Pretty Little Liars Post Mortem: Is [Spoiler] Really a Member of Team 'A'? Series Boss Reveals All!

Pretty Little Liars Toby SpencerWell, color us shocked. After watching last night’s Pretty Little Liars midseason finale — and seemingly learning the identity of another Team ‘A’ member — we immediately latched onto one theory: Toby has gone undercover as one of Rosewood’s Big Bads!

How else could you possibly explain Spencer’s doting beau and Emily’s longtime defender working in cahoots with MonA and a handful of hoodie-wearing troublemakers?

Unfortunately for the Liars — and all of you PLL devotees out there — that may not be the case at all.

Here, exec producer Oliver Goldstick tells TVLine exclusively why the current theory on ol’ Pretty Eyes is likely not the right one. Plus, find out what’s ahead in Season 3B of the ABC Family drama for Aria, Ezra, Hanna, Caleb, Emily and Paige and much more.

TVLINE | I’m calling Toby’s bluff. I think he’s infiltrating the ‘A’ Team as a way to help the girls.
I’m not so sure about that. You’re going to find out some stuff in Season 3B… Don’t forget what those girls did. No one stood up for him when he was put away in juvie hall because of Alison. Those other four girls were passive; no one defended him or did anything. Just remember that.

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TVLINE | Interesting. I thought he was a double agent because when he left in the first half of Season 3, he said he was going to figure out what was going on regardless of what Spencer would or would not tell him.
That’s true, that’s true.

TVLINE | But your advice to fans would be to not jump to that conclusion?
Fans are going to learn more in 3B about Toby’s history and how he felt about being put away by Alison and her posse. The mystery of Toby, his motivation and why he’d do this to the girls is explored.

TVLINE | Why, then, would he come back and sleep with Spencer?
People punish people for many reasons and on many levels… Just don’t put it past him, OK? He’s Jenna’s stepbrother, too. People really mess with people in Rosewood. [Laughs]

TVLINE | So, if fans were to go back and re-watch the series thus far, they would pick up on Bad Toby teases?
I think they could, yeah. They could find moments that make them question and really doubt; moments that will make you say, “Oh my gosh, has this person been playing them all along?” — particularly Spencer, obviously.

TVLINE | Speaking of Jenna… Can we assume she is good-ish now?
Maybe this mythology will help: Jenna left town in Episode 11 [of this season] because she was really scared of Nate. He realized that the only person who saw him leaving that backyard was the blind girl, so he thought he had a pass. And when he finds out that Jenna had been able to see, that scares the s–t out of him. If Jenna had stayed in town, Nate may have gone after her… The idea was that he felt exposed. As far as Jenna  goes, she had to leave town for her own safety. I’m not saying that’s the end of Jenna and you’ll never see her again, but she’s leaving for a bit.

TVLINE | The Maggie storyline was left way open in the finale. Is it safe to assume we’ll see Larisa Oleynik back next season?
You will definitely see her in 3B. She will serve as a true threat to [Aria and Ezra’s] relationship.

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TVLINE | Secrets always come out on Pretty Little Liars… So, how in the world can Ezra forgive Aria for helping keep his son away from him — when and if he finds out?
It’s explosive. It’s yet another huge obstacle for this couple. What we’re trying to tap into is that Aria’s out of her league here. This is something that most teenagers wouldn’t have to deal with — it’s a lot. It doesn’t mean it’s insurmountable, but it definitely is a game-changer.

TVLINE | Does that reveal come out pretty quickly in 3B?
No. The longer you hold on to secrets, the worse they get.

TVLINE | Why did Emily rush past Paige in the finale, when she, too, was a victim?
I wouldn’t read too much into that. It was a traumatic event… You know who is hurt now [Caleb], and [Hanna was] the person Emily wanted to comfort. Paige is fairly traumatized herself [in Season 3B]. And if you think her parents were strict before… She’s now going to be locked in a fort! [Laughs]

TVLINE | Who shot Caleb?
That will be answered, and will come out pretty quickly.

TVLINE | Are Caleb and Hanna now able to be out in the open with their relationship?
More so, yes. We will address [after the Halloween episode] some of the questions you’re asking about ‘Haleb,’ whether they’re under the radar or above the radar… Because ‘A’s been watching them all along, anyway.

TVLINE | What about evil-ish Toby and Spencer? Are they sticking together?
Oh, yes. And it’s kind of hair-raising because of how much they are letting him in and how intimate Spencer is with him… You know something the girls don’t.

TVLINE | Crucial question: How does Mona come in and out of the asylum so easily?!
She’s a crazy wench. [Laughs] The thing about Mona next season, which is so great, is that she’s as smart as Spencer. She just uses her intelligence for very devious purposes. She’s a really bright girl… She’s like a little squirrel; she stores up her acorns, but they’re radioactive acorns that turn into hand grenades… Mona may also be back in Rosewood sooner than you think, [as is revealed in] our Season 3B opener. She’s back to torture our girls in a whole new way.

TVLINE | Are you comfortable confirming that we now know two members of Team ‘A,’ Mona and Toby, and that there is a possible third member whose back was to the audience in the finale?

TVLINE | Do you know who the third person is? Or is it something you’re still writing toward?
We’re writing to it, but we know who it is.

TVLINE | Someone we know?
Yes. You know this person, yes.

TVLINE | Let’s end on one of your signature vague-but-juicy teases for the coming season.
I think the enemy being amongst us is a lot scarier than the enemy within. Season 3B is about what happens when it’s standing right before you — in your face and under your roof.

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  1. George Luis says:

    I just want to know who shot Caleb, my guess is Mona because she didn’t like him at all even when he visited it her at the Asylum, he made her go even more crazier. All i can say is that season 3B will be revealing, as well in the Halloween episode.

  2. Heather says:

    Maybe the third A is arias dads old girlfriend or Ezra’s ex girlfriend, the teaher that aria was forced to blackmail They both know aria and both have a reason to not like her and Ali did help aria ruin her dads ex girlfriends life

  3. Ashli S says:

    I think Spencer is on the team. Very first episode of PLL she was the first one up and out “looking” for Ali…and the beginning of this season she was “looking” for Emily…she is always the first one up looking around while everyone is sleep…..looks suspicious to me

  4. Chloe says:

    Okay here’s my thoughts.
    Spencer killed Allison! If you think back to the very first episode, the other girls were asleep but Spencer was already out “looking” for alli. The two of them always fought for the alpha position in the group. Mixed with a little alcohol, tensions raised to a new level. I think members of the A team know that spence is the killer. Toby joined the A team to protect Spencer’s secret. When he came back to Rosewood, he said, “I know who you are”. What could Toby have meant by that?? And Spencer is determined to pin Allisons murder on anyone suspicious (Garrett) (Paige). I think the A team dug up Ali’s grave to prove that spencer killed her!

    • Elisa says:

      Maybe Spancer (on the very first episode) went actually out looking for Alli, but then Alli killed (or someone else) her twin to make everyone think she was dead, and protect herself – since she knew too many secrets about everyone. And Spencer kept her secret to protect Alli….

  5. ScottyKay says:

    Toby and Emily still have feelings for each other and Emily is part of the A team and she shot Caleb.

  6. kendra says:

    “Season 3B is about what happens when it’s standing right before you — in your face and under your roof.”


    • Anon says:

      Or more about Toby being A, no? That is what I got from that answer. None of the girls know that he is A so they are going to continue to trust him.

  7. Emily says:

    I knew Toby was shady. Everytime I saw him kiss Spencer it rubbed me wrong. I could tell something was off with him. And then he comes back out of no where, screws spencer and then his face when he hugged her said it all. He is a snake, no good. I don’t see how you girls are rooting for him. Spencer is awesome, but doesn’t need Toby to continue being awesome. I’m not sure if Ezra is A team, but either way, Aria keeps finding things out about him that he never told her. I don’t like him. She was like 15 and he was like 25. It’s not romantic, it’s creepy and illegal. And Aria’s dad seems like a jerk to me, and her brother too, so who knows, it could be any one of the 3 men in her life. My one wish for the show is, to not make Hannah, Emily, Aria, or spencer a betrAyer. They need to make the key to the show that the 4 of them are trustworthy to each other if no one else. BUT if I were to pick one of them that was the most likely to be on the A team, it would be Aria. She’s spent the least time with the other girls, and kinda does her own thing. All of this started when she came back to rosewood and they all reunited. She’s an excellent liar and good at keeping secrets, serious ones. BUT I hope it’s not the case. I’d love for none of the 4 to be bad.

    • Jesusita says:

      I’m curious as to why Emily is always getting drugged or poisoned and Hanna is getting hit bit cars and stabbed in the leg. Emily is always held captive too. Why not Spencer or Aria? Are they involved with -A?

  8. Rachel says:

    Can we not forget that garret might still be apart of th A team?

  9. Jenn says:

    What about…. Grr, can’t remember her name, Aria’s dad’s mistress? And are we sure there are only 3 As? Maybe she and Ezra are both As. Maybe they were friends in college, and she convinced him to seduce Aria to destroy her and/or piss off Byron? It would be fitting. Byron seduces and then betrays a student, so the same thing will happen to his little girl (who also helped to end the affair)?

  10. Jenn says:

    Also, I can’t wait to find out who warned Emily, and why.

  11. Jude says:

    You guys are focusing on all the things that were answered trying to come up with theories to change those answers. Like no one has even bothered to say “Hey when Caleb told the girls where they needed to go, how come they ended up at the wrong place and how is it Caleb knew exactly to find Emily in the light house?” As for Ezra.. there is nothing boring about them. I’ve been in that kind of relationship and I will for one say it’s not easy… it’s something you’ve got to fight for and continuously stick your heart out on the line for. It’s the kind of relationship that never has the same outcome so give them a chance. And whoever called Aria a skank and Ezra a pedophile. Just because he’s older than she is doesn’t make him some Sicko and aria hasnt been with anyone but Ezra so how is she a skank? As for Toby I don’t have much sight on him right now he’s a character I like and I like the relationship between him and Spence and I do believe his feelings are real but his intentions aren’t so great. I’m still weary of Caleb and I’ve never cared for Wren so much. If anything why aren’t there more questions for CiCi? She’s been extremely sketch.

    • thatgirlbubu says:

      but who do you think shot caleb.. I dont think caleb would shoot himself, or Emily would have told the cops

    • Emily says:

      I don’t think that would make Aria a skank at all, but it does make Ezra a pedophile. It’s wrong, and as a grown man, he should have ended it the moment he realized she was younger than she said. Young girls are so impressionable at that age and nieve, even a girl mature like Aria. And when she gets older she would probably realize that.

      • Anonymous. says:

        This does not make Ezra a pedophile. He is about 24 and Aria was almost 17. The age difference isn’t as significant as people are making it out to seem. I’m not trying to write him off as a great guy because a teacher-student relationship is wrong on a few levels, but it wasn’t a sexual relationship for over a year. When he met her at the bar he had no way of knowing she was underage. She was drinking, dressed maturely, was talking about Europe, and told him she majored in English. I really don’t like the misconception that teenagers who are 15, 16 17, or 18 are completely naive and innocent because they aren’t. Yes, they have trouble foreseeing consequences and make rash decisions, but she knew what she was doing when she was drinking beer, flirting with him, and discussing English. She’s a well-cultured and traveled young woman. In Europe, she was able to drink and go to bars because she was deemed responsible enough for a lower drinking age. America has a way of demeaning teenagers and deeming them incompetent at best and that is definitely not the way it should be. She did not know he was her teacher, he had no clue she was his student or in high school for that matter, and when he found out, he did try to end it. But there was an intellectual connection between them. He was not a pedophile going after an 8 year old; he was misled by Aria herself into thinking she was college aged. He has done nothing illegal to her, hasn’t pressured her, and if anything, he has been telling her that maybe this isn’t the best thing to be doing, etc. But they love each other for who they are, not because they have sex because as we know, it was over a year before that occurred. It is still wrong that as a teacher, they continued to have this relationship, but he isn’t anymore so that doesn’t matter. The notion that the day you turn 18 you are automatically deemed competent, an adult, and not naive anymore is just crazy. What is the difference between her dating him at 17 and her dating him at 18? Let’s all not forget that only a mere few hundred years ago (and still today in other societies), girls were deemed women at a much younger age and were given responsibilities such as being wed, having children, running a family, etc. Today we see this as so wrong, gross, and unfathomable among other things — I’m not saying I think that’s how it still should be because I definitely don’t!– But our society seems to take every ounce of blame of those who are 16-18 saying they don’t know any better and can’t handle situations like this when they definitely do. Albeit, the actual adult (Ezra) should know the difference between right and wrong, legal and illegal, but this particular situation doesn’t make him a pedophile. Don’t throw that word around so much. He just graduated college (and for all we know, he could have early. Or have an early birthday so he’s not as old as we think he is. His age has never been revealed.) Aria is just about 17 and all things considered, very mature.

        Why isn’t anyone attacking Byron Montgomery for his adulterous affair with a much younger girl who wasn’t too much old than Aria is now? When he was Ezra’s age (roughly 24), Meredith was in elementary school, if that. But since she is an “adult” she should know better than to mess with a much older married man who was her teacher, right? Why does Byron get to hate Ezra and get so made at Aria when he did something much more shameful?

        Also, Wren is older than Ezra by a few years and yet people are rooting for him to be with Hanna? And liked Spencer and him together? Wren has completed undergrad (22), 4 years of med school (26), and then has been doing a residency since Season 1 (27 or 28). So he’s not a pedophile?

        And what about Ian, Garrett, and Jason all videotaping middle school aged girls through their windows while they are in high school? And Ian kissing Spencer when she was in 7th grade and he was a junior (or so)? And having his fling with Ali? They were under 18 when they started this “club,” but they were looking at girls under 13. So because they are all deemed “naive and impressionable and children” does that make this okay? And doesn’t reek of inappropriate?

        Just keep this in mind when everyone is condemning Ezra, because out of all of them, he is the least piggish and pedophile. He loves Aria for her mind and her independence and the way they connect on so many intellectual levels. The most they did was kiss for months. He took her to plays, museums, galleries, they watched classic movies, read tons of books. It was not sexual for a long time and that was because they weren’t ready yet, or they were being responsible. Don’t be so quick to berate him and knock his character down when he is the least guilty one.

        • A says:

          Holy cow. I think some of your ages are wrong, btw. Lets all be nice on this thing. It should be a place to voice theories and such. Not be rude to other fans of a great show. Just relax!

  12. kayla says:

    i think all the girls have there own “A” hannah, was mona, spencer was nate or paige, Spender & toby, and i think Ezra is on the A team, i think he had a connection to Allsion that we don’t know about yet, i think Allie knew Ezra a little to well before he met emily & she was jelous or something else happened.

    • Whitney says:

      I am not sure if Ezra is involved or not, but do not forget when Aria confronted him about the money they hugged and he looked at his dresser. SHADY my friends. That and the letter about Aria’s parents was written on a typewriter…. hmmm who has one of those? Ezra. But Aria’s dad also seems like a swanky, vodka drinking, hot headed type. Multiple times it shows A drinking sophisticated alcohol. Byron fits that. Plus Aria has not had too many bad things happen to her. And her dad would hate Ali because of his affair coming out and all the problems Aria causes.

      • thatgirlbubu says:

        ooh my god. so true. omgomgomg. im spazzing :$. I didnt even notice about the letter and the typewriter! and yes, nothing has happened to Aria except that A would tell everyone that they had a student/teacher relationship

  13. Whitney says:

    Emily was warned because it would screw with A’s plans. Purely selfish. That was not help. Paige could have possibly still been killed.

  14. Rea says:

    Isn’t it weird how nothing really bad is happening to Aria? The only thing bad is that she’s keeping a secret about a baby from Ezra which is pretty stupid but Spencer’s boyfriend is on the A team, Hanna keeps on getting framed and her boyfriend gets shot, and Emily’s girlfriend dies and then her new girlfriend almost gets stabbed by a stalker and Emily has to kill him. But Aria’s just like “Oh no, I can’t tell Ezra.” And also I think Veronica Hastings got Garret out of jail which is suspicious. Also, what about CiCi? CiCi just came out of nowhere and she’s a bit too friendly to the girls. What’s all this stuff about Mike being bad? Mike doesn’t have any plausible reason to be mad at the girls. Mike was in the fifth grade when Ali disappeared so I don’t think it’s him.

  15. fleur says:

    why would A tell emily he owes her? I dont get it :s

    • Cate says:

      Because Emily killed Nate and got him out of the way.

    • Alice says:

      Because of Emily Maya’s real murderer was revealed (even if he’s already dead) and that got Garrett out of jail, like A wanted. If Emily had been killed/had run away, Nate could have escaped without anyone knowing he was the murderer, and Garrett would most likely still be in jail.

  16. Alexa Cullen says:

    a what about jason ? could he be the third A ?

  17. Jesusita says:

    My thoughts are to keep an eye on Caleb. He can break into stuff, is very technilogically advanced and told the girls to go to the wrong lighthouse. They gave him Maya’s bag for “safe keepings” which had “Nate”/Lyndons knife in it and in the lighthouse Lyndon is trying to stab Emily with the same “LJ” knife. Suspicious? I think Emily shot Caleb for whatever reason. To protect herself, to cover something up, or just out of pure fear. I think at the end thats why she looks at Hanna and says “I’m so sorry”.

    • Cate says:

      The knife wasn’t in Maya’s bag. Remember, in the previous episode Emily discovered that it was missing.

      • thatgirlbubu says:

        Was Nate holding that knife>?

        • Nate was holding tha knife, while he was driving it into the table as Emily watched the video from Mia. But it is weird how Caleb told Hanna he loved her all serious on the phone when he was driving to the RIGHT spot. Plus Nnate heared something, or someone, on the porch. And we know it wasn’t the girls.

          • Alice says:

            I feel Caleb was just being really reckless in the episode, in the way he was handling the gun too. He was really angry about A hurting his mother, so he acted impulsively and carelessly, taking the gun even though Hanna told him not to. I don’t think he sent the girls to the wrong place, because they weren’t sure which inn Emily was at. He just left the graveyard in a rush, to one of the possible places, because he wanted to confront A as soon as possible. Him telling Hanna that he loves her was most likely because he knew it was going to be very dangerous.

          • Anna says:

            i think that even if caleb intentionally sent to girls to the wrong place, he did it to protect them because he knew they wouldn’t get hurt. but in the episode they found a couple of places that were lighthouse resorts so they needed to check all of them.

          • Anna24 says:

            Caleb is a hacker so he could’ve traced Emily’s phone, then driven to the right spot and told the girls the wrong spot so that they wouldn’t get hurt.

      • Kat says:

        It just totally clicked! When they wanted to know who LJ was… Lyndon James! Probably an obvious observation now, but the lightbulb just went off! Why was the knife in Maya’s bag in the first place?

    • thatgirlbubu says:

      could be true, but she could also say “im so sorry” because it’s Hanna’s boyfriend thats going to the hospital because he got shot and emily feels (of course) bad for hanna

  18. Jesusita says:

    Also why are we so sure there’s only 3 A’s? Remember the end of the episode where A is setting up FIVE HOODIE’S?

    • thatgirlbubu says:

      And dont forget that Mona cant sneak out all the time because people are going to notice that she isnt where she is supposed to be. Especially during the day. so there must be at least five or six A’s. One person can’t watch all four of them all at the same time…

      • Kat says:

        I found it odd that Mona was able to just walk right out of Radley. I know she was wearing a nurses costume and had a badge, but her face wasn’t concealed at all. Radley isn’t that big and if you are a nurse or doctor there you definitely need to know what each and every patient looks like and acts like because they are all crazy. Of course they would want to escape! So every single official there would need to be aware of who’s who. So her just waltzing out unnoticed is highly unlikely. Also, where did she get the badge and outfit? Did she steal it off of someone or from the laundry, or did an A have something to do with it? Remember the episode where Mona reveals Maya’s blog and a hooded figure records the conversation she has with Hanna and Aria? Maybe that A helped her escape. OR here’s something I’ve been wondering, in that episode i just talked about, Mona was missing from her room for all of 5 minutes and the nurses were frantically searching for her and several came looking for her. But in the finale, she walks right out and is gone for hours and then walks right back in with no problem? What if one of the other A’s is a girl who swapped places with Mona for the night? Either has dark hair or wore a wig and sat on the stool or played cards as “Mona” so that at a glance the nurses think she’s just fine when in reality, she’s walking about in Rosewood? That would make far more sense if there was a decoy throwing off suspicion rather than believing she had the ability to leave her room empty, walk out dressed as a nurse, then walk back in because I don’t think that’s possible. If it was, she would have escaped a while back and not returned. Maybe Wren has something to do with this? He extended her visiting hours, had the ability to change her visitor status (which we saw A doing), and keep people away from her room. He also has a knack for popping up when the Liars are involved– Emily’s steroid issue, Toby’s arm, Hanna’s leg, Radley with Mona, OB/GYN to see Melissa with Garrett, meds for Ian when Melissa needed them, and wasn’t he around when Garrett’s mom was hospitalized? He’s a suspicious character for sure.

    • sunshine29 says:

      Yeah exactly. I think there is going to be 5 A’s. First of all, if u remember the flash backs in which Ali is shown playing a prank on girls at Halloween party. ali calls them to a house saying she needs help and some hooded masked person comes and tries to kill them. Ali thought its Noel Kahn but it was not. And other 5 hooded figures are shown in the party. So five hooded people in the party and five hoodies on the rack. Makes sense.

  19. So the Pretty Dirty Secret is season 3B? Or is there gonna be one on TV? Also I think the third A is Ezra. Why? Because all the A’s so far have been close to one of the girls. MonA was close to Hanna, Toby was close to Emily then now to Spencer. But also Garret had a “In yo face” smerk at the hospital when the grils noticed he was out. So there may be more than 3 A’s. In Seson 2 there was 5 hoodies hanging. Maybe for 5 people?

    • Anon says:

      It’s not 3B but the webseries does tie in with 3B so maybe it is recommended to watch it.3B will begin sometime after Christmas like normal.

  20. Maddy says:

    I really want Toby to be good… Because he is my favorite, I love him so much… Urgh make up your mind pll you said he was the most honest character on the show last season, stop changing your minds ever single season!

  21. I am positive Emily left Paige to keep Paige safe. Emily knew Nate would go after her and leave Paige be. And Nate would not have killed Paige without Emily witnessing it, that was his entire plan. Paige and Emily are very secure in their relationship it would not surprise me if Paige knew and understood exactly why Em did what she did. She also blocked the officers from Emily cause she knew Em had to be with Hanna not anyone else or anywhere else.

  22. thatgirlbubu says:

    you guys! I really love how everyone comes up with clues. It helps me think! thanks! xx

  23. A.J says:

    I really don’t want to believe that Toby is evil. Although I do get the choice, what happened to him, what Alison did, and the four girls not standing up for him, that’s good enough motive that he would want pay back. I guess the romantic in me, really just wants him to be a good guy. I love him and Spencer together. He’s her safe place. — Looking forward to watching this play out.

  24. Kylee says:

    I think Aria’s brother is another member of A’s team!

    • Louisa says:

      hahahahah no wayy ! he hasent been in an episode in ages!

      • Anon says:

        While I don’t know about Aria’s brother being on the team, do remember that Toby hasn’t been in a couple of episodes either. So just because he hasn’t been around, doesn’t mean he isn’t on the A team.

  25. mar says:

    i thought that the 3rd A must be CeCe.. dont forget the scene where there was a snake on her dressing room’s shop with Spencer in it, she must have also placed that earring on Paige’s bag, she’s the one who called Jenna that Nate has a gf, she’s the one ponting on Paige is evil.. and she really looks suspicious anyway..

    though spoiler alert says, “right in your face and under your roof”.. so my thoughts were spoiled.. everythng is so twisted..

  26. Louisa says:

    does anything think it might be lucas? remenber how he had the loss of memory pills? and the was there “that night” so he is the 3rd A. but people are forgetting about him.

  27. I also forgot…. Remember that Em got a call saying she had 1 minute to leave? Why so they could still make Paige look guilty? Or was it the someone coming up the stairs they didn’t wnat Em to see?

  28. L says:

    Well, I do think everyone in this series has a connection with everyone else. There are a lot of unrevealed characters just yet. Remember the episode where Alison was telling a little boy a story about a certain TWIN who killed her other twin? I think that ‘story’ was HER story. So yea, I think there’s another ‘Alison’ in this series that is out and about and making connections to each and every character there is. Last night was the BEST episode ever. Cool story writers you’ve got there, Pretty Little Liars. :) :) :)

  29. Anon says:

    To those who are confused about Paige and Emily. Emily only left so she could ring for help. She didn’t leave Paige for dead and I genuinely think Emily does really like the girl and if she does, she would never leave Paige. It was to ring for help because there was no signal in the house. Also, Nate wanted Emily to see Paige die. So, he wouldn’t kill Paige without Emily there to see. Paige was pretty much safe all along after Emily left the house because Nate then went after her.

  30. jessica says:

    Why would Mona wana get Garrett out of jail if he wasn’t part of the A team? It’s possible that he is. I’m so curious to know who shot Caleb :( when did Paige start getting texts from A? And nate always seemed suspicious. I thought Jenna was trying yo warn Emily about Paige but it makes sense now. nate thought Jenna was blind when they met then when Hanna asked Jenna something outside of school and Jenna was rude Hanna walked away and nate came up to her asking about Emily and Hanna told nate that jenna wasnt blind. So that probably freaked nate out. And Toby was a shocker. In the preview of the Halloween episode Toby and Spencer are at the party or whatever together. And its always someone close to the girls that becomes part of the A team. I’m dying for the season to come back on already :)

  31. Emily says:

    I think the A team is like 4 or 5 people who are manipulating everyone in town to do things for them by black mailing everyone with there secrets. Kinda like Ali would do. So I think everyone at one time has gotten A messages, but they keep it a secret like the girls do. I think the main A team is Mona, Jenna, Nole Khan, Toby, Lucas, and maybe like an older group too like Garrett, Melissa, CeCe possibly, and even Ezra.

    • DeeKayTee says:

      I think that there are probably 4 or 5 people on the A team as well but I think that they have “minions” that they blackmail into helping them out ie Lucas. He seems like a very reluctant member of the A team and I wouldn’t consider him one of the core 4 or 5 but definitely has inside knowledge. I would venture to say the same about Nole Khan although he seems much less reluctant but I still don’t think he is a core member.

    • Rea says:

      That’s basically like everyone in the show………

  32. Anna says:

    So Garett has connections with the a team too, why else would they call the girls and say ‘I ow you one’. I also think Ezra has something to do with the A team. Why else would Ali be constantly referring to Lolita, and especially use the anagram ‘Vivian Darkbloom’. She was being stalked by someone. She was watching her stalker when Mona came into that shop. Now the question is was Mona already working for the a team? Who hated Ali so much that they would want to kill her, and continue torturing her friends after her death?

  33. Liar Liar Pants On Fire says:

    I wouldn’t feel too sorry for Paige. She told the girls she got a text from A to go to Rosewood cemetery, which she did, but she also said that it mentioned that if she didn’t, Emily would be hurt. Emily was WITH HER when she got the text, and I don’t remember seeing her name in the text either. Why not warn her of the danger? Or even have some kind of back up plan? Very shifty.

  34. Imam says:

    I loved reading everyones theories! One of us here gotta be right LOL you know how you guys were mentioning how the 3rd A might be close to Aria, maybe it might be Holden?? That guy has like just disappeared! He was so sketchy. Instead of being Ezra or her brother(which I highly doubt) it might be Holden? I don’t know it’s just a thought! I seriously still dont know what is true or what is fully happening (since PLL is always ever changing) so what I’m gonna do is wait out and see what happens and try to gather as much info/clues as I can. Not going to make up my mind on anything, just gonna go with the flow :)

    • Anna says:

      I was wondering about Holden too! Because he was at Noel’s parties so maybe he is connected with the A team. but then again maybe they just included him to lead us to noel’s cabin which is where maya stayed and she was killed. i honestly have no idea though its so hard to know

  35. Elyse says:

    Say it isn’t so Toby… I’m over Toby now… SPOBY SUCKS! TEAM WREN!

    • john says:

      everyone freaks out about ezra and aria… but isn’t wren about as old as Ezra? If he’s a doctor he’s got to be about 28. and he’s kissed two of these high school girls already… also.. what kind of a doctor is he anyway?? he works as a psychologist, surgeon…?

  36. esined101 says:

    Did no1 cop how ali was kind of afraid of cece?

  37. Liz says:

    Mona was friends with Hanna way before Hanna was friends with Allison. Allison use to torment both of them Mona for being a geek and Hanna for being over weight remember that remember when A always made Hanna eat all that food

  38. Tasy says:

    What about the end of episode 9 of season 3, when a woman before she hands of a key for a room with A on it, she says ”Just a moment DEAR” Do you think she says that to a woman ????????

  39. SR88 says:

    I think it’s Aria. She has been missing from quite a few events the last few episodes (she is supposed to be with Ezra but they don’t always show that). Ezra is too obvious.

  40. Alex says:

    I don’t trust Ezra or his brother, Wesley.

  41. Iman says:

    What i’ve also realised is how Spencer is ALWAYS coming up with the possibility of who A can be?? Its hardly ever any of the other girls! Like whatever theory she comes up with, she convinces the girls and the girls go along with it. And see at the end of the ep the weird look Spencer and Paige gave each other. Man seriously everyone is dodgy, A or other members of the A team can be ANYONE.

  42. cas says:

    I am a little disappointed that Toby is team A. I like Spencer a lot but I think this will basically ruin her when she finds out and that is sad to me. I would rather Paige be Team A because I don’t like her.

  43. K says:

    I love how Toby’s a part of the new A-Team. Finally, Pretty Little Liars will get a little more exciting again.

  44. Does anyone think that CeCe is Ali’s twin? She has the same initials as Ali’s twin in the books.

  45. melissa says:

    What I’m wondering is why did A want maya’s bag?

  46. Olivia says:

    Well first of all I think its possible that Ezra could be part of the A team and i always thought Nate was suspicious just by the way he reacted to stuff and he seemed really obsessive and pushy and I was really shocked when i saw Toby in the hoodie but then i thought about it either he is really trying to get back at them for the things they did, or he’s being blackmailed, or he could just be playing on the inside to try and stop it i mean has anyone else noticed that nothings really happened to Spencer lately? And i hate that Garrets out of jail i mean i know he didn’t kill Maya but he’s definitely not innocent. And i think it’s almost a little too obvious on who’s apart of the A team but there’s still a lot we don’t know and i really love the show and i can’t wait to see the Halloween special and i really wanna know who shot Caleb because i feel really bad for Hanna and it seems like most things happen to Hanna and not the others and I wonder if they’re gonna bring Allison’s twin sister into the story line that would make it even more interesting but then the A team will probably try to murder her but i think they should bring it in to the story. And that Cece character she doesn’t seem to bad but i’m sure she’s hiding something or not telling the girl’s something that she knows so I hope they will reveal stuff about her and it almost seems like the whole town is guilty and has something to do with it because Allison was mean to everyone and i could see why people hated her but no one should have murdered and started this whole A thing and that N.A.T club thing…”we see all”.. i mean they’re all gonna get caught eventually. Also, a lot of the characters seem suspicious, Spencer’s dad and her sister Melissa, Jason, Garret, Jenna (not as bad anymore), Ezra (maybe), and especially that police officer Wilden Oh my gosh he is so creepy, he really scares me, he’s definitely guilty of something because in the books he use to stalk Allison so I don’t know if that’s gonna come to the story line but it would be interesting. Finally, I just can’t wait til we find out everything and see how everything unravels i really just cannot wait much longer to find out the answers I am dying to know and i really love the series but it can’t go on forever like i don’t want it to end but im just ready to find out everything hopefully quickly and i hope when the series is over they rap it up the a big feature film that would be really awesome!!!

  47. Kaylee says:

    The one thing that’s still confusing me is Mona’s code. Maybe it was to warn about Nate/Lyndon, giving them Maya’s website and everything. But there was one code they didn’t mention: Miss Aria You’re A Killer Not Ezra’s Wife. MAYA KNEW. What did Maya know? My initial theory was that she was on the A team but she threatened to expose them to Emily and they killed her, but now that’s out. But I’m still not convinced she didn’t know about A. Also Ezra. He has information; Jason had the ransom up, told Spencer he’d take it down and then immediately took a call and told someone to meet him for the money. Next episode broke Ezra magically has $50000, the exact amount of the ransom. I didn’t buy they way they explained it away.
    My prevailing A team theory is that every liar has an A member attached to them. Mona was connected to Hanna, Toby to Spencer. That means 2 more members, one for Emily and one for Aria.
    So ya.

  48. Gracie says:

    So, here is what I think.
    On the Toby & Spencer subject. I was kind of glad that they made him bad (just for the record he is definitely BAD) because without that twist, their lovey happy relationship would’ve gotten quite boring. In every couple there needs to be some drama.
    While, we are talking about Toby, I always kept the idea of him being part of the A team in mind, and I agree with you when u say that face he made after sleeping with her was really sketchy. I think tricking Spencer into falling for him was part of their way of torturing the girls. And I’ve been thinking a lot about that line “I know who you are and you never have to apologize” (I’m gonna focus on the part that said I know who u are” obviously he was not away at some job out of rosewood. He was spending all that time plotting against them, and I’m assuming whenever he joined the A team (unless he (co)founded it, keeping that as a possibility..) he learned a hell of a lot more secrets about them then what he had already known. And I’m guessing while he was away he might have learned even more.
    Now.. Moving on to Aria and Ezra.
    Ok guys, there is seriously no reason for EZRA to be part of the A team, unless they make up a huge complicated backstory, which isn’t worth it. Plus, these writers are obviously incredible at making these jaw dropping twists, and that is waaaaaay too predictable. I think there is more of a chance of Mike (Aria’s brother) being a part of the A team. He knew Alison through Aria and might’ve gotten into some trouble with her(keeping in mind this is ALISON we are talking about) he seems dark, and angry, and he is definitely very close to Aria.
    Most of you are saying that Aria and Ezra’s relationship is boring and I 100% agree. I think maybe Aria could have some kind of secret affair with his brother. (I really love Aria’s character and I don’t think she is the cheating type but come on 1. WESTLY AND ARIA ARE ADORABLE TOGETHER AND THEY HAVE SOME SPARKS and 2. How interesting would that be? Really? I am loving how they are writing the show so the veneers actually know some things that the liars or other characters don’t..) Maggie obviously isn’t going away. Incorporating her and Malcom into the show wasn’t difficult, but i don’t think it was the greatest idea. I think if you were to add ANY characters or storyline it should revolve around or at least have something to do with the entire plot scheme. Which is A. Ezra, Maggie, Malcom, etc. don’t have any relationship sight he A team or Alison (as far as we know.) so there is no point for this what so ever.
    Hanna and Caleb are a super cute couple and have a solid relationship. I think that they are going to make some troubles for them thought in season 3B because of the shooting, but I’m really happy to know he’s alive.
    On the other hand… I really don’t want them to write off Wren’s character. I think that he may get in between Hanna and Caleb but I’m fine with that because we need that drama. If wren WAS on the A team, I probably would be somewhat surprised since he didn’t even know the girls until AFTER Alison’s death, so uh yeah..
    Emily and Paige. I’ve honestly never liked Paige. I mean no one can ever replace Maya because they were soooooo great but Paige is just so….. Well I get a weird vibe from her: I never thought she was A or the killer because it would be way too obvious. We all definitely did call out that Nate would be the stalker ex and Maya killer but when he opened the closet with Paige tied up inside, I dropped my popcorn.
    Just for the record guys, EMILY IS GAY! She isn’t gonna have any romances with guys this time around so I would just give up on that entire idea.
    My opinion on the Twin Theory: I think it would be a big twist on the story plot but extremely predictable.. I mean so many people have called it already AND its in the book. So uh. Yeah.
    As for other characters.
    I think if Jenna as more as a friend than a foe at this point. She was about to warn Emily about Nate and she isn’t like threatening them anymore. She isn’t their first choice, but not a bad guy(right now)
    Garrett is totally up to something. Even if he didn’t kill maya, his look after he got out was really creepy. Then again, it could be nothing. I’m gonna try not to jump ahead at this point.
    I don’t have much to say right now about Noel but he is not really good or bad right now. He is just…….. There.
    Melissa has been gone for a long time now and that is getting more and more suspicious. Toby was “gone” as well and look where he stands. She might just be and A but honestly? HOW PREDICTABLE WOULD THAT BE?
    Cece seems like she has more to do with this whole thing then we think. I mean she knew more about the girls then anyone else (and that’s what Alison was telling her) and she had access to a lot of stuff, so she is staying on my suspect list.
    Anyway my next guess for the 3rd A (3/5 I’m assuming since there were 5 hoodies)
    Would probably be mike. Could be wrong.. Just a guess, but IF IT’S ONE OF THE LIARS IM SERIOUSLY GONNA DROP THE SHOW. Really. No bluff.
    Any way yeah. Feel free to disagree with me I live reading all the theories!

    • Anna24 says:

      Remember when Noel was dating Mona? Maybe he’s helping the A team and started dating Jenna because Mona wanted him to…

  49. Kimm Sloan says:

    Ok so everyone is asking how Caleb knew and how he got shot. Ok first of all he was with the girls and was helping them. They were talking on the phone at the cemetery he went to hide so the A team wouldn’t see him. After they knew they weren’t coming. Caleb said why don’t you guys go to the one place Belmont or whatever and he said I will go to Belmar which I am assuming are the lighthouses. It just happened to be that Emily went there and was calling 911 to get help for her and Paige. Lyndon/Nate found her before Caleb showed up. She stabs him, and Caleb hears the commotion and shows up to help. He is comforting her with a hug. I don’t think that Nate/Lyndon was dead yet, and just grabbed the gun he set down and then shot him (meaning Nate/Lyndon) shot Caleb. I know they didn’t show it, but that’s my take on it. Unless Paige is truly involved and she shot him, but then if he doesn’t die he is a witness to tell e1 about Paige. It could go either way. For some reason I do not think Paige is involved. I think the A team has been setting her up. Or trying too. I am so severely pissed about Toby. It’s just not right. I am a true PLL fan. I mean I am not like a fan as for a certain character. I like e1 in the show. I am in it for the show and story line. I do NOT believe that Allison is A, how could she be A if she is dead. They found her body located under the gazebo in her backyard. A year after she was murdered. Maya is dead, they found her dead and had a funeral and her killed was her stalked Nate (aka, Lyndon). We know that Mona is truly on the A team, and what about Lucas, no one has mentioned him here? We know he had film or pictures in the camera shop, that he was trying to break into. Remember when Aria went there to find out what it was and Lucas was begging her to let him in? You all keep accusing the girls of blinding Jenna, but it wasn’t really them that did it. It was Allison that led them to Jenna’s house in the first season on a flashback we saw, and what was going on do you guys remember what Allison saw? That was all an accident and yeah I know it looks bad on the PLL’s, but they didn’t do it. Not even Allison meant to do it, she thought she had a smoke bomb and it was truly a more dangerous firework. And Toby saved her. I am not sure about Ezra, not sure about Caleb, not sure about a lot of ppl. Who knows who the 3rd A is, or if there is any other A’s. I hope Toby is not really an evil killer. I hope that he is just involved to help the girls. I don’t think that’s it’s Allison unless she really does have a twin sister, and she was the one killed. Same look, same bloodline. In the books Allison has a twin sister and she is A. To be cont….

  50. K says:

    Amen to Gracie’s ‘essay’, totally agree.