Exclusive First Look: Is True Blood Ready to Reveal Bill’s Master Plan?

For weeks, we — not to mention True Blood’s Eric — have wondered WTH is up with Bill. Suddenly, the good guy’s been siding with the Sanguinistas and even helping them scheme to serve up humanity as an all-you-can eat buffet. But, as is suggested by the following exclusive sneak peek at this week’s episode (Sunday at 9/8c on HBO), all may not be as it seems.

VIDEO | Alan Ball Previews True Blood Finale: ‘There’s a High Body Count’

Just look at the shiftiness in Bill’s eyes as he hovers over (well, near) that vial of precious Lilith’s blood. Something tells me he’s about to do an about-face, betray Salome and Co., and save the world. (Something else tells me this was his plan all along.)

What do you think? Is Bill going to ride to the rescue? Or is he merely angling to get himself an unauthorized taste of the original vamp?

True Blood Season 5 Episode 10

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  1. Jez says:

    It’s Alan Ball’s world, of course Bill is going to save the world despite the fact no one gives a crap about him.

    • Dark Defender says:

      I totally agree. A Dark Bill would be WAY more interesting… however in AB’s version – Bill will pull a Snape and we will be asked to love him for it. More Sookie and Eric, I say.. I’m all for her and anyone else.

  2. CMT says:

    UGH. Queen Bill to save the day. Of course it makes sense for a 200 year old vampire to outsmart every other ancient vampire on the show. Only on True Blood.

    • Well since vampires are imaginary the imaginary rules they imaginarily live by don’t really matter when writing for an imaginary TV show. It’s like getting pissed when science fiction doesn’t adhere to the principles of physics, time, and space as we currently understand them.

      • Temperence says:

        Just because you are old, it doesn’t mean that you are clever. Salome’s being careless after he big win over the Guardian, or she doesn’t realize that Bill’s associate with Sookie has left him resistant to her charms. Of course, Bill had a plan… duh, one he needed to keep Erik around to help him with.

  3. yours truly says:

    Bill had better be saving the world. Otherwise this season has been an even bigger waste of time than it already has been. Ugh.

    • christina mazgelis says:

      I agree. Bill had better do something drastic to team back up with eric for now, and please get sookie some sort of results in finding her parents killer. dragging on, but i’m still hookedc

  4. eli says:

    this season is a big mistake!!! and a lost of time…

  5. he played it smart by siding with the sanguinistas. the alternative would have probably killed him. he had to play them from the inside.

  6. Josh says:

    Bill seems to be under the control of something and obviously Sookie will need to save him, and they’ll get back together yada-yada

  7. lil ole me says:

    why is he wearing a Star Trek uniform?

  8. svetlana says:

    If Bill saves the world I’m going to stop watching TB.Honestly,Eric is the one I love.This season Sam looks good,Alcide is hot when Sookie isn’t around.Don’t like Bill but he’s Ball’s favourite guy.

    • Dana says:

      Totally agree, tired of the Saint Bill, and Eric being pushed aside, and we definitely need more Alcide, just without the vomit action from Sookie.

  9. Bill go from king to guardian. That’s how the season will end. it’s about his ascention into a figure of authority. he’ll oversee mainstreaming from here on out. the other rulers will die.

  10. nymerias says:

    I do not think Bill has a plan and nor do I think that he is faking. Bill is not at all what people like to think he is. What we get told about him and what we get shown about him are two different things. They do not equal out to the good guy. I have always thought Bill had a dark side and was capable of going darker still and to me that is much more interesting and believable than Mr.Fix it.

    • Sharon says:

      I totally agree that Bill has a very dark side – I have NEVER believed that he was this totally GOOD guy

      • marced says:

        Bill has never been the totally good guy, nor have any of the characters in True Blood. Non of the characters in True Blood are one dimensional. I guess the only character in True Blood that has always been portrayed as good is Sookie’s grandma, I can’t think of anyone else.

  11. Jose says:

    While I do believe Bill will save the day at the end I don’t see him walking away from the Authority, meaning that he will become the guardian and take over the mainstreaming agenda… Which would be good but at the end, doesn’t it seem like too much? I never got how the most powerful group of vampires are residing in Louisiana, Not New York, or LA or Paris or London or Tokyo where True Blood was invented…. I’m ok with Bill saving the day but it seems to big a job for bill

  12. Danielleinky says:

    Has no one else noticed that when he bit Salome he began hallucinating again? Either bitch has powers or that is her blood in the vial making people hallucinate.

    • Mark says:

      I agree. There’s definitely something going on with Salome’s blood.

      • CateRose says:

        I was thinking something along those lines as well… I was thinking that Salome drank the “blood of
        Lilith” before she got together with bill. Therefore when he bit her, he drank her blood which had some of the crazy hallucinogenic blood in it, which in turn made him hallucinate.

  13. D says:

    Is anyone else convinced that it is Bill who murdered Sookie’s parents? I mean, it must be a vampire we already know. Probably male. Bill would make perfect sense.

  14. Mark says:

    @D – I don’t think a vampire murdered Sookie’s parents. Warlow is dark fae.

  15. Kjat says:

    All I want is Sookie and Eric! I prefer Bill to e bad, he’ll be more interesting

  16. Francy says:

    I have always liked Bill, and the extreme and sometimes irrational hatred against him in the fandom never fails to sadden me. This storyline is only giving people who already hate him more ammunition… so I really hope there’s a twist and that he has something up his sleeve. I’ll be very pissed otherwise. Bill DOES have a dark side, but his actions right now make little sense… we will see.

    • mollie says:

      All vampires have darkness in them. So I have never understood why some people are so fanatical about Bill being dark, blah…blah…. Bill, Eric, Pam have all eaten people and done bad things in their past and present. Even Sookie knew in Season One that Bill could show the worst of his vampire self but when he was with her, Bill was able to rise above that darkness. Now Bill believes he has lost everything he ever cared about. Bill has struggled in every season to hold on to some part of his human self. I hope Bill is strong enough to defeat Salome and Russell at their own game. It would not surprise me if he was playing everybody….including the audience.

  17. Mark says:

    Salome’s blood is influencing the Authority. That’s why Bill (after drinking her blood) turned on Eric at the end of this episode. Btw, I think it would be interesting if TB had a flashback to show how Salome was responsible for the execution of John The Baptist.

  18. S says:

    I’m so tired of AB and his hard on he has for Beel. When is he going to realize most of TB fans love Eric over Beel? not only Eric but AS is just amazing and Sexy in the part lol I mean how can he not love Eric? … making Beel the hero GAG me I really want Eric to hate Beel again by the end of this season too

    • mollie says:

      I would like to know how you have arrived at the brilliant summation that ‘most’ TB fans love Eric? Just because some Eric fans are more vocal, does not mean he has more fans. Bill is the tragic hero of True Blood. Mr. Ball has said that Bill’s journey fascinates him. If you are ‘tired’ of that, snce TB is now going into Season 6, I believe you may want to give up on your irrational hopes and if you intend to keep watching the show, try to enjoy the parts of it you can. “Eric” is a supporting character. Which means whatever he does, only elevates “Bill’s ” storyline.

    • Jamie says:

      This has nothing to do with the actors or their looks, boy are you superficial!

    • Sandra L. says:

      Eric is the FAVORITE! That’s why AB is so disappointed. Lol!

    • Ruby says:

      im tired of everyone loves Eric and not Bill crap! i prefer Bill over Eric, although i like him! do you think everyone is team Eric? you only watch TB because of him! you are not a true fan! you dont even care about the character! you know why? because Eric fanatics only care about him being sexy!!!

  19. Liz says:

    Well, I really hope Bill has a plan, that he was faking it all along…(though we can see that the dark side is tempting him). I think Bill is the most interesting vampire of them all, like Anne Rice said (and she would know about that!). He is a tragic hero, and he has to fight his dark side, rise above it to save his humanity.
    With Sookie, he was able to do that. Will he be able to do that without her, or will she help him?

  20. Nat says:

    Doesn’t it look like he has something in his hand in the picture? Maybe something to put in the vial and the blood in it will turn black like in the promo??… Just speculating here ;)

  21. Dwimordene says:

    Bill is a repersentation of Judas… In some way you could say Judas saved the world (in christianity culture), without him Jesus wouldn’t have been crucified, without Christ dead and his resurrection humanity would have not been saved. And there is a Christ figure in TB, extremely obvious one since s3.
    Just saying.

  22. *pbt* says:

    With killing Sookie in his dream last week, Bill has fallen down the proverbial “rabbit hole” now. Yes, Bill has aligned himself with dark side. Bill throughout the seasons has always searched for something to believe in. His religious fervor is real. Salome better watch her back. The blood of Lilith (which BTW is not the blood of Lilith) will direct Bill that he is the true “chosen one”. And there can be only “one” chosen.

    Eric has a plan and that included getting caught by the Authority. Molly was part of the plan. I suspect by the finale this year, Eric will be bringing Bill back from the dark side. Yes, I said it. Eric will be the savior. Son of “God”ric. Alan Ball has been working towards this for 5 years.

    I suspect the Warlow storyline will continue until next year. Just remember that even in 1905, Eric said that Bill was very strong for his age. We have continually been shown since Season 1, that Bill has been capable of doing things that a normal vamp should not be able to do. I think we have a hybrid fae/vampire on the show.

  23. AM says:

    As usual, the EL’s will be once again shafted, they still think that Eric is the big hero of TB. Wrong as usual.

    Thank goodness Alan Ball did his own thing from the books and made Bill the hero, Stephen Moyer is doing the best acting so far on the show.

    Bill is and always be the central male character, Eric is a supporting character.

    And S4 took care of the E/S ‘romance’, it stunk to high heaven and thank goodness that will not be revisited again.

    • Sandra L. says:

      “And S4 took care of the E/S ‘romance’, it stunk to high heaven and thank goodness that will not be revisited again.”

      Eric & Sookie romance gave the show the highest ratings. The show is in big trouble right now. So, they need the favorite couple (Eric & Sookie). Dear AM, take your medicine because they will be together again.

      “Stephen Moyer is doing the best acting so far on the show.”

      Sorry, but Moyer is an average actor; he overacts too much. The show has better actors: O’Hare, Ellis, Skarsgard, Bauer, Woll. Even Valentina Cervi (Salome) is better than Moyer.

      “Bill is and always be the central male character, Eric is a supporting character.”

      Then Moyer is underpaid, considering Skarsgard gets paid the same amount of money. Not bad for a “supporting actor.” :)

      • Ruby says:

        Sandra, you are such a hater! Because you not only insult bill but you insult SM! how can people take you serious? you only care about Eric! Alex would be ashamed of this so called fans! you are not a fan of TB! BTW, since when SM is an average actor? please don’t make laugh!

  24. Miri says:

    Bill Compton has been and always will be the most complex,layered character on TB. Thanks to Stephen Moyer’s masterful portrayal, he is by far the most interesting character as well. I think this season has been pretty damn good and I can’t wait to see what is to come!

  25. Sandra L. says:

    “Just look at the shiftiness in Bill’s eyes as he hovers over (well, near) that vial of precious Lilith’s blood. Something tells me he’s about to do an about-face, betray Salome and Co., and save the world. (Something else tells me this was his plan all along.)”

    What about all the innocent humans killed thanks to Bill’s “master plan”?

  26. *pbt* says:

    There are lots of shades of gray with respects to both vampires on this show. No one is entirely good or entirely evil. Both Bill and Eric have very similar story lines on the show but it has been interesting to watch how Alan Ball has spun their choices.

    Some will say its because of their makers. Which I suppose could be the truth but, Bill hasn’t been with Lorena for nearly 70+ years. How long is Bill allowed to use his maker as his excuse for his decisions or choices?

    As the season progresses, its been quite evident that Alan Ball has written this season about the choices people make. The choice for Lafayette and Sookie to have Tara turned and saved her life. The choice for Terry to shoot Patrick and rid Arlene and his family of the iFrit demon. The choices that Jason, Jessica and Hoyt have made in their respective relationships. And then of course Sookie, who chose not to be with either vampire and for the first time in a very long time is making her own decisions. Very interested to see how this will end in three weeks. I have my suspicions and have been following the clues that Alan Ball has left us.

    I really hope the fans will refrain about talking about actors specifically (one better than the other) and rather focus on the characters. I always cringe when I hear or read that type of discussion. I am sure that the actors feel the same way. They’re an amazing ensemble on True Blood. All play and important to the story being told.

  27. marced says:

    I think Bill is a very complex character. I have been surprised to see him turn on everything he believed in because of the hallucinations of Lilith, but he did seem confused. Honestly, the Bill we have seen for 4 seasons would be playing everyone, but he is not giving anything away. I really don’t know if he trully has fallen into religious zealotry, or if he came up with a better plan when he realized something about the blood.

  28. RoxyRoller85 says:

    I think the show is trying to portray that Bill and Eric are neither “good nor bad” but rather do have shades of grey, like good ppl doing bad things or bad ppl doing good, what they’re showing us is character developement, We were 1st shown Bill to be the “good guy” and Eric was made out to be the “bad guy’ and look now, they’ve switched sides. My mama (god rest her soul) used to say “There’s good & bad in everyone- black, white or brindle”So Ima take that and run with it… Really intrigued as to WTF Liliths blood is?????? Oh And @Dwimordene, what do u mean by: “TB has a ‘christ figure since s3”? not following

  29. Well bill has always been ambitious and the hero so i would expect no different and he thrived in his role as king of Louisiana and if granted more power, would he take it? yes certainly – salome has given him a plum role alongside her but i think he may have a higher calling and i hope he kills these sanguinistas becasue theyre all beginning to p*** me off.

    When Russell showed his true self towards the end of the 10th ‘gone gone gone’ episode he made a speech about walking in daylight by capturing fae’s and drinking their blood at which point i immediately thought ‘SOOKIE’. and so did eric and bill when they looked at each other worryingly knowing russell may target her which tells you that neither E or B is devoted to the sanguinista nonsense and bill may be forced to drink the vial of Lilith’s blood to help him defeat Russell once and for all.

  30. Bandit666 says:

    I don’t think it is Bill. It could be Warlow (who was a prisoner of the Authority) shapeshifted into Bill. That would explain Warlows abscence from Sookies life for all of these years.

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