True Blood Finale Photos & Video: Will Bill Kill [Spoiler]? Sookie and Eric Reunited?

One thing you can be sure of about Sunday’s True Blood finale: There will be hemoglobin — and lots of it. “There’s a big body count,” series creator Alan Ball conceded to TVLine last month. “Probably more than any episode we’ve ever had.”

But will Sam be among the victims? The following clip from the Season 5 climax certainly portends doom for the shapeshifter, who finds himself confronted by Big Bad Bill at Vampire Authority headquarters.

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Scroll down further and check out our revealing gallery of pics from the episode. Is Sookie crying because she just witnessed her ex-boyfriend whack her bestie? Absorb all of the evidence below and then hit the comments with your thoughts/theories/predictions!

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  1. Juliana Carvalho says:

    Bill is so annoying… seriously.

    • Lo says:

      Agreed and seconded! Everything about this season has been annoying except the Pam/Tara story. It’s about the only thing that’s kept me coming back. First season ever where I don’t hate Tara, so I guess that’s something :/

    • Terra trubie says:

      Say what u will b/c truth is u will all be watching b/c u just have to find out whats going to happen and I know u will so stop hating and shut up with ur idioct remarcs. Ur so into it u can’t help but what just as I will be!

    • Paul says:

      AMEN!! hate bill this season…. I still love the show but if he ends up dead it would be a big improvement.

    • Andrea Robinsen says:

      This season was kinda dissapointing. I felt dizzy from all of the stuff going on, from Terry, to Pam, and the annoying way that they called death “goo”. It was clever the first time. I love this show, I really Really hope that next season is redeeming?? It was watchable, because I have grown to love the characters so much, that i want to find out what happens next. Acorrding to the books, I’m thinking that Hadley is going to be coming back soon. I’m getting a feeling to that Amelia ” sookies rommate” will be introduced as well. What do you guy’s think?

  2. They should whack Ball (hehehe) instead for how appalling the show has been.
    Too many sub plots, no guts to kill core cast members, preposterous (even for a supernatural show) storylines….Series 1 of this show was fantastic, I think every fan agrees on that. For me series 2 was awful outside of Dallas, 3 was great & 4 I gave up mid way.
    I really want a return to the great approach series 1 had to everything.
    The only thing that’s still excellent is the theme song.

  3. wrstlgirl says:

    I really miss big bad Eric.

  4. Waitingsux says:

    Alan Ball has obliterated this show. And no offense to Stephen Moyer, but he’s a terrible Bill Compton.

    If this series wants to redeem itself, the writers should seriously consider going back to the source material.

  5. Alice p says:

    Not the best season.

  6. thurmom says:

    WAY too many subplots this season. Who cares about Terry Bellefleur? Why did they take away the focus on Sookie? And they couldn’t think of anything else interesting, so they had to bring Russell back? The finale needs to button things up or I’m out.

    • Bruce_F says:

      I’m pretty sure there are actually fewer subplots this season than last season. It’s just that they all suck a lot worse this year. Season five is True Blood’s worst. I’m so glad Alan Ball is leaving after this season.

      • Patricia car says:

        I do agree i felt that sookie hardly appeared in the season and when she did she was either drunk or upset about something. Who cares about andy bellefleur or terry. Season 1 was excellent brcause really it focused on two big things, the serial killer and bill and sookie together. Also they teased us with the damn warlow thing and didnt finish it.

  7. ggny says:

    I really hope they dont kill Nora i like her and Eric together

  8. Isabella says:

    I can’t see how Bill can ever redeem himself; nobody will ever take him seriously again after all these shenanigans

  9. Martha says:

    Soooo excited!!!!

  10. Dani says:

    I have to say, you add Pam to the picture of Eric’s existing “relatives” and it’s one hot family photo.

  11. Beth says:

    You watch Sam will turn into something very cool to get out of it. But I do agree with everyone else this season has sucked!!!

  12. EequalsMC3 says:

    I hope they don’t kill off Tara, it would such a shame to have her turned into a vampire only to kill her off at the end of the season, especially without having any scenes with Lafayette

    • tan says:

      So true! How has Alan Ball not had some fabulously campy scenes between vamp Tara and her cuz Lafayette? The dialogue literally could write itself and would be fabulous.

  13. tan says:

    Um, Sam can turn into some animal to escape, no> Sookie and Eric are married in the books I am told so maybe this is the beginning of bringing them together? I am more concerned about what will happen to the show after Mr. Ball’s exit after this season.

    • Ashleah Youn says:

      Sookie and Eric are never married in the books.

      • Mel says:

        Seriously? Either we must not have read the same books, or you need to check your facts.

        They were never married by human laws, but they were definitely married by vampire law. According to the books, they were “married by the knife” ever since Eric tricked Sookie into presenting the knife used to complete their blood bond in Rhodes to him in front of Victor. It is brought up SEVERAL times throughout the series afterward when Eric repeatedly refers to Sookie as his wife and she stubbornly tries to ignore the fact that they indeed ARE married by vampire law. On the rare occasions that SHE refers to them as married in any way, he takes great joy in pointing out that she admits to it.

        The show does a very poor job of establishing how Eric and Sookie’s relationship progresses as it does in the books while Bill slips into the background throughout the book series and into the “friend zone” with her.

        I understand the show wants to set itself apart from the books and be original enough that fans don’t know exactly what is going to happen, but I dislike the fact that they have strayed so far from the fundamental core of what book fans love: Eric and Sookie!

        • Nancy says:

          Absolutely about the show straying so much from the books. If they could even get close to what Charlaine Harris wrote it would be a better series. Eric and Sookie have an interesting relationship and her latest book has us all guessing about what will happen between them. The show in contrast gets into so many plots that are just too far removed. The Vampire Authority is not this screwed up in the books nor do they take Center stage like it did this season.

          As you said Eric and Sookie are married by Vampire Law in the Books. Hopefully they will develop the show along the same lines. You just have to love Pam. She and Lafayette are my favorite characters.

          Season one was excellent. Season too was just not that good. The other seasons have kept me coming back for more. And this season had some interesting acting . I would rate it fair to good. And of course I will be back for next season.

  14. dude says:

    When are they going to stop dangling the Alcide/Sookie carrot and make it happen? Like I really feel like this was the perfect season for that to happen seeing as she really didn’t do anything else that fascinating. Fans really love those fairy subplots. I love Bill but the writers really screwed him this year with this horrible Vampire Authority storyline.

  15. Jennifer says:

    For my part, the biggest mistake of this season was separating Sookie from Bill and Eric. That’s where the drama and tension is in this story. Also, the show should go back to its “who dunit” roots. They have the mystery about who killed Sookie’s parents but it hasn’t been developed right, we are at the finale and there hasn’t been much revealed or any real threat from him. Also, I agree with others that I like all of the other characters but there is just too much time spent on subplots. Each episode there are at least 6 subplots (Jessica/Hoyt/Jason, Andy/(what’s her name), Arlene/Terry, Pam/Tara, and the shifter/warewolves). We get far too little Eric/Sookie/Bill time in each episode. It comes across almost like a strategy for not having to move along any one story too much. But I’ll give them this, they still know how to pull off a blood bath with a few WTF moments thrown in enough to keep meeting coming back each week.

  16. Mel says:

    Please, Kill Bill! I am so sick of him this season. I don’t think I can take any more of Bill Compton. Just KILL BILL!

  17. Caroline says:

    I don’t like how far the show has strayed from the books. I know some people think its suppose to just go off the basis of the books but these story lines are getting a bit ridiculous. If they did stick to more of the books and maybe altered them a little bit, it would be better. Bill is getting super annoying, this whole authority stuff is pointless. There isn’t enough Sookie/Bill/Eric stuff. There’s also far to many other stories going on that are not necessary at all. I wish they could somehow redeem it. This season really has nothing special about it. I just don’t like it, but yes I will still watch it because I want to know what will happen to the characters and where it is going to go after this season. Please fix it!!

  18. JScotland says:

    I love True Blood, But feel very let down by this season. It looked too be good at the 1st two episodes but it went down hill from then. I hope next year it will be good. Maybe Ball going is a blessing in disguise, Maybe some one new can bring something fresh

  19. Melissa says:

    This season has been painful to watch it’s so bad. A.Ball has gone completely off the map, the show doesn’t resemble the books AT ALL anymore. So sad. Lets hope the new show runner can bring it back to it’s former greatness =) Vamps, were’s and shifters, that’s it!!

  20. James says:

    I’m not sure they will dare to kill someone important, and if they do they will make him/her a vampire (look at Tara). I think they should make better stories instead of just killing characters to interest viewers… I really hope next season looks more like the first and the second one…

  21. Sara says:

    Pic #5 has me worried something happens to Pam, but I really hope not!

  22. jane monthr says:

    What True Blood needs is Jessica Lange………………..can you image.

  23. Laurel says:

    Now that Alan Ball is leaving maybe they will FINALLY kill Bill.
    He’s always been a hemorrhoid but this season he took being a pain in the a*s to an entirely new level .

  24. Lisa S. says:

    Sorry, I think this season has been better overall. The humor is better and it’s not just the Eric, Sookie and Bill show. I love the political stuff much more than the witch-y, maenad-y stuff. Also, Bill has to go really bad so we can watch him earn his redemption. I love the side plots, Terry and Jason and Sam and their attending characters keep the show from being an exercise in fan/slash fic between everybodys favorite vamps and Sookie. Just my two cents! Your mileage may vary!

  25. Jared says:

    I stopped watching True Blood after season 2..but came back specifically for Chris Meloni..what a waste that was..the character was so stupid and to be killed off so soon??..i dont get it. And by Bill turning evil this season seriously turned me off too. But im not hatin..i liked everything else.

  26. Lilly says:

    Somebody please kill “Norah”! Hate her. Eric must be with Sookie. They Belong together
    Never thought that could be possible, but Bill became more annoying than ever.

  27. tvdiva says:

    It was Alan Ball’s idea to take Bill to the dark side and I am enjoying it. I do hope he get’s staked. I think Sam will morph into something and get away and rescue Luna and Emma. And I think Luna may skin walk to get them out alive.

  28. Ana says:

    I want Bill to die. I refuse to sit through another one of his mea culpas after all the horrible crap he has done. I’m done. He’s irredeemable.

  29. s says:

    I’m worried my favs will be killed off because there aren’t many recurring characters to be killed now. I have been worried over Jason for a few eps now but it seems he’ll be okay? but now I’m concerned about Sam again cause if you think about it he hasn’t had a lot to do this season :( and neither has Lafayette. I am happy to see that Eric is finally having a scene with Tara YAY and they are FINALLY going to Sookie’s and he’ll FINALLY share a scene with Sookie omg..I agree with others that is what is missing from this season Sookie not sharing scenes with the vamps big mistake imo.

  30. LYNN says:

    So far…………….NOT IMPRESSED!!!

  31. Jim says:

    This season took way too long to involve the 3000 y/o vampire and then to let him cause anarchy. I think the only one who can stop him is this “Waldo” vampire to whom Sookie belongs.

  32. Paul Solinger says:

    Lot of haters playing on the computers today. This season rocks, as usual. And the ratings back me up.

  33. Bill says:

    All I can say is Pam better not get the true death!

  34. lyndsay says:

    Nora is annoying. Who cares about Arlene and Terry!? Why did they kill off Christopher Meloni’s character so early? Bill is blah. Jason, Jessica and Hoyt were not interesting at all. The shifters and werewolves were stupid. All of the authority characters were dumb. And “Lilith” is just flat out pointless. Tara and Pam were definitely the most entertaining. BUT I will still be there for the season finale. Season 6 better gets its stuff together!!

  35. Derek says:

    This forum thingy amazes me.. so far every single thing any of you have said to dislike about the season, I every thing(besides for pam an tara storyline, because thats awesome) you guys said you like about the season I dislike.

  36. Shoshy says:

    TB is the funnest most clever series around. And the ratings prove it! I love all the changes this year. It’s truly entertaining . I like how you never know what the next season will bring. I read all the books,loved them but wouldn’t want to watch them as they were written. The writers are really artists to morph the story lines the way they do. Big love to TB.

  37. Chloes says:

    I love TB but i think this season it’s been no so good, the first episodes were good but after they kill Meloni the season went down with him. I think they sould do something like the book with Alcide (instead the weretiger a were), but that plot end very quicky (in a drunk way), and the other sub-plots are boring (Arlene/Terry and the other guy, Andy and the witch). I like evil Bill but i hope they dont redeem him somehow, he should be the antagonist now, and let the Eric and Sookie love history develop in a nice wicked way as the books. They should show more of the Eric and Pam They should show more of the Eric and Pam flashblacks and the Tara/Pam relationship, and who can forget about Lafayette the demon thing… what happened with that?

  38. dragunzlair says:

    I’m an avid watcher and have been since season one…my biggest mistake is I have read the entire Sookie Stackhouse series and continue to hope that the TV series will somehow, some way make its way back to the storyline of the books. But, alas, I don’t think that’s going to happen. With each recurring season they have become further and further removed from the books. Although the general concept is still there, it has taken on it’s own identitiy and I cant imagine that Charlaine Harris is still consulting on this show! I think I keep watching in hopes that it will redeem itself.

  39. notgivingit says:

    just watched the season finale and man did it suck badly. bill comes back from a pool of blood hissing like lilith would and all they can do is have eric scream “RUN!” really ? we gotta wait till next effing season now to see where they go with this?! since it’s veering quite a ways from the books who knows what they’ll throw in there next. but jeesus they need to trim down on the storyline arcs there’s just too damn many going on per episode to really stay interested much longer

  40. Leah says:

    Honestly, I wish they’d trim down the cast a little because keeping up with all the story-lines is so difficult. Ideally they’d just get rid of Sookie so I could enjoy watching Eric and Pam and Laffayette and Tara and actually be entertained, but seeing as she’s the main character I doubt that’ll happen. Even if she is the most irritating person on the show.