. The show is not the same any more. Lots of poeple are telling the same thing he sucks big time…. time to get find a new co-host fast!!!

  32. Annie says:

    Sorry for Kelly! Michael is not the right co-host. It’s not working. Mr. Gelman should have continued with “guest” co-hosts. It would have fared better with the audience. There could be different co-hosts all year long.

  33. sally says:

    I hope it just goes off the air now. I DON’T THINK SHE CAN MAKE IT AFTER THIS CHOICE.

  34. Sveta says:

    Caught few minutes this am by accidentally landing on channel. Painfully bad! Sorry but Micheal is not good at this tv host gig!

  35. Ladd says:

    I think for what its worth that Kelly, and Michael should do the show ala John & Yoko ohno. Do the show in bed!

    Have a great day, Ladd

  36. Paula P. says:

    I totally agree with Rebecca. Couldn’t have said it better. Give Michaeal a chance. It took me a good while to get use to Kelly. Didn’t think she was a good replacement for Kathie Lee either. She’s grown on me over the years.

  37. Hannah White says:

    Awful choice I think. I actually stopped watching live since Michael was chosen. There is No chemistry there all.Seth would of been a better choice. No more live for me

    • Bowser says:

      They both stink…
      the show sucks…
      Was she really an actress at one time?
      Things that make you say…..Hummmmm!

    • jayne says:

      Hater! Are you black or white like your name? Obviously you have a race issue. Dont watch, but let others who want to do it! OK?!

      • Bowser says:

        I’m white as if that matters…your an idiot! I never said anything that could be construde as racist.. re-read it dopy…I just don’t like the show anymore…and that’s my opinion…(K)?

      • Barbra C. says:

        Great response Jayne…..Bowser is probably hating on Michael because like many other racist white males, he wish it was him who was on the show sitting beside Kelly every morning! Now he pretends to hate even Kelly because her co-host happens to be a Black man. What a racist jerk!!!

        • Bowser says:

          You are looking to slander me for not liking this awful show… not once have I made an statment about race…I am a white male married to a black female…you idiots can only blame everyone who does not agree with you as a racist because, you lack the ability to form intelligent arguement….I bet you never graduated from High School…and if you have your was online where you can cheat…you like the show save it for it won’t last.

  38. clint roberts says:

    Kelly should have kept her own show. I watch gma now. I used to watch kelly, but oh well.

  39. Starlea says:

    I agree Regis was funny. My first time watching the show was on his last day when they were showing all his skits. I didn’t get to see all the guests hosts so I can’t really say who I think should’ve got it. Micheal is really funny though and I think they work well together. I look forward time watching it with my patient while I’m at work. I really think they will make it. As for all the comments about never watching it again or wishing for It to be canceled just change the channel. You probably won’t be missed. The fans of Micheal will replace u.

  40. kayla says:

    They are great get up every morning and watch them keep it up love the show

  41. Barbra C. says:

    Are there any liberal individuals out there who are actually watching the show willing to share their views and perspective aside from the minor trivial things? I’d love to hear from you! Blessings!!!

    • dre says:

      Hey Barb,
      Most of these conservatives are petty and bitter, they know our country is moving forward without any of their views and all they can do is hiss. They probably don’t watch Scandal for the exact same reason. But stop taking it so personal, your winning!

    • Bowser says:

      I am a liberal Democrat have been all my life… I support Obama and voted for him twice…did you vote? I dislike anyone owning a gun except for Police who should be vetted without exception. I hope Hillary runs in 2016… racist I am not…rightuss I am. Try thinking WITHOUT the racist goggles that YOU have. Oh and by the way I live in Alabama…

  42. Shon says:

    Been watching a long time but knew Regis had to be losing it when he hit Nicki Minaj’s butt after she performed. It was time for a change

  43. RD91799 says:

    I have been watching the show since it was Regis and Kathy Lee. I watched every day last summer when it was Kelly Live, and thought the show was very funny with different guest hosts. Of all the hosts, I think that Michael would have been my last choice. I’ve tried to watch the show, and I want to like it, but it’s just not watchable anymore, it’s not funny.

  44. Judy says:

    I hate the way they come out now , dancing like two idiots, making faces. Just walk out normal, and it would be really nice if we could understand him. Terrible choice for a co-host!

  45. coozeboy says:

    First off Barb is a nut-ball! Just because strahan sucks doesn’t mean u have to jump to the conclusion that it must be because he’s black. We don’t live in the 20’s> nobodys even thinking that. They have the chemistry of oil & water and he’s hard to understand. I think there was a deal that could have been made for seth. Besides replacing michael the show needs to get ridn of gehlman> he’s so cheesy and cheap and hasn’t had a new idea since the 80’s. I will sadly miss the show now that I can’t bear to watch it>

  46. Kayla says:

    Maybe you all should do something more constructive with your time anyways. Lol watching tv & making such a fuss about it. Go out & LIVE!

  47. Beverley says:

    I gave LIVE Kelly and Michael show time..Time to see if I could be a daily viewer. Time to see if I really enjoyed their multiple talents. Time to see if I wanted them in my home every morning at 9 AM for an hour. Previous hosts I enjoyed in small doses. They were very good, but the key words were “small doses”.

    The variety, talent, humor, gifts and guests Kelly & Michael offer us daily, M-F, makes yours truly a daily fan. I adore both of them. They are good people. Many times K & M touched my heart. Also LOL, even alone, is great fun. Good for our souls.
    Kelly and Michael are loved by a kazillion, or so, people including me. ENJOY Beverley

  48. Holly says:

    Haha, immaturity takes over. Anyways, I think they work together just fine. (:
    People who are arguing over silly things, stop, you are wasting your time, you don’t even know eachother. Drama is stupid.(:

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