Days of Our Lives Exclusive, Explosive First Look: Sami and EJ Rumble in the Rubble!

Days of Our Lives fans, your patience soon will be rewarded.

While those who love ABC or CBS soaps never have to take a long break in the middle of a good storyline, the Olympics paused the NBC sudser for weeks at a time this summer.

But the long-running daytime drama returns on Monday and, as you’ll see in this exclusive sneak peek, Days is more than rewarding its faithful followers for their patience.

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The episode kicks off an epic event that sends all of Salem reeling — and that blast we saw just before Days signed off a few weeks ago was just the beginning.

Hit PLAY on the video below to watch what happens to Sami and EJ after a huge explosion rocks the town. She wants him to flee to prove his innocence in Stefano’s death, but he wants to help those in need — and that’s just the beginning of the drama-packed week! Hit the comments with your predictions of who’ll weather the Daysaster just fine and whose world is about to be blown to bits!

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  1. Kirk says:

    I don’t think Stefano is dead.
    Ian leaves town shortly to never return
    Madison is leaving
    Bo is leaving
    Jack is leaving
    Carrie and Austin are leaving
    Melanie is leaving
    Kristin Davis is coming back/Susan Banks (EJ’s mother)
    Nick is returning
    I dunno I’m getting really sick of Gabi

  2. Kirk says:

    There is also rumor that a long time actor is leaving too no names were revealed but if I were a betting man I’d put my money on Roman

  3. lene says:

    FINALLY!!!!!!! Love EJ and Sami <3

    • KM says:

      Me too! I can’t wait to see what happens with them. I guess they have a kiss coming soon.


      EJAMI is awesome and this episode rocks. No matter what anyone says, they can’t “unwrite” the fact that EJ risked his life to save Sami, and she was willing to die so that EJ could be with the kids. EJAMI is here!!!! Love it, and I will continue to watch.

    • Diamond G says:

      They are the best !!!!!!

  4. Lynn says:

    Yuck so sick of Sami and EJ, free Sami!!!

  5. ABC says:

    Yuck, can’t stand EJ. I’ve been trying to get back into Days, but I’m still bummed that they keep firing veteran actors in favor of untalented newbies.

    • Morgan says:

      6 years of James Scott does not make him a “newbie”. Not when he’s been there day in and day out. Also, its about time that EJAMI get together with Sami finally(!) admitting she loves the guy so they can be a FAMILY together. Sheesh. Everyone else gets to have a marriage, a family, and no drama but Sami? She gets 3 guys – one who loves her so much she needs 2 others to hide behind. Will is grown. Lucas isn’t needed and that love is gone, Sami’s using him. She always has! As for Rafe – same story. Lucas wasn’t there, EJ was and wanted her, Sami doesn’t think she’s good enough for love so she takes left overs and 2nd bests. End the agony of Salem’s men. Find some good women for Rafe and Lucas, and Put EJAMI together. Come on! everyone sees it. everyone knows it. Ali Sweeney and James Scott are the hardest working actors on the set IMO. They drive the actions of everyone else. Without them and their characters at this point in time, there’d be no show. Stop living in the past.

      • Myrtho Romulus says:

        I so totally agree with you. Those two are the reason I watch Days!!!!!! I am getting sick of the writers getting our hopes up high for a reunion between those two and BAMM nothing happens, that is not fair. Sami and EJ have a chemistry that noone will ever be able to have no matter how many men they put her with. Let her be with EJ and let them be happy.

    • sandy says:

      i totally agree

    • Keri says:

      I’ve stopped watching a ” LONG TIME AGAO!!!!!” it’s boring and puts me to sleep!

  6. Glenn says:

    Not sure why DOOL would have taken a break during Wimbledon as NBC didn’t televise it this year.

  7. wrstlgirl says:

    Sami & EJ again!!! This is so old.

    • Jennifer says:

      Haven’t watched this in forever sounds like nothing has changed except that in reading about Sami and EJ I feel like the only difference in some respects between them and that couple from Twilight saga is, well not much. Both like to drain the life out of things and viewers get to a point where we just don’t care. Wonder where EJ keeps his famgs…

    • Aryn says:

      You can’t deny their chemistry though, ultimately neither will be truly happy…unless they are driving the other one crazy and challenging them that is.

      • KM says:

        Neither will be happy until they finally get together. I’ve noticed they only seem to hurt each other when their in relationships with other people. Like Lexie said, if they stopped trying to kill each other they could be happier than they’ve ever been.

    • Penny says:

      I know! *gagging*

    • soaper410 says:

      I’ve loved them since 2006 and I am hoping they will FINALLY let them be together. Every time they tease us and we never get them.

      I am hoping for EJ & Sami to ACTUALLY get a real chance!

  8. Belle says:

    I am thankful Days is back on Monday…I wish Gabi becomes a casuality, sorry to the actress and her fans but she doesn’t fit in and is much too needy a character for us long time fans to accept as someone who deserves so much airtime!!

    With that said, I wish they’d put Billie Reed out of her misery too – she and the original Austin are so underwhelming and BORING on show now. I am hoping Sami & Lucas get that playful banter back that they had when he first returned. I am a HUGE fan of James Scott (EJ) and want to finally see him happy, he’s done some bad things but who hasn’t in Salem?!
    P.S. Stefano is not dead…he always rises from the ashes :)
    P.P.S. Goodbye Ian, Madison, Carrie, Austin, Jack & Melanie – Jack, Melanie & Carrie will be the only one missed.
    Yes Bo is leaving too, but Peter Reckel is leaving of his own free will and I personally think Bo & Hope have run their course!

    • Aryn says:

      I know right…Billie & Austin are a total snooze fest, I liked the previous Austin so much better; have never liked the original guy. Billie looks older than her mother Kate!

    • Judy says:

      WEll said Belle – I’m with you!

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Personally I wish Hope would go away with him. All she’s gonna do on the show with Bo gone is whine about it. Boring.

    • Paula says:

      If there is a movie made of the book Fifty Shades of Grey I think hands down that James Scott (EJ) should play Christian Grey. While reading the book I kept picturing EJ in the role. He would be great.

      • Morgan says:

        Obviously you like James Scott and so do I, however in no way, shape, manner or form would I want James Scott lowering himself to play Christian Grey. I think JS has too much respect for women to play that role. Its your fantasy though so enjoy! :)

        • Paula says:

          I don’t think the powers that be would use him to star in the movie him being a soap star but if they would let him read for the part I think he would be great for the part of Christian Grey. I really wish he could be the star. I can’t decide who should play Ana.

    • julie says:

      Sami and Lucas are great as friends, frenemies, Sami and Ej are soulmates, perfect lovers together imho.

  9. Aryn says:

    RIP Gabi – please, oh please let her character die!!!!!

  10. Kirk says:

    Jack and Madison Die. Ian killed Stefano, but I don’t think he’s dead.

    • Aryn says:

      I figured Ian would end up being EJ’s dad…guess not since he’s leaving the show. Maybe he helped Stefano fake his death?????

      • No way that ugly Ian could produce a son that hot! So glad he is leaving, can’t stand him. I think John Black is ejs father.

        • Yami says:

          I agree Ian is too butt ugly to be EJ’s father, its gotta be John Black. The Pheonix will rise. Go Sami & Ej. Buh bye Lucas sooooo tired of your whinny, needy self. Daniel is a hottie!

        • Jane says:

          I agree, I think John is EJ’s Dad because wasn’t John married to Kristen and crazy Susan (who is EJ’s Mom) faked her identity to pose as Kristen to be with John?? I can’t remember exactly because it was sooo long ago,. but it could be possible. So EJ may still be a Dimera!
          I wish Carrie would stay & get together with Rafe.
          Poor Brady, he is never happy!!! (if Madison dies)
          I was thinking Stefano was in protective custody with the Feds because of doing under cover jobs & maybe they “faked” his death & put him in hiding?
          I don’t want Mel to leave.. I love her!
          Gabby HAS TO GO, can’t stand her “no body loves me” bull.
          Jack & Jenn are so boring.
          Hope Nikki & Daniel make it, but I have a feeling she may loose the baby?


  11. Kirk says:

    Gabi lives, Andrew escapes

  12. wrstlgirl says:

    I just want Will & Sonny to hook up, stat!

    • Kirk says:

      they will share a kiss soon

      • wrstlgirl says:

        I know, saw the video but I don’t think there’s a love connection for awhile yet. Apparently (SPOILER, STOP READING IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW)…………sonny get’s bullied and he takes a dark turn.

        • Cyn Cromarty says:

          Hey where did you read that SPOILER…sonny will take a dark turn…I read spoilers anywhere and everywhere and I missed that one haha…probably with “T” coming back on the show its the start of the bullying?

          • wrstlgirl says:

            Yes, T is a bully and goes after Sonny because he “made” Will gay. At least that’s my understanding. It causes Sonny to relive the days before he came out, etc. I’m hoping that this turn of events is the beginning of Wilson, hee :-)

  13. Judy says:

    I’m not necessarily sad about some of the departures from Days – in spite of the time some of them have been on. I only wish Bo would take Hope with him – she is so corny and fake that I hate watching her almost as much as I hate hearing her mother Julie sing off key all the time. I was never an Austin fan – too gay and fake for me – should never have been a love interest or husband (yuk) for Carrie. Billie Reed…sayonara already…she is really awful and hard to watch because her face really does scare me – looks like a mask. I will miss Carrie – wish she was coming back. Ian….I can’t even think about his character because he is so….ugh….just awful to watch.A love interest for Kate???? and even worse Madison’s husband?? come on writers! What’s happening with Days? I wish they would find new blood and stop having the characters always winding up with each other instead of finding new partners. It really is incestuous.It alost seems like the good actors – the ones we want to stay – get sick of the drama and sad writing and just leave. I HATE seeing Melanie leave…she was really terrific and I wish her much luck in her new endeavors! Can’t wait till Monday!

    • Genene says:

      I agree with almost all of this post, but Julie is not Hope’s mother…her mother died and dad remarried Julie. The original Austin is not as handsome as the Austin that originally replaced him and that’s why Carrie is so ready to rid him from her life. She gave up everything to be with him back in the day and then they brought back the old Austin and the love connection with his return was lost. Ian…seriously, this is an Erica Kane husband No. 1000+ and his character sucks. Kate..seriously, who would love her? NOBODY…She a horrible skank!!! The only persons who truly could love her are her grandchildren and the ever loving Lucas…who is also so naive to her wicked ways!!

      • Kathy says:

        Hope and Julie share the same Mother. Doug is Hopes Father and Julie is her much older sister. Addie is Alices & Tom’s daughter and died of cancer when Hope was a baby and Julie was a teenager. After several years Doug married Julie.

    • Bobbi says:

      The only two I will miss are Melanie and Jack. Except they weren’t writing for Jack. Molly Burnett is young and I don’t think she’ll mind moving on to other things. Sh is so talented. I have a feeling we’ll be watching her somewhere for years to come.

    • Diane says:

      Sorry Judy, Julie is not Hope’s mother but her sister. Doug had an affair with Julie when he was married to Hope’s mother Addie. Addie died and Doug married Julie. I have been watching since about 1966..watched with my mother …Will be sad to see Peter Rekell gone..Love Bo!!

    • lisa says:

      bring back the old billy she’s beautiful sexy and fun to watch

  14. Ang says:

    I’m so excited for Days to finally come back! The EJ and Sami scenes should be amazing!!

  15. MoiraC says:

    Love, love, LOVE EJ and Sami! And Will to boot? Perfection!

  16. Krista says:

    This story is one of the best that Days has done for a long time. Also, can’t wait to see where EJ and Sami go from here. :)

  17. Nancy Graff says:

    Jack and Madison are gonners and thank goodness, EJ will live. He must. Because I said so.

  18. Monica says:

    I like this & EJ & Sami. Excited to see what happens!

  19. Love Sami & EJ.I hope they get together ans stay together.Gabi needs to either die or go to jail.Do not like her.

  20. 26 says:

    So much love for Wilson. They are meant for each other.

  21. sandra deel says:

    I love days and all there actors there, sorry to see any of them go but this show always keeps me in excitment. cant waite till monday, love ya

  22. Cassidy says:

    Ej and Sami are so overdone. I’m tired of them too and could care less if they ‘rumble’ anywhere. I’d like to see Days bring the heat with couples more appealing and those who haven’t the history of abusive behavior those two have heaped on each other. Days used to be known for their romantic super couples and epic romances. New writers are coming in after this Daysaster so hopefully they can bring back some fun sexy sparks and compelling twists for couples we can really care about to keep viewers tuned in. With Stefano returning shortly they also need to ramp up their scheming villains (Stefano, Ej, Nicole, Kate, Victor) and make the show must see again.

    The Daysaster is fun in that the special effects are amazing and it’s exciting to see the whole cast involved while we guess who might suffer a fatality, but the character stories have been lacking, so big time change needs to occur after this event.

    • claire says:

      Disagree : Ej and Sami are not ‘old’ they never got a real chance to begin !!!!
      Also they are grey characters who could make an unique couple of two grey characters together with lot’s of conflicts, romance, family time, storylines, the black and white characterisation of soap characters doesn’t interest majority of viewers now, they need grey complex characters who can be good and bad like in prime time soaps who are great success with the audience (Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Revenge, Dallas ect..)

  23. sara says:

    Ej & Sami OMG love love them ! I can’t wait

  24. Jill says:

    I’ve loved the Olympics, but I’m really excited to have DOOL back! And I’m super excited that we are finally getting a story for EJ and Sami! Those two have always been fantastic together, and it’s about time we get a story worthy of their talents!

  25. I love the clip. :) EJ and Sami saving each other was so amazing. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  26. Diamond G says:

    EJ and Sami are the best I want them to get together, he is so cute and love her ,Please find out soon that he is not the killer

    • Diamond G says:

      Gabi needs to go and so does Ian , but it will be dum if EJ leaves town , cause then it will show that he killed him and he did not ,they need to fry Ian .. Hate him …

  27. Andrea says:

    Gabi is a drag, Melanie is whiny, Bo and Hope have done it all. Good bye Carrie and Austin, whosses’s . tired of John and Marlena. Like
    Sami, ok with Lucas for a while – liked Jennifer and Daniel –
    Got to really mix stuff up and of course Stefano will rise from the dead…Again………….

  28. Jessica says:

    Bring back MiMi, Shaun, Belle and Max and Rex. Love Sami and EJ!

  29. bsh says:

    Really good video

  30. Cookala says:

    James Scott and Ali Sweeney always give 100% and never let their fans down. I just watched (Canada) as EJ struggled with all his strength to save Sami from certain injury or death. Those strenuous and very physical scenes had to be quite difficult. I love the fact that EJAMI are actually on the same page and working together at long last! The blinders have FINALLY fallen from Sami’s eyes and she obviously no longer CARES what Roman, Rafe, Lucas or anyone else in Salem thinks! Hallelujah!!

    • Berlingirl says:

      I love how EJ and Sami are finally putting each other ahead of themselves. They are both growing and realizing they have made mistakes. It’s refreshing seeing them having each other’s back .Instead of at each other’s throats.James and Ali always bring their A-game wheither Ejami is loving or fighting!!! The natural chemistry and talent these actors display is why I love Ejmai so much!!! And it’s about time Samantha quits worry about what anyone thinks including her ex’s!!!! Bring on the Ejami goodness!!! I can’t wait!!!

  31. Hey says:

    Ugh. TIIC are killing off Jack again. We should have gotten a great Jack and Jennifer story with Jack’s return, and we got almost nothing. Bring Jack back and get it right, Days!

    I don’t care about EJ and Sami.

  32. Heidi says:

    I couldn’t be more excited about whats coming up. I’m a HUGE EJ and Sami fan! It’s about time those two finally get together. And Will and Sonney too? I can’t wait!

  33. KM says:

    I can’t wait to see the EJ and Sami scenes. I love those two together, and the actors have great chemistry.

    I bet Stefano isn’t dead! The man just doesn’t die.

    Really looking forward to the Daniel and Nicole scenes too. Those two are cute together. He’s way better for her than EJ IMO.

    Poor Jack!! I don’t want him to die.

    Monday really can’t come soon enough.

  34. marilyn says:

    I love EJAMI, they are the best couple to ever hit daytime. They just shine together. THeir chemistry is undeniable. Sami has outgrown Lucas a long time ago and Rafe was just a substitiute for Roman. Sami needs a man who makes her alive and that man is EJ.

  35. Kay says:

    Ditto to all comments!!

  36. cj75 says:

    I am so excited to see where things go with Ej and Sami! I love this couple, I really think they deserve a chance. Neither character can truly shine in any other coupling. Ej and Sami are a special couple!

  37. Kay says:

    Aww! I love EJ and Sami. She put her life on the line for him and he, in turn, saves her life. If that isn’t meant to be, I don’t know what is.

  38. Karen A says:

    Jack and Madison will die.

    I feel sorry for Matt Ashford. The writers couldn’t come up with a good storyline for him. And many longtime fans wanted Jack and Jen to get back together. By killing him off, it makes her romance with Daniel more palatable. So here comes a Daniel-Nicole-Jen triangle.

    Sarah Brown is a great actress. A shame DAYS squandered her talent. They started with a strong, confident character and turned her into a sniveling mess.

    I’m sorry that Peter Reckell is leaving the show, but it’s understandable. I wonder how they will write him off and what the future holds for Hope since Kristen Alfonso just signed a new contract.

    I’m glad the Ian character is on his way out. What a yucky character. That Kate hooked up with him is unbelievable. Kate is smarter and better than that.

    There seems to be rumours that Sami and Rafe aren’t ‘done’ as a couple. So now we’ll have 3 men competing for her? Really?

    Looking forward to Eric finally coming back to Salem and Kristin, too.

    I hope next Monday is worth the hype and that they don’t drag this ‘day’ out for weeks and weeks. (Remember Marlena’s return and the pink sweatsuit(?)?

    New writers, please wow us, entertain us, and bring back some of the fun from DAYS gone bye. (Eugene and Calliope or whomever).

    • Jan says:

      Where do you guys get all this information about who’s going and whats happening next?? I thought I was following the Dayaster but you have so much information I’ve never seen.

  39. Cherish says:

    Yay! I love EJ and Sami! What an awesome clip!

  40. Cj08 says:

    AMAZING!!! Thank you Days and the new writing team for reviving this show AND rebuilding,restoring,recharging EJAMI!!! Its really the next step in their evolution as characters and I’m SO excited to see them move away from all the negative writing they were given in the past. They have always had that IT factor and honsestly as a soap watcher for 25 years and a Days watcher for 20 – I think they could be the next “Luke & Laura” if they see this through!! Bravo and I cannot wait to keep watching and see how this adventure/disaster scenario unfolds for all the characters of Days!!

  41. Lenee says:

    Ejami! Oh how I love them. EJ and Sami make Days so interesting for me. Those looks that pass between them speak volumes. So much chemistry! They are so fun to watch, especially now that they are back to their true characters. I’m also ready for Will and Sonny too! And my Stefano to come back. I will miss Jack. I wish they hadnt let him go.

  42. Sophie says:

    Can’t wait for DAYS to return. I so miss Sami and E.J. EJami all the way!

  43. Penny says:

    I hope they re-cast Bo. Hate they are getting rid of Jack. Hope by him leaving doesn’t put Jennifer with Daniel. ZzZzzz Madison and Ian can go. I will miss Melanie. I wish her all the best in her future, Enough of EJ and Sami! I hate them together! I turn the channel when they’re on together. Loved DAYS for over 37 years and them together has been the couple I’ve hated to see together the most.

  44. Sunset says:

    EJ and Sami are overexposed and are on WAY too much…..but Iove them so much!!!!!!! They’re my guilty pleasure :)

    • cjb28 says:

      Amen to THAT! Isn’t that what soaps are all about? A little guilty pleasure in the middle of the day? Personally I think they have not been over exposed, we just have not seen them in a truly positive story line before now, and folks grow weary of all the negativity. GO EJAMI!!

  45. who is “T” and who is “Wilson”? I’d like to see Will and Sonny but I saw a clip that Will was surprised Sonny kissed him. Hopefully he’ll come around though. Sorry to see Jack go and Bo. I like Bo and Hope but maybe because they’ve been together so long. Would love to see lots of the “older” Salemites come back. Just need good stories. If Stefano is not EJ’s father who is? Why didn’t Alice say in her letter? Wish Tony could come back, maybe he didn’t really die! Can’t wait till Monday. DVR is all primed and ready since I have an appointment.

    • Sunset says:

      ‘T’ is Tad (I think). And WilSon is the portmanteau for Wi-ll and Son-ny. I personally can’t believe how seriously everyone is taking Alice’s letter. DNA test, anyone????

  46. PR EJAMI says:

    That’s our girl! Sami and EJ are a true love story. They will always save each other and love each other no matter what GO EJAMI!

  47. Peggy says:

    i think it will be Abe that goes and not Roman if they are getting rid of old ones. Although, Abe and Kayla would be a good match. Mixing it up. I think they should keep Kate, she keeps things interesting although she is a villan. Sure Stephano will be back, the Phoenix always rises! Keep EJ, Sami, Daniel. Let Jen and Daniel get together.. Thats the happiest I have ever seen her. When she is with Jack she is always looking down in the mouth. Don’t let Daniel and Nicole be together. Ian must go. i didn’t like Madison with Brady. Put him and NIcole back together. They suit each other.Jack needs to go. Keep Melanie. Let Gaby go. Put Carrie and Rafe together. Let him go on assignment and bring her back. Billie and Austin are to go. I hate to see Bo go but he will be back. Hope is nothing. He acted more in love with the doctor than hope. You could see fireworks but not with Hope. I’ve been with Days since the beginning. .Keep Will and friends.

    • Peggy says:

      I also think Daniel is Victor’s son. Keep Sami, EJ, Lucas, all the kids

    • Interesting thoughts. Kayla and Abe? Kate should stay. We all know Stefano will be back. I liked Dan and Jen together was sorry they didn’t make it. Don’t like Niccole and Dan. Yeah, Brady and Niccole would be good. I wish Melanie would stay I like her. Gabby can go. Also been watching since beginning. We hardly ever see Kayla’s mother anymore so maybe she will be going. Bring some older ones back. Haven’t seen Sami’s brother is like for-ever. Was never really a fan of Carley(?) Melanie’s mother. Maybe it’s just that particular actress. How is Bo departing? Can’t be dying if he is coming back some day.

    • Kirk says:

      I wonder if the bad news Justin gets is sonny getting bullied or something happens to adrienne

  48. Patty says:

    Loved the clip and can’t wait for Days to start again next week. I’m guessing Madison and Jack die. I hear Ian is leaving the show the next week. Days is my show; I’ve been watching it forever. I’m super geeked to see Sami and EJ getting together – finally! And this time it better be done right! They are the best thing to hit Days since Bope.

  49. tom says:

    Are they bringing Kristen back as herself or Susan? cause i remember Susan was killed in the pool and Kristen took Susans identity than she was kidnapped.

  50. Jen says:

    Go Ejami! I’m so sad Jack is leaving. I don’t care if he’s with Jennifer or not, he’s more interesting. I don’t understand why they’ve kept Roman all these years. He’s painful to watch and boring. Same with Dan and Dannifer. I wish they’d give they younger folks more interesting exciting stories, like Ejami on the run. Replace Rafe and Brady with exciting heroic types. Rafe’s is so bland although I did like him better with Carrie. Bradison was so forced it had no impact at all, aside from making me FF. I want young folks I can root for like the 80s and 90s, not interchangeable couples.