Grey's Anatomy Exclusive: Ominous Season 9 Premiere Title Revealed!

Callie Mark Arizona Grey's AnatomyIs Seattle Grace about to make another painful cut?

TVLine has exclusively obtained the title of Grey’s Anatomy‘s Sept. 27 premiere and the feeling of loss it conjures up is palpable.

Without further adieu, the Season 9 opener is called, “Going Going Gone.”

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Given the news that Eric Dane will only be returning for two episodes this fall, conventional wisdom suggests the title points to the imminent departure of McSteamy.

However, it could also be a nod to the tragic death of Lexie and/or the departure of Teddy in May’s finale — but in both cases those characters aren’t “Going Going Gone.” They’re just gone.

Which brings us back to the question at the top of the story: Is another exit looming? And if so, could it be Jessica Capshaw (Arizona) — whose S9 status series creator Shonda Rhimes has been conspicuously mum about?

Of course, it’s entirely possible the title doesn’t pertain to any of these things. Maybe Seattle Grace’s softball team opens its new season and the title refers to a super-dramatic game-winning home run hit by the Chief? (Nah.)

What do you think “Going Going Gone” means?! Hit the comments with your thoughts/theories!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Pisces says:

    Pleas don’t kill arizona

  2. jessica says:

    ok i know this may sound funny but, i have been sooooo busy i don’t know when next season is going to start or if greys anatomy already started next season. can someone please let me know.

  3. Isaac says:

    Teddy leaves so Cristina has a job at SGMW
    Mark leaves/dies so Jackson has a job at SGMW
    Arizona leaves/dies so Alex has a job at SGMW
    Lexie dies so April has a job at SGMW

    I’m sorry but that would be WAY too much.

  4. Nana Abena says:

    do all goners have to die? Shonda this is turning a horror movie. i like the fact that Alison shows up once in a blue moon. cant something be worked out for other goners too? kinda

  5. I think Arizona is going to die. But if she doesn’t i don’t think she is going to lose her leg. That would be stupid. What people keeps forgeting is her best friend Nick is about to bite the big one. Then she finds out that Kerev is leaving to work at a different hospital. So she takes his place on the plane cause she is mad at him. Then the next thing she knows she is in a plane crash and no one even cares to see if she is ok. As she pops her bone back into place she finds out Lexie has died. Then as Mark is laying beside her he starts talking about dying. So when the search and rescue finally finds them and gets them to the hospital that will be when she finds out that Nick has died. So i think she is going to go off the deep end and Callie will have to have her committed to a psych ward. Probably in another hospital so everyone at SGMW will not bother her. That way JCap wil be able to be away for a while for maternity leave.

  6. ally123 says:

    if shonda kills arizona i’ll stop watching the show. i can’t believe shonda would call this “the season of romance” if she kills arizona.

  7. sheeqowh says:

    i honestly need the show to premier!!! personally i hope Izzy doesn’t come back… She’s too soft for surgery, she sleeps with her married bff, she breaks his marriage, shez mean to Calli , she quits surgery, comes back, shez diagnosed, she doesnt want help, she lies to her mom about her condition, she leaves karev, she shows up hoping to jus patch things up, she leaves….ugh!!!! all her emotional what not, esteem issues and indecisive nature just annoyed me everytime i saw her on my screen. ION RIP Lexxie :'(

  8. Carmen says:

    All the original cast members are signed up for new contracts. It looks as if Christina, Mer and Alex won’t be taking those new jobs after all.

    Eric Dane is definitely leaving the show. Does that mean death for McSteamy? I think he would not move away and leave Sofia behind, even being broken-hearted over losing Lexie.

    I heard a rumor that Jessica Capshaw has a new show in development. Could that mean death for Arizona?

  9. Sam says:

    Going, Going, Gone! Applies to the status of Shonda Rhines’ aging shows. Grey’s Anatomy is going into its 9th season and its ratings may want warrant another after this one. The end of Private Practice is guaranteed this year after its 13 episode order is finished (and Tim Daly is not returning to the show, saving it money). The only show left after this year for Rhines is probably Scandal which is her new show also on ABC.

    • chris says:

      I’d say you are totally right. Shonda is driving her audience away in droves. She is sending the AZ (C/A) fans to the remote by cutting off AZ’s leg! I mean really how insulting could she be, making the lesbian be the only doc ever on this show to recover with a disability – and leaving the lez to have to wear a strap on …leg – really? could she be more insulting?

      Then she’s killing mark off, to join lexie, so there goes their fan base and Christina is off at another hospital so not much C/O going on there for those fans.

      She’s bringing on a bunch of new students – really? greys mock 2? didn’t she already try that with the mercy westers – and look where that got the ratings.

      the show was averaging what 10 million viewers end of season 8 – I’d say the show will drop another couple million viewers by episode4 this year and continue down hill to maybe 7 million by end of the year – not worth the salaries they are paying for these actors

  10. So Over It says:

    Arizona dies so Karev doesn’t leave and becomes head of Pediatrics, and Sloane’s gone too, so Jackson becomes lead in plastics. Teddy’s gone, so Yang is head in Cardio, and it’s all predictable and tied up in a nice little boring bow where no one has to go to another hospital. Best season was 2, after that it’s been shootings, catastrophes and storylines that are far fetched. Dempsey lost his humor long ago, and now that Lexie’s dead there’s really no one that engages the viewer. I feel cheated after being strung along thinking that Sloane and Lexie would be together to have this happen. I’ll finish watching the series cause I’ve already invested sooo much time into it, but really! Way to go Shonda…

  11. kristy says:

    Mark will die as the photos show , I believe after reading the letter that they will amputate Arizona’s leg . Jessica capshaw has been quiet on Twitter so their is still speculation and susspense…I don’t think they will leave callie alone :(

  12. FlamingoPink says:

    Teddy is leaving (Going), McSteamy is leaving (Going) and Lexie is dead (Gone) . How hard was that?

  13. Armoni says:

    Look shonda rhimes,first you killed lexie,now your killing mark no no no no no when my mom here’s you killed mark,she is never going to watch your show again! She loves mark sloe and I loved lexie grey,she is my best character and always will be!!:( my mom cried when lexie died and web mark passed out,she almost pulled her hair!!so if I were shonda rhimes,If they wanted to quit,just let them quit don’t just say ok but be on this season so we can kill you on one of the episodes NO! If I was on the show,I would have saved them,treat them like family if one person leaves another person dose.Sure you might have to fire me for saving my cast members but at lease I tried to save them. I might be 10 years old but I am not afraid to fight or stand up for any of my friends or my family!! And that iz a fact!! Lexie was great and so was mark but,hate me for say’n dis but, it’s better to be loved then not loved at all thats wat lexie and mark had but now they are gone so no one can say that in a once in a lifetime!!!so just think about wat you are doing shonda rhimes, just think and say to your self am I doing the right thing,why do I keep killing the best doctors,and most of all,when will the best doctors stop quitting?well they will be truly truly missed.:-(