Ratings: Longmire Ends Strong, Animal Practice Monkeys Around With 12.8 Million

A&E’s Longmire rode off into a lovely sunset on Sunday night, hitting a season/series high in the 25-54 demo while amassing 4.3 million total viewers.

Over the course of its freshman run, the modern-day Western averaged 4 million weekly viewers. And yes, it was long ago renewed for Season 2.

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Elsewhere on Sunday, NBC’s sneak preview of Animal Practice — which cut into/delayed some of the Olympics’ closing ceremony — held onto 12.8 million total viewers while scoring a 4.1 rating in the 18-49 demo. That translates into a retention of nearly 50 percent of its Summer Games lead-in.

That said, Matthew Perry’s Go On last Wednesday night drew a better crowd, previewing to 16.1 million viewers and netting a 5.6 demo rating.

Animal Practice makes its official debut on Wednesday, Sept. 26, at 8/7c (opposite X Factor, Survivor, The Middle/The Neighbors and Arrow).

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  1. Nick says:

    I thought animal practice was a lot better than I excepted, cause my expectations were very low but I would give it another try

  2. Patty says:

    I love animals and the monkey was cute, but the show just wasn’t good. Surprised it got 12 million viewers!

    • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

      10 million people left their TV’s on the channel waiting to see the real end of the closing ceremonies lol.

      • Britta Unfiltered says:

        so true!

      • Ann says:

        Am I missing something? When I watched the closing ceremony, they unlit the torch and Bob Costas said the cereomy was closed. Then Animal Practice came on. I watched the episode until the end and then turned off the tv because I thought that was it. Was there more to the closing ceremony after they unlit that torch? Or was the broadcast only delayed for those on the west coast? People are complaining that NBC cut Muse, but the broadcast I saw had them.

        • intelliwoman says:

          Yes, They cut off the performance by the Who and some other important stuff. They also cut part of the opening ceremonies (tributes,etc) becasue they weren’t American enough. No wonder they all hate us. We deserve it.

  3. Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

    It was ok. Thought it had more potential than Go On.

  4. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I think that show made some people cranky because it cut off some of the closing ceremonies. I like Justin Kirk, but I give this a D+. No real reason. Just nothing about it grabbed me. Plus I kind of get sick of shtick with a monkey.

  5. cjeffery7 says:

    i liked joanne garcia and rizzo the monkey and bobby lee as a pathetic lackie. but on the whole it was rather blah. didn’t really utilize the fact that it’s an animal hospital in any clever or really funny way.

  6. jericho says:

    Not a huge fan of Kirk, but I am a huge fan of Joanna Garcia and Tyler Labine. They both deserve a much better show than this colossal pile of smelly cheese.

    A few things…
    1) Do these types of hospitals actually exist?
    2) Do we really need more of Bobby Lee acting like a stereotypical asian moron?
    3) When did someone clone Jackee Harry?
    4) Didn’t we get enough of the stupid monkey antics during Friends’ prime?
    5) What were they thinking when they created the obnoxiously over sexxed, excon nurse?

    Dear TV Gods, please cancel this show before it premieres, and then give Joanna and Tyler good shows to employ them.

    • Jens says:

      1) Yes
      2) Not really
      3) Just a couple of month ago . . . they are calling him “Dolly 2” behind his back
      4) Nope, definitely not – actually he’s the 2nd best actor (behind Taylor Labine) and got the most laughs (which is probably sad, but it saved the show from being a TOTAL desaster)
      5) Drawing a blank here, but the nurse might be able to do something about that *harr-harr*

  7. Jens says:

    I liked “Animal Practice” more than I expected to, but it didn’t quite sparkle.
    I’ll watch two more episode because I liked the monkey — let’s see how it develops.

    Has anyone else imagined Greg German in the role of the lead doctor through the entire episode — even though he’s a bit older he would have been PERFECT for this.

  8. A says:

    I don’t see Animal Practice lasting. Joanna Garcia is a show killer.

    • R Marie says:

      Since the show didn’t last, I would like to be the first to purchase a dvd of all the shows that aired. I enjoyed sitting on my couch laughing out loud.

  9. S says:

    I made it to the monkey doing his “rounds” and just couldn’t make myself watch anymore. Animal Practice is a show that wouldn’t have made it onto NBC in the past, I am kind of surprised it made it this far this time.
    Off topic sort of but NBC HAS good shows, they just don’t promote them, they put them on at horrible hours and then they cancel them and refuse to allow people the ability to start to like them. It is kind of sad really. There was a great show last season, (Woman has a guy working with his construction crew on her house) but they showed a couple of episodes, put it on repeat, moved it without telling people and then ran it out in back to back airings. But instead they try to bank all of their money and time on shows about cats commiting suicide and crazy vets. No wonder they are in last place

    • meleliot says:

      That was Bent, and I completely agree with you. That was a great little show. Only 6 epis. Boo NBC.

    • megalion says:

      I loved Bent too, great cast that really clicked into their characters which were also well written to harmonize together.

      I just wasn’t sure how long they could sustain it because eventually the main focus would achieve the climax, then what?

  10. intelliwoman says:

    NBC cut the penultimate performance of the nite, the Who, and the end of the closing ceremonies for this stupid show. Not many folks know they also cut out part of the opening ceremonies for commercials

  11. mia says:

    Thats great for Longmire. I originally watched because of Katee Sackhoff (who isnt in it as much as I’d like) but I end up enjoying every element of the show. It’s really well done and all the characters are pretty compelling. I’m looking forward to next season.

    A bit more Lou Diamond Phillips wouldn’t be a bad thing either :P

  12. greysfan says:

    I was not expecting to like Animal Practice, but i always give new series a chance and so far so good. I guess we will see how we go in the coming weeks. Mentioning Go On, it wasn’t that great.

  13. CJ says:

    It was alright. It was better than I expected, but I wasn’t expecting much. I’ll probably give the first few episodes a go and see how it turns out.

  14. cindy says:

    It was unwatchable.

  15. Melissa says:

    We have been enjoying Longmire very much, however, my husband and I kinda laugh when Hank beats up two biker guys half his age, as it always looks like he is moving in slow mo. Other than that little peeve, its got a great cast. I love Katie Sackhoff in a very unglamorous roll, but she still looks great.

  16. jake says:

    better with you was a 100x times funnier and that got canceled

  17. Irma says:

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