Bones Exclusive First Look: Booth and Brennan Enjoy a Very Sexually Suggestive Reunion!

Absence makes the heart grow… friskier?

That’s one interpretation of the following exclusive first look at Bones‘ Sept. 17 return (8/7c on Fox), which finds Booth, ahem, reconnecting with an on-the-run Brennan for the first time in months.

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Of course, it’s entirely possible the image below is depicting not a passionate reunion but a heated interrogation. After all, Booth has to harbor some resentment towards Brennan for not only leaving town but taking their newborn daughter with her.

“He’ll probably be a little upset and have some questions for her,” mused David Boreanaz last month at Comic-Con. “I think deep down he understands the whole thing, but I think he’s a bit upset.”

What message are you taking away from the provocative pic?

Bones Season 8

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  1. Jake says:

    All I have to say is that Brennan says that she knew Booth would come in the promo. :P

  2. EAM says:

    What the heck is up with her hair???

  3. Well, I think it’s a little of both passionate reunion as well as a little heated interrogation for Booth and Brennan! Love this picture though! Thanks for sharing w/ us.

  4. Rita says:

    SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Oh come on, hurry up September 17th!!!!!

  5. bass says:

    I hope that’s a wig…

  6. Rachel says:

    Well, we know from the promo that Brennan comes in and does a judo throw on Booth and he doesn’t know who did it until he flips her over and gets on top. I’m sure nothing even remotely sexual will happen from that point on because, as Stephen Nathan likes to say, “We don’t need to see that.” I wouldn’t rule out an uncomfortably awkward kiss though.

  7. Kerry says:

    David/Booth’s guns of steel are going to be the end of me….Hot dang! :)

  8. Dan says:

    In the promo it looked like Bones was sneaking through the door and Booth grabbed the “intruder” and took them down, not knowing it was her. But while they’re there…

  9. Mariel says:

    Nice pic. Hopefully we get some clips soon.
    EAM she is wearing a wig to disguise herself!

  10. Ruby says:

    What I am taking from this photo is that I need Booth to rip of her wig…AND…then Brennan rip of Booth’s t shirt…AND…then make with the hotness. ;)

  11. Alanna says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever been THIS excited for a Bones premier before! C’mon, September 17th! :D

  12. Michelle says:

    @Ruby lmao. Just let Booth take it all off. His new workout routine results is making me hot. Not gonna lie…Srly.

  13. Kate says:

    I am just so happy to see Booth and Brennan reunited! Finally! Bring it on Season 8! …gonna be a bumpy ride! ;)

  14. Babybop says:

    Miss this show so much… Can’t wait for it to come back!

  15. Sonia says:

    My fav couple are reunited! YES! I am sure they will have a lot to work through. And hearts may get bruised in the process. But they work it through. Cos they are the center and the center must hold. LOVE THIS SHOW.

  16. sophia7470 says:

    What message am I taking from the pic? That Brennan is a seriously lucky woman.

  17. JoJo says:

    Ahh, is this what all the cool kids are doing now? The guy gets his girl to help him do press ups. On. Top. Of. Her!! Excuse me while I get a fan *hot* Hurry back Bones S8!

  18. bnb says:

    I definitely agree with Sophia. It might even be worth it for me to go on the run, just to get a very special reunion with those arms…. :)

  19. madbengalsfan85 says:

    Where’s the washer?

  20. Niphes says:

    I just love this reunion and d colour of her hair

  21. Maria Clara Lima says:

    Push ups, all innocent.

  22. Jean says:

    Now I know why he tweeted that his knees needed to be iced after this day :D

  23. Ros says:

    Why do I love this man’s arms so much? Yowza! {{{{drooling}}}} {{{{squeeeeee}}}} {{{{thud}}}} Thirteen more days!

  24. adrienne says:

    Calm down folks. If you read the press release the parental rating is (V-D). This means no Sex.

  25. Dorothy says:

    Wow Michael- are you hurting for hits on your TVLine website? Cause we know that scene is Brennan throwing Booth on the ground- nothing more really. DB has also eluded to the baseline for the story arc. Booth will be mad/non trusting/not exactly “with her as a couple-couple”. SN and HH seem to be on board on this so…………..you are really reaching here.
    Besides don’t you know SN thinks we don’t need to “see any sex scenes”

  26. Stephanie long says:

    Michael, why do you think Fox has no new promo photos of Bones this year? I understand last year with the pregnancy but this year? Also, they have many new promos for other shows but only 2 for Bones. I think it’s viewership would grow if it had as many promosas The Mob Doctor and as strategically placed with the NFL and other strong shows. It’s like Fox knows that Bones is “Old Reliable” but if Bones was guven as much attention ad say “TheNew Girl” it would probably fraw an even bigger audience

  27. Really? says:

    Enough about the hair comments are you guys that dense? She’s in hiding; it’s clearly a wig so that she’s not recognized. THAT’S WHAT’S UP WITH HER HAIR.

  28. Cher says:

    The message I am getting from that pic is that I am extremely jealous of Emily Deschanel!

  29. Eline Borms says:


  30. katelyn says:

    Booth isnt wearing a ring. Didnt they just get married before she ran off. Just wondering.

  31. Eefje says:

    Blonde ? 0_0

  32. Merlyne says:

    forever and ever. Booth and Brennan.

  33. Mommahurley says:

    Her hair is obviously a wig. But wow I wish they used a better wig! Lol. Then again she’s living on the run so paying cash. Walmart wigs are probably her budget now! Lol. I’m excited for the new season. I love the way last season went and I’m looking forward to more if their love and heat! I like the real kind of giving sharing dependable love they’ve got ..but I’m not going to co
    Plain if it gets a little steamy too!!

  34. kristine says:

    nop they are not married, they had christine baptise.

  35. Carol werner says:

    I like the color change with the hiding out and all, man, I cant stand to wait for sept 17 th! I keep watching the last seasons shows on Hulu+. love the sexual tension, who doesnt?

  36. beth says:

    That push-ups are more fun with 2 people? Your coach can better critique your form from underneath? How about someone tripped?

  37. sarah jd says:

    Booth gonna b pissed off qho would nr b.
    Love booth.

  38. Lena says:

    I think Brennan went into their house and waited for booth to arrive and when he came in he tought she was other person and tried to reduce her but then he realised it was Bones…. I’m just gessing

  39. Joy says:

    Booth: “Why the hell do you look like that, Bones?”
    Brennan: “You don’t like it? I’m your type now, booth. I’m finally blonde.”

    I think that was what they were talking about in the picture above. lol

  40. Debbie England says:

    S3:E3 “Death in the Saddle” just think, Booth & Brennan finally get their role play scene!! I saw a promo pic of Brennan in the Jeffersonian lab w/blonde “wig” so she probably needs the disguise to help catch the evil tech genius Pelant. (just sayin’) I’ll confess~I’m addicted!

  41. Lois says:

    I like this a lot – can’t wait for Sept. 17th – I sure hope things get hot….. :)

  42. kay mccarthy says:

    who is she i don’t recognize her doesn’t look like brennan at all

  43. sboothgirl says:

    Any true bones fan would have the detective skills needed to see the look on their faces are not one of anger. More surprise…. However I do know Booth will feel hurt that she did not trust him to get her out of the mess. Even though it was better for him to stay and line everything up for catching the bad guy

  44. Alice says:

    Season 7 should come out sometime in October, if they follow past years. They ever cut this show I.ll be depressed for years to follow. I want to know what was planted in that alarm clock in their bedroom.

  45. patti says:

    They did not marry and its baby girl!

  46. shavell says:

    I dnt care if she is blond or nt,all I want her and booth to be together and live peacefully

  47. paula ward says:

    OK, people – pay attention. She’s on the run and trying not to attract attention. She’s got a blonde baby girl with her (remember how blonde Parker’s hair was?) so she goes blonde to blend with Christine. A mother and child with different hair color will get comments of “Oh, does she look like her father?” and Max would say to not attract attention. But looking forward to Angela and Bones having a girls day at the salon to correct this ASAP. Also, those push ups comments – you have dirty minds (almost as dirty as mine!). Make up sex ahead I think.

  48. JDB says:


  49. He better kiss her fast and long.

  50. adriana says:

    Dont like the blond hair but agree because she was on the run;she had to change it. Dont think theres sexual tension or sex scene here. Im in agreement with kelly and ros. David *umm* dreammy….