Soaps Shocker, Part 2: Susan Flannery to Exit The Bold and the Beautiful After 25 Years

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before, but…. an original cast member of The Bold and the Beautiful has decided to part ways with the CBS sudser after more than 25 years.

Not two weeks after Ronn Moss announced his own decision to vacate the role of Ridge, castmate Susan Flannery, who plays grand dame Stephanie Forrester, has reportedly given notice as well, sources tell CBS Soaps In Depth.

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Per SID, Flannery — who has four Emmys on her mantel, including one from her stint as Days of Our Lives‘ Laura Horton — has inked a short-term deal to stay with B&B long enough for TPTB to pen a proper exit for Stephanie. (Moss’ Ridge, meanwhile, is being written off of the canvas temporarily and then likely recast.)

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Flannery, Moss, Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) and John McCook (Eric) were known as B&B‘s “core four,” all having been with the show since its 1987 debut. Of the two remaining original players (“The True Two”?), Lang recently shared her plans to keep on keeping on. “I’m very happy to tell you that I have re-signed my contract with The Bold and the Beautiful for two more years,” she said in a statement. “[Showrunner] Brad [Bell] has come up with an exciting new storyline for Brooke that I think the fans are going to love.”

B&B fans, what do you make of this latest jaw-dropper?

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  1. Rhonda Davis says:

    I can’t imagine B&B without Susan Flannery or Stephanie Forester. I only hope that Stephanie’s cancer is not hitting closer to home than we are being told. When they started advertising about the two week tribute, that was the first thing that crossed my mind, that Susan has cancer and needs to leave the show. I agree, there will never be an actress who can take Susan’s place, on the show or in our hearts, but I think there are a few out there who could make a go of it. I also agree that to take Stephanie Forester out of the writing will be a mistake that Bell will regret. Find another solid actress to play Stephanie and get rid of the Hope\Liam\Steffy triangle. It is just a sorry repeat of the Brook\ Taylor\ Ridge triangle. It’s getting old quick. Speaking of triangles, we don’t need another one with Rick\Caroline\Thomas. Let’s do some more gritty reality like the homeless story. Come on Bell, get it together.

  2. sylvia says:

    sorry to see susan nobody can play stefphine in any role love u susan enjot ur time with that said please do something with liam hope and seffie rows it going on to long now place them all new intrest time to move on.if not put liam and hope together please

  3. Pamela Williams says:

    Im sorry that Stephania is leveing and i’ll miss her but sometimes u have to do what u got to do love u Stephania and u will be miss :-)

  4. Carolina says:

    With all the well wishes we send to Susan, we also must agree that the last few episodes with Stephanie’s memories have been worthy of awards. I can’t get through one of them without the tissue box handy! Even hubby has been scheduling his lunchtime to join me. It’s been wonderful, for those of us who didn’t start watching until the early 2000’s, to see the characters back in the day.

  5. Pamela Williams says:

    Im so sad that Susan Flannery is leaving Ronn moss already left the show wont be the same with out them at all i wish them the best. :-( i wish Ronn moss change he’s mind and come back and Susan your the strong one that hold the family togather on the show again the show wont be the same with out you at all. :-( I wish you all the best Mis.Flannery. :-)

  6. Mandy says:

    I’m done watching The Bold and the Beautiful as of yesterday!!!
    Watch my words it seems as if the writers are leading into the direction of putting Brooke and Mr. Bill Spencer together….
    “Susan Flannery” you’re simply the BEST and again I thank you!!! May God continue to Bless you ALWAYS…..

  7. Traci says:

    i know the perfect Stephanie, Erika Slezak, aka VICTORIA LORD.

  8. Jean R says:

    I’m glad to hear Susan Flannery is really not dieing—-just her character is! Agree, she is the Grand Dam of the show, and if her leaving does the show in, so what? I’m so sick of the many marriages/divorces among the Forresters, etc and the bed jumping. Good riddence to it all!

  9. Teejaye says:

    Sad that steffy is leaving. It will b the end of the show b & b.sad to say also y & r is gone 2 the doggs. It has no sustance anything goes now. So heres what I c. Have all the men sleep with all the mothers, sisters, aunties, grandmothers, nieces,daughters.bring on the monkeys ive watch both show for over 20yrs. & lately its just been nothing there.just go on over to the internet so we can find some else 4 there time slots

  10. teresa says:

    i have watched b & b since the beginnning i was actually concerned that susan was sick for real you can see how painful this is for the whole cast and the fans

  11. Jenny says:

    Congrats on your retirement Susan! I’m crying through every episode, but so happy for u in real life. As for the rest of the show, I think Ridge and Brook need to get back and b the new backbone of the family while Eric enjoys retirement from Forrister. Katie needs to get help and go home. Liam needs to find out what Rick did, then decide he needs time apart from both Stephie and Hope. While he does his thinking both girls need to find new relationships. Pls don’t let Brook and Bill get together. She’s not that type of woman anymore. Just my thoughts on how it should b! Love the B & B

  12. Bonny Elbe says:

    Like Roger Thorp on the Guiding Light, she should be able to come back… Bold and Beatuiful is all about Stephanie… Bring on a new Ridge but Stphanie, she belongs here…..

  13. jennifer coles says:

    I love Stephenie and ridge…I do feel that the show will go down big mistake ..bring the original. Ridge back and put him and Brooke back together..she worked to hard to get to this point or just let it go. Don’t recast..find a cure for Stephenie ..or send her off for treatment ..don’t let her die off so if she choose to return she can…I agree with a lot of you put Liam and hope back together let Steffy and her mother. Get a life and stop running behind men that have Logan woman..if ridge and Stephenie. Decide. Not to return. Best wishes to you both you did a fantastic.job over the years

  14. june lawlor says:

    So sorry to see Susan (Stephanie) leave. She’s a rock and will be missed. Ridge we can do without. For awhile I thought we were watching the Brooke and Ridge show. Time to shake it up. After all life changes.

  15. Fredrick M. Henry says:

    I watched today’s episode. The Bold and The Beautiful. I am a man and had tears in my eyes. This is only a soap opera. But, it hits home for me. I have lost many of my immediate family to cancer. My grandma’s and granddad. I hope Stephanie’s fight with cancer. On the show is not a real life battle? Mrs. Susan Flannery is leaving the show to retire. Brooke will now be the star of the show. I love Brooke and her role on the soap. NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO REPLACE MRS. STEPHANIE FORRESTER. The Bold and The Beautiful days are numbered. I love this soap opera. I don’t know what these writers of the show
    are thinking. Soon the writers and the whole cast might be visiting Mrs. Susan Flannery.
    Fredrick Henry!!

  16. Dont understand the writing off of these characters…yes get rid of Bill, has not real character on the show and wouldnt be missed at all, ridge wont be missed either…Liam, Taylor, and even the busy body daughter of Taylors….thats just after whoever….. all the wonderful women of the show….She will be missed, she was the show…

  17. tracie says:

    Just got done watching stephanie say goodbye and walk out. I have to admitt I cried like a baby. I do believe that no one on that show was acting when they were crying that was real. All of us at home and the rest of the casting crew will truly miss her :-(. What ever you do with the rest of your life Susan I hope you enjoy it. I surly will miss watching you and thank you for coming into our homes and hearts.

  18. JOE S HILL says:

    While i hardly watch TV soaps,i am very familiar with Susan Flannery’s acting career,
    which is very impressive indeed! she was the guest star in a memorable episode of
    “THE TIME TUNNEL” called “The Day The Sky Fell Down” in 1966,over at 20th Century
    Fox. so if she is leaving “THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL”,,or the people in charge
    of the Soaper just decided to let her go,,it’s still a loss,either way,,because she is still a
    talented actress,and i wish her well! CBS appears to be maintaining its soaps,despite
    rival ABC’s less then wise choice to cancel “ONE LIFE TO LIVE” and “ALL MY CHILDREN”
    nearly a year ago,which hasn’t improved that network’s daytime schedule very much. as to
    Susan Flannery,she’ll still manage-but it wouldn’t hurt the soaper,to keep her around for
    a little more time-she still looks good,after all these long years i have watched her work!

  19. Marie La Flamme says:

    I have watched B&B since it aired and Susan and Ron will truly be missed.

  20. VOXPOP says:

    this is shark jumping at it’s highest level…this is the beginning of the end of b&b

    • Fredrick M. Henry says:

      I agree with you this is the end of The Bold and The Beautiful. Stephanie Forrester leaving after Ridge Forrester. Stephanie’s departure will end this beloved soap opera. Sadly too say!!


    • Fredrick M. Henry says:

      I cried too had tears in my eyes. That dropped down my face. I have watched this soap since the 1980’s. Stephanie the pillar of this show. Cannot be replaced this soap will come to and end.

  22. Bobby Dias says:

    Not to be negative- only to set the record straight:Susan Flannery appeared ONLY for promotions to attract new viewers when the numbers were LOW. In the kind of bully way some people are, Susan Flannery looked straight into the camera to make people watch the show. Susan Flannery is going- good maybe somebody less bully will replace her. Maybe a human being.

  23. blythe5050 says:

    i will sorely miss you stephanie and i disagree, noone can be her. let her go. brook can carry on this. she is a good character. the brook and bill line is going interestingly. i do miss ridge but he was a bore.brook was always more interesting than him. that ridiculous storyline with hope and liam. i hope they leave it as it is. liam and hope are boring. she needs a more interesting man in her life. let stephie have him. oh and please dont bring that boring sister and her husband back. puulease im begging you. just keep bill on there wrecking havock he is good,and with brook they will be the dynamic duo. i like where this is going and brook fighting with taylor about it. great stuff.

  24. Joan Dvorsky says:

    I think it’s very sad especially around the holidays,to me its like losing family members in death because I have lost so many around that time,I know it’s going to end sometime,I just wish it could be in the summer time when the sun is shinning and peple are outside enjoying them selves,it’s hard to celebrate the LORDS birthday with all the sad things are happening. However I have watched the B&B since day one and have enjoyed every episode, I wish nothing but the best for all those who leave and I thank them for a job well done !

  25. Connie says:

    There is no show without Stephanie and ridge.

  26. Mary C. Andrews says:

    I can’t tell you how much I will miss Susan Flannery. I have watched the Bold & Beautiful from the first day. I will miss Ronn Moss as well. I wish Susan a happy Retirement and much happiness. Tears will be coming after the Nov 26th show. We will never forget you Susan. You are so loved by many loyal fans. God Bless you always. Best of luck to you & Ronn Moss. We will have the memories, but don’t think it will ever be the same. Now I love the show and I will continue to watch!!!! God Bless all you wonderful actors on the B & B. Love to all!!! Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to the whole cast!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Dujuan says:

    losing 2 Major lead characters .

  28. C. C. Rider says:

    B & B messed up big time in sucking the life out of us over Liam and the two losers. COME ON, who gives that much time to three idiots? IT started out as a good story line but the ONLY ONE? and it went on way toooo long.

    I do not blame Ridge and Stephanie for leaving a sinking ship. I can only hope B & B learned their lesson and DO give Brooke and Eric some good story lines. That will save the series.

    AS for Stephanie, she is way to big of a loss for the series. IT will be forever limping from here on in.

  29. Sona Damergy says:

    If my assumption is correct, Susan has left to enjoy her years in retirement and deservedly so. She has been an amazing character from the person you hated so in her conniving ways to a loving person who wanted to right some of the wrongs in her life. How we hated her and then came to love her. That’s acting that I truly appreciate. I hope she enjoys every minute of her free time because I enjoyed every minute she was on the show.

  30. Sherri Daniels says:

    I was really sad about Stephanie leaving ,her character was awesome, and she is a great actor.what’s going to happen now!!! Stop the love triangle with Liam!!!!

  31. What’s the point if they only listen to viewers bring back the people that spike the story line. You don’t get to exit 2 major players & the game is the same. Tired of triangle with Liam… Bla. Bla. Also must Brooke have all the men? Why she has to betray her daughter & sisters. Give me a break she doesn’t have that much sex appeal. I have watched this soap since it aired on tv 1987 & liked the story line now I not so sure should I continue to watch. I feel it’s time for a change. You want to give Brooke a man then give him the doctor ( Halden from ATWT). What happened to Oliver and what’s up with all the siluets from Aspen. You guys milk the post parfumerie depression to a core to later show Katie rapid recovery explaining where she was emotionally but quickly went into hospital & Taylor’s intervention was a miracle. Bla bla tiful way Stephanie Forrester exit the soap; gave us chance to get use the to the idea. As for Ron Moss happy to know he stand his ground & didn’t take a pay cut & embraced changes as part of life. We will miss u! So I would say it’s time to either ship this soap up or ship out; unless ur planning to write yourselves to the non-existing would of soaps. Stop planning over the same scenarios with Brooke, Hope & possibly Eic . Live u to the slogan… Hope for the future.

  32. Pat Weeks says:

    I love to see Steffie & Liam stay together, she is so full. Of energy. & life. !! Hope is a school girl !! Also I. Hope Brooke & Bill hit it off. !! We need to see more of. Sheffie. & Liam . All my friends love the B& B. !! Also. Steffie !!!! She makes the show !!!

    • Norman says:


  33. Ms. Chris D. Johnson says:

    I have watched since the first day of the show and still watching! Please fans don’t be upset about change. These characters are not real and the real life actors are! We can’t be selfish when it comes to them wanting to leave or retire from the soaps. When things aren’t right, they should leave. The Strong Towers should be treated with Honor and Respect! Best Wishes to Ron and Susan-Well Done! p.s. Fire those writers and get things cracking again just like the old days way back when “Sally” was there!

  34. Kat says:

    I cant wait for the new bold and the beautiful without susan and ridge I liked them too, however now their can be a new chapter the young twenty somethings will start families and take over the business. They need to get hope and thomas together they would be great and they look great together. If katy doenst watch out her sister and bill may get together. or Deacon might show up ooooh steffy can have liam hes not good enough for hope. Brooke is the new head of the family matriarch. Team Brooke.

  35. Sally says:

    I have seen the B&B since day one and I’ve never liked Brooke. She is an opportunist and can never get her own man. She had her eyes on Ridge when he belonged to Caroline and then Taylor. I liked Ridge with Taylor. Then Brooke went after his father, his brother and son! Watch her go after Bill now because she already put her hooks on him. Always acting so innocent. I don’t like to watch the show when it’s about Brooke or the Logans! They share their men like sharing underwear, no respect for each other, not even their mother who was Eric’s love. I like Steffie and Liam together because she’s so real and full of life. Hope is boring like the Logans. Steffie believes in her man and Hope did not and that is why she lost him to Steffy. Liam went to Steffy on the same day of their wedding and that’s because he has feelings for Steffy and Hope is too dumb to see that! I like to see the challenge Steffy is giving Hope and want to see more of them. It may be a repeat of Ridge, Taylor, & Brooke but It’s still my favorite show. I will miss Stephanie and Ron Moss even tho all he could do was lock lips with Brooke! yeck!! I’d like to see the new Ridge go back to Taylor, he still loved her and she is still beautiful, botox or no. Brooke is gonna need some help soon! ha! Donna needs to go back to body building and get rid of some of that fat. Her character needs spicing, but then she is a Logan!

  36. KID53 says:

    I like Liam & Steffy, Hope needs to get over herself and move on with Oliver, Taylor needs to quit obsessing over Brooke. Brooke manages to screw up everyone elses lives without Taylor. Give Taylor some back bone, she isn’t insecure so don’t continue to make her that way. As for Susan Flannery, well not much you can say there as she is the queen of Soaps and it was a shame they let her quit. It’s not the same without her. The idea of Kim Zimmer and Robert Newman yeah buddy. I miss them both. They are awesome and belong together and should be on the Bold and Beautiful!!

  37. bernadet says:

    this show used to be my favorite soap on tv..since you dumped the maroni characters, jack, jackie, and now ron moss and susan flannery it really has hit the skids..i am so sick of that stupid story line between that jerk liam, stephie and brooks bozo daughter now brook as per her usual gets herself pregnant by her sister’s husband..well what’s new with her, she has kids by her daughters husband why not this one what a farce this story turned out to be..rather watch adam 12 booooooooooooo bold and beautiful

  38. Pamie says:

    The Show is Stephine ,Eric, Brook! It’s sad to watch the show without them as a Team. I used to watch her when she played the roll as Laura Horton. Thank You for the memories😘

  39. Sabid Amad BACCHUS says:

    Wishes all cast members a wonderful Christmas and a productive 2016.
    continued the work, its the best program as my spouse always say.

  40. Sabid Amad Bacchus says:

    My spouse love to watch this show every week days, she being fan, just keeps busy some times, I have listen to her.
    keep this programs going none stop.
    Happy Holidays to all cast members, hope to see your problem 2016
    Happy New Year.