Pretty Little Liars Recap: The BetrAyal Revealed!

Pretty Little Liars The BetrayalWARNING: If you have yet to watch Tuesday’s season finale of Pretty Little Liars, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed….

As the Pretty Little Liars got closer to the new A during the summer finale Tuesday night, the betrayer within their mist wasn’t the one they suspected – Emily’s girlfriend Paige – but Maya’s not-so-nice cousin Nate (who is really her stalker, Lyndon) and — gasp — perpetually stalwart Toby!

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After luring Em to a cabin, Not Nate went on the attack, pulling out a video of Maya in which she confessed that she was staying at Noel Khan’s place in the woods while she sorted things out. Emily had taken Maya from Not Nate, given a little of her back to him and then rejected him for Paige. So now he was going to take something away from Em: A bound-and-gagged Paige!

Being the scrapper that she is, Emily managed to lure Not Nate away and ended up stabbing him with his own knife before a gun-toting Caleb found her. And then a shot went off. Cut to a bleeding Caleb being wheeled away by the paramedics. But who shot Hanna’s guy? Did he accidentally self-inflict the injury? Did Not Nate rise up and shoot him? Does Em know something we don’t?

Meanwhile, Garrett was released and — big news alert! — Toby and Spencer finally did the deed, which should have been the warning bell. Spencer losing her virginity to her on- and off-boyfriend was like Chekhov’s gun. Still, the episode’s final twist – Toby is the black hoodie-clad conspirator in cahoots with Mona – came as a shock.

In other potentially couple crushing news, Maggie showed up at Ezra’s apartment, but promised to keep Aria’s secret — and her own baby one — safe. But the look on Aria’s face as her boyfriend and his ex did some catching up spoke volumes about the troubles ahead for ‘Ezria.’

And, added bonus: there’s another Pretty Little Liars Halloween special ahead. Tune in for the holiday-themed installment on Tuesday, Oct. 23 at 8/7c.

Hit the comments with your thoughts on Toby’s big betrAyal.

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  1. Elle says:

    Who shot Caleb? I think the most reasonable person would be Nate cause he was right there and he was probably aiming for Emily but wouldn’t he already be dead?
    Who killed maya? I don’t think it was Nate (or whatever his name is) because he kept saying how much he loved her.
    Did A send the girls to the graveyard so they would be away from the cabin where Not Nate was? And in hat case was it Toby trying to protect all of them and Emily when he told her to get out?
    Is Mona out of the insane asylum? If so why did she go back?
    Also, I personally really liege Ezra and Aria. I would love to see them stay together but Ezra’s character has really gotten a but dull. Hannah and Caleb used to be this adorable couple but now he’s kind of creepy… And who could ever break up Spencer and Toby? Seriously, they are the pinnacle of best couples.

  2. Robert says:

    I think that the actual betrayal was Emily shooting Caleb. The Toby thing is just a red herring. It explains her odd reaction to the two phone calls, Caleb being shot, and how “shocking” the betrayal was actually supposed to be, as well as why Caleb was not fatally shot.

    • KBC says:

      Yeah, but if Emily shot Caleb and he survives….he’ll tell that she shot him. How’s she gonna get out of that?

      • Robert says:

        It is basically a soap operea, he will either, be in a coma for an extended period, have amnesia about the event, or have no clue what happened, and she will say Nate did it.

      • ASM says:

        Gun Shot Residue could easily prove that Emily shot the gun. If she the only person able to tell the police what happend at a scene with one person dead (killed by her hands assuming she admitted to that) and one person near death and her hands are clean of forensic evidence, suspicion would still go directly to her. There is no one way Emily can shoot Caleb and get away with it.

        • Robert says:

          In real life it would be difficult, not impossible, but this is Rosewood and the police have been proven to be deeply stupid. We have no idea how much time passed between the call and the police arriving on scene. It is easy to clean off the residue and with her hands covered in blood she would have the perfect excuse. All the other traces on her clothing could be explained by being in close proximity when the shot was fired.

    • tay says:

      I think no one really shot caleb i think he was shot by accedient cause paige was still tied up and nate was dyin and em is way to sweet to do that

  3. ella says:

    ok. basically i think toby is just trying to dig up the secrets. remember in the past A had hurt him by un screwing the thing. so its obvious he isnt

    • tay says:

      Thank you ive told everyone that and no one belived me. They would never show a this early

      • German Girl says:

        I think so too, cause the show is continuing a bit more and showing more than one of the main A’s (beside Maya) would be too much and too boring for the following episodes so my guess is it’ll take a few more episodes until the girls and especially Spencer find out about Toby playing double agent and then the search for the real A is continuing….

  4. Sam says:

    One of the writers confirmed via Twitter that it was Nate who shot Caleb, and that he had no connection to the “A” Team.

    • ASM says:

      No, I’m pretty sure Nate isn’t part of Team A. I’m starting to think Caleb is though and was planning on killing Nate.

      • tay says:

        I thought about that i think that caleb is on the a team cause he said that a might be another mona aka a friend and who is hannah closest to caleb

  5. Ron says:

    Two things. Ezra’s ex is Larisa Oleynick(excuse the probable misspelling) the actress who played Alex Mack. Her name was in the opening credits. Secondly, I do think Toby is a double agent because I can not figure out what his motive could be— unless he actually does have feelings for his stepsister….

  6. Lily says:

    The episode wasn’t truly good until the last 15 minutes and that final shot truly had me gasp in shock. I hate cliffhangers like this, truly. Overall, I did think it was an impressively good shock to this half of the season.

  7. caralm says:

    I would not be shocked if Spencer was actually a part of the A-team. Don’t know why, but there is something so off about her and the rest of her family.

    • Alex says:

      For me, it’s Aria. Nothing bad happens to her.

      • ASM says:

        I think Jason would be a big twist as the head of A and killer of Ali. Being her brother would make it a bigger betrayal, especially if it was premeditated. Also he’s less obivous than the super-smart and ambitious Spencer and Mona. No one expects much from the apathetic stoner. Plus he always has the excuse of being stoned/drunk for not remembering things. It all could be an act.

  8. Brandy says:

    I dont get or know why Garret being free is soo important to A Team.It bugs me that Toby would betray Spencer &Emily this way but it makes sense:Ali bullied him,wrongly thought he was watching them,Ali & Liars let him wrongly admit to blinding Jenna,Liars believed he killed Ali(especially Spencer) for a long while in first season, Ali &Liars knew his secret that he wanted them to keep quiet_his sex with Jenna or maybe Mona & other A are blckmailing him

  9. Ali says:

    Grr I’m so mad I liked Toby and now I’m thinking he’s A!!!!!

  10. Codla says:

    Ohkay here are my random thoughts
    1. Caleb being shot. Caleb was shot in the chest, entering through the chest (not the back) but how could that be possible because he was hugging Emily so his chest was covered. Is this a clue to who did it (It can’t have been Nate because as he was half dead he wouldn’t have had the strength to push Emily away to shoot Caleb, Emily is still a suspect) or was it just a stuff up on the directors part?
    I think Toby might have already been on the A team, maybe from the beginning? (I have to rewatch it and look for more clues) BUT he started to date Spencer and started second guessing his allegiance and turned into a double agent to protect her and the liars?
    Toby was already on the A team and dated Spencer to get close to the liars. But then he might have done something that pissed the A team off, hence the scaffolding accident, just to warn him to not do it again etc.
    3. I personally don’t like Wren with Spencer or Hannah. I am in love with the whole Haleb relationship. Spoby is another one of my favourites. I used to be a fan of Ezria but in my opinion the show is drawing the story out a bit too long.
    4. Emily and Paige. I don’t know about you but Paige annoys me a lot. Like a LOT. The way she talks, the way shes kind of hunched over etc.
    5. I think Emily might be over reacting just a BIT about her friends being protective of her. Yes i understand she doesn’t want to be coddled but still…
    What do you guys think?

  11. raychyl says:

    This is a spolier so dont read if u dont wanna know! Go to and there is an interview with marlene king. Toby is NOT a double agent…it specifically asks marlene if he could still be “good”. The answer…NO! But i think there is a 3rd A. At the very end they show A calling and getting tickets for the halloween train. Toby already showed himself and mona was back n the hospital, show why cover A’s face again and mask his voice if its one of them? There is a 3rd!!

    • Codla says:

      This might not be why they did it but Toby is masking his voice to the person he is calling because he masked his voice when he called Emily etc. And at the end they always show A masked no matter what so…. yeah :D

      • Lhondyn says:

        I agree. Each and every member of the “A” team has their own ” The director gives hints to the audience tell the difference between them, but it’s up to us to figure it out.
        “-A”, “–A” and Toby has the masked voice. Also, in the summer finale Spencer was looking at the ‘Halloween Ghost Train Party’ poster just as Toby appeared. In the finale scene the mAsked voice is ordering tickets for the same party.

  12. Kelly says:

    NO MORE EZRIA! Time to move on! If Aria was 18 it would be less creepy. Ezra just has one secret after another that pops up. It’s kind of silly. He loves her so much but he never really tells her anything – and yet he always somehow manages to justify it. Dumb.
    I think Caleb will be okay.
    Toby was always kind of strange. My hope for the future episodes is that they make these girls a little freakin’ smarter. They do some really stupid stuff.

  13. Ashlynne says:

    Actually………did you all realize that Caleb was actually in a good position to see Nate/Lyndon while he was hugging Emily? If he saw Nate/Lyndon taking the gun to shoot him, why didn’t he just dodge? & I doubt Nate/Lyndon would have been able to move that quickly, seeing how he was so severely injured.

  14. Lhondyn says:

    I think the “A” Team knew about Not Nate (Lyndon) and if Toby joined the A team around that time he may have told Jenna, hence, why she tried to warn Emily.

    • Ashley says:

      Jenna knew about Nate all along, which is why she tried to warn Emily. She saw him with maya that night and mate didn’t think anything of it since he thought she was blind. Thats why Jenna leaves rosewood, she’s scared Nate will come after her.

      • tay says:

        The thing is if jenna saw nate why didnt nate juat kill her i dont get that cause if jenna told the police nate would be in jail

  15. the a team says:

    i bet toby is really on the a team,if he wasnt he would have done something about calub, cause once he tells the 4 girls,hanna will be like freaking out on him and spencer well really all of them would. but why would he let mona or him set jenna’s house on fire… there must be a reason to do that… i can see why to everyone else but jenna nope.

  16. unknown says:

    Emily shot Caleb.

  17. Ashley says:

    Toby is bad. It’s heartbreaking, but it’s true. This interview with one of the producers confirms.

  18. Ashley says:

    Also, a writer tweeted and confirmed it was indeed NATE who shot Caleb.

  19. Breanna says:

    this show is a definite nail biter…

  20. A says:

    Stop asking questions about who did this who did that….if you want to know answers…too bad….you’re not going to. Wake up for a second, this is a tv show (with a very clever staff of writers I might add) the whole show is about mystery and suspense. If they don’t want you to know who did this, or who did that, then you will never know until they reveal it. It’s simple, just think harder, if someone came up to you and said “ive got a secret” you could think of anything that happened to them recently, but you will never know, so you say “what is it?” And then they tell you. Sometimes in a show, they make things POSSIBLY predictable (if you pay attention) that way the viewers don’t feel like they are stupid when they guess wrong, and in result losing that viewer. No one knows who shot Caleb, it may be more logical that nate in a last stand effort rose up and shot Caleb.. strange how Emily was the only person he could see from his angle yet still miss and hit the dude behind her…but anyway… I don’t have an opinion on this because no one is right until it is revealed…they didn’t show who shot Caleb, so you wouldn’t know, and want to watch the next episode…plus here’s proof backing up my statement…think of every single episode you’ve watched, now think about which ones did not have some sort of question or mysterious/suspicious person to ask about. Can’t think of any? That’s because they make something weird at the end of every episode, thus the stupid black hoodie thing they normally do. One more thing.. in real life, if you went to the police they would track down the phone that has a blocked id, trace it, find out where its been, and eventually find the owner. If you are scared that the police are corrupt, go to a different county, tell them what happened and tell them you do not trust the police in your area… They should send someone else. If you thinksomeone is blackmailing you saying “do this, or else your friend gets hurt” find your friend STAY WITH THEM and then call the police. Still no trust in police? Drive to a different place, maybe even statewise, wait for your stalker to say something to you again, then go to the police wherever you’re at, that way its their jurisdiction, and not the cops you think are corrupt… These girls are stupid and lie too much at the wrong times making the show WAY too obvious…but that’s how tv works nowadays right?

  21. Maya says:

    Ok this is what I’m thinking …
    One of the liars has to be part of the a team , who has suffered the least and had the most hatred for Ali … Spencer like come on its kinda obvious . Her own bf is part of it too . We all know she is too smart not to have figured it out by now . That would explain her and Toby as well . Also Paige shot Caleb on accident , thinking it was Nate she’s seems too sketchy . But she’s def not part of the A team yet . I think she might eventually do something for them because she genuinely cares about Emily and if they say that she has to do something to protect her it def think she would do it .

    • tay says:

      I dont think spencer is part of the a team. Ya she might have hated ali and ya she might not suffer that much but she didnt like ali. She liked the others. I think a is cece cause she is just like ali (evil). And ali never talked about her. I think that mabye ceces nickname was pigskin cause i dont think page would be that mean she might seem that way but i dont think she is and thats why she was the only one that new about the story about the letter and paige. I might be wrong be im pretty sure it cece.

  22. karysa says:

    Well, since there is a deviance from the books, we can’t assume Toby isn’t a double agent. Even if he was apart of the A-team,, he wouldn’t have directly told the girls, because the A-team would have found out, and there would have gone his shot at finding out whatever he is looking for.
    If the writers do bring back a little more of the books, there are certainly more twists, that would allow Toby to be a “good guy”.
    Aside from the actual topic, its disappointing to have to scroll down so long to find different theories because some posters stray from the topic to insult others. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and grammer mistakes, just please stick to topic!

    • a says:

      I understand what you are saying… I’m just trying to tell people they won’t know the answer until it is given and my thought on the whole show itself

  23. karysa says:

    No worries, I reslly enjoy the theories. I personally think the girls get into so many scrapes that could have been avoided by now, but of course, thats the point.
    As for a third A, I agree wholeheartedly! Annndddd, I think jt could be Jason. He’s made several comments saying how “in some ways he’s worse than Ali” and conviniently has a shaky memory among other things.
    Also I suggest reading the books if y’all can. I actually still expect shockers from the books to pop into the show!

    • raychyl says:

      I agree! I’ve been waiting season after season for the “book” shocker and i still expect it to show up….but prolly not until the very last episode of the very last season (whenever that will be)! Im still holding out hope! Its just too big a deal from the books not to put n the show somewhere ;)

  24. karysa says:

    Just throwing this out there, but can anyone see Lucas as maayyybbee being the ultimate A? ;)

  25. tay says:

    Toby is not a. They would never show who a is unless its the final episode. Because if they did show a, people would stop watching it so he is not a. I think he either just wamts answers or ne is helping a cause if you saw the episode that showed two a’s you can tell one of them was a boy and one was a girl. But anyway my point is, toby is not a!

  26. tay says:

    OMG! Ok so i was thinkin caleb got shot in the stumaca so who was facin his stumac, em. So everyone thinks em did it well i dont thus is what i think, so i think that caleb was tryin to kill em but instrd shot himself on accadent. Thats just ehat i think and it also puts him on th a team. It kind of makes since once you think about it. Cause thats why he went to the one em was at and i also think thst him and nate were workin together. I might be erong i might be right i dont know what i am so if you haav anything to add just tell me i would love to hear what you think :-)

  27. German Girl says:

    Did anyone here mention/ think about Caleb telling Hanna that he loves her when they were on the phone driving to the cabin? I definitely think that means something, meaning he knows more than we do. Because he got “that” look on his face when he said it, like he thought he might never see her again. And I also think that has something to do with his gun and with him being shot, in whatever way… Any guesses?

  28. Abby says:

    OR Toby could have gotten himself in on this to put a stop to it. Remember he told Spencer he’d find out what she couldn’t tell him and stop it. BUM BUM BUUUUUMMMMM

  29. Colina says:

    I think Toby wanted to join the A team, but is now changing his mind about all this but Is to late to leave. Here is a spoiler alert so if you want to know something about spoby keep reading if you don’t, STOP reading NOW. Okay, Spencer will figure out the Toby is on the A team and will break up with him and start dating Andrew Campbell. Then, Toby will feel mad and then that’s when he does IT with Mona.

  30. Spence says:

    Why toby. I loved spoby they’ve been through so much. :,(

  31. Rebecca says:

    I was schocked, even before I saw A dAngeorus gAme, I thought Toby only joined to protect Spencer.