Exclusive Pretty Little Liars First Look: Ezra's Baby Mama Comes Between 'Ezria'… Again!

Ezra’s MIA baby mama continues to exact a toll on ‘Ezria’ in Tuesday’s installment of Pretty Little Liars (8/7c, ABC Family). Will the semi-reformed Liar be able to cope with her relationship’s new third wheel? We have an exclusive first look that sheds some light on that very quandary.

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When Aria shows up with birthday goodies for Ezra — who, let’s face it, has pretty much become a crotchety old man is recent weeks — she’s hit with the news that he was up all night penning a letter to his ex-love. (To his credit, he says the reason he’s so torn again about this whole Maggie sitch is that his mom’s attempt to buy off Aria opened old wounds — but we’re still skeptical.)

What say you? Press PLAY below and then hit the comments!

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  1. Kelsey Moeloa says:

    I hope Ezra and Aria stay together..

  2. Eric says:

    Ezria forever!!! Thats the shows central couple!!!

  3. Shoshana says:

    I think Ezra is A

  4. diego007 says:

    Eu Amo pretty Little Liars *.* melhor série de todos os tempos ‘-

  5. Brodeempss says:

    I think Ezria should be over. More drama :)

  6. shay says:

    I think that she need to leave he Bc I think that her and holden should see how things … Now l….. just hear me out I love seeing her ezra but I would love to see that

  7. DEERDRAH says:


  8. Jasmin says:

    I also thik Ezra might be A, but I really hope he isnt!:)

  9. Rei says:

    Im hopinh hanna and caleb get back together HALEB FREVER

  10. Nicolle says:

    i think ezra is apart of the Ateam cuz he was desperate for money and thee Ateam offered it to him and i think to add a lil spice aria and ezras brother should get together cuz he seemed into her and around her age

  11. andrea says:

    I think that they will stay together …at least that is my hope!

  12. La Bella Vita says:

    I think that Ezra is hiding a lot more then what he leads on. I think he is A, and i also think that he might fall back in love wioth Maggie; I wish he would just be faithfull (mentally) to Aria, because although Aria seems strong on the outside, it’s probably ripping her apart on the inside. Poor Ezria :(

  13. Stine says:

    I’m thinking that I want to watch mooore! Sucks big time that the episodes is coming only once in week. Buhuuu

  14. La Bella Vita says:

    I also think that Maggie kept his child, and that she will want him to be apart of the kids life, and this will tare Ezria apart. Nonsense Baby Mama Drama. But Ezra needs to kinda grow up and learn how to treat Aria right, they have been together for over a year and i think that Ezra keeps her at arms length, and hides crap from her. Aria should know tht she deserves better.

  15. I think Aria and Ezra are on the A Team. They always manage to get through whatever obstacle is in their way; almost like they had a hand in it.

  16. Anchy says:

    Ezria can’t break up :/ They are my favorite couple in the PLL. They must be fine although Ezra maybe have baby. If they broke up or something else I’ll be mad

  17. a belk says:

    Just wanted to say thx to all of u cuz u help fill n the fact that I dnt hv cable. Lol. Dying to c ALL I’ve missed!

  18. SophiaAnne says:

    What’s with all the drama?! Eza, please don’t still be in love with Maggie.

  19. Rachael says:

    no way ezra is A! he has nothing against any of them!!!

  20. Sid says:

    Ezra is NOT A!!! People!!! Read the books!!!!!

  21. Toya says:


  22. zumbaag says:


    Obviously A is Courtney.. or Allison… I cant remember which, the book was so confusing and I read them a while ago BUT there is no way that the writers would stray that far from the book. Ezra might be a little sketchy but he is definitely NOT A! Sorry people!
    And I really really want Aria and Ezra to break up… the both deserve more and they’re only hurting each other!
    And before you guys go make a whoole bunch of crazy guesses about who is is you should all go read the books they are AMAZING!

    Im done blabbing now! Haha <3 PLL

    • j says:

      Hello in the books there was no cece, toby died in the first book, and aria ends up with noel after the second book. Ezria didnt happen but for a few months in the books…so i would have to say they are completely differrnt, also hannah was in the mental hospital for almost a whole book. That hasnt happened either

  23. Bec1795 says:

    Ezra most likely isnt “A” and they will probably have them stay together because of the hype over the couple.

  24. Silvia says:

    Aria isn’t A, thats no posible, cause when she receive a text messaje she gets very nervous, ezra once told her that she still gets nervous when her phone ring, because he think that A was mona and the matter was resolved, so ezra could not be A

  25. brunag says:

    Soo i think Alisson is A. nao existe outra possibilidade. Acho que quem morreu nao foi Alli. Ali esta viva.

  26. Quddoosiyyah says:

    So wait then who is pregnant ,Aria?

    • Jacquelyn says:

      No, Aria wasn’t and isn’t pregnant. When Ezra was younger, like 16, he and Maggie were dating and she was pregnant.

  27. Jacquelyn says:

    I hope Ezria stays together!!! They are my favorite couple on the show. It seems like Aria is being understanding of Maggie and not like jealous that he wants to know if she’s okay. She was a bit shocked to hear he wrote an email, but she still sounds supportive. I hope I’m not being thrown for a loop and this is actually going to break them up!!! I also have a feeling I’m getting ready to dislike Ezra a lot! I don’t think he’s A, but he’s been acting suspicious in recent episodes so I hope he’s not going to do something to break Aria’s heart!!! That would break mine!

  28. Rochelle says:

    EZRIA NEEDS TO END!! THEY ARE BORING AS HELL!! JARIA FOREVER!!!! :D i have a feeling ezra is -A and if he is it would be soo interesting!! and make his story line far from boring!
    anyways im working on a theory… the people mona meontioned in her riddles are Aria Garrett Alison Maya and Ezra and if you put the first letter of there names togethor it spells A GAME so could they be the other people that are a part of the -A team?? is it a coincedence or not??

    • shrina says:

      Well I didn’t think os that but yea that could be true and aria and ezra are people that nobody would guess!!! Maybe in the finale maya has a vedio that unsrambles things and aria is A!!

  29. May says:

    I’m pretty sure A is a woman.

  30. shrina says:

    Mona mentioned aria garret allison mona ezra meaning A GAME the first letter of each name!!

  31. Brit says:

    Aria met erza a year after Allison once she cane back from europe and he didn’t even know she was in high school it know who Allison was. He isn’t A. But he is being sketchy, with lists of secrets.

  32. Kate says:

    What is point of this dumb storyline? It belongs on another show. I don’t get why the writers are so obsessed with Ezria. They get by far the most screen time of any of the couples on the show but why? They have the least chemistry of the couples on this show.

  33. IZZY says:

    I hope ezria stays together and that aria isn’t A

  34. Naomi Speakman says:

    I read up that Alison has a twin called Courtney or something like that. Apparentley Alison is still alive – because Ali’s twin (Courtney) looks so much a-like, they though it was Ali. So, I think Ali is still alive, and the body they found was Courtney’s! x

  35. Ade says:

    Am I the only one who likes Aria with Jason? I want them to try things out.
    Also, I would like her with noel but he’s such a creep, even if he isn’t as bad as we’ve been led to believe.

  36. Rlvp says:

    I wish Ezra would stop being so weird lately, he has ruined ALL the Ezria scenes in the last few episodes. This could have been a great scene with Aria waking him up and giving him a ‘birthday gift’

  37. ezra seriously needs to tell aria that maggie is totally acient history and she is not gonna come inbetween them EVER AGAIN. i want aria and ezra to stay together

  38. katy917 says:

    It seriously hurts me reading these comments – do they not teach kids grammar, spelling and how to string a coherant sentance together????? That being said, I hope that they keep Aria and Erza together, and I would be very disappointed if ANY of the girls (Hanna, Spencer, Emily or Aria ) turned out to be A.

  39. Sylke says:

    maybe this is a stupid question, but if Allison had a twin sister, how is it her parents didn’t know she’s alive, and in the tv series you don’t hear anything about her?

  40. Mary says:

    Ok I don’t like Erza and Aria together. I think she needs to try another guy!! And id be a huge surprise if and of the girls (Hannah, aria, spencer, or Emily) were A. I’d be to wierd!!

  41. Caitlyn says:

    I think paige looks very suspicous. Normally someone would go home and cry their eyes out instead of hitting a trash can down when they saw their gf kissing somebody else. Also piage has tried to drown emily. I think paige is trying to gain emilys trust but will backstab her in the season finalle.

  42. pll says:

    A cant be any of the girls people! they all get the texts and stuff happen to them, especially hanna and spencer!they were in the previous eppisode trapped at the cabin and a wrote them a notice, i have a feeling it is nate, and he killed maya too or paige

  43. Mary says:

    Just saying that Paige saw Emily kissing Nate AFTER Maya died!! Paige didn’t have an excuse to kill Maya cuz she hadn’t seen them kissing!! Remember that!!!

  44. -brit says:

    Allison is apparently “alive” and her twin sister “Courtney” was pretending to be Allison all along “A(llison)” killed Courtney who everyone thought was Allison. Due to the fact her friend betrayed her and followed her twin she is now going after them. The reason people didn’t know about her twin was because she was locked up in an insane crazy house or something. But Paige is definitely suspicious. And its also weird because “A” killed off maya and is breaking up Haleb, along with Spencer and Toby so why not Erza and Aria? or Paige?

  45. Brownie says:

    They are so cute together! I hope they won’t break up…

  46. Fan says:

    When is coming out Episode 11?? Today?? (21 August)??