Kelly Monaco on Juggling General Hospital With Dancing: They'll Have to Put Sam in a Coma!

General Hospital Kelly MonacoIf you’re wondering how Kelly Monaco is going juggle two über-time-consuming series — General Hospital and Dancing With the Stars — come fall, you are not alone.

I’m still trying to figure it out,” the suds fave tells TVLine with a laugh. “I’m going to have to really convince [executive producer] Frank [Valentini] to either put [Sam] in a coma, lessen my dialogue by 75 percent or not have me there at all — which I don’t think is going to work!”

All kidding aside, Monaco, who won the premiere season of DWTS, is well aware that “in order to be able to put 100 percent into Dancing With the Stars, [the GH writers are] going to have to lighten up just a bit” on her character’s storyline for a couple of months.

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“We’re shooting 10 shows a week right now,” Monaco explains, shedding perspective on her impending schedule-madness. During DWTS Season 1 “Our hours [at GH] were about the same, but now there’s no time [in the schedule] for messing up, so you really have to come in prepared. They don’t accept slack at all.”

Fret not though, fans: None of this will impact her performance on either show — of this the actress is certain.

“I know how much it takes to be successful with Dancing With the Stars and General Hospital,” Monaco assures, “and I don’t want to slack anywhere. I’ll make it work, somehow. I’ll find the strength to do it — though I don’t know yet where it’s going to come from!” (With reporting by Matt Webb Mitovich)

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  1. nyangel22 says:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I could deal with a lot less Sam on GH. In fact, i wouldn’t mind if she was written out altogether while KeMo is doing DwTS. Maybe they could have her hanging out in Llanview trying to get her son back from Tea, and when she shows up again after she’s done on DwTS, she could have a personality that doesn’t involve being Jason’s lapdog. That would be nice. Ooh, and she could wear something that isn’t black leather.

    • Tina says:

      Sam isnt even around Jason now to even be concerned about her being anything to him. Damn at least come up with new insults than the silliness that never seems to change from year to year. It gets old and makes people seem like loons. Anyway. The stories on Gh are not entertaining and how to you do a baby switch without a baby. Come on Gh and do better.

    • Rachelle says:

      I can do with less Sam too. Started to actually enjoy her with McBain, but then they did Sam overload, everyday, ect,ect. Her inability to take responsibility for her actions in any way grates on my nerves. Reminds me of real life people I HATE.

      I DO Have to say I am LOVING the changes on GH. Last weeks show was awesome. Love JT ( Patrick), RogH( Todd), LOVE Heather Webber and her nuttiness. Just a great show!

      • nyangel22 says:

        I completely agree with everything you said. Sam, for me, is a character with potential. She is a P.I., putting her in a position to work with the police, and she is a member of one of the show’s core families. Unfortunately, the last decade hasn’t show her as anything other than Jason’s mob maul. It is sad because I used to really like her character and then someone had the bright idea to have her witness Jake’s kidnapping and not do anything about it. I understand the arguments that people have made in the past, but none of them wash. She should have been thrown in prison for aiding and abetting a criminal and for obstruction of justice. What do we get instead? Jason’s forgiveness. It was sickening, but so was the way Sam was being written to begin with–she was depicted as being Jason’s side kick, present only when she could somehow help Jason with something and as soon as she was done she was back in his shadow. The only time I liked her after the kidnapping was when she was with Lucky. It was the first time since she originally showed up in town that she wasn’t a mob attache, and it was great. She had friends and a great apartment–not to mention a cool job. She was badass, but Guza quickly put her back in the mob fold and made her Jason’s sidekick again.

        When FV and RC came on as Executive Producer and Head Writer they made Sam likable again, especially when she was paired with John. They had great chemistry and he treated her as an equal not an accessory. Unfortunately, he’s not on enough and she’s on too much, so anything that was happening with her character is gone now.

        I also like the changes on the show since the new guys took over, but we could do with a lot more balance. Last week, it was the Anna/Luke/Heather and Patrick/Lulu/Maxie show. So far this week has been all mob all the time. Everything that has happened this week somehow relates to all the mob characters that inundated our screens for a decade, and unfortunately these episodes have been nowhere near as good as the stuff that was on last week. I hope that they eventually phase out all of the mob stuff because that was where the show went down over the last few years. The change that I like the most is that the show is less misogynistic now than it was when Guza and Wolf ran the show. It was as if a woman with a brain was anathema to the show, and it really pissed me off. Women, under the last two head writers, were depicted as being man-crazy whores, who couldn’t function without a man. I love that Alexis is on more now, and while there are times when I want to hit her because of the way she overreacts or underreacts to something that Molly or Kristina does, she has always been a kick-ass character. She is a woman with a brain (just like the wonderful actress who plays her) and she isn’t afraid to use it.

        Overall, I am so glad that the show has changed; it is the only way to get the ratings up again, because obviously the old way was not working.

    • nikki says:

      You people are tripping I love Sam with Jason! I can’t wait till Sam finds out he’s the father I just wish it wouldn’t take so long. Sam’s a very independent character even with Jason. Certainly no lap dog! She’s a bad ass chick & is down for the man she loves what’s wrong with that?

    • nikki says:

      Sam is also best with Jason not mcbain! he should b her friend that’s it he needs to get with Elizabeth to get her to stay away from Jason! That would b perfact!

    • Sabrina says:

      theres a lot less liz on gh now :)

  2. June says:

    You are a good actress , if you decide to take the role on dancing with the stars don’t worry just do the best you can Kelly i adore you very much , you are one of my favorite actress on the soap , i was wondering are you and John Mcbain are going to be a couple on the soap , i think he is terrific i also like Jason sorry you couldn’t make it work between you and Jason because i think you are a wonderful person.

  3. dane says:

    i would have really WELCOMED less Sam last year.. but now that they’ve started pairing her with John McBain I am really sad to think she’ll be on less! I love the chemistry with Sam and John and I was hoping to see a lot more of it!

  4. dane says:

    Errr.. June.. I think you might be blurring the line between reality and fantasy a bit…

  5. wrstlgirl says:

    Sam is boring. Put her in Shadybrook for a couple of months and teach her how to live her own life and stop being everyone’s doormat.

  6. Rebecca says:

    Sam is my favorite. Complete girl crush on Kelly Monaco.

  7. Rrrrrr says:

    I say they wrap up this baby storyline, an then Sam leaves town for a few months with the baby to get he life sorted out a bit. It’d be fine, the writers have done it a thousand times.

  8. Samfan says:

    GosH people are so insulting. I think if they give Sam & Jason back their son, they could go on a little trip to work on fixing their family. That would give Kelly the time she needs to do DWTS and make GH – JaSam fans happy!

    • Patty Yocom says:

      Perfect solution!! Hope the writers are as smart.

    • Jamie says:

      So Steve Burton should be forced to take a leave of absence to make JaSam fans happy? What about NON-JaSam fans?

      • nyangel22 says:

        according to JaSam fans, other fans aren’t important, and neither apparently are the actors.

        I have heard that Steve Burton’s contract is up in September and that he’s looking to move to Tennessee, so maybe all of this will be moot in a few months.

        • dude says:

          Wow that’s a real nice generalization. All non-JaSam fans are murderers who enjoy beating puppies…oh wait, I don’t know every non-JaSam fan so it would be ridiculous for me to think I know what all non-JaSam fans think.

        • if Jason (Steve Burton) leaves I’m done. He and Sam (Kelly) are the reason I still watch a soap. I love to see them together. I too am hoping they will get thier baby back soon and not let this drag on and on.

  9. Patty Yocom says:

    Kelly will do just fine because that is who she is. She did it once, she can do it again. This is good publicity for GH. GH can reduce Sam onscreen a little with her taking care of her son!! Jason (they are back together in my mind) can say she’s resting or out with their son or visiting friends, relatives. The writers can use their imagination. Just put Jason and Sam back together with their son.

  10. maryh12 says:

    Love Kelly, she an amazing Actress (Sam is my favorite) & she’ll do amazing on DWTS. I’ll support her always & follow her career where ever it takes her next :).

  11. Jabs83 says:

    Very excited to see the beautiful and talented Kelly Monaco on DWTS. This will be my first season waching and it’s only for her.

  12. Sandra says:

    Kelly will do what it takes, she has before and will again. I see from some of the comments that fan wars rear its ugliness once again. Not the place but love or hate the character of Sam, she sure is a top topic of discussion, as an of Kelly it just means she is making an impact regardless of the feelings toward the character she plays. Kelly being on DWTS continues to shine light on General Hospital which could need all the exposure it can get based on where the soap genre are headed. So I applaud Kelly for determination to do her best on General Hospital and DWTS!

  13. TWINLADYZ says:

    I will really miss Kelly Monaco if she takes a couple of months off to do dancing with the stars. KeMo/Sam is the only reason I watch #GH. Good luck on DWTS!! Much luv to the beautifil Kelly:-)

    • Jabs83 says:

      Kelly said at her event last weekend that she will just take off Mondays and Tuesdays. So she won’t be gone to much from GH :)

  14. g2-1e018a92ce7618e51c16eb332fd74939 says:

    She can just phone in her performance on GH like she usually does.

  15. Bren says:

    Kelly is an amazingly talented actress and if she has to cut back on GH time she will be missed. I wish her all the best on DWTS – I know she’ s going to do a fantastic job because she always gives so much of herself to whatever she’ s working on. Please know that your fans love & adore you (we’ll be voting for you). Looking forward to watching you on GH & DWTS beautiful lady!

  16. BornSoapStar says:

    Congratulations to Kelly Monaco for being chosen for this next season of DWTS…but I vote YES! to the character of Sam being in a coma, or sent on a very long trip- preferably never to return to Port Charles. If we are lucky- DWTS will lead to other things for Ms. Monaco far away from General Hospital.

    • nyangel22 says:

      Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way the last time she was on, so I doubt it will happen this time.

      The thing is, she isn’t a bad actress; she’s really good at playing a bad girl (she was wonderful in this capacity on Port Charles when she played Livvie). She’s just not a very convincing good girl.

  17. Jacqui says:

    I say have it come out she’s been working with Jerry and Ewan the past 4 years since Mexico, has been drugging Jason this whole time, cause that has to be the only reason Jason got back with the Thing that threatened his son twice! I say Jason finds out and puts a bullet between her nasty eyes!! There problem solved. Monaco can move on and keep having her picture taken with her legs spread getting in and out of cars looking completely trashed, with all her nasty bits showing!!

    • Jamie says:

      Nasty, Nasty commentary. I really hope a moderator chooses to remove your negativity. It’s one thing to dislike a character.. but you are really crossing the line to bah the actress.

    • valerie says:

      You r so bitter. Face it, you know that KM has some many more fans than RH, so you try to trash her name. These are characters u need a life. I know u do not like Kelly u let all her fans know that but, keep your opinion to yourself about the address It’s a story please!! I’s not kelly faugh that lots of people like her. kelly has the sweetest personality.


    • Sabrina says:

      this is why even though I like rh, im so glad liz is being sidelined on the show

  18. Keren says:

    I am so excited for this season of DWTS!! I wish Kelly Monaco all the best and I hope that she and all the stars are able to give it their all. Let the competition begin!!

  19. JASon says:

    Bring Kirsten Storms back as Maxie and replace Kelly with Jen Lilley(quite possibly the best actress on the show)! Oh and kill off Carly or replace her with Sarah Brown!!!

    • dude says:

      I’m really happy you don’t work for GH cause (as good as Jen was as Maxie) if you think she can play Sam, you must be her mother.

  20. seattlejohn449 says:

    couldn’t they trade out Bristol Palin and give her a role as a coma patient on General Hospital?

  21. Maria says:

    I would for them to put Sam in a coma or better yet a bullet in the head. Good luck to her on DWTS. I know who I’m not going to vote for.

  22. Donna says:

    Suds fav? Do you see what having her skanky ass eat the show has done to ratings? This is the chick they choose to represent GH? She just flashed her snatch again last night drunk as hell getting out of a car. She’s an embarrassment to women.

    Since she’s too tired looking to get paid to spread her legs any longer, she’ll go stink up DWTS again while her fangurls robovote. GH, her failed Strip Show and The dmbarrasent that was Dirty Soap is proof this chick is nada. She’ll get sent home the first month. The real competition won’t care about her saggy tits. Never seen anyone wanna be famous so bad and fail so much.

    • Xsikal says:

      Wow, that’s a lot of unwarranted and unreasonable anger there.

    • dude says:

      Wow you’re an embarrassment to your family. So it’s Kelly Monaco’s fault General Hospital’s ratings are down? It has nothing to do with the fact that less people are watching soaps in general? Is it Kelly Monaco’s fault One Life to Live and All My Children and As The World Turns and Guiding Light were canceled too? That is a lot of anger to harbour for someone you’ve never met and likely never will. Did she kill your mother or something or are you just an awful person?

    • Zinna says:

      Wow, what a mean comment. You need to get off your high horse. You’re one to talk to about Kelly being an embarrassment to women. Look at yourself, spreading your mouth and spitting venom and lies. If Kelly Monaco was bad for GH’s rating they wouldn’t have kept her around this long!! So just STFU!!

    • Sabrina says:

      Your pathetic!

  23. Lindsey says:

    Donna – Wow, I’d say your comments are an embarrassment to women. The beautiful and talented Kelly Monaco certainly is not.

    I’ve been a fan of Kelly’s since she was on Port Charles. I’ve loved seeing KeMo and ME back together again. I voted for Kelly the first time she was on DWTS and will be voting for her again.

    Go Kelly!!!

  24. SHAY says:

    Congrats to Kelly and her Return to DWTS — but some of the other poster really need to get a life, to belittle an actress because you hate her character on a damn TV show. is a damn shame on I don’t care who the actress is or the character they play u don’t say things like that about a real life person u don’t know a damn thing about.

  25. dude says:

    Love Kelly Monaco. Sad to see less Sam on GH but I’ll definitely be rooting for her on DWTS.

  26. AnnieG says:

    I hope she wins she DWTS. She will be off GH longer. Way too much Sam lately. Sad and pathetic Sam is grating to watch. I like Spunky Sam , but Sam has not been that way very often on GH.

  27. Marie says:

    She will waste away to nothing if she does Dancing. She’s soooo skinny already.

  28. samantha says:

    I hope Kelly does great on both shows, but she is basically the main reason I watch “General Hospital”. If she left for a while I probably wouldn’t watch the show until she came back! I am a big fan of Kelly, so I want her to do her best on “Dancing with the Stars”, but I hope she doesn’t slack “General Hospital”.