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New Supernatural Boss on Returning to the CW Series and 'Resetting' the Mythology

Supernatural Jared Padalecki Jensen AcklesNew Supernatural showrunner Jeremy Carver is coming back to the homestead with a mission: To make the Winchester brothers less complicated and more mature.

A fan-favorite writer from Seasons 3-5 — he was responsible for such memorable episodes as “A Very Supernatural Christmas,” “In the Beginning,” “Mystery Spot” and “Changing Channels” before leaving to executive produce Syfy’s Being Human — Carver says he had to do “a little bit of catching up” on Dean and Sam’s adventures once he decided to return to the CW series.

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“It was sort of like an ex-girlfriend; every now and then I’d check in,” Carver tells TVLine of the years he missed while working on Being Human.

Although Carver says he was “really, really impressed with the job [executive producers] Sera [Gamble] and Bob [Singer] did over the last two seasons,” he did notice something during his marathon viewing that he felt could be improved upon. “The one thing that struck me [while] watching Season 7 was I felt like the show got a little bit buried under its mythology,” he says of the year that found Dick Roman trying to start a Leviathan takeover of the human population. “It became a little hard to tell exactly what was going on at times. The longtime fans all deserve intricate plot, but it felt a little burdensome.”

Carver says that he hopes to grip viewers by starting Season 8 with something familiar “like a flashback that lifelong fans or early fans will hopefully appreciate the magnitude of, but new fans can also grasp onto.”

“Resetting our mythology was one idea that I tried to bring into [the show],” he adds.

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As for Dean and Sam, their time apart after the elder Winchester disappeared to purgatory, unbeknownst to his brother, will give way to more grown-up versions of the two. For one, Sam decides to take a stab at living a normal life and finds a little romance.

“Part of this season is realizing they didn’t just spend several years together; they really matured in different ways,” explains Carver. “It’s one thing to get in a car with your brother in year one, but eight years later, you’ve both matured and grown. You’re both changing and trying to find out who you are. There’s a lot of that type of exploration for these guys this year.”

Meanwhile, Supernatural creator Eric Kripke – who continues to consult at the CW series, but is spending the bulk of his time on the new NBC drama Revolution – says he has no doubt that the long-running, demon-hunting show is in good hands.

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“I love that Jeremy came back,” Kripke tells TVLine. “He learned the family business, went off, and now has come back to the family business – just like Sam! We’re thrilled to have him back. They’re obviously doing all the work, and I’m just cheering them on from the sidelines mostly as a very proud parent.”

Supernatural returns Wednesday, Oct. 3 at 9/8c.

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  1. Dana R. says:

    I agree, but I doubt compromise is something you get across in the Supernatural fandom these days.
    Pity, but that’s how it’s going to be.
    If someone dares to speak his/her mind, the bashing beginns. :) At least that entertainment for the people outside the fandom. And of course we the fans keep our status as totally crazy.

    • Dana R. says:

      The posting above is meant to comment on Mikes posting about compromise within the Supernatural fandom.
      Sorry, I messed up with the reply button.

  2. Sunset says:

    “Sam and Dean are the heart of the show.”

    “Cas is like a brother to Dean (and Sam).”

    These are the most OVERUSED statements in the Supernatural fandom. But they are also canon, so for the love of God, could we all just move on?!

  3. Sam and Dean are the Heart and Soul of Supernatural and No ,Castiel isn’t their brother and never will be unless Mary is really an angel who had sex up above and had pain in the azz Castiel. The other Winchester bro is Adam and EK should never had created that character.

  4. Milana says:

    I’m so happy to have Cas back, the real Cas, not the hopped up on demon souls or leviathanCas and I’m also curious to see how the Winchesters have matured, to see their relationship with each other, but also their relationships with others. Last season I couldn’t stand to watch, but season 8 really sounds promising so far.

  5. Robina says:

    I hope they will develop Sam and Cas’s relationship further this season. The last couple of seasons have set up so many interesting directions for it, from the antagonism of robo!Sam and regrettable-things!Cas to the parallels in their arcs and the understanding and forgiveness Sam was able to extend out of his own experience of disastrous mistakes, not to mention the literal sharing of headspace from Cas taking on Sam’s hell damage. It’s been an underexplored area for the show so far, but the few scenes they get together are full of intriguing dynamics, and create an interesting balance to Sam and Dean and Dean and Cas.

    Not to mention, more exploration of Sam and Cas together might help ease some of the maddening fandom faction wars.

  6. deansfangirl says:

    wow, SO much whining going on! :-( Can I just remind us all that there is no better show anywhere? SPN is the epitome of awesomeness, hands down. 90% of it sets the bar too high for the other 10% to live up to. The entire writing team is genius, and I trust them to continue to put out a great show. I like that they take risks and never let Spn get stale. I’m sure they’ve learned a lot from what didn’t work as well in seasons 6 and 7, so that 8 will be even better. Personally, I have yet to see an episode that wasn’t worth my time. Can’t wait till October!!

  7. Robina says:

    Here are the two places I think don’t work here:

    To make the Winchester brothers less complicated and more mature.

    I think he’s got a bit of a contradictory goal there. Sam and Dean are a lot more complicated now than they were seven years ago. Their relationship to hunting — which seems to be one of the areas where Carver is doing his mature by simplifying thing — is extremely complex, and it carries a lot of the weight for the moral complexity of the show’s universe. I can see the problem he’s facing (it does begin to feel sometimes as though the stances of the characters were changing from ep to ep in an inorganic way, as with ghost!Bobby, where they should imo have stuck with Dean taking a stand on the natural order and Sam the one hopeful about the prospects for a supernatural being not to be defined by its nature, and instead they just had them switch off parts till the issue lost all meaning), but the fact that his maturing process seems to lead to something suspiciously like a reset to early season characterization rather than like a new development suggests that some of his goals for the characters may be tripping each other up. And it’s an awkward but unavoidable fact that in recent seasons Dean’s relationship with hunting has been more problematic than Sam’s, so the sudden switch back to where they were in s1 seems to give short shrift to some very substantial Dean development as well as to Sam.

    after the elder Winchester disappeared to purgatory, unbeknownst to his brother

    There’s no getting around the fact that 7.23 was pretty clearly set up to give Sam a mopping up the Leviathans and looking for Dean storyline going into s8: Crowley was dropping obvious clues about the bone, and Dean being in purgatory would have to be at least on Sam’s list of possibilities. Carver wanted a different direction, but one of the things a showrunner coming in late has to do is to live with his predecessor’s decisions and make his new directions develop out of them with convincing logic. There are just too many possible clues and avenues of approach open to Sam for an aborted search to make sense. Now, I don’t for a moment believe that Carver plans to have Sam walk out of the lab, shrug, and move on. That would go against Sam characterization that has been consistent from s1 Faith to s7 Time After Time, and all the seasons in between. But without substantial time spend on the search (Sam trying to follow up on Crowley, Kevin, and the alpha vamp, for a few obvious starting points) it’s going to feel perfunctory and make Sam seem either indifferent or incompetent. Since he wasn’t either as recently as 7.12, it’s hard to see how he’d suddenly be so different as of 7.23.

    Again, I feel for Carver, because the scenario where Sam has good reason to think Dean is dead and chooses to live rather than self-destruct is a perfectly good one. Or a scenario like Dean’s after 5.22, where Sam would know where Dean was but not have found a way of getting him out without too much risk to the world — I think Sam is mature enough now that he, like Dean, would choose to honor what he knew Dean would want rather than trying to retrieve him at any cost to the world. But it’s difficult to get to either scenario from where the finale left off. I hope that Carver has found a way to handle this awkward transition, but I think it might have been better to just go with the natural direction from 7.23 and leave the development of Sam’s relationship with Amelia and his craving to retire until after Dean’s return. Sam definitely needs a break, and “this is it, now you’re back, I’m through, and I want to try something different” would be a pretty natural reaction.

  8. Linda says:

    I hate it when Sam and Dean are separated! What made things worse the last time is that when they reunited Sam had no soul and at the time could have cared less. As a longtime viewer that is drawn to the bromance I felt cheated. I do like the idea of Sam getting a girlfriend though.

    For me last season was the most disappointing because we lost Castiel and the Impala, two of my favorite aspects of the show. I don’t see what the point was in taking Castiel out of the picture when it was obvious the fans loved him. So not only was it not scary and not even funny but we lost those two much loved aspects. I don’t k is what the heck Gamble was thinking.

  9. I am very much looking forward to this season. It sounds like everything I was hoping/expecting to happen. Sam trying to have a healthy reaction to his brother’s disappearance makes so much sense to me – after Dean himself has talked about how things go wrong when they try to bring each other back, and especially after Bobby’s last words were, “when it’s your time, go.” To me it just sounds like Sam understands the pattern of behaviour the two of them have exhibited in the past, and understands the negative consequences that have befallen them because of it, and comes to the conclusion that Dean wouldn’t want him going down that dark path again. And I love that the show is taking that route instead of rehashing old storylines.

    I’m glad that the brothers are going to grow apart a bit, because it really feels like there’s no dramatic tension between them anymore, and hence no story in their relationship. They’re too comfortable with one another. Their relationship has become stagnant, and this will help make it more dynamic again.

    And I love Castiel to pieces, and Misha Collins has such a wonderful on-screen presence. I’m overjoyed that he’ll have a greater role in season 8 than he did in season 9. He’s one of my favourite things about the show, and I miss him terribly when he’s not around.

    As for the mythology of the show: I love sweeping mytharcs, and one of the things I like about Supernatural is that there generally has been a consistent thread from one season to the next, unlike, for example, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, where there was a whole new Big Bad every season. It felt to me like the Leviathan storyline was too much of a break from what had come before, and I’m glad that (based on other interviews) it sounds like Carver is bringing things back to angels and demons, and tying in some threads from earlier seasons too. At the same time, I agree that things have gotten a bit convoluted. Especially all the stuff with Sam’s soul and hallucinations, which in retrospect just seems unnecessary, since it never tied back in with the main plot, and didn’t actually lead to a great deal of character development on Sam’s part.

  10. Kat says:

    Mature?! Does anyone watch this show for the maturity? Give me tiny hearts beating in cupcakes, unicorns farting rainbows out of their asses, messed up co-dependency, overgrown five-year-olds and babies in trenchcoats!

    BTW, to everyone worrying about the brothers’ relationship, from Carver’s interview with examiner.com: “‘The boys are pretty much always together,’ Carver stressed.” It’s entirely possible for Dean to have a relationship with both Cas and Sam, they’re not mutually exclusive. I hope they continue developing the relationship between Cas and Sam. (By the same token, it’s completely possible for Cas and Sam to have a relationship while still having their relationship with Dean. That’s not mutually exclusive either.) I think it would go a long way to attenuating all the polarization between Destiel fans and fans who like the brotherly relationship if Sam and Cas were better integrated into a whole circle, rather than it being a triangle with two pairs. I like all the characters and I’m really really tired of the fighting.

  11. Ana Schramm says:

    Of course I want Sam and Dean to be together and alright with each other, but I think the time they will spend apart will be good. Some people seem to want them to be the same forever, two brothers against the “monster of the week” forever. I like it, but… Wouldn’t it be boring if nothing ever changed? So, in my humble opinion, the time apart will shake things up a bit, make the story more interesting, even if they fight. And I will keep watching, biting my nails and wating anxiously for the day the boys will be alright with each other again.

    As for the angels, I’m biased, because I love them, even the ones who are dicks. So, if the season will have more of Castiel, I’m happy. Sam and Dean need to interact with other people, no human being can leave without forming bonds. The boys need to form bonds with other peole besides each other, and since almost everyone they cared about is dead, I see Castiel’s presence as a good thing. He made some mistakes, but Sam and Dean are not exactly saints, even though everything they did was with the best of intentions – Castiel’s intentions were good too, in the beggining. If Sam has already forgiven him, and so has Dean, apparently, I’m okay with him. Misha Collins is a great actor and he has great chemistry with Jared and Jensen. I’m happy he will be back.

  12. carebear says:

    *personally just enjoy the show and ignore the haters and the wank(s)*

  13. Joolz says:

    I’m afraid that for me, Cas or no Cas, I could care less. If he’s written in and it makes sense, I have no problem. If not, I have HUGE problems. This isn’t the Castiel show. This is Supernatural and it’s about Dean and Sam Winchester and their journey. It’s about the entities and power struggles, death and life, and mostly, it’s about family and they relate to one another and the crazy world around them.

    The biggest issue for me over the last 3 years hasn’t been Castiel’s presence or absence. Or Bobby’s death or resurrection, or ghostly presence. The biggest issue for me with regard to this show over the last 3 years has been the lack of continuity in characterization, plot-holes and over-all sloppy writing, poor planning and weighting what was once a show with heart, down with oppressive arcs and confusion. This show lacks a plan and needs one desperately. Intelligent viewers should see that and they do.

    I really hope that 1- Jeremy can bring the intelligence back to this show, and so far, it seems he has a handle on what the real problems are. And 2- that Carver can get Bob Singer to back the hell off and let HIM run the show. Singer’s been running this show from the sidelines for far too long, and probably moreso since Kripke left, though I wouldn’t go so far as to say Kripke’s infallible…

    So bring back some intelligent writing and I’ll be happy. And if it, at that point, makes sense to utilize Castiel, great! I’m all for it. But this show isn’t about him if he’s shoe-horned in, or any other character, for that matter. Even the use of Dean and Sam needs to make sense, and I think we can all agree on that. The new vampire character really interests me a lot, and how he relates to Dean. And just what is going on with Castiel and why he left Dean the way he did when they got to Purgatory…

    So many delicious questions and thoughts, I just want some writing that addresses these issues in an intelligent and compelling way. That is what, if I may be so bold, what the majority of the fans want and have been missing. And that is what will bring back viewers.

  14. Tina says:

    Well, I’m certainly looking forward to Season 8 and I’m glad to have Sam, Dean, Cas, Crowley etc. back on my screen. I trust Carver to do a good job.

  15. Castiel says:

    I don’t understand… why are people fighting over me?
    I don’t have time for this. The Winchesters need my help.

  16. Dot says:

    The spoilers for season 8 sound really promising so far. Characters need to have room to grow or the whole story grows stale, and one problem I had with S6/S7 was how the show back-pedaled on the Sam and Dean growth built up over the first 5 seasons. Instead of allowing the Sam and Dean relationship advance and for them to grow closer in new ways, they were thrown back into the same stale patterns. Like many, I’ve been feeling distanced from the Sam and Dean brother bond in recent canon, and that’s sad for me, because I really love that relationship. But keeping them stopped and mired in the same old patterns isn’t going to fix that. What will fix that for me is allowing more individual growth, and at the same time having them find better ways of relating to each other. It’ll make them closer, not farther away. I think the very things some Sam and Dean fans are advocating for–isolation, stuck in old patterns, little variation–is what took the energy out of the relationship to begin with. Having Sam and Dean forced together with no one else to turn to over and over and few options isn’t affirming of the bond. I want them to choose each other–and not OVER others, it’s not a contest, but their tie is much more meaningful to me if they have others in their lives who matter to them, yet show how their connection is unique. Removing all the supporting characters and keeping Sam and Dean in a bros-only bubble will only weaken the show further.

    No one has said anything about those other relationships being MORE important than Sam and Dean. No one. I’m not sure where people are even getting that the show intends to do that, yet I see this in comments to articles all the time and I’m boggling at it. Caring about more than just each other isn’t a threat to the Sam and Dean brother bond. Dean and Castiel’s friendship doesn’t steal from the Sam and Dean bond, what weakens the Sam and Dean bond is how the brothers get written. Season 7 removed all the supporting characters, and it’s the season where I’ve felt the brother bond was most lackluster.

    I was about ready to resign myself to watching SPN as a chore and a duty, DVRing it each week, but the season 8 spoilers make me think this is a show I could cheer for again.

  17. London says:

    I for one can’t wait to meet the new characters. I’m fully excited for Sam & Amelia and Dean & Benny flashbacks. I love who they cast for these characters. I also love who they recast for Kevin’s mom.

    Supernatural needs new recurring characters since Bobby is gone and Cas is being reconciled. I think these new characters will bring much needed life into the show.

  18. zobothehobo says:

    Here’s my opinion, do with it what you will. I’m more than annoyed Sam and Dean are back together in the first episode and we see their time apart in flashbacks. I mean, from what I’ve heard, the story will be wonderful. And I trust the creative team to tell it well. However, I enjoy the idea of seeing Sam and Dean apart for a while. So I can see who they become without each other. The relationship between Sam and Dean is a compelling part of the story, and I expect time apart will make it more compelling.

    Also, Castiel is very important to me. One of my biggest fears for this season is Cas doesn’t make it out of purgatory. 1. that would kill Dean. We’ve seen Dean lose Cas once, and it was awful. I do not want to see him go through that heartache again. (and even if you’re not a destiel fan, you must admit they are canonically best friends and the pain of losing Cas was awful on Dean). 2. Cas is an incredibly compelling character, and to me, the story has become about him and how he relates to the Winchesters just as much as it is about them and how they relate to the world around them.

  19. Leviathan says:

    All I hope for this season is Team Free Will back together – Sam, Dean, Cas and if it’s possible Bobby but I don’t think they’ll bring him back. And I really hope somebody mentions Adam. I mean I understand they can’t do anything to help him right now but it’d be great to just mention him, you know. I thought this show was about family. I also hope cas goes into bamf fighting mode again! Oh and Kevin is a great character we need him too!

  20. Cassie says:

    I hope we get to see A LOT more of purgatory than from hell. I’m a little disappointed we will see it all through flashbacks because as much as I want them to be together I really don’t like that it’s resolved so easily.. again. I’m also excited Misha will be in more episodes than last season because Cas has become as important as Sam and Dean to me. I also need a winchester hug when they get back from purgatory because those are the best!

  21. Liz says:

    I think the angels and the Christian mythology add SO much to the show. Yes, I love the earlier episodes that involve urban mythology and ghosts and such, but I find the storylines about heaven and hell more deep and emotional imho. And the way the writers have characterized the angels is really creative and interesting and I’d like to see more of it. :D

  22. Eaksoy says:

    I’m seriously excited for season 8, give me action! Give me mystery! Give me loads of new characters! Just please less whining that’s all I ask. We get it! We know you’re brothers and your life is difficult we’ve seen that for seven years, now bring on some new stuff.

  23. Elle says:

    Dude, I will never understand comments on SPN articles. Where do you people come from????? Anyway, I’m more psyched than I have been in a long time for season eight. Character development (not regression) is a very, very, very good thing that we haven’t seen enough of these past two seasons. And I love Cas. He’s an interesting character with a very different perspective on things. And he’s Dean’s best friend, so Dean would probably hate you if you don’t like him, just saying.

  24. Excited about Season 8 even though the last season left me wanting to quit the show. So far everything Jeremy Carver has said about the show, past and future, matches with what many long time fans of the show have been saying. The show did get lost in its own mythology and the brothers do need to be apart to grow. I’m thrilled to have Castiel back although 8 episodes seems to little. Castiel can easily be in twice as many episodes. I don’t mean he has to monopolize the season or even have an equal presence to that of Sam and Dean but he has for many people become the third Winchester. We love him dearly and want him to grow also, mend relationships with Dean and Sam, and just get back to the family business of hunting things. :P

  25. Dan says:

    Kripke this, Kripke that…He left, get over it. You know what? Personally, I think Sera Gamble did a better job than Kripke in a lot of ways, I mean, it was Kripke the one that destroyed Sam’s character by drinking demon blood, and having sex with a demon, making the brothers relationship cold, and having the brothers apart practically the whole season 4….I still can’t believe why some fans love that season, I hated it. The past two seasons in the other hand had the brothers working together without lies, hunting evil together, not keeping any secret, that’s the relationship I want for the brothers.

    • Andrea says:

      Couldn’t agree more, Dan.

    • Robina says:

      I don’t agree that Kripke ruined Sam’s character: I found his s4 storyline sympathetic and interesting (as I did Cas’s s6 storyline, and the darker Dean of late s6/early s7) and there was a fair amount of lying in s6 and s7 (leaving aside robo!Sam, Dean tried to conceal Sam’s soullessness after his return, Sam concealed his hallucinations, Dean lied about Amy). And I liked s4. But, while we differ on almost everything Spn related as far as I can tell, I am glad to see some Gamble appreciation here, because I think she’s getting a very raw deal from fandom. Granted, I think s7 lost momentum and failed to follow through on its arcs, but that looks as much like the result as like the cause of her departure. It’s not like they took the characters in horrible, terrible directions in the last third of the season, it’s more like the stuck them in neutral during the interval when Gamble was phasing out and Carver hadn’t yet stepped in.

      I hope that Dean’s issues with hunting and with the aftermath of his own interlude of ‘normal’ life get explored and resolved, and not too conveniently sidestepped by Dean returning from purgatory restored to his early season self. Especially since there were plenty of cracks and fissures in Dean the happy hunter from very early on — the Dean who took hope in s7 from the chance that Krissy might have made it out of the hunting life has a lot in common with the Dean who told Jo that he’d been inducted into it too young to have any choice, but that he would have done something else if he could. What I’d like to see isn’t just Dean reeling Sam back into hunting and convinced that they can’t have anything else, but both of them working together to figure out some kind of compromise, so that hunting and a life beyond hunting didn’t have to be such mutually exclusive options to them.

      • Dan says:

        I don’t think trusting a demon over your own brother is sympathetic…the Amy death might be a lie, but its not as big as “what happened in hell” and “what Sam did with Ruby”. On season 7 Sam told Dean about his hallucinations, something he wouldn’t have done on season 4. What Gamble was doing was trying to rebuild Sam’s character, after Kripke destroyed it. Didn’t you notice that while Kripke was the showrunner, Sam was the one always screwing up, while Dean was the perfect one? Cause that’s exactly what he did. Its completely unfair. During the past couple of seasons they have both screwed up, and that’s how is supposed to be, not putting all the CRAP on Sam.

        • Robina says:

          “Trusting a demon over your own brother” is an oversimplified way of putting it. A lot went into Sam’s relationship with Ruby: his crisis of powerlessness after failing to prevent Dean’s death (a hundred odd times, remember Mystery Spot); longstanding control and rebellion issues; addiction; his need to believe that a supernatural creature with an evil nature could possibly be good; his need to believe that the evil destiny and Azazel’s dosing with demon blood could possibly be good; arrogance; the fact that Ruby initiated the relationship when he was suicidal, drunk, and grieving; a belief in Dean’s weakness that was partly an overcompensation for his own sense of failure and partly helplessness in the face of what had happened to Dean; a genuine belief that what he was doing in going after Lilith was what he had to do to stop the apocalypse.

          “Sympathetic” doesn’t mean good or likable. But it was understandable, driven by the same mixture of serious flaws and good qualities gone wrong and terrible circumstances and traumatic experience that drive a lot of really bad decisions. And it’s a very skewed view that Dean was “the perfect one” under Kripke. He nearly went down a dark path in the black and white view he took of monsters after John’s death; his deal, though understandable, was a self-destructive choice and a terrible thing to do to Sam; he lied to Sam about John’s last words; he almost said Yes to Michael.

          They’ve both screwed up. Sam screwed up most deeply and dramatically, but he’s also worked the hardest of any character at grappling with his issues and changing, and that was a process that was under way in s5, not a phenomenon of the Gamble era.

          One of the things I most admire about Supernatural is that it can, at times, present all its heroes not just as flawed, but as genuinely unlikable. Sam’s arrogance and need for power were not lovable qualities. The absorption in his own guilt that led Dean to violate Lisa and Ben’s autonomy with the memory wipe wasn’t lovable, nor is his tendency to lash out at Sam physically when he’s angry. The conviction of rightness that led Cas to break Sam’s wall and open purgatory wasn’t lovable. But I still find, in both Kripke’s era and Gamble’s, that the characters’ actions have remained sympathetic, that it’s possible to see terrible choices arising out of flawed and damaged people in a universe that has manipulated them and exposed them to extreme circumstances. I don’t think any of them are saints, and I also don’t think any of them are persecuted martyrs suffering at the hands of the writers.

          • Robina says:

            Not on topic, but can someone tell me how to get breaks between paragraphs? Does it need html? I’ve tried extra spaces, and it makes no difference. I’m sorry to keep producing these unreadable blocks of text.

          • gateslacker says:

            Well, I’m gonna have to de-lurk mainly because your post is awesome! Well said! I feel the same way and I believe it’s one of the reasons I love ALL these characters SO MUCH. (One of the many, many reasons). I don’t want perfect, one dimensional cardboard cut outs. I want these characters who are heroic and flawed and real. I want these relationships that are passionate and imperfect and have this odd ability to either make my heart swell or break it into pieces, often in the same episode.

            I am relatively new to this show, having only discovered it in March, and am well into a re rewatch. However, I’m somewhat taken aback by all of the vitriol, though not completely surprised as this *is* fandom after all ;). I’ll never understand “the haters” and I’d feel pretty dang sorry for them if only I could stop feeling irritated by how they always rain on my squee, clog up a good, thoughtful discussion, and make me leery of playing in fandom.

            So, thanks for expressing what I feel better than I could have.

          • Dan says:

            Then you admit that you didn’t like it, hiding John’s secret wasn’t screwing up, he was protecting his brother. Saying yes to Michael was because Zacharia was killing Sam and Adam!! He never had the intention of saying yes. Kripke did a good job, but you can’t say he never made a mistake. Again, he destroyed Sam character on season 4, turning Dean into the favorite one, he is always the one who is right without making any mistake, while Sam is one who is always wrong and screws up. Dean could have make some mistakes, but the 95% of the time was Sam the one screwing up -_____- I just think Kripke was to hard on his character. I would like to see Dean screwing up for a change, but BIG, like Sam did.

          • gateslacker says:

            Oh, and I feel I should clarify that my comments about “the haters” aren’t referring to Dan and this thread but is more a response to the entire comment section as a whole and the extreme “so and so sucks” viewpoints. Sorry about that.

            Because having a different perspective and discussing it without disrespecting one another is a fun thing to do. For me, Dean screwed up constantly in season 4. Sure, he wasn’t directly responsible for starting the apocalypse, (and, really, didn’t they all think that killing Lillith was the thing to do?) but his responses to the “new and improved” Sam definitely contributed. Because Dean was a black and white thinker and his interactions and reactions with and to Sam had been ingrained since childhood. Plus, I can cut him some slack because, you know, Hell. He failed to take into account what his death must have done to Sam and how those events broke Sam just as surely as Dean was broken at Cold Oak. Those relationship patterns had been obliterated and the more he pushed, the more Sam pushed back and the whole thing just escalated. And you could see why they each did what they did and how angels and demons alike knew just what buttons to push. It was painful and my heart breaks every time I watch it play out on my screen.

            Because I go back again and again and I see something that I didn’t quite catch before that changes my perspective. If it was all cut and dried and tied up in a neat little bow, I’d hardly go back for more. There’s so many layers that can be seen in so many ways. Seriously, how can there even be haters, anyway? LOL

          • Robina says:

            Dan, what? Dean said NO to Michael when Zechariah was killing Sam and Adam. That was when he looked at Sam, accepted his trust, recovered his hope, and changed his mind. Before that he had been determined to say Yes, thinking that Sam would give in sooner or later and that he would have to be there to stop him. Rewatch Point of No Return, or reread the transcript, because you are working with a faulty memory of what happened in canon.

            And, yes, Dean concealed John’s last words to protect Sam (and to obey John). That doesn’t make it a right decision; both John and Dean did the wrong thing in concealing something from Sam that concerned Sam so closely. Of course Dean’s motives weren’t evil — neither were Sam’s, neither were Cas’s. They do terrible things with good intentions. Dean intended to protect Lisa and Ben when he wiped their memories, but it was a decision he had no right to make (also not much of a practical solution to the problem, but that’s another issue).

          • Dan says:

            Ok, hiding the secret from Sam might have been a mistake, but the thing is, that its not called screwing up. Dean had no intention on saying yes to Michael, he was positive of saying NO. Dean didn’t have sex with a demon, and Sam’s intentions where good at beggining, but right after that it was all ambition, he joined ruby to stay away from Dean, he wanted to feel in charge, stronger, those aren’t good causes. Even when Dean returned from hell he kept using the powers when Dean told him not to use them, he spend more time with the freaking demon than his own brother. They had lots of time apart. That season just didn’t destroyef Sam’s character, but it also destroyed the brothers relationship. It really hurt me when I heard Sam saying he got to feel better with Ruby than Dean, and Dean felt better with Cass than Sam. That’s where I hated that season the most. Those aren’t good causes. And Cass, all he wanted was power, not a good cause either…I love the show, I just don’t like when some good and important characters screw up BADLY. Sam screwed up BADLY, Cass screwed up BADLY, the only one that hasn’t screwed up BADLY its Dean…what a surprise…Kripke….

          • Robina says:

            Dan, you’re seeing a lot of Sam’s actions, and Cas’s, through a very negative lens. And about some things you are simply wrong.

            Dean had no intention on saying yes to Michael, he was positive of saying NO.

            You’re going to kill yourself, right? It’s not too hard to figure out the stops on the Farewell Tour. How’s Lisa doing, anyways?

            I’m not going to kill myself.

            No? So Michael’s not about to make you his Muppet? What the hell, man? This is how it ends? You just…walk out?

            Yeah, I guess.


            I just…I—I don’t believe.

            In what?

            In you. I mean, I don’t. I don’t know whether it’s gonna be demon blood or some other demon chick or what, but…I do know they’re gonna find a way to turn you.

            So you’re saying I’m not strong enough.

            You’re angry, you’re self-righteous. Lucifer’s gonna wear you to the prom, man. It’s just a matter of time.

            Don’t say that to me. Not you…of all people.

            I don’t want to. But it’s the truth. And when Satan takes you over, there’s got to be somebody there to fight him, and it ain’t gonna be that kid. So, it’s got to be me.


            Hey! I’m Dean Winchester. Do you know who I am?

            Dear God.

            I’ll take that as a yes. Listen, I need you to pray to your angel buddies and let them know that I’m here.


            Well, they’re right. Because either it’s a trap to get me there to make me say yes, or it’s not a trap and I’m gonna say yes anyway. And I will. I’ll do it. Fair warning.

          • Dan says:

            I don’t know what show have you been watching, but I don’t remember at all those quotes. I do know Dean didn’t trust Sam, but I already said that before.

          • Robina says:

            Dan, those are direct transcripts of the aired episode, from the superwiki.

            There’s not much point in discussing a text without reference to the text. Can you see that perhaps your own dislike for Kripke may be coloring your perspective of seasons one to five as a whole?

        • Dan says:

          This my personal opinion about the seasons:
          Season 1: Great
          Season 2: Pretty good
          Season 3: Good
          Season 4: Good at some stuff, but horrible on others.
          Season 5: Awesome!
          Season 6: Pretty Good
          Season 7: Good
          Season 8: can’t wait!!
          I just think Kripke did an awesome job during the first three seasons, he screwed Sam’s character and the brothers relationship on season 4, but at least he rebuilt it on season 5, but not completely though. I remember the final episodes of season 5, as ones that things weren’t bad between them, but they didn’t trust each other. Especially Dean, he didn’t trusted Dean very much, and that’s why I’m glad the show kept on going after Kripke left it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Kripke, I admire him for creating the show, but I’m not proud of him for doing what he did on season 4. That’s all.

  26. Penney says:

    I can’t wait for the new season. We lost too many beloved characters and it’s time to rebuild. I’m happy to get Castiel back, and would love to see some old favorites like Gabriel and Balthazar and Bobby, of course, if it could be managed somehow.

  27. Kat says:

    So excited for Jeremy to take the helm! It looks like the team is (finally!) tackling the fact that these dudes are guys in their thirties! Looking toward to the new(ish) direction he’s taking the show. And, how exciting it is that we will FINALLY be getting some character development from the boys!

    Oh, and yay TFW :) We have your back, Jeremy!!

  28. Seth says:

    I am so excited for S8; I have loved every single thing that Carver and Edlund have said from the guys growing up to more angels/demons being involved (yes for Crowley and Castiel)–I even kinda love the Kevin stuff. And I think that the higher ups at the CW are excited about what he is bringing to the show as well because I’ve seen more interviews/pimping of SPN for S8 than I’ve seen for the show in a long time. Not to mention everyone just looked so happy and energized at CC, and ready to do their thing. Welcome back, Jeremy Carver!

  29. Elis. says:

    I hope we get to see Castiel as much as possible, like he was in season 5 or 4. Amazing character, the most stoic and he needs to forgive him. I really really hope he gets out alive from purgatory.
    Also, what mythology Carver talked about in S6 and S7? I didn’t see much, but anyway, I am excited about S8.

  30. amy says:

    as of now, I’m the most excited for spn right now than I have been in years. all of my support to the cast and crew! :’)

  31. Lexy says:

    I am not more partial to Sam, Dean or Cas , I am not a “Sam girl” a “Dean girl” or a “Cas girl ” nor am I a “slash fan” not like Becky Rosen. I felt the need to go ahead and get that out of the way. I personally have all of seasons 1-7 and am currently re-watching them while I’m waiting on season 8 and while I’m excited to hear that they will actually be acknowledging Dean’s time in purgatory unlike what they did with Hell where they touched on yea he remembered his time there and he still had nightmares about it etc. and yes I know this is a tv show and that they have limited funding with which to make these episodes, but I’m interested to see how the characters “mature ” and I’m honestly a little dissappointed to see that once again we’re going down the road of one of the brothers attempting to “be normal” and we’ve already seen this with both of the brothers and it ends the same way with some creature either threatening or outright killing whatever woman the brother ends up with them realizing that there is no way that they can ever have a “normal ” life not so long as there any supernatural beings out there because being Hunters all
    of the creatures have “a bone to pick” if you will with Sam and Dean. I also personally like the character of Castiel and am happy to hear that he will be back for a minimum of 8 episodes, though I don’t understand the outcry in the comments about how much “everybody hates Castiel” when all I’ve ever heard is that people love Cas, I also don’t understand the people complaining about Cas becoming a “main character” because Castiel never was and most likely never will be anything more than a supporting character though I do agree with the fans who think that if Cas is going to stay on the show it’s probally better for him to somehow not be at “full power” because otherwise his relationship with Sam and Dean is kind of pointless. One thing I also don’t quite understand is why they’re going o have so little of Sam and Dean actually together because for 7 seasons that brotherly bond even if slightly co-dependent that Sam and Dean share has ( in my opinion ) been the driving force of the show, and I’d rather not see that gone anymore than it has been for the past couple seasons because it still seems like Dean doesn’t really trust Sam after he came back from hell and was soulless and still doesn’t after all this time really understand some of the reasons Sam has made some of the decisions that he has made , though Sam doesn’t seem to put a lot of effort into attempting to understand why Dean act the way he does and why he’s made some of the decisions that he has made, I would love to see some of the trust back and the bond back from season 1 but I also understand that with some of the decisions that have been made and the seperate path’s that the brothers have taken that getting that trust and that bond back may not be possible as much as we hope for it. I however ( unlike some fans who feel the need to p*ss and moan about how well he’s paid that ” he can suck it up and deal” ) also understand if Jared isn’t actually on the show as much this season since he does have a baby now , after all Misha was pretty much gone for I think he said 6 months or more when baby West was born, I think that just because they’re actors that it shouldn’t mean that he doesn’t get to see his son, I also fully expect that when/ if Jensen and Danneel have a child he will hopefully also get some time off so that he has time with his child and wife. I am also hoping that they will explain that Sam did everything he could to save Dean muchlike he did with trying to get Dean out of his deal, and that only after e’d exausted all resources and possible ways to get Dean out of purgatory after he’d done everything in his power to save Dean that only then did he finally give up and try to live a ” normal” life instead of just “skipping off after Dean was gone and being, happy happy happy ” like other commenters were suggesting that Sam is going to do. I personally would also love to see Gabriel, Balthizar and Bobby come back even if I had to be satisfied with only 1 episode since ya know Archangels are hard if not impossible to truly kill them and since “it’s Supernatural anything can happen” and Bobby is a good “supporting ” character and he while yes loss is something that the brothers have to deal with a lot of but I’d love to see Bobby come back because isn’t it enough that they’ve lost their mother ( Mary ) and father( John ) and Sam lost Jess and Dean “lost ” Lisa and Ben, the list goes on , they’ve lost everybody that they care about including eachother though so far them loosing eachother hasn’t been permanent, it’s amazing that they bother even trying to forge a bond with another human when they loose them just as they are becoming important. It just goes to show how stubborn and strong they really are, and if the way they act toward each other and the rest of the world is “immature ” then I’d rather not have them “mature”.

  32. SAC says:

    I haven’t been this excited for anything in a LONG time. I loved Carver’s earlier seasons and I love that we’ll be getting what seems like a well-thought-out plot and character development! I love Cas and can’t wait to see him again; I missed him in Season 7 and had nearly made up my mind to quit the series before I found out he was coming back. >_< I love Sam and Dean, but it just seemed like they were going over the same storyline again and again.

    It's hard to do new things after seven seasons if all you have is two characters, so I'm excited for the rebuild of Dean and Castiel's relationship and hope to see a lot more Cas next season!

  33. Tiff says:

    I’m just glad they are continuing the show. I love Dean, Sam and Cas. I want to see a lot of all three of them. I love how the show is always changing. I look foreward to seeing what they are able to do with it this season. I’m a die-hard Supernatural fan and will watch the show until it no longer airs.

  34. Erica says:

    Can’t wait for season 8 and to watch the bond between Dean and Castiel strengthen and grow. Beyond stoked for it!!! :)

  35. Bre says:

    So much love for Misha Collins and his portrayal of Castiel. I honestly feel he’s as much as part of the show as the Winchesters. Whether he’s in 8 episodes or more, glad that he’s back.

  36. dreamboat says:

    Here’s hoping Sam and Cas repair their bond of friendship!

  37. It sounds good what JC has to say! I am thrilled to get FINALLY into the deepness of Sam’s character. I love the brothers together onscreen, their dynamic, and hope JC concentrates on this. I need the brothers “relationship” to be the center!

    But seperated brothers doesn’t mean that there is no connection, look at “Scarecrow” The brothers were seperated and nonetheless their connection was there. I want this back.

    I also like what EK had to say about Sam coming back to the family business like JC!!!

    I am thrilled to get new characters, which could be recurring and adding to the Winchester dynamic. After a depressing finale of S7 I had a hard time but now I am really starting to feel the excitement what JC could bring to us who love the brothers from the getgo!!!!

    I also start to think what this could mean what we all know from a flashback from the early years what ties older and newer viewers together!!!

    Jeremy Carver seems to bring something bring, what I thought I would have lost!!!

  38. cc says:

    Just enjoy the show for what it is guys. We shouldn’t let ourselves be torn apart like this. We all like the show for one reason or another. It doesn’t matter why but the fandom needs to stick together so hopefully we will get more seasons of our show.

  39. Mary says:

    Thank God for Cas, and all the secondary characters, who are always fascinating. Its to the point where everytime Sam or Dean opens their mouths I know exactly what they’re going to say.

  40. Sophie says:

    Yes! Awesome! I really hope Jeremy Carver can get the boys back on track, and bring Cas into the equation more, and hopefully a great new plot which won’t bog us down.

  41. Viviane says:

    I’ve beginning Supernatural from the season 1, I’ve never been disappointed about it. Only sad for the deaths from Bobby, Jo and Helen. I love Castiel too, my favorites guests are the young Mary and John Winchester.

  42. jc says:

    I’m really looking forward to season 8. Hopefully there will be some good character development for Dean and Sam and I’m glad we’ll be seeing more of Cas than last year!

  43. Key says:

    Some Cas fans spam the sites and at the slightlest critic to the character they love they attack like a wolf pack, calling their friends to invade sites to ‘defend’ their character and attack other opinions.
    That’s called bullying, kids. Internet bullying.
    I know you don’t care, I know I’ll get 1,000 hate comments. I don’t care. But it’s just a fictional character. Some perspective, please.

    • Jessica says:

      I’ve seen the exact opposite. I’ve seen Castiel haters infect every single news story about the show with barbs towards Castiel even when it’s not relevant to the news story. tvline, eonline, or huffpo could write a 4 page story about nothing but how shiny the wheels of the impala are and somehow the castiel haters would show up to kick up a rumpus. No doubt saying that the wheels are shinier when Sam is riding in the car with Dean as opposed to how greasy and slimy they look when Castiel is in it. Honestly love castiel, hate castiel, but at least the people who love him don’t annoy the ever loving flock out of me by spamming.

  44. Crystal says:

    I would like too see them bring an episode in about that half demon half human child, i think it would be interesting

  45. Lost In Tardis says:

    Totally off the ‘Dean/Sam vs Cas/Dean’ comments track (I gave up reading comments so don’t know if anyone mentioned this) but I am still wondering if it will be Bobby that helps Dean & Cas out of purgatory – after all, I don’t think we have ever found out ‘where ghosts go when they die’ (which is something that is touched on all along) perhaps it IS purgatory… now THAT would be interesting – how would Sam & Dean feel knowing they had sent so many ghosts there not even realising it? Would it change the way they hunt? Oohhh, so many thoughts on this….

    Regardless, I will be there to watch and enjoy the show and see what happens! S8 countdown is ON! *woot*

  46. casammy says:

    I do not have any doubt that sam loves dean and if it does not insist on bringing it of return of the purgatory it is for that it knows that it cannot open the door for which it goes to liberate again to all the creatures and to there be no safety that dean goes out. For something slow dean in going out in one year. The dean’s life always has turned concerning sam, for whom sammy is his baby, dean really always she was the father and mother of sam and this love that one never has to a son anything nobody replaces nor can destroy because of it he is a stupid that say and think that dean and sam are going to be separated, it never goes to happen, one for the way of life that they have had and two for that sam is the son of dean. Sam never decided everything what has happened in his life, sam always wanted a normal life and it is sure that if dean could, it goes to do that sam has this normal life far from everything bad and supernatural. Dean can get angry for something that sam does but always it goes to end for excusing and continuing loving sam for whom it is the reason of his life, if even he has died for him and leaves everything and all for sam and is equal with sa, it goes to see that sam goes to stop to his “girlfriend” and his ” normal life ” for going after dean and returning to hunt

  47. casammy says:

    Dean always has been very on protector and up to if it wants to be said, dean is very possessive of sam, I do not deal for that it is so difficult to understand the people, they are like that and it is what supports alive both. Cas is an angel and if carver takes up to the season 10, not up to where it could support the presence of cas, unless they should leave it as a species of angel of the guard of sam and dean but it goes to be very forced. Not, I prefer waiting and seeing that it happens but I am sure that dean and sam are never going to go for separated

  48. Camilla says:

    ALL YOU CAS HATERS CAN SUCK IT. This show is about family, and he’s proven time and time again that he’s family. So you guys can either stop watching or stop posting all your hate. Either way, it’ll be a relief to everyone else.

  49. anne says:

    ALWAYS LOVE TO CASTIEL, AS WELL AS DEAN AND SAM. Don’t pay attention to haters, they have a lot of free time and they time spreading their own frustrations is a worth way to spend it.


  50. onemissk says:

    I can’t wait for the new season…its going to be great to have our ole fave director back..but what I dread is that I’ve not seen a program last longer than 9 seasons….I dread the last ever episode and think most people do too, great program…great actors with exclnt chemistry!…love it!!!! Brake this 9 season record!…..please? X