True Blood Season Finale Post Mortem: Alan Ball Answers Burning Questions, Previews Season 6

True Blood Season 5 FinaleAt least a half-dozen significant characters left True Blood one way or another in Sunday’s season finale. But the biggest departure took place off screen: The episode was series creator Alan Ball’s last as showrunner. Before we let him hand over the reins to new boss Mark Hudis, though, we have one last job for him to do — to answer all of our burning questions about the finale, about the season as a whole and, since he’ll still be an exec producer, give us a sneak peek at Season 6! Okay, so we have several last jobs for him to do. Read on. He’s up to the task(s).

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TVLINE | So, is Bill God now?
I don’t want to say if he is or he isn’t. Who’s to say what Lilith really is? He is still Bill but he is something different.

TVLINE | So there is some of the old Bill in there?
It is Bill, but it is a transformed Bill. He is not a completely new person. It’s not like his memories or his experiences have been left out and he’s just a baby.

TVLINE | Can he revert back to the old Bill?
Well, that’s the question: Is he going to be evil? What does he want? What is he going to do? Will he be able to revert back to Bill? That’s for future seasons. The implication, certainly, is that he is more ferocious.

TVLINE | As you warned me back at Comic-Con, there was a lot of death in the episode — some more ambiguous than others. Did Luna die?
You’ll have to watch [next season]. We didn’t see her die.

TVLINE | And Russell? Is he really dead?
He’s gone. We may see him in flashbacks, but he bit it.

TVLINE | Also back at Comic-Con, you declined to tell me which couple you were having the most fun writing for this season because it would be too much of a spoiler. Can you now confirm it was Russell and Steve?
Yes. I love both of those actors and I thought they were hilarious and kind of touching.

TVLINE | Will Steve remain a viable character next season?
I don’t know. I’ve spoken to Mark briefly. They’ve only pitched some very broad ideas. I hope he does because I think he’s such a great character. I don’t know if he would be a big part of the season, but he definitely seems like that would be a person to bring back.

TVLINE | You really outdid yourself with Rosalyn’s death scene. Congratulations.
I think that is probably the most jaw-dropping [death] that we’ve done. Every time I see it I laugh.

TVLINE | The Pam/Tara kiss – did you know at the start of the season that it was all leading up to this?
It was in our mind at the beginning of the season, yes. We wanted to really tease it out.

TVLINE | What was it about those two characters that made them relationship material in your mind?
They both were, if not full-on lesbians, than bisexual. They both were characters with real attitude. And they both hate each other — at least they did at the beginning of the season. And that, to me, felt like it could create a lot of tension that could turn romantic towards the end.

TVLINE | Where would you personally like to see that relationship go next season?
Well, here’s the thing with relationships on True Blood: Once they happen then you have to throw a monkey-wrench into them, because to have people be happy is not that exciting.

TVLINE | But it’s your understanding that Mark is committed to that story?
All of the writers were into [them], so that is my understanding, yes.

TVLINE | Did you ever consider introducing or unmasking Warlow in the finale?
No. We didn’t want to really define Warlow until the next season.

TVLINE | So he’ll definitely figure into Season 6?
I think he’ll be kind of a big part of it.

TVLINE | Is he someone we’ve met before?
No comment.

TVLINE | With Bill heading into Big Bad territory next season, does that make Eric now the hero of True Blood?
Remains to be seen. They’ve both been heroes in their own way. Eric was kind of like a mischievous cad, but I don’t think he was ever, like, a true villain the way that Russell was or the way that Maryann was. And he’s done a lot of really heroic things himself. So I never really looked at Eric as the bad guy and Bill as the good guy – at least not since the very early seasons. But it remains to be seen what will go down with both of them.

TVLINE | A non-finale burning question — why did you write Hoyt out?
I felt like we had told his entire story. There weren’t many places we could go with him that we hadn’t been, but I love that character and I love Jim [Parrack] so much I didn’t want to kill him. He’s always been such a good soul. I wanted to have the possibility for him to return as well. But he fell in love and he couldn’t let go.

TVLINE | Did you feel like you had to write him out so viewers could more easily accept Jessica and Jason without feeling guilty?
That was not the thought, no. I thought the way that he left and the way that he made her glamour the memories out of him was pretty devastating. Also, there are so many characters on the show to serve. It felt like Hoyt had run his course for now, so we thought let’s send him off to Alaska and then if we need to bring him back as well.

TVLINE | The finale was your swan song — how are you feeling?
It’s bittersweet. It’s been such a big part of my life for so long; of course it’s hard to step away. But running that show is such a huge job and I’ve been doing it for five years straight. I just don’t think I have another season left in me. I need to re-charge. And then I’m interested in doing something new — something with different characters and a different tone. As a writer, it’s fun to create. And once you get into a long-running show with very established characters and a very established tone and format, after a while it’s a really great job but that’s what it is — a job. You’re just continuing to create the same show. I’m at the point in my life where I don’t want to work as hard. Actually, I’ve had to take a good hard look at workaholism and it’s effect on one’s mental health. [Laughs] And, also, there are things I want to do that are different. I want to try something completely different.

TVLINE | The show is in good hands with Mark?
Very good hands. And three other writers have been there since the very beginning… It’s like a having a kid go away to college.

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  1. ggny says:

    The finale was horrible. Expect for Eric and Nora(who should be the main focus on the show now) the whole episode sucked. Nothing big happened you killed off a bunch of minor characters and had 2 dumb subplots(Babies and Wovles). We all know Bill is going nowhere and he will be back to his regular self next year so wtf was the point of this season?

    Seriously turn this show focus to Eric,Nora,Pam,Jessica or something because dam its got nothing else

  2. andrea says:

    More eric’s family for next season please, he got one badass family!! Is there something different in eric’s blood that make them more awesome? look at tara, she used to be fans least fav character, now everyone love her! I think nora will be great next season, I love the bickering between nora and eric in these past eps (please stop the incest sex), and pam…oh pam, you are my queen stay flawless as always!!

    The major problem for this season is too many story line, so please next season just cut the unnecessary plot as much as I love sam, arline and terry their story line really bored me, maybe put them together in one plot, it work for season 2 and I think it will be great if alcide help eric but please no more werewolf drama, it’s suck

    • Marie says:

      I am very surprised to hear that Tara was not a fan favorite. I guess I am one of the few who liked her from the start of the series. When she died at the end of last season I was so upset I didn’t think I would keep watching the show until I saw interviews with Rutina stating that she was still going to be very much a part of the storyline.

  3. Jennifer says:

    “a half-dozen significant characters left” REALLY? I don’t think we were watching the same show. Yes, tons of gore, but not many characters that were significant. Russell, sure, but he already came back from the dead once and was too over the top to matter anymore. Aside from that, they could have killed off a lot more characters and it not matter. (I can suggest a few lol)

  4. Devi says:

    I totally understand all the gripes and personally I love the books but to watch the show is to accept that they’re two separate entities and just enjoy the two as is. This season’s finale is by far one of the best and not to mention one of the most interesting. The question of the entire season is how far Bill would go and now we all know that answer. It was touching to see how much emotion Eric showed/possesses for Sookie and they were in maybe 2 episodes together. With everything that happened this season and the build-up of the political tension btw the supes and humans, mb Jason’s hallunations aren’t such a bad thing, they’re gonna def prepare him for the war that’s coming. I can’t wait to see how Billith is revealed next season, maybe it’ll just be a more ‘vampire-like’ Bill (cold, people-drinking) but mb he won’t be the big bad of next season, Warlow’s coming afterall. No idea how some of the books stuff will ever make it in at this rate but mb it just won’t. Either way, I’m siked.

  5. Erica says:

    I’m excited for next season, can’t believe I’m going to have to wait sooo long though. I want to know what the hell Andy is going to do with 4 little baby girls HAHA!

  6. Jake says:

    The problem with last night was they were trying to wrap up a bunch of story lines with in an hour. The writers are to blame for that, they had to many story lines going for one season. That said, episodic shows are hard and difficult. I am sure they did the best that they could have done with the time they had. Who knows how much footage actually ended up on the cutting room floor. I just hope that Season 6 just has a few less story lines than season 5. If they are going to wrap up a ton of story lines at least extend the episode to 2 hours or something instead of trying to force feed us a 2 hour episode rolled into 1.

  7. Joanne says:

    Count me in as a viewer who absolutely hates the character that Bill has become, even before Billith. Honestly, I was actually giving the show kudos for having the guts to kill him off. But I should have known better, because now we have Billith and have to have stupid plot line that will probably feature Eric and Sookie trying to find a way for Bill to get his humanity back. Ugh. Love Steven Moyer as an actor and I’d love to see him get a part much better then Bill
    This season overall has been a disappointment. The highlights have been Pam, Tara, Eric, Jason and Alcide. Can’t say too much about Sookie, as I figure the lack of her was due to having to write around Anna’s pregnancy.

  8. ChocolatFrog says:

    Am intersted to read comments about the books vs the series since I havent read them… Are they following the books closely or are they only “loosely base” the stories by them? Does Bill become Billith in the books?

    • JULES says:

      Nope, not even close. That entire storyline wasn’t even loosely based on the books. I have no problem with them coming up with original storylines, I just wish they were better.

    • Marie says:

      Very far off from the books, unfortunately. Season one was the closest to the books. No such thing as Lillith, THANK GOD. Bill is a bit of a wimp, but I would prefer that than the abomination they created in the show.

      The Books give you more of a southern feel where the TV series has mainstreamed the story line, I suppose to capture a wider audience. Unfortunately, my two FAVORITE characters on the show, one being Lafayette, is killed in the second book, and Tara (Sorry, not everyone hated her) is white in the books and very different.

  9. Lady L says:

    Everyone is indeed entitled to their own opinions, however I m suprised with all the negative feedback. I’ve been watching since season one and this show still has the it factor it’s addicting. I think Alan Ball has done a great job I hope his decision to step down didn’t have anything to do with negative feedback from some fans. I also hope the new director is as good or better I DON’T WANT MY FAVORITE SHOW TO END. I love denis o’ hare as russle he did a superb job his character got on my nerves in a good way, I wish he could’ ve stuck around longer. I used to love bill now I cant stand him I want the old bill back not billith lol. I’ve always loved eric and I like the direction they’re taking his character, I’ve always been team sook & bill but now he’s gone mad I’ll settle for eric & sook. I love jess/hoyt one thing I have to disagree with alan about once fans(some of us) have a favorite couple we hate the monkey wrench that gets thrown in. I love lafayette, sam, andy, pam and tara also. I thoroughly enjoyed the season finale and I can’t wait for s6!!!!!!!!!!

  10. AbbyG. says:

    Did anyone else catch the “NO COMMENT” on whether or not is somebody that we havf already met? Could it be Bill or Eric?

  11. Ronelle says:

    Okay, this sounds sappy, but I want Bill to find happiness. Losing his family has haunted him for years and he never accepted his vampire-ness the way Pam and Eric did. Maybe he and Nora should get together after he evolves or something. Or maybe Lilith gets so annoyed with him that she punishes him by making him human again?

    Also, I think Nora needs to stop distracting Eric from winning Sookie back. (Perhaps she tries sneaking a taste of Sookie and Jason goes commando and pops her?) I felt that Eric lost his focus in this season, so it would be great for them to get their groove back.

    It would be cool to see more of Arlene and Andy and the rest of the Bon Temps crowd a bit more. Jason seeing his dead parents is annoying, especially when I thought he might finally have his crap together. Pam should buy out Sam and become the new boss at Merlottes. Seeing her try to fit into a backwoods place like Bon Temps would make the next season. :)

  12. Anthony says:

    Each series gets better and better!!! :-)
    And its good to have all the characters having storylines and most of them linking in t

  13. MiT says:

    I believe Ball’s statement below effectively signals the exit of Terry and Arlene. I don’t know how one “throws any more monkey-wrenches” into THAT relationship.

    “TVLINE | Where would you personally like to see that relationship go next season?
    Well, here’s the thing with relationships on True Blood: Once they happen then you have to throw a monkey-wrench into them, because to have people be happy is not that exciting.”

    • Ronelle says:

      Maybe this means there might be some quasi happiness without Ball running the show? I don’t think Terry and Arlene need to do anything but show up for work and comment on other people’s monkey-wrench issues to add color to the whole show. Kinda like Jane the town drunk. And it worked for Cheers… just look at Cliff and Norm. Is it a coincidence that Sam Malone who owned that bar sounds awfully like Sam Merlotte? I think Mrs. Harris may have been a fan? :)

  14. Marie says:

    I thought we were done with that creepy bloody naked Lilith. Now we got creepy bloody naked BILLith?? (Good one, by the way). And Jason is again being a complete idiot red neck. Eric should have left him home.
    I think I missed something, but did Sam, Luna and Emma escape? I had to leave the room for a moment after Luna collapsed. I better watch the rerun tonight.
    Farewell, Alan Ball. Now would somebody please save this show from complete ruin??

    • Ronelle says:

      I think Luna just passed out but that’s where it ended. We weren’t supposed to know if the change killed her like it did Sam’s brother. Maybe both Sam and Andy will be single parents this next season?
      And yes, most of us can tolerate the fact that vampires let their food dribble all over their chins (hello, ever heard of napkins) and we’re used to watching conversations take place with bloody mouths and stained clothes, and even the blood popping true death… but watching Lilith is just plain “ew!”

      I hope Bill takes a shower right away. Maybe we can watch.

  15. Susy says:

    Eric is the Hero. Billith is the villain. The End.

  16. Deady says:

    I’ve read the first 8 books, and I honestly don’t like them that much. They are okay for a “snack” read, but they are not fulfilling. I think the show is great and some of my favorite characters aren’t even featured in the books, like Lafayette. AWESOME! Yeah, some of the characters are annoying sometimes, and some of the story lines are tedious, but not NEARLY as tedious as the Sookie Stackhouse novels (which should probably just be called Sookie Stackhouse is kind of a hoe). Sorry book purists, this is an occasion where the books are NOT superior. I would hate the show if it just followed Sookie around on dates the whole time. The only thing the books have that the show lacks that I find myself wanting is BUBBA!

    Can we please just see a little cameo of Bubba next season? Please?

    • Ronelle says:

      There might be some legal reasons for that because it suggests a real person while everyone else is fictional. I wanted to know what the were-tiger Quinn would look like. Also, I think her witch friend Emelia would have been a cool character, changing her boyfriend into a cat and all.

  17. Christina says:

    Wow! Some of you folks are.taking this show waaaayyyyyy too seriously. From the very first season there have been unbelievable story lines and sick humor…THAT’S THE FUN OF THE WHOLE SHOW!!! I don’t watch TB for intellectual stimulation…I watch it because it IS a guilty pleasure and a total escape. The more ridiculous the plot line and the charactees the more I laugh and just let myself enjoy it. I’ve enjoyed each season more than the previous season. It’s fantasy people-chill out and just enjoy.

    • Marie says:

      You’re right about that. The two things I have enjoyed about the show is how insanely different it is and the incredibly well written humor. The show does make fun of itself at times and it’s good to have that break in between the explosions of plasma and guts and blood splatters and such. With all my groaning and griping, every year as June approaches, I count the days until the new season starts. It IS a guilty pleasure!!

  18. Reblogged this on Random Bits of Necessity and commented:
    Alright guys. I didn’t get to watch the True Blood finale until this evening, so I won’t have a recap up for you by tonight. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around what happened. Look for something by tomorrow night. For now, enjoy this great interview with Alan Ball! Woohoo!

  19. Ad says:

    I thought the series was a little slow, there were a lot of off side stories that didn’t really add any depth to the rest of the story i.e. what’s-his-name and the fire demon curse, and lafayette and his mouth stitching, and who cares about alcid and his daddy issues… it seems this season was just a big development for the next, i hope it’s action packed!

    Ok everyone, i’m at a loss now, there is no true blood, no vampire diaries… what am i supposed to watch now?!?!

  20. marced says:

    I can’t beleive 5 season later people still complain it’s not like the books.

  21. Reblogged this on waitingviking82 and commented:
    read this too lol

  22. ali says:

    Ok ok after reading all the comments. This always happens. AB has done great job with show it is a real addiction. I have all the books but however books r always better than movie or show for that matter. In matters of bill on all his flash backs look at all the reading and studying he was doing he has had many surprises along the way. I think there is a hidden agenda with bill and he will be.good guy in end. He playing game from what I see. They have gotten away from books. But that what makes it great what happens when the books r over. Then what??? If the writers stay on their game, this series could run like law and order did or others. Gotta keep it fun. It is not.the books just based on those characters. Example…… Where’s bubba? And one last thought or point ratings r still rising on show. :-)

  23. ali says:

    In meantime want a good read……. Anita Blake vampire hunter series. By Laurell k. Hamilton she also has a fetid series as well.

  24. Ami Compton says:

    Well, originally, I started watching this because Of Bill.He has the same name as my dad.I was curious.Then I fell in love.I started really liking Bill.And him and Sookie were awesome together.I thought it started going downhill when Bill became KING.He just turned cold.So was what he and Sookie had really just an act?Well, now my fave character is Eric.It was awesome to see him kill Russell.Yeah Russell was funny,but he and Eric had their beef together, and Eric truly loves Sookie, and he had to save her.He is very protective of her in all their scenes together.I think the Bill situation is that Lillith tricked him into drinking her blood because it would free her.She didn’t care who drank it, because she would be free.And I think she has something to do with Warlow, like they are siblings, or She IS Warlow,or something related.So now Bill has to get someone to drink his blood so he can be freed.That is my opinion on the story,everyone may not agree, or like my ideas, so please don’t give negative comments,especially stupid ones about punctuation or spelling,that is totally not the point of this site.Please comment if you agree or have similar viewpoints.

  25. ok i’m gonna start with ……. i’ve never read the books and don’t ever intend to so i couldnt give a toss with the tv series not going the same route as the books.

    secondly many of you have been moaning for most of this season probably more than tara was doing season 1-4 and yet you still watch this. i cant reply to you all so i just want to say thankyou to you guys for helping the finale get high ratings you lot are the worst for continuously giving negative feedback and rarely having anything positive to write about but yet you all keep coming back for more. hahaha please make sure you all return and tune in for for season 6 next year.

    now onto the show and episode itself i thought THIS SEASON FINALE WAS THE BEST YET!!!!!!! the full season with the authority was slow paced and im glad that theyve all met their death. NORA was pretty awesome this episode and looking forward to her returning as a series regular hopefully for next season. LALA, ARLENE, HOLLY & ANDY together at Merlottes was some of the best scenes of True blood this season and brought some much needed humour to the heavy finale it looked like they were having so much fun filming those scenes and Nelsan is brilliant as Lafayette (cant beleive he was killed off in the books hence why i will never read them). Holly calling Andy a d*ckhead made me LOL so much. I expected marella to have 2 babies where the hell did 4 come from??? cant wait to see how Andy adapts to becoming a dad to 4 fae babies.

    Really thought WARLOW would make his expected arrival, was dissapointed that all this teasing for him and nothing really progressed with that going into next season but then that deleted scene of JASON revealing Warlow’s name to NORA and her knowing who Warlow was, is very interesting indeed. PS, jason needs to f*ck Nora next season please. (i wonder if godric/eric are linked somehow.)

    Russell, JD, Salome and Rosalyn all meeting their grizzly death was pretty much expected for me, as much as i love denis o’hare i was getting a tad sick of RUSSELL but expected him to die by the hands of SOOKIE just so sookie could look stronger. however eric and him have history so that made sense to make ERIC look strong when going up against BILLITH next season. Got to admit i HATE chancellor Rosalyn and SAM killing her was just a fantastic exit for her character and the best death of this season. i wont miss salome and jd at all.

    the actress who plays MARTHA (jd’s wife) is fantastic and one of my fave charcters introduced this season – pleased she will be back for next season. ALCIDE’s speech was impressive and i hope his girl RIKKI is alive so Alcide still has a regular love interest for next season with more nudity for him :)

    PAM and TARA kissing had me fangirling, it was a beautiful moment, but wow i didnt expect that – totally thought they would be more mother and daughter. i loved it! and sookie and jessica’s reactions were perfect.

    Nora and ErIc kicking butt was awesome / bill dying and turning into billith had me gasping in shock!!! / Luna and Sam and Newlin was greatly done.

    OMG Janina is a great actress and i’ve loved her since her introduction and was on the edge of my seat for most of this season expecting alan ball to kill off Luna. THANK GOD he didnt. she is a joy to watch and seeing her anger management issues and shifting into sam and steve newlin come into play made her a helluva loveable character this season. she was on the trueblood afterbuzz show (youtube it) and ‘kinda’ confirmed she will return when she gets her script in november.. YAY.

    i think alan ball has done a fantastic job with the show and i for one cant wait to see what lies next for my favourite tv characters next season with the new show runner.

    hope CLAUDE features more prominently next season too as he was too cute.

    overall a great season and i love that its unpredictable that no one has a clue where the direction of the show is heading and who will live and die. makes it that much exciting to watch. cant believe we now have to wait a full year. tut!!

  26. Marie says:

    I would love to see Sam get more involved around the Sookie plots as he did in the first two seasons. He has great chemistry with Sookie and it makes him a stronger character. Merlott’s in my opinion is a great core backdrop. I like the whole Sam/Luna relationship and I would love to see them interacting more with Sookie.

  27. ChocolatFrog says:

    I love True blood no matter what, even if sometime I get annoyed about a storyline that doesn’t go where I wish it to go or a character isn’t exactly what I would like them to be or do.
    Am closely connected to another big tv series to know that writers come on blogs like this one everywhere on the web and read comments by viewers/fans… and I know that get inspired to change, adapt, add things in the show because of our comments. That’s why I (and them too I bet) like to read constructive feedback.
    I know some fans can get really engrossed in the story and only sees the negative and then spill it over the web. But we don’t all feel the same.
    So, writers of True Blook, I lift my hat, you all do a great job and I can’t wait to see the 6th season.

  28. Michael says:

    Lol this season was great!
    A lot of people are like “way too many story lines” and I for one happened to disagree. I like the way they finally freed up terry and his past story…and the Hoyt outlaw/leaving storyline and all the rest
    Season 1 and 2 and 3 and some of 4 was half filled with useless and over the top sex scenes because they didn’t have any storyline to replace them with.
    Now there’s plenty of storylines to play with for next season.
    I like how they made us all love bill and hate Eric and now it’s the opposite – their ability to change our opinion of any character at will is pretty masterful I must say.

    The bill/sookie relationship was one of the most painful things to watch ever – don’t understand why so many of you want it back to that lol.
    I miss Godric – he’s my favorite vamp next to Eric and Jessica

    Looking forward to S6 ;-)

  29. Kay says:

    Bill is the same now as he was in season 1. He is lost and searching for truth. He was searching for truth back then, and he is still doing it now. No, it may not necessarily be the kind of development we as an audience particularly care for, but it is consistent with the character of Bill Compton. He is searching for his place in this world and the meaning behind all of it just like the rest of us. After centuries of searching he’s finally found something that makes sense to him. He took a leap of faith when he drank the blood of Lilith, and you could see the fear in his eyes as it took hold of him as if he almost came to his senses, it was just too late. This is all simple character development, and in my opinion Bill Compton has, especially with this past season, grown more in depth and dynamic than any other character on this show. That’s great T.V. people. I can only applaud the writers who have taken a character that becomes static within the books fading into the background, and making him a character that has staying power.

  30. Ad says:

    Everyone keeps referring to a video interview with alex skarsgard about the relationship with Eric and Sookie, can someone please post the link? Also what ‘hug’ is everyone referring to between eric and sookie? i just remember the one as soon as Bill explodes into red goo… that wasn’t particularly ‘romantic’ so is there something that i am missing??? help! ;)

  31. Susy says:

    Billith = Eric & Sookie reunion. Bill is OUT! Yay!

  32. Steven says:

    As this season progressed I found myself fast-forwarding through more of each episode. Ifrit… pass. Werepack drama… pass. I understand the show is fantasy but once you set rules you need to stick to them. Nan Flanigan once referred to the vampire kingdom of Louisiana as some backwater. How would that be possible if the vampire Authority is located in New Orleans? Morella gives birth to 4 fairy little babies and then leaves Merlotte’s at night with a bunch of hungry vampires running around? I don’t think so. The writing has gotten sloppy and horrible. What made the first few seasons great was that the characters all interacted with each other. This season they were broken into pairs (Sookie & Jason, Bill & Eric, Pam & Tara) and the characters hardly interacted with those not in their story arc. The result was boring. A boring season. I am bored. Do I care about what Bill has become? Do I wonder who Marlow is? Not really. I can’t remember watching any TV show go into the toilet so quickly in just 12 episodes. I think I’m done.

  33. Sjheadley says:

    Anyone want to see more of a Sookie/ Alceid relationship happen? I know I do!

  34. Cmaree says:

    Alan Ball is amazing! Stop sooking that it didn’t follow the books. If it did then we would know how everything is going to happen and who dies and who has sex with who. In the book we know that sookie and Eric get together and then sookie saves Sam with the whole fairy love gift. But at least this way we get to hope that we see Eric and Sookie in bed again and that Sam doesn’t interupt any of those scenes. Hahaha. Personally I can’t wait for season 6.

  35. donalee says:

    I love True Blood and can’t wait for ‘season 6

  36. Jay says:

    I love True Blood, it’s wild and campy, sexy and hilarious, it’s clever, chock full of great characters and, out of all of them, Bill’s the one who consistently holds my fascination. His is the most complex character, it’s his journey (along with his special love connection with the special girl next door), that’s the most compelling storyline; his struggles and emotions are the most interesting and understandable. I enjoy the storylines of all of the other characters and how they mirror or tie in to the central Bill and Sookie story too.

    I’ve read opinions from some ‘fans’ who say they hate Bill’s character, I think they just dont’ get his motivation because they view him as purely weak and/or villainous and/or boring. More often than not they’re castigating him for doing vampiric things where he really has not much choice, or for being too manipulative. They seem to forget he’s a young, less powerful vampire who has to use his wits to survive and handle his internal battle of human v vampire feelings and instincts. As they’re usually complaining that the show sucks because it differs from the Bill disappearing to Peru, making way for Eric/Sookie ‘love,’ storyline of the books it’s hard to take them (like the sadly chemistryless Season 4 Eric/Sookie love story) seriously. I love Eric, he’s a great foil for Bill but something about Eric with Sookie, while it may look pretty, just doesn’t have anything like the natural authentic click of Bill and Sookie across all the seaons.

    Witnessing Bill’s ‘death’ in Season 5 was palpably shocking. I was still distressed but so relieved to see him reincarnated as whatever he now is. It’ may be hard to accept but I can see how an unapologetic ferocious vampire Bill has the potential to be great entertainment (and allows that talented handsome Mr Moyer to deliver even deeper dimensions to the character) but it’s my hope that reborn ‘evil’ Bill, retains that same essential spark of good humanity somewhere deep inside, a spark that can somehow eventually be rekindled. To make the special character we fell for unsympathetic and irredeemable would be simplistic and sadistic;I trust Messrs Ball, Hudis and co, won’t be so cruel as to do that.

    Season 1 Eddie says vamps are what they were when they were turned; Bill was shown to be a decent, thoughtful, loyal and loving man; these qualities played a part in his downfall by making him so attractive to Lorena at the outset and, ironically, as a self-loathing vampire more susceptible to the lure of Lilith once under the influence of her powerful blood. The odds may not be looking good for True Blood soulmates Bill & Sookie but maybe there’s still a possibility that love and magic can work miracles for them. There’s enough tragedy in our real world these days so I’m hoping it’s not too much to look for some happiness and satisfaction from my supernatural fantasy entertainment.

  37. marsh says:

    In True Blood I would like to see them concentrate on the idea of bloodline with Eric this would be very important he is a Viking so clan means everything,to me atleast for the vampires in the program they may have lived for centuries and adapted on the outside ,but on the inside they are still well grounded in thier own time.To me Eric is niether good nor bad he actually because of his upbring is probably very pragmatic and not much of an ideologist,in his own time as a mortal he would have seen his father make many decisions that at the time seem out of line but in the long run accomplished a particular goal.

  38. mcdanel says:

    Ruined, utterly ruined. Will not be buying Season 5. Wish I could wash between my ears and remove it. If I wanted to watch everything good turn to crap, I’d just turn on the news. Bill’s humanity was what made me care.

    • summer says:

      Completely! I had never seen True Blood before and just finished watching all 5 seasons in one week. Seeing how quickly the characters and plot changed breaks my heart. I agree that the thing I enjoyed most about the show was Bill’s humanity and the Bill/Sookie relationship. I was extremely disappointed to have Eric shoved down my throat and never bought it. He is still an empty character to me. I guess having the well-liked leading male change to villian is an interesting and unexpected plot twist, but when you have had several seasons revolving around a particular (likeable) character it just makes you want to give up on the whole series. I really don’t see how it can be saved from here.

      • Pokie says:

        I totally agree! Bad move on writers’ part.

      • trish says:

        I respect your opinion but really, if any character was “shoved down our throat” it was Bill, not Eric.
        The biggest mistake Alan Ball ever made was choosing Bill as the lead male character for the entire series. It could have worked if he’d immediately and completely disregarded the book storyline and character attributes, but instead he kept pretty close to the first book for season 1. and still kept the skeleton of book 2 for season 2.
        The books have a very clear structure and journey in regards to the main characters (as in Sookie, Eric and Bill). Ball sort of followed it as long as it suited him (i.e. as long as Bill was central in the source material) and then in order to keep him relevant he had to start tweaking the storyline and mess with the other characters’ arcs, as if they were an accessory to Bill’s.

        That’s why Sookie is an empty shell of a cartoon character with no agency or consistent traits other than her obsessive love for Bill, and that’s why Eric has never been developed to his full potential, and allowed to grow naturally: he can’toccupy the “story space” meant for Bill.

        In short, the balance between the preexisting story and Ball’s own twist stopped working after 2, maybe 3 seasons, because at that point there’s no more material for Bill in the books so he had to make changes too radical to the direction of the story for it to feel organic.

        This is the reason why we now have “evil BIll”: there was nothing left to do with him but demote him to supportive character, while this development puts him center stage again.
        IMO the whole story is an unfocused mess by now but what can you do… I still watch it for a laugh and with that mindset it’s still enjoyable.

        Oh, and bill hasn’t been a “well-liked lead” for a long time which is another problem with the writing. They tried so hard to make him interesting, they gave him more character development than anyone else, and yet he’s not even close to being a fan favourite.

  39. Pamela says:

    One thing you have to remember is that True Blood is not the Southern Vampire mysteries. They are two different things. Yes True Blood was inspired by the SVM but they are different. The first season followed the book fairly well. After that Alan Ball changed things up….a lot. I hated the whole Maryann story arc in season 2. I felt it drug on and on. I got real tired of it. Season 3 was better for me. I loved amnesia Eric and thought AS played him well. That scene in the lake with Eric trying to get the crocodiles out to play was so funny. I Loved the actress who played Marnie. And thought the TB spin on the witches was not to bad at all. I liked season 5 very well and next to season one it is a fave.If I wanted the SVM I would just read the books again. I like that TB is different. It is like cousins in the same family. But different.

  40. Sandi says:

    I loved TB seasons 1-4! I just started watching TB, it’s taken me a month to get through ands I still have all is season five to go. Bill and Sookie are my absolute faves, I LOVE that couple so so much. I love Eric too but not with Sook. Their hookup during Eric’s amnesia was godawful, which surprised the hell outta me cause I thought it would be hot. But they had zero chemistry, and I hated who Eric became with his amnesia. It was cringeworthy, I couldn’t wait for my real Eric to come back. I also love Jason, Pam, Jessica, and well just about all the main characters in general. I like alcide but hes boring and has no sexual chem with Sookie so I hope they don’t hook up. The only one Sookie really has mega sexual/romantic chem with is bill and vice versa so I’m hoping they will eventually find their way back to each other. Despite everything I do believe bill loves Sookie more than anything. He’s certainly been willing to die for her more than once to prove it. Same with Eric, but unfortunately for him I think bill is her soulmate. She’ll never stop loving him, IMO.

  41. diane sankey says:

    I am so sorry I started to buy the DVD’s. I have through season 4 just to keep the collection going and will still get the ones I am missing when they come down in price but in all honesty I stopped watching from season 2. I got sick of how stupid the writing was and poorly done the special effects and most of the acting was.

  42. ChinaTeaSunflowers says:

    Okay, as a person with ADD, this season was so confusing for me. There were so many storylines that I couldn’t keep up! However, with Alan Ball gone, I hope the writers give Pam And Tara a little bit longer to be happy. I think they’d have badass sex and yet, still be sweet at times. As far as Billith, I’m annoyed. I just want Bill to be regular old Vampire Bill from seasons 1 & 2.

  43. Jennifer says:

    I think the word ‘AMAZING’ is not even close enough to describe the wonderful job that Alan Ball did. True Blood is the best TV show that I’ve ever seen! And the fact that is not like the books is a good thing. Why should I want to watch a TV show if I already know how’s it going to end?
    just one more thing… i just want that Jason be out of that ‘faerie spell’ next season and he and Jess end up together *o*

  44. mohd ayan says:

    i totally agree.that the vampier are ther in this world i dnt bileev there are in the world then make me vampier wath are u thing that u have a spiceal powers than u can read an human heart than come over me and make me an vampeir

  45. Lafaysus says:

    I’ll just say that I hope they find a way to give Lafayette a decent storyline after basically not giving him anything in season 5. I hope they bring Jesus back in some real way “magical” way and that he and Laf get to have the happiness they both deserve.

    I love Eric and Pam and I want to see them together more. I’m glad that they helped Tara by adding her to the Pam/Eric mix. I also hope that Tara ultimately ends up with Sam (can’t stand luna or the little girl but the actresses are nice). I really like the entire cast and I hope that they can get the show back to the basic where things aren’t so spread out and the mains get to see each other and interact more. I think that’s mainly why S5 had problems.

    But at the very least, please more Lafayette (and a little Jesus) if you please!!! I am worried because he’s not even being mentioned and wasn’t even at the comic con last year. :(

  46. Krista says:

    Just finished the 5th season and I have to say I am so upset with it. I was hoping bill was just going along with Lilith so that he wouldn’t get the true death but seeing him drink lilliths blood and turn into whatever he turned into killed me. I was rooting for bill and sookie through all the seasons but now that we’ve seen the true bill I am praying that sookie and Eric end up together! Love me some Eric!! Lol seriously though if bill doesn’t change back to his normal self and him and sookie get back together or Eric and sookie FINALLY get together I will probably be done watching it. I’m giving TB one more season to prove me wrong or I am done!!

  47. What book is season 6 going to be on so I can get the book please answers tnx