Covert Affairs Post Mortem: Show Bosses on [Spoiler]'s Betrayal and Annie/Auggie's Future

Covert Affairs Piper PeraboWARNING: The following contains spoilers for Tuesday’s episode of Covert Affairs — and beyond. If you have yet to watch, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed….

USA Network’s Covert Affairs made an unexpected move in this Tuesday night’s episode, packing a season finale-sized twist into a regular installment. After briefly flirting with the idea of running off to a remote island with fellow spy Simon, Annie and her beau were shot by none other than her mentor, Lena! Annie’s near-fatal wound will send her into a coma in next week’s episode, during which she’ll be plagued by dreams — including a very important one involving her pal Auggie.

Below, executive producers Matt Corman and Chris Ord preview the ramifications of Lena’s betrayal and Annie’s conflicted heart.

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TVLINE | Is Simon really dead?
CORMAN | Yes. He’s dead. We stand by that move. Audiences should take it at face value. And I think we talked to you about this at the beginning of the season, how our goal was to make the audience aware of real stakes and the dangers people in the life of a spy experience. It was important to us in the early conception of the season to really do dramatic, big things and show the audience the perils. And we were really excited to do it at this point, as well. Sometimes, TV shows will shoot somebody or kill somebody off as a finale. We thought it was an interesting concept to do it in the middle [of a season].

TVLINE | How much danger is Annie in after the shooting?
CORMAN | Significant. Everything has changed for Annie. Her life is never going to be the same, inside the CIA or out, after this experience.

TVLINE | How much is she going to remember when she wakes up?
ORD | Oh, she’ll remember how she got there, certainly. She’ll remember everything that happened. Beyond just her own memories, it’s certainly on the CIA’s mind. This is something that they’re going to be dealing with going forward. The dreams – we’re keeping them in their own space. We’re exploring her subconscious [in these dreams], and that’s the point of the whole Auggie/Annie dance floor scene. But whether she comes out of that dream remembering that, we’re saying no.

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TVLINE | Can you talk about how those dreams might forward relationships, even though she doesn’t remember them? They’re saying a lot about how she’s feeling for Auggie.
CORMAN | The dream can project what you’re feeling, but as Chris said, she’s not going to carry those forward. It’s almost like her conscious self needs to catch up with her subconscious self, and that will be the journey that she takes, where she comes to the realization of some of the things she’s experiencing in the coma state. It was a really interesting exercise for us, and it was fun to do something that’s a little different in its format and storytelling. We’re proud of it and feel that it’s still very much a part of the show.
ORD | Certainly the characters that are still alive and not in a coma state will be carrying forward the feelings that Annie’s situation evokes. Auggie is very honest at her bedside and really opens up to her. That may surprise him, and those are big feelings that he’s going to have to think about and question in episodes going forward.

TVLINE | Will Auggie find out that Annie almost ran away with Simon?
CORMAN | It’s interesting. The events on the ground — that they were together — are there, and it’s sort of like he would have to fill in those gaps in his mind.

TVLINE | There are a lot of feelings on all sides – Annie for Auggie, and Simon, Auggie for Annie. How do they reconcile?
CORMAN | Reconciling those different ideas is what the season is about. Annie’s a highly emotional person, and she makes emotional decisions. Sometimes, those decisions are bad for you. Sorting that out is the work of [Season] 3.5 and beyond.

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Covert Affairs Piper Perabo Sarah ClarkeTVLINE | Moving on to Lena: What’s her game? What’s driving her?
ORD | Lena is a double for the FSB, which is a Russian spy [group], but her motivations go beyond ideology. She’s in it for herself. It’s frustrating for a spy to be working for an institution with tons of bureaucracy. Ultimately, Lena found a way to transcend that by working both sides and putting herself in a position of power where she was privy to all the information. She found that intoxicating and, ultimately, it corrupted her and made her the devil that we see in Episode 8 and 9 [airing next week] and even Episode 10 going forward. For Lena, the motivations are [about] self-fulfillment.

TVLINE | This is a woman who Annie thought she could trust and counted as a mentor. How will Lena’s betrayal shake Annie?
CORMAN | It’ll shake her to the core. For a spy, their No. 1 tool is their intuition and their ability to read people. When that’s called into question, everything about their skill set is called into question. The fact that Annie did align herself with Lena is going to be something very tricky for her to unravel.

TVLINE | What’s Lena’s next course of action? Does she have a new target?
CORMAN | She factors very heavily into Episode 10 [airing Sept. 18]. Our summer finale is all about Lena and Annie. (Covert Affairs resumes Season 3 on Oct. 16.)

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  1. rrushe says:

    Honestly is there anything we can do about this? Us viewers? I’m so distraught over Simon. I don’t want to even continue watching the show if he’s truly dead in it. I was a huge fan too. The writers should rethink this and let him be alive…let him and Annie rejoice in the end, off by the Maldives… What if Simon is still alive, but being held captive, and Annie ends up killing HER HANDLER for him! “loves makes you do crazy things…” that would be awesome. No one would EVER expect Annie to do that. Ever. PLEASE CONSIDER THIS. where can I post so that the writer’s see what I’m saying?

    • rainstarr says:

      Awesome idea~

    • MGL says:

      Agree, I have been posting everyplace to show my disappointment. There are so many things the writers could do. Even pronouncing Simon dead at this moment does not have to be the end. He can be off recouperating. The Writers need to start making plans! They should not be out there announcing his death.

  2. Niesey says:

    My anger at the writers lie in the fact that all must be sacrificed for Annie to get with Auggie. I’ve watched this show from 1st air date and never wanted them together. Now their pairing will be force fed to viewers overlooking potential stories. It was telling when Auggie asked the Tech to go help Annie. What stories will be told when they unite? Data mining all day or double dates with Joan/Arthur? All else is pointless filler and I resent it.

  3. ya_NINA says:

    Best of show this season was Sarah Clarke, Lena a wonderful character, bad bad writers did not have to do that Lena is the traitor.
    Surely in Chapter 10 BAUER .. sorry Annie Annie Walker will kill Lena (a tribute to “24”).
    Sarah Clarke as double agent again, is silly … Fans of “24” that I began to look like Covert Affairs, because Sarah worked, we expected a different character, a GOOD agent, not bad as in 24 (for my NINA was the best of 24 also), I love the bad guys lol, but this time wanted good.
    Just wanted to Lena’s ass kicked Joan because Joan is boring.
    It was beautiful to see Sarah again, an excellent actress.

  4. James Wheat says:

    Ok, lets cut to the chase…. it’s time to call Jack back! We all know Lena is really Nina. Just wait till Jack finds out he didn’t kill her after all. LOL

  5. Mesh says:

    Bring Simon back

  6. Mesh says:

    So Nina/ Lena is still playing the bad agent,I was hoping this time round she would be good,Simon was a good xter I wish he never died so soon,they were a perfect match with Annie

  7. eva says:

    I am I monster because I am not out of my mind grief over Simon’s demise , and writing on every message board how much I hate the writers and producers? thought “The Glass Spider” was very good. I can’t wait to see more of the season! The show sold a lot of people on Ben and now Simon for an Annie romance, good for them. But the show, itself, has to be more than the magical world of two actors in bed together week after week. The writers are telling the viewers something interesting. We can boycott and complain all we, want, but I think we will miss out on a wonderfully satisying bigger picture. Bravo Covert Affairs! I cannot wait for whatever else you have in store!

    • Niesey says:

      Eva, what is the bigger picture you mention? Annie and Auggie in love, a couple, married with children? Please share your idea of the bigger picture. My idea is a woman recruited to become a spy that requires covert operations. The flirting, no-holds-barred, sassy bad girl out to catch the criminal is part of the covert operation. Spys in love and the “what ifs” work better when the viewer is not told that the two main characters are the endgame-bar none. If a character comes on the canvas that causes strong reactions, both positive and/or negative, then ride that puppy til the wheels fall off. The endgame (Annie/Auggie) can remain the end game but it should not be the “is all be all”.

  8. Viktor says:

    Interesting tidbid: At the end of Season 1 of 24, when Nina (Sarah Clarke) was revealed as the traitor, her real name was Yelena (YeLENA for those who fail to make the connection, there).

    BTW, if you haven’t seen Season 1 of 24, don’t read this comment.

  9. Cat in the hat says:

    Let the writers do their job, if they feel for the sake of the art of drama the had to kill Simon, let it be! enough about what you want! This I want I want I want …I want to escape from real life attitude is absurd. Like your real life evolves espionage and CIA dealings!

    • rrushe says:

      If they want more viewers/ratings, they should comply with the audience’s request. I understand in real life, these unimaginable things happen, but it’s not the History channel.

      Give us back Simon, if there’s any way possible, please:'(

  10. A says:

    I hope Lena turns out to be Simon’s sister! All of Annie’s love interests are all hot. lucky! and as much as i love simon, if she goes away with him, there will be no more show. this way it’s bittersweet. also, annie’s just starting in the spy business while simon’s totally burned out by the lifestyle so this storyline’s not going anywhere else.

    • rrushe says:

      They didn’t have to kill him. He’s a very strong character and they could have done SO MUCH MORE. Not saying I wanted them to go off to the Maldives so soon (at the final season finale, that would be the icing on the cake.) but seriously to kill him? He was perfect for her. He also withholds a lot of information and it’s very intellectual, he could’ve helped Annie or done something very significant. Ugh. Screw it, I can’t watch anymore since they killed him off. I don’t have the anticipation anymore. The episodes that had Sim

    • rrushe says:

      They didn’t have to kill him. He’s a very strong character and they could have done SO MUCH MORE. Not saying I wanted them to go off to the Maldives so SOON (at the final season finale, that would be the icing on the cake.) but seriously to kill him? He was perfect for her. He was vital. He also withholds a lot of information and he’s very intellectual, he could’ve helped Annie or done something very significant. Ugh. Screw it, I can’t watch anymore since they killed him off. I don’t have the anticipation anymore. The episodes that had Simon in it, I’ve watched over and over again. I never did that with any others.

  11. unbelievable says:

    – if the show was portraying real life experiences within the CIA, giving us a “glimpse” of it, STICK WITH IT. There’s so many things wrong that wouldn’t happen in real life, ever. Like how they let the guy kill himself instead of shooting him to wound him so he couldn’t do it, THEY’RE TRAINED FOR IT IN REAL LIFE, But they let him do it in the show for drama. Understandable. Interesting. And how the police cars drove by Annie as she was outside the mall, they would’ve stopped and questioned her. Understandable. That wouldnt be fun. And how Lena shoots them in the chest, she couldve easily made a head shot in real life. Yet again, understandable, that would be too easy. BUT THEY DECIDE TO KILL SIMON. THIS STRONG CHARACTER THAT MADE THE SHOW 1017477281883 TIMES MORE INTERESTING. REALLY. no remorse. Cruel. they could’ve just made it so that Lena took Simon and had him held hostage because he retained a lot of information that they NEEDED. or they needed him to do something and abide by their rules or they’ll kill Annie, so they make him a bad guy and he needs to listen to them or Annie dies, and he goes against Annie and she gets heart broken thinking he lied to her and that he’s really evil. And she fights him. But she finds the truth in the end…and she kills her handler for him. and they escape to the Maldives… and she’s pregnant! SOMETHING ALONG THOSE LINES WOULD BE PERFECT. Just make sure it’s a happy damn ending between Simon and Annie and you got my vote. *end rant*

  12. Ha Ha says:

    You all sound like school girls.

  13. Mariane says:

    Please Simon don’t be dead!!!

  14. A says:

    can the creators change their mind and at least not kill off simon? he can just disappear into the spyworld abyss like ben….i miss ben. :(

  15. TG says:

    I have to admit this has been the best season so far and it is because of Simon. His character is perfect and I really wish the writers would consider bringing him back. It would be awesome if he could go into hiding and only Annie would know how to get to him. Their chemistry was truly amazing. I could not wait for Tuesday night, now with Simon gone, I am not looking forward to this next episode at all. I will watch it just to make sure he really is gone and to make sure Lena gets what is coming to her but I really think Simon needs to be brought back into the series. Lena always annoyed me but there was something about Simon that kept me interested from the first episode. He and Annie make a wonderful couple. Having them run away together was never an option because of the story line but having him brought into the CIA by Annie (after Lena has been disposed of) would be a good episode. Just because he came in late in the game is no reason to write him out. One of the best characters in Burn Notice (Jessie) was brought in after about 4 years and I can’t imagine the show without him.

  16. Adri says:

    rrushe your comment on the history channel made me laugh. Thanks!!

    Ben. No.
    Augie.. No.
    Eyal. Yes.
    Simon. Yes.

    I hope Simon isn’t dead. Hopefully, Augie and team arrive catch lena/nina and rescue simon and Annie. They both end up in ICU. I’m thinking that…since Annie called augie and said she was on her way but then she doesn’t show or answer her phone, it could be the reason why augie goes to check on her. Anyway… Looking forward to next week.

    Love reading everyone’s comments!

  17. maharg says:

    I was amused and intrigued by the volume of posts encouraging the writers of Covert Affairs to ‘rewrite’ the storyline of Annie and Simon. Perhaps inevitable whenever there is great chemistry between two strong characters. However, kudos to the producers for creating a shocking and surprising end-of-episode midway through the season.

    I find it challenging to be objective about Covert Affairs because I am a huge admirer of Piper Perabo’s on-screen performances (Coyote Ugly, Lost & Delirious, Imagine Me & You). Quite frankly, I would be just as content to watch Piper sitting in a chair for 60 minutes offering her full range of creative facial expressions.

    Here’s my take on this Series’ development. I am fully supportive of what evolved in this week’s episode, despite disappointment in not seeing Simon’s character continue. The objective was to portray the dangers of spy craft – deaths occur. The challenge with meeting what appears to be the needs of many posters is that the theme would have to fit the old and tired storyline of girl meets boy (no matter how intricate the circumstances are), they fall in love and live happily ever. Which means that Season 3 would need to close the doors on Covert Affairs. The objective of producers and writers is to create the best possible outcome for a series renewal, season after season. By eliminating Simon, and because of the circumstances of his demise, the storylines become endless for Annie’s character and supporting cast, even to the extent of Annie climbing the CIA ladder into being a department head or senior executive.

    Considering the limited budget available to produce Covert Affairs, compared to a main network series, I think the producers and writers are right on the money. After all, this week’s episode has generated talk and discussion, both favorable and otherwise. They’ve achieved their purpose. Well satisfied here.

    • Yeah, until they lose all their viewers because the talk they generated is dissatisfaction. Boo on Glass Spider.

      • Adelaide says:

        LOL julie, agree, boooo.

        And what’s the deal with fictional shows taking themselves so damn seriously these days? Since when is the objective of a fictional TV drama series, to “portray the dangers of spy craft — deaths occur”. If that’s the goal, the writers should stick to documentaries. If they really want to portray the dangers of spy craft, they’d have to kill Annie. No one’s buying a side-character’s death as a reflection of the real dangers of espionage, when we all know the main characters are in a protective can’t-die-TV-bubble. It’s not like a film, where the audience knows that the main characters can die and often do. On a TV series, we all know different rules apply, and the main character won’t die, so killing off side character for their stated objective is a joke.

        Also, we’re not as naive and in need of life lessons as the writers seem to believe… um, we know death occurs, thanks. We’re interested in compelling stories and characters, and when a show and viewers are lucky enough to stumble on a character like Simon that’s interesting enough for people to become invested in, it doesn’t seem in the best interest of ANYONE (fans, writers, execs) to kill such a character off. Like I’m honestly not just being spiteful when I say that with the Simon character death I’ve pretty much lost interest in watching the rest of the season. Kind of like getting really into a good book and looking forward to all the upcoming chapters, and then turning the page to find the words “THE END. Sorry to cut this story short, but we thought you should be reminded that real life isn’t as good as this book.”

        • njjoany says:

          Perfectly said, Adelaide. I really never watched a full season before because I thought it was a so-so show until Simon showed up. I didn’t know of him before either but he sure made it interesting and their chemistry was palatable. I really got into the show but now will go back to “if there’s nothing else on”, watching it. Very disappointed with them killing him off – very.

        • Bravo Adelaide! well said! They could have kept Simon on the show for a couple more seasons easily. Simon and Annie really went well together and they could have made it very interesting and gone in so many different directions. Now the best we can hope for is that they’ll give him his own show. Do you think the writers are listening?

  18. F. E. Jones says:

    Once again show runners prove that when it comes to creating a show they decide to destroy it in the 3rd season. They make this season the best season this show has ever had with a addition of Simon and Lena . . . and then then ‘bang’ for a really stupid ’24’ rip off and a ‘House’ dream sequence EP they throw it all away. There were so many directions this show could have gone and now back to the ‘losing interest of Season 2. So which shows will with rip off ideas from next to create lame plot ideas? Should have known this would not last . . . .

  19. Make Simon live! I can’t watch this show anymore if he’s dead. It’s over. These things change people. Annie’s character will be fake if the show has her “get over this.” And I am not watching if she stays angry and jaded, lost, disillusioned.
    Maybe he’s faking his own death. Maybe Lena is helping him to get out and to cut Annie loose. Are they siblings? I think they are. I think we we see proof of life of Simon on the season finale, and he’ll be back once the FSB “loose ends” that he mentioned in Cuba are taken care of. If this is not the case and Simon is really dead, I am done with this show like I was when Jimmy died in Boardwalk Empire. :(

  20. Mrs. Daniel Craig says:

    I am sooooooo devastated about Simon! I agree with everyone who said this was the one guy she REALLY had chemistry with. He is absolutely yummy-I swear when they are having intimate moments I’m actually imagining him with me and not Annie…..sigh…..there goes my weekly daydream. As for Augie, I like him don’t get me wrong, but Simon seemed like more of a ‘manly man’ & Augie seems more like a friend or brother. The writers should have Simon crawl away to safety where spy friends help him recover and he contacts Annie through cryptic postcards-love it or what?!-and he can come back next season where they can have hot stolen moments together. What do you think of that? Anyone? Anyone?

  21. jamey says:

    they should bring Kiefer Sutherland as a guest star and call him Mac

  22. Sunny says:

    While I really enjoyed watching Simon and her interaction with him, I agree that very few characters introduced after Season One stick around. Personally, I am still hoping that Ben comes back and this would be the perfect time. He is the only one whose life was intertwined with everyone in the first season, in some way and a lot of that still has not been explained plus Annie will always have feelings for him, no matter whom else comes into her life.

  23. Question to the writers: Is there any chance you could give Richard Coyle (Simon) his own show?

  24. Remember when shows like the OC decided to kill off a character that was integral to the success of the series (yeah, I know, different type of show and audience, but still)? Remember it quickly thereafter lost all ratings and was cancelled? Bad form on killing Simon off. They finally had a character that made the week in-between episodes almost excruciating. Really don’t care much about the obvious revenge Annie will get by killing Lena at the end of the season. Thank you writers for taking the easy was out to get your script done by deadline. And please don’t puke more predictability onto the page by adding an Annie/Auggie romance.

  25. Did anyone else notice the Card Swipe in the dream sequence, how it was done to match the one Anne does in the opening credits?

  26. Littlelipps says:

    Completely agree – with everyone who loved Simon and Annie. Am so completely bummed that Simon is dead. Hate hearing the writers reasoning for killing him off too. Seems like writers of a show that will succeed would pay more attention to what is working for the audience and to on-screen chemistry. I mean, seriously, how many spies die each episode? One more needed to die to show us it’s a dangerous career choice? Seriously? And the one the fans LOVE?! Sigh. I am just going to miss Simon.

  27. angie says:

    Bring Simon back!!!!!!

  28. JenS says:

    This has been the best season and all because of the Simon/Annie chemistry. He is interesting, unique, and challenging. Please listen to your consumers and BRING BACK SIMON!

  29. newfan says:

    I agree infinitely. Bring Simon back . Annie and Simon have bring note romance and spice to the Shie compares to A/A. This is t.v. perhaps the writers will reconsider and bring Simon back…as anither character..

  30. Renata says:

    Bring Simon baaaaaaaaack!

  31. barboramoryskova says:

    Can I ask ??
    Ben Mearcer is gone forever ?? Or he’ll come back ??

  32. pamela says:

    This show became horrible after Simon died. I stopped watching new episodes and only watch the ones with Simon now. Bad move killing him off so soon. No other love interest of Annie’s will measure up to him. Love Simon :)