Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Criminal Minds, NCIS, White Collar, Revenge, NCIS: LA and More

Is Criminal Minds‘ Hotch headed for heartbreak? Is NCIS finally pulling the trigger on “Tiva”? New bromantic tension for Neal Caffrey and Peter Burke? What kind of gal will pop Nolan’s collar on Revenge? Read on for answers to those questions plus other teases from fall and summer shows.

Criminal Minds | We kick off this week’s column with a bit of housekeeping. As Bellamy Young shared with me, she will reprise her role as Hotch’s honey Beth for a few episodes this season, while segueing into her full-time gig as Scandal‘s First Lady. But that does not mean, it turns out, that a certain BAU agent is heading for a break-up. “Because we love Beth so much and because we don’t feel Hotch is a serial dater, we didn’t want her to go away,” show boss Erica Messer explains. So, in the first of Young’s three appearances, which comes in Episode 3, “You’re going to know why Beth will be absent for most of this season,” Messer previews. “She has a job offer in another city, so they’re going to do a long-distance thing for a little while.” That way, “[Hotch] can be on the phone with her, or go away for a weekend [to see her]… She’s alive in his world.”

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White Collar | If you’re a TVLine newshound, you may have put two and two together to realize that this “Sam” fella whom Neal’s aunt Ellen has vouched for will be played by Treat Williams (Everwood), and he first appears Aug. 28. “He comes in as this mysterious figure who worked undercover in the D.C. precinct,” Matt Bomer told us at the start of the season. “He’s the only other person that Neal is aware of who knew his father, and knew all the ins and outs of why his father was convicted of murder.” Well, Sam must give Neal quite the download, because two episodes later, Bomer says he got to do “some really fun, intense scenes” with costar Tim DeKay. “Neal and Peter’s mistrust of each other really comes to a head.”

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NCIS | When Season 10 opens on Sept. 25, two hours will have passed since the May finale ended with a bang. Tony and Ziva have spent that entire time trapped in an elevator — and they will remain there a bit longer, as they “emotionally connect,” says showrunner Gary Glasberg, adding: “I look forward to what’s coming up for them.” As does Coté de Pablo, whom I asked about the season-opening quality time. “Every single time Michael [Weatherly] and I work together, and especially when we haven’t seen each other in a long time, we really enjoy the chemistry,” the actress says. “It comes back in waves, and if you’re smart enough to capitalize on it, you’ll start writing for it.” So is this the season NCIS goes there with “Tiva”? “I don’t know if they’re going to go there,” de Pablo winks, “but they’re definitely going to explore, which I love. It’s such a fun relationship to explore.” Alas, it may not be all fun ahead for the gorg’ NCIS agent. Says Glasberg, “There will be a big sort of turn — an unexpected reveal — for Ziva about halfway through the season.”

Political Animals | Speaking of relationships worth exploring, fans of this USA Network series soon will how journalist Susan Berg gets on with her mother, Barbara, played by Fringe‘s Blair Brown. In a word (or two), Carla Gugino calls the dynamic “very complicated,” stemming from the fact that Barbara long ago gave up her career as a doctor to play parent. “Susan has always rebelled against that, as children tend to do. And I think that’s one of the reasons she emulated Elaine.” Susan’s deep-seated regard for the onetime First Lady ultimately was turned on its ear as she famously exposed the White House marriage’s many sordid flaws. “When Elaine actually didn’t leave Bud, it really threw Susan,” Gugino says, “in terms of who she thought this woman was.” Brown shows up in the penultimate episode, airing Aug. 12.

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NCIS: Los Angeles | As reported this week, the real-life moms of four cast members – Chris O’Donnell, LL Cool J, Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen – will pop up in this season’s third episode. The inspired casting came after series boss Shane Brennan attended a party at O’Donnell’s home, where he met and promptly offered the host’s mother, Julie, a gig on the CBS drama. Moments later, Brennan was introduced to Ruah’s mother, and then Olsen’s… and before he knew it, he was writing a scene where the matriarchs play a gaggle of gal pals gambling at a casino. When O’Donnell heard that this was actually happening, “I thought it was a practical joke — that maybe it was April Fools or something,” the actor tells me with a big laugh. “Not in a million years. Not in a million years. But it’s going down, and I’m horrified!” Mrs. O, however, is “very excited, to say the least,” her son shares. “It’s going to fun, it will be a good laugh,” he notes, “and I’m sure she has not stopped talking about it back in Michigan.”

Bunheads | Ken writes, “Do you have anything on my one of favorite guilty pleasures, Bunheads?” Indeed, I literally have a little somethin’-somethin’ to share from Sutton Foster, whose Michelle will move on from not-entirely-weeping widow status by season’s end. “It’s a little soon [after Hubbel’s passing] for her to get serious with anyone, but she starts to open up those options” — both with “someone you have already seen and someone new,” she shares. “Michelle definitely gets a little somethin’-somethin.'”

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Revenge | It’s been scooped that Nolan will get a female romantic interest in Season 2, so the question becomes: Having seen how the likes of Tyler floated his boat yacht on the other end of the Kinsey scale, what might be the tech titan’s type when it comes to the fairer sex? After joking that “Nolan will kind of take what he can get,” Gabriel Mann offers that “if we’re looking for something more lasting than a night of torture and butcher knives, there needs to be a bit more complexity in the person. So I would say that she may be not from this country – just a hunch – and she may [work] in my world of technology as well.” Though the ABC sudser has yet to lock in an actress for the role, “Some of the names I have heard as potentials are very intriguing, and exciting,” Mann teases. “I have some favorites [among them], so… knock wood.”

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  1. SVClois says:

    Please don’t play with my Tiva heart.

    • Lilith says:

      Well, the only thing I can think off by unexpected reveal halfway the season is a pregnany for Ziva…. It would shake things up ;) ps. my Tiva heart is still in a shock cause of the season finale…

      • Stacey says:

        I am thinking something about her family. Maybe her dad dies. Which would leave her torn, since she’s embraced the US. Gotten her citizenship, but then you have her birth country. I don’t think it will be a pregnancy. Unless Tony and Ziva had a moment in the elevator (during those missing two hours), and they go back to trying to ignore what happened only to have her turn up pregnant. But that is too BONES, Booth and Brennan. I am not sure they would do it on NCIS. But it would drive some unique circumstances into the team. How Tony and Ziva deal with it. (Both are in a different stage in their lives, almost wanting to settle down) And how Gibbs deals with. He would rather live in a “leave me out of it, don’t tell”. As long as it doesn’t compromise the team. Which was his issues with EJ and Tony. Tony and Ziva would be a whole different issue. But regardless, I doubt it will be a pregnancy. But maybe something to do with her family.

        • Nubie says:

          Hi Stacey –

          I think you could be on to something – I was also thinking along the lines of “Family issues”. (Btw I kinda miss Eli along w/ Jackson Gibbs & even Sr. DiNozzo…so it’s time to bring them back!). “g turns” in Ziva’s life haven’t always equated to something POSITIVE for that gurl, so I hope this time it turns out for the Good. :)

        • Shunda says:

          I think you’re right. I remember a while ago there was talk about Ziva’s mother. So I’m wondering if that’s it.

      • TJCrinc says:

        i hope its not one of those storylines where she is infertile. tony was always giddy about having a “little DiNozzo” running around. A Death in the family would be a more powerful storyline, especially if Tony is there to help her grieve, without making a move, to show he has self control even though he likes to pretend he doesnt.

    • Kath says:

      Frankly, with Tiva I’ll believe it when I see it.

      Like the much promoted sexy scene in the 200th episode that ended on the cutting room floor, they’ve messed with me too much.

      • Jules says:

        I’m with you. I don’t think it’ll ever happen before the end of the show. I think the writers will continue to tease and then, if they get together, it’ll be either in the final season or the series finale. I don’t think they’ll risk the current dynamic before then.

  2. celina says:

    I hope the long distance thing will kill the Hotch/Beth relationship!

    • Saint Alicia says:

      Agreed; the sooner Beth fades into oblivion the better.
      They need to work on getting Paget/Prentiss to show up for a few eps/phone calls instead.

  3. Maria says:

    I’ve pretty much stopped believing anything Mr.Glasberg says/hints/teases about Tony and Ziva.

    • Ziva4Tony says:

      I totally agree. He has not had a good track record with TIVA at all, and has lied the most of any of the producers. However I am sure the unexpected reveal will have to be pointed out. So far some of these moments have been lacking. Cote has always been pro TIVA:) However the actors and actresses are told what they can say or not say. Hopefully they do not steal the Bones storyline. How about the get married work through the ups and downs of that then start to try to have a kid. Now that would be a different spin on things.

  4. Linda says:

    I hope the Neal/Peter intenseness brings the mistrust to a head then to a close. Drama is fine but I miss the fun and camraderie. Don’t spoil the show just to please Emmy voters. Viewers are even more important.

  5. Donna says:

    I really don’t want to go back to more distrust crap between Neal and Peter. Season 3 was so bad at that they almost had me stop watching. The tension is getting old :-(

    • Tenney says:

      Donna… I was going to post the exact same thing. At this point, Neal and Peter either trust each other or they don’t. I can understand why Peter may still be leery about trusting Neal because Neal has been prone to running but after all that Peter has done for Neal, even putting his job on the line, for Neal to wonder if he could trust Peter is just ridiculous. Come on White Collar, lets try something more original. We go through this numerous times every season.

    • Deena says:

      Yeah, I thought they were pretty much on the same page at this point.

    • meghan says:

      Yeah, I agree, it’s getting old. Especially since Peter almost sacrificed his job for Neal, now someone is going to say something to Neal and throw all that in doubt? If anyone deserves distrust it’s Neal.

  6. andrew says:

    i love bun heads, boo’s mom is my favorite

    • mia says:

      Mine too! She reminds me of my mum. And I hope we see more of her and Michelle’s friendship. I loved that scene this week.

    • GDV says:

      I love Boo’s mom, too! I hope Michelle starts becoming closer friends with her instead of just Truly. Truly kinda gets on my nerves. But the actress playing Boo’s mom seems genuinely funny and sweet (like Melissa McCarthy was on GG).

    • Templar says:

      I just can’t love Bunheads. Sutton Foster can’t deliver ASP’s fast paced dialog like Lauren Graham can. I know, it’s not fair to make comparisons to Gilmore Girls. But SF isn’t attractive, Kelly Bishop is just reprising her Emily role and Star’s Hollow alumni are all over the place. Gypsy, Zach, Mitchum are all reminders of how great GG was and Bunheads is not up to that standard.

      • Mary says:

        I watched the first episode and was disappointed. Sutton Foster isn’t a beauty so it’s hard to believe some rich man would fall madly in love with her. Then they killed off that poor man when they should have killed off SF’s character and made the show about the small town.

      • GeoDiva says:

        I made it through 4 episodes of Bunheads and gave up and deleted the series off my DVR. I was so disapointed in the everything.

  7. I’m very excited about the TIVA spoiler….thank you so much for sharing this with us. As for the Ziva spoiler, I’m thinking it’s related to her family. Is it Sept. 25th yet? So ready to get started on Season 10. :-)

    Also excited to hear about the NCIS: Los Angeles episode….can’t wait to see the actors’ moms on screen……I know all the actors were thrilled to have their moms with them on screen. Can’t wait for Season 4 to start. :-)

  8. Hotchfan says:

    Glad the Beth will not go away! I love the character and love to see Hotch happy!

    • Stephanie says:

      Me too! It’s funny, she’s only been in a couple of episodes and I love her already. Of course, anyone who can get Hotch to smile is a keeper in my book. :)

    • Me too!!! I’m also especially glad to hear that a few days after we get attacked by Hotch/Prentiss shippers talking about how Erica Messer had finally realized Hotch and Beth weren’t meant for each other and decided to break them up, lol! I hope they stay strong for a while! I really like that Jack likes her and they have fun :)

  9. mia says:

    I’m really excited to see Blair Brown on Political Animals. I freakin LOVE her. I’m really enjoying that show, hope it gets renewed

  10. Allie says:

    Maybe with the big reveal for Ziva, we will finally know what Ray was doing in Tel Aviv and what happened to Kort. I’m kind of waiting for them to explore that!

    I believe that I’m dying over all of the Tiva spoilers. I’m going to curl back into the corner and wait for september 25th.

  11. Steph says:

    Can it be September already? I’m dying here.

  12. Keilly says:

    So glad Hotch and Beth are staying together…. Beth is really sweet. Now if only Morgan and prentiss could do the long distance dating thing too… That would be awesome

  13. Birdie says:

    And Erica Messer continues to kill Criminal Minds. The more she opens her mouth, the less I’m inclined to watch. I notice she says she loves Beth, not that the audience loves her. So it really is about Erica Messer writing what she wants to see, not what the audience wants.

    • Renee says:

      I agree completely! Very OOC for Hotch too. I don’t think he would do all that with his first girlfriend. I’m not happy and a lot of other people won’t be either! Btw…. I love your stories! Can you please let me know what happened to “Hotch’s Inner Freak”? and if there’s anywhere else I can read it? :( thank you for the stories :) keeps me sane.

      • Maria says:

        He DID all that, and more, with his VERY FIRST girlfriend… Haley anyone? Really, really would love to know what show some of you have been watching to not know Hotch at all after seven seasons… o.O

        Very, very happy they’re keeping Beth on Hotch’s life, the woman that makes him smile like he used to at the start of the series! No need for her to be on screen, as there’s not need to see Will or Kevin, unless the plot affects them and that’s usually because of their jobs, and thankfully Beth’s job is completely unrelated to law enforcement.

        • Renee says:

          I meant Hotch’s first girlfriend after being with Haley for so many years and after her death. BIG difference.

        • Exactly. There’s absolutely no need for Beth to be ON SCREEN. JJ is happily married to Will and he hardly shows up. I’m glad Hotch is happy. He’s a much pleasant character and less anal when he’s happy.

  14. Renee says:

    Omg, they could do a long distance relationship with Beth, who Hotch has known for maybe a year’s time? …. after the writers admit Hotch and Prentiss had feelings for each other, but they couldn’t do it for H/P? They are going to have a lot of fans pissed, just saying. At least she won’t be there. Yes, I hate the character no matter what anyone replies. My choice. All I can guess is that they really wanna leave that door open for Padget. Messer said she didn’t want to close it completely, so I guess if Prentiss came back, H/P’s relationship would be screwed up. I gotta say, I’d rather Prentiss be back on the show than she and Hotch having a l

    • Renee says:

      (Contin) long distance relationship.

    • helen says:

      Honestly what show do you watch? There is nothing between HP… Erica just threw in that scene in the finale to shut the shippers up.

      • Renee says:

        Haha yeah…. Okay. Take a poll about that subject lol. Nobody is going to make us stop shipping them so everyone should stop trying. I only give my opinion. I don’t try to change people’s minds.

      • Beth says:

        Lol did it work? Nope! Just made it better!

      • Jules says:

        I don’t even know what scene H/P fans are even referring to. What I did see though was Emily taking Morgan to inspect her house, Morgan searching for Emily after the explosion, Emily confiding in Morgan about her plans to leave, and Morgan and Emily clinging to each other while they danced in the last scene. And at least one of the writers has stated that IF they were to write a relationship between 2 members, those would be the two he would pick. Morgan and Prentiss have waaaay more chemistry than H/P. that’s a long-distance relationship
        I could get behind.

    • meghan says:

      You mean like the long distance relationship JJ had with Will for over a year? Hotch and Prentiss do not have feelings for each other. Messer was just stringing you silly fangirls along.

  15. Christy says:

    The relationship with Hotch and Beth is a little out of character for Hotch. I don’t see him as a person that would date the first girl he meets, then be so wrapped up in her that he would carry on a long distance relationship with her. If he’s going to be THAT serious about someone, then it needs to be someone that Jack can be around often. He needs a stepmommy. Sometimes I think the writers need to converse with the fans (not necessarily me lol) so that they can keep their minds on these characters’ personalities. Just plain ODD!

    • grace says:

      I agree, especially with a child involved. This should be the training-wheels relationship, the rebound for lack of a better description. Though Hotch was divorced, I can’t see him diving into another serious relationship so soon after the horrific murder of his (ex)wife.

      Doesn’t ring true.

    • big cheddar says:

      Really? Given the fact Hotch married his high school sweetheart, I never imagined Hotch being the type of guy who played the field. Also, given that his wife divorced him because of his commitment to his job, I would think a long distance relationship would suit Hotch just fine since his priorities are his son and his job. Also, other than not being Prentiss, what did Beth do to bring on such hate? I must have missed those episodes because she seemed nice enough to me.

      • Cindy says:

        We didn’t say Hotch was gonna whore around. It’s just hugely unlikely that after everything he went through and being with the same woman for so long, that he would be attached enough to carry on a long distance relationship with Beth and take care of his son. Long distance relationships hardly ever work. Hotch said he barely gets 45 minutes a day for anything other than work but now he’s gonna be able to take weekends off and go see her? Yeah…. that’s really believable! Hotch wouldn’t have dove in with one woman only. He would more likely have dated other people too. People do date more than one person sometimes. They rushed it all. Beth knew too much about him, kissed him to get it “out of the way” and then they use Jack to push Hotch having her over all night. That took the cake. New writers would be nice. Maybe someone that knows or remembers the characters’ past??? This will be my last post about this crap. No offense lol

        • Dixie says:

          You reflect my feelings on so many levels. I’m not one of the people who believes that Prentiss is coming back; but it’s so obvious that Erica Messer and her staff write to please themselves and not the fans. A man who, as he has admitted himself, missed so much of his son growing up, is going to fly off for the weekend with a woman he knows so little about? I tried to like Beth, but both the character and the actress left me cold. She lost me completely when she kissed Hotch to “get it out of the way”. When you begin dating someone, that “first kiss” is the most magical thing on the planet. It’s not something you “get out of the way”. The writers are in a mad rush to hook Hotch up with “someone; and with Beth/Bellamy, it looks like they will settle for “anyone”. They’ve obviously run out of ideas, so they’ll fill the time with Hotch and Beth cooing on the phone (GAG)! CM needs to do some housecleaning. The writers need to remember that the real CM fans have been actively involved in the characters from day one. Don’t insult us by revamping their personalities in mid-stream and expect us to buy it.

  16. grace says:

    Sounds like my last year watching NCIS, if they “go there” or even get close to “there”I am out. I find Tony’s character so annoying I fast forward or if it is Tony-centric, I don’t watch at all, and the Tiva character has gone from a strong, strong willed woman to wanting nothing but a man? (First Ray, now supposedly Tony?) It seems the writers can’t decide if they want to do a procedural or a soap-opera.

  17. SamS says:

    Hotch is dating. Reid is going to start dating. Kevin and Garcia were dating broke up and may be back together. Rossi slept with Strauss. JJ married Will. Wow Criminal Minds. Who knew you were a soap opera?
    I got a great idea for you – how about concentrating less on romance, more on PROFILING. Huh?

    • Chloe says:


    • col says:

      you speak the truth my friend.

    • Yet, the airtime of this on an average episode is just about NONE. We got a little on the season finale, but in a regular episode, they’ll hardly ever even mention it. Sometimes, we get one or two scenes tops, one in the beginning, one in the end. Criminal Minds is one of the few shows that doesn’t waste airtime on relationships like this. They handle it all very, very well. Whatever they want to do, I trust them to do well.

  18. Keren says:

    Doesn’t Matt Bomer look sad in the picture?

  19. Angela says:

    As soon as I heard the wonderful, glorious news that Hotch and Beth wouldn’t break up, I guessed she would get a job somewhere else.

  20. Svenja says:

    Wonderful NCIS spoiler. Can’t wait to see it. I love the concept of a shared traumatic situation bringing Tony and Ziva closer together. I hope ALL of the team members will grow even closer and be affected by what happened for a longer period of time. I love psychological stuff. I am also intrigued with the Ziva turn. I think it might be related to her family. Something about her mother, her father or her sibilings. We will see. Everything sounds amazing so far :)

  21. Gaara says:

    Thanks for the ncis scoop! It all sounds SO amazing, I can’t wait for September :D

  22. Kathy says:

    I wish all these annoying Hotch and Prentiss shippers would just move on to another television show. It’s pretty obvious they care nothing about the Hotch character and they’ve never really been watching Criminal Minds, but instead some show where there was actually some indication that there were romantic sparks between a boss and his subordinate. Please, just shut up about Prentiss. She’s gone. The actress would probably rather be sliced with razor blades and dipped in alcohol than have anything more to do with Criminal Minds. Hotch never had those kinds of feelings for her. God you are all so pathetic and annoying. I wish you would transfer to another city, preferably one without access to CM or the internet.

    • Kaley says:

      Agreed!!! HP is just ughhhh! PB and TG hate the idea of it… PB mocked it and TG just said NO.

    • It makes me happy Prentiss is gone, really. I hope the new woman is awesome, fun, funny, bright, full of energy and personality, and we’ll fall instantly for her. And it’ll be like it’s happened with many shows before — in half a season, I’ll be like, “Prentiss who?” :)

  23. Stacy says:

    Am so glad Hotch and Beth won’t be breaking up! I absolutely love them and I absolutely love seeing Hotch happy again! : )

  24. Tom says:

    I like the idea of the NCIS LA real mother’s episode. That sounds like fun. On NCIS, Tony and Ziva have become such annoying caricatures it’s hard to care if they become a couple or not. I think there is some work needed to bring NCIS back to the solid show it used to be.

  25. Tabitha says:

    Hasn’t Criminal Minds been cancelled yet? Haven’t watched it in a while so i have no clue who this Beth character is but going on whats been written here i’m bored of it already, probably one of the reasons why i don’t watch it anymore, the writing sucks! I’ll stick with NCIS (the reason i read this article) even in it’s 10th season i still love it so excited for it’s return!

    • dervish says:

      Well, Criminal Minds is the reason I read this article, but I somehow managed to skip reading the part about NCIS as I’ve never have been interested in that show.

      • I watch NCIS, yet, I skipped the bit about it, because I’m just not interested in hearing or talking about it. It has become so boring. The overdone patriotism annoys me, the characters have become to stereotyped. I looked for Criminal Minds, then NCIS: LOS ANGELES, which is sooo much more dynamic and fun than “the original”.

  26. mira says:

    Big YAY for Tiva!! Even after 9 years ncis rules and it will keep doing it for a long time!

  27. SarahM says:

    Erica Messer loves Beth so much she’s continued to talk about how great Hotch/Prentiss are and how they “maybe still will happen.” What a bullsh_tter. Messer just needs to keep her mouth shut and allow fans to enjoy CM. I can remain hopeful that H/P will happen without Messer fanning the flames then throwing cold water it. If she hadn’t gone on and on about H/P after the finale, hopes probably wouldn’t have been raised.

    They just need to let Beth go. Hotch wouldn’t get that attached to the first woman who picked him up on a run. And to maintain a long distance thing is so unbelievable.

    • Kaley says:

      HP was never going to and never will happen… EM is just humoring you all… this was her opportunity to get rid of Beth, but she hasn’t.
      HP shippers are the most delusional shippers there are… apart from the bone EM threw you in finale, there’s barely even a friendship there, let alone anything remotely romantic… go ruin some other fandom with your whining and complaining.

      • Exactly. She could have gotten ridden of Beth, but she hasn’t. Erica Messer just wants to be polite to everyone. If she seriously even thought there was something between Hotch and Prentiss, she would have addressed, you know, one of the 5 years she was on the show.

  28. estefania says:

    I want to for a long time that something important in ziva`s and tony’s relationship to happen, I want to see one step more , tiva gfans we deserve it, in this it doesn’t affect to NCIS TEAM , we will have more funny situation and little love for the most solitary cast in televesion, also I love mu NCIS TEAM , I can see wait to see season premiere, also I was intrgate what will reveal to ziva, maybe tony will say something important to her or it is about her family , I think this is more about her family , long life to TIVA and NCIS

  29. Ugh, why are they un-gaying Nolan on Revenge! Boo!

    • Rebecca says:

      They are not”un-gaying” Nolen! He already stated he was in the middle on the Kinsey Scale so that means he is bi-sexual. I don’t see why Nolen has to be black and white gay. In reality, many people are bi-sexual and not strictly gay or straight. I have a friend who was in an exclusive gay relationship for eight years and then was in a heterosexual relationship for several years. I think this situation reflects reality because not everyone is on one extreme or the other.

  30. Natalie says:

    Thanks a bunch for the “NCIS” spoilers, Matt. I’m pretty excited for the finale from everything Gary has said about it (and MW too). I hope whatever the reveal about Ziva is this season, it is interesting with good storytelling around it. I loved the Tony story last season where we learned about him saving that kid. It was such a deftly and well-written piece. I hope whoever writes the episode for the reveal, writes as it as well as that episode was. And all I can say about Tiva is, it makes sense, given what they’ve been building up to all this time with them in the series and given the circumstances, it’s realistic story-telling wise, which always has my vote. So, bring it, Mr. G. Make it as good as I know you are capable of. :)

  31. AngelMoon Girl says:

    SO very excited by all this talk of Tiva – seriously, it was neglected way too much last season, and I’m glad the producers finally seem to be realizing how popular Tony and Ziva’s chemistry is. I for one would very much like to see them becoming closer (romantically!) this season, even if they don’t actually “seal the deal” until later. But honestly, eight frigging years is long enough! I hope we see a big turning point in their relationship soon! Cannot wait for the premiere! And I wonder what this big reveal will be…!? Ziva storylines are the best!

    • Leonie1988 says:

      I agree! Ziva always has great storylines! One of the best SL ever was Somlia and her rescue! They should have explored more about what it did to her though.
      Maybe Tali hasn’t died after all or she finds out her dad isn’t really her biological dad… can’t wait for September!

  32. ncisrulez says:

    I love this spoiler!!!!! Is it September yet??????????? I can not wait!!

  33. MaryLuv Tiva says:

    Love the TIVA/NCIS Spoiler! I can’t wait to see this all play out this season along with everything else. I definitely believe that the news that Ziva gets has something to do with Monique or Eli. Looks like a great season 10 coming. I also can’t wait to see what happens with Abby, Tim, Gibbs, Ducky, Jimmy and Vance. :)

  34. UGH. I had been looking forward to the NCIS premiere, but no longer. We’ve been trusting you, Glasberg. Please don’t disappoint us by trashing Tony’s character by putting him with someone who has assaulted him.

    • carol says:

      GG is firmly on board with Tiva & MW just said In the S9 DVD commentary that Tony trusts Ziva with his life. Just watch that commentary, it blows the arguments that you antis have touted about how MW feels about Tiva, Ziva & CdP right out of the water. Not only is MW shipping Tiva, he is the captain of that boat.
      So, Tiva that!

      • Megan says:

        I just saw that commentary. OMG MW is such the shipper! Yes, I agree there can no doubt where he stands on that relationship – no reading between the lines, no context/subtext – he comes right out and says it. Love it and love him.

        Most of the fans want this and it seems that TPTB and CBS want it too. And while there is a very small group that doesn’t want it (slashers mostly) – I think the fandom as a whole is very happy about this. All polls say so and while they aren’t scientific polls (the antis are quick to point out) they are a good indicator of what the fandom wants. And you know very good and well if the poll supported their position, they would be yelling it from the rooftops.

        Yes, Tiva is awesome and it will only make the show better! Can’t wait!

      • Sam says:

        Tiva That!

        yes, indeed. Tiva, Tiva, Tiva.

        I cracked up when MW said that on his TCA tout. There’s bodily contact… and it’s good (also, his words).

        So, there anit’s…. Tiva that!

        Tiva, Tiva, Tiva – we love Tiva!

      • Gaara says:

        And GG is such a big fanboy hehee *-* I always knew I was right in trusting him, since he took over the series :)

      • Andrea says:

        “that Tony trusts Ziva with his life.”

        He probably does, just as he does Gibbs and McGee, so I don’t see that as some great argument for Tony and Ziva to be paired. I find the concept of Tony and Ziva unnecessary and forced. Sure, Cote and Michael are attractive people, but I personally have never gotten any bond between Tony and Ziva that is any stronger or different than the bond that runs through the entire team. They all care about each other and trust each other with their lives.

        • Megan says:

          well, if you want to argue that point a little further, Michael also said he could see Tony/Ziva married with a child, Ziva is never far from Tony’s thoughts, EJ was just a way to deal with whole Ziva/Ray thing, I could go on and on (because HE did – for 40 minutes), but I think you get my point. If you can’t see the bond, then you are blind (or just don’t want to see it) because CBS, TPTB, the actors themselves – they all acknowledge it.

        • Carol says:

          that Tony trusts Ziva with his life was to counter the point made that Tony shouldn’t be with her because she couldn’t be trusted (referring waaaay back to season 6) – that was not the whole basis for the point being made for them being together. They should be together because they have feelings for each other – something that is acknowledged by both GG and MW. Of course, they ALL trust each other with their lives, but for Tony and Ziva it goes way beyond that. Just because you can’t see the bond that they share doesn’t mean it isn’t there (because most people do see it).

      • Kat says:

        I haven’t gotten my season 9 set yet but for when I do, where is the part about MW discussing his feelings on the Tiva story and how he is all for it?!?! I have loved their chemistry from the moment Ziva set foot at NCIS. I’m ready for Tiva to finally happen

  35. CA says:

    So basically, according to Miss DePablo, the writers are stupid if they don’t do Tiva or is she saying that if not everyone sees the chemistry they are stupid?
    How about the chemistry between Tony and Gibbs, or Abby and Ducky, or McGee and Ziva, etc. Are the writers “stupid” if they don’t capitalize on those relationships too?
    I’m really confused by what she was trying to say.

    • Alison says:

      read it again. She didn’t say stupid. She said if you are smart, you will capitalize on what you already have – their incredible chemistry. It’s there already, the smart thing to do would be to use it.

      Don’t put words in her mouth just because you don’t like what she is saying.

      Go Tiva!

      • Tiva is the Anti Antidote says:

        Alison – trust me, Hun..the only thing “stupid” regarding this T/Z argument is NOT ignoring bigotry-laced remarks from so-called fans who have the audacity to openly attack ACTORS on a show they claim to “love”. The matter is SETTLED. Tiva is a Go. 8-)

    • Trish says:

      your reading comprehension seems to be a bit off. You might want to try again (or is your anti glasses fogging your vision?)

      All the characters have chemistry – that’s what makes NCIS great, but his article is specifically dealing with Tony/Ziva dynamic – the other characters arent’ mentioned.

      Tiva is what people want to see happen and by golly I think we might actually get it this season. Thank heaven that TPTB finally wised up and will stop the push/pull that frustrated both sides for years. Canon Tiva will only make the show better.

      I for one can’t wait to see how this unfolds!

      All systems GO FOR TIVA!!!

  36. chris says:

    Chris O’Donnell’s family lives in Illinois not Michigan.

  37. Bennie says:

    With Paget Brewster gone you would think the furor for Hotch/Prentiss would have disappeared, or at least diminished by now but it appears to be growing. That should be good news for Erica Messer and Criminal Minds if they ever decide to capitalize on the potential of this coupling. No matter what anyone says Hotch/Prentiss is the single most talked about couple from Criminal Minds. Messer would be crazy not to recognize this and take advantage of it if she can get Paget Brewster to return for regular arcs. Messer seemed to be open to this recently. It really can’t hurt a show in it’s 8th season to explore the potential of this relationship, especially since Brewster is no longer a series regular.

    • RichCsigs says:

      I (personally) never saw any chemistry between Hotch & Prentiss. To me, it was always Hotch & AJ who had the chemistry. I think if Prentiss would’ve hooked up with any of the team, it would’ve been with Morgan (after a night of drinking).

  38. RichCsigs says:

    I am, quite honestly, so annoyed by the teasing of Tiva. Please, NCIS, either do it, or just drop it all together! It’s just gotten really annoying with the “will they/won’t they” glaces and stares and implications. Just pick one and go with it already, it’s been 6 years now! My friends & I groan every time they (the writers) touch upon it. Same thing goes with McGee & Abby! Do it or drop it, at this point I just don’t care anymore which one it is just pick one!

  39. Jennifer says:

    So excited to see this Tiva spoiler. I love the Tony/Ziva relationship and can’t wait to see it progress into a full fledged romance (please!) and while I don’t watch the show just for them, but what happens to them and between them affects my enjoyment of the show tremendously.

    I am crossing my fingers that Season 10 will be the season of TIVA!

  40. Kate says:

    Screw Tiva. I want McAbby.

  41. Pepper says:

    Tiva is getting kind of pathetic. I know that’s what the masses want but I think it expired.
    There was a season (6-7-8, they’re kinda the same) where there were many great opportunities for them to hook up but it feels like they had their chance and they blew it.

    In reality, the writers are saving it for a rainy day but that rainy day has long gone.
    Also in reality, if there were two adults who hasn’t been able figure out a way to hook up for 8 years – well, they don’t deserve to be happy.

  42. Joy says:

    I’ve been sitting here reading the Tiva comments. Will they wont they but what about IF they? Will it cause work problems? What are NCIS rules? Remember on Jag the s/l about Harm & Mac was always there. Got close a couple of times, but well written. They did not get together until the final episode. Do we want that to happen to NCIC? Would that be the end of the show? Just asking.
    As another person wrote. My favourites for a future couple would be McGee & Abby.

    • Kath says:

      I gave up on JAG partly because the Harm/Mac situation got ridiculous. Too many years with plot contrivances keeping them apart until I lost respect for both characters.. (I gave up on Bones for the same reason.) And when they finally got together, in the last 60 seconds of the series, it was an awful cheat for those who really believed in the realtionship.

  43. Dixie says:

    “Because we love Beth so much” – who’s “we” Erica? It certainly doesn’t represent the majority of the fans. Take a tally of the posts and you’ll see how most of us feel about Beth. WOW – Bellamy’s agents must be holding something fierce over your head.

  44. Alexxis says:

    I’m kinda’ torn with the whole Tiva issue. I really want them to get together ‘coz there is soooo much tension between them, but I think if they do, the banter and flirting might stop, and also if there’s a bad point, or a sticky break up, it could ruin the team and their relationship. I think they do belong together, but they need to stay together!!xx

  45. whitecollar this season is awsome so fare finally get to find out more about who neal is and his past cant waite to see sept episode or the one were the burkes are kidnape going to be fun episodes to see keep it up whitecollar

  46. i love deaks and kensi on ncis la cant wait to see this fall the episode with more of them there chemistry as actors are awsome

  47. Re: NCIS spoiler: I think most all of the fans on both sides of the issue are weary of the will they/won’t they dance ? I hope they do continue to get closer & start a romantic relationship (mostly off-screen). I think they have both grown up a lot over the past 2 years & would be great together.