Steve Burton Quits General Hospital: 'I Know the Timing's Not the Best, But.... It's Time to Go'

Steve Burton Leaving General HospitalGeneral Hospital vet Steve Burton has announced his decision to vacate the role of clean-cut rich kid-turned-mob tough Jason Quartermaine Morgan, which he first inhabited back in 1991.

“[GH has] been nothing but a huge positive in my life and for my family. I have no complaints, no negative feelings at all. But it’s time to go,” the Daytime Emmy-winning actor tells TV Guide Magazine. “I’m going to take some time off and do nothing but relax, just enjoy life a little bit with my wife and kids.”

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Geographically, Burton and his fam are relocating to a home they just bought in Tennessee, outside of Nashville. Professionally, he won’t shut the door to putting in a GH encore at some point, but right now he is anxious to explore other opportunities as an actor and as a director. (Already, he, jack-of-all-trades/onetime GH guest James Franco and former GH boss Jill Farren Phelps are developing a novella project that Burton and Franco would star in.)

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Burton admits the timing of his GH exit is “not the best in terms of [Jason’s] story.” As such, he says he is willing to stay beyond his expected final tape date of Sept. 25, so a proper departure can be crafted. That would have Jason airing into late October, maybe November, he says.

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GH fans, how would you write Jason off of the canvas? Giving Dancing star Kelly Monaco’s need/want for a lightened schedule, might they send JaSam off into the sunset? Or could A.J. return from the dead to get his half-bro into another car wreck that restores his memory and reindeer sweaters?

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  1. Nikki Wood says:

    I cannot believe that Steve Burton (Jason) is leaving the show, General Hospital will not be the same I have watched GH for over 30 years and this is unbeliveable PLEASE bring him back!!!

  2. Stacy says:

    He needs to survive, n then he should find out he’s the real dad n him, Sam, n Danny can leave town while Jason recuperate.

  3. Julie Brinkmann says:

    Steve Burton aka Jason…General Hospital won’t be the same without you! I understand needing some family time and I wish you all the best. Hope to see you back on General someday or in other movies/shows. Good Luck! you will be missed!

  4. dorothy says:

    Yeah I will miss Steve Burton as Jason,but to recast the part would not be in gh’s best intrest. Since the new writers have taken over the show has gotten more unbeiveable then it was just being a soap that’s been around forever. With the new writers the only good thing is bring Todd on. There are quite afew bad things:Robin dead the she’s not-Duke is dead then bingo alive again, and bringing Heather back!? The story line stunk, more then I thought possible! Think it’s time for general hospital to hang up the white coats. Was a big fan before these people came, but that is no longer. Goodbye Steve-you picked the right tine to leave. Good Luck & Enjoy your family!

  5. Rebecca says:

    I’m probably going to get hate mail for this but I hate Sam and Jason together. I used to like her character haven’t liked her for over a year. I’d like Jason to be missing presumed dead giving Burton room to come back. Maybe have Sam move on with John McBane.

  6. #1 fan of Steve says:

    Please come back to Gh Jason Sam needs her husband this baby need his real father u can’t leave now so John can take Sam come back to the show just make time fr your family we love u come back

  7. Miss MA says:

    It will be difficult to watch gh with the oltl cast stepping into the places of the family I know as gh. There’s just no comparison! They have been here quite some time and I believe if you’re honest you can say they still feel 100% like outsiders.
    Id like to continue watching, but like any really good show, if it’s changed that much, then simply may not want to anymore. Steve’s exit could have been done in a typical gh manor with option to return and other gh characters or replacements stepping in kinda thing but instead its turning into a different show, so it may require a different audience!

  8. miranda says:

    I don’t think I would be able to watch GH if they don’t replace Jason, so Sam and Jason can have a relationship and they can be a family I won’t probably watch it anymore. Jason and Sam’s relationship is what makes this show

  9. michelle says:

    It Soooooooooo sad. I can’t believe Steve Burton it leaving G.H. I wish him good luck but ……… sad. Good Luck ! You will be missed

  10. Claire says:

    Really, y’all need to calm down. Replace Jason, we fans adapt. No big deal. Or put Sam with John McBane. That would work. Don’t get rid of Sam.

  11. Paige&chris says:

    OMG! My husband and I are so disappointed Jason is leaving! He loves Jason because he’s the enforcer & I love the Jasam team. It was a terrible way for him to leave. We’re thinking of not watching anymore….. So sad

  12. m scott says:

    Omg I can’t take it ,no Jason .kill everybody else except Jason n Sam who needs Anna n Duke even Luke hell loose sonny but keep Jason please I’m in a million little pieces behind this nooo Plse don’t go Steve. I Also love the GH casting.

  13. Ameka says:

    Please bring jason back on GH the show isnt going to be right if yall dont bring him back i love him to much on GH him and sam is a real good couple but take connie off she crazy i hate she doing fine sonny like that….

  14. Debbie says:

    My heart is broken.
    I can’t believe that Jason is leaving now after everything they did to get back together.
    I think I am going to stop watching..
    Can’t one couple be happy..I was waiting and waiting for him to return. Why would they make Sam hold on so long if they were not planning on brining him back..
    FYI the new AJ would of made an o.k. replacement for Jason..

  15. Debbie says:

    Oh yeah just in case Steve you read this…
    I loved watching you play the role of Jason..I started watching you when I was young with my mom and now my daughter Chloe watches you with me.Your a family tradition. One that will be forever missed. I really do hope your coming back some day..SOONNNNNNN
    plus Karly and Sonny are going to die without you…

  16. Cynthia says:

    Guys please bring Jason back, he made Gh what it was. Wish you had’ve kept him instead of bringing AJ back. Wow bringing someone back from the dead, this sucks! After all him and Sam been through they suppose to be together. It sucked when you all brought in the stars from One Live to Live in.

  17. Susie H says:

    UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!! Jason Gone!!!!???? I am 49 years old and have watched GH since I was 6 years old, and this is probably the worst move the writers have made. If it is at all about money, I think they should pay Steve Burton ANY AMOUNT he wants!!! Seriously, this is like a death in my family. They better find a Steve Burton clone and write him in ASAP or this show will be axed next.

    • crystal says:

      I AGREE ive watch this show since I can remember with my grandmother… Now I’m going to b 30 I’m very sad and mad that this happened… :'(

    • Connie E Williams says:

      I am almost 57 years old. I’ve been watching since I was 10! I too love Jason. I can’t stand the idea of a replacement! It is too hard to get that right. I think it would be very hard for me to watch a replacement. VERY hard! I’m hoping they leave the way open for him to return on a part-time basis. Maybe he could take Sam and the baby away to keep them safe, and pop up occasionally when Sonny or Carly or Michael really need him. But PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t kill him off! Also what can they be thinking with this horrible story line with AJ being alive?!!! I couldn’t stand this guy before and he hasn’t exactly improved! Just a horrendous story line, so hard to watch. Don’t kill the show off with this kind of stupidity!

      On another note; I used to watch One Life to Live. I actually like Todd and Starr being on GH. I hope they continue to develop and keep these characters.

  18. crystal says:

    I’m very sad :'( that Steve (Jason) left… I hope he does came back General Hospital won’t b the same without him. Ive watched this show with my grandmother with I was a little girl now I’m going to b 30, and got very attached to GH and other shows but now there’s only GH and I wish he would come back.. It won’t b the same without him and even with a replacemen”its a BIG shoe to replace I Loved Jason Morgan “) IT WOULDN’T B THE SAME we need u Steve come back soon!!!!

  19. valeri says:

    there is no way you can recast for the part of Jason Morgan… Steve Burton is Jason Morgan…. just leave it at that PLEASE

  20. brandy says:

    I am sad to hear he is leaving he has done a amazing job but, I understand the reasons. But, please find someone to replace him soon this is a beautiful story line and Jason needs to return soon

  21. moni says:

    I can’t watch the show if jason is that not on it. He finally gets all he desire for his future just t die ff the show? That just won’t work forr your viewers.

  22. Sharon R says:

    This is why the soaps are failing, Jasons character should never have left that way, the faithful viewers deserve better. Jason’s character was the glue, he should be replaced. What a horrible way to leave Sam and the baby before he even knew that was his biological son. They should have left as a family. What is wrong with you people, there is enough saddness in the world without having it seen on your favorite soap.

  23. Betsy McDougall says:

    No! They can’t Never replace Steve/Jason no one else will ever be the same and you all know it. But !! He could be missing for a long time, someone finds him, he has anemisa, then one day in the future someone runs into him or sees him. Listen, I’ve been watching GH for WOW !! 30 yrs. and the BEST BEST one I ever liked was Steve/Jason. I can’t believe it !! I can’t believe he’s leaving !! But in reality, he has a right to his life and when you feel the need you feel the need !! Steve/Jason I wish you the BEST BEST of LUCK in your new endeavors. Relax and most definitely enjoy your chrildren !! I do hope to see you in the future in stuff, & I loved you in The Last Castle & Taken !!

    • mandy says:

      i agree i hope steve will come back soon

      • Sandi says:

        I agree at some point he will get tired of doing nothing after his project he will
        Want to come back to General Hospital. Same person who has RobIn has Jason
        Body also. I hope on the 50th Anniversary he will be back as Jason amorgan once
        again to help save Michael from AJ. On a other note I wish Todd would go away
        along with Heather & Connie ( Kate). Don’t bring the guy from AMC that played David
        Just bring Genie Francis as Laura Spencer for her family they need her Luke & Lulu.

  24. karojen says:

    I loved Jason, but I also think Sam and John have lots of chemistry and it would be a fresh story. I hope Steve and family are very happy in TN. We lived there for 17 years and loved it.

  25. Karianne says:

    OMG. I am so disappointed. Jason is one of the reasons I started watching GH. He is so amazing to look at. :) The show just wont be the same without him.

    • mandy says:

      jason is the heart of the show they need to replace him they always come back i hate the story line now find someone else so every one will be happy steve may come back some day but i dont want to be in limbo forever with this story line i hope they do something soon

  26. Megan says:

    I agree!! My whole family has been watching GH for about 16 years!! It will never be the same! Jason don’t leave! :(
    Ok TRY to replace please! What about his kid with Sam?? Not a good time for him to leave the show :(

  27. Angie says:

    If Steve is gone I think GH will go the way the other shows have the other actors are good, but they have taken all good ones off, and now Jason, the show should offer him something he can’t turn down, I for one work a lot and will DVR GH for Sam and Jason, I will not watch anymore if Steve leaves for good it won’t be worth it, and I agree with someone earlier, they probably made it easy for him to leave to put another stupid talk show on, I stopped watching our hometown channel and switched to national channel for that reason. We don’t need another talk or cooking show, there is a cooking channel for that, LEAVE OUR SHOWS ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Sue Barnes says:

    OMG – Steve Burton makes the show. Will probably stop watching!!!

  29. Louise says:

    There are direct flights from Nashville to NY…He could definitely commute…they could film 4 shows at one time and then he can have a good life with his wife and kids….he definitely needs a break but he took one years ago to pursue an acting career…surely they can figure something out…He’s so perfect for the role….remember all the replacements for Carley…how many did they try before they found the current one? She’s good but she isn’t the original Carley. Thus, no matter how many “jasons” they find, nothing will replace Steve Burton.

  30. Sandi says:

    Bring Jason Morgan back to Elizabeth Webber instead they are soulmate
    They have really long history together.They will always be my Super Couple
    So will Sonny & Emily and for Luke & Laura also.
    Get rid of Heather Webber & AJ for good there bad news

  31. Donna Taylor says:

    Hope you come back soon Steve! The program is not the same without you. I really do not lke the character A.J. That character could have stayed dead as fair as I am concerned. Come back soon as Jason Morgan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • karojen says:

      I loved Jason and Sony and the mob storyline, but I like the new direction that the show is going now. I think you could only keep repeating mob stories for so long, no matter how talented Steve and Maurice are.

      I serioulsy hope Maurice stays and is still given great stories, and I wish Steve the best in Nashville. What is the point of making lots of money and you can’t stay spend time with your family and live where you want to?

      I think AJ is a great character, he looks so much like Jason and I love the flash backs and pics and I am really interested in seeing him interact with Michael.

  32. Sandi says:

    I agree with you I don’t like AJ at all need to get rid of him & bring Jason
    Back to save Michael from AJ bad habits AJ & Monica are turning Michael
    Again Sonny & Carly I don’t care much for Carly but I do Sonny

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  34. dee says:


  35. Sandi says:

    I Degree with the People that came from One Life To Live need to get off General Hospital
    the Two Can’t act if they Tried they all need to Go Now & Bring back Steve Burton as Jason
    Morgan so he can save Michael from Aj

  36. Ashley says:

    I’m just now finding this out. OMG I have always said if He leave gh I would never ever watch it again. I can’t believe this I always thought that he and Maurice would be the last two standing on gh apparently I was wrong. The show will never be the same. Gh just lost one faithful viewer!!!

  37. Kathy Woods says:

    Steve Burton was the main reason I watched GH – but he has a life outside GH & if I had the money & the choice of raising my kids in LA or Tennessee, that would be a no-brainer. We should be wishing him well – and I do.

    Now I record the show & just fast-forward through all “Carley’s” shouting and weird mouth gestures (hard to believe she represents a major hotel), “Spinellie’s” stumbling repetive speech (hard to believe he wrote a book), “Todd’s” stuttering & stammering (he’s a publisher who can’t string three words together), “Christine” who is really hard to look at because her mouth is so ugly (get rid of the red lipstick), & “Sonny” who can’t be understood because of his mumbling & muttering.

    Without Jason there isn’t much to tune in for now.
    Well – maybe one thing – Sean. Now there, like Jason, is a HOT HUNK. I hope ABC doesn’t screw that up.

    If we really want our Steve Burton fix we can always tune into Y & R on CBS – starting on Jan 28 or 29 I think. There is a lot of male eye candy on Y & R so Burton should feel right at home. CBS is giving Burton good travel options so he can work in the city but live in the country with his wife & kids. Family First!! Good for CBS.

  38. ghloyal says:

    I have been watching gh for about 40 years, with my mother and grandmother, I am sorry to see jason/steve go. I do happen to agree that he should not be killed off. Don’t agree with some of the changes, but I willl continue watching and hope that we are not left hanging for too much longer with his absence. Please make a decision soon.


  39. karen says:

    I am seriosuly physically ill. Steve Burton was my favorite actor on GH. All of my soaps that I grew up on are now gone. First it was Ryan;s Hope. Then One Life To Live and All My Children. Now General Hospital is losing Jason, but regaining AJ which I can’t stand as an actor. He is not a good actor at all. Its getting annoying. My Grandmother, Mother,Aunts, Myself and now my kids have watched those shows. I know it comes to a point after being on a show for a number of years it might start to get old. But geez, talk about a shocker. He and Sam JUST got together again with their baby and WHAM he is off the show. I really hope they don’t pair Sam up with John McBane. She is better off on her own at this point. This was the only show on tv that I would actually sit down and watch during the day. Now, It seems like I dont care if I see it or not. Ya, gotta find an actor to replace Jason and fast. No one can replace Steve Burton. But dont let us hanging. With everything going wrong in our society today our soaps are what keep us hopeful that things will always turn out to be ok. Anyway, Good Luck Steve. Sucks to see you go.

    • MARCIA says:


      • jewels says:

        his talents are not being used on y&r, i agree

        • Heather says:

          The only good thing is now Steve Burton won’t have to act as good as he does on GH, I tried to watch Y&R because of him on there but all the actors/actress’ are horrible at what they do. GH has the best actors/actress’ by far!!!

  40. jewels says:

    i hope jason comes back because g h is sinking faster than the haunted star

  41. colleen says:

    Steve was such a big part of the show, it seemed he never took time off and I’m sure he needs a vacation, but with that the show isn’t the same without him, his fans adore him and he needs to get back on GH HE IS SO MISSED……come back steve your fans will wait. But please don’t forget how much your character is LOVED by all !!!!

  42. Andrea Massey says:

    I been watching Gh for very long time. I don’t know what happen with Steven & GH but I know this he is key part of the show. Please bring him back I work days I use to record GH the days I had to work but not anymore. Jason is the man bring him back. I watched it for the first time in months and GH was boring I turned the tv. I didn’t know what was going on. Todd is FRANO NOW AND WHO IS STARR WOW and how many faces is this dude from One life to live is going to have (John) come on people my thirteenth old son could come up with a much better story line.

  43. Nadeen Krasowski says:

    He loves Sam so very much.
    He should be shot when saving her from a kidnapper and die in her arms.