The Office: We've Picked Our 25 Favorite Dunder Mifflin Moments -- What Are Yours?

The recent announcement that The Office will close up shop next year had us clutching our Dwight bobbleheads close and reminiscing about the NBC sitcom’s last eight seasons.

The paper company’s misfit employees have gotten themselves into so many romances, jams, zipline accidents and bat attacks over the years, it’d be nearly impossible to pick the best scenes.

But we did it anyway.

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Here, in no particular order, are our 25 favorite moments from the The Office’s first eight years. No, every character isn’t represented. Yes, there’s a whole lot of Jim and Pam. Yes, we interpreted “moment” rather loosely. And yes, we fully expect you to have your own suggestions for the list – that’s why we love you like Meredith loves happy hour.

So once you’ve clicked through the photos below, hit the comments hard and often. (That’s what she said.)

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Mikaylah says:

    Pam and Jim finding out she is pregnant is such a beautiful moments. I always get teary watching it.

    • Mikaylah says:

      *moment. :)

    • shaundrika says:

      I have watched jim and pam’s wedding a lot and it always makes me cry too! Not to mention Michael’s proposal to Holly and Jim’s proposal to Pam. There are sooo many episodes I have cried on. I’m really gonna miss this show

  2. Jasper says:

    Michael and Jim saying goodbye, it was just so well done

    • Mandi says:

      I agree. The Michael/Jim goodbye was one of the best scenes of the series. Watching, or listening to, rather, the commentary of that episode makes it all even more real. Most of the emotional scenes were the most calloused takes of all because the actors kept breaking down.

  3. Kate says:

    How could you leave out Robert’s scary Halloween tale? That was awesome. And Jim & Pam’s stay at Schrute Farms? Andy floating away on Beach Day? Creed trying to remember what he does for a living (Quabity Ass-yurance)? Michael & Dwight’s fight in the karate dojo? Pam’s prank going wrong and trapping her in the elevator with Dwight?

  4. Wrigs says:

    Beach games! “We are all participating in mandatory fun activities. Funtivities!”

    • marge says:

      Yes! Nellie and Robert Calidornia have no business being on this list.

      • Jane says:

        I AGREE! Some of my favorite moments….Everything concerning the bailor (bailor, i hardly know her!) and “DWIGHT you ignorant slut!” (basically that whole safety training episode), the BOOZE cruise (michael’s dance!) and beach games! The second and third seasons of The Office has some of my favorite TV moments ever and I am going to miss this gang!

      • Tbirdy says:

        Agreed. I like to pretend last season was a dream.

        • Correia says:

          Anything from the last season has no business on this list. Stanley’s heart attack, Dwight pepper spraying Roy, and Michael’s Roast are just a few I could name.

      • Mandi says:

        But the Robert California moment is when he introduces himself to David as Bob Cazimakis. That is definitely worthy of the top 25 list.

  5. Adam says:

    This is a great list – makes me want to go back and rewatch the series again!

  6. Wrigs says:

    PRISON MIKE. The worst thing about prison was the dementors.

  7. YowzaPowza says:

    Michael hitting Meredith with his car is the single funniest moment in the show’s history. How could you leave this out?

    • David says:

      YES! Michael is talking at the camera saying what a wonderful summer he had and then…BAM…Meredith is rolling off the windshield LOL.

    • rebecca says:

      YES!! I am laughing just thinking about this moment.

    • Magically Suspicious says:

      The photos aren’t loading for me, but I suspected this would be left off. I agree with you 100%. That is the single funniest moment in the funniest episode of the series.

    • Brian says:


    • david g. says:

      agreed! or when meredith wears the inappropriate outfit for casual friday. or where her hair catches fire. basically, anything meredith related was memorable.

    • Julie says:

      The first episode I ever saw was when Michael hit Meredith!! It was hysterical!!! When I hear of a charity run, I hear in my head, “For the Cure”. Classic episode. It was love ever since.

  8. David says:

    You missed Michael and Jan’s disastrous dinner party (with them repeatedly calling each other “babe”)……………..and Pam finding out that Michael was sleeping with her mother. That’s two of the best episodes.

  9. David says:

    Also, Dwight setting the office on fire to scare everyone about fire preparedness….

    • Elisabeth says:

      Yes! I lose it every time I watch that opening. So freaking funny. I think I need to you tube it right now. Can’t believe they didn’t include this one!!

    • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

      Is that the same one where he dresses up as a progressively scarier robot looking samurai each year as well. That was hilarious.

    • Carrie says:

      I am in charge of safety at work and we have escape option 4 listed as “throw the overhead projector out the window”. Sadly, we don’t have an overhead projector anymore.

  10. KMeng says:

    Best moments:

    Michael, Dwight and Andy doing parkour is fantastic.

    Phyllis and Bob Vance getting frisky while having lunch with Jim & Pam (awkwardness a it’s best)

    Andy tearing his scrotum.

    Some worst moments include:

    Any scene with Holly

    The whole dinner party episode (awkwardness at its worst)

  11. Daniel says:

    You’re forgetting Dwight’s fire drill, that whole sequence was just so funny. Also, the only other missing moment is when Toby returns to which Michael responds: “NOOOOOOOOOOO…..”

  12. Daniel says:

    Seeing Michael’s foot wrapped in bubble wrap reminds me of how classic this show use to be

  13. PB says:

    Sorry, but Nellie or Robert California do not belong on any “best” of The Office lists. All of my favorite moments come from before Season 6 except for Michael’s proposal and his final episode. A few – the whole Casino Night episode, really. I love the cold open – “I hate so much about the things you choose to be.” The Client – Michael, Jan and Tim Meadow’s character at Chili’s. “Chili’s is the new golf course.” Jim and Pam eating grilled cheese on the roof. Jim, Karen, Dwight, Michael and Jan at David Wallace’s party. Michael and Dwight “saving” the Scranton branch. Michael’s deposition. Ryan started the fire. Vampire Jim. Jan’s dinner party. Yankee Swap. “It’s a Date.” So many great moments.

    • YES. This is a much better list. I completely and totally agree. I\’d add Jim putting all of Dwight\’s things in the vending machine, Jim sending Dwight faxes from Future Dwight, Andy trying to seduce Pam and failing miserably, the Stamford branch playing Call of Duty…

  14. Lou says:

    Two (well, three) moments immediately came to my mind and I was surprised to not see them here. 1) The party committee vs. the Committee for planning parties,and/or Michael marks the Asian girl he likes with a magic marker so he can distinguish her from her Asian friend (Season 3: A Benihhana Christmas) and 2) Michael and Jan’s Dinner Party (Season 4: Dinner Party) when Dwight’s date is his babysitter (the always fabulous Beth Grant).

    • Terry says:

      I can’t believe I forgot about the Benihana Christmas! I almost did a spit-take when I read that. Great choice! haha

  15. JMJE says:

    Jim falling off his bike in the episode where he and Andy get drunk at the other branch and Mose running past Jim and Pam’s car as they pull up for their night at Schrute Farms in Money.

  16. rebecca says:

    loved when pam sketched the pic of dwight after phyllis was flashed in the parking lot and everything leading up to Dwight looking in the mirror and realizing it was him.

  17. alim says:


  18. derek says:

    -Dwight bagging the bat over Meredith’s head.
    -the temp starting the fire.

    i’d hate to pick all of season 1…

    i would not include as “best moments”:
    -nellie eating the taco
    -david coming back, robert leaving as a “moment”
    -threat level midnight
    -sweeney todd

  19. this list and all the comments listing the amazing moments that couldnt fit on the list (almost everything that has been commented on as missing is worthy of the list in my opinion) makes me realize how truly great this show was in its prime (seasons 1 to 4, many parts from five, and scattered moments in 6 and 7).

  20. lori says:

    The healthcare plan episode.

  21. Q says:

    The episode with the lewd watermark on the paper on which a high school’s prom invitations went out. It gave way to the best TWSS. “I need two men on this. That’s what she said. No time! But she did. No time!” I loved Michael issuing a press conference and the guy who wrote obits coming out. Jim and Andy going to the high school only to discover Andy’s girlfriend was in high school was also excellent.

  22. Chris says:

    Meredith flashes Michael at Christmas party and he snaps a picture.

  23. Amy says:

    Please, no ‘Best Of’ list is complete without Phyllis discovering Dwight and Angela having sex on the office desk moments after her engagement to Andy.

  24. Julia says:

    Dwight’s fire drill literally had me laughing out loud for 5 minutes! When Toby returned and Michael screamed “NOOOO!!!” was hilarious! The funniest moment for me was when Michael was like “If I were in a room with Toby, bin Laden, and Hitler and I had a gun with two bullets, I would shoot Toby twice.” And then everybody’s reactions afterward, especially Dwight instructing Michael how to shoot all three of them with one bullet. Classic and hilarious!

  25. Regan says:

    “If I was stuck in a room with Osama, Hitler, and Toby, and I had two bullets, I’d shoot Toby twice”–Michael Scott

  26. Amy says:

    What about –
    – Michael hits Meredith with the car two seconds into the episode
    – Dwight’s concussion – Jim spraying him with the plant mister

  27. Amy says:

    Most of my favorite moments are on this list. A few missing, Conflict Resolution: “win-win…win,” when Jim asks Pam out “It’s a date,” when Stanley runs at Jim in the sumo suit, Urgirlgrew (sp?), “What is the ratio of Stanley Nickels to Schrute Bucks? The same ratio of unicorns to leprechauns,” when Jim bates Dwight with BSG: “It’s about this guy named Dumbledore Calrissian who had to return the ring back to Mordor,” when they bet on different things in the office – Creed not realizing he is eating a potato instead of an apple, Holly is Michael’s “soup snake,” the Michael Scott Paper Company’s office, the dance party in that office later, the discovery of the manuscript for Threat Level Midnight, Jim and Pam bating Andy with his cell phone, the bird funeral and Dwight’s recorder, Pam loosing it when she finds out about Michael and her mother. So, so many. Wow, The Office has been a (mostly) great show.

    • rcc says:

      Love the one where Jim hides Andy’s cell phone and he loses it. Then when he comes back from anger management he gets pepper sprayed. Love almost anything with Andy, and I will miss him!

  28. Butters says:

    The Dinner Party is missing from this list. It is one of the best episodes of the Office. Angela saying something like ‘I don’t want your beats in my mouth’

  29. EDS says:

    Diversity Day is the episode that made me fall in love with this show. Dwight’s fake fire drill makes me laugh just thinking about it. When Angela tries to save her cat by throwing it up to Oscar who is trying to escape through the ceiling… And I love all of the big Jim/Pam episodes, especially the wedding. So many great episodes!

  30. Lisa says:

    Boom. Roasted!

  31. Robin says:

    Sexual Harrassment, with Todd Packer and at the end when Jim sets up Michael’s “that’s what she said”. Ryan starting the fire!, When Dwight saved Jim from Roy and sprayed the Office with mace. SOOOO many!

  32. Matt says:

    I’m going with michael reacting to tobys return. That is my most frequent scene I repeat. My favorite Jim prank was when he put all of Dwight’s stuff in the vending machine

  33. Matt says:

    God, this show has really left me a lot of good memories.

  34. Matt says:

    Lets not forget The Deposition, when Michael sits to eat with Toby and Toby tells Michael he knows how he feels because he had to testify in his parents custody hearing, only to have Michael slowly push his food off the table

  35. Patti says:

    Great list. I agree with many of your picks. I love Pam and Jim learning she’s pregnant. That was beautiful. I loved Jim as Dwight and Jim/Pam tricking Dwight as the FBI. I loved Dwight setting the office on fire teaching fire safety and any xmas episode.

  36. King says:

    One of my favorites is when Kevin was carrying a bucket full of chilis and spilled everything into the floor and used a folder to scoop everything back into the bucket!

    I also lovethe Christmas episode where Michael was upset with Phillis’ gift to him.

  37. Matt says:

    Dwight cuts his his penis peeing into a can in the car.

  38. Kerry says:

    Andy’s 12 Days of Christmas.

  39. Nero theTVFiddler says:

    My favorite moment – Michael and Jan’s “Dinner Party” (S4/Ep9): Based on Jan’s new candle-making business, Michael trying to get Jim and Andy to invest in her business for ‘only $10,000’.

    As a honorable mention, second favorite moment – Jim [‘Tuna’] starting his work at the Stamford Branch [“The Coup” – S3/Ep3] and playing ‘Call of Duty’ very badly with his new colleagues as their team building exercise, by which Jim gets called into the manager’s office and encounters Andy going ballistic over Jim’s lack of ‘Call of Duty’ skills.

  40. Puff says:


  41. Kevin says:

    So many good moments, but my favourite I think is the episode where Jim and Dwight forget Kelly’s birthday and they have to play the party together, the way Dwight decorates the room, priceless.

  42. murley says:

    i laughed so many times reading this list and the comments. whatever people say about the show getting worse or whatever there are classic and hilarious moments consistently throughout the show and while there are moments we all seem to love, everyone seems to have their own personal favorites. i will miss this show after next season but you can bet i will watch EVERY episode again and again throughout the years and continue to love it and laugh my ass off!

  43. J Pritz says:

    Drug Testing! When Dwight discovers the blunt in the parking lot and tries to interrogate all of the staff.
    Jim: “No! You told me I would be conducting this interview when I got in here so tell me how much pot did you smoke!” And Dwight’s face after is priceless.

  44. Matthew says:

    When Michael reads a HR comment about “Why is the bathroom ‘whites only’?” Michael assumed Stanley, who said he didn’t write it, confusing Michael why somebody who write that, with creed saying”the sign says that”, the camera pans to the generic bathroom symbol that are painted white. Also, when everyone is trying to get Stanley’s attention, who is too busy with his crossword. And Stanley and Preztel Day/ Dwight’s training of Ryan, Jim’s prank on Gabe with the fake Jo phone call and Angela’s and Dwight’s car chase at the end of the recent season. There is likely more…

  45. blaster freak says:

    Fun fact: Michael and Oscar’s kiss was improvised. And an amazing piece of comedy television.

  46. Babybop says:

    There have been too many favorite moments for me to make a list. Ha ha. Definitely one of my favorites was when Jim was doing the Pavlov thing to Dwight whenever his computer reset.
    “Why are you holding out your hand?”
    “I don’t know… My mouth tastes so bad all of a sudden.”
    I still say “Mint Dwight?” whenever I have mints…

  47. Tricia says:

    “You can’t fire me, I don’t work in this van!” – Dwight, “The Injury” – my favorite episode of all time, written by the awesome Mindy Kaling.

    • juliasellers says:

      My favorite episode, too. I love when Michael asks, “What does this look like?” pointing to his bubble wrapped foot in horror and Stanley says, “Mailboxes etc.” and walks away like this happens everyday.

  48. hillchics says:

    Yes… That is my fave line/episode too! Also, “I have Country Crock”!

  49. Lori says:

    Jim sending Dwight messages from “future Dwight”

  50. Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

    This list and the comments just remind me how much this show needed Michael Scott. My favorite moments are Jim convinces Dwight that he has been recruited by the CIA and Jim and Pam use instant messaging to convince Dwight the Dunder Mifflin website is self-aware. Oh and the future Dwight messages are good. Favorite episode is where Michael grill his foot.