Watch Glee's Lost Bridesmaids Scene Now!

Another deleted Glee scene from Season 3 has seen the light of day.

On the heels of Wednesday’s release of Klaine’s lost Christmas moment, exec producer Ryan Murphy has by popular demand pulled the curtain back on a second never-before-seen Season 3 sequence.

The scene in question is set at a bridal boutique and finds Rachel trying on wedding gowns with the help of her bridesmaids — one of whom is, well, less than supportive of her decision to wed Finn.

Press PLAY below and see what you didn’t see last season!

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  1. snix says:


    also Quinn has balls

  2. LinLin says:

    Scene propping up Rachel #5651641211546341

  3. Lee says:

    don’t marry the goy Rachel!!!!!!

  4. Chris says:

    Cool. Another deleted scene! I’ve heard both yes and no that this and the Klaine Christmas scene will/won’t be out on the DVD, so if the answer is no — thanks for posting!

  5. Brok says:

    Quinn is literally the worst character on the show. Trying to trick someone into fathering a child that isn’t there. Trying to steal her baby back by setting up Shelby. Trying to get pity votes for her wheelchair. No wonder she’s going to be gone this season. Who even likes her? Rachel is taking on the world because THE LOVE OF HER LIFE helped her get there, and Quinn is irrelevant. Faberry Forever? More like Quinn get out and go get hit by a truck.

    • Mi says:

      I agree I’m glad Dianna is only coming back for special episodes

    • Trish says:

      OMG move on!! Its not like the other characters are saints.

    • michelle says:

      More like Ryan Murphy is the idiot who ruined her character. You’re an idiot if you think she’s the worst character ever. There are a top selection of characters who are terrible characters, Quinn not being one of them.

      • Brok says:

        Blame the person who created the show and character you apparently love so much. He didn’t ruin her. He helped write her the way she was always supposed to be. Quinn has been the antagonist since the pilot. There’s a reason she was still pulling the same stuff in season three that she was doing in season one, and there’s a reason that most Quinn fans are Faberry shippers who live off of fanon which ignores the actual facts of the show – the fact that Quinn is horrible. There’s a reason she was disposable this season. The majority of fans will not miss her.

        • Pepper says:

          Agreed. Quinn pretty much withered away. After watching this deleted scene, she stepped over the line in her remarks to Rachel about Finn. Some true but not her place to make such remarks. I think Rachel was chaste but very polite to decline Quinn’s remarks. Those who were the best to speak calmly but firmly to Rachel about marrying young were her dads. Even the other girls knew where to tow the line. Afterall, Finchel weren’t gonna marry and the show showed that.

    • loki says:

      Yeah, she doesn’t like Finchel so she deserves to get hit by a truck! Lol, most of you Finchel shippers are all the same. Spoiled, cruel, little b stards who throw a tantrum and wish harm on anyone who doesn’t like your dumb ship. You’re ridiculous.

      • Brok says:

        You’re name calling and throwing a tantrum over a fictional character and I’m ridiculous? Okay.

        • tony says:

          You threw the tantrum first, idiot. “THE LOVE OF HER LIFE GO GET HIT BY A TRUCK”. No wonder nobody outside the Finchel fandom likes any of their stans.

          • Alex says:


            They’re literally the worst. Whiny, immature, hateful, obnoxious, greedy and ungrateful despite having it all from TPTB. But what’s new. They’ve been like this from the pilot.
            All the other ships combined couldn’t be appalling like that even if they wanted to.

      • Lee says:

        LOL You should see the abuse Finchel fans get from the other fandom for just existing.

        • Ekland says:

          Not to mention the vitriol thrown at both actors playing Finn and Rachel. Poor Lea and Cory, what did they do to deserve those comments.

      • Babs says:

        Well she liked Finn enough to want him as her Baby Daddy, to cheat on Sam with him, and also to want to run for Prom King and Queen with him TWICE! lol Such character consistency.

        • songbyrd86 says:

          Sadly….not characater inconsistency….just a teenager in high school. I find it funny that the majority of the fans I see posting about glee expect some kind of maturity and tact from these characters that are in HIGH SCHOOL. Yeah the actors aren’t in high school obviously so it kind of throws perspective off a bit, but really, how many people can you say you knew in high school that were mature enough not to make mistakes, be petty, be wishy-washy, be forgiving, or any of the stuff we know as adults to be? I’m sure very few because those are things you get from experience. Meh – its fun for me because it’s high school dramedy and I’ve long given up on consistent characters for the above reasons.

    • lovesglee says:

      More like you just STFU and DIE. Your existence is irrelevant

    • you sound butthurt. also where is your logic? Finn wanted Rachel to give up her dream for him. Did you forget about that?

      • jen says:

        Don’t try to reason with them. Finchel fans don’t care about Rachel. They only care about Finn getting whatever he wants.

    • zekeleak says:

      “Rachel is taking on the world because THE LOVE OF HER LIFE helped her get there, ” lold so hard on this!! Oh remember when Quinn said to Rachel “I’d hate the idea of dragging an Anchor from my past into the bright lights of my future.” and “I was the only one standing in the way of myself” probably not coz you were too busy fangirlin over Finn’s manboobs!!

      • lauz says:

        That was kind of mean but I do agree that Finn did little to nothing to help Rachel advance her dreams. Hell, even Tina and Jesse did more for her.

    • c says:

      Seriously the ‘love of her life’ helped Rachel to take on the world? Is this the same ‘love of her life’ who fed his vegan girlfriend meat?Who gave his Jewish/vegan girlfriend a pig as a present?Who slept with someone else and lied to her about it?Who dumped her for cheating on him,when he had used Rachel to cheat on Quinn in season1,and then had no trouble being with Quinn even tho she was with Sam?The same ‘love of her life’ that dumped her season 1 so he could go out with two cheerleaders?Who has never once stood up for her when she was being bullied?I’d hate to see how Finn would treat Rachel is he hated her, not loved her as you claim.
      I don’t as a general rule like Quinn, because of how she treated Puck, but at least she was honest about the big mistake Rachel was making in letting Finn get in the way of her ambition, of her dreams and all because he refuses to admit to being scared and lost about the future. Marrying Finn would have ruined the show, so I am thankful everyday that it was stopped by Quinn’s accident. Fate has a wicked sense of humour don’t you think?

    • Kay says:

      I didn’t really care for her in Season 1 when she tried to trick Finn into believing he was the father of her baby, and I haven’t really liked her since. I never did understand the big attraction for her. I won’t miss her at all.

      • Sil says:

        Ditto. I know her character has fans, but not me. She was so mean to Finn and every else. I just don’t get the Quinn/Rachel desire for friendship. There is so much tension between them, even though Rachel has always wanted to be a friend to Quinn. When Rachel sought out Quinn to apologize to her for being jealous in the Prom epi, Quinn just dismissed her and was going to wheel away. But it was Rachel who stopped her and made her understand how much Q has meant to her. Only then did Quinn realize what Rachel was really like, then talked Santana into throwing the prom vote to Rachel. Maybe, a little character growth for Q but a lot late IMO. So, this outburst from Quinn seems uninvited and totally out of character to what the so-called new relationship between Q and Rachel is sopposed to be. I’m glad it was deleted. Quinn needs to go to Yale and stay.

  6. Pepper says:

    Thanx for showing the deleted scene.

  7. tony says:

    Quinn is the only one with any damn sense. She was right. Rachel is too good and she has too much potential to lower herself to a tacky teen marraige. Rachel was damn stupid to agree to marry a guy so young, especially a dumb one who could never keep up with her or be on her level in any sense of the word. Teen marriages are ridiculous and anyone who supports them needs their heads smashed repeatedly against a brick wall until their brains hopefully get a jump start.

    • Laura says:

      What sense. Have you seen the trajectory of Quinn’s storylines?

      • Pepper says:

        Agreed. Quinn has passed through every kind of odd story line. She finally came to her senses at the end of the season. That doesn’t give her the right to speak so condescending about her ex boyfriend to his girlfriend. Parents have that right. Besides, Rachel and Quinn have never been close until the end. I just do not see where a strained friend relationship gives Quinn any authority to convey her personal opinions about Finn and the impending wedding.

        • adi says:

          Since Rachel invited her to be involved in the wedding, she gets an opinion. And Rachel clearly cared about what Quinn thinks because she wouldn’t even go through with it without Quinn there.

          • Pepper says:

            Even Santana, who speaks her mind about reason to Rachel publically and loudly, didn’t say anything. After Finn proposed Rachel asked Quinn’s opinion and listened. Quinn doesn’t have the right to say those kind of words to Rachel, even if invited to the wedding. Rachel never asked her opinion again. Quinn is a bridesmaid. Being a bridesmaid does not give her the right to express her disdain about the wedding, especially Finn comments. None of her business. . Out of bounds too. IMO, as much as Rachel has always wanted a friendship with Quinn, there will never be anything but a civil friendship due to the never-ending tension between them. IMO, as much as Quinn seems to accept her future, I still feel she has unresolved resentment toward Rachel because she has talent and that Finn chose Rachel over her. A mainstay about Quinn is that she needs to be the best at everything. Just as much as Rachel. As far as I’m concerned, Rachel was chaste but very kind in her dismissal of Quinn’s unwanted outburst. Better than Quinn deserves. I’d say, since you feel that way, don’t let the door hit your backside. The only ones who earn and deserve any right to express their objection are the parents of Finchel. But in the episode they were written for comedy. In real life, though, any parent would be speaking loudly til heard.

          • Sil says:

            No she doesn’t. That is beyond out of bounds. Rachel asked her in a episode right after Finn proposed. Rachel dismissed Quinn’s reasoning for not getting married but thought about it, especially during Quinn’s song. But she and Finn continued with getting married idea for the wrong reasons-we know that. When Rachel and Finn announced there engagement to the ND Quinn said her comments again. Rachel publically dismissed them and said that she would have liked for Q to be a bridesmaid but not if she felt like that. Now Rachel really wanted Q at the wedding. But Rachel has dismissed Q’s attempt to condemn their wedding twice. That does NOT give Quinn any tight to say her peice again. She is there to be a bridesmaid and share in Rachel and Finn’s happy day. End of story. If my bridesmaid did that on my day, I’d say thanks for being here for me on the best day of my life and goodbye. Thhat scene needed to be deleted because it made Quinn look jealous of Rachel and her having a life with Finn. Quinn has been the loser twice.

  8. Ali says:

    Quinn is perfect.. that’s all.. that’s it. Laralala

  9. lovesglee says:

    Hello Finchel shipper,I can’t hear you over the fact that Quinn is awesome and Finn is an ass. Faberry Forever Bitch

  10. kaley says:

    Quinn Fabray for Queen of the World.

  11. Gabrielle says:

    that music was really inappropriate for that scene :L

  12. Sarah says:

    “You can’t spell inifinity without Finn.” YEAH, RACHEL TOTALLY LOVES QUINN, GUYS. /sarcasm

    • cole says:

      Rachel can’t even spell infinity. Clearly she’s been on drugs for most of this season. Maybe Tina, number one Finchel shipper, was slipping something into her vegan lunches. I’d say Finn was doing it but he doesn’t even know what she eats, so…

  13. This is a great Scene of Glee. And the dress is made by LEZU!

  14. Ali says:

    Quinn is totally right!

  15. Amanda says:

    Dianna’s acting is horrific in the scene, tbh. I can see why it was cut.

    • sky says:

      Yes to this.

    • Luke says:

      Wait, Dianna acts? I always thought she just opened up her mouth and let the words slip out of it with no emotion whatsoever, just like Kristen Stewart…
      That being said, I have to agree that Quinn is probably the only character making sense in the last episodes of the season… But then again, who makes sense on Glee? The show has zero consistence (except for Tina, who is consistently useless, and for Mr. Schue, who is consistently a terrible teacher)

  16. Laurel says:

    It’s a shame this wasn’t included in the episode.

  17. Kerry says:

    Love quinn, and I will miss her in this mess of an upcoming season. Rachel is so annoying!

    • sky says:

      I totally love Rachel. I must say that I will not miss Quinn at all. I hope that her Yale studies keep her there til she graduates so she can be the top of her class. Not everyone feels contempt for Rachel. I am thoroughly excited for season 4 and what it will bring.

  18. kristen says:

    yes rachel you should marry finn,you guys have been together through everything together. if you are sure that you want to do this then you should do it!!<3

  19. hello says:

    whoever here agrees with rachel marrying dumb finn at that age should be whacked hard in the head. seriously!

    • Sil says:

      It was not going to happen, and never meant to. There are some HS kids who want to marry right after HS. I know of 3 couples who did IRL. But as the storyline played out Finn was the one to push her to NY.

  20. Katkat says:

    Don’t hate the actors/actress, they’re just portraying the role. No need to bad mouth Dianna or Lea or even Corey. They’re all nice folks.