Olympics Watch: What Was Your Favorite Moment From London 2012, Day 10?

Another night of Olympic coverage, another event essentially spoiled by the tone-deaf folks at NBC. Indeed, Bob Costas’ primetime broadcast intro paid no mind to old-fashioned types like myself who studiously avoid live streams, social media, and news coverage of the London-set games, hoping instead to capture the full range of suspense and excitement that comes from witnessing a world-class sporting event.

“All-around Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas is back in action on what is usually her best event — the uneven bars,” said Costas, all but giving us a wink-wink and a frowny emoticon to indicate that America’s newest sweetheart was about to do something atypical — and probably not in a good way. And yet while Douglas did indeed finish last among the eight women competing on this particular apparatus, that didn’t stop the event from producing my favorite moment of the primetime telecast.

Indeed, Elizabeth Tweddle of Great Britain (pictured), who preceded Douglas on the bars, put on a demonstration that was so loaded with excitement and runaway (perhaps even spastic?) energy, I repeatedly feared she’d go flying off the bars and land somewhere in the vicinity of the balance beam. But instead, the 27-year-old Tweddle maintained her hold on the bar after every wild release, looking like a sure-fire medalist — as long as Douglas didn’t score higher in the event’s final performance. When Douglas stalled doing a pirouette on the high bars, Tweddle’s medal dreams became a Bronze reality.

jason kenny fansThe other highlight of Monday night coverage had to be the Track Cycling Men’s Sprint Finals won by Britain’s Jason Kenny. I’d never before watched this peculiar sport, so suffice to say I was in absolute stitches on Lap 1, when Kenny and his rival (Gregory Bauge of France) needed their assistants to give them a push start, and then completed it in tortoise-esque fashion. It’s all necessary strategy to spend Lap 1 on psychological/strategic hoo-hah, said the commentators. I’ll take their word for it. Bonus moment was the crazy-enthusiastic British kid in the audience, roaring approval for his nation’s finest (screengrabbed here for your pleasure).

What was your favorite moment from Day 10? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Forwarddad says:

    Alex Morgan, the sprinter from Granada.

    • Gem says:

      Do you perhaps mean James Kiyani? Because that was the true olympics spirit and attitude at it’s finest!

      • JudyVee says:

        Kirani James is the athlete from Grenada who showed the world how to win a gold (400m) with class. He’s the athlete who went up to Oscar Pistorius after the qualifying run and asked to exchange bibs with him to honor what Pistorius had done, being the first Para-Olympian to run. Very cool.

        And the other athlete that got to me was Felix Sanchez who won the first gold medal ever for the Dominican Republic (400 hurdles) who carried a picture of his grandma with him, and cried on the stand while his national anthem played. I’m a new grandma and that one really got to me! Hope my grandson loves me like that. The sweetest. :)

        Oh, and the way all the gymnasts from different countries appreciated something great even if it was someone they were competing with!

  2. Paul says:

    How does the recap not include Team USA’s win/Alex Morgan’s goal?

    • FreeHaley says:

      +infinity and beyond

      Perhaps the single most exciting thing in the entire games. Among the most exciting and dramatic games in team sports history,

  3. melanie says:

    Katie Taylor winning her first ever Olympic fight 25-16!!! And seeing her celebrate after. An astonishing woman in the ring!

  4. dan says:

    The first gold medal for Granada (in Track & Field) was great! The pure sportsmanlike conduct and enthusiasm of American gymnast Sam Mikulak who came in fifth on the vault, but was so excited to be there with the other world champions (and they all did great vaults). Sam deserves some after-Olympics love for his great attitude!

    • Lime says:

      It wasn’t just their first gold medal, it was their first medal EVER! Kirani is an amazing athlete and has good sportsmanship for days. I loved how he shook all his opponents hands before taking his victory lap. What character.

    • Sha says:

      I noticed Sam’s excellent sportsmanship as well. A class act. I think the world champion was korean and when he finished his own amazing vault, Sam reached in for a hug and was like “give me a hug, that was ridiculous!”

  5. David says:

    BBC’s Clare Balding, interviewing the gold medal winning horse jumping team, asked the youngest member of the team how it would change his life “Well, hopefully it will improve my chances of pulling the girls”……..now that’s honesty :)

  6. m11good says:

    You can’t talk about yesterday’s highlights without including women’s soccer. Alex Morgan, Megan Rapinoe, Abby Wambach and co were brilliant.

    • ejones says:

      Yes, the US did well to come back but plaudits must be given also to Canada’s goal scorer, 3 top class goals.

  7. Stephanie says:

    US Soccer was yesterday’s best event! Came back 3 times and scored the game winner with 30 seconds left!

  8. Erinn says:

    Sam Mikulak’s awesome sportsmanship. Kirani James earning the first medal ever for his country. Felix Sanchez sobbing during his national anthem. These are my standout moments.

  9. Annie says:

    The US soccer team”s win was amazing.

  10. cjeffery7 says:

    as strange as it may sound, i enjoyed seeing a russian gymanst smile in triumph instead of crumple in a heap of tear-full defeat… but now that they’ve got their gold, let’s get back to the fab 5 picking up some more precious metal. =)

    • CAM says:

      Agreed, and she deserved the gold. She actually behaved well when she won the All Around bronze unlike her teammate who crumbled in tears when she won the silver in the All Around. (She was crumpled in tears again last night.) I also though Gabby behaved well despite being an unxpected 8th last night.

    • Em says:

      Yes! I was so excited when Aliya Mustafina won the gold! After tearing her ACL last year and missing out on a year of competition, she really is the comeback kid!

  11. Mína says:

    1. Felix Sanchez’s award ceremony. I may have cried a little
    That final vault by the South Korean competitor

  12. Bonnie says:

    USA vs. Canada in women’s soccer. incredible game. super intense. I could not stop yelling at the tv!

  13. Sg.Grant says:

    The Revolution preview.

    • cjeffery7 says:

      the only thing different or more about it was that it had elizabeth mitchell in it. otherwise, im pretty sure it was the same extended preview posted on TVLine a few months ago…

  14. elr says:

    Actually seeing some of the Rings ceremony in the gymnastics competetion. Also, the run and great sportsmanship of Kirani James. I’m always pleased when an unexpected gold medal gets won. Sam Mikulak’s enthusiasm at the men’s vault and the award ceremony of Felix Sanchez.

  15. Nick says:

    My favorite part was not watching any of it! Not any of the other days either!

  16. LindsayS says:

    The insanity that was Yang Hak Seon (sp?) on vault combined with Mikulak’s “give me a hug…that was ridiculous!” and Leyva’s “holybejibidoos” face. Grenada’s first gold. And the tragic Russian princess finally getting her gold.

  17. Alan says:

    katie taylor proving women’s boxing is a great sport to watch, and that she is the greatest sportswoman ireland has ever seen

  18. hellycopterrr says:

    Seriously how do you not include the USWNT vs Canada yesterday? That by far has been the best event at the Olympics! I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen and I’ll admit I looked like a crazy person yelling at my TV screen. Megan Rapinoe, Alex Morgan, Abby Wambach, and the rest of the team were AMAZING!

  19. Catelynn says:

    Definitely the USWNT’s win over Canada. THE most exciting 123 minutes of soccer. Megan Rapinoe scored two excellent goals to keep them in the match. Abby Wambach kept her composure beautifully to score on the penalty kick and Alex Morgan never gave up, winning the game for her team. The entire team played excellent despite all of team Canada’s “highly illegal tactics.”

    • Kate says:

      Which highly illegal tactics are you referring to? Personally, I thnk that Abby (i hope I have the correct person here) bragging about how she influenced the referee was so low class, I am embarrassed for her.

      • ummok says:

        Were you blind during the parts of the game where Tancredi was basically acting like a hockey player and bulldozing through the US players??!! She had over 8 fouls and never even got carded! And no one can forget the very purposeful stomp onto the head of Carli Lloyd which should have resulted in an immediate red card… Abby had every right to count out loud it was the ref who heard her counting and decided to act on it.

  20. Wendi yes says:

    Sam Mikulak is the best example of the true meaning of sportsmanship EVER!!! His face should be in the dictionary as the definition for the word…The “professional” athletes of the US should take a lesson from Sam and be better role models for our up-and-coming athletes. Our “pros” are such selfish and I’ll-mannered goons, it’s embarrassing. Thank you, Sam Mikulak, for showing us what a TRUE gentleman really is!!!

  21. FreeHaley says:

    Whoa how on earth can their be no mention by Slezak of the women’s semi-final match US vs Canada??????!!!!?????!!!?!???! Merely one of the single most exciting games ever (including everything, not just women’s soccer)?!? (Maybe because NBC hadn’t yet caught on to the team and hid it on NBC Sports and gave it just about zero promo??? Sad. But at least they finally got it in the end.)