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Supernatural Scoop: CW Boss on Renewal, a Possible Season 9 and Misha Collins' Future

Supernatural Jared Padalecki Misha Collins Jensen AcklesHave no doubt: The CW president Mark Pedowitz hearts Supernatural‘s Sam and Dean.

Speaking at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour in Beverly Hills on Monday morning, Pedowitz put his support behind the Winchester boys, saying “there was no question” about the Season 8 renewal — and even hinted at a possible ninth (!) season.

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“The guys are great,” he continued. “The show is great. We’re big believers in the show.”

Pedowitz revealed that Misha Collins’ heavenly angel Castiel will be in a “minimum of eight” Season 8 episodes — but what about the demon-hunting brothers he pals around with and their prospects beyond the upcoming run? The CW boss expressed his desire to keep the series going for a long, long time. When asked whether there have already been talks about securing stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki beyond next season, Pedowitz told reporters, “There’s always conversations that happen. I am a big Supernatural fan.”

In fact, he added, “I hope it stays on as long as I’m still here.”

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  1. Kady says:

    Hope minimum really means minimum… I want Misha in every episode!

    • TJ says:

      The original quote from Pedowitz say a minimum of 8 episodes–WITH AN OPTION FOR MORE. So hopefully we’ll get a lot more than 8 episodes of Cas!

      • Colleen says:

        I am with you. I love this show. Never saw it when it was on regular tv and ran into the first episodes on Netflix. I am totally hooked like getting into a great book you just can’t put down. I am really hoping for a season 9 and more. This team is just fantastic together and if they don’t do this show, I hope they do something toghether in the future.

    • Ivan Lind says:

      and 8 episodes is still better then 5 like season 7

    • I love Misha! I, too, hope that he is in more than “8”. Castiel, Dean and Sam should be the Supernatural “trinity”. Misha/Cas rock my world !

    • I love Misha/Cas; no one should split up the Supernatural “trinity”.

      • Marieke says:

        I wish Misha will become a regular again. I’m rewatched season 5 now and I just love the fact that Misha is in almost every episode :)

        • Superfanangelgirl says:

          I am a Catiel number 1 fan! He’s kind of what makes me excited when I am about to watch Supernatural, like I always check to see if the name Misha Collins comes up. Also I’ve got to say I like the Dean/Cast friendship more than Sam/Cast friendship! I also love it when Cast is there the 1 secound and gone the next.=D
          Its even more funny when he disappears while Dean is talking to him!

    • Storm says:

      I love supernatural and the characters! My most favourate is CASS! I love that he has a good relationship with Dean, but what about Sam cause I know that are considered good friends but maybe more friendship between them. But not all the time cause there was two that I kinda laughed at with Sam and Cast. I have grown fond of these funny relationships. They must show more episodes with Bobby and all of the phones, and what happened to Sam when he used to dream what would happen in the future?
      That was cool!B-)
      What would be better is if u would take demons out for a while and put back scary ghosts, like the ones in season 1! Kinda like the women in the white dress on the side of the road and, the boy in the dam that killed the family members of the people that killed him! Those were scary!

    • Janine says:

      So do I. He has such great chemistry with the boys and Dean in particular.

  2. Mare says:

    Great news about Misha’s status with the show and with Mark’s support of the show!! So nice to have a network head that actually likes AND supports the show for a change!! I am hoping we get Misha and Castiel for more than 8 episodes tho. I really miss the Dean/Castiel bond and interactions!

  3. I hope it won’t JUST be 8….. I hope the writers and producers learned their lesson last season that this show, even though it is still about two brothers, needs that little angel to be around more!!!!!!!!

    • red says:

      The ratings didn’t suggest that.

      • Ivan Lind says:

        ratings where good for fridays it was the 2nd highest rated show and viewers on the CW so i dont know what your talking about and Misha was only in like 5 episodes so have you ever considered maybe its cause of the Lack of Castiel?

        • Ally says:

          No, that person means was that when Cas was on screen the ratings were slightly lower. When he wasn’t on screen the ratings were gradual and held their own. People watch for Sam and Dean, if you haven’t noticed

          • c e m says:

            I thought the ratings dipped during the Hunger Games but stayed steady on all the other episodes he was in?

          • Evin says:

            His first episode back was the same night the Hunger Games came out, his second episode coincided with the Avengers, I think that had a lot more to do with the lower ratings than Cas being in the episode.

          • rowan77 says:

            Ally, people do watch for Sam and Dean, considering the show is about them, but people also love Castiel and do love when Cas is onscreen. Your knowledge of the ratings is only partial. The fans of Supernatural are by-and-large the same people who would see The Hunger Games and The Avengers – and that affected the ratings for those episodes.

      • Uh, only the Born Again Identity dropped in ratings (to a 0.6 from a 0.7, big whoop dee doo). ALL the other episodes were normal, at 0.8 or 0.7.

        And in case you were curious, which I know you’re not, last season the lowest rated episodes were the very last two, dropping from a 1.0 at The Man Who Would Be King to a 0.8, marking a new series low at the time.

        And in season five the lowest rated episode was My Bloody Valentine at a 1.0, season four lowest were Death Takes A Holiday and Jump The Shark at 1.1 rating points, season three had Ghostfacers and Time Is On My Side at 1.0, and the first two seasons we don’t know the ratings, just the viewer totals.

        And if we go by viewer totals, the lowest episodes in se
        ason seven were How To Win Friends And Influence Monsters and Time After Time.

        Ratings are not a measure of quality. But Castiel certainly does not bother them.

        Maybe Julie was talking about the critics, fan reviews and other rumblings. Though if that’s the case there’s more to fix on the show than just Castiel’s disappearance.
        But can’t assume she’s talking about the ratings when those weren’t affected.

    • Erm, not true! How did it do so well from seasons 1 – 4 then?? smh

      • Wicked says:

        Supernatural did good until they put it on Friday nights and now that’s it’s off of Friday nights it’ll stay doing great ppl work etc so Friday nights they tend to go out an miss what’s on tv but anyway I’ve watched the show since season 1 episode 1 I love it love how they’ve added characters! Love Cas miss Bobby! But Dean will always be my main fav! Keep watching lets keep the show going past season 10!!!

  4. Odair says:

    Castiel should get a spin-off after the show ends, which hopefully isn’t soon.

    • Madeline says:

      I think he should just get a spin-off now just so Cas fans can stop yelling “moarrr Cas!” everywhere.

      • FB says:

        Ahah, So true xD.

      • BrighterNow says:

        He is many people’s favorite, of course we’d want more of him. But many people like me, for instance, want his story to happen alongside the brothers’ story. They’re a family, now, for better or worse. I want to see that story. I’d like Cas to be as much of a staple in their lives as Bobby was. :)

    • raynald doe says:

      the only spin-off u will get is garth not cas

    • Ivan Lind says:

      agreed i think it could be a great series and i hope supernatural last atleast 10 seasons or 11 even would be great that way it would have more seasons and episdes then smallville i hope for season 9 they upgrade misha collins to a series regular again

      • John says:

        I vote not, for Misha to be series regular again. He is fine when used sparingly.

        • Evin says:

          Being a series regular doesn´t mean he´ll be in all the episodes, remember season 6? most episodes he appeared in it wasn´t for longer than 5 minutes. But being a regular would give him security that he at least still has a job, and that is something he definitively deserves.

        • Ben says:

          I disagree, and also hope he returns to the status of regular ASAP.

        • ellen1950 says:

          I agree, not everyone is a Cas fan and his storylines have been tired and overrated for a couple of seasons now.

      • Evin says:

        This! after all his hard work he deserves it!

      • That would be nice. :) It would also guarantee he’d be in more than just five measly episodes. I definitely agree. Back to season five levels, please.

    • I thought about that too….even Buffy had a spin-off of Angel and he was a vampire, why not try the same thing and do a Spin-off of Supernatural with Castiel in the picture, that would be interesting…..but then again, without Dean and Sam, would it be the same?

      • Eralerui says:

        A spinoff would be awesome, even without Sam and Dean. They could have Richard Speight, Jr. and Matt Cohen as Gabriel and Michael. Mark Shepard can play a more regular role as Crowly and even prophet Chuck could be added to the mix.

        • That sounds fantastic! I totally would watch that! =D Most of my favorites were the angels haha, I’d seriously cry from happiness if they were back on my screen.
          Plus there’s not very many shows with badass angels (actually, pretty sure there’s only one at the moment lol), so it’d definitely be something different. :D As long as they weren’t tempted to go too blasphemous and piss off the religious right. Supernatural’s mostly skirted by, but other good shows like God, The Devil and Bob weren’t so lucky. :(

  5. Kay says:

    Nice to see Pedowitz supports the show so much!

    As for Misha Collins/Castiel, I hope the “8” refers to the FIRST HALF of the season only! :D He is fun to watch!

  6. tvaddict says:

    I will keep watching the show as long as it is good! I am hoping the shows stays around for at least a couple more years

  7. red says:

    More seasons of this show makes me nervous. They’re already regurgitating storylines like crazy, I wonder how many more iterations of the same conflicts they can possibly come up with.

    • Supernatural – the show that didn’t know when to quit. I suppose that it’s good for fans that will love it no matter what. But I haven’t read anything that indicates that the quality of the writing and story telling will improve after the disappointment of the last two seasons.

      • Drew says:

        The writing will undoubtedly be different. With a new showrunner, there is no way that the writing will be the same as the last two seasons. Just like the last two seasons were different than the first five. I happened to like season 6, but putting that aside, this is a new showrunner… There is as much to suggest that it will be better than ever as there is to suggest that it will suck.

        • rae says:

          I liked season 6 too. I wasn’t disappointed at all I wish 7 would have had more of Sam struggling w lucifer tho .

      • Dan says:

        What? Are you jealous? I’m sure not even a fan. Your probably a Vampire Diaries/Grimm fan that just can’t handle that even after 8 seasons, the show still rocks! Suck it, and go away!!

      • Brooke says:

        I wouldn’t say that it’s the SHOW that doesn’t know when to to quit. Clearly Kripke had his 5 year plan that he executed and then was done. But check out the CW’s ratings as a whole. There is No Way In Purgatory that the CW is going to willingly let this show go without a fight. They can’t afford to, ratings wise.

    • Kay says:

      I for one would like the show to continue till Sam’s hair reaches waist-length and is left free and flowing on his hunts.

    • W says:

      Yes, I love this show no matter what and I want as many seasons as possible.

  8. KS Winchester says:

    I am happy with 8 – 10 episodes. But more than 10 would become too much for this character. If given more than 10, he starts obscuring many other important elements in the show.

    • TJ says:

      Cas was easily more than 10 episodes in season 4+5 and he did NOT obscure anything. He only added to the show.

      • Madeline says:

        I think too much Cas could be a mistake. I think the writers are right on target with number of episodes. Cas was never written to be a lead. I think putting Cas on the same level as Sam and Dean would really change the dynamic of SPN that currently works (and has worked for the past 8 years) so well.

        Cas/Misha fans are a devoted and passionate and loud bunch. Everyone knows that Cas is well loved. But just because he is well loved doesn’t mean giving him a more substantial role would work.

        I personally think Cas works best in smaller doses.

        • I agree. Cas in small doses. Even 8 episodes sounds like a lot to me. Since the angel storyline is, hopefully, dead and never to be revisited, I think the Cas character has outlived his use. He needs to go back to Heaven.

          • TJ says:

            Cas as Dean said is beyond the angel storeyline–he’s part of the family now…like a brother. He’s a supporting cast–shows always need REGULAR supporting cast. That said, they have already spoiled that the search the boys go on this year does involve angels and demons.

          • Dan says:

            Actually, the angel storyline will return next season.

          • Lana says:

            Too much Cas takes away from the grittier, darker part of the show.
            He’s nice in small doses, 5-8 episodes.

        • SueP says:

          I agree. Cas is best in small doses which — if what MC said is true and the character is only seen in the Purgatory flashbacks in the first of these eps — will keep his appearances minimal and make the character’s impact stronger. He was great in season 4, then seemed to be forced into subsequent seasons, so I’m hoping Jeremy Carver can refrain from that and only use him to further the storyline instead of comic relief or uncomfortable jokes.

        • Evin says:

          They tried the small doses thing in season 6 and it didn´t work, he needs to be part of Sam and Dean´s storyline for the character to work, not pop in every once in a while for 5 minutes. Nobody is asking for him to be a lead, I thing 12-14 episodes like he had in season 4-5 or like Bobby used to have, would be the best.

        • Ben says:

          I completely disagree with you. I believe that Castiel as played by Misha Collins adds an energy to the show and a dynamic to the brothers’ relationship that should be exploited by the show creators to its fullest extent. The more, the better.

      • Alan says:

        that was when the angels and demons war was front and centre and he was all shiny and new. he should be in about half the episodes a season now because he is better when used sparingly.

        • sam says:

          I agree, he should be used minimally, which is why 8 episodes at most is the best.

        • Brie says:

          I like Castiel even better now that he has experienced character growth and change. I look forward to seeing how his story continues to progress alongside the brothers.

      • I think he added to the show as well…. Dean and Cas, their relationship, it was crazy but a good kind of crazy. They were in sync. I will never forget the episode where Dean took Cas to get laid. That was hilarious!

      • dwc III says:

        i agree cas was awesome in season 6 too. he brought a different level of humor to the show also….the three of them make a GREAT show

    • I disagree with you. The more Castiel, the better. Eight is NOT enough for me. The angels are the most interesting part of the show, in my humble opinion (though not the only interesting or enjoyable part, of course). I really like the inspiring expansion past a simple monster hunting show and Castiel gives a different perspective that we can’t get with Sam and Dean. Also, still in my opinion, even though most of it sadly happens off screen his story arcs are terribly fascinating.
      Oh and of course his character development has been the coolest and most dramatic of any character I’ve ever seen.

      So yeah, I think Supernatural should use all their best parts. :) If you think he’s overshadowing anything, that aspect was probably boring to the writers anyway. There’s really not too much to the show though, so you’re probably just saying that and have no examples whatsoever of what “important elements” he “obscures”. Unless you’re going the Wincest route and claiming he gets in the way of the brothers or something, in which case I will just casually roll my eyes at you and ignore you.

  9. Vanda -Deanie_24 says:

    This is music to my ears! Thank you for believing so much in this incredible show!!!

  10. Nat says:

    I would prefer if Castiel didn’t show up at all. kill off the character once and for all. all the episodes with Misha Collins are crap.

    • pook says:

      i am with you-kill cas off-he should have been left for dead after s5. angel cas is a dead herring-change him to human-then maybe-but angel-let it be gone for good -please

    • Jessie says:

      Agreed. Cas has to be one of the most idiotic characters on TV. I hope he is in no more than eight episodes. Actually, I want him to be in none but if we gotta put up with him then eight is a tolerable number. And I hope Jeremy Carver has the sense to stay away from the Destiel stuff.

    • Eralerui says:

      Well, good thing you’re not in charge of the show then. Keep dreaming. He’s got too many fans for them to risk loosing by killing him off just to satisfy the handful of you. Sorry, but in the end, numbers win.

      • Sticky says:

        Thank you for this post !!!!

        • dwc III says:

          cas helped grow the show into what it is now you crazy people…..thats why the rating dropped in season 7 when he didnt have as many episodes

      • Tina says:

        What numbers? Ratings didn’t tank (as many of you wished) when he wasn’t around and they didn’t boost when he came back. Numbers just prove that most fans don’t give a rat’s ass about the character. I don’t care if he stays or not as long as get my badass brothers back!

    • Wren says:

      I completely disagree. Misha is a good actor (Jensen thinks so, too) and his episodes have received some of the most positive reviews for the season. I find him and Cas endlessly entertaining.

  11. Connie says:

    I love cas this is good news! I hope more than 8. Does not need to be full season. Just as long he there til the end. Hope Dean,Sam and Cas are going to around next year too!

  12. 10 seasons and a movie!

  13. Madeline says:

    I think 8 is a very fair number. With 23 episodes this season, Cas will essentially be in 1/3 of the episodes this season.

    I think Cas works best (and will always work best) on the show as a supporting character. 8 episodes is supporting character territory.

    I am all for Cas sticking around, just not at the expense of Sam and Dean story lines. In order for the show to work for me, Sam and Dean (and their relationship) have to remain the core of the show. I don’t want to watch a show about Sam and Dean and Cas. I want to watch a show about Sam and Dean. Cas is just a bonus I really could give or take. He is amusing and I enjoy watching him but he isn’t WHY I watch SPN.

    8 episodes pleases me…anymore is pushing it for me though.

    • TJ says:

      Actually Cas has always been a supporting character and that includes when he was on a dozen or more episodes a year. It’s a fact many supporting characters on most show are on almost every episode. So for Cas to be on 12 to 16 would be much less than many supporting characters. So for me since Cas is such a great character in support of the boys…i’d love 16 or even a little more episodes.

      • I think of Cas as a comic relief. What’s wrong with a little humor in the midst of a supernatural story. They make it work out and it is mostly serious anyway, after all it it a horror story.

        • Wren says:

          But he isn’t just comic relief. Otherwise many of his appearances in episodes would not exist. (Such as when he appeared to ask Dean for the amulet, or when he gave it back to Dean in despair. Those where not comic moments, nor were they intended to lighten the show. Cas’ contribution to the show and the brothers’ story is much more profound than comic relief — comic relief comes in characters like Garth and episodes like Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie.)

      • Brie says:

        I agree with you, TJ.

    • Evin says:

      No it´s not, most supporting characters are in almost all the episodes they just have a smaller role. And Cas might not be the reason you watch supernatural, but I would ha stopped watching after season 5 if it wasn´t for Cas, and I´m not the only one. At the beginning only Sam and Dean was good because they were fresh, but after seven season I need the supporting characters to keep it interesting.

      • Yeah. Castiel helps keep Supernatural fresh and interesting by giving new perspectives and expanding the world past Sam and Dean living in each other’s pockets (which I think/hope Carver is thinking about rectifying a little by giving them some life outside of each other, with help from the new supporting characters, but we’ll see.)
        I only disagree in that I think of Castiel as a main character and want him back as that, like he was in season five. But then I’m different, Castiel has become the reason I still try to watch the show.

  14. Drew says:

    Considering the fact that seasons 4 and 5 were about angels and the apocalypse, it made sense for Castiel to be around often. However, that storyline is over. Angels and demons don’t appear that much anymore, and there is no reason why they should. It makes perfect sense for Cas to appear now and then, but not anywhere near the amount of seasons 4 and 5.

    I think that Supernatural is a show that could last many years. The premise of the show allows for that, considering the fact that hunters have been around forever. I do think that at some point, they will need to bring in more recurring characters (like Ellen and Jo back in the day) who could potentially carry some stories when Jensen and Jared decide that they want to reduce their roles on the show. New characters aren’t a bad thing. It would mean new drama and new storylines opening up (imagine if we actually got to see Jo develop her skills).

    I see this series as a collection of arcs. Season 1 through season 5 were one long arc, but that’s over. Season 6 was the aftermath. Season 7 was the regrettable Leviathan arc. At some point, Sam and Dean could decide to become the Bobby figures, in a world of new hunters. Or they could have hunter wives. Or… any number of things. It doesn’t always have to be THIS way. Life goes on and things change. If the writers develop the characters well, the stories won’t get stale, because the characters will be growing and their lives will be changing.

    It was a mistake to get rid of Lisa and Ben. It was a perfect opportunity to start a new chapter for Dean.

  15. sam says:

    8 episodes is enough. I hope they writers stick to their guns and the show runner not feel pressured by loud fans. 8 is more then enough for a supporting character like cas. The focus needs to go back to Sam and Dean, that’s what the focus point needs to go back too.

    Also, I vote for 10 seasons, nothing more then that. It’s time to say goodbye and we will all be sad that it’s over, but shows need to end and you need to end it on a high before you destroy the show by keeping it on the air for too long.

    • TJ says:

      The writers should not be bullied by a few loud fans alawys pushing against Cas. They should stick to their guns in keeping Cas an important part of the show supporting the boys.

      • sam says:

        way to use my words and twist them to fit your agenda. If it said Misha was appearing in 23 episodes, I wouldn’t be throwing a fit because it’s what they want to do, I would stop watching altogther but I wouldn’t be bulling the showrunners to do what I want them to do. But he isn’t, he is in 8 episodes, and as a fan for the brothers, I think that number is fine and dandy. I already see extremists fans like you trying to get him to appear in more episodes, that is bulling and that is what you guys are best at. I hope this time Jermey sticks to his vision as a new show runner and does whats best for the show and you guys just have to deal with it because at the end of the day the show is about the brothers. 8 episodes is also what Misha might have agreed too, but you guys never listen to the actors, you just want the whole thing to fit your standerads of what the show should be about. Take a second look at the show to realize what the show is actually about and get off of tumblr where the crazy meet.

        • TJ says:

          You were the one unfairly saying the writers were being bullied by loud Cas fans–where did you get that fantasy? The writers do their thing despite what a few loud mouths say pro or con say about Cas or any other subject.

        • TJ says:

          You are bullying by insisting 8 is enough–and being loud and slandering to fans who disagree with you.

          Carver won’t listen to a few loud online fans of either side–get real.

          • sam says:

            No, I am not bullying by saying 8 episodes is enough because as a fan I feel like that is the right amount. If you want to say I was bullying then you could say my last part of the post is bullying towards you, but that is because I have seen such huge Cas extremists who have turned me off of cas. But as a fan and a right to my opinion saying 8 episodes is enough is just my opinion on the matter, it’s not bullying.

        • TJ says:

          Forgot to mention–they said minimum of 8 episodes with an option of more. So it’s NOT sure. If they decide 14 will you then say great? Or will you then be discontented?

          Regardless it won’t be bullying but what they think is right that will decide how many episodes of Cas.

          • sam says:

            Yeah, as long as he doesn’t dater the main relationship between the brothers. 14 episodes is still not 23 episodes. Cas should be used wisely and very minimal like he was used in season 4 and 5. and in season 4 and 5 he was in many episodes, but he didn’t come in between the brothers. The show, in order to survive for many more seasons, should stick with the main premise that is the brothers and thier relationship. The show hinges on the brothers, they should always be the focus point and every other character is secondary.

        • TJ says:

          It’s fine of course if you think 8 is enough but your tone was bullying to those disagreeing with you–saying they are loud and extremist. They were just showing what they preferred like you.

          In the end the writers will chose regardless of a few opinions online. With regards to Cas getting in between the boys–I don’t see that at all. I love the brothers and Cas as their friend even if he’s closer to Dean doesn’t interfere with their relationship. Their relationship is obviously too strong for antyhing to interfere with it.

        • Wren says:

          Sam, you’re accusing TJ of being a bullying extremist, and you’re lumping Castiel’s fanbase together with extremists. You’re accusing us of not listening to the actors (you mean like Jensen Ackles, who said that Cas was part of the family at Comic Con just recently? Or do you mean like Misha Collins, who said he would like to see Cas become human and go hunting with the brothers, at the same event? Or Jared Padalecki, who said he was glad Dean had a friend in Cas, and that he [Jared] would be getting a little time to spend with his family because of Misha’s addition the cast? Or do you really mean the creators, like Ben Edlund, who loves to write for Castiel, called him his favorite character?) when we clearly do listen to them. We also recognize the logic of including Castiel in the story, potentially as a regular, because of how the last few episodes have been written. They could have gone very differently, with the brothers driving a further wedge between themselves and Cas, and *instead* they both told the angel in their own separate ways that they included him. So yes, we’re going to cheer for more episodes with Cas, on public forums like this one, and on private forums like personal blogs, and that is not bullying the writers. Nor is it bullying to write letters, emails, or entire facebook pages petitioning to have more of Castiel. That’s just feedback.
          There’s a clear distinction between those who are honestly enthusiastic about the show and/or a particular character, and those who are hatefully trying to change the show and/or a particular character. Usually the former presents as positivity and suggestion (ie: bring back Baby, we miss Bobby, Cas is great we want more). The later usually presents with negativity and accusation (ie: get Misha fired, the show is old and should be cancelled, the writers are sissies pandering to fans). Cas fans, and all other fans in the Supernatural family, should be careful that they don’t fall into the trap of hateful, spiteful, bullying behavior, since it is both counterproductive and destructive.
          So yes, Sam, you’re being a little bit of a bully, and a lot offensive, while stating your (rightful) opinion. We just (heartily and vocally) disagree.

      • Artemis says:

        Actually, the writers’ first move was to kill Cas off. But they didn’t have the balls to stick with their decision and caved in the face of fan – and other – pressure. What they’ve done since is backtrack on their own plan and pander to the shrieking Destiel shippers.

        • TJ says:

          I’m not a Destial fan–I like Sam, Deaqn, Cas and Bobby. So quit the slander. And actually they always planned to bring Cas back–the pressure by fans did NOTHING. Misha in SPN mag said he was told right away he’d be back.

        • F.M. says:

          The writers’ first move was realizing that Castiel and the angels’ story arc was going to be around longer than they thought, because it worked so well. (IE, Ben Edlund’s favorite character to write is Castiel, Eric Kripke said Misha was “lightning in a bottle”, even Sera Gamble lobbied for the extension of the angel story, etc.) They’ve also written Castiel solidly into the show and into the brothers’ affections. It would be inconsistent, to say the least, for them to treat him as unimportant and disposable. :)

      • I agree with you. Last season they lost Bobby (the father figure,) With no father figure in the picture now, they need someone there that they can get along with. Who’s left? Cas is it. I think Dean considers him part of his family. In a brotherly way. They are getting used to Meg, but who knows if she will be back. The boys need some support from somewhere.

      • Tina says:

        They also should not be bullied by a few loud fans who want Cas to be a main character. They should stick to their guns and use him exactly as he is. A supporting character to the boys’ story.

    • Evin says:

      I never get it when people say “The focus needs to go back to Sam and Dean” when has it not been about them? didn´t you watch last season? it was all about them, no Cas no Bobby, and it didn´t work it was boring. They are always going to be the focus but that doesn´t mean they don´t need supporting characters to keep the show fresh

  16. Artemis says:

    I would say that I don’t think Castiel belongs on the show any longer, but really, I don’t think the show belongs on the air any longer. Eight seasons is a good run – though the beginning far outshone the past couple of years – and I think the show is ready to end. The storylines, the bad guys, the relationships between everyone, especially the brothers, have been diluted to faint remnants of their former selves. The Supernatural of season seven was not the show I started watching all those years ago, and it doesn’t look like the producers have any intention of bringing that show back. Well, I’m not interested in what they’re selling now, and looking at the ratings, neither are hundreds of thousands of other people.

    • ken says:

      It really pisses me of when fans like you are asking for something different, you get it, and then you start that the show isn’t what it used to be anymore…your driving the writers crazy! Jerk..

    • Jessie says:

      Stop watching it if you don’t like it. Then no more Supernatural – for you it ends. The rest of us can continue to watch and enjoy the show. There are plenty of shows that enjoy 10 years or more and remain creative. L&O SVU has been on for about 12 years now.

      • I Agree with you there definitely!!!
        This show is the best ever compared to any other show Grimm is okay but there are too many cop shows on air. This show has everything dealing with the supernatural, angels, demons, and pretty much anything anyone could ask for. I think Castiel should be on the show more than 8 episodes and be a regular too but not as much as Sam and Dean more like Bobby. Bobby I know is gone for now because Sam and Dean burnt the flask but if anyone is able to watch the Comic Con convention. Jim Beaver kept saying its Supernatural so he will probably most likey be back in the show. I love the show always have it is way better than Buffy and all of the others because its well thought out and great writers, directors, producers and even awesome actors like Jensen, Jared, Misha and everyone else who plays in it. I know if the CW president loves the show and so does the CW then obviously it will go on past 10 season if the writers do not want to go past 10 seasons. I believe that Supernatural will definitely hit 10 or more. I just know it because its just a great show. I think that they should actually meet God in the very end at season 10,11, or 12 and have them bring back their parents to reunite once as Jessica to know that hunting is completely finished for them because if they are brought back and they close the gates of hell in season 10 the guess what they meet God and he returns to rule and they are at peace with everyone they loved. That would be awesome!!. Hopefully it goes past season 10 there is no doubt in my mind that it will go past season 8 into season 9 and 10 because Im not jinxing it because its a great series. because Jeremy Carver has written the show from past seasons before season 6 and guess what they were awesome!! so they were in 6 and 7. This show gives me something to look forward during the week and it gives me excitement. I just know if they take the show off air after season 8 or 9 then there will be a lot of angry people and will not watch the CW just because that show is not on air but it should be because if that many people like then give us fans what they want for at least 10 -12 seasons hopefully beat smallvilles record of 10 because it should!! Then when they decide to not write or CW decides to not renew for like the 12th season then thats fine because they have hit the 2 digit mark!!. I would end the series with 12 seasons because it is a great number that beats anything. I hope that it goes for 12 seasons!! After that make a big movie over it like a blockbuster because that would be an amazing thing ever!!tt and have Jensen and Jared as the brothers! Best show everrr lets keep on watching them and keep the ratings up then the boys will be just fine!! to get their show on the road!!. Love itttt! and im one of the biggest fans ever! I watch it every day!! because I have every season!

        • I also think to what that Sam guy said earlier yes and no because Castiel does not get in the way between the guys. They both like him its just since he pulled Dean from hell in the 4th season and Cas felt bad for him so they eventually became friends over the course of the show. I think Cas should be a regular but not all 23 episodes but most of them would be good!! Its true the show is based upon the two brothers and season is actually looking good I cant ever talk bad about it because i love the show!!. I even wanted to act on the show even though I was only like 12 when it started and i was a model at hollister that has always been my dream to act on the show and to be a regular just Jared and Jensen.

    • Lana says:

      Well, I think the problem is that SPN lost its focus. Not the years, but what they didn’t manage to keep, that thing that was there but they lost or just forgot.

      The firsts seasons were intense because Sam and Dean made them intense. Jared and Jensen made an incredible duo and Sam and Dean were very moving characters (I’m gonna add John because, even when sometimes I disliked him, he was a very interesting and strong character).

      I’m not sure if any other showrunner will be able to bring back that feeling. It was Kripke’s story and Kripke’s characters.
      Maybe that’s what is missing. Kripke.
      Seasons 6 and 7 had its moments, but they never felt as heavy and big, and intimate (I remember sometimes it felt as if I was witnessing something too personal for the boys, what a weird but awesome felling) at the same time, as early seasons, and I think that’s because Kripke is not there to put his sign.

      The creepy atmosphere is pretty much gone as well. Too bad.

      I really hope I’m wrong and Carver remembers what was so special about Supernatural. We’ll see next season.

      • ken says:

        Kripke sucks! The one thing I admire about him is that he created the show. But he made big mistakes as well! He destroyed Sam’s character on season 4…season 4 was horrible…it made look Sam satanic. Kripke’s fault….he sucked after the first three seasons…season 5 was good. But season 4 was the crappiest season.

      • Hehe, maybe it no longer feels so personal and intense because Sam and Dean have stopped crying? :P

  17. Drumanchu says:

    Mark Pedowitz is THE MAN!!! Thank you!!!

  18. ken says:

    I’m glad Cass will return, I like his character, even if he returns as a regular (probably not gonna happen) I won’t mind cause the show will still be about Sam and Dean. Its always been that way, even when he was a regular on season 5 and 6, I could notice that he wasn’t on the way of Sam and Dean’s bond.

  19. Becca says:

    Just remember the ratings don’t count people like me. International loyal fans who buy every season and hunts down the latest episodes every week online because our tv channels don’t air the good shows. I am very excited for the next season. I have faith the new story arc is going to be great.

  20. raynald doe says:

    we are all going to miss bobby singer

  21. W says:

    Yes, I love this show no matter what and I want as many seasons as possible

  22. karadin says:

    Misha has played Castiel, Jimmy, God, Leviathan and Emmanuel, and let’s not forget insane Cas, which shows not only how talented Misha is to carry this off with complete believeability, but that Cas has always served the Dean and Sam storyline, to the detriment of the character at times. So I’m hoping for more of Misha, with more consistency to Cas’ development and what the character brings to the Sam and Dean dynamic, they need people that we like to play off of, the same reason I’d like to see Bobby back, and good use out of newer characters like Kevin and Garth, an antithesis to season seven, ‘let’s take everything away.’

    • Madeline says:

      While I find Cas amusing, I think his character has run his course. I don’t really want to see anymore development for him. We’ve seen a whole lot of character development for Cas, especially when you compare it to what we got for Bobby. Misha has gotten to play Cas many different ways.

      Sure, l’m all for Cas sticking around this season for his 8 episodes but rather than see the show continue to focus on him and his relationship with Sam and Dean as a supporting character, I would rather see new characters brought in.

      I’m really interested in the monster who helps Dean escape Purgatory, heck even Amelia (if the writers do it right). Just for some fresh blood. I really would like to see more of a focus on Kevin this season. I love Crowley.

      Cas was awesome, but I’m also ready for something new.

      • John says:

        You will get that because Benny is a character we will see a lot, his relationship with Dean will be of something interesting, the article said. Amelia as well we will see of, and Kevin. I am also reading for new characters, but they don’t come in between Sam and Dean. So, I am kinda iffy about Benny and Amelia, but willing to see where they will go with this.

      • Talia says:

        I am excited to see how his relationship with the brothers stabilizes this season, so they have a solid platform from which to grow together next season. Cas is now a third brother, part of the family, as Jensen said this past Comic Con. He continues to give new insight into the boys’ characters, and he continues to be an important element to their happiness and survival. :) I’m glad he gets at least eight episodes, and I’ve got my fingers crossed for many more.

      • Wow. Are you also bored and tired (not your words, but that’s what I’m getting from them) of Sam and Dean and the focus of them and their development? It’s been going on a lot longer and in a lot less dramatic ways than Castiel.

  23. Misha Being in 8 is great news to me…cause those are 8 episodes I will SKIP. *_____*.

    • Ally says:

      Ditto! I don’t usaully skip any episodes, I have enjoyed watching Cas in season 4 and 5, and even 6, but 7 was horrible for his character they turned him in to a joke and pandered to Destiel shippers so all of Cas’s interactions were only with Dean which took away from the Sam and Dean dynamic. I have no faith they will fix this character in season 8, chances are his character will sink even lower in season 8 and I will not watch those 8 or whatever other episodes they decide to bring him in too

      • You seem to forget one thing…don’t you want to know what happens in purgatory? It’s not going to start out that way. The flashbacks will be important to the storyline..Cas was in purgatory with Dean and this is also where Dean meets Benny which is supposed to be an important person to Dean. The history is relevant to the reason Dean is friends with him. How could you not want to know?

      • Eralerui says:

        Lets not be pessimistic. While I agree with you that they decimated Castiel’s character in season 7 (and season 6 to some extent,) I have hope for season 8. Already word is out that the Castiel we’re going to see will be closer to his season 4 persona. I for one won’t be skipping anything that has to do with purgatory as that seems to be the most important mythology piece in the upcoming season.

      • I won’t skip the episodes, but I hope they find something useful for him to do. I like Cas as a character but I didn’t really like his use in season 6 paticuarly where it was often “we don’t know what to do. Call Cas for help.” I want to see the brothers figure stuff out and not be able to call Cas whenever there is a problem. His role made sense during the apocolypse stuff with the war of the angels, but since then they have been stuggling a bit to find good ways to use him. If he is going to be a meaningful role I am all for it. If he’s just going to be Sam and Dean’s “call for help” button I’d rather he not be back. All depends on how he is used.

  24. Mickey says:

    I hope Supernatural stays on for as long as I’m still here too! :D Man, it is so nice to have a president who supports us! I wish we had had Pedowitz as our president all along.

  25. Ally says:

    IF Mark is indeed a fan, I don’t think he understands the heart of the show at all – Sam and Dean relationship. And before Castiel fans jump on me, I’m not saying this because of him. Of course it’s not, he’s a great character. I’m saying this because of the spoilers we had about their relationship this season: cold as it can be. It’s incredible sad.

    If Mark really wants this show to continue, let the brotherly bond shine. It won’t hurt the ratings, I’m sure of it.

    • John says:

      Agree with you there. The new spoilers that just came in do nothing for Sam and Dean. One thing that made this show special was the uniqueness of just Sam and Dean who are brothers and fight for each other, etc. That was what was so speciel about the show and Carver is just taking that away? Why should I watch this new show with a shift in dynamics again?

    • Wren says:

      Um, Mark didn’t address any relationships. The spoilers for Misha’s appearances are related to the show, but not Mark’s statements. You’re trying to define what ‘the heart’ of the show is, according to your own, subjective opinion as a fan. For others, the heart of the show is ‘family’. For some, it’s as simple as ‘hunting things’. Whether a person tunes in once a week to see the newest cool monster, or whether a person follows every update and spoiler about the show or their favorite character(s) — they’re a fan. A true fan, equally important to the show, its creators, and its survival, as any other. Jensen is glad that Mark likes the show, I’m glad that Mark likes the show, and I’m excited to see it continue to grow and change (which is essential to long-running shows, in order to avoid becoming procedural and predictable). From what I’ve seen in spoilers, the brothers are going to grow together again. They needed time and space to heal, and absence makes the heart grow fonder. They’ll be on the road together, again, hunting and saving people. They’ll just be more mature, and the story will be more complex than week to week monsters. Those are both good things.

      • Wren says:

        Oops, sorry, I’m wrong about Mark’s comments not addressing Castiel’s episodes! I heard it from a completely different source, and didn’t read the above most carefully. This is good, though, for me as a Cas fan, that he is invested in the angel’s appearances. :)

    • ken says:

      I support you on the part you don’t like about the cold relationship between the brothers, but, have you seen the crappy season 4!! Their relationship was cold the whole freaking season!

  26. hillbilly heaven says:

    I love Cas, the boy’s brother from another mother. As well as Rufis, Bobby etc. I’ll still watch even though I hated the last season Leviathon storyline. The season closer was a winner and the Impala is BACK! As much a character as any of the actors/

  27. dee says:

    I have such hope that Supernatural will be around for at the least 10 seasons, after all it is FINALLY getting it’s deserved recognition. Plus with us loyal SPN fans how could the CW go wrong…

  28. Kiki says:

    I’m glad the CW finally has faith in he show! As much as I love Misha, I don’t need him in every episode!

  29. well Castiel in 8 episodes, fine if those episodes have lots of cas in them, yes im a cas fan deal with it, yes we shout out loud because,Sam&Dean will always be in supernatural, they are safe, unlike Cas, Bobby or crowley, who can be killed off any time, who make the show interesting & Sam&Dean are much better interacting with these characers then just the two of them hunting some boring ghostevery week.

  30. mia says:

    I love a showrunner that so clearly loves his show; its refreshing to hear.
    Also, I pretty much watch just for Cas. He brought me to this show in the first place. I started watching 2 seasons ago because Cas seemed really neat. I love him……and Cas/Dean *siiiiigh*

  31. Moe says:

    I see a lot of talk about the “brother” relationship here and how Castiel detracts from that, but I honestly don’t see how, when the spoilers themselves say that SAM DITCHES DEAN and leaves him behind in Purgatory while he goes off to live a happy life with his new girlfriend and a dog. He cared more about saving a DOG then he did about saving Dean.

    Castiel has never been the one coming between the brothers, it has been Sam’s lack of caring and loyalty to Dean that has come between them. Once again, Dean is somewhere terrible and Sam cares more about getting it on with some chick then saving his brother. Meanwhile, Dean does EVERYTHING HE CAN to save Sam every time, even when he’s trying to honor Sam’s dying wish, even when everyone in his life tells him to give up, and he succeeds. So I ask, what brother relationship, when one half of the brothers continually demonstrates how little he really cares?

    I really hope that Castiel comes back for more than 8 episodes. I really need to see Dean in a brother relationship with someone who REALLY cares about him, since his blood brother so patently doesn’t.

    • John says:

      Shakes head, you must be watching some other type of show because Sam loves Dean with all his heart. Nobody will ever love Dean as much as Sam. His actions of living the normal life, well that is the direction they are headed for season 8 and I don’t agree with it, but don’t question Sam’s love for Dean when it’s very evident. Dean will always be there for Sam no matter what same goes for Sam saving Dean. Sam approaches things a bit different he is more emotional and gives up easily, but he clearly loves Dean. You want to elimate Sam from Dean’s life? Thank God you are not a writer for the show. The show will end if you think getting rid of Sam is the way the show should go. Alot of you Cas fans never speak of Cas as an individual, it’s like you only like him if he is pitted with Dean. Some of you guys don’t watch the real story that is going on, but more the fantasy of how you want the characters to go. That is’t realistic.

      • I think Sam and Dean do love each other. But like any other siblings, they are very different from the other, different personalities. Me and my sister are like opposites. I am sure that some of you are the same way. We don’t want them alike. That’s the point. Dean did always help Sam.The way he found Cas (Emanuel), and he took on Sam’s problems. Cas found himself in the process and is now a fallen angel. I’m not sure where that leaves us with Cas in the storyline at this point, but time will tell. Crowley was right when he said that Sam was alone. What was he supposed to do? Crowley took Meg and Dean and Cas were in purgatory. Who was left? Nobody. The dog I guess was needing Sam as much as Sam needed him.That is realistic. He needed something to help him get a reason to go on living. Cas is definitely an individual now. Who knows what will happen there.

      • BrighterNow says:

        We are watching Supernatural, and many of us are watching very carefully, writing character analysis, episode reviews, plot metas, and projected theories. Many, like me, favor one or two characters above the rest, because we relate most to those characters. That does not automatically blind us to the reality or progression of the show that we love so much.
        For instance, I love Castiel dearly, with all my heart. He is my favorite, although Dean comes in a close second. My personal love for Cas and Dean make me favor their storyline, as it mirrors many of my own struggles and developments this past year. That does not mean I disregard the stories of Sam or Bobby or any other character, nor does it mean that I am delusional when it comes to the evolution of the show as a whole.
        For instance, I recognize that no one will ever love Dean *like* Sam does (since love is not quantifiable but rather different from person to person as people themselves are individuals and incomparable). These two share a deep, indivisible wealth of experience and loyalty that surmounts every aspect of their lives. Dean believed his primary mission, and nearly sole purpose of his life, was protecting Sam at all costs for many, many years. You don’t just shake something like that off. Sam overcame the Devil in his own skin for love of his brother. No matter what they go through, this will remain.
        But I recognize that they love other people, and would willingly sacrifice their lives for other people as well. That they choose to bring other people into their lives, and that they love them as family, as equal but distinct members in their own rights. For instance, we are shown a reality where Bobby and Ellen married, and provided each other comfort and stability. In that reality, their relationship did not detract from the brothers’ at all. It actually elaborated on it. But it also fleshed out the story and Bobby and Ellens characters in a compelling way.
        The same way, the brothers (and, we have been shown, especially Dean) love Castiel. They choose him, as Bobby chose Ellen, and as they have chosen Bobby, and Jo and Ash and Jess, in the past.
        Castiel is his own element. We have seen him act as an individual, both in his own interests and in the interests of the brothers, or heaven. But many of us recognize that his story interweaves so closely with the brothers (and especially with Dean) as to be almost one and the same. He entered the story on Dean’s account, and he chose to remain on Dean’s account. He always chooses to go with Dean. That’s one of his primary character traits. It does not detract from the brothers love for each other (because nothing can). It does add an interesting dynamic, that many of us REALLY ENJOY. It adds a dynamic that is compelling, or the writers would not keep using it. (Ben Edlund is still fascinated by the character, for instance.)
        I describe Castiel’s story for the next season as combined with Dean’s, because it is. At this point, they are together, in every sense. They are not only isolated in Purgatory, but they have reaffirmed the fact that they choose each other. So pardon me if I recognize the fact that Castiel, the individual, would rather be counted alongside Dean, the individual, as a joint unit.
        I, for one, definitely DO NOT WANT the show to pit Sam and Dean against each other. I am not defending Moe’s post (at all) but rather am strongly disagreeing with your response as an ardent Cas fan.
        Thank you.

      • I’d just like to point out that I could say “A lot of Sam fans never speak of Dean as an individual, it’s like they only like him if he’s paired with Sam.”

        I would think it’s not Castiel fans, as in Cas is their favorite, that think of Cas only in terms of what he means to Dean. Don’t you think those would primarily be Dean fans?
        Although, Dean is the character Castiel has the closest relationship to, so it makes sense to talk about them together, just like others tend to only talk about the brothers together instead of more like individuals. After all, you yourself are only thinking of Sam and Dean together, claiming they can’t be apart and so forth.

    • Tina says:

      What show are you watching?????????? Go back to TWOP will ya?

    • samhasbeentohellandback says:

      Go away, Sam basher.

      • Lana says:

        I’ll never understand Sam haters.
        I still remember when Sam’s love and faith in Dean gave Dean a reason to fight Michael.
        It sure wasn’t Cas beating the hell out of Dean, or anyone else. Not even Bobby.
        It was Sam.
        Would be good if both fans and writers remembered that little fact (among others).

    • Oh my God, SERIOUSLY???? I guess you’re a Destiel shipper who wants to see Sam off the show so your little fantasy can become canon (which it wouldn’t anyway I have to tell you). If you think Sam doesn’t love Dean just as much as Dean loves Sam then you don’t deserve to be watching this show!!!

      • Restless says:

        Not saying I agree with them, but you have no right to be harassing them like that.
        Also, brother wars have been happening long before Castiel came to the show too, so stop dragging him into them. But even if they were a Destiel shipper, that’s certainly not an insult and they still have a right to their opinion and some basic respect.

  32. Caroline says:

    I love this show with my whole heart and soul, and I am so excited about Carver being new showrunner! A fresh mind with fresh ideas and what I’ve heard so far, this could be really, really great! I love that they’re planning for more seasons, that tells me that they have somewhat of a plan in mind, a goal of some sort, and that is ALWAYS good!

    Castiel is one of my favorite characters so hearing he will be in a minimum of 8 episodes makes me really happy. I understand that he can’t be around all the time and I don’t expect him to be either. But it’s nice to know that he’s there. The boys deserve that. After everyone they’ve lost, I think it’s nice for them to have him. And I think they just haven’t planned more yet, about Cas, and they’ve said that he’s going to have a storyline this seasons which is also good instead of plan less writing. Either way, I’m always happy to see Misha and his amazing acting on my screen.

    I think it’s important to have side characters and allies. I hope we get to see more of Jody, Garth and even Charlie. As much as I love Sam and Dean and their relationship, other characters are needed for the show to move forward, for development and growth.

    So, trying to sum it up; I’m super excited about season gr8! I hope we get a well planned and well written plot with character growth (that means Sam, Dean AND Castiel and perhaps even Crowley). And I hope we get better flowing episodes and a consistent plot through out the season! :D yay for Carver!

  33. Ella says:

    Best. News. EVER. Supernatural for more than 8 seasons and Misha Collins in a minimum of 8 episodes. Woo hoo! Cannot WAIT!

  34. Vanessa says:

    Good to hear about the CW support. 8 episodes is plenty of Castiel, though…when push comes to shove, he’s a supporting character. Nobody besides Sam & Dean needs to appear more than 8 times a season, whether it’s Cas, Bobby, etc. Ready to move on from the Angels storyline, myself.

  35. Evin says:

    8 is better than 4, but I´m really hoping for at least 10-12, ideally 14 ( well ideally 23, but I know it´s not realistic so I´d be more than happy with 14).

  36. robinepowell says:

    I would be interested in seeing the show have a tenth and final season. First let’s get to a ninth, lol! :p

  37. Talia says:

    I am so excited to see Castiel (and Misha) returning this season, and hope he’ll be around for a lot more than eight episodes. He is my favorite character, and he brought me into the show. I am excited for his future adventures with the brothers, and I am excited to see the show grow and progress into a ninth (and maybe even tenth?) season! :D

  38. Ben says:

    Castiel is a delicious character. As a writer, I find him fascinating and complex. The changeability of his character grants him limitless potential on the show. He is a third brother, a part of this motley family, beloved by cast, creators, and fans alike. I hope his future with the show is full and bright.

  39. Allie says:

    I will (honestly) take as much Cas as I can get. He never gets old, to me. His relationship with Dean is my favorite dynamic on the show. I am also excited to see how his friendship with Sam grows, how he continues to mature, and what part he plays in the drama next season.
    I hope he is with the show until the end. :)

  40. BrighterNow says:

    “I’d rather have you, cursed or not.”
    This is such a strong connection to the very core of the show. To me, this show is about family, freedom of choice, and overcoming failures. The frailty of the characters, from Sam and Dean to Cas and Bobby, gives the show its humanity. Believing that we can fall and make terrible mistakes, and then get back up again, keep trying, keep fighting — that it doesn’t have to destroy us — that’s a message I can completely get behind.
    “Well, I’ll go with you.” This sentiment exactly echoes when Dean said, “I’m not going to let [Sam] die alone.”
    This show has brought me through some dark spots, these last two years I’ve been involved with it. It’s tough and gritty and violent and dark, which I related with a whole lot during periods of deep depression. Through it all, the characters refused to just lie down and die, refused to give up on each other, and refused to let monsters destroy the world. This encouraged me to do the same, in my own life. I can fight my demons the same way Cas, Sam, and Dean do. And maybe I can win. I’ll make mistakes along the way, sure. But they’re not the end, they’re not my end. I can overcome them too. I can start again the next day, and the next, and maybe end up a hero.
    I love this show, and am so glad it gets an eighth, maybe ninth, season. I know it has to end someday, but I’m comforted it will endure in the hearts of fans like me around the world.

    • Aw that’s a very sweet sentiment. :) I like overcoming failure as one of the themes of the show a lot better than the more basic and unthematic ‘hunting things, saving people’ two brothers shtick.
      I hope you overcome your troubles too!

  41. W says:

    I thought I read recently that Ben Edlund had a plan to at least season 10.

    • W says:

      It was Jeremy Carver who has a season 10 goal. Straight from Comic-Con:

      “Carver revealed his overall plan of plotting out a story that will help him at least reach his goal of “the end of season 10” – a plan that begins this year, in season 8.”

      Here’s what Carver had to say about the future of Supernatural:

      We really are building some foundation for a storyline that can carry us on for at least a few more years. There’s a note card in my office that says “The end of season 10” right there.

      I have that note card; that note card exists in fantasy right now. I don’t know if there’s going to be a season 10 but, you know, that’s what keeps me getting up in the morning.

  42. Lisa says:

    Cas hasn’t been entertaining to me since season 5. Since then he’s either been evil or wackadoo. I don’t want either evil or wackadoo Cas in any episodes, so let’s hope that version of Cas gone for good.

    Let me say, though, that I do like the “real” Cas–the Cas we were first introduced to. But I never saw him as “one of the team” as much as one of the guys Sam & Dean sometimes go to for assistance. And, in fact, I think Bobby was far better in that respect. Bobby’s character ultimately enhanced Sam & Dean’s relationship with each other because Bobby knew they needed to stick together. Bobby pushed the relationship along when it was needed. So Sam & Dean, as a pair, never suffered for having Bobby around–even when he was around quite a lot. Cas, however, was always more tied to Dean. Unintentionally, I believe, having Cas on a lot took away from Sam & Dean’s relationship, if only because Sam didn’t really share in what Cas and Dean had going on. This was necessary when Cas WAS the storyline, but it’s not necessary now. A limited dose is better for Sam & Dean’s relationship than putting Cas back in regular status.

    I say all this believing that the show is always at its worst when Sam & Dean are apart, either physically or emotionally.

  43. I only plan on watching the Castiel episodes, if the first ones don’t suck. Cas was the one who got me into SPN, and ignited more interest in Sam/Dean. But S7 is hard to get over. If S8 rocks, i might come back more.

  44. Sara says:

    I like the Dean/Cas dynamic better than the Dean/Sam dynamic now. And quite frankly, it probably has more to do with the skill level of all the actors involved for me, I think. I feel like Cas cares more for and about Dean than Sam does-and no matter that the writers or some in the fandom say that Sam cares as much about Dean as Dean cares about Sam. *I* just don’t feel that way. And if that was what the writing WAS going for, then they’ve failed at that for me in their attempts. Maybe they should try harder, starting with having Sam show some respect for Dean and for ALL that Dean has ever been to Sam, not just as his caretaker, but as his inspiration as a hunter, too.

  45. DarkMaiden says:

    I dig, ppl like Cass and all (Misha too), but I would like the show to deal with Cass in a more realistic way; which, in fact, would not have the brothers and Cass being all that lovie-dovie. Cass betrayed them. He nearly killed Sam (by taking down the wall). The glossing over of that, is the one sore spot I am having with the show.

    Also I, personally, would like to see other ppl brought back, and given more time time in the spotlight, like they gave Cass and Bobby. I’d like to see more of Sheriff Mills. She seemed like a great chance to give the boys the one thing we rarely got to see on the show; a mother figure. I’d like to see Rufus brought back and given a chance to fill Bobby’s place for a bit. (yeah I would like to see Bobby back in the long run). If they were going to have Sam have a love interest, I would have preferred they stayed in the Supernatural canon-playbook, and brought back Sarah. (Who would have made more sense, instead of shoehorning in some strange character from left field).

    So yeah, I there are Supernatural fans that are in to Cass, but there are some of us, that would like to see other, established, Supernatural characters get a chance to shine with the brothers.

  46. I really think Cas should be phased out of Supernatural now, the angels/demons thing is not the main story anymore and he’s run his course. I’m a bit miffed that he’s going to be in probably more than 8 episodes next season! I just hope they stop the fanservice, the lingering looks and references to him and Dean being ‘boyfriends’. It’s ridiculous and has no place on the show!!!

    • Restless says:

      I disagree and next season they’ve confirmed it will be about angels and demons, as the show has been about since episode one. What else would the main story be?

      I hope they stop the Wincest fanservice and stop Castiel staning Dean so much. But I know a lot of people like that, so I won’t whine about it.

  47. nightmagic says:

    sad Misha isnt in more episodes but i really love Supernatural and its fantastic they have so many seasons .they are such a hard working team and the writers are wonderfully creative .This is one series that definitely deserves alot of praise for good stories wonderfully actors and lovable main characters .Apart from no Misha Supernatural cant go wrong and never has !!!!

  48. SamGirl2010AndBeyond says:

    I like the character Cas. I like the friendship dynamic between him and Dean, always have. Even though I am a Destiel fan, I don’t see more than friendship between them. (Which is why I write fanfic.)

    The same is said for me being a Sassy fan. I see the makings of what could be a great friendship between Cas and Sam, if the writers would actually to go there.

    However, if Cas is going to stick around, I would like to see an actual friendship develop between Cas and Sam. Yes, after the wall came down Sam said that he still counted Cas as a friend, but I want to actually SEE it.

    We get tons of Cas and Dean scenes but no good Cas and Sam scenes. Yes, I know Cas and Dean are closer because of the “bond.” But still, I want Cas and Sam to become better friends and this way I wouldn’t feel like Cas is becoming more important than Sam, to Dean.

    There’s nothing wrong with Cas and Dean being best friends.That’s fine. However, I still want Sam to be the most important person in Dean’s life.

    Also, to those who feel that Sam takes Dean for granted. To an extent I agree with you. Even though Sam is my favorite character, I do realize that Dean gives more of himself than Sam does.

    However, for all of the ‘share your emotions’ stuff that Sam is always trying to get Dean to do, I find that Sam himself, has a hard time really talking about what he thinks and how he feels.

    I think in that respect he is more like John and Dean than he wants to admit. I also think that Sam hides what he really thinks and feels because it has been drilled into his head for years by John, that your feelings and emotions make you weak. So in a way, I think that is why he has been hiding stuff from Dean.

    As to Cas being on too much, I’m kind of torn between both sides. Yes, I think Cas has been way overused.

    However, I could stand to see him in all episodes of S8 if the following happened:

    If Cas was mainly a supporting character again. I’m not saying that I want him in only the “guestimated” 8 episodes.

    I don’t mind Cas being in every S8 episode, but I want him in scenes with characters other than Dean.

    Have Cas and Sam share scenes. Have him share scenes with Kevin, Charlie, and if they bring back Jody Mills (Which I hope they do) have him share scenes with her. Bobby and Crowley as well, if they are in the new season.

    What I’m saying is, spread the Cas character out. Give the brothers some more time together, but don’t forget to spread them amongst the other characters as well. I want the show to be balanced again.

    I don’t want it to just be ‘The Dean and Cas Show’ or ‘The Sam and Dean Show’. I want a balanced show with brother/brother (not shipper wise) interaction, brother/friend interaction and brother/victim interaction.

    And another thing, with the exception of Cas, Balthazar and Gabriel, I loathe the angels. So if Cas is the only one remaining, I don’t want to see anymore douchebag angels. The rest were just irritating.

    • DarkMaiden says:

      Cass doesn’t really like Sam. that was made pretty clear in 99 Problems, and other episodes along the way. I, also, don’t think Sam can go as far (friendship wise) with Cass. Quiet frankly, I think there is a natural distrust between the two. It might be because of how they first met. It could be that sub consciously Sam knows Cass let him out of the Panic room, which allowed Sam to be pushed to killing Lilith and freeing Lucifer. Whatever it is, I really don’t see Sam and Cass becoming BMFs.

  49. SamGirl2010AndBeyond says:

    I agree with most of what you have said, however there were the episodes where both Sam and Cas had called the other man their friend.

    There was the episode where Cas said that he didn’t want Sam to have his soul back because Sam was his friend and it could kill him.

    In another episode Sam is standing outside and he calls for Cas saying something like ‘I still think you’re one of us.’

    Also, there is the season 7 episode where Cas takes on Sam’s hellunications. If that doesn’t show that Cas has grown at least a little fond of Sam, then I don’t know what will.

    Do they still need to get to know each other better? Definitely. But I see the potential for them to become friends because I feel that Cas has come to see Sam as more than ‘the boy with the demon blood.’

    And I’m not saying that Cas and Sam will become best friends, because they won’t. Dean is Cas’ best friend. But I do think that the two of them will become closer.

  50. Erin says:

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