Exclusive First Look Videos: The Glades' Finale Puts Jim's (Love) Life on the Line



Crossed wires and missed calls do not a healthy long-distance relationship make, as evidenced by these exclusive sneak peeks of The Glades‘ Season 3 finale (airing this Sunday at 9/8c, on A&E).

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As seen in this first clip, Callie (played by Kiele Sanchez) is angling to wrap things up in Atlanta — namely, finishing her boards — but most urgently she wants to get in touch with Jim (Matt Passmore).

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Jim, meanwhile (cue Clip No. 2, below!) is equally anxious to reach Callie, though it’s starting to look like he’s had his fill of this Palm Glade-Atlanta thing. That prompts Jennifer (Taylor Cole) — who is but an arm’s length away and looking especially come-hither — to offer Jim something else to nibble on. (An idea, people! Or at least for starters.)

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Will Jim do right by Glades fans and stay true? Or will Callie’s trip to Georgia prove to be less-than-peachy?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. trista says:

    I trust Jim! I think this will be like the girl at the end of the first season. Jennifer will help him realize that who he truly loves and wants to be with is Callie.

  2. Kelly says:

    SERIOUSLY? All of this on-off nonsense is making me not want to watch the show…and I really like this show. Settling Jim down with Callie would make for a ton of new storylines…instead of doing this stupid love triangle thing 3 seasons in a row. Please, writers…cut it out. I’m so over it.

    • Betsy says:

      I agree with Kelly; I think Jim and Callie settling down together makes for many new storylines. I have liked Callie’s character from the start. Her and Jim fought so hard to HAVE a relationship, and I think they should stay together. Come on writers; stop the love trianges.

    • Sara says:

      Watching the teaser after Sunday nights episode they were kind of pushing the Jim’s had enough and is gonna call it quits scenario, which in general leads me to believe that they are just setting up the twist where Jim asks Callie to marry him.

      I could be way off, but when the promos “seem” to be pushing expectations one way, I always look for the twist.

      • Deborah Amaral says:

        My thoughts exactly! I think a proposal is on the way too. I will be so pissed if he ends it. It took to long to get together to end it so soon.

      • btenda says:

        I think Jim should be popping the question.

      • Kat says:

        I was thinking the same thing! Last year they didn’t leave us hanging to much. They showed Callie go back to Jim. I liked this show because his character seemed typical flirt but when it came to relationships he was true to them. A refreshing change in todays day and age! Don’t mess with the best relationship give Daniel a love interest and bring Callie back to forensics! Jim and Callie made a good team!

      • ElaineNall says:

        Hope and pray that you are correct……

      • Sara says:

        Ha! I called it!!!!

        Even though I was right, that was the absolute worst cliffhanger proposal ever. You either do a quick cut after the proposal or a freeze frame. Having the actors remain motionless while you slowly zoom out… it was too long and awkward. Just my opinion.

        • Anna says:

          Sara, I sooo agree with you on the awkwardness in the end scene. I have not ever seen anyone stay motionless like that for that long in real life…but then again, I have not met everybody on earth so maybe there’s people in one corner of the world who do… ;)

    • robin says:

      i totally agree with kelly, 3 seasons of love triangles is enough,,,,,,let jim and callie get together and be together……….cut it out

    • Teresa says:

      I completely agree with you all! Every time they put a new girl into the mix, it makes me want to stop watching! You set up the story line to put Jim and Callie together, get on with it already. If you need to get some more imaginative writers, then do it already. The love triangle thing is trite and overused! Get on with it already!

  3. This was tied with Alias as my favorite show of all time until they split Jim and Callie up this season and brought in the skanky-looking new woman. They worked so hard at getting Jim and Callie together that to do this has really done nothing but pissed me off. I haven’t seen the last 4 episodes, and unless they do something in the finale to make me rethink that, I won’t be watching them or the finale at all. *sigh*

  4. Andrea says:

    I am so tired of Callie and her whining!! Makes me almost not watch the show. Not sure I like the idea of Jim and Jennifer but anything has to be better than the whining and constant issues Callie keeps having.

    • Hettie says:

      Real life is constant issues. Callie becomes stronger when faced with each. I love her character and I think Jim is the whiner. Callie understood whenever Jim got called away by his job. Jim must accept that Callie’s career is as important to her as his is to him.

    • Dreamlily27 says:

      I’m delighted that “The Glades” is coming back for a fourth season! I love this show. What I DON’T like is the introduction of Jennifer in the story line! First of all, Jim and Callie refrained for so long from getting together because of her “dedication” to her marriage vows. Then once you got them together, you had to bring this witch into the picture! For one thing, she dresses entirely too provocatively for her POSITION to be taken seriously, and for another, she has no morals when she KNOWS the feelings that exist between Jim and Callie, but she still pursues him…. Despite the fact that she’s already fooling around with someone else’s man. It’s like she’s just trying to PROVE she’s the more desirable woman or something. Jim should be smart enough to SEE THROUGH THIS CRAP and leave his heart where it belongs– with Callie!! As far as people saying Callie is a whiner, I don’t see it that way…. I see her as a STRONG woman who has been dealt some bad blows and has been trying to make the best of what life has dealt her. Since when is it a CRIME to TALK about your problems or seek support and comfort from others? Is that what you people call whining? Then I guess you should thank your lucky stars and the man above that you have been SO BLESSED that your life has been so perfect that you’ve never needed a shoulder to lean on or a compassionate ear to listen to you!

  5. Melanie says:

    I agree with both of you. Leave Jim with Callie and come up with other more exciting storylines, like with Daniel and Manus.

  6. James R. says:

    Jennifer is hotter. Callie whines too much. But love triangle isn’t worth it. Getting kind of old.

    • Deidre says:

      Yes, I believe BC is more glamorous, great clothes etc. Callie has a different beauty. She,s photogenic, beautiful smile & mouth. Jen is gone as of last nites season finale but if its hot you want, the glades is loaded with hotties. The girl who discovered the vic in Islandia had a to die for bikini body. Its Floida. OMG

  7. KND says:

    Seriously leave Callie and Jim alone and let them be happy. And send Miss Inappropriate Cop Wardrobe whinier packing.

  8. PittsRu2 says:

    Most people hated Callie last year. She is no better this year and he should have told her to get lost a long time ago. It is all about her and on her time line for everything. He supports her and she slaps his face fr the effort. Move on and cut her from the cast as she moves to her next residency.
    Jim could date Carlos for all I care (not really), but the role of Callie is just lame. Sacrifice the dead weight. Lets give them most inappropriately dressed police administrator a shot. Or one of he local hotties and if you must let Callie whine away into the sunset.

    • gbear says:

      This is one of the age old problems, the long distance romance. Jim did push Callie towards Atlanta, but truth be told, she had already recontacted her buddy in Atlanta about the position before Jim suggested she give it a go. Look, she has been through a lot, and this is a whole new life for her. She has settled into this new job and life and whether Jim likes it or not, this is what she wants to do and she is going to do it. She is not going to throw it all away, she has come too far. Now she may want to come back and work in forensics and that would make perfect sense, but Jennifer has created a rift and now Jim is going to be faced with another “Chicago” scenario.
      Someone is going to get hurt. My guess is Callie and Jim cool it down and Jennifer is told by Jim that this ain’t gonna happen. He and Callie will just have to figure things out. Its painful, but she is on her way and she had Jim’s endorsement, and so it goes…..Next season should be interesting.
      Remember, there is always a twist. Sooner or later, someone in Atlanta is going to hit on her and the shoe will be on the other foot.

    • Darcy says:

      I agree tried of Callie’s whining. Writers move on with a better plot. Loved the show but not liking it so much anymore. Enough of Callie’s me me me

  9. Snap says:

    Admittedly I just discovered Glades this season, but can’t see any chemistry between Jim and Callie. If anything, they look and sound so much like each other (what’s with television’s love of nasal voices?), they could be twins. Yeah, incest. You heard me right.

    • zcass says:

      OMG, I stopped watching the show for that very reason! I watch one or two shows a season but I cannot get past how closely they resemble each. I just don’t understand why everyone doesn’t see it!!!

    • Deidre says:

      I have heard the objections to Callie & jim’s resemblance. In real life many couples have similar coloring and features. Incestuous, They’re NOT related. One really big difference. She’s a tiny girl and he’s a 6 ft hunky hunk.

  10. wrstlgirl says:

    I don’t particularly like either one of them and I think that’s because of the way this season has been written. Callie does whine constantly and Jennifer is just to perfect to be believable. I mean really, who where’s skirts and 4 inch heels to a police investigation. Love triangles are so 90’s, blah, blah….We need to just finish up this season and start season 3 with some new stories, there is a great cast being wasted in the background.

  11. Jon says:

    I absolutely hate Callie. Wish she’d stay in Atlanta once and for all. She’s the Debbie Downer of the show.

  12. arial2 says:

    If Jim were to dump Callie for doing what he pushed her to do, go to Atlanta and finish med school, he’d come out looking very shallow. If this happens, it would hurt the show, so I don’t see him dumping Callie for shallow Jennifer (who will then have dumped one guy in a committed relationship in order to break up another one).

  13. Sky Lark says:

    The love sorta triangle is really old, come up with some new story lines please. Why cant writers make an interesting story with a committed couple? I am also disappointed with Jim this season, when did he turn so flip and disrespectful of murder victims? Fix it!!

    • PittsRu2 says:

      You need to go back and watch the first season again. Jim is flip and disrespectful to everyone. That is Jim. What show were you watching?

      • suzi says:

        Excellent point. That attitude is one of the reasons Jennifer is observing him. My opinion on Jim and Callie–I see very nice chemistry between them, and have others have said, some interesting story lines, so put them together For Good and get on with the show.

  14. laura says:

    Oh Callie, I just can’t seem to like you! Callie whines and makes watching the show tough sometimes. So this viewer is interested in seeing where this Jen thing is headed.

  15. Bella says:

    Jim really pushed Callie to go to Atlanta, including getting her fired from her job with the FDLE. I can’t believe he’d be so fed up over the distance that he’d dump her at this point. I agree that they’ve had her character whine a lot and the writers need to change that. Jennifer is such a ridiculous character. There’s no way someone that young is going to be the FDLE bureau chief. And she certainly hasn’t shown anything to indicate she’s exceptionally good at her job. Or even professional. For one thing, her clothes and shoes that she wears out in the field. Really? She looks great, no doubt, but anybody working law enforcement in Florida is going to be wearing appropriate clothing for any area they may be going to do investigate a crime. She needs to go. Sooner rather than later. Then either get Jim and Callie together or break them up, but at least move on from making that such a large part of the show. I want more crime, more of Florida, more of Daniel, Carlos and Manus. And less personal drama.

  16. Jules says:

    This is one fan who couldn’t care LESS if Callie and Jim are together! I cannot stand Callie!!! I’d rather see episodes full of Jim and Carlos interactions than have to stomach one second of Callie!! Make this fan happy and have her STAY in Atlanta, never to been seen or heard from again!!!!!!!!

    • Deidre says:

      I’m sure the whole world lives to make you happy. I think you said it. ONE FAN. Lokk around your out numbered.

  17. Heletia says:

    Go for it Jim!!! :-)

  18. sarah says:

    I want Jim to do the right thing and stay with Callie! I love them as a couple. However I have a bad feeling that the Glades will be cancelled, they just have 10 episodes this season not the 13 the last 2 seasons had. A&E seems to be cancelling the good shows and adding more reality shows.

  19. lala says:

    I don’t want Jim to brake up with Callie!!! I don’t watch the show just because of their love,but because I love Jim’s character.. He is very smart and funny and don’t want to see him get hurt by her not having time for him!

  20. Susannah Black says:

    If the writers have Jim dump Callie then the show will officially have jumped the shark for me and I doubt I will keep watching. The same thing happened to the show House..The first seasons were great then the writers ruined a good thing. This is SUCH a good show I just hope the writers that created the first seasons can sustain it.

  21. A.D. says:

    Callie is annoying he has waayyyy more chemistry with Jennifer!

    • Mary says:

      Jim and Jennifer have NO chemistry, not even sure why they brought her on. Alot of people will be very disappointed if he turns out to be THAT guy…………….hope he stays true to Callie

  22. Mary Ann says:

    I do not like the whole “Jim & Jennifer” thing. It took so long to get the realationship between Jim and Callie to the point where they said I love you, that ending it now would probably end it for alot of viewers. If the writers care about what the viewers think they would get rid of Jennifer.

  23. SRG says:

    I agree with the keeping Jim and Callie together, they have been through so much and worked so hard to be together. They finally said they love each other, the writers should elaborate more on the relationship they currently have then breaking them up because she is in Atlanta. Just let them get married and send Jennifer away. The attraction Jennifer has for Jim is inappropriate.

  24. Sean says:

    Callie is the character I can’t stand to watch! Time for Jim to move on!

  25. Vicki says:

    Keep Callie and Jim together… They have worked so hard to get together.. Let them be happy, They are in love with each other..He has been infatuted with her from the get go and he will not cheat on her like someone cheated on him.. I love watching Jim and Callie together. so writers DONT SCREW IT UP….. You finally have a love relationship that works–it works better when she was in florida—and you are trying to screw it up…

  26. Hali says:

    All I have to say about this is FUUUUUUUUU-. As another commenter said, they worked so hard to get Callie and Jim together and made it great, only to seemingly toy with the viewers again? That is NOT satisfying drama, writers! Especially not with the most inappropriate bureau chief of all time.

    • LV Sunny says:

      I totally agree and I’m sick and tired of writers thinking that having characters cheating on one another makes for a satisfying storyline. How about taking that energy and putting it toward good crime solving solutions and stop dicking with the characters?!?!

  27. tvdiva says:

    After three seasons Jim has supported Callie in her quest to become a doctor. The writers making Jim into a jealous school boy insulting to viewers. If the writers split Jim and Callie or Jim starts going out with Jennifer (who first, is a waste of a character on the show and second her character is already dating a married man), then I am through with The Glades. Jim should be proposing to Callie and working things out in the season finale. Anything else means the writers are useless.

  28. slipper says:

    I’m surprised I’m the first to mention it here (I think). Is it possible Callie’s desperate to reach Jim to tell him she’s pregnant? It certainly looks like she is in real life, although the internet is all rumor, no confirmation. And that would explain the “I can’t do this anymore.” Or are we as viewers going to find out she’s knocked up, he’s going to break up with her before she can tell him, and she’s going to be left holding the proverbial bag?

  29. Lisa says:

    GET RID OF CALLIE…set Jim up with ANYONE you want, except her! She is just plain annoying and they don’t make a good couple at all…

  30. amitiel says:

    The Glades has turned into a real disappointment. Sub-par mysteries (hint: the person with the fewest lines in the first 10 minutes is the killer, 9 times out of 10), ridiculous plot changes just for the sake of melodrama, and LOTS and LOTS of whinning. I had to give up which is too bad because it had such promise that first season.

  31. Rich says:

    I totaly agree that callie is a keeper and that the other woman should leave. Do the right thing for once, whomever is in charge and keep Callie and Jim togather. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Marge Brennan says:

    I definitely think Jennifer will make a move but Jim will step back with that frightened boy look and say I’m outta here. Rush to Callie and tell her you’re the one for me and you always have been. Let’s draw a line and pick a living area we’re both comfortable and convenient with travel wise.
    Callie should then tell him I’m pregnant and overjoyed to share this love with him and her son. Family Time.

  33. teri says:

    I agree. I wished for nothing more than for Callie and Jim to get together — but this long distance relationship sucks — and bringing her back where her character is the “go to” person for every homicide Palm Glade is involved with just doesn’t ring true. I LIKE Jim and Jennifer together, and that truly surprises me to say that. Give the two of them a chance — it COULD NOT be worse than Callie and Jim this past season.

  34. I love this show, and I HATE this story line! I do not want to see Jennifer come between Jim & Callie! I don’t! Yes long distance relationships suck, but if LOVE is true, they can out last the bumps…
    Don’t do it! PLEASE!!!!!

  35. Rose says:

    After three seasons Jim has supported Callie in her quest to become a doctor. The writers making Jim into a jealous school boy insulting to viewers. If the writers split Jim and Callie or Jim starts going out with Jennifer (who first, is a waste of a character on the show and second her character is already dating a married man), then I am through with The Glades. Jim should be proposing to Callie and working things out in the season finale. Anything else means the writers are useless.
    Comment by tvdiva — August 8, 2012 10:21 PM REPLY


  36. Pam says:

    I agree with a lot of the comments posted here. I do find Callie annoying sometimes, I don’t particularly like Jennifer, her choice of wardrobe is just unbelievable for someone in her position, and I, too will be quite upset if Jim decides to end the relationship. It’s my opinion that the struggles they face are real in today’s world, or mostly anyway. Stuggling with jobs, education expenses, spending time together. I don’t want to see the show end; I most agree with those who would like to see Jim & Callie just be settled. The cast of this show is just outstanding. I love each of them in their own way. Except for Jennifer… There are so many ways this show could continue without the constant wondering if Jim & Callie are going to survive another day. Here is to hoping the final show of the season makes us all happy one way or another.

  37. Nancy Jackson says:

    Time for Jennifer to go and Callie to come home!

  38. Lokeli says:

    I noticed early on this year that Callie was pregnant, and I realize they didn’t want it to effect the show any more than necessary,but! by now she should be able to come back if she WANTS to, and come back to where things left off. Of course her choice may be to be a stay-at-home Mom now. The writers will have to go where she is willing to go. I love her either way.

  39. Becca says:

    I Dont want Jim to leave Callie. They are the most perfect couple. They are the reason I started watching this show. Don’t screw it now!!!!!!!!! Send Mrs. Inappropriate Cop back where she came from because she doesn’t fit Jim’s style!

  40. Cynthia says:

    I agree,they need to keep Jim & Callie together,that is part of this show. If talking about life’s problems with your partner is whining then that’s all of the population in the world so get over it. They split them up will have no respect for Jim and will stop watching.

  41. Mindy says:

    Are you kidding me? They haven’t even come close to developing any chemistry between Jim and Jennifer. Sure, they worked some cases together, but there have been no real “moments” between them. I mean, Jennifer just broke up with her boyfriend and now all of a sudden has feelings for Jim and thinks he has feelings for her when the whole time he’s been all about Callie. I hope these previews are just to throw us off of what is really going to happen. They need to get rid of Jennifer. I liked it better when Jim worked the cases with Carlos. I guess I understand that there is sort of a formula to the “love” aspect of the show in that it’s no longer interesting if there isn’t an obstacle, but the Jennifer obstacle is just not doing it for me. It’s not believable because they haven’t built it up in a believable way.

  42. peyton says:

    Okay after reading all of your comments i thought it was time to post my comments. and i think everyone needs to get off callies back . shes not whiny shes simply dealing with the difficulties that life has thrown at her. id like to see any of you deal with a husband in prision and having to raise your kid on your own not to mention when your finally happy with a guy other women come into the picture and shes not happy. you wouldnt be either she has enough on her plate with trying to get through medical school which i say is pretty good for herself considering what she has had to go through. and then on top of it all she now had to deal with an irs agent trying to harrass her and what not and then we have this slut of a bureau cheif coming in on her territory when clearly theyre having a hard enough time dealing with the distance as is. i think calies “whining” as everyone calls it is just her character. it shows us that no matter what life throws at you if your strong enough you can get through anything. i think callies character is a strong independant woman who can definitely handle herself. take a step in her shoes for a week i bet youd be whining too.. and as far as the live triangles they add to the story . it keeps you on your toes and the more women that come into jims life the stronger his and.callies love for each other get . it makes him realize that no matter what woman comes into his life no one.will ever make him feel the way callie makes him feel . its ovbiously clear that the people who think other wise and think negatively about the show clearly arebt that big of fans to just give up on it and clearly dont see what the show is teaching us .. that women are strong and independant and that true real love conquers all . and its quite humerous lol .

  43. John says:

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  44. First off i would like to say this ive been watchin this show since the day it came out i dont think callie and jim are spliting up because they have fought so hard to get together and they arent goin to just throw it all alway over long distince travelin they will work it out and she may tell him she pregant and wants to come home to him and live her life with him or he may leave and go to her n ask her for her hand in marriage that what i think and the writers needs to stop pullin them to apart

  45. gbear says:

    I think Jim and Callie will work things out, but right now, she is having the time of her life.
    I wonder what happens when Jeff moves out there and Jim is totally alone? I can’t see her accepting a marriage proposal unless its under a stipulation that she finishes medical school first. She was under the assumption that everything was fine. I guess not. She got caught up in work and boards and lately has no time for Jim, but this is the what makes the long distance relationship so hard. Your mind begins to see things that just aren’t there and it all looks and feels bad. I don’t know what the writers have up their sleeves, so I guess we will find out tonight.

    • Deidre says:

      I,d like to take a step back from the BC & Callie & jim. This is 2012,bad economy,uncertain future for so many. A professional woman can certainly have a good relationship with a guy but she has to do all she can to secure her own financial future. Worst case scenario if the old man hits the wall or some younger model lures him away than she has a a career to support herself. I agree they are dragging it out. Hope they will use creative license and move that aspect forward. HAPPY LABOR DAY GLADERS.

  46. Joelle says:

    The Callie character (and actress) ‘weighs down’ the show. Pardon the dramatic license, her perpetual grimace is rather akin to short-sightedness and/or smelly cheese. Whereas, the character Jim is much more multi-dimensional and the actor brings depth, humor and intelligence to it. The chemistry with the blond in earlier episodes was also much more palpable.

  47. LostInTheGlades says:

    Hey everyone!

    Season 4 of the Glades starts filming this week (Jan 22) so it’s time to get on this topic again! :)

    I loved the first season of The Glades and had such high hopes for it to improve each season like all great tv shows do. :) But it’s went the opposite direction for me…..it seems like each season the writing/storyline has gone downhill in my opinion. I hope the producers and writers are listening to what the fans of the show are saying and will get it right in the new season!

    Things I hope to see or not see in Season 4:
    -No more love triangles for Jim & Callie……..we’ve been there; done that too much already.
    -Write Callie’s character stronger…….let her be someone the viewers can identify with and admire. Kiele Sanchez is a great actress and can handle it………but she can only portray the character as good as the character is written. Right now she’s dealing with sub-par writing/storylines. Fix it; get new writers, or whatever!
    -Get Kalie back in the Glades and back in forensics! Enough of the long distance bs.
    -Matt P and Kiele S have great chemistry as Jim & Callie…..but it’s being wasted right now. -Some back stories and current storylines with Manus and Daniel would be great. (Both of the actors are very good and equally charismatic.) The writing for the Daniel and Manus characters has been good so far; but it’s time to go a little deeper.
    -Keep on keeping on with Carlos! The writers seemed to be the most in sync/dead on with the character of Carlos……they’ve handled him just about perfect in every way. (why can’t they get it right with both Jim & Callie?)

    Please note: I realize that a lot of the failures of Season 3 might have had to do with Kiele Sanchez’s real life pregnancy in 2012; if that was even the case. ? IF she was in fact pregnant while filming season 3 that would make sense as to why they did some of the wacked out things they did with the character of Callie and the storyline. And on that note: I’ve heard so many different rumors on Kiele Sanchez: 1.baby due early 2013, 2.she was several months pregnant during filming (which means she would’ve already had her baby somewhere around October or so), 3.that she is not pregnant now and never has been. (I respect everyone’s right to privacy; don’t get me wrong. I’m just saying that if she was pg in 2012 that would explain a lot.) :)

    Yeah, I love The Glades but am kind of disappointed in the direction and writing. It has all the elements to be one of the very best shows on tv so it’s disappointing to me when it’s not as good as it’s capable of being! I’m hoping the writers and producers figure it out and make season 4 all that it could and should be!

    Cheers to all of my fellow Glade’s Fans! Stay strong! :)

  48. Kathy Poort says:

    Jim and Callie are so in love. I would love to see them get married.

  49. Dana says:

    I want Callie and Jim together . Get married

  50. Nick Parker says:

    Jenifer should of got a chance I wish they got together and maybe jenny can come back on the show and jim take her