Fall TV Preview

Fall TV Preview: The Mentalist, Even Amid Trust Issues, Makes a 'Huge Leap' in the Red John Hunt

The MentalistThe Mentalist is getting much closer to unmasking Red John.

At the end of last season, Jane went to extremes to get close to the elusive killer’s agent, Lorelei (played by Emmanuelle Chriqui), and it will pay off in big ways in the new season — and in a new time slot, Sundays at 10/9c, debuting Sept. 30.

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Now that the crime solver has a steady source of information – Chriqui will be featured “throughout the season,” says executive producer Bruno Heller – expect the hunt for the CBS drama’s Big Bad to move forward “in a very concrete way.”

“I can’t say that we’re going to catch Red John in the middle of the season,” continues the EP, “but those who are following that story are going to get a huge leap forward in terms of what we know about him and where we’re going.”

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Meanwhile, the aforementioned serial killer won’t sit idly by. Since Lorelei’s capture by the CBI team wasn’t really in his plans, expect the mysterious figure to retaliate and dispense more secret agents.

“When you first meet these guys, these might be good guys, they might be bad guys,” says Heller. “We have a few people returning, and we have some great new characters coming in who may or may not be Red John’s friends.”

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While Heller won’t point fingers for fear of ruining the surprise, he does note that “Red John himself told Jane that he had someone inside the FBI.” Enter new recurring players Polly Walker (Rome) as “the FBI equivalent of CBI Director Bertram” and Ivan Sergei (Charmed) as another G-man. The two law agencies are already in a battle for dibs on Lorelei, and the shadow of suspicion left behind by Red John’s words will only make “the conflict between those two organizations even more complex than it would be.”

Adds Heller: “As we reveal, via Lorelei, more and more about Red John’s plans, it becomes clear that there are fewer and fewer people that Jane and Lisbon and the CBI team can really trust.”

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  1. datoptimum says:

    stop hating on the movie…i gve props to d producers nd directors…i really enjoy d movie pls go on… i hope this wnt be d final season

  2. K. Johnson says:

    As with the large majority of other viewers, I also strongly feel It’s time to drop, solve, get rid of Red John!!!!!!!! I’s beyond obsessive! As, Charlotte said in the episode where Patrick is hallucinating, Im so over it!!!! You are about to run what was a really good show right off the air due to losing viewer s

  3. Dan N. says:

    I agree with those who have written that the Red John story has gotten old. We are now in Season FIVE (5)! of “The Mentalist,” and still we are NO CLOSER to capturing Red John than we were, in the very first episode. I believe Bruno Heller and the other showrunners are deliberately stretching out the Red John Saga, hoping to boost the show’s popularity and ratings. By the way, it is INSANE to ask us to imagine a serial killer who is so charismatic that he attracts loyal followers from every station in life, including FBI agents. That simply does not happen. End the Red John story forthwith!

    • John Graffio says:

      Which character in the show has the organization, knowledge and power to brainwash “anyone” into doing their bidding? Bret Stiles? Someone in his organization? Makes you wonder.

  4. Edy says:

    I see people complaining about Red John while saying that they like the show by the random cases and such…
    Well, considering that the Red John’s plot is tackled in some few ep. during the season, it seems to me that those who keeps on complaining that is just using this kind of argue to find a pointless way to criticize.
    Here’s the deal: If you don’t like the RJ cases, skip it. Go get a book, focus on your homework, go get some rest, turn off your TV…

  5. nemesis says:

    I wonder why people that claim to give up the show are searching about red john on forums/google.. U would look at a topic like this if ur not interested

    • d3cimus says:

      cause most of what people say online is crap they dont actually mean or believe :p

    • Em says:

      I searched online to see if that character was ever revealed. Haven’t watched in a year and so happy to see I am not alone. I wasn’t the only one disappointed in the patronising storylines where the producers expected us to believe each individual was not RJ and whole episodes where nothing was done at all. Boring and I don’t miss the show at all. People on here supporting the show are also patronising trying to say the program caters to higher intellects :D Hilarious really when the people still watching it are following convoluted and contradictory storylines still if that arc is still going (I really don’t care if it is or not really, just disappointed that I wasted my time on the show to start with). Maybe people are typing on here because they feel like I do- that the arrogant producers need to be told that we don’t buy their crap just because they air it.

  6. Mary says:

    If this was Criminal Minds RJ would either be dead or in prison but sadly it not so we just sit and keep waiting…

  7. d3cimus says:

    jane is red john, multiple personality, and lisben will die after she finds out, thats my theory lol

    • Em says:

      Sounds about as logic as every other storyline they’ve tried to feed viewers. I.e. not at all but if so I won’t be there to watch it and won’t care. :D

  8. Stephen Triesch says:

    I agree that the producers are in danger of getting too cute about the Red John thing, of overplaying it, but from interviews I’ve seen they are aware the audience doesn’t want it to become all about Red John.

    But I’ve also seen that they want to make Jane a “darker’ character, and I think that’s a big mistake. Because jane is so arrogant, he needs that “naughty 3-year old” (as Robin Tunney once put it) goofiness, that smiling boyishness, to redeem that arrogance. A dark and arrogant Jane will be much less attractive.

    • Elaine Bondra says:

      Absolutely agree. Get over Red John & don’t change Jane. It would make The Mentalist a much different show, one I would not care to watch.

    • Em says:

      If they were aware that viewers didn’t want the RJ thing to continue, but did it anyway they don’t really care about their viewers. I suspected that arrogance anyway before I stopped watching.

  9. Daphne says:

    i think they do not know how to end red john’s ending that’s y they keep on dragging until season 5~~~~ it’s soooooo disturbing

  10. lilienne says:

    Im sick of the Red John thing. But I’d like to see jane and lisbon together. lol.

  11. Dan N. says:

    Has Red John been found and unmasked? I stopped watching the show because I hate how Bruno Heller and his team have been stretching out the central mystery, and been giving us lifeless “crime of the week” episodes. Still, it would be interesting to know if they ever do find the real Red John.

  12. Rich says:


  13. 5literworkshop says:

    You know, those Star Wars movies would have been much better if they had ditched that Darth Vader guy.

    Look folks, The Mentalist IS Jane vs. Red John, the rest being just filler. If a standard police procedural is what you’re after, there are a dozen better options for you out there. By all means, watch one of them instead.

    • Elaine Bondra says:

      I totally disagree. The Mentalist that I enjoy is the police procedural with the twist of Patrick Jane & his special talents, applied with little regard for authority figures. The Red John backstory, to me, is nothing more than a tedious distraction which should have ended at least 2 seasons ago. It’s like an SNL comedy sketch that has been dragged out so long that it’s gone from funny to boring.

  14. Anirudh says:

    Season 5 have been so exciting so far. I was literally holding my breath while watching the 8th episode today. Too good.

  15. Richard says:

    Season 10 or whenever the finale season is, RJ will be revealed.

  16. bestofbritish says:

    I totally agree the whole red john thing is getting boring and the mall scene and everything leading upto it was so fantastic and suprising the rj storyline should have ended there and people would have praised the writers. I think the reason it didnt is they want the wages and are too afraid they couldnt keep the show alive once the die hard fans have their evil genius . I have 2 main concerns about and they are die hard fans like myself are bored to death, I have the last 10 or so episodes buildin up on tivo coz i dont have the desire to watch it live or asap afterwards anymore, but my really big concern is the longer RJ remains unknown the more people get killed off/improsined etc and the final reveal is now just going to be so ludicrous as it will be near impossible to reveal RJ and still have it fit perfectly fit with all the information we know from the very first episode onwards. It is my true belief whoever red john was initially when the show was written has long since been killed off and the writers are struggling to find another charecter fit fit seemlessly. If i had to take a guess i think RJ is gonna be patricks father when the mask comes off but to be honest i probalbly wont be watching by then

  17. Jacquari says:

    I love the show and look forward to each and every episode! At times I do feel like I’d rather see a “less RJ episode,” but overall, I will watch no matter what. I don’t think that PJ is RJ simply because that would affect the dvd sales. I think that the people who have stuck with the show would be so disappointed and feel like they’ve been made a fool of for through the whole season. I also don’t think that PJ could be RJ just because some of the logistics of RJ events and occurrences. I also think that Bruno Heller is too smart and reads too many message boards to have PJ be RJ.
    My son thinks that Grace Van Pelt is either RJ or RJ’s daughter. A friend believes Lisbon is RJ. Someone eloquently stated that it could be Walter Mashburn and I hadn’t thought of him as being RJ…now I can’t get it out of my mind. I can actually see it being him now. And Lisbon did sleep with him, so he certainly charmed her.
    I love the show. I love the PJ character and I am looking forward to seeing how it all turns out. People who are bored with it, shouldn’t continue to watch. There are so many other shows that you can watch that are boring:-)

    I could just sit for an hour watching SB’s face and be perfectly content!

  18. Elizabeth D says:

    We look so forward to the Mentalist, we watch the reruns every single day
    it is on and we are putting the pieces toghere to see who Red John is. We
    love the show and especially Patrick. CBS has it allright, Its the Mentalist and
    Persons of Interest top two shows for me. Please keep both shows on the air

  19. Andy says:

    don’t need Red John for the series to continue, it is an irritant that ruins what is otherwise a good series, Jane has proved his worth to the team and has found a purpose in his life and a place he belongs so wouldn’t have to stop just because we got rid of the Red John sideshow. It ruins what would otherwise be a good multi character show with a different twist. Doesn’t need the Red John gimmick, just get rid and let the show and characters develop properly. I now reach for the remote control whenever we go back to Red John and find something more interesting and less past it’s sell by date…

  20. Hypnotist says:

    WOW! It is fans like you that keep tv show’s like The Mentalist going. You say “you want the Red John arc” to end which yes it is dragged out but that is what makes it exciting that tensions of opposites, Yin and Yang. I do mentalism and hypnosis at the end of season 3 I knew instantly it was not Red John although the actor played it very well. When viewing this show you have to watch it and come at it from a serial killer aspect and how they think, to a mentalist or someone who is good with observation and knows simple techniques taught for many years, a little knowledge in acting and script writing would help but the biggest thing is imagination. Take all shows that deal with this concept and take some stuff out ;you do not like, odds are you will probably get the same darn show over and over till it sounds like a broken record. Tv shows now don’t have that tension of opposites they just have one side. If your a good movie buff rewatch The Mentalist and after a few times you will learn that Red John has been shown in person without a mask on and when they probably release in the final episode in March/April YOU will be amazed and baffled.

  21. rob says:

    First lets all agree it is a great show. If not we wouldn’t be so passionate to write about it. That said it is just a show with characters we care about. Does anyone really believe Jane really finds tea at every crime scene?

    It is more fun for me to watch when Jane appears to be having fun ( think buying gifts with gambling winnings) then when he is depressed, but then again that’s because I like him. I want to know someone like him. I want my “friend” to feel good.

    In my humble opionion Patrick is the coolest character on tv. Drives a goofy looking car, wears a vest, definitely is the smartest guy in the room, says what’s on his mind. And oh yea ALWAYS FINDS TEA!

    And Walter Mashburn needs to visit again.

  22. Time says:

    I don’t know why everyone wants Red John revealed, they already said that when he is revealed the show will end, and I personally think the show has more potential story lines to cover as well as backstories for the characters. I mean the possibilities are vast, I do not believe that Bruno Heller understands that people are just as interested in the episodes without Red John as the ones with. Oh well series six will start soon and that is the last.

  23. Rusty says:

    Liked it at d start but now d RJ character is getting a bit boring……just like d Monk, bit of an anticlimax when d killer was finally revealed.

  24. Gabriel Francis says:

    I agree with those people who are saying the Red John story is getting boring. What did you expect, after five years of the smartest detective in the world being fooled, again and again, by RJ and his supposed “minions”? This show is going in circles. Time and again Patrick solve mysterious cases but his talent cannot find Red John? Unrealistic to say the least.

  25. Walt says:

    I don’t care what anyone says this show is awesome! I just hope the Sunday night move and the NFL does’nt kill it

  26. Dan N. says:

    I agree with Gabe, Rusty and BestofBritish, and the others here who have said that the Red John arc is getting boring. The show runners should just reveal who RJ is, and then go on from there. If that ends the show, so be it. We have been manipulated long enough.

  27. colleen says:

    yes i am so over this Red john thing. Much better show when we have character development at the squad and their interaction and weekly cases.

  28. barbara says:

    What if red john is a group of people and not just one person. One man alone cannot be working and hiding insight without anyone noticing. So I think Red John is group of crooked Cops DA’s Judges and some other well to do bastards.

    • Dan N. says:

      I agree that the long, drawn-out “search for Red John” is getting boring. Shut it down already.

      If you want to provide a dynamite ending to The Mentalist, just bring back Bradley Whitford. Jane would never suspect him, as he believes him to be dead. But no, BW wore a bullet proof vest when Jane shot at him, and the two “guards” who took him away secretly protected him.

      As for the scene when Rosalind Harker went to the morgue to “feel” his face and then say she didn’t know him, it was a setup and Rosalind was in on it. This would totally explain why the dead body of Baris Acar, the morgue attendant, was found in her closet. Nobody in the show has ever explained the “why” of that situation. Acar was killed to keep him quiet about Rosalind visiting a “dead man” who was actually alive.

      So, bring back Bradley Whitford, or Timothy Carter, or whatever alias Red John is using now. And end the boring, stupefying, stupid search for Red John!

      Dan N.

  29. chuck morton says:

    I use to really enjoy the Mentalist-But RED JOHN has ruined the series,,,===…Its like eating donuts every day never stopping…………enough already

  30. Polly Belanger says:

    Please wind up the Red John story or our family won’t be watching anymore. It has gone on way too long. Your ratings are going down and that is why.

  31. Bettyboo says:

    The show is amazing. The red john plot and the cases in every episode are well done. He has us guessing that everyone is RJ and a lot people could be. Three might have the same voice. It’s such a clever show, the red John part is the best I love trying to figure out the clues and I love how it’s dragged out because that just adds to the suspense of it all. I do hope they d have someone in mind that we will be shocked to realise who it is, but I want it making sense, I want there is to be something that we missed that is in plain sight, maybe some scene that when we look back that it’s completely obvious not just the “oh it could be him”. Keep up the good work. Love the show. People quit complaining, there is no other show like this.

  32. maggie says:

    Catch R.J. or lose a faithful watcher! So many good shows when it’s not R.J. in the story. This reminds me of x-files, never found out if his sister was out there.

    • Walt says:

      I wish people would stop crying about RJ . People the end is almost here and I for one would like to commend the writers for their brilliant plots and schemes that have me on the edge of my seat and just shaking my head at times and just being blown away of what’s going down. To me The Mentalist is my favorite tv show of all time, thanks in do to the brilliant writing and the actors doing an awesome job with their characters. If any crying should be going on it should be about the STUPID decision to put this show in this time slot! I hope this show doesn’t get killed because of some people in suits make stupid decisions. If anybody from CBS reads this please do the right thing . Don’t let this show die because of a bad time slot. After the dust clears from red john I bet you these writers can take this show to a new and higher level if given a chance! Long live The Mentalist !!!

  33. Barbara Sikora says:

    OMG….I can’t stand this story line anymore and now that they have finally exposed the whole corrupt Blake Association and Director Bertram is supposedly Red John, I am even less interested in it. Wrap it up already. Who even cares anymore? Please don’t make another plot twist…..kill Bertram in the church for goodness sake. Mentalist, schmentalist.

    • Walt says:

      OMG Barbara for someone who can’t stand the storyline anymore and not interested in it you sure are on top of things and if you don’t care anymore why do bother to make comments. I just don’t get it with you haters why do you even watch !! So there ! Barbara Schmarbara !

    • Em says:

      I agree. I haven’t even watched the show for over a year and every time an episode comes on now I don’t even care to watch it. Before I stopped watching a year ago, I would use the info button on the remote control to see if the blurb contained the words “Red John” and wouldn’t watch if it did. I didn’t even care to know who Red John was after the first season of the ongoing saga. How boring to have it going on so long and such convoluted storylines to explain why each fake RJ was not the one and how one person could take over the police force etc just to ruin one person’s life. Bo-ring. I agree with you Barbara and patronising Walt Schmalt can go jump in the cesspit that is filled with fake RJ’s.