Exclusive 'Scoop': Fox’s Animation Domination Dishes Out Family Values (and Hot Fudge)!

If the key art Fox just released to mark the return of its Animation Domination line-up (on Sept. 30) doesn’t whet your appetite for The Simpsons, Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, American Dad and The Cleveland Show, it’s still sure to whet your appetite for ice cream!

Feast your eyes on the cherry-topped wordplay that the network uses to remind you of which day of the week it dedicates to its “sketchy” characters, and see if it doesn’t leave you with a hankering for a cone — and, quite possibly, the urge to call your dad.

VIDEO | Bob’s Burgers Casts Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm as a Talking Toilet 

Oh, and quick side note: Though Animation Domination starts up again on Sept. 30, one of its series — Cleveland — doesn’t come back until Oct. 21. Now back to drooling…

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  1. Sam says:

    In a perfect world, The Cleveland Show and Family Guy would have been cancelled years ago, and American Dad and Bob’s Burgers would run forever.

    • pigas_if@hotmail.com says:

      OMG…..don’t be dumb, Bob’s Burgers and American dad are the ones that should be cancelled, Family Guy is awesome.

      • Henning says:

        Family Guy is still good. The Cleveland Show should never have been aired, though.

        • T says:

          The Cleveland Show is the funniest show in Animation Domination. First Cleveland, then Family Guy, then Bobs Burgers, then Simpsons, then American Dad.

      • austin says:

        dude ur stupid american dad is better than family guy family guy is only funny for little kids

        • Tamara says:

          Hey i like family guy, american dad,and the simpson and i think that they should make more shows.when every body grow up and the parents get old

        • dodgerpacker says:

          Pretty sure little kids don’t get half the jokes in Family Guy…

        • Martin H. says:

          Family Guy has its moments, but right now, American Dad! is way more clever. Cleveland Show is the reason Family Guy’s quality has deteriorated – he shouldn’t have left FG in the first place.

          Haven’t seen Bob’s Burgers so I can’t say anything about it.

          Simpsons will always have a special place in my heart, so I would be happy if FG, AD, Simpsons and South Park (though not a FOX show) would run forever.

          The biggest crime in humanity isn’t that the Cleveland Show was created though – even worse was the cancellation of Drawn Together!

          • Cornholio says:

            “The biggest crime in humanity isn’t that the Cleveland Show was created though – even worse was the cancellation of KING OF THE HILL!”
            fify (fixed it for you)

    • Thari says:

      Agreed! And I’m soo looking forward to the Archer- BB cross-over! I can’t deal!

    • George says:

      Dude your whacked, Family Guy is hilarious. Why do you think it’s been on forever.

      American Dad has good days and bad days.

      I don’t watch The Cleveland Show or Bob’s Burgers enough to comment on them.

    • RANboy says:

      are you serious? lol… family guy was cancelled, it came back because of strong dvd sales.I’m a massive Simpsons fanboy, but family guy is bloody awesome too, all the others should disappear! American Dad? Seen 5 min of that, SO LAME!!!

    • Yazyeone says:

      bob burgers is a pingas

    • totally agree, The Cleveland show is an abomination and family guy should just never have been revived, the quality of the show has dipped so much its almost unbearable to watch now. unless your 8 and enjoy constant toilet humour

  2. Cailey says:

    agree. So excited for full season of Bob’s Burgers

  3. Seedless says:

    Family Guy should never be canceled. Last season was hit or miss, though. Or is it hit AND miss? Hmm

  4. Danielle says:

    Family Guy is still hilarious, and I can see it being around for many more years that is if Seth is willing to do so. Team Family Guy over here!

  5. TheRemedy says:

    So the ones you don’t like should cancelled, grow up people, if everyone liked the same things the world would be a boring place, can’t wait for Seth’s shows to start, American Dad is the best thing on TV.

  6. macpherson says:

    Whatever happened to Allen Gregory that show was hilarious on so many wrong levels

  7. Tariq says:

    Animation Domination Rocks! Haven’t got into Bobs Bugers yet but it took a few season for me to like American Dad but now that’s my favorite of them all. Family Guy is still hilarious. Cleveland show definitely has its moments but again this would be season 3 for that right? I’m just excited were getting new episodes for them all. I never deleted my DVR settings so I’m already ready to go. Can’t wait!!

  8. kian says:

    Family is better then all shows created

    • Dominica says:

      Then you should probably go hang with your family and stop trying to “change the world” with your lame comments… Hypo!!!

  9. Vader714 says:

    You are all dumb these shows are epic and y’all be sad when they’re gone.

  10. Mike Murphy says:

    Can’t wait for the return of the Griffins! The rest are ok, but no Family Guy.

  11. Simpsons = American Dad > Crap

  12. Lennon green says:

    American Dad is better then all those shows , family guy used to be funny now its boring but american dad still manages to be funny . Simpsons is Aiight not bad the rest should be removed from fox

  13. alia says:

    I think you shood make a epasond of family guy when stewe is in colag and cris and meg have kids and peter and lois are gran and granndad xxxx love family guy wow xxxxxxx

  14. iam weiner says:

    Wait cleveland show made it to round 3 how is that possible did america drop in iq?

  15. Jaque miehoff says:

    Remember the PJs?

  16. Zach says:

    Family guy is no longer funny the only good episodes are Stewie and Brian’s adventures. Cleveland show is not needed nor does it make any sence to the chronological order of family guy. American dad is the only show by Seth worth watching. You have to be sensible to get the american dad humor.

  17. Joe says:

    Its all about american dad, it actualy has story and more grown up humour. Family guy was good when it was new and if you were a stupid teen (or high) but now just makes random (mainly political) jokes that unless your american You tend not to understand. Cleveland show just sucks. Bobs burgers is worth a watch. Oh and btw seph TED had its moments but really wasn’t as good as everyone’s telling you.

  18. derrick says:

    Roger rules!

  19. thiassssss says:

    Um.. you guys probally NEVER watched the clevland show enough to know that its freaking HILARIOUS, AND THE SIMPSONS! The simpsons are funny why do you think that show has been on FOREVERRRRRRRRR!? And family guy and american dad!! Idk about bobs burgers .. o.O looks stupid !

  20. alia says:

    Watching family guy on DVD wow

  21. Tyler says:

    Honestly, American Dad is hilarious. Family Guy has funny elements. The Simpsons still makes me laugh, I don’t know about the rest of you. I never liked Cleveland Show or Bob’s Burgers, so they should most likely be cancelled to me…

  22. nate p says:

    Family guy and american dad are the best. I grew up with the simpsons so I still watch. I don’t care about the others.

  23. DeMarcus says:

    Da cleveland show, american dad, n family guy are all funny as hell. Its da damn simspons dat need to be taken off of tv. Dey been on tv since thriller came out. Dey aint even funny, so whats da point of keepin em on tv???

    • gotmoveslikejagr says:

      The Simpsons still have their moments. Of Seths shows, American Dad is the most fun and clever, while Family Guy still manages to be funny sometimes, although they have passed their peak years ago.

      The Cleveland Show have some fun episodes, but I wouldn’t be too sad if they were cancelled.

  24. As stale as the Simpsons is getting, I still get a few laughs from it. Bob’s Burger’s is okay, but the jokes are boring. Family Guy’s all right, but it seems to be losing its touch, and even if it’s adequately entertaining, so is American Dad. And The Cleveland Show, well, it has its strong points, but I think they ought to change the name from Stoolbend to Snoresville. Bottomline, all three of Seth MacFarlane’s shows could use some improvement.

    I mean, Futurama’s not part of the Fox Network anymore, but still, it gets its laughs, and it’s still got its same old charm. And hey, speaking of cartoons on Comedy Central, South Park may be changing, but it still adequately funny!

    So what I’m trying to say is, even though Animation Domination has its laughs in each show, they still lack in more qualities than the company will ever know. It’s time that Fox took a vacation, and thought about how they can improve their shows.

    I’m Hager the Critic, I remember it, so you don’t have to.

  25. miranda says:

    Bobs burgers! I can’t wait! <3

  26. T says:

    LOVE CLEVELAND. The Cleveland Rap from season 1 is my ring tone. “Straight out of Stoolbend, a crazy mother—– named Cleveland…” And his laugh is my text tone.

  27. tracy says:

    I like FG & BB, but AD is hilarious…Roger’s egos are too funny – dan ansome handsome!

  28. harley hadzik says:

    come one guy just apperciate what seth has done he has brought some amazing tv shows for us to watch and all you lot can do it put it down i know all of the shows have there ups an down some more than the others but they are all still amazing

  29. DeMarcus says:

    idc what anybody say. Simpsons need to go on somewhere wid they tired ass show