The Closer: Were You Surprised By the Leak?

TNT’s The Closer, in the series’ penultimate episode, closed the chapter on the mystery of the leak who was feeding inter-departmental intel to Peter Goldman, the bulldog lawyer who’s been suing Brenda, the LAPD, and the city of Los Angeles for a “pattern of denying suspects their constitutional privilege to a fair trial.”

The big reveal, almost a year in the making, came midway through the investigation of a pleasingly twisty and twisted, yet easy-to-follow, case. As Brenda and Gabriel (played by Corey Reynolds) grilled a young teen whose boyfriend (Greek‘s Scott Michael Foster) was under suspicion of shooting dead a security guard, Raydor interrupted to pull Gabriel away on what was obviously serious business. He was led to Pope’s office where his new-ish girlfriend Anne was sitting, in tears.

Gabriel proceeded to learn, very much to his disbelief, that Anne had been “planted” in his life by Goldman, who was paying $60,000 worth of her law school loans in trade for inside dish on Gabriel and the Major Crimes unit. So, David meeting his honey-to-be in church? Yeah, that was no accident, nor was their relationship and apparently imminent engagement — though Anne of course claimed through her sobs that her feelings had become real.

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Gabriel, of course, was assigned some — and carried much — guilt in the matter, having confided in Anne his personal belief that Brenda crossed a line when she dropped off Turrell Baylor, the suspected “Shootin’ Newton” killer, in his own nabe and without a lick of police protection, knowing full well that he thus would be (and in fact was) a sitting duck.

Back in the murder room, Gabriel confirmed his shocking situation to the rest of the boys and was met with several acceptances of his apology — save for Flynn, whose forgiveness came with the chilly caveat that Gabriel ask for a transfer ASAP, and Sanchez, who snubbed him outright. Seeing as Brenda refused to let Gabriel resign, it should (and does) make for a prickly sitch next week during the show’s very final hour — though there is a nifty twist to watch for, as well.

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When I posted my Q&A with Corey Reynolds almost a year ago, many were quick to dismiss David as any kind of candidate. I, for one, back then had my money on Taylor, so I appreciated this wrinkle — though the idea that a newbie lawyer would go deep undercover, and bed a guy, just to offset student loans was a bit much.

Of course when Reynolds announced that he would not be continuing on with the Major Crimes spin-off premiering Aug. 13, Gabriel started looking better as a patsy, so the “surprise” factor was diminished some.

In recent weeks, had Gabriel (albeit via girlfriend Anne) risen in your rankings of likely leaks?

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  1. Pat D. says:

    A little surprised—I figured Gabriel was the leak, but not that his chick was the one who actually gave the info to the enemy. Its been a very good last season so far…looking forward to the finale and Major Crimes next week.

    • Ken says:

      Sorry to say another blk man goes down..I hope it was due to his contract and not to blame someone. Now they have just about dropped all the color from this show..He was already one of the low ranking in his squad..humm that’s television..I’m sure we all saw this when the show Major Crimes was announced and he was not one of the cast..Good luck SGT.

      • DDB says:

        Corey Reynolds has stated in many interviews that it was his decision not to continue to Major Crimes. As for “dropping all the color,” what about Sanchez, Tao, and Taylor? Also, there will be a new African-American female detective joining the team in Major Crimes.

      • lauren says:

        Low ranking?? One could easily argue Cory was the show’s second lead. Why don’t you come back once you’ve actually watched the show.

        • Cori says:

          I agree. Being African American myself I really saw Gabriel as being her second in command. Remember when she was up for chief and said Gabriel was the only one who could fill her position? Also, the “Ruby” episode when she admitted he was her favorite but she had to write him up. He was always the moral one. I hope there is closure with his character next week too.

      • RuRuby says:

        I am so tired of this ‘TV is so mean to the black man’ bs. Especially in this case. This cast has more diversity than most other shows so to imply that he was dropped ‘get rid of the color’ is ignorant and outright stupid> So a black man can NEVER be the culprit by your reasoning, lest the writers be accused of being racist…

        • kari jones says:

          I agree totally with the diversity on the closer.

        • Steve says:

          I don’t believe that Gabriel (or Taylor) were the ones that were originally planned to be the leak. I think that Pope was. He wanted to prevent any chance Brenda may have had to be offered the job as Chief. When Raydor told Pope & Taylor (as a trap) that she was quitting, the word reached the lawyor almost instantly. That eliminated Gabriel, leaving Pope or Taylor. Taylor’s feelings toward Brenda improved dramatically, Also, for many, he would have been the obvious choice. Pope was the one with the most to gain. I think that when Gabriel told TNT that he did not wish to continue on Major Crimes, the script was rapidly rewritten (and not very well).

      • ALOT OF PETS says:


      • pattie says:

        Really! You’re playing the race card??! There are numerous actors of race continuing onto major crimes and interviews given by “detective gabriel” told it was HIS decision not to continue to MC. Become informed before shooting off accusations!

        • Alice says:

          I don’t think people are just shooting off accusations, they are stating facts. We as Black Americans have always been put aside for a white actor. The truth is that everyone needs to know that regardless of our status we are Kings with God and Jesus is our Salvation which is better than any show. I would have loved for him to continue on the Major Crimes show but what will be will be. I think he was a wonderful actor on The Closer and his life if lived right will be a Blessing in many lives. I love all people regardless of there culture or nationality. People are a miracle God created and each one of us is responsible for ourselves. If you are a Believer, great if not time will tell. God Bless You and Yours. You re a reat person who tells what you think is right which is a great asset.

          • Kat says:

            wow. what was the point of writing this sermon on here? nothing to do with the topic. go try to shove your beliefs somewhere else.

    • Kim R says:

      I am kind of disappointed that is was Gabriel because to me it was so predictable. On the other hand, did not suspect that his girlfriend was actually a plant to get info. What would really make me happy is for us to discover that someone in house, was behind Goldman to begin with. I like a good, nonobvious twist. :)

    • Lo says:

      Not for nothing Matt, but if you think that someone wouldn’t go that far to get rid of law school debt, then you’ve never had to pay off student loans. I know people who would do far more for far less compensation to alleviate some of their student loan debt.

  2. anon says:

    Nope. Not at all. Figured it out as soon as he told Captain Raydor that he shared stuff with and got advice from his gf.

    • Irishgirl says:

      Yes, thank you. The moment that Anne was introduced two weeks ago, and Raydor had that pointed conversation with Gabriel, I knew Anne was the leak. Was surprised that it was such an elaborate deal.

    • Chester says:

      So did I. I liked this resolution because I did not want anyone to have betrayed Brenda purposely to Goldman.

    • Carm says:

      I knew he was leak then too. I was glad that he was not intentionally leaking the information. When I heard he was not going to major crimes I knew either he or Pope had to be the leak. His comment to Captain Raydor about his gf then confirmed. So sad watching him get basically snubbed by everyone except Provenza.

    • Tina says:

      Yep, that was when I figured it out too. Glad I wasn’t the only one to pick up on that!

  3. T says:

    Totally saw that coming, especially after the conversation he had with Raydor about sharing with his gf last week.

  4. mdb says:

    he was always at the top of my potential leak list – neck & neck with Pope

    • Ken says:

      So far I have seen two people leave from this show and they have both been blk…has anyone else noticed..First the female blk officer and now Gabriel..Only one left how long will he last? Any bets? Just the facts.

      • Angela says:

        If you are going to be including the facts then why don’t you include the fact that both of those actors chose to leave the show on their own. It was their decision.

    • CloserFanatiC says:

      Me too! Too bad they choose to go all soft on him and give him the “my girlfriend did it behind my back” out. He was the only officer to challenge her….other than Taylor

  5. Juliab. says:

    After the conversation Gabriel had with Raydor about sharing with Ann, I wasn’t surprised. Sad, but not surprised.

  6. h71857 says:

    I was right. Seemed a little too convienent that the Raydor character ‘took the trouble’ to comment on her being an attorney, that they had been together a year, etc at that scene at the elevator.
    At least it makes Gabriel seem somewhat innocent – but I thought he was the leak all along. Taylor was just a bit too obvious!

  7. Debbie says:

    I thought Gabriel was the leak but was totally surprised by “how” he became the leak. I love the way they did this as I would have been disappointed if he deliberately betrayed Brenda. I’m also please that they had Brenda acknowledge her mistake and apologized to Gabriel for it and convinced him not to leave the department. Too bad Sanchez and Provenza’s partner were unwilling to forgive Gabriel. It’s not unrealistic to believe that people in responsible positions don’t confide in their spouses/partners about work-related issues, especially having such a high pressured job as a police detective. I hope the new show will be as good as I basically watched the Closer for Brenda’s character and her relationship with Gabriel. We’ll see!

    • Ken says:

      Here we have Gabriel a church going police officer being judged by two of his partners.Sanchez who use to be in a gang a one time right? Do we judge him? many times has he been married ? Just wondering what this says about how we live and how we judge. Good Luck SGT..

      • Abby says:

        Provenza was the first to accept his apology and the only one to look at him when he came out of Brenda’s office. Buzz looked away when they made eye contact. It was Flynn who accepted his apology, but didnt really forgive him and told him to transfer.

        • Flynn is my hero to this day for informing Gabriel…to request a transfer. As far as Sanchez is concerned, his background is stepped in the importance of loyalty (gang). His decision to not accept the apology was true to his charactger. I’m not certain the team actually forgave Gabriel even though they accepted his apology.

          • jaejae says:

            I’m just NOT sure how you don’t forgive someone who actually was morally right? Even Brenda recognized this. Brenda knew she was making that decision based on the anger she was feeling at the time for that guy killing that old man and his grandson AND I’M GLAD SHE DID but we also know it wasn’t the MORALLY correct thing to do. And I also think that we’re forgetting that Gabriel was a TRUE VICTIM. He was sooo in love with Ann and I think that although she was paid to get close to him for info, she got intimate with him because she actually did fall in love with him. Less not forget that she tried to get out of the deal but that rabid lawyer wouldn’t let her. It’s a little much to ask someone to NOT talk to their mate/future spouse about really hard work problems. It was petty for Sanchez and Flynn to act the way they did. There was no intent on Gabriel’s part to harm the team

      • Kari says:

        Oh Ken, you silly, pathetic troll. Three posts now trying to stir up trouble and point to an issue that simply isn’t there. You actually made a post about judging people when you, in fact, are judging people. What does that say about how you judge? *sigh* Clearly you are bored and trying to start something for your entertainment…please go away. Why don’t you go to the EW boards. They love to start trouble over there.

        • jaejae says:

          Well, if they are trying to stir up trouble, why are you allowing it by responding? Is it because you respond to such? YOU JUST pointed out that she reprimanding someone about judging while she was doing the exact same thing. Then you go on to say she was stirring up trouble WHILE YOU ARE DOING THE EXACT SAME THING. Why is it that we can see other fault but when we do the EXACT SAME THING, we can’t see it? I guess it’s a lot like toe-jam….others can always smell it first.

      • Kosha says:

        Ken – Sanchez is also a church-going officer and I believe that he previously worked in the gang division. He is not a former gang member. FLYNN, Provenza’s partner was slow to forgive but quick to recommend transferring. I believe it is because that Gabriel has lost some of the trust the rest of the team had in him and Flynn is recommending the transfer to a new group with a fresh start. Have you ever watched this show? You seem to be completely oblivious to the facts!

  8. sam says:

    I wasn’t surprised that Anne was the leak after they featured her so prominently a few weeks ago (and the pointed look by Raydor during the conversation with her and Gabriel during that episode had me running the same suspicion that Raydor obviously keyed in on), but I will say I was surprised that Anne was a plant by Goldman rather than simply acting on some just-out-of-law-school black and white view of ethics.

  9. connie says:

    I had a feeling when i found out Corey was not coming to major crimes. Then found it odd this woman mysteriously joining church. And they talking some cases. So i guess i was not shocked. Just sad i was Gabriel to continue on.

  10. Spencer says:

    I have to admit, I thought it was going to be Pope up till the second of the reveal. But anyway, can Reynolds and Sedgewick both get noms next season? They were both amazing in tonights episode. And I am really wondering how Reynolds character is going to leave suddenly… Perhaps he’ll get killed?!?!

    • Carm says:

      That is what I am afraid of. I don’t want Gabriel to die! I am hoping he decides to leave when Brenda decides to leave.

  11. Phyllis di Benedetto says:

    All along I thought it was Pope…untila they said Reynolds was not on the new show. But
    it was very well written since Reynolds admired Kyra & vice sersa. I think this is one of
    the best shows on TV. I’m really gonna miss it. Great writing, great acting. They
    should all win Emmys! Brenda please come back!


  12. Cathy says:

    Saw last week’s episode tonight, and almost started bawling when Kyra found her mom. Then almost started crying at the end when she was with Fritz.

    I figured that Corey Reynolds would probably be the leak when I heard he wasn’t staying with the show, but they really did a good job on the reveal. I understand he may want to focus on other things, but it is a loss for the show. I’ll miss him and Brenda Leigh.

  13. farsia2010 says:

    it felt like a cop out, like they didn’t know how to end it because they couldn’t bring themselves to making one of the team’s finest the leak and building up true motive.
    i love the show and will miss it terribly, and though i am happy that non of our guys is the leak in the true sense of the word it doesn’t feel satisfying to me at all.

  14. Jack says:

    In Nov, reported Corey Reynolds was offered to reprise his role on Major Crimes, but opted not to join the new show. They said he is “moving to the broadcast side with a talent holding deal at NBC” (whatever that means). Is he going to be an anchorman, a news reporter? I also never realized he had a Tony nomination for playing Seaweed in Hairspray. How cool is that? All the best to you Corey. Will miss you on Major Crimes for sure.

  15. Jack says:

    The last two episodes are definitely Emmy-class material for Kyra. Any show that has me crying two weeks in a row is worth its weight in gold. We’ll miss you Brenda Leigh Johnson (or is it Brenda Lee, like the singer?). Someone correct me. You know you want to.

    • Cathy says:

      I agree with everything you wrote, and I also believe it is Brenda Leigh. ;)

      I’d also like to add that I love the new promo for next week, with the song and the last words by Kyra not only appropriate, but ringing true.

  16. Jen says:

    I figured he was the leak when I noticed he was absent from the Major Crimes promos. I love his character so this really upset me. I’m glad that he was the leak but wasn’t deliberately. I’ll miss him in Major Crimes but look forward seeing him do other things.

  17. Natalie says:

    I wondered, but hoped it wasn’t, him. I too thought that he seemed the most likely since he was noticeably missing from the spinoff promo pics. Sad it was him. Glad he did it unknowingly though. I’m so gonna miss this series. It’s great to be a fan of a show that’s still as great going out as it was coming in.

    • Lorie says:

      Ditto! I’m so glad he didn’t deliberately leak the info. That betrayal would’ve broken my heart. I, for one, did NOT see it coming when it was revealed his girlfriend was the true leak.

  18. I always thought it was him, from back when he was clearly bothered by the situation and then not having to testify. However I agree with someone above that the accidental leak via shady girlfriend seemed like a convenient way for TPTB to get out of making him an actual villain. Also, as a person with law school loans who has looked for work in the LA market, I didn’t find her motivation that unbelievable…although she and Goldman should both be disbarred if this were real life.

  19. ljd213 says:

    Last season there was a scene between Brenda and Gabriel where he said in essence, “I always have your back.” Brenda said she knew that so at point I’d have been stunned if it hadn’t been David. It’s a better twist to have it be through a girlfriend and not a direct betrayal.

  20. Ethel says:

    Just an amazing episode. I think we all figured Gabriel has something to do with being the leak, all due primarily to not being on Major Crimes. If he had agreed to stay, they there would have been more suspense. Yes, the girlfriend was too conveniently introduced but as there was an episode in between, we tended to kind of forget about her. Momma’s death overrode everything last week. Loved seeing the emotions between Gabriel and Brenda Leigh. Next week’s show should be awesome

    • Chester says:

      The girlfriend was less ‘conveniently introduced’ if you remember that they have been introducing people from the characters’ lives all season.

  21. JAO says:

    I always figured it was him or Pope… Someone close to her. Superb show. I will miss Brenda, but looking forward to Major Crimes. I see Fritz is in the cast. Maybe Brenda can make an appearance.

  22. cindy says:

    I thought it was – and should have been – Pope. It seems like too easy of an out to have it be Gabriel and his just-introduced girlfriend. But he’s the one who didn’t sign up for Major Crimes, so it had to be him. I also would’ve liked to see more buildup of Taylor as Brenda’s supporter – that was fun and interesting.

  23. Lyndsey says:

    I knew from the beginning it wouldn’t be Taylor. It’s just too obvious plus he has gone out of his way to try to protect Brenda from Pope the last couple of seasons. At first I thought it was power-hungry Pope, looking out for his job. But by last fall I had a feeling it was Gabriel because he was the only one with moral objections to some of Brenda’s actions. The rest of her squad was completely comfortable with skirting the law so it couldn’t have been them. Then they introduced the lawyer girlfriend who shared his moral qualms so I knew she had to be involved…either she told herself or pushed him into it. It’s sad because I liked how Gabriel was the first to take Brenda’s side when she arrived but it does make sense for her “partner” to want to leave when she does. Personally, as long as Major Crimes kept Provenza & Flynn I’m there!!!!!!

  24. ihearttomjones says:

    I was glad to see that even though Gabriel was marked as the leak, he never did it on purpose because he has always been Brenda’s main supporter on her team from the beginning. I knew he wouldn’t knowingly betray her. Next week will be so sad, especially because the show went from none of the detectives trusting her, to all of them supporting her.

  25. ingmarhappy says:

    It was kind of obvious that it was Gabriel. There were to many hints. But I am glad they didn’t destroy his character. I loved the way they handled it. I loved this episode, and am looking forward to the finale althought I’ll miss The Closer. But I’ll watch Major Crimes.

  26. Eric says:

    Kyra deserves another Emmy!!! Definitely another nomination, at the very least!!! Can’t wait for the finale next week!!! I will definitely miss “The Closer” and Brenda Leigh!!!

  27. Sheila Dubin says:

    Cory Reynolds (Gabriel), is leaving the show because he’s getting his own show on NBC.

  28. Margo says:

    While I was watching the episode that introduced the girlfriend and Anne commented about Gabriel telling her about cases at home, I knew that this was the leak. I did not guess she was being paid from the beginning.

  29. Kat says:

    Those last few moments between Brenda and Fritz on the bed where Willie Rae died about did me in!! Terrific acting by Kyra!

  30. USA all the way says:

    I was most upset that Gabriel did not start questioning himself when he was not called to testify with everyone else. If everyone is talking about it in front of you, you might want to rethink your life.

  31. Tahina says:

    I kind figured it out when Rayonor gave the “look” to Gabriel’s girlfriend couple of episodes ago. But my bet was on Pope before, he will do anything to climb that ladder.

  32. Justin says:

    I figured it was either him or Pope. The girlfriend angle was smart to use, and the episdoe itself played out very well thanks to that. I’m glad that the writers didn’t make Gabriel look malicious.

  33. valerie tower says:

    I thought it was Taylor too. Excellent episode. I’m sure going to be heartbroken when the series ends.

  34. Isle Girl says:

    Having Gabriel leave really made sense. The Gabriel character will not work without the Brenda character. His character only works with hers. His character is not a “stand alone” character. It would almost be like having Flynn without Provenza. One does not work without the other.

  35. Isle Girl says:

    When Provenza found out Gabriel was dating a lawyer, he said (while referring to a killer), “See, Gabriel, that’s the kind of people that lawyers hang out with. You better take a long, hard look at your life choices, my friend.” I loved that line, and just goes to show how right he was about Anne…..

  36. iva says:

    I had my money on Gabriel going into last few episodes. As loyal as he is, he’s not as good as Sanchez or as detached as Tao or as old and cop-ish as Provenza & Flynn (both of them I love)

    • Janet Wilson says:

      Everyone has their opinion.Gabriel has always been one of my favorites,as good as any of those you named.They all have different personalities,that’s why they worked so well together.

  37. William says:

    I was pretty sure that it was Gabriel all allong. That said, how they resolved it…my wife pegged when we met his “new” girlfriend. And guess what…it stinks. It would have been more powerful if he had been direclty, intentionally the leak. As it is, the reveal was performed wonderfully. Too bad he will not be continuing on with “Major Crimes”.

  38. tbritt says:

    Gabriel/Anne can’t be the leak – what did Gabriel do, call her in the middle of the day to say Raydor is quitting? Did I miss something there? I thought it was hours later/same day Goldman approached Raydor.

  39. Hub says:

    That was so easy to figure out she was the snitch. I honestly figured it out when the she made her debut this season. It was really easy to anyone that really follow the show and pays attention.

  40. chanel says:

    I’m just mad that they’re ending the whole damn show. Kyra sedgewick is a hell of a good actress. Her range of emotions that she has is out of this world. I will miss her on this show and I know that major crimes won’t be as good or as funny without brenda lee johnson on it. There’s always reruns though. Ha ha ha. Thankyou, thankyou so much. Ha ha ha

    • Pat D. says:

      It stands a very good chance of being nearly as good as long as theres plenty of Flynn and Provenza cases, LOL

  41. Bill says:

    I’ve seen the last episode of The Closer and the first two episodes of Major Crimes (don’t ask how). Good stuff. The Closer finale is good. The transition to Major Crimes is pretty seamless. All in all, a great end and a good beginning.

  42. Lemon and Lime says:

    Did anyone else notice how sad it was that Gabriel’s last work as a police officer before being called into Pope’s office was just so good? He was doing a great job in the interrogation, and like Corey Reynolds said in one of his interviews, you could really see the growth in his character. I was so sad about what happened.

  43. tvdiva says:

    Once viewers knew Gabriel and Pope were not part of the new Major Crimes unit, it had to be one of them. It made sense that it would be Gabriel since he is Brenda’s favorite detective. More emotional impact to the story. Corey is the youngest actor on the set, and he chose not to go to the new series. He has a bright future ahead of him in TV and movies. The actors who remain in Major Crimes are long time veterans who relish being on not one but two hit series. And there is nothing wrong with the decisions made by Corey or the other actors.

  44. Kate says:

    When Ann was introduced a few weeks back and she mentioned being a law student, I immediately knew she was the leak. Just interesting to how it came out.

  45. zakspeak says:

    I’m disappointed because I like Det. Gabriel and was looking forward to him adjusting without without Brenda.

    I was hoping for a huge twist like Fritz or the camera tech (Bud?). Thought they were using Gabriel as a red herring.

  46. Deion says:

    If this was the plan all along, they should have introduced Anne long ago, The fact that we met her once was not enough of a gut punch. But Corey Reynolds should be remembered by the Emmys next year. It was a good resolution, though.

    • Deion says:

      As an aside, I, too, thought it was Pope. They did a good job of creating a rift between Brenda and Will, and while I didn’t think things would go from love to such strenuous hate, this is TV.

  47. Susan says:

    I missed a couple of episodes. I recall that there was a black chief of police and that he wanted Brenda to be promoted and that he was not a fan of Pope. Can you fill me in on what happened to that storyline?

  48. Ella says:

    I thought Ncis was great until i stumbled upon the closer.the idea of the main character sticking to 1 partner/spouse is not smthng av seen a lot.i liked kyra rocks!i feel like av lost a gud chunk of my heart.really kyra?no mercy?

  49. Morgan says:

    i always thought it was taylor. he really makes me mad. when captain Raydor says she was quitting he was in the room. & i though ahaha got him. i didn’t want it to Gabriel him & his big mouth. hate him now. love my Brenda Lee please to meet cha. i am going to miss her & her ding dongs.

  50. mysticblues says:

    I kind of figured that Gabriel was the leak, but not in this way, although it makes me feel better that it was an accident and not an outright malicious attempt to bring Brenda down. I thought he was the leak because of his morality and how he would have felt about the situation.