Fall TV Preview

Hot Glee Video: Kate Hudson Puts Rachel In Her Place, 'Unique' Returns and More!

Glee returns for Season 4 on Thursday, Sept. 13 (Fox, 9/8c) with some big names — Kate Hudson! — and some big changes, and we’ve got a sneak peek at the new school year, which finds Rachel getting knocked down a peg.

PHOTO | Glee First Look: Kate Hudson Gets a Leg Up

“I bet you were a big star in Iowa,” Hudson’s tough-as-nails NYADA instructor tells the former New Directions soloist. Yes, she got the state wrong, which should tell you everything you need to know about Rachel’s place in this hierarchy.

Meanwhile, there’s a battle brewing back at McKinley High to save the integrity of the glee club. Maybe the return of The Glee Project runner-up Alex Newell as “Unique” — which leads to a hilarious Brittany zinger — will help?

Press PLAY to watch the preview and then hit the comments with your thoughts.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kate says:

    Love imagine dragons and so excited that Darren is singing it…. Such a perfect song for him

  2. alex says:

    Kurt H should go to another musical departement. if it’s not NYADA another school. he really deserve it he has an amazing vocal range and rachel doesn’t deserve that place!

    • reality says:

      Not sure what you listen to, but anyone who says he has better vocals or range over Rachel is very tone def and wrong.

      • mark says:

        kerrie. i know it’s you shut your mouth. it’s really funny you are saying this since everybody prefers kurt over rachel. get over it. people loves chris colfer.

        • reality says:

          Yeah, everyone loves him, or moreso just the 10 idiots on this board. And wtf is kerrie? What a moron you are.

          • Amelie says:

            Just 10? Oh god. he has millions of fans, meanwhile i will not argue with you because chris colfer has better things to do while you are bitching about his voice, and it’s perfect by the way. bye bye

          • marie3 says:

            honey everyone has an opinion about it. you can’t call people iditos. come on.

        • Finchel forever says:

          Not true i like Rachel better than kurt Kurt is fourth on my list Finn and Rachel are sharing the #1 on my list

      • Finchel forever says:

        I totally agree Rachel is wayyyy better than Kurt. Rachel is the best vocal and all type of music. She deserves Nyada way more than Kurt does I totally agree with you Finchel forever

  3. Chelsea says:

    very very excited for this season!! from everything I’ve heard so far it sounds amazing

    • CHiddy says:

      Except for “The Rachel Show” and ‘Unique’ aka Alex, I’m excited as well, also adding the happinness of having Blake on board!

  4. rose says:

    I don’t understand why Kurt didn’t get into NYADA. I’m still mad about the ending he deserve it more than rachel. i only hope that Murphy will realize that fans want to see him successful and happy on broadway

    • anne says:

      I agree. I hope they don’t mess up Kurts storyline this season (again)

    • Ann says:

      It’s because Kurt stinks! Or…perhaps Chris Colfer didn’t want to move to New York to film. There were rumors that a spin-off involving Kurt, Finn, and Rachel in New York would have happened but that one of the actors refused to relocate to New York to film…it was probably Chris.

    • reality says:

      Perhaps because the majority of us are tired of his drama and don’t believe he really can sing. He’s a one trick pony. Rachels character may be annoying but her talent far outweighs Kurts anyday. Don’t believe me? then look who has had roles outside of glee and who everyone looks to for the singing on that show.

      • Tita says:

        Oh my god, go be offensive somewhere else. And maybe along the way go to music school and learn what talent and uniqueness are.
        Kurt so can sing, you’re just tone deaf.

        • reality says:

          Offensive? Why because I say he’s an annoying character? Offensive is you taking assuming any insult of a “gay” character is offensive. P.S. Tone def is listening to a whiny male tenor voice who has no range. That’s tone def.

          • Jane B says:

            omg are you kidding no rage? have you ever heard the songs? because i don’t think so. sure he has no rage haha. I heard many times Le Jazz Hot, or I have nothing or even songs like 4Minutes (where amber sounded amazing too) and he has definetly a wonderful voice. stop it with the cyber bullying.

          • Jane B says:

            *range sorry i need to get my keyboard fixed

      • Liza says:

        Firstly, Chris Colfer is three years younger than Lea Michele and she started acting professionally a lot sooner than he did, so yes he’s done less. Second, there are nowhere near as many roles for males with his range as there are for soprano belters. The number if roles someone has had doesn’t define their ability. Not to mention that the character was actually created for Chris Colfer, so I’m pretty sure he can sing. Kurt as a character is a better performer than Rachel, she has a great voice but most of the time she sounds like she’s about to start crying, and (for me at any rate) a lot of her songs sound a bit too similar. And if you’re tired of drama, then complain about Rachel. She gets/creates more pointless drama than the rest of the characters combined.

        • lovely says:

          oh guys this “reality” is kerrie. a chris hater don’t worry about it.
          and btw chris colfer can very much sings thank you very much. no wondery why he’s the most liked character on the show and he also the one sho gets more hits on itunes? mmh. really.

          • reality says:

            Oh Lovely, you are a moron, wtf is Kerrie. Just as an FYI, there are way more people than this supposed Kerrie who hates Kurts character.

          • alex says:

            well. actually everybody loves him. so.. i guess the are less than 10 people who actually dislike him for every person who says that he is not wonderful you will get 1000 saying the opposite. you don’t stand a chance

      • Aidan says:

        Hahaha roles outside of Glee? Honey. Chris Colfer writed and starred in his own movie, he worked with Christina Hendricks, Sarah Hyland, Polly Berger, Allison Janney and so on. he’s also writing another movie. he was proposed for other movies and he had to turn down all of them because he had too work.
        He wrote his first one novel the land of storie who is now New York Times Best Seller! he’s writing the sequel. he’s selling another book ispired by strucky by lightning. he won a golden globe, serious tca, nominated for an emmy. is one of the most influential people in the world. Kurt also won in the poll of the fox as mots likely to appear on broadway and most likely to succeed.
        He perfomed on the glee tour for two years singing everysong beautifully. .. and so on. i think i said. jealous much? (;

        • eliz says:

          THIS. lol and you didn’t even said the majority of the the things that chris is doing haha
          they are just jealous because is more talented than some of you guys.

        • reality says:

          So Aidan, please let me know how on the series for SINGING, that this has any bearing? Oh and there are a million people who have written and starred in their own movies, most of which actually were popular. He was nominated for awards because he had a character who had “social” issues. He plays a distraught gay teenager very well. It does not mean he’s more talented for performances.

          • allison says:

            He was nominated because he’s talented and even a blind man could see that. so stop it. and he’s very multi talented thank you very much. he wasn’t accepted because that was the choice of the writers not because he lacks of talent. and i dare you you find any guy more talentend than him seriously.

      • David says:

        Seriously? Kurt was like 18 when he started the show. He didn’t really have time to have roles prior to it. He is also an amazing singer. His vocal range is outstanding! Rachel is good, and possibly even better then Kurt, but by no means is he a one trick horse. He is an outstanding actor as well. In my opinion the 2nd best on the show(Jane Lynch being the top) I’m sorry but your comment was rude and frankly it was just false.

    • KAC says:

      After reading so many comments about how it is unfair that Rachel got accepted to NYADA and Kurt didn’t I felt I had to make an addition to them. Having recently applied to university I know the application process, and based on the way the show chose to do this process it does seem unfair that Kurt was not accepted. Since Kurt and Rachel were both semi-finalist I interpreted this as meaning that they went into the musical audition as equals with nothing making one better than the other. NYADA deemed them both as accepted candidates so their acceptance or rejection should have been based solely on their musical audition. I know a lot of people have been saying that Rachel deserved it more but, the people at universities don’t know the individuals when they are applying all they see is what is written on their applications. Based on those applications Kurt and Rachel were both deemed suitable to move onto the auditions, and from there the decision should have been based on the performance that they gave. Kurt gave a fabulous audition in my opinion and unfortunately for Rachel she did not. That should have been the deciding factor on which one, if either, got in not who took more classes outside of school or did more things. All of those extra-cirriculars would have been on the written application which would have been null and void when they both got accepted as semi-finalist. Sorry for the long winded post but I just want to say my piece, that is my opinion obviously no but is obligated to agree with it, but I just wanted to get it out there.

      • lus says:

        I totally agree with you. it’s not about her previous victories. it’s about the performance in that moment. he nailed it. i mean carmen was beaming at him

      • reality says:

        Perhaps neither was accepted and the fact that people went out of their way to fight for Rachel heped her get in? If you think one performance is how they choose a person for these schools then perhaps you are the one who is wrong. They absolutely weigh the individuals prior to the single audition. To say they were put on the same level is ludicrous and naive. The application process is like any other where you bring them in with expectations and sometimes they blow you away and you get in, and sometimes it’s a bad day adn they let you in. They don’t look for a one day wonder, they look at a package of who can make it long term. I really don’t think you know how it goes behind the scenes.

  5. Lucy says:

    I could have lived without “Unique” ever being on the show again. Really hope Alex isn’t in too many episodes.

    • Phil says:

      Agreed. Alex can’t act and I don’t really see the appeal on him/her. Lindsay is way more talented and Cameron, Marissa, Michael and Nellie could easily replace him. He’s quite annoying.

      • Tess says:

        Love your choices – I would’ve gone with the same. I’d take any of them (or all) on Glee rather than Alex…or any of these other new faces they are bringing in. And why does Alex get to come back (even though few people seem to like his character) but Damian isn’t (because it took the writers too much time to script his “sway in the background” character that he had to get axed?) makes no sense to me. Granted, yes, Damian (Samuel and Alex too) is a weak actor, but how much acting is required when you are relegated to filling out the scenery anyway? It just seems odd that Alex is back but Damian’s not. Lindsay was better too and would’ve made a better choice as a recurring character than to bring Alex back.

        • CHiddy says:

          Right? It seems so unfair and weird. Can’t imagine anyone picking Alex over Lindsay. Oh well…

        • Ann says:

          The reason why Alex is back is because Ryan Murphy has a gay agenda. Kurt and Santana are gone…so he needed to add another gay character, even though it seems like no one who watched the Glee Project liked Alex and no one who watches Glee cares for his character on the show.

        • Andy says:

          The answer to all of your questions can be summed up like this:Mr.’s Ryan Murphy, Ian Brennan, Brad Falchuk and other assorted writers and producers all have a political agenda that they are pushing BIG time which is the various shades of the GAY, lesbian,bi-sexual, transvestite, cross-dresser, etc. arena. These subjects are their passion and they simply will NOT address any other issues—–period. The show has completely lost all of its original charm and quirkiness that viewers tuned in to see. What you are about to witness this fall is the demise of the show. It is what it is, and since the above mentioned people hold all of the power (i.e.the purse strings,) there’s not a gosh-darned thing that you or I can do about it! Also, where I totally agree with you is the galling abuse of one incredibly talented young gentleman, who goes by name of Damian McGinty, to garner ratings for the The Glee Project show—- to create drama/comedy to keep people watching the show all of which he did in SPADES!!! His charm, sense of humor, integrity and sense of humility I think carried the entire TGP show and made the show the huge success that it was. And yes,contrary to unjustified rumors circulated via the shows “manipulators-in-chief” and haters on the internet, the kid CAN act and has an INCREDIBLE VOICE!!! He traveled the world over in the stage show “Celtic Thunder” for over 5 years with numerous number #1 charted albums and DVD’s, well over a million sold, even performing at the White House for Barack Obama when he was about 15 years of age. Do you honestly think such an enormous production company with millions of dollars at stake would have hired Mr. McGinty if he wasn’t a top notch singer and actor??? He’s basically a child prodigy who has grown into a fine, fine young man!!! Unfortunately, Mr. Murphy’s enterprise was too ignorant to take advantage of such a talent—STAR—when it was gifted to them!! Mr. McGinty did everything the shows’ producers asked of him, and did it with dignity and grace! For his efforts, the Glee producers continued to use/abuse him to bring in viewers and serve as a plot device to escalate the Brittany-Santana story line. They NEVER intended to create a character for him that would have with any long term staying power. Used and abused him!!!!! (That’s my opinion, folks, and I’ma stickin’ to it…so there!) Unfortunately, Mr. McGinty entered HONESTLY into a contract with the TGP and Glee shows under the misconception that he was going to have a honest to goodness role on the shows and busted his fanny for them!!! The producers were DISHONEST with him and set about plotting his “demise” from day one beginning with TGP continuing on throughout and to the end of season 3 of Glee while at the same time blatantly promoting Samuel and Alex!!! An apology is in order from ALL of the parties involved!!! (See the first sentence.) Time to be truthful about the acting/singing prowess of Mr. Larsen and Mr. Newell, too, don’t you think? Neither one of them can hold a candle to Damian McGinty—-he is just eons ahead of them in the talent and acting department and they will never catch up to him no matter how many acting classes and vocal lessons they might take! Some people are born with exceptional talents and you’ll just have to accept that fact. If Glee wants mediocre talents and is willing to toss out the STAR they have within their grasp like he is day old trash, then so be it! More the fools they are and no longer the fools will we be to suffer through any more episodes of Glee!!!…..Blessings to you all…Happy days….:)

        • Andy says:

          Politics, pure and simple. Someone was playing dirty behind the scenes and didn’t care what harm they did to Mr. McGinty reputation-wise or career-wise, not to mention the emotional toll it must have taken on his psyche over the past 18 months as a result of the way they treated him as long as they got their way, i.e. Wade/Unique bizarro land antics!…:(….They basically used Mr. McGinty for ratings and audience numbers(translation: $$$.) If the gay/transgender/cross-dressing/lesbian/and whatever Mr. Unique’s particular field of interest is were the ONLY subjects the producers wanted to explore, then they should have just held auditions for actors. I use that term loosely as clearly two of the TGP1 contenders for that coveted role on season 3 of Glee were in NO way qualified for the job they won (dull as day old dirty dishwater in the acting department those two were)—-and one of those two is definitely NOT Damian McGinty!!! (Guess who!…:) ) Damian battled on through all of the crap the writers, directors and producers threw his way and did a pretty darned good job of making the character they created for him believable. Just imagine Mr. Larsen or Mr. Newell dressed up as naive 15 year old leprechauns fresh off the boat from Ireland chasing after that daft cheerleader, Brittany S Pierce—do you honestly think either one of them could have pulled it off?! I vote a big old GINORMOUS Uhn-uh!!! So , on rolls the I-could-care-less-what -I-do-to-anyone-who-gets-in-the-way-of-my-political-agenda train, Mr. McGinty being the only casualty in season 3 as deemed necessary by “RIB”…..throw him on the tracks- give him a coupl’a whacks-and bury him deep for that character we don’t want to keep!! If only poor,poor Mr. Flanagan was of a different sexual persuasion he’d still be alive and kickin’ today—–no disputin’ that fact. And that’s what you’ve missed on Glee!…..:)….blessings to all……

          • Andy says:

            My post (directly above this one) was in response to CHiddy’s post. Don’t know why the site put it here instead of below CHiddy’s remarks…….Sorry…..

      • Finchel forever says:

        I agree I want to also see more sugar

    • kay lauren says:

      i soo agree alex annoys the crap out of me, i kinda hope he disapears.

    • Kristy G. says:

      I fully agree. I really was hoping never to lay my eyes on Div extraordinaire again after his 2-episodes last season. Yes, he has a great voice, but he has a “I’m all that and a crate of chips” attitude on-screen and off-screen that makes me want to beat him about the head and shoulders multiple times.

  6. josh says:

    Unique? Pff.. I wanted Harmony to join!

  7. AW says:

    Ugh Unique is back.

  8. anj says:

    I really don’t care about the season anymore. i just hope that klaine will be okay, all the other couples sucks

  9. BH says:

    Not too thrilled that Unique is returning

  10. ggny says:

    nothing against the kid that plays Unique because he is fine and plays the character well…But the characters itself is horrible

  11. Emily says:

    I wish Kate Hudson’s character was talented enough to try and shade Rachel

  12. ggny says:

    rofl..that might be the greatest Brittany line ever

    • Mark says:

      I laughed hard at it as well.

    • ANN says:

      apparently the insulting of women by RM is funny to you. I found the line offensive even for someone that they make as dumb as Brittany, would it have been as funny if the comparison was of a male to Rachel or to one of your other beloved characters. This season is doomed before it begins.

    • ANN says:

      Apparently your sense of humor is targeted toward one of the original cast members of GLEE being compared to male this may be one of the lowest blows that RM and the writers have trotted out as humor. SHAME on you and for all the others that continue to make fun of the Mercedes character (although she it is a character there is a real person that the snide comment will be directed at) just based on some of the things I have seen in the fandom and other places where people look for a reason to bash the Mercedes character. Ryan Murphy is just feeding into that frenzy and so are you by laughing at something that is distasteful and belittling.

  13. I’m not really thrilled with Alex’s acting, so I’d rather Unique/Wade only showed up at competitions to belt out something awesome. Pretty psyched for Kate Hudson’s character though.

  14. Ashley says:

    Where’s Quinn?

  15. Jim Houston says:

    People are just hating too much… Alex Newell is amazing!! and I believe that his character Unique is amazing and it will add a lot of diversity to the show, not mentioning the huge amount of talent that he has acting and singing and I’m so glad RM got him to return! I can’t wait for the season to start!! Congrats Alex!!!

    • Danielle says:

      I’m so glad I’m not the only one that is thrilled that Unique is back!!

      • dan says:

        I’m not crazy about Alex, at least from the Glee project, but I thought Unique was interesting so I’ll give it a chance and hope he doesn’t become fingers on a chalkboard. Also, I wish they would bring Lindsay back, too.

    • Phil says:

      Go Away Alex’s mom!

    • reality says:

      It’s not hating if you truly just don’t enjoy the character. It’s a pushed agenda and to be honest I didn’t find him to be that spectacular as they tried to showcase last season. To each their own.

  16. Sarah says:

    Finchel kiss!

    Ugh, in the words of Artie, god Brittany why are you so stupid?

    • Smiley May says:

      Personally, I love them (Finn/Rachel) together…and Santana/Brittany. But Kurt and Blaine…we had big foreshadowing in the Whitney episode. All three couples REALLY need a break.

  17. Chris says:

    I’m not big on the character of Unique because I don’t enjoy Alex’s line-readings…it doesn’t sound like a real person talking…he sounds like he’s trying too hard… But I will say that I do think he’s an excellent performer…as evident at Nationals.

  18. Allyson says:

    Alex is actually good for the show. Now he did get annoying at times on Glee Project, but I rather him than Damian. Damian couldn’t act at all. So at least we know Alex can act and sing. So good job for Ryan bringing back Alex and that other guy back (long haired guy). I having trouble remember his name, but I enjoyed him on the show as well.

    • sky says:

      Samuel is Joe, Blake from The Glee Project will join the ND. Alex can sing like crazy, but hope his acting has improved. He will bring more diversity to the ND. I’m not too excited about how and why he chooses to dress the way he does. That is not of interest to me, so Unique will be background only. I agree Damian was charming but extremely dull. The slushies are back. The New Directions have to prove themselves all over again.

      • Andy says:

        I have a feeling it won’t take very long for the Glee fandom to recognize that Alex Newell will not be doing any bench-warming like Damian McGinty did—-they basically super-glued his fanny to a chair for most of the episodes he was in. You just have to ask WHY???? I think the “head honchos” NEVER!!!!! intended to create a character that would have any long-term staying power for Damian McGinty. They used his character purely as a plot device to further the Brittany-Santana lesbian story line. There must have been some serious politicking going on in the producer-writer headquarters for Damian to stay the entire season, though. Who was rooting for him AND just who was itching to boot him out the Glee door?!!! Loss of audience numbers if he suddenly disappeared (NOT GOOD) maybe? The kid has at least half a million person fan base– probably more considering the fans he acquired during TGP1 and also the fan base he had prior to TGP1 from “Celtic Thunder.” That being said, unfortunately, I’m 90% positive that Glee this coming season will be the Rachel Berry/ Unique show. On another note,(happy face:)), the very definition of the word charming (your word, not mine) would indicate that Mr. McGinty couldn’t be described as dull. (charming:able to delight or attract people) Damian McGinty is most definitely CHARMING, in my opinion—– a virtual people magnet. (Please, oh please,please,please let me stick your butt in a chair for the better part of 9 months and we’ll just see whether you’d classify yourself as a boring actor or a just plain P.O.ed actor mad at RIB for putting you there in the first place!!! Is butt-in-the-chair acting a new form of “method acting” invented by the Glee wizards—those pulling the strings behind the magic curtain in “OZ?”) If you don’t believe me, just check out what the multitudes of fans, friends and other acquaintances have to say about this young gentleman. His reputation precedes him. You’ll find that he is kind, generous, caring, extremely intelligent, has a great work ethic, has oceans of talent, absolutely hilarious—but most of all…..he is HUMBLE. I say bring him back and give his character the development that he deserved last season. If they can do it for ALL OF THE OTHER CHARACTERS on the show, they can sure as blankety-blank-blank do it for Rory Flanagan!!!!! Heck, I’ve got at least 100 scenarios floating around in my noggin’ as we speak!!! I’m not a professional TV writer so I’m sure if the Glee writers really put their heads together they could come up with at least 2 sentences per episode for Mr. Flanagan—–after all, they had absolutely NO problems coming up with dialogue for Samuel and Alex Newell, did they?!!!!! I’m crying foul….there’s something VERY VERY ugly going on behind closed doors at Glee. Good luck Blake Jenner…..you have no idea what you’ve just gotten yourself into. Maybe, though, because Robert Ulrich the casting director had “connections” with Blake Jenner( just like he did with Samuel Larsen and Lindsay Pearce) prior to TGP and Michael Weisman,too, Blake won’t have to worry about any back-room politics. It was patently OBVIOUS that Mr. Ulrich wanted Blake Jenner to be declared the winner of season 2 of TGP from the very first episode. If there is another season of TGP, all of the mentors and judges should have no input or contact with the contenders during the entire audition process—none whatsoever!!! All of those thousands of “hopefuls” who auditioned must be extremely P.O.ed that their audition was nothing more than for show—a complete farce. I fervently hope there isn’t another season of TGP—it was nothing more than a money maker for the powers-that-be and a way to keep Glee fans engaged during the summer hiatus. The show this season was so plastic, over-produced with no charm and clearly some of the contenders and the producers tried desperately to recreate last year’s success by copying some of the things that made last year so engaging; it was like a book that you just couldn’t put down—-you couldn’t wait to see what the next “chapter” would bring. The people who were thrown into that ring of fire via a very uncomfortable living situation—i.e.a campground with no heat—-really roughed it, whereas this season had “5-star accommodations!” I quit watching after the third episode this season, whereas I’ve watched TGP1 many times!! (Confession time:(…oops….I cannot tell a lie…I did watch the TGP2 marathon on 8/14 and the finale to see Damian McGinty…Ailyn should have won, by the way….sorry Blake…) My opinion remains—it was bland this year…..bored me to tears, actually. Couple that with the news of what the Glee producers did to Damian McGinty at Comic-Con, and the fact that they didn’t think it an extremely angering slight to Mr McGinty to not have him as a mentor on one of the episodes (they did manage to have Samuel, though!! :(:(:(!!!), I vowed to never watch the show again. Don’t you find it strange,though, that the show did use Damian for publicity purposes EVERY SINGLE chance that they got !! (i.e.performing at the “The Glee Project Panel” in June—-barely let him speak, though…so what’s new about that!—-online chats during the airing of the show which he had to do at 3:00 a.m. as he was in Ireland, etc…..) The producers were clearly acknowledging his popularity by using him as their publicity front-man multitudes of times. And then came Glee…poof! You’re basically gonna’ be treated like Casper the Ghost, Damian, unless we need some PR done or we need you to further the storyline of someone ELSE on the show!!! It’s the chair for you, kiddo!!…..pun intended…..!:)

    • Andy says:

      Horse-pucky!!! Neither Samuel Larsen or Alex Newell can be categorized as credible actors. Can you imagine either one of those two being brought on set and the wardrobe department proceeds to dress them up as RIB’s own personal version of leprechauns?! AND, they then have to go before a camera and make the whole scenario be believable?!!!!!…..:(…..Nope! There’s just NO way on God’s green earth that those two could have acted their way out of that situation. Their acting abilities—-hmmm, how should I say this?—- are less than stellar and both are about as boring as watching grass grow, in my opinion. Mr. McGinty did an incredible job selling what crap the writers and producers saddled him with. I can just imagine how Damian McGinty felt when he discovered what the producers had in store for him! I’m sure the rest of the cast breathed a collective sigh of relief because Mr. Murphy and cohorts had a newbie to torture and they wouldn’t have a target on their backs as long as Rory was there to mess with. Lucky them. Now that apparently Mr. Flanagan won’t be around for the producers to kick about, the cast must be quaking in fear once again fretting whether they’ll be the new target , cuz’ you just know somebody’s gonna’ get it in the old wazoo—-those writer’s and producers have a real sadistic side to them!!!……:(…..I personally hope that the two FAVORED(!!!!) contenders from TGP1 are Ryan’s new “mice” that he plays with so they can get a taste of the “medicine” Damian was force fed. After the beating that Mr. McGinty has taken from the writers and producers over the past more than 18 months, I have absolutely no qualms whatsoever about wishing the same fate would befall Mr. Larsen and Mr. Newell. They’ve had a free ride for far too long! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right? All of you haters out there gettin’ my point? I can only hope…….”Blessings” to you all…….:)……(Can’t stoop laughing at the vision that just popped into my head of Samuel Larsen dressed as a leprechaun —ditto Alex Newell. Oh my god!…….:)……. )

  19. Remy says:

    Wow, the song playing in the background is awful, who is singing?

  20. Ian says:

    Yeah, sorry, but Alex is a testy human being, and his acting is just unnatural. He does come alive in performances as Unique though and is showstopper, so I’d have rather they kept him as ND’s VA diva archrival. He might have at least done some good sass that way. Frankly, I feel like I’m going to do nothing but cringe at any storylines they give him and have to watch him try to carry anything, and certainly not a romance. Jesus. It’s going to be a chore enjoying the McKinley part of the show now, depending on how much we see of him.

    Still bitter how they’ve shortchanged Kurt so Rachel can be the NY star, and so he can hang around Lima for more Klaine. It’s obvious that’s why they’ve held him back like this. They’ll keep him there half the year I suspect, just so Klaine aren’t apart for really that long. I just hope when he finally does make it out, it’s not just to be mostly Rachel’s best friend and have no greatness of his own. And Blaine’s already going to be the star of ND, not Tina or Sam AGAIN, so it’s not fair Kurt’s his plot-device too. Here’s hoping Kurt gets well on his way to making his mark in the fashion world with SJP, and meets Karofsky again.

    And I hope the new kids are good characters and acts and personalities. We need new starsjust as lovable and charismatic as the originals to keep the show a phenomenon.

    • reality says:

      Not sure why people think Kurt deserved Nyada over rachel. He didn’t do jack his entire high school career and wasn’t even the best singer/performer on his high school performance team. Yall need to seriously get over it just because he had decent storylines which also were annoying because of his propensity to try to be the victim all the time.

      • der88 says:

        uhm yes he is?. he was his dream to perform on broadway since wheels aired.
        you’re the only one who is saying this. they all think he deserve it more than rachel
        and the never had an annoying storylines, sad maybe but that is because of RIB.
        chris colfer he’s a wonderful actor and he has an amazing voice, get over it.

        • reality says:

          No der88, you get over it. The Kurt fans are out in great force today but look back to the Glee recaps and see how many people were sick of his act. See how many people thought he was full of S.h.1.t when he said being a gay teenager was harder than being a pregnant teen who had to give up her baby. See how many people hated him for whining because he didn’t get the part in the musical over blaine. P.S. They is 5 people on this board. The same 5 people who hate Blaine and call him whiney when he’s not even near the idiot that Kurt was. Colfer is a good actor, his character was meh and of course got awards because he was a “victim” storyline. But it doesn’t mean he’s a better singer/performer for Nyada. The point in question that you all seem to miss because your love blind is that for NYADA on the show, they don’t care that Chris Colfer played a great Kurt character, they looked at Kurt character and realized he didn’t deserve to be there because he wasn’t even the best performer on his glee club. So yes, you will get over your butt hurt on this one.

          • rik says:

            dude you seems a little jealous. just saying i never heard complains about kurt and colfer. and he didn’t whine with that thing about blaine. we only saw his face that’s all. i think he deserved it NYADA too anyway

      • Daniel says:

        Look. “reality” you can’t change everbody’s opinion. everytime you open your mouth for disagree about something they will be 100 of them who disagree with you. It’s the circle of life. ‘m glad that for example that Unique is back. Many people don’t think so. do i argue with them? no. because it’s my opinion, i will be the only guy in 10miles who say this. we all have different opinions, some of them are more reasonable than others ones but it’s the life. stop it.

    • Smiley May says:

      Ok, guys and gals, you all do know that the contracts for the actors are continuing as were before graduation, so…Rachel is the main character…a character that they wrote to be the achiever of “the dream of Broadway.” That is the reason she is the only character who graduated and will be in all 22 episodes of season 4. Like it or not, she is the star of the show. If you guys haven’t figured that out yet, you are not reading between the lines. I do believe Kurt will go to NYADA as some point (maybe spring semester) when someone drops out, or whatever, so he will have his chance. Just relax and let the story pay out. Like the other comment pointed out…Kurt’s high school experience was nowhere near as well rounded as Rachels; it sucks, but it is pretty realistic of what schools look for. As far as Unique’s character, I see her as a character that viewers will tire of easily and then writers will have to make up another story line for him/her.

      • marie3 says:

        I get the rachel is the main character but they were all surprised he didn’t get in because curriculm aside he truly has the talent.

        • reality says:

          He is a good actor…repeat ACTOR! He is not the greatest singer/dancer/performer. He’s boring and his voice is a one trick poney voice. He wasn’t even the best male singer in the Glee Club. And you really missed the point. It had nothing to do with CURRICULUM. It had to do with how many times did you get the lead solo, how many shows were you in, what did others think of you. And for any person who pretends to know the process, let me dumb it down for you. YES, when you apply for arts and music schools you do put on your application how many solos you performed, what venue you performed them, how many competitions you won and etc. They care more about that then CURRICULUM as marie3 so sadly says.

          • Selene says:

            I disagree with you. i respect you opinion but i disagree, he can sings in almost every register and many people think that he is fact the best male singer. and people also forgot that kurt was in football squad and cheearleder team. they could as well counted that on his curriculum.

          • Brandon says:

            Dude you are arguing over the fact that Ryan Murphy and company decided for his rejection. because it’s a fictional show lol he has nothing to do with chris’s personal skills. in fact i’m sure that Chris Colfer will be soon at Broadway. he has the whole package. i respect your opinion but saying he can’s sing he’s ridicolous.

  21. madhatter360 says:

    Guys, Sue was holding a baby. How cute was that?

  22. Blaine says:

    I really don’t like that they keep adding transfer students to McKinley’s Glee club. Why can’t they just leave the good singers to the competing school.

  23. Che says:

    Why not bring Lindsay instead of Alex? She is a much better actor, and I can say that just with a couple of lines that she had in the premiere. Also, the kids from this season of TGproject were far better at acting. The Unique character is just annoying.

  24. Amy says:

    Unique is joining ND? Ugh, shoot me now. As stated by others – good singer/performer, weak actor who seems only able to portray entitled and sulky – so why they’re taking him out as the VA rival and forcing him into ND.. I have no idea.

  25. AlbTrex says:

    I think I’m the only one here, but i LOVE Unique!!!!!!!! Boogie Shoes was one of the best song in the 3rd season, and I can’t wait to see her coming back!!! :D

  26. Suzie says:

    Why Unique? Alex cannot act!

  27. Matt says:

    I try to stay positive when people complain about not watching due to one character but I don’t know how I can watch wade for a season. Alex can sure sing and his musical numbers were great but dear god his acting is a joke. I hope this is a vocal adrenaline spy thing but I doubt it. The more I look back the more Lindsay should have one. Is Samuel Larsen returning? He was ok.

  28. Ann says:

    UGH! I dont want to see “Unique” on Glee…Alex is an awful actor….I really hope he just sticks to the background and fades away like Rory did.

  29. Cate53 says:

    Alex is super talented as a singer, but I’m less sure about his acting. Still, he wasn’t ay worse than Damien and Samuel. I liked the character of Wade/Unique a lot, and I agree, Boogie Shoes was one of the best numbers of last year. However, whom is going to be the leading female singer for New Directions this year? Is Tina leading lady material? Brittany is a dancer and average auto-tune required singer, Sugar can’t sing (or can she?? Maybe she’ll reveal unseen talent?) They need girl singers!

  30. der88 says:

    uuuh kurt should be at NYADA not rachel. i don’t get it he’s more special. rachel has agreat voice but it’s common. i nevert heard a voice like chris is a true talent. his character deserve the broadway stage!

    • reality says:

      I hate that argument. His voice is “unique”..yeah that’s another word for not good. Every year on the singing shows they get mad at the winner have the best voice but not unique..well okay. So I guess the women/man considered the greatest performers of all time weren’t also some of the best singers huh? I guess Whitney was just unique, Aretha was lucky she had a shtick, Blue Eyes was lucky to be part of the mob. Unique can be good also, see aerosmith, but it doesn’t mean that they deserve a school over someone who can sing any song and have ungodly range. Kurt is limited in his roles for performance, Rachel could play any lead female character on Broadway.

      So let’s get serious on this. Can Kurt play Phantom? Jean Val Jean? Frankie Valli? No, because his voice is “Unique”..yet Rachel could play any one of the female roles in those main musicals along with Mama Mia, Cats, Wicked, Etc.

      It’s called range. Get over the BS of liking him as an actor and realize he’s not the most talented for NYADA or broadway.

  31. Thea says:

    Some of you “Kurt deserved it more” people are really grasping at straws. Kurt worked harder? Rachel’s voice is common? I’m sorry, but Rachel has worked towards this pretty much her entire fictional life. How many solo competitions outside of ND was Kurt in? How many extra lesson was he taking on his own? Kurt never worked harder than Rachel for NYADA. And I understand everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but Rachel’s voice is hardly “common.”

    • jas says:

      people are saying it’s common because the show itself said that rachel will have problem at NYADA because the world is full of girls like rachel. Lea is amazing, but talking about the character we had proof with harmony that many girls like her can be on broadway and there really isn’t originality. but how many of you have heard a voice like amber riley or chris colfer? not many. rachel didn’t work harder and we didn’t see any scenes with kurt because of the writers. did you remember when he failed on purpose the high F because of his dad? i remember that. he got amazing solos like rose’s turn (true broadway classic) i’m the greates star, i have nothing, le jazz hot and so. RIB is the cause of this like jenna has a lovely voice but she doesn’t get to sing that much. is tina character? no. these are the writers. so yes. he deserve it. and even if NYADA wasn’t “the school” they should have given to him another option like Julliard or something but not that stuff with the fashion wich it could be lovely yes but is still not very liked by many fans. honestly you are the first one say this. Even rachel fans said that he deserve it more

      • reality says:

        No Jas, rachel fans don’t. You just have 5 kurt fans with nothing better to do then push this agenda. Kurt does not sound awesome, he’s horrible and his voice can’t carry a show. Can he perform one song well, sure, would you be able to listen to 2 hours of it..not a chance in hell. Stop pretending you speak for everyone, you only speak for your 6 people and probably 1 who just changes your name.

        • JellieEli says:

          I’m sorry. i’ve heard chris for two hours and more and i never get tired of it. and stop saying he’s horrible, you aren’t the judge in this. stop putting other people down.

  32. j says:

    Kate is so mean!! Can’t wait to see the Hummelberry reunites

  33. Andy says:

    Once and for all, can you haters lay off of Damian McGinty? He has stood up (publicly!!) for Alex Newell on numerous occasions to his own peril, the latest being just yesterday via his twitter account. This young GENTLEMAN(!!!) was undermined constantly by the producers and the writers at TGP1 and Glee [i.e. no character development, horrible wardrobe to make him unpalatable to the audience, hardly any interaction with the cast members, virtually NO dialogue, was bombarded with an onslaught of racial slurs towards his Irish heritage—“Shut your potato hole, leprechaun,” etc….by the character Santana (Ever hear of the potato blight in Ireland that ended up starving to death hundreds of thousands of Irishmen? Still think that one-liner is hilarious? :( Or, for that matter, do you honestly think Mr. McGinty prances around all of the time in all green attire to the tune of “Danny Boy” handing out four leaf clovers, with his obligatory green bowler hat on his noggin’, searching for his “Pot O’ Gold”—pun intended—at the end of the proverbial rainbow while hoisting a frosty mug of Guinness? Perhaps if the producers dressed Samuel Larsen—let’s rename him Gomez to emphasize the point I’m making— in a poncho, Mexican sombrero and had him singing “La Cucaracha” while downing bean burritos; or if Alex Newell was dressed in rags wailing “Old Man River” instead of “Boogey Shoes” with his alter-ego nickname being “Aunt Jemima” instead “Unique” you’d understand more clearly the ignorance of the “Rory the leprechaun” persona Damian McGinty was saddled with!!! :(:(:(.] And , for all of of you who insist upon denigrating Mr. McGinty’s acting and singing prowess, please check out “Celtic Thunder” videos (from the original group) on youtube.com to see what Mr. McGinty is truly capable of. For those of you that don’t know, “Celtic Thunder” was (and still is) a stage show that travels worldwide performing for audiences of up to 15,000 per show, including performances for dignitaries, heads of state—including our own Barack Obama at the White House and the U.S. Senate!!! All of this Damian did at the tender age of 14 up until he went on TGP1 at the age of 18. In addition, “Celtic Thunder” albums have held the number #1 “World Albums” slot on Billboard charts for many years. Also, a certain Mr. Adam Shankman, world-famous producer and director, who directed the “Pot ‘O Gold” episode on Glee , seems to think very highly of Damian McGinty. He said Damian was a “rock-star” and didn’t know if the Glee producers even knew what a real-life “Pot of Gold” they had on their hands—i.e.Damian McGinty. (You can check out Mr. Shankman’s statements via a short video on the gleeprojectcast.tumblr.com called”The Newbies” or on the recently released Season 3 DVD of Glee in the extras section.) In my humble opinion, Mr. McGinty has more than earned his right to be on Glee, BUT, should be treated with the SAME respect the other actors receive on the show !!! Alex, on the other hand, is going to have to stand on his own two feet and prove himself worthy of being on the show without being artificially propped up by the powers-that-be at Glee. Unfortunately, the producers clearly have a political agenda they’re pushing and are perfectly willing to throw Alex under the bus, so to speak, to achieve that goal. Thus, all of the flack being thrown Mr. Newell’s way for his portrayal of “Unique” on the show is the making of the producers and writers. Send the hate their way, haters. Frankly, I think it’s unconscionable that they have persuaded an immature young man to put himself out there in the ether to be eaten alive, as he most suredly will be, bit by bit, just as Damian McGinty has been hated on for the last year or so, by the coo-coo fans whose only purpose in this life seems to be to hurt someone—–like-wise the media critics who make a career out of destroying people’s reputations. Must be rough thinking you’re so perfect that you can pass judgement on other people with no repercussions. Karma will be paying you a visit sometime in the future and be giving you the bill for all of your “transgressions.”….Ooooh….something to look forward to! (P.S.In my personal opinion, Mr. Newell’s voice is a tad bit too “shrieky” and it grates on the nerves at times. Plus, let’s be honest, his acting isn’t good enough to earn him a spot on Glee….he just repeats the lines he’s memorized without making an emotional connection with the audience . If I had a choice of listening to Damian sing or Alex sing—let’s just say I’d take the true singer who has heart and soul when he sings. He let’s the music speak through him, whereas Alex just spits out a performance, and in true diva fashion, stands there waiting on the stage for the adoration he clearly thinks he deserves as evidenced by his demeanor. My advice to Alex is take a huge bite out of the same humble pie that Damian McGinty was clearly raised on….in otherwards, get over yourself. You are inherently a good person that I think will find your way in life with a little help from your friends.

  34. lftsr1 says:

    Damian/Rory may still return in the second half of the season….it has yet to be ruled out.
    As for Alex, his character is a little grating, but there will be people out there who find his character inspirational, Just like diasbled kids may find Artie and kurt inspirational.

    I think that apart from showcasing some amazing voices,, the main reason for the show is to show teens and kids who feel different, who feel looked down on can still be something special.

  35. Bryan says:

    Brittany’s one liner in that scene was hilarious!

  36. Sunny says:

    Love Damian’s voice–wish producers/writers would have given him a “meatier” role to play! Can’t wait to see TGP #2 winner, Blake! Very cute + versatile! ;-)

  37. brouillon says:

    not mad that Lauren Zizes is gone, thrilled that we are going to Louisville and to NYADA :D but i don’t like Alex and i would like to see Lindsay, and Damian…
    can’t wait to see darren singing it’s time !

  38. Brittany you are still the crazyist memmber of the glee cast. And kurt i Love you and blanie together its klanie forever

  39. suunie_d says:

    if kids in ohio are anything like kids in iowa, (and probably kids in idaho) we get it already. we even laugh about how you think the best potatoes are from ohiowa. a snarky “i got your state wrong” comment from kate shouldn’t even faze rachel. honestly.

  40. brandon says:

    Yay yay glee is back I am so happy

  41. agroz says:

    That song sounds beautiful.

    • elba says:

      I think I may be tearing up listening. It’s silly.
      It’s so soothing and at the same time gets me pumped for the season. idk.

  42. xavier says:

    No you are deaf if you say that chris colfer can’t sing haha. i’ll see you when he gets on broaday, kay? he’s of the most beloved characters and deal with it everybody loves chris. loser.

    • reality says:

      no, not everyone loves chris. Only young, got nothing better to do, and cheer for the victim people love Kurt. Glad you ended your post with your true name.

  43. xavier says:

    it’s funny you need to say that just because some people had taken this cause close to the heart it’s because it’s just one person lol. and he has many fans teenagers aside he has a lot of public in the 30,40,50. even guys. so.

  44. marie3 says:

    it’s Chris Colfer! The most likeable person in the history of all things! Or at least one of them! I mean, gosh, I just really like him. Are there people who don’t? Probably, but I don’t want to know about them because they sound mean and dumb.
    — Jill Guccini – The Glee Project Season 2 Finale Recap. sorry i just wanted to post this, that’s all lol i love everyone but chris, naya, amber and kevin have a special place in my heart

  45. Steevie says:

    I’m mad that everyone is arguing over everyone. All the kids on Glee or extremely talented, and tha includes Alex, Damian, Lindsay and Samuel. They are young actor-singers who have been offered an amaing oppurtunity. And altough they aren’t the best, they are learning. Also, for everyone tat is upset about Alex’s character ( Wade “Unique” Adams ) returning, you should be proud of him. He is a role model for cross-dressing teens/kids who watch Glee. Now that Blake is joining the cast, he may not be the best singer/dancer/actor, but we need to give them chance. They’re new learners, and all have inspired not only Ryan Murphy and the writers, but kids across America, and other countries. I love all the talented people on Glee, and respect its directors, producers, and writers as much as the ones on the screen. I for one am excited for the new season. It’ll be interesting to see new things. I think we should all be grateful for everyone who puts time and effort into this amazing, inspiring, show. Without them, we would of never known the true meaning of the word “glee”.

  46. Finchel forever says:

    Finchel please stay together please I am begging you please please please stay together please