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Glee Hot Shots: Rachel Vamps It Up for Britney 2.0

Oops!… They did it again.

Glee is taking on Britney Spears for a second time in its upcoming Season 4, and we’ve got a sneak peek at Rachel’s sexy makeover for the tribute — as well as a glimpse of New Directions’ ode to the pop princess.

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Unlike Season 2’s “Britney/Brittany,” everyone — including Tina, Alex Newell’s “Unique” and newbie cast members Dean Geyer (as Rachel’s NYADA classmate) and Melissa Benoist (wide-eyed glee clubber Marley Rose) — gets in on the action this time. But Ms. Berry appears to be stealing the show with her new look and moves. Is it enough to get her tough dance teacher Cassandra (played by Kate Hudson) off her back?

Glee returns Thursday, Sept. 13 at 9/8c on Fox. “Britney 2.0” airs Sept. 20.

Check out the gallery below and then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. vrn says:

    finchel forever

  2. That Unique guy looks so big next to Tina, that it’s kind of funny to watch. I guess as long as he is given funny stuff to do, and not drama (like in Nationals episode), I won’t mind.

  3. Holly says:

    I don’t know why but I am not looking forward to this Glee ep. Also, I loved Rachel’s signiture look and they seem to really be changing it. Also, is the muscle dude with her in some of the pics her new love interest? If so, I am over it already.

  4. MM says:

    Finchel is forever!!!

  5. Sam says:

    Can we get rid of Unique already?

  6. Magui says:

    I’m so sick of Finchel and Rachel!!!!!

  7. Lorena says:

    I dont like Alex at all, i cant stand him i didnt like him in the glee project, Lindsay i didnt like her in the glee project but i enjoy watching the gerber baby, sadly she is not coming back

  8. Bianca says:

    Where’s Chris Colfer/Kurt Hummel in all these pictures?? They still don’t get it, right???

    • Michelle says:

      Kurt, Rachel, Finn, and Santana. That’s what I want to see. Those four. With Artie & Tina back at McKinley. That’s the heart of the show.

      • Kay says:

        Also, Blaine is at McKinley too. I am interested in how they handle the long-distance relationships for Kurt/Blaine, Mike/Tina, Santana/Brittany, and Rachel/Finn. Not sure if I am going to like Episode 4 (The Break Up) – depends on who it focuses on and what happens after that.

  9. Good says:

    Maybe he has of muscle , but my heart will always, always be with Finn. Finn Forever!

  10. Holly says:

    Wow at the new cast, but why does Rachel look like Lea Michele and not Rachel? I also, don’t care to see Rachel with “pretty” boy because I really don’t think that dude is Rachel’s style. I guess I will not only skip episode 1 but episode 2 also.

    • gleeforevers says:

      If you skip the first two episodes you will., not understand the rest of the next episode plus it is a good show they are trying to convey how a new city can change your whole personality

  11. nel says:

    so excited about the new characters!!! also that new guy looks ok but finchel forever :)

  12. Ally says:

    I’m so sick of Brody and Rachel!!!!!

  13. Amy says:

    Where is Chris and Cory in these photos? I hate they aren’t capatilizing on their already wonderful cast. Lea said it herself, she can’t be Rachel without Chris as Kurt and Cory as Finn. Those three have so much chemistry and for good measure throw Naya/Santana into NY. Please already I am begging the writers to get those four to NY together.

  14. Rocky says:

    Not buying what they’re selling. Just don’t care Brody. Sorry, Glee. It’ll always be Finchel for me. Finchelisforever

  15. Nikki says:

    I love Rachel, but not excited about the new look and the new dude. I hope I’m not going to have to skip the new season and watch my season 1 DVD in order to see the Rachel I love interacting with the Finn I love. This is giving me season 2 vibes which is NOT COOL.

  16. Mara says:

    Yes! Glee maybe trying to sell sex in the new time slot, but it’s not working for me. Just don’t care Brody!

  17. Flo says:

    Wow! I hadn’t heard that Lea Michele was guest-starring as herself on Glee! She looks gorgeous — but why isn’t anyone talking about this? And where is Rachel?

  18. Bryce says:

    Alex Newell is the WORSE actor on the show!! (and that’s coming from a show that Dianna is on, jeez!) His singing is good, but that acting, wow. I hope he is not featured a lot. I have ZERO interest in the New Directions now. Kevin Mchale is the best thing left at McKinley, but I am sure it will be the Blaine show once again.

  19. Amy says:

    @Nikki Me too! I don’t care about Rachel’s new look or the new guy at all which saddens me! I have never missed an epsiode but fear I will not even watch the first few. Rachel is my favorite character and I want to support the show but I can’t knowing she is rubbing up against a new guy after that season finale last season. I was never a huge Finn and Rachel fan but after last season and that last scene I can’t get those two out of my Glee mind, but hearing about Rachel’s new guy makes me want to throw something. :( Also, where is Kurt in the episode stills?

  20. TigerNightmare says:

    I feel like this is the third time they’re doing a Britney episode. And why is that exactly? Are they out of musicians the writers actually listen to? Is she coming out with a new album she wants to cross promote? Here we go again with more pop hit covers with absolutely zero creative variation from the original versions. Most of their song covers are like the remake of Psycho. It’s the same exact thing, only somehow much worse.

    • Hattie says:

      They’re cross-promoting Glee and X-Factor — this is how they’re pushing the 2 shows where are now back-to-back. Britney is one of the X-Factor’s hosts; another is Demi Lovato, which is why there will be a Lovato duet with Rachel and Brody in Episode 3. There’s going to be a lot of cross promotion between them, and between Glee and AI later on. It’s one of FOX’s strategies to boost both shows — remember Glee started out in a time spot following Idol. However, Glee always got to do its own music stuff in the past; now, it looks like the network is forcing them to mostly to contemporary pop in the hopes of boosting music sales. It’ll be a shame if Glee loses its unique musical voice (almost no more classic rock, musicals, or interesting music from other time periods) in order for FOX to push it’s music sales revenue.

      • TigerNightmare says:

        So aggravating. I always preferred their song covers to be unique (not the character) and drastic departures from the original versions, like Artie’s cover of Dancing With Myself. But now, most of the time, it sounds like they’re just deleting the original vocals track and inserting the new cast, like Blaine’s sucky cover of the GOTYE song that pales in comparison. If they’re not going to do ANYTHING with it, why bother? It just makes me want to hear the original singers instead.

  21. Carly says:

    I see Marley is wearing Jake’s leather jacket…?

  22. Anna says:

    I want to see Finn in NYC! And I can’t wait to see Cory and Lea working together again. Glee isn’t the same without that Finchel chemistry.

  23. Jon says:

    Yeah, I am sure they are trying to capitalize on airing after the X Factor with Britney on that show. Anyways, I haven’t see much to get me interested in the new season. I had so much hope with the thought of Rachel, Kurt, Santana, and Finn in NY but I guess they screwed that up and now Rachel is interested in muscles mcmuscles who I just think needs to take a hike. Oh well…..

    • mary says:

      I dont think Rachel falls for muscles. I think her character is not that shallow but I get what you said. I`m second your hope for Rachel, Kurt, Finn and Santana in NYC

  24. Laure says:

    Rachel and Brody’s performance looks great. I’m don’t like Britney Spears music so I hope Rachel does a unique version, but I can’t wait to see her dance.

  25. Brok says:

    They can’t throw in a new “love interest” after three years of constant Finchel. A shiny distraction in the form of a hot older guy is ridiculous. The majority of viewers want to know the results of the train scene with Finn and Rachel. They want to see where their relationship is going. They’re not going to want to tune in and see Rachel and some new guy. Love triangles got old in season one. Sorry to Dean Geyer, but Brody needs to go. Finchel is Glee for me and for a lot of other people. If they keep throwing in pointless drama just to drag out the story, I’ll watch Grey’s Anatomy instead.

  26. Joan says:

    Britney music does nothing for me; I can’t remember any of her songs from the first time they did the Britney tribute, and I don’t know enough about her music to even guess what they’re doing this time. But I guess a lot of people like her stuff. So I’ll suffer through the music on this one–hopefully they’ll keep the music numbers to a minimum (remember when Glee used to do that in the first season, and the show was about the story?)–and just be glad they’re getting their mandatory nod to Britney, now that she’s starring on another network show, out of the way early.

  27. Siren says:

    I like to see Rachel be more adult, but i want that she be more adult with Finn. I am tired of love triangles…. original storylines pleaseee. FinchelForever

  28. Mafer says:

    ughhhh #stayawaybrody

  29. Mafer says:

    Sorry but Brody needs to go. Finchel is the reason I’m still hooked on Glee

  30. Tina just looks GOOD. I hope she’ll get the upper hand in the who’s the new rachel competition, she so deserves it. I mean Blaine is the male lead (he was already last season anyways), I love Hemo but lets face it she’s not lead singer material. And Unique…well sure Alex can sing well (and way loud) but he cannot act. I could like Marley, but she’s too green.

    ! Team Tina !

  31. Lara says:

    I’m a committed Finchel fan and I will never be able to buy Finn and Rachel with other people after “Goodbye”. The Finn/Rachel triangles have been done to death so we aren’t willing to watch a repeat of season 2.

  32. mave says:

    The perfect and praised train scene of season 3 had an intention and did its purpose. To make us belive. Why are Glee trying to blemish that?. I want Finn and Rachel back

  33. Eileen says:

    Is it sad that no one wants to give Rachel’s new guy a chance? Although I gotta say I’m in the same boat. Lol. I was really looking forward to seeing how Finn and Rachel found their way back to each other after that final scene on the train, but now that I know they are going a different direction with Rachel and this new guy I think I’ll sit things out for a while. I hate to not watch but I’m just so tired of love triangles for those characters. Sigh

  34. Mercedes looks different (it’s a joke, laugh with it)

  35. Lee says:

    I think Dean really has to prove himself as an actor before I can get behind him. The fans have been having a love affair with these characters for three long years and it’s gonna be really difficult, if not impossible, to part with the ones we love. Finn and Rachel have my loyalty, and moreover, my heart.

  36. Amanda says:

    I’m sorry but I really feel like RIB is running the show into the ground. They say focus on the characters, not about the ships. I love Finchel but bringing Dean Geyer in is stupid. I will forever love Cory Monteith and Finn Hudson and if Finchel gets dragged through the mud, fans will up and leave and not watch the show. Finchel Forever.

  37. Amanda says:

    Besides Finchel is the only reason I watch the show anymore. They are the only thing that keeps me interested. #FinchelForever #Stayawaybrody

  38. A says:

    I don’t understand how so many people can just dismiss what they haven’t seen. All we’ve seen is a few pictures with Brody and Rachel. I mean is it really unexpected to so many that they would throw a curveball for Finchel by introducing a new love interest. First of all, this is not uncommon with any TV show and secondly its a pretty realistic thing to have happen especially considering the distance that will be between them this season. At least watch a couple of eps with the two of them to see how things play out and then pass judgement. Geez.

    • B says:

      Finally a reasonable comment! I agree 100% with this. I don’t get how everyone is so quick to bash Brody & Rachel and they haven’t even seen what’s in store for the characters.
      If you guys were real Finchel fans, you’d stop complaining and at least wait until the episode has aired to give your ever-too-quick snappy judgments. Give them a chance!

  39. Pepper says:

    Is Tina gonna dress like Rachel?

  40. Bee says:

    Go away Brody! I could care less about your character. These recycle third party love interests story lines are getting old. Give me back my Finchel.

  41. Mel says:

    I am not interested at all in this Brody character but I am excited to see Finn and Rachel’s storylines and their reunion. I am not sure how New Directions is going to work but I am willing to give it a shot!

  42. Sarah says:

    She can dance with Brody all she wants. But Finchel is forever.

  43. Ana says:

    Ok, seriously, how long will we have to put up with Unique? Tell me this is just a one episode thing. And Sam was very bland last season. Why is he back? This is getting worse and worse…

  44. Unique says:

    I don’t really get why they made Unique transfer to McKinley.

  45. mlef says:

    Where’s Chris Colfer/Kurt Hummel? :( miss him

  46. Dylan says:

    People, PLEASE for the love of god STOP judging the Season before it even aires!!! If you truly love this show your not gonna stop watching because Unique is in it, or Kurt, Finn etc. won’t be in EVERY SINGLE episode. How realistic would it be if they stayed at McKinley year after year? It wouldn’t be! And just because you don’t like Britney Spears music, doesnt mean don’t watch the episode? You will clearly miss story lines and the songs so stop acting stupid and watch the damn episode, unlike alot of you i will stick by this show forever no matter what :]

  47. Ally Oop says:

    Remind me to skip this episode. I absolutely can’t stand Britney Spears and found that first Britney episode absolutely apalling, horrendous, disgusting and annoying. The only thing worse than seeing or hearing Britney Spears sing is seeing people giving tribute to her. The 15 minutes of that first Britney episode that I sat through was enough to turn ne off Glee for the remainder of that season

  48. Amy says:

    Looks to me like Tina is now backup singer for Unique.

  49. Jon says:

    im sick of unique, seriously get rid of him already, hes only gonna make the show worse than it is, besides, its time for Tina to shine at the ND

  50. what. says:

    I hate Britney Spears. Her songs are gross.