The New Normal Yanked From NBC's Utah Affiliate Lineup

new normalNBC’s Utah affiliate KSL-TV is sticking with its old normal this fall and refusing to air Ryan Murphy’s new gay-dads-and-their-surrogate comedy The New Normal.

“From time to time we may struggle with content that crosses the line in one area or another,” Jeff Simpson, CEO of KSL’s parent company, Bonneville International, told the Salt Lake Tribune. “The dialogue might be excessively rude and crude. The scenes may be too explicit or the characterizations might seem offensive.”

KSL, which is owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, last season declined to air NBC’s The Playboy Club on similar grounds.

The station’s decision drew a harsh rebuke on Twitter from series star Ellen Barkin. Law & Order: SVU‘s “rape & child murder is ok? But [a] loving gay couple having a baby is inappropriate?” she asked.

Barkin then encouraged Twitter users to “clog up @ksl5tv’s feed [for] their blatantly homophic decision to not air the show.”

Other shows set to premiere on NBC during the 2012-2013 season include the serial-killer drama Hannibal and Next Caller, whose star Dane Cook made headlines for joking about the deadly theater shootings in Aurora, CO, less than two weeks after the incident.

Utah residents will likely get a chance to see the show, however, as local station KUCW plans to air it on weekends, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

The New Normal is set to premiere Tuesday, Sept. 11 at 8:30/7:30c.

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  1. Jay says:

    Show will be cancelled within a month…who really cares..?

    • nick1372 says:

      And you say this because… Why? You don’t like it?
      The New Normal will probably be a big hit for NBC, probably its best-rated comedy in years other than Go On. Critics love it and it got huge promotion from the Olympics. There’s no reason to believe it will fail.

      • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

        This post is so full of nonsense. It’s just laughable.

        • Lydia says:

          You’re all missing the point. It doesn’t MATTER how good or bad the show is. It’s the principle of KLS objecting to it because of it’s portrayal of a gay couple. They have the right to pull whatever shows they want, but you bet your ass we’re all going to object to their offensive reason for doing so.

          • Temperence says:

            And that will not be acceptable behavior any longer, and all attempts to trample the rights of others will be met.

  2. Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

    lol, you idiots act like this is the first time this station has done this. They are an affiliate and have the right to refuse to air the show if they choose. What is really interesting is the sheer number of people commenting on this that are certain that their opinion is the only valid opinion on the matter and that anyone that disagrees with them is a bigot or a homophobe. Do you even know how stupid you sound when you make that argument? You are insisting that people change their long held religious values to make you happy because you don’t really give a damn how they feel about the matter. Talk about being a bigot. I forgot though, it’s the new in thing in America to hate religious people and try to undermine their values because you aren’t going to tolerate their “intolerance. I swear liberals are the most ass backwards, double speaking people one could ever encounter.

    And please, stop crying about how there aren’t enough gay people on TV. Every time I turn on the TV I see two guys kissing now. Especially shows targeted at younger people. Indoctrination is still alive and well. Does this mean I personally don’t like gay people? Nope, don’t care. I am sick of the people pushing this stuff insisting that their opinion is the only correct one on the matter and that anyone who dares disagree with their PC bullcrap is a bigot or a homophobe. That’s not true. They simply aren’t going to throw away their religious beliefs because you think they should. Don’t like it? I suggest not living in Utah.

    • Temperence says:

      Who is ‘acting’? And no one said anything of the sort. And, let be honest, people are no sick of the right running roughshod over everyone else because they gripe and moan to the high heavens anytie anyone objects to being victimized. Sorry, just because people did stupid things and got away with it before doens’t mean it is: 1) right, 2) allowable, and 3) acceptable. Not anymore, Like the top 1%, the sheer greediness of these folks in their privlege has provoked a backlash… and it’s not going to stop.

  3. JOE S HILL says:

    We are a Nation in deep trouble,economicly and spiritually,when we allow TV sitcoms to
    show Gays as main role models! i have been wrestling over this issue,only to be called
    such names as a “Homophobe”,”Bigot”(Archie Bunker would be honored)and,,my personal
    favorite,”Social Christian Terrorist”-by offended persons,,likely Gays,or other Left Wing Lunes,that have their own,wonderful thoughts and ideas about how all of Humanity should
    live in harmony, and that’s not such a bad idea. but Homosexual lifestyles should not be
    glorified,despite all their honest and sincerest of intentions,because it does not represent
    the true Family value(and i’ll get flak on that!) it is a lifestyle that says its okay for a man to
    fall in love with another man,and the same for women,who like each other. despite this mutual bonding,it can never be the norm-and the TV station was wise in it’s decision to
    exclude this NBC entry. but the Gays will say that its Hateful,and Bigoted,,it usually is,when
    someone is honest enough to stand their ground against their lifestyle-and they have the same rights as we all do,,but the majority of society is Heterosexual,,and that’s also God’s
    laws,whether they like it or not! of course,that will not stop TV producers today,from putting
    more shows,depicting how normal and peaceful that Gays are. however this will go down,
    we are truely devided on this issue,and the damage is done! here’s to NBC-Nothing But Crap!

    • Cam says:

      UGHHHHHH. I see you are a lost cause. To quote a comment down below: “This is complete bs! Can someone please explain to me what’s wrong with two people, no matter what their genders, loving each other? It makes me sick how many people in this world still think this way”. The True Family Value is love. That’s it. Married, single, gay, straight, with children, without children, biologically related, not biologically related. That’s a family. My straight parents, who absolutely despised each other, were allowed to get married, have children, and be divorced, but a handful of my best friends, who are in deeply committed gay relationships, are not? Is that the “true Family Value”? And yes. It IS okay for a man to fall in love with a man. It is the norm. It will not go away. You saying otherwise IS hateful and bigoted. Their “lifestyle” will harm and affect you in absolutely no way. God’s law is so love, not to hate, not to judge, not to take every single word of the Bible as absolute truth (do you eat shellfish? Do you stone your daughter if she disobeys you? No, I don’t think you do). You need to reread the New Testament. Pay special attention to the part where Jesus tells you to “love thy neighbor”. Then you’ll know what God’s laws ACTUALLY are.

      • JOE S HILL says:

        Cam,it is obvious that you are offended,when people speak-out on Homosexuality. i will
        defend KSL’s decision to remove “THE NEW NORMAL”,because two Gay men do not
        fit into the natural pattern of mom and dad. if people want to be Gay,that’s their business-
        but condemnming people who do not go along with Homosexuality sounds typhical of
        someone,who is a hateful Gay. i do read the Bible,and perhaps you ought to read one too,
        because God destroyed Sodom and Gamorrah because of this spiritual sin,and he further
        makes it clear,that “Mankind shall not lie down with Mankind like woman-it is abomination!”
        and yes,,its very easy to call people names,like “Bigots” and so on,,but get as Mad as you
        like,because this won’t change anything! our country is in a spiritual mess,because many
        like yourself are confusing Evil for Good. i’m sorry that your parents may not have treated
        you right,,but like it or not,these are God’s laws,,and when when you break those laws,you
        will answer to him! we are ALL sinners,and we have choices to make. just because i am
        not for Gay lifestyles,that does not mean that i fully despise or severely hate all Gays,,i’m
        only saying that God created a Man to be with a Woman,and not a Man for a man,and the
        other way around. however you take that,real love only means that if people think that much
        of each other,they become good friends-and i’m talking about men in general. over the years
        Homosexuals have been victims of serious Hate crimes and other levels of violence,,and i do not go along with that kind of behavior,because its a crime-period! but as a Heterosexual,
        i will also defend the principal of natural order,because same-sex marriages are not part of
        God’s ideas or plans. and before you call me any name,,i will also tell you,that i have Gay
        friends that i like and care for,very much,,so i’m not bashing or putting down Gays,,but i am
        taking a stand,,and whatever you call me,,that still won’t change my views, and yours. KSL’s decision to exclude this NBC sitcom from its 2012-2013 season,won’t change anything,because the rest of the country will watch this show,minus one TV station,,and me!
        so this business about me,being a “lost cause”,,,,well,,it depends-do i support the Gay lifestyle-no,,do i like the idea of a Gay sitcom-no,,do i like living-yes! should i jump to my
        death,because i offended you? let us both be satisfied with our opinions!

  4. J W says:

    I don’t think that it is fair to throw a whole community/state/ religion under the buss just because one company made a decision. Not everyone is the same many people can belong to the same religion and they can all feel differently about major controversies.

    Besides most people don’t even understand Mormonism fully. I think hating on a religion is just as bad as hating on the gay community. Hate in general is wrong.

    As a Mormon I believe that God and Jesus ( or whatever higher power you believe in) would not want all of this negativity and hate. It may upset many of you that KSL decided not to purchase this show but arguing on the Internet about something that is so complex seems foolish.

  5. Jill says:

    The mormon cult is dangerous. God help us if one of them becomes president.

  6. NewThought says:

    It’s 2012, I don’t understand how people can even be naive enough to believe in god anymore. Years ago (Before 900 channels and the internet) people only knew and believed what they were taught by their parents. Now that you can Google any question you’d need an answer to, who gives a damn what a book says. Learn to grow, express yourself, instead of spouting out timeless verses and thinking your sense of morality even exists anymore. Can’t wait til Christianity goes the way of the Roman Gods and we just refer to it as “mythology.”
    Mankind has always created Gods to find purpose in an otherwise bleak existence. It’s what human beings do, quit fighting one another and maybe one day this world will move into the future instead of living 2,000 years in the past.
    Don’t care what you call me, least I don’t live in fear of an ancient wise-tale boogeyman.
    F*** Your God

  7. crtcw says:

    This is complete bs! Can someone please explain to me what’s wrong with two people, no matter what their genders, loving each other? It makes me sick how many people in this world still think this way.

    • bgk says:

      Why should a person define himself via the object of his sexual behavior or operation? That would be a diminution of his human potential. Isn’t a person in principle more than whom he couples with? It should add to a person, but not define or limit him. If one attempts to foist such a demeaning, animal-like characterization of human potential on society at large, one undermines the potential of human society.

      Of these hundreds of comments, very few do any more than resort to invective and vitriol.

      • Temperence says:

        So says the person that defines themself by their heteronormative position. QED.

        • bgk says:

          No, I’m arguing that defining oneself via the object of one’s sexual operations or behavior is demeaning to one’s potential. I’m making no distinction with respect to the object of one’s sexual behavior or operations.

          • Temperence says:

            And despite knowing at least a hundred homosexuals, I’ve never met a single one that is ‘defined’ by their sexuality. That what the bigots do – many seem creepily fixated on the bedroom. Homosexual people have lives exactly like everyone else… no more, no less.

          • bgk says:

            Except for the hue and cry their movements raise to make their sexual behavior and operations normal, that is to say normative, in the eyes of society. That is a defining characteristic of how their lives are not like the lives of “everyone else”.

            As to whether the affiliate or its owner is unfair, unethical or immoral in taking this action of refusing to air this show: Dispense with the claim of unfairness, because the law allows their action. Do you want to argue that the laws that allow one to use one’s property in this way are unfair?

            Their ethical stance can be upheld on the basis of accepting that human potential transcends materiality, that a person is more than just an animal. There are those who argue that Man consists entirely of material, nothing else, nothing more. Even love, even reason are merely material in constitution and free will is a sham. There are arguments on both sides of this controversy, but, there are compelling arguments for the existence of non-material things, including human soul, spirit and reason. My purpose was to show that LDS has a valid position from which to argue.

            Likewise morally, they follow their ethical stance with a course of correct action, and so, they refuse to broadcast this show because to them it is so egregious, but allow other shows that are also objectionable but to them, less so. Perhaps they feel they can affect the general good if they stay in the broadcast business, making the choices and, as you objected to, Temperence, imposing their sensibilities on those who make up their market. It’s a moral position based upon their ethical stance.

  8. Mary Beth says:

    To Jeff Simpson, CEO of KSL’s parent company, Bonneville International, get out of the 1950′s and get into the 21st century.

  9. UTAH sucks says:

    The is classic homophobia to the best and I wouldn’t expect anything less from Utah the land of morons which is okay to have multiple wives (will in certain compounds and to the brown family at least now) but its wrong to have a gay couple on TV. Its laughable on the reason why they decides to pull the TV show off the air because of “rude and crude” jokes. That the biggest amount of bull I have ever heard.

  10. Bob says:

    For those of you dying to see what a U.S. Theocracy would look like in action, just move to Utah. The LDS (Mormons) haven’t changed much since their exalted nut case Joseph Smith stumbled upon those golden tablets. The only reason they’re still around is that they high-tailed it to Utah in the 1800s, where no one could notice their brand of “religion” until it was too late.

  11. JULES says:

    These comments really make me so sad. You have your view on the subject and that’s your right- I also have my view and my right to say that I disagree with you. You say we all need to be tolerant of one’s religion- well I refuse to accept any religion that promotes hate against a certain “type” of person. Hate has poisoned this world for so long and it’s obviously not going to stop anytime soon. My only hope is that some people may try to open their eyes and make up their OWN minds, instead of blindly listening to what is told to them as truth. If it makes me a bigot to not be tolerant of hatred, then so be it.

  12. T says:

    I am a gay Mormon. I’m not really surprised this happened and I don’t really care, there are other options to watch the show. This isn’t a special case for KSL, they’ve denied shows for content before. Really they are commendable for being consistent. I think it is interesting that often times people in general become upset with a company or corporation when they don’t follow or stand by their policies or standards. KSL has; their being consistent, can you really be mad or embarrassed?

    Also content filtering is not unique to the Mormons alone. I believe I heard that Byu refused to show desperate housewives because of content (or maybe it was sex and the city) and got crap for it. I heard that Notre Dame did the same thing. So don’t be so quick to point fingers at one person or group just because they have given a stance and are sticking to it through the years, because they’re being consistent and they’re probably not alone.

  13. T says:

    Additionally I find it equally as hateful to clump all Mormons together as terrible people as it is to clump homosexual people together. Just think what a young Mormon kid would think reading through comments like these, a person who hasn’t made up their mind on how they feel about the homosexual community. Comments like some of these tell the child that because they are Mormon they are a certain way by default, which isn’t true. That I believe is largely the issue homosexuals (and I include any group of people) have with being grouped together with statements made about all of them as a group; denying the individual their rights to their own thoughts.

  14. Joe mama says:

    Is this not the Land Of The Free? Why does the Gay Mafia freak out everytime someone has an opinon, which conflcts with there own?

  15. Jman says:

    As a member of the gay community–I often disagree with Ryan Murphy’s portrayal of gay characters who I find cloying and crude. I much prefer Modern Family’s depiction of gay characters. It’s entirely possible that the show is just crude and awful. Just saying.

  16. kathpath says:

    There is so much controversy regarding this that NBC must be thrilled. Any publicity is good publicity, right?
    My impression of the citizens in Utah is that they are just as bigoted as the rest of the country. There isn’t one area that doesn’t have their racists whether its against American Indians, Blacks, Asians, Hispanics or Whites; Muslims, Catholics, Buddhists or Jews.

  17. nick1372 says:

    I just found out that the number of tv homes in the SLC area, KSL’s kingdom of terror ;-) , is approximately 0.8% of the US. That’s a lot.

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