UPDATED True Blood Season 5 Finale Recap: Tales From the Dark Side

True Blood Season 5 Episode 12Those of you who haven’t seen Sunday’s True Blood season finale yet will probably want to heed this big-ass SPOILER ALERT! and revisit this story after you have. And we repeat: If you have not seen the TB finale, hit the nearest exit. The rest of you, here goes…

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A LIL GOES A LONG WAY | Apparently, those of us who were sure Evil Bill was eventually going to revert to being Good Bill (and maybe even reveal that his turn as Evil Bill had all been part of some master plan to save humankind) were wrong. (Go ahead and say it: Dead wrong.) By the time he’d deceived, shagged, silver-poisoned and staked Salome, not even Sookie could talk him down from the religious high he was on. Frothing at the mouth, he quoted the fangers bible and called his ex “an abomination,” then drank every last drop of Lilith. This killed him instantly, reducing him to a puddle of blood, but he just as instantly rose from that puddle as the new Lilith, beet red and naked as a jaybird. Ruh-roh!

LIGHTS OUT | The episode opened with a pick-up of Russell and Steve’s attack on the fairies. Though Russell was hardly fazed when Sookie and the club kids flashed their glow-stick fingers at him en masse, a stake to the heart courtesy of Eric stopped him in his tracks and sent Steve running. (Dare we hope that the glow Russell emitted before going splat was a hint that he’d absorbed so much fairy light that he’ll henceforth exist in their dimension or… something?)

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DUMB & DUMBER | Remember last episode when Jason went flying into that tree? This week, it became apparent that the blow to his head had brain-damaged him. (Or brain-damaged him further. Jason was never all that big on the thinking to begin with.) Egged on by visions of the late Ma and Pa Stackhouse, he awoke determined to kill as many vamps as possible – which made his and Sookie’s team-up with Eric, Tara and Nora to rescue Jessica, Pam and Bill awkward from the onset. And it only got worse from there…

A THIN LINE BETWEEN LOVE & HATE | When Jessica saw that Jason was among the cavalry, she proclaimed her love for him. To which he responded that he could never love a fanger. (Oh, Jason… !) On the other hand, when Tara opened Pam’s cell, they shared a kiss that could’ve set off the Authority’s fire alarms.

TAKING HOLD OF OUR CENSUS | After Rikki nearly OD’d on the V that she was force-fed by JD, Alcide took on the packmaster again – this time doped up himself – and killed him. (Obviously, making JD wear the Cone of Shame for awhile wouldn’t have been punishment enough.) Meanwhile, Luna shifted into Steve to sneak Emma out of Authority HQ but instead was thrown into a TV interview by Barb from Cougar Town. When Luna changed back into herself mid-Q&A, Sam – in fly form – flew into Barb’s mouth, then shifted back into human form, utterly destroying her. (For sure, the season’s wildest demise.) But, just because Sam had saved Luna from Barb didn’t mean that Luna was saved: She then collapsed from the strain of turning into Steve. Finally, Andy had no sooner confessed to Holly that he’d cheated on her with Maurella than his girlfriend was forced to help deliver his mistress’ one, two, three, four babies… which she left with their daddy to raise.

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So, what did you think of the season finale — and the season as a whole? Of Evil Bill? Are you looking forward to a maker/progeny romance for Pam and Tara? Into the idea of Jason the Vampire Hunter? Thinking Sookie will gravitate back toward Eric? The comments section below awaits your… you know, comments.

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  1. ashley says:

    FYI all – i watched the bonus scene on HBOGO and it seemed to say that season 6 will focus heavily on Warlow.

    • Lori says:

      Hi I can’t get to that website because I am in Canada could you please tell me what it was about? Please!

  2. Carrie says:

    Please take some of the story lines from the books!!!! To many stupid story lines, The first season was still the best one. Glad their replacing the writer.

  3. Dee Kottkamp says:

    I think True Blood redeemed themselves tonight. I loved every minute well except for seeing stuff thru the fly’s eyes that was just nauseating- It made me a little sea sick.

  4. BrianR says:

    Don’t kill Luna please she has perfect breasts. Sad about Salame too. Now we need Nora to show off some next season.

  5. david says:

    Hated it. It was so stupid and predictable. Of course warloo will be next season I wonder who they will cast. I feel that russell deserved a better death.

  6. auds says:

    Thank God that Alan Ball is DONE! Hopefully next season the new show runner can turn this train wreck of a show around. It’s so far separated from the books that I’ve lost all interest & have missed many eps this season because it sucks so bad…

    • david says:

      Lol u didn’t miss anything it was lots of talking and scenes where nothing happened. But let’s be honest, its very difficult to keep a show fresh after 3 seasons much less 5. That’s why as much as we love characters sometimes its just better to end on a high note. I’m hoping that sookie will stake bill next year like the angel/buffy scene from season 2 finale of buffy

  7. Shugp says:

    It seems like the writers and actors pretty much phoned this entire season, the first few episodes were good they stayed true to the old fashioned TB but once the killed off roman and started spouting all the religious nonsense it just got so bad anna paquins preformance slowly declined and the only acting i still liked in the whole season was stephen moyers and alexander skarrsgards, and i really liked the techy vamp she really made you focus on her without even being a main character

  8. sladewilson says:

    Bill goes total villain – boo hoo. Personally, I’m glad he did because he’s alot more interesting this way. When will Sookie figure out that Jason is braindamaged or something – and have him get with Jess – that part was wrong. Pam and Tara was both predictable and hot. Sam and Luna and the Sherrif and the fae-babies – BORING. But Lafayette rocking out to Dazz was hilarious…

  9. anonymouse1013 says:

    WTF was that?! What will happen now?!

  10. luis m. says:

    Like wtf did u c the size of bilith’s fangs holy crap and warlo better tear it up against bill in season 6 … I love/hate this show

  11. Shawn says:

    I think Jason is seeing things cos the Faerie Elder said “I banish you to the Realms and beyond.” when she hit him with her light so he’s seeing them from a different dimension or something, not that he’s brain damaged.

  12. Patrick Maloney says:

    Oh my god I so loved the Babs death scene, she was the MOST annoying character of the season and I am so glad that Sam, my favorite character, killed her in the coolest death scene ever

  13. Wrenn says:

    I don’t know how I feel about this finale. I know its the cool thing to love Eric and hate Bill. I don’t care if Eric/Sookie get together and stay. I just want Bill to make it through this craziness. Is Bill even alive anymore? Or is Stephen going to be playing lilith and bill is dead now. I also need for lafayette to have more scenes. I’ll tune in for the season premiere but if I don’t like the direction. I’m out.

  14. Isabelle says:

    I loved it. Best finale they’ve ever done, there was good pacing between all the scenes, lots of eric, funny lines grueseome death, it was everything tb should be. I can’t wait for s6 and its the first finale I don’t hate. Alan did great with his swan song.

  15. tvdiiva says:

    This was the best finale of True Blood. If you have access to HBOTOGO, there is a bonus scene from the end of the episode that sets up next season. Just select SAVE YOURSELF and choose interactive and it is the first thing that plays.

  16. James says:

    I’m so sad to watch True Blood. I keep coming back every week to see if they returned to the good old seasons, but the whole Authority/Lilith storyline is plain dumb. The characters are not interesting anymore, much less the plots. I think they could have done something better with this season, they have such great material from the books, I’m angry they have wasted it. The vampire summit! The Sophie-Anne storyline! (They could have introduced Evil Bill with that one) Uncle Niall/Claudine/Claude/Dermot characters! Amelia! I’m not saying the series should look like a copy-paste from the original material, but they could have used it better, like they did with seasons 2 & 3.
    Argh, I’m dissapointed. I just hope the next showrunner gets the show back into form.

    • Em says:

      I completely agree! There are so many great storylines from the books that they could have pulled from to keep the show from getting stale. The vampire summit is probably one of my favorite storylines (yes I know it’s from a later book), and I hope that they delve into it at some point during the show. I think the main problem is that there are just so many characters that it is causing the show to splinter. Sookie is supposed to be the main character, but I feel like she was in the B-plot all season.

  17. Joanna says:

    Thank God Sam killed off Roslyn. Now she can go back to being Diane on General Hospital where she’s been very much missed. This season was the worst & please do not let there be a Quinn next season. He was the worst part of the books.

  18. Amy says:

    I absolutely hated the pairing of Pam & Tara. They were far more interesting and lovable as 2 woman with crap human lives getting a second chance as a family now. Lovers – boring and kinda gross

  19. Lukeswife says:

    I’m also confused. Only one vampire (at a time) could see Lilith…. How did Sookieverse and Eric see Billith? Eric called her a god… Does that make any sense?

  20. MaryAnn says:

    I watched Season 1 then skipped the ones in between and then watched this season. After seeing “Evil Bill” the seasons I missed are totally and absolutely ruined for me. Why on earth should I watch Sookie interacting with Bill when I know what is going to happen? Like a fool, I still hope he will be redeemed, but I won’t be filling in seasons 2-4 until I know for sure.

  21. Robert Glasspie says:

    OMG that ep.was wild didn’t like I thought it would but still its was a good finale looking forward to next season.

  22. lorna says:

    Nooooooo to Quinn. WORST book character ever. What an impotent season. The blood dripping down Bill’s face reminded me of Caleb on Buffy. Just like TB copying with a lesbian witch named Tara, although this one is a vamp.

  23. Thought the episode was a nice way to end a rocky season.

    In our review we break down the bad (Jason, Alcide), the middle (Bill’s transformation, Andy quadruplets) and the good (Para! Gore! Goodbye Russell!) and make a few predictions for S6, including potential spin-offs for Lafayette & Steve and Pam and Tara

  24. I like the idea of Bill being the big bad next season, plus having Warlow also be the big bad it should be a good season 6.

    Tara and Pam as lover……heck no, I rather see them be mother and daugthers.

    Can Alcide story line next season just be him having hot wolf sex, I mean I loved that epsiode when they finally showed him doing it.

    Please find something good for jason to do next season, hes been off his game snice season 2.

    I miss the witches, I wish they would have stick around this season.

    • Warlow is the strongest says:

      Actually Bill is bill no more. That was not the good or evil bill we knew when he rose. It’s Billith. And the real bill is gone for good, he truly died when his physical body turned to goo. And he will not be in anymore of TB unless they can somehow revive a dead goo body.

  25. Lavender says:

    I must admit, there were some ok moments, but this whole season has been seriously lacking in almost every aspect. I am glad thay eric finally got to kill russell, I liked that pam got to see eric again and I think pam and tara will be an interesting couple.
    I dislike what has heen done to Bill and from what I hear the new writer will not be changing this. I also am mad that hoyt is gone. It seems to me that all of the good substantial characters are being killed or moved off.
    I did enjoy Pam’s smart lines about sookie and how vampires are retarded too, but this season left me nostalgic for season two when every episode left me on the edge of my seat and I couldnt wait to see the next episode I must admit, that feeling was few and far between this season.
    And poor Jessica! Poor Sookie, now that Nora (who is in a desperate need of some hair dye) is back in Eric’s life, bill is nuts and Alcide has Rikki I doubt she will be getting any anytime soon.
    Thats my rant, glad season five is over!

  26. lazar says:

    Go to hbo.go.com an you can watch a new clip about warlo

  27. lazar says:

    Hbo.com new clip of the ending season

  28. Truefan says:

    I want to see more of Eric next season but not with sookie. She’s so full of herself. I was disappointed in the way Alan ball developed this series. The books were much better. Everything happened faster. This series dragged because of too many unnecessary side stories. The writers should watch the Buffy series and see how Josh Whedon did it . Those shows were funny ,scary, exciting, sexy,and clever. There was a lot of snappy dialog. I always thought the tb writers used nonstop fu’s because they couldn’t think of anything to say. Also think TimeLine is the best online entertainment reviewers. IVe watched Michael’s interviews on YouTube and he’s the best.

  29. Lea says:

    Absolutely loved the finale, Eric was awesome in the episode..Can’t wait for season 6!!!

  30. Ana says:

    I wish Bill would have stayed dead. Hope he meets the true death next season.

    Eric Northman was beyond sexy this episode (actually he’s that way every episode, so never mind). Love that Eric, Pam, and Tara are family now. Yeah, I know, Nora is family too, but she can get killed off any moment now. She’s not needed.

    Jason needs to snap out of his vampire-hating parental hallucinations. Jessica is the best thing he has going for him.

    But I did agree with Bill when he called Sookie an abomination, she an embarrassment to all women. If she’s happy to crawl back to a man who had her beaten and betrayed her multiple times, she deserves everything she gets.

    • JULES says:

      See the thing that bothers me about this- yes Bill had her beaten. But it was before he really knew her and he did fall in love with her. Not that it makes it okay, but everyone seems to conveniently leave that part out. And what multiple betrayals are you referring to? I guess Sookie should be considered an embarassment to women for being with Eric as well. He did quite a few nasty things himself. Honestly I like both Bill and Eric as characters but it’s so frustrating when people only see what they want to see and not be logical.

    • Warlow is Billith's match says:

      The real bill has met his true death, as you seen that he was goo. I believe that was a way of Lilith tricking bill into reicarnating herself because that was not the good nor evil bill when it came out of the ground. There is absolutely no way for them to resurrect the old bills body as it is goo. And also I might be right that Warlow may be the one to defeat this new Billith, giving that Warlow is not an average vampire since he has the power to appear in the form of some cloud(to sookie) so who knows what else he can do or what powers he posses. It won’t be impossible to defeat Billith even though the others are weaker. It was possible for Eric to kill Russel, even though it was a cheap shot but that’s all they need with Billith is the opportunity.

  31. A says:

    LOL i bet women are wishing human child birth was like fairy child birth right about now :P

  32. eli says:

    The BEST episode, not only for this season, but also the best episode since season 3 :)) I loved every minute of it, I love Eric and Sookie and I love Eric and Nora… there is do much chemisry btw the 3 of them…. the kiss btw Tara and Pam was too much for me and a little disgusting, and I don’t care about the 4 four babies, who I think will take the place of the boring storyline of the ghost I-forgot-the-name of… but it was great, great episode

  33. Aga says:

    Salome was amazing ! She could be a great character in next season….

  34. Warlow is the strongest says:

    That was crazy and the best one out of season 5. As for Billith as some people like to call it, I believe Lilith have tricked him. His body after he came up was not the same and it looked more feminine as if lilith has combined her body into his. Take note that the old bill is gone forever because that body have died and is now Goo, so for him to convert back is impossible!
    It’s ashame Russell had to die like that. At least he died after he got the ferry blood, but for the oldest vampire I would expect an outstanding battle instead of a cheap shot from the back. What a waist of all that power of a 3000 year old vampire I was waiting to see( possibly with Warlow). But I believe Warlow will be the one to defeat Billith. I know Billith is not the average vampire but neither is Warlow. From what we’ve seen they both have powers to appear to people, but in different ways. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in season 6. And remember, the old Bill is gone forever unless they have powers to revive a dead goo body.

  35. Suz says:

    Tonights episode did not reflect the season , which blew! One thing I love about the books and the show has been the wit ,I did enjoy the finale but I think the story lines didn’t give the opportunity for witty writing. It was kinda like a dream within a dream , most of the characters were pretending to pretend to be pretending. I will not miss the authorities meeting chamber frick that drove me crazy! I missed Eric all season. I do think Lilith chose Bill because he is weak minded and if you look at the Bill that rises from the blood it’s not him in there. I just hope they use the characters to thier potential next season. The past seasons had it all, the crazy, the funny and the sex. Pull your heads out for next year writers!

  36. Lest says:

    It’s hard to say when a show filled with vampires, fairies and werewolves has jumped shark – but I think Bill turning into the Vampire God might have been it.

  37. Jerry W Hawkins says:

    I thought it was a crap season filled with bad writing and pointless story lines. Here’s hoping Season 6 is better. This show is really going down hill fast.

  38. Danielle H says:

    GDI.. now I have to resubscribe next June… wasn’t going to but the finale was good enough to make it happen. .. did anyone else feel like their soul fell out of them when you thought Bill was dead? But I guess he is dead because now he’s not Bill anymore.
    Here’s to Eric and Sookie!!! God I missed Sookie/Eric/Bill scenes and can’t believe we didn’t have any for an entire season .

  39. ok i’m gonna start with ……. i’ve never read the books and don’t ever intend to so i couldnt give a toss with the tv series not going the same route as the books.

    secondly many of you have been moaning for most of this season probably more than tara was doing season 1-4 and yet you still watch this. i cant reply to you all so i just want to say thankyou to you guys for helping the finale get high ratings you lot are the worst for continuously giving negative feedback and rarely having anything positive to write about but yet you all keep coming back for more. hahaha please make sure you all return and tune in for for season 6 next year.

    now onto the show and episode itself i thought THIS SEASON FINALE WAS THE BEST YET!!!!!!! the full season with the authority was slow paced and im glad that theyve all met their death. NORA was pretty awesome this episode and looking forward to her returning as a series regular hopefully for next season. LALA, ARLENE, HOLLY & ANDY together at Merlottes was some of the best scenes of True blood this season and brought some much needed humour to the heavy finale it looked like they were having so much fun filming those scenes and Nelsan is brilliant as Lafayette (cant beleive he was killed off in the books hence why i will never read them). Holly calling Andy a d*ckhead made me LOL so much. I expected marella to have 2 babies where the hell did 4 come from??? cant wait to see how Andy adapts to becoming a dad to 4 fae babies.

    Really thought WARLOW would make his expected arrival, was dissapointed that all this teasing for him and nothing really progressed with that going into next season but then that deleted scene of JASON revealing Warlow’s name to NORA and her knowing who Warlow was, is very interesting indeed. PS, jason needs to f*ck Nora next season please. (i wonder if godric/eric are linked somehow.)

    Russell, JD, Salome and Rosalyn all meeting their grizzly death was pretty much expected for me, as much as i love denis o’hare i was getting a tad sick of RUSSELL but expected him to die by the hands of SOOKIE just so sookie could look stronger. however eric and him have history so that made sense to make ERIC look strong when going up against BILLITH next season. Got to admit i HATE chancellor Rosalyn and SAM killing her was just a fantastic exit for her character and the best death of this season. i wont miss salome and jd at all.

    the actress who plays MARTHA (jd’s wife) is fantastic and one of my fave charcters introduced this season – pleased she will be back for next season. ALCIDE’s speech was impressive and i hope his girl RIKKI is alive so Alcide still has a regular love interest for next season with more nudity for him

    PAM and TARA kissing had me fangirling, it was a beautiful moment, but wow i didnt expect that – totally thought they would be more mother and daughter. i loved it! and sookie and jessica’s reactions were perfect.

    Nora and ErIc kicking butt was awesome / bill dying and turning into billith had me gasping in shock!!! / Luna and Sam and Newlin was greatly done.

    OMG Janina is a great actress and i’ve loved her since her introduction and was on the edge of my seat for most of this season expecting alan ball to kill off Luna. THANK GOD he didnt. she is a joy to watch and seeing her anger management issues and shifting into sam and steve newlin come into play made her a helluva loveable character this season. she was on the trueblood afterbuzz show (youtube it) and ‘kinda’ confirmed she will return when she gets her script in november.. YAY.

    i think alan ball has done a fantastic job with the show and i for one cant wait to see what lies next for my favourite tv characters next season with the new show runner.

    hope CLAUDE features more prominently next season as he was too cute. i got a developing crush on him haha ;)

    overall a great season and i love that its unpredictable that no one has a clue where the direction of the show is heading and who will live and die. makes it that much exciting to watch. cant believe we now have to wait a full year. tut!!

  40. Chaimaniac says:

    This season was not the bestest! The storyline was dull. It focused more on Vampires Authority and Lillith, not other main characters. Cross my fingers for more of Eric and Sookie. I think they make a wonderful couple unlike Bill.

  41. Lizm3 says:

    BEST season finale. EVER. of any show ever. mindblowing!!!!

  42. justin says:

    Well the seasons iv noticed we seen less and less of sookie under the sheets and more of the strange newer char… is that how it goes?

    • Morwaul says:

      Supposedly Sookie is pregnant with Bill’s Real Life Baby. That might be why they avoided any body shots of her this season.

  43. Morwaul says:

    I didn’t care for this season either. It started off really slow and then things worked out strangely. Not sure why they decided to make Bill a bad guy other than he was kind of pointless as he was. He had no business being king either as he is far from the most powerful vamp. Maybe this is going to turbo charge him and make him relevant again. I guess I just did not care for the whole authority story line. The king setup in the books is better and provides more opportunity for interesting political maneuvering than some central government setup.

    Also, don’t all vampires have super speed? So why the hell were all the vamp guards running around at human slow speed? Jason should have been toast. That is just lazy writing. “We want this character to survive so instead of coming up with something credible we will just take away all the bad guys powers even if they were using said powers in the last show.”

    On a side note. Why isn’t Sam one of the baddest / scariest / ass kickinest characters in the show? The TV series never really went into what he can and cannot do but so far we know that size isn’t really a factor. He has now went from as large as a bull to as small as a fly? Has he ever switched from creature to creature or has it always been from creature to Sam to creature? Maybe that is a limitation? If it is he should still be something that demands more respect. Especially with the house dog sized werewolves this series uses. If he doesn’t have to switch into Sam form between shifts he would be insanely powerful. (Oh look a truck full of gun toting nuts *poof humming bird* flies above truck *poof blue whale* smush *poof hyena* cause really who would be at laughing at a flat truck full of flat idiots?) Another question? Can he only shift into creatures he has touched or is it limited to creatures that are alive? Could he shift into anything he can imagine? If he has to touch it I think I would be taking a trip to my local museum of natural science to fondle all the dinosaur bones. Eh, I suppose it does not matter as the real reason is that the writers do not want him to.

  44. Interesting says:

    I think billith being so strong is going to play a role in destroying warlow and saving sookie. Warlow has to be extremely old and extremely strong. Quite a bit stronger then Eric and especially bill. Of course there will be a journey for bill returning to goodness but just in time to stake warlow for sookie.

    • Lukeswife says:

      Great prediction! I just don’t understand how they will have Bill floating around in between scenes as a vampire god. Lilith only appeared when you drank her blood or praying to her.

  45. crashbandita says:

    I was not impressed by this season…but I think season 6 is gearing up to be so much better! Can’t wait to see what happens with Warlow and Sookie! I hope they get rid of Bill…as I never cared for him! Team Eric!!! Oh and more scenes in Season 6 of Alcide. With no shirt. Thanks.

  46. Carol g. says:

    worst season yet!

  47. Keith says:

    not the best season but very entertaining. however its sometimes crazy how a character turn out into the complete opposite of what they first were on the previous seasons..but then, crazy sh%t bananuts are what this show is all about. lol. CANT WAIT FOR 6!!!

  48. Ally says:

    I liked Pam and Tara, and I’m sure it’ll be handled well next season. I wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more of Pam’s vulnerable side, although obviously I’d want to keep all her wit and scathing remarks.I honestly do not for one second believe they’ll try and turn it into a big old love story because that’s not what it is. Also hoping for some more Pam and Eric next season! Couldn’t really care less about Sookie but can’t wait to see where they take Bill(ith)