Exclusive: Glee Exec on Season 4's Big 'Breakup' Episode: 'It's Like Titanic - Not All Will Make It'

Glee‘s super couples are heading into Season 4 on a collision course with the mother of all icebergs.

In an exclusive interview with TVLine, executive producer Brad Falchuk is shedding ominous new light on this season’s much-buzzed-about fourth episode, “The Break-Up.”

“All of the core relationships are tested,” he previews of the hour, which fellow EP Ryan Murphy first hinted about on Twitter last week. “I’m not going to say who breaks up and who doesn’t, but they all — Santana/Brittany, Kurt/Blaine, Will/Emma, Rachel/Finn — get kicked in the nuts. And it’s all about how do they recover — and can they recover? And some don’t. Absolutely some don’t. Of those couples, not all of them are going to make it. It’s like Titanic.”

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Of those duos, Rachel/Finn — who already essentially split in the finale — and Kurt/Blaine appear to be the most vulnerable. Regarding the latter duo, Falchuk conceded that Kurt’s decision to follow Rachel to New York while Blaine enters his senior year at McKinley will test their romance like never before.

“Long-distance relationships are hard,” he acknowledged. “They’re not impossible, but they’re really hard. And with all the couples we’re really trying to look at what it takes to have a relationship when one person leaves. It’s particularly hard when somebody graduates high school and someone is still in high school. The second you graduate high school you’re in a different world. You see things differently, your needs are different, your perspective on things is different. So I think it’s a pretty tough challenge.”

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Figuring out who these characters are outside of their respective romances is a major theme of Season 4, notes Falchuk. “Relationships in general will be less of a focus this year,” he says. “I personally think a lot of these characters are more interesting not in relationships. And I think with a lot of them we will be exploring that. Whether they break up or not, we’re really focused on giving them more individual stories.”

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  1. Pissed says:

    I’m stilled pissed at the Quick storyline.

    • arianna says:

      I still can’t with how they dealt with that storyline. And by “dealt” I mean completely dropped between seasons one and two and then let flare up at random moments during season three. What was that even?

      • Pissed says:

        Exactly, they basically ignored each other in season 2, and again in season 3 from episodes 9-21 after the whole Beth mess, but in the finale, she tells him she loves him and they kiss, despite her interest in Joe? I’m sorry but I wanted a real storyline for them and Beth, but I guess we’ll have to see how things are at Thanksgiving.

  2. Kerrisha says:

    HOW AWFUL !!!!!

  3. gems says:

    and again..igonoring tina&mike character

  4. Lisa says:

    They definantly should keep finn and rachel together. havent we been through enough break ups with this couple. im not saying to make their relationship amazingly easy but stop breaking them up every two seconds over stupid stuff otherwise they will never have a grown up adult relationship

  5. Jennifer says:

    Well I’m ready for Brittana to be over, what can they even do with that relationship? Heather is amazing with one-liners but that’s pretty much it. Santana needs a character as complex as she is.

  6. RumbleRoar says:

    Ok Ryan, I know we’ve had our disagreements in the past with you not bringing Cameron Mitchell onto Glee even though he didn’t win, but I hope we can put that behind us and Klaine can stay together. PLEASE. Look how succesful Harry Potter was, eh? All was well. ALL. Harry and Ginny were together, Ron and Hermione were together. Now Kurt and Blaine need to be together. Alright? Good.

  7. bibi says:

    This is a freaking joke right ? Klaine can’t break up. I’m ok with some fight but definitely not a break up. Brad said some couple will break up and not recover. This CAN’T be klaine . They love eachother. I don’t want to think that what Blaine promess in the klaine box scene was a lie . Because if they break up it will be a lie ! And a break up make no sense. I do want them to fight because they’re like a old married couple right now but not a break up .

    • Kay says:

      Also, Kurt promised Blaine that he would never say goodbye to him. He promised that they would figure the whole long-distance relationship out. They should be able to maintain a long-distance relationship if they really love each other. Sure there may be difficult times but they should be strong enough to power through them as long as they remain committed. I know Sebastian will be a threat to their relationship because of past history, but I’m hoping Blaine will be able to resist his attempts and remain faithful to Kurt if he really is “the love of his life.” Why can’t we have at least one couple who can remain faithful and committed to each other without threat of breaking up?

  8. klaineisendgame says:

    im praying that klaine will be ok. with finchel i really dont care what with them, they have broken up alot so it is just getting rediculous, with wemma im concered cause i dont know if what i saw was an official season 4 photo but it looked like will and sue where about to kiss?!?!?!?!?!?!?. and now brittana i wonder what will happen to cause trouble with them. and once again Tike was left out. whats happenig with them. will they be featured in this episode too.

  9. jessie says:

    not santana i love her and glee wouldnt be the same without her couple.

  10. Brianna says:

    I don’t care what they do with Blake, as long as he isn’t anywhere near heather, or messes with brittana. Seriously, I’ll be so pissed.

  11. Britney says:

    I’m crossing my fingers and toes that Kurt/Blaine are the ones breaking up. No way would they be able to handle a long distance relationship. They couldn’t even handle going to separate schools and Blaine was already whining about it before Kurt even left. They’re the definitely of high school first loves that don’t last because they refuse to see or acknowledge each other’s faults and leave no room for growth. Kurt needs to be single when he’s in New York and explore what it’s like to be an out gay male in a big city, where it’s not the thing that defines him. He doesn’t need to be chained down to Blaine while he’s out exploring himself after all this time.

    And Finchel needs to stay broken up too, for the love of all that’s holy.

    • yah says:

      You would be sad too if your significant other was being separated from you via circumstance. Blaine’s feelings are totally legitimate. And if klaine don’t work out then so what? They’ll always have what they had. First loves and all that. IF they don’t recover they can probably still remain friends, They were so close to begin with. I just love them.

      • Kay says:

        I agree. They started out as friends, and then they fell in love (well, actually, Kurt fell in love with Blaine from the first time he saw him at Dalton). Hopefully, if they do separate (not saying break-up) they will eventually realize what they have and reunite in an epic romantic way and be together. Hopefully by the time Blaine graduates (or before). That is what I am hoping for. If they make it to Season 5 then he can be with Kurt in NYC and build a life together. But I guess we will have to wait and see what the writers come up with because with Glee, happily ever after isn’t always their strong suit.

  12. Britney says:

    Also, Brittana was completely ignored all season, and they deserve to have some focus before being broken up. They’ve been a popular ship since the beginning and the fans had to fight to get them taken seriously. All of that just for them to hold hands and kiss a couples times for a season and then break them up? Not fair. Santana and Brittany are great characters together and separately, and unlike Finchel and Klaine, last season showed that they can explore Santana’s character and give her storylines without it effecting Brittana, so there’s no need to break them up in order to give her individual storylines.

  13. Chris Colfer says:

    Please, please let it be Kurt and Blaine. Kurt needs to get rid of that dud and find someone he has chemistry with.

    • Kurt supporter says:

      I couldn’t agree more. They are so boring together!

    • eeenough of your bullcrap. says:

      I weep for Kurt’s next boyfriend. They will have to deal with this portion of his more cray cray stans. Nothing he does will be good enough, just watch.

      • Filteredout says:

        I feel the same way about Blaine. No random boy will be good enough for my fav. Unless he finds that same chemistry he has with Kurt with someone else.

        • Ally says:

          I feel like he can have chemistry with a lot of things though. It’s just his whole flirtatious vibe. He could have chemistry with a doorknob.

    • woops says:

      Maybe in your dreams. Blaine has been quite successful, I think. I won’t mind kurt not being with him any more because then he won’t have Kurt’s apron strings tying him down into a compartment labelled “Kurt’s BF”. The next sod can deal with that nonsense.

  14. Heidi says:

    C’mon they can’t be breaking up Brittana already they didn’t even have a real storyline together. They didn’t even talk to one another, not one private conversation unlike Wemma, Finchel, and Klaine. Such a double standard and now they might break up lame. Take advantage of this couples chemistry as a viewer there is still plots to be pulled from them. Develop them individually and together as a couple that is possible for them to have growth, they don’t have to become one entity just because there together.

    Now with Finchel and Klaine there problem was they only revolved around one another. The problem here was they became one entity, especially Finchel. They revolved around one another way too much. Seeing Rachel single should be fun since she hasn’t been single long in all 3 seasons. With Klaine it was a nice idea but they got boring and nothing exciting happened with them. It would be nice to see Kurt be the one chased for once.
    Wemma I have no idea what could happen there, they seem endgame.

  15. Catherine says:

    They are all liars, Ryan is already promoting that Puck 2.0 guy with the brunette new chick, Sam and Artie and the new tgp guy’s character will be in relationships and there is no way that there wont be a love triangle between Finn/Rachel/Brody. It will be all about the ships as per usual.

    I do want them all to break up because I do think they are more interesting alone and lbr very few hs couples last, especially if they ain’t in the same state.

    IMO, Brittany needs to grow up, learn what is privacy and figure her sh*t out before she gets in a serious relationship. Rachel is waaay too dependent. Finn is a douchbag and needs to learn to mind his own bsns. Blaine has no personality. Kurt is a whiny egocentrical man. Santana seems to be in a good place rn to be in a rl but I want her to stay single and focus on herself now that she is comfortable with who she is.

  16. Iota says:

    Brittana can’t break up, they haven’t exPloted any of te potential they have. And in my opinion, they’re the Glee couple that could really last.

  17. johnson says:

    i’m hoping for a klaine break up too. they need to figure things out on their own with kurt and his new job and blaine needs to figure out what he wants on his own. they can still be friends. plus there have been plenty of hints of them breaking up. brittana has no real sl as an official couple and i think with britt struggling still being in hs and santana obviously going to ny possibly by the end of the two part turkey day ep they can support each other. santana struggling figuring out what she is going to do britt can support her dream that she builds. if they break them up then that will be a slap in the face to the fandom who has been waiting for them to become a couple for 3 seasons and then getting nothing would be cruel to end them.

  18. Missy says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!Kurt and Blaine have to stay together! KLAINE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!! If they break up I will be devastated!

    • Jewel says:

      Me either, but I think they might be. I’m fine with that, as long as they get back together soon and don’t break up over some petty problem.

      And to everyone who says that this is what the Klainers get for asking for equality: We said we wanted them to have equal screentime to Finchel, not be the gay equivalent of them. I can’t stand it when the show treats those wo couples like that. They are NOT the same couple. Each has their own struggles and strenghs, and so do the characters themselves. I didn’t like it when they did that with The First Time and I don’t like it that they’re doing it again this episode with Don’t Speak.

      I get that this might be because of the Hummelberry friendship (which I can’t stand anymore because I love Kurt and being around Rachel might have made him more annoying in S3) and because of Finn and Blaine both being “leaders” on the hsow, but that’s no reason to treat it like they’re pretty much the same couple.

    • Charlie says:

      Klaine has gotten boring like Darren said they need spice in their realtionship and a break up to figure out who they are as individuals would be good. Then if and I don’t mean they will make up but if they are meant to be then this would be q good way to figure that out by being w other ppl. Rms tweet about happy endings doesnt mean a happy middle and I think the writers realize that klaine needs time apart. I mean Ian did say they were super committed at the start and I think Blaine cheats cause the vid it looks like he says I screwed up w Sebastian and if I were Kurt it would take me a while not just the spam of 1 ep to forgive that person if I could. For brittana I think the trouble will be if Santana drops out of school or not and britt finally realizes how important education is will say something that upsets Santana but at the end San shows up in Lima and they make up like rm says equal amount of kisses in 1 ep. Wemma I’m still convinced they are not getting married. Finches Rachel Not accepting the fact that finn left her could be the reason they fight and they break up for real this time. Now although he didn’t mention tile I still think they could break up Tina becoming closer to artie mike being influenced to cheat because he is around other female dancers and maybe being the only straight guy there. Ok rant over

  19. Mel says:

    If breaking Brittana up only means to have more storyline for Brittany, I’m all for it! I’m so tired of Brittany being only Santana’s sapphic arm candy/trophy girlfriend/prop/whatever you want to call it. Given the lack of Brittany when she becomes Santana’s girlfriend last season, I’m all for it as long as Brittany has more storyline and screen time.

    • Joe says:

      I’m all for a britt sl butit could still involve Santana. And yes I’m a huge britt fan but breaking up brittana no and I think the writers realize that they screwed the brittana fandom over and they are gonna make it up to us this yr. I mean Ian even said the writers heard that the fandom was angry w how they were treated as a couple and breaking them up would not win them over.

  20. Katie says:

    What about Mike & Tina?!

  21. J12 says:

    I think it would be a real shame if Brittana were to break up at this point. They went through so much to get to where they are in season 2 and the beginning of season 3 (even though this was mostly off camera in season 3). Their romantic relationship was barely explored at all last season – apart from the odd kiss and comment in 2 or so episodes. Their overall conversation time together was barely 5 minutes. I feel like we haven’t got to know them as a couple yet at all and if they were to be broken up now, it would be such a waste. Not to mention the fact that Heather and Naya have incredible chemistry together and when they do have scenes or songs with each other, they are always extremely effective. I do not hope for any of the couples to ‘break up’ for good. Personally, I hope they all get a happy ending. But at this point, I feel like breaking up Brittana would be the biggest let down since they have not even had a chance to delve into their relationship properly in the first place.

  22. lgbtqi outrage says:

    I sincerely hope that they don’t go the route of pairing Brittany up with a boy if they do choose to break-up Brittana. That would be so cliche and offensive. The bisexual leaves her lesbian relationship for a guy because he can give her what the girl can’t? Come on, Glee. You do NOT want to go there. The LGBTQI community would be up in arms with the show… yet again. Revisiting that old, over-done storyline would have a lot of people raging and banging down the writer’s doors for perpetuating a horrible, insulting stereotype.

  23. Daniel says:

    In my opinion, Klaine can break up…. if they get together again in the end. :/

  24. lizzy says:

    didn’t Rachel/Finn get kicked in the nuts already though? I remember that awfully sad break up scene ):

  25. How they should write Brittany says:

    If the writer’s would write Brittany like they did at the end of season 2 – quirky and strange yet perceptive, sensitive and emotionally savvy – she is the PERFECT girl for Santana. They need to get back to THAT Brittany, develop her character more and stop only using her for these nonsensical one-liners. A lot of her one-liners in season 1 and parts of season 2 were funny word-play and creative ways of looking at things. The writers need to make Brittany odd and funny but not a complete idiot. Then, Brittana will work beautifully once more.

  26. lyndsey says:

    I’m sorry, but let’s be real. We have all gotten addicted to this show. And we all like different couples/ storylines. I started watching this show from day one, and I have been addicted to the finchel storyline. When they split at the end of season 3… I balled like a baby. There is nothing more real than your first true love. I would love to see finchel reunite. But what I really want is for Finn and Rachels storylines to find happiness, I want them to test the waters, and maybe love someone else. I don’t know, either way I just want them to be happy.

  27. elmo says:

    To be honest, yes I do agree that Klaine can live with a little bump or 2 in their relationship,they are endgame after all, but that doesn’t mean that they should be pushed into the background. It also doesn’t give either Blaine or Kurt the freedom to just date some random guy. They were MADE for each other. I’d love it if glee were to focus on both NYC and McKinley, again like Klaine, McKinley shouldn’t be pushed into the background. What is Glee without a glee club? I’ve watched glee from Pilot and I don’t think that there should be any less focus on Lima then NYC. We gleeks should’ve learnt by now that they were the underdogs and I think that hey, if they want glee to turn into the graduates’ lives then how about a spin off?

    Finchel. Well yes I also do agree that they are still the main characters but to some degree, they aren’t the most important thing on the show. Glee is about the lives of teens growing up and making decisions. So like hey, why should everything be about them? I’ve noticed that some people here just says that glee is all about finchel but I don’t think it is. Screen time should be shared equally amongst them. Just because Tina has been in the background the past few seasons does not mean that she is any less important then Finchel. I don’t hate them or anything but just slightly annoyed that we have has so many important scenes cut because of them.

    Moral of the story is just because Finchel is the main does not mean that everybody else is less important then them. Everybody deserves equal screen time and interaction.

    I love some relationship drama for the couples on condition that they get back Together to highlight the fact that they are for each other.

    So please. Stop. Just stop. Stop saying that Tike shouldn’t be together. Stop saying that Finchel is a waste of time. Stop saying that Blaine is more loved then Kurt. Stop it. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that whatever the writers plan to do with them stays logical and believable and that we continue to love glee.

    • Filteredout says:

      If we think about it, they’ve only ever dated each other. How are they realistically supposed to know if they’re that good for each other unless they gain more experience with other relationships?

      Look what happened to Will and Terri. They were highschool sweethearts and their marriage was… well not ideal in the long-term.

      • Greg says:

        Or brittana. They had to go thru bartie and to make santana realize they were meant for each other. Also Santana and karofsky I get it was to make each other jealous but still helped them realize they were meant to be. What about klaine ya they had other gay guys show up but they were never really a threat.

        • Ann says:

          They were never a threat because Kurt and Blaine want only each other, even when presented with several other options. This is why they work.

      • Ann says:

        Many high school sweet hearts stay together and are perfectly happy their whole lives. When you’ve already found your prince, why bother with a bunch of frogs?

        • Kay says:

          Yes, I feel the same way, Ann. I just hope this relationship survives all this drama and they can finally be together.

  28. Kay says:

    I wish they would just leave the established couples alone and focus more on New Directions and the members of the Glee Club. That is what this show is supposed to be about anyway. You can have a scene here and there showing the couples together, but focus more on the music and the members of the group as the central part of the episode.

    • Jewel says:

      I agree with you! Moments focused on couples are nice here and there, but the show works best when it is about the group coming together.

  29. Ally says:

    I’m excited and nervous.
    But mostly excited.

  30. agroz says:

    They’d better not hurt my Brittana, that’s all.

  31. Laure says:

    I think Glee will be so much better if they focus less on relationships. The characters are more interesting on their own.

  32. saqar says:

    Just putting it out there: klaine is the best thing ever, id love some drama for them but totally over hell to the no klaine 4ever

  33. saqar says:

    Why are so many people sure that klaine is going to break up? Is there a big reason or was that stated by someone??

  34. Soon to be drunk again says:

    I had a drinking game for season 3 every time Lea MIchele cried or Darren Criss sang I had to take a shot my friend had to take a shot every time Cory and Chris had a memorable scene together or memorable scenes that either one of them had outside the couple sphere needless to say I was hammered the whole season my friend not so much. So season 4 and my new shots are I have to take a shot every time Ryan’s new boy toy has his shirt off or complements Rachel and every time people are mean to Rachel at her new school and my friend has to take a shot every time Cory sings or is in an episode. Guess which one of us is going to be hammered this season.

  35. Mia says:

    Honestly, there are many people who don’t like Blaine that much neither Klaine. No offense, but I would be happy if they happen to break up. I always wanted Kurt to date with a guy who was older or taller than him. I have once liked Klaine since they said Blaine was likely older than Kurt and I believed it. Lots of people believed it, then stopped shipping Klaine once they made Blaine to be a junior, right?

    We know there are huge numbers of Klainer who are deathly upset, claiming Klaine is the best couple ever; they hate Ryan; they can’t make it. But not all the Glee fans are Klainer. They can do whatever they want over Klaine without scaring losing all Glee fans.

    • saqar says:

      how are people sure they are going to break up pls tell me

      • Mia says:

        Well.. I’m also unsure if Klaine is going to break up. But I read a lot of ”S4 Klaine break-up spoiler” fan fiction and their authors’ messy notes. I also think Ryan has a tendency to give Kurt big challenges and spotlights.

  36. 123tillie123chobotscheats says:

    So as I’m a really huge finchel shipper I really hope they sort all that stuff out, I think it’s interesting when they have a break up because they usually always get together.. I think it’s a good idea to separate them then they can regain there love a few episodes into season 4, it would be more dramatic!

    Secondly I love the Klaine relationship but I think it would be good to test the relationship to see what happens.. As they are doing due to long distance!

    Thirdly keep all other couples the same especially britanna because I want to know what will happen to them! And also Wemma.. I really wanna see them happy and married! It would be nice to have the wedding so all the glee cast will be together so if they had that halfway through it would reunite a few of them who haven’t seen eachother for a while!

  37. Ashley Martin says:

    I don’t think “Klaine” will be a permanent break-up couple. Darren & Chris said they both wanted some “Drama” in their relationship so I think that’s what’s going to happen. They might break up for awhile but I don’t think it’s going to be permanent. They haven’t even said if Sebastian or David K is coming back. I know Max is on a new show so that’s probably still up in the air. I hope Klaine is not permanently over it’d stink but everyone needs to see what happens next…& I’m a HUGE Klaine fan & it sucks to say that but maybe they have a break up & try to date others or take a break & then get back together. You never really know.

  38. I HOPE blaine and kurt do not break up! their my favorite couple on the show!! i just hope that they act like more of a couple in season 4!! if they break up i atlest hope they will get back together

  39. Alexa says:

    Unfortunately the Glee writer often can only write dramatic scenes when they revolve around relationships. Relationships have their ups and downs without third party involvements. It would be much more interesting to see how Kurt and Blaine deal with a long term relationship instead of breaking them up in episode four. If they find out by Christmas that it doesn’t work so be it.

    Most of my friends had significant others graduating a year or two later and it was tough but not because of cheating or something like this.

    Kurt can have other guys chase him in New York, but if there was an ounce of truth to what he said to Blaine in season 3 then he’s going to tell them ‘I’m flattered but taken’.

    Blaine can still be jealous and insecure and it causes an argument, because, yeah, couples fight.

    I have to admit I have never really understood why Rachel is with someone who’s just holding her back – don’t care much about her anymore though because they have assassinated her character in season 3.

    The only reason I still watch is for a handful of characters that are unfortunately end up being mistreated, in the hope that something good will happen for them some time in the future.

    I thank my tivo for allowing me to skip over all Finchel scenes, and if Rachel knew what was good for her, she would leave her high school romance in high school, be single for a while and then find a partner that would complement her.

    But I don’t write for Glee, so most of these things will never happen :(

  40. bianca says:

    ah espero q a rachel e finn fiquem juntos, mais quero tambem q o puck fique com a quinn e o mike com a tina, quem vai ficar com quem???????

  41. Lulu says:

    Okay I would just like to say that I am a shipper of most of the couples on glee including Finchel, Klaine,and Britianna. But I understand where the writers are coming from here. These couples need grow as individuals before they can fully grow as couples. If Rachel and Finn grow as one unit as they have been for the past season then we do not get to learn about each one of these amazing characters and how their stories can really show just how amazingly relatable Glee is. You need to remember that. You also need to think about the facts Rachel and Kurt are in NYC Blaine is Lima and Finn is in Georgia (I think) and like the writers have been saying long distance relationships are hard. When Rachel and Finn broke up I saw something in Finn that I had never seen before like the fact that he has his own dreams and that he realizes that Rachel has hers too and for once in his life I saw the confidence that showed he knew that if he let her go they both could achieve their dreams. Rachel also showed me that she was a lot stronger then she let on to be. Everyone thinks that she can’t live without Finn but if she couldn’t would she get on that train? So just think back to Season One where there was no huge relationship drama and just think of the characters and how this will show us the grown up versions of the characters we fell in love with.

  42. PanicChild says:

    If Kurt and Blaine break up for good, I will cry, kill Ryan Murphy, cry some more, and just pretend there still together in my head cause I couldnt stand the break up.
    *god im such a klaine fangirl*

  43. klainersgonnaklaine says:

    how about this KLAINE breaks up early in season 4 but in the end of season 4 they elope

    • Kay says:

      Sounds good to me. Let’s hope the writers can get that accomplished. Maybe that is the wedding everybody will be celebrating (well, I do hope Will and Emma will finally make it legal too). Anyway, I agree with you. That would be a great way to resolve this drama.

  44. RUTH says:

    I don´t understand why peple freak out? Finchel already broke up! HE SAID : I SET YOU FREE to Rachel for me that was a break isn`t it?

  45. gooooo says:

    nooo klaine don’t break up :” it will break my heart too :(

  46. Megan says:


  47. Nancy says:

    Am not against Klaine breakup,i just wish their make-up will be romantic.Their romance and kisses does not equate Finnchel

    • Kay says:

      I hope that if they do break up, it will just be temporary and they reunite before the season ends in a really romantic way as well. They have really been short-changed in the intimate moments department – only having kissed 4 times in all the time they have been together is pretty sad. Hopefully since the time slot is later, they will be allowed to show more intimate moments (not just them but for all the couples, without being too explicit (no x-rated stuff). For example, “The First Time” was fairly tame but being on at 8 p.m. I can understand (could have had more kissing scenes). So hopefully the later time slot will improve that situation.

  48. Mandy says:

    If they break Brittana up I’m done with this show. I’m so sick of Rachel and even more sick of Finchel. Brittany and Santana need to find a way to make it work because as they truly are the most captivating couple. Girls like Santana who are afraid to accept who they love need role models, they need to see you can make it work if you really love someone. Ryan Murphy will be making a huge mistake if he breaks this couple up.

  49. -_- says:

    I swear they better not break up Kurt and Blain I would never stop crying they were made for each other. Like blain would put it you make me feel like I’m living a teenage dream !!!!!!

  50. Gleesuperfan says:

    What is this? You guys are talking about Kurt and Blaine when Rachel is cheating on Finn!!!!! In the latest episode Finn came to new York and his knocking on the door stopped Brody and Rachel’s kissing!!!! That’s what you should be talking about. I don’t want finches to end but Rachel is a cheater and she doesn’t deserve him!!!!!