Fall TV Preview

Sons of Anarchy Sneak Peek: Tara Takes on Gemma, Wendy and... Everyone Else In Season 5!

FX has unveiled three new promos for Sons of Anarchy‘s much-anticipated fifth season (launching Sept 11 at 10/9c), and while they’re all pretty provocative — and full of fresh footage — the Tara-centric teaser packs the biggest punch.

Charming no more, Jax’s Queen is now hellbent on protecting her brood and she’ll do whatever it takes to do so. Face off with Gemma? Check! Battle Drea de Matteo’s resurfaced baby mama Wendy? Double check!

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Press PLAY below to see the new (and improved?) Tara in action, and then continue to scroll down for an in-depth look at Jimmy Smits’ newbie Nero and an overall glimpse at what’s in store for the Sons.

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  1. kimberly says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait!

  2. TellerMorrow says:

    Old. These were on “televisionpromos” youtube channel a week ago along with a bunch more versions, and in better quality too…

  3. Carmen says:

    “Why don’t you bounce my face off the floor then maybe you’ll recognize me.” OH HELL YEAAAH GEMMA YOU TELL HIM! I already dig the Nero/Gemma scenes, too! Jimmy was a great addition to the cast! I’m excited to see how Katey acts out the “falling queen” storyline, she seems like she is going to kill it judging by that promo. :D Mmmm, the direction Tara is going seems a bit unnatural to me. It happened too fast, but oh well, she just got off a “traumatic” experience so I guess I understand to some extent. Can’t wait to see how Gemma/Tara deal with each other and how they deal with Wendy. I just love the ladies of this show so much!

  4. John says:

    Dang, everyone is all up on Tara’s ass this season and I’m just not feeling it. First the official SoA twitter account only talks about Maggie and “#TeamTara”, those Behind the Scenes specials they have going on on Facebook has tons of Tara/Maggie lately, and now you guys too? Chill out for a second, lol. I’m far more fascinated by what’s going to happen to Tig, Opie, the Jax/Clay and Gemma/Clay showdown. So glad they didn’t kill Clay off yet. I still hate him, though, but he brings some quality drama!

  5. EJ says:

    Tara has always been a sneaky manipulative b*tch from season 1 – she’s just more open about it now. It seems Tara only wanted baby Abel earlier to get in closer with Jax and now is being jealous and possessive, she only helped the club to get Jax’s approval, she just started to get in good with Gemma to get closer to Jax and insinuate herself in these people’s lives and then her own baby: she wanted to kill her child just because she couldn’t have Jax. But the minute he took her back THEN she suddenly wanted the baby. Of course she never told Jax what she almost did. Usually she is hiding the bad side of herself from him, but showing it to everyone else, because she knows Jax wants to ‘good’ Tara. Tara is a selfish, weak, brainless, self absorbed, b*tch. And to top it off on another note – Abel is not her real child either. Wendy never signed away her parental rights – just chose to give custody. I can’t believe I even used to like the character at times. She’s so overrated. We need more focus on Gemma again – the real ‘Queen’, and of course all the guys that are actually in the club.

    • Ashley says:

      You sound like a bitter Jax fangirl. Don’t worry, one day Tara will die then you can be everything that Jax, Gemma, and club needs! I wish you and a fictional character all the happiness in the world :) also I hope you don’t try to be Abel’s mother bc you know, you didn’t give birth to him but I wonder where that logic leaves Gemma?

      • EJ says:

        Nice try. But WRONG. I am a Gemma, Opie, and Chibs fan first. If they have to focus on the women and families so much more now – then much prefer they focus on Gemma – hell even Lyla is preferable to Tara. But the main premise of the show is the Club – so more of the actual members would be nice. All of your assumptions are completely false. But that goes to show where your mind is – so maybe it’s you in that fantasy world. Not sure what you are referring to re: Gemma but if it’s Abel – Gemma is the primary person that raised him earlier on and has been rooting for him this whole time (when Wendy hurt him, when everything thought he was going to die and even Jax gave up on him, when Jax wanted to give him up, etc) and she is his grandmother and she is actually blood. So that trumps Tara any day. Tara just wants the kid because of Jax – she didn’t even want her own unless she had Jax. Tara didn’t even protect him (or her own kid) and get him out of harm’s way, nor did she try to save him from being kidnapped. Not a lot of mother of the years on this show, but it is what it is. I watch mostly for the club dynamics.

      • TG says:

        Just like the old saying because you father a child doesn’t make you a great father also goes for the mother. You can have a child but it doesn’t mean it makes you a great mother. She didn’t fight to keep the child to begin with. Tara became the mother of abel for a few years and just because she felt like she clean her life up and now wants to be a mama? fat chance. You didn’t act like a mama at the begining why should you even have a chance to come in and be a mama now? Pullllease. She skips over feeding and wiping the baby’s ass till the child is able to function on its own feet and can walk around and do some his own things and I guess she wants to play mother of the year now. Forget it. If you can’t do the job from the day the child is born to grown. Go to hell. You are not a mother

    • Becca says:

      um in season 2 they talk about how she graduated medical school, top of her class with honors. that to me says she’s very smart! and at the time she was thinking about ending her pregnancy abel was missing and jax was sleeping with pron stars. it was a very hard time for the club and the family, she even told gemma it didnt make since, her being pregnant at that time. and she may not have carried abel but she performed the c-section and saved his life. she took care of him in the hospital and when he got out. when jax was in jail and wendy was god knows were, she was raising abel on her own! that to me makes tara abels mother. just couse we dont c abel doesnt mean she’s not taking care of him. you sound like a very negative person, i think you should try to c the good in people as well as the bad.

  6. adamb says:

    Been watching this show since the beginning and she is the most annoying character. Kill her off plz!!!!!

  7. b says:

    Can’t wait to see Tara kick some ASS and taking names!!!! No more standing in the back ground! Good for her!!! TeamTara all the way!!!

  8. Aerynismybff says:


  9. rica says:

    Wow, you crazy… just reading some of these comments an I’m shocked lol.. Tara is a huge part of SOA I’ve been watching since season 1, and now that were coming into season 5 I’m VERY excited to see Tara beat some ass and finally feel 100% comfortable being an old lady and being apart of the club. Don’t get me wrong, I love gemma too! Hate clay though… but he does bring some quality drama to the show! I’m excited to see how season 5 plays out and to see how Jax takes on the role of being Prez! I’m a huge SOA FAN!

  10. FACE says:

    Love this show glad they didn’t kill clay…..he’s raw like a real gangster getting that money …..Wendy is way better looking than Tara ….. season 5 should be off da chain can’t wait next Tuesday

  11. Lisa says:

    I wonder if they are gonna write it in that she is using her hand in surgery again, i think that had a big part in why she off the rails.