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Parenthood's Jason Ritter Previews Mark and Sarah's Post-Proposal 'Set of Problems'

Parenthod Mark Sarah EngagementAs the first promo for Parenthood‘s fourth season (premiering Tuesday, Sept. 11 at 10/9c) made abundantly clear, Sarah accepts Mark’s marriage proposal! Which means smooth sailing from here on out for the oft on-and-off couple… right?

Not quite, reveals Jason Ritter , who plays the Braverman gal’s fan-beloved beau.

“I was definitely happy to read that Sarah said ‘yes,’ but now there’s a whole other set of problems,” he tells TVLine. “You say ‘yes’ and you’re excited and it’s wonderful, but then there’s all this planning to do.”

Planning, while daunting, is certainly not a dealbreaker for the duo; reluctance from her family, however, could be. Explains the actor, “Even though it’s solid in our two characters’ minds, some of the other characters are [wondering out loud], ‘How real is this?’ and ‘Where’s the ring?'” (In defense of his rock-less alter-ego, Ritter jokes, “You don’t really need a ring, right? [Sarah and Mark are] just saying ‘I love you forever.'”)

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And then there’s also the issue of how these two can truly say ‘I do’ when Ritter is still not a permanent part of Parenthood.

“It’s a complicated thing,” he shares, musing about how long he expects his current stint on the show to last. “I know for now that they have given me a bunch of episodes, so I know I’m going to be there until a certain one… I think the only reason we’re having to do that is because there’s no possible way on a show that big to have me join the cast.”

Getting down the bare bones of his casting quandary, Ritter laughs, “The [show] knows that I love them, and I’m starting to believe that they don’t mind me. I feel like it’s an unspoken thing where I am around as much as they want to use me.”

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  1. Kay says:

    I just love Jason Ritter. Hes a great actor so I hope to continue seeing him in as many episodes of PH as possible and other roles that he deserves

  2. Caryn says:

    I love Jason and it’s really disheartening that he’s NOT made a permanent cast member. He fits in so beautifully. As long as he’s as “guest” status, his character’s relationship with Sarah is in limbo and that sucks. :( EVERY other Braverman sibling has a significant other as a permanent cast member and Sarah should too. This is my favorite show and Sarah and Mark are my favorite characters on it. Please, Jason Katims, give this couple a bit of stability! Make Jason an official part of the cast!

  3. forwarddad says:

    Jason is one series offer away from leaving. Unless PH does well this will be its last season .

  4. Line says:

    Jason Ritter and Lauren Graham make such a cute couple on Parenthood.
    I hope it works out between them, I couldn’t handle these two breaking up!!

  5. mia says:

    His permanent guest status puts me constantly on edge; that Mark and Sara won’t make it work and that he’ll be pulled away from us. Its so unnerving.

  6. JDHetherington says:

    Jason Ritter shouldn’t be a Permanent Cast Member, until Mark and Sarah are actually married. The only people who are Main Characters are directly tied to the family by blood or by marriage – Zeke & Camille as the Patriarch and Matriarch, Adam, Sarah, Crosby & Julia as the 2nd Generation, Kristina, Jasmine & Joel as their wives / husbands, and Max, Amber, Drew, Jabbar & Sydney as their children. Sarah Ramos is going to be recurring this season as Haddie, so that leaves some room down the track for promotions, but they also have Victor, Julia and Joel’s new son to consider, as he’s at an age where they can’t just get a new pair of twins to play him like they do with Nora…. the core of the family needs to come first. I think Season 5 (should there be one God willing) Jason Ritter will get promoted. :)

    • Keep in mind that in the first season, Tyree Brown wasn’t part of the opening credits (usually a sign of series regular status. See: NCIS/Brian Dietzen) and up until the season 3 finale, Crosby and Jasmine weren’t married. So in reality, Jason should be a series regular. What’s one more beloved cast member?

  7. Linderella says:

    I’m in the minority here – I don’t think Mark and Sarah are a good fit. It might not happen right away but the age difference between them puts them in two different generations with different hopes and approaches to life. Mark’s just a little too sweet to make the younger man/older woman thing work.

    • Samuel McGuire says:

      I agree. I am actually surprised so many people like them together. To me it’s not about the age difference something about it just seems….off.

    • Jim Broome-Blanchard says:

      Those two are much better together than her and Hank ( are you kidding me) Mark seems more sure of himself that the neurotic, codependent Hank…If her role is to play a clueless idiot that would just throw away a good thing, the award goes to her…..

  8. sarah says:

    I love Jason Ritter and I think he should be made a permanent cast member. They are demoting Sarah Ramos this season as Haddie is heading off to college so they have room for one more regular member. Besidess, Joy Bryant, Craig T Nelson, Sam Jaeger, Bonnie Bedelia and Miles Heizer are not in every epsiode so they can have Jason on as a regular cast member but he does not have to be in each episode if they are worried about salary issues!

  9. Kat says:

    The entire cast of PARENTHOOD is down right amazing and it’s truly a crime that none of them get any award love for their work as there is simply no better ensemble of actors working on television today. From the adults to the kids. And that’s really saying something with how many great shows are out there these days. But hands down one of my favorite parts of that ensemble is definitely Ritter. He and Lauren have such great chemistry together, and he is such a natural, passionate, nuanced, deeply believeable character. I felt like the opening episode of the season where Mark really wants to be in the family picture so he can officially be part of the family — that’s like Jason needing to be a full time member of the cast. Because he loves being on the show and we sure LOVE him on it…let’s just make this thing official already! (p.s. – Ray R.’s fine enough on the show so far, but he’s no where even close to Ritter when it comes to chemistry with Lauren…as Mark would want to know: We’re fighting for him!)

    • Carlos Banos says:

      I completely agree with you as I often wonder why the show and cast that I consider one of the greatest, not only on the air right now but of all time, don’t get the respect they deserve both from their peers nor in the ratings.
      It’s also a shame that Sarah Ramos is no longer a regular. She was one of my favorite characters. The only flaw that I see in the show is that it doesn’t even seem as if they’ve informed Haddie of her mother’s worsening condition.

  10. Jim Broome-Blanchard says:

    I loved Jason on the show.. I know it’s fiction but WHAT IS SARA THINKING,,,She would give him up over Hank??? She’s an idiot….
    Writers, I DON”T like what you did with this part of the story line. It has almost made me stop watching the show…