Fall TV Preview

Fall TV Casting: On NCIS: LA, Mom's the Word

Mother’s Day will come early this season on NCIS: Los Angeles, when the women who brought unto the world cast members Chris O’Donnell and Daniela Ruah guest-star on the CBS procedural.

No details have been released on whom exactly O’Donnell’s mom, Julie, and Ruah’s, Catarina (based out of Portugal), will play, though one can rule out Callen and Kensi’s own mothers, since they’ve already been accounted for on the show.

Instead, CBS is only saying the ladies will appear in a scene that was “hand-picked by executive producer Shane Brennan.”

UPDATE: Brennan tells TVLine that the mothers of not two but four cast members — Ruah, O’Donnell, Eric Christian Olsen and LL Cool J — will guest-star in this, playing a group of ladies gambling at a casino.

Season 4 of NCIS: LA premieres Tuesday, Sept. 25.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Will the characters the mums are going to play, play a large part in the story line?

  2. Sarah J. says:

    Didn’t we already see Ruah’s mom (played by Laura Harring) in eps, “Blye, Kensi, Part 1 & 2” last season?
    Can’t wait to see who plays O’Donnell’s mother! Would that storyline be combined with his sister’s storyline or has the sister’s storyline been put to rest?
    Bring on the new season!

    • My says:

      This is so typical of people not understanding what they read. Please reread the article…DUH!!!

    • jen says:

      Ruah and O’Donnell’s REAL mothers are going to guest star on the show.

    • Meri Phillips says:

      The character Kenzie’s Mom appeared on the show. Daniella’s real life Mom has not been on the show.

      • Sarah J. says:

        Ok, yikes, I read it wrong. Don’t yell at me. I was just trying to read the first paragraph (that looks like a run-on sentence, the way that its written) and understand what it says. Geez…..
        Sorry Matt, couldn’t you have just written their REAL mothers in the first paragraph and not “brought them unto this world”?
        They could make their REAL mothers play their “aunts” or something. Who knows?
        Bring on the new season.

  3. Tom says:

    and apparently LL Cool J and Eric Christian Olsens’ moms too.

  4. Kira says:

    Their real life mothers will be guest-starring on the show. Kensi’s mom was shown last season and G’s mother has been dead for years.

  5. Jamey says:

    I LOVE NCSA:LA and it never seems to get the scoop of other shows so thank you so much for this info!

    I agree with Sarah that we already saw Kensi’s mom in the above episode!

    Can’t wait!!

  6. chris says:

    Read more carefully: the ACTORS mothers are making a guest appearance in the show. They are not playing the characters mothers.

  7. Lisa W says:

    Would love it if they played “bad guys” !!!!!

  8. diana says:

    I want to know if we are ever going to meet Deeks’ mother on the show.

  9. (Admin) says:

    We already had Kensi’s Mum and Callen’s Mum on the show so… They should play other characters…. Any clue about that is welcome !

  10. Alta says:

    It must have been enjoyable for moms as well as for their children. If their characters are a hit will they continue to be seen from time to time? Hope so. Love the show!

  11. Patty says:

    I want to know if they will play a character in a case, or if they will play a larger role in the show. It would be cool if O´Donnell´s mom pays someone important in the chliffhanger! So exited for the show to start again!

  12. Mare says:

    Thanks for the scoop! I have seen a few spoilers out there for this show but still nothing that addresses the heavy cliffhanger: G shooting that terrorist on TV and Hetty quitting. Any spoilers on how that is resolved?

  13. linda says:

    Wow.. press him on exactly what all the moms roles will be . and in ONE episode? how interesting. also: Will Callen every have a love interest? he’s my fave character – love him.

  14. PJ says:

    Would love to see all four moms play some kind of petty criminals,can just imagine the scenes in the boat house

  15. bj says:

    I think it’s a great idea. I’m already anticipating a scene at a senior’s home where the ladies are giving them some attitude. A mother’s revenge lol

    I love this show and hope we’re going to find out a little more about Callen’s background this season.

  16. Diva3906 says:

    Any word on if “Hetty” will return? She is so much a part of the team….

  17. lrivers12 says:

    Pllleeeaaaassseee Matt, ask him why he decided to kill Hunter!!! Well, if she is really dead, because with NCIS: LA you never know … I think she was an interesting character, and her story with Hetty could be more explored …

  18. Stephanie says:

    Cool. I’ll keep an eye peeled for that. :)

  19. Jana says:

    We’ve already seen Kensi’s mom, and Callen’s mom is dead. We also know Kensi has no siblings and her dad is dead. Callen had a sister, who is also deceased. But maybe we’ll get to know about his father in one episode?
    When it comes to Sam, we know that he is married and has children, but we have never heard about his parents.
    And at last, Deeks. We actually don’t know anything about his family. Well, we know about his dad. About the frequent abuse that led to Deeks shooting him (non-fatally) when he was 11 years old and that his father died in a car accident after being released from prison. This, however, contradicts statements made in the earlier episode “Borderline”, in which Deeks told Kensi that at Thanksgiving dinner six years earlier, his father had fired a shotgun at him. So either his mother got remarried (she must have a thing for mentally ill and crazy men) or the shows producers have made a mistake. That often happens in serial shows..
    I know their real mothers are not gonna play their character’s mothers, but I just wanted to get this out of my chest hahah! But seriously, I wanna know a lot more about Deeks! We have gotten MANY episodes about Callen, a few about Sam and a few about Kensi, but almost none about Deeks. And I really want more episodes about Kensi and Deeks! I can’t get enough of them haha! Can’t they just get together!? LOVE DENSI <3

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Yeah… the update from last night says the four moms are playing a group of ladies gambling at a casino….

      • Jana says:

        Yeah, I know that.. I didn’t say they were gonna play their moms in the show too, I actually said the quite opposite; that they NOT will play their moms. I only wrote that I wanna know more about Deeks’ family, and I want Kensi’s mom to show up in more episodes. And I wanna know more about Sam’s family; his wife and his children and so on.. I want to know how he is around his family, cause they don’t actually know who he is.

  20. Susan bird says:

    The fall will be a surprise for us all.as it should be. Who ever winds up playing who & who. Gets to play who’s mom, will lay before us in that thing called time. This. Will happen when the 9th month calls us to watch its days go by.

  21. Donna says:

    I hope Callen does find his father and i hope he has a love interest. It would be cool if he ends up falling for Hetty’s niece. I want more on Callen. I don’t want Hunter back. Please do not bring her back. She is definately dead – we saw her blow up in a car. Anyway I love the show and I love the fab four and Hetty. Especially Callen.


    I love have the new brainy chick (renee?) but when she says “jewlery” in an earlier snow instead of “jewelry” __ it really gave me doubts about he incredible brain.


    well duh, meant show not snow —- too may cocktails I guess.