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How I Met Your Mother: 16 Spoilers (Including Intel on October's Big 'Relationship Bloodbath')

How I Met Your Mother launches its eighth season on Sept. 24 which, by our calculations, is roughly two months from now. To mark the occasion, we present you with 16 spoilers — two for each week you have to wait for fresh episodes — directly from series co-creator Craig Thomas and exec producer/director Pamela Fryman.

TVLINE | Do the Season 9 negotiations change any of your trajectory for Season 8?
CRAIG THOMAS | Yeah. [Laughs] It’s a really interesting situation because there’s a negotiation going on that could extend the show, for sure. But right now, the thing that we know to be true is we have this year and no deal for next year. So we have to proceed as though this could be the last year of HIMYM. Hopefully we will know soon. Basically, we couldn’t possibly know soon enough. But we’d be thrilled to tell either story – either wrap it up this year or to tell another chapter of this story. We don’t know yet which way it’s going to go.

TVLINE | If there is a ninth season, would that be the last season?
THOMAS | Who knows? We can’t guarantee anything. It’s not impossible it could go beyond Season 9.

TVLINE | When Season 8 starts up, where is Victoria and Ted’s relationship headed? She’s coming back for a multi-episode arc
THOMAS | We’re in a funny predicament. [The premiere] begins with three couples we know are doomed: Barney and Quinn – Barney’s going to marry Robin – Victoria we’ve said is not the mother, and Robin has a new love interest that starts off the season too, played by Michael Trucco. But we know Robin’s going to end up marrying Barney. It’s cool to start with everybody coupled up, but it’s like a horror movie. We know all these people camping at Camp Crystal Lake are going to be killed by Jason in a hockey mask. There’s a fun feeling of doom to these three couples. We’re calling October, “Breakup Month.” This is the month where some stuff went crazy in these relationships. … But Victoria is around for a while. I don’t want to say what happens there and how that doesn’t work out, but we look at her very much this season. I think everybody has this in their life – the last door you have to close before you’re actually ready to move forward and meet the person you’re going to spend your life with.

TVLINE | Is Michael Trucco’s character the significant romance you mentioned before?
THOMAS | Yeah, that’s an arc. We said a couple years ago when they had a brief meeting this guy would come back around, and we’re finally at that point in the story.

TVLINE | Are Quinn and Barney in a good place when the season begins?
THOMAS | Yeah, they’re engaged in Episode 1. But we know they’re not going to get married. So it’s kind of an existential storytelling conundrum. We’ve shown everyone a lot of what the end is, and now it’s like, “Tune in for the exciting middle!” But of course, we can also get away with that because there’s also a couple huge surprises coming up about how the series will end.
PAMELA FRYMAN | The first episode of the season is going to be an incredibly exciting way to start. It’s going to give everybody a glimpse [of the future] again. I think everybody’s going to be satisfied.
THOMAS | We jump further forward in that future wedding day. … The glimpses of that future Barney/Robin wedding day have been really important to the story. We blow [everything] out of the water in Episode 1. We jump further into that day and show you more information deeper into that wedding day that I think will blow some people’s minds. It’s really, really exciting.
FRYMAN | It blew mine when I read it.
THOMAS | It’s the day Ted meets the mother. And we jump perilously deep into that day and show you some glimpses of some really huge stuff that’s happening. We jump to the end of that wedding day and show you something crazy.

TVLINE | Barney and Robin are both in relationships this season, but we know they get married. So is there a hint of them growing closer together this year?
THOMAS | Yeah. They couldn’t start further apart. Barney’s engaged to another woman, and Robin is just getting into a relationship with [Michael Trucco’s character]. It’s fun. It’s a fun challenge. We like painting ourselves into impossible corners on How I Met Your Mother. How do you get those two characters together? They’re probably as far apart as they can possibly be. We will tell you that story. There’s going to be some relationship carnage to free them up to do that. It’s a bit of a relationship bloodbath in the first six episodes, and I hope in very entertaining way.

TVLINE | Will Marshall and Lily be separate from the group now that they have this big parenting challenge?
THOMAS | We’re going to tell a story figuring out, “Who’s our babysitter? Who’s our nanny? Who’s going to help us with this?” There’s a cool and meaningful answer to that question that we’ll see Marshall and Lily arrive at in the first few episodes. It will free them up to have at least the occasional beer with the gang. And the gang will consider [the baby] the sixth member of this group. It’s going to be very sweet.

TVLINE | Any chance we’ll get another Robin Sparkles installment?
THOMAS | [Co-creator] Carter [Bays] and I haven’t quite figured this out yet. We’re going to release the How I Met Your Mother soundtrack album! All the original music [on the show] will come out the day of our season premiere [on Sept. 24 on iTunes]. It’s like 20 tracks. It’s really cool. So it got me thinking again about Robin Sparkles.

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  1. Ayleen says:

    Don’t say all of those ‘journey’ is a waste of time. Aren’t our life just like that? I love the show, i’m still curious about the mother eventhough the rest of the gang’s storyline would be much more interesting. It somehow gives you hope. You know, we meet someone, fall in love, everything seems great, than we figure out that it’s not meant to be. Our heart is broken, we meet others, broken-hearted again for so long while seeing your friends have lived their life, and then we meet this person we haven’t thought gonna spend our lifetime with but it will. I wish it ends with a wedding and montage of the glimpses of their future. But I trust the creator to make a happy ending of this show

  2. Victoria says:

    I do like HIMYM, but what other people say is true, there are just some things that doesn’t really fit. First of all, I agree with the person that said that it’s not cool that they are marrying Barney and Robin before Ted when they weren’t even interested in getting married. Second, maybe because I’ve always believed in the “bro/sis code” in my life so I hated the fact they matched those two in the first place, and even more at the end of last season with the wedding.. it felt like treason to Ted.. Anyway, took me all summer to get over it. Third, I think that the story with Victoria is OK if they want Ted to “close that door”, but they did it way too late in the story! C’mon ! They were together 7 years ago !.. And last but not least… Obviously meeting the mom has taken ages.. now it feels it doesn’t matter how much effort they put in the episode where he finally meets her, it won’t live to the expectations they have created themselves in the fans.

    Anyway, I’ll keep watching it, but I will be very disappointed if the mother is introduced in the very last episode of the show.. A couple of years ago I though they were actually going to tell some stories AFTER they meet… now I’m afraid they are just gonna end it when they do.

  3. Mo says:

    I think that, you know how Ted said, “The last person I said ‘I love you’ to before your Mother was Robin,” that he and Victoria will break up when she asks him if he loves her – after they’ve been dating for a while of course – and he says no. This day could be at Barney’s wedding, which is why it went “horribly wrong”? Just some balling around here, nothing of note.

  4. Alison says:

    i think this season should be the last one, but if they end it well if not im giving up on this show even though its funny

  5. Love this show – so looking forward to Sept.24. Seems like a great season ahead for HIMYM.

  6. Seamus says:

    If the mother is at the wedding and we saw Robins sister in the second or third season and she looked like she was in highschool. And years later Ted got the job at the college. What if Robins sister was in that economics class sinse she probably graduated highschool and went to college, what if robins sister is the mother? Dont critisize me on that statement but it sounds like it could happen.

  7. Bube says:

    Oh really.. Robin and Barney are going to get married?? Then why in the last episode of season 7 when Ted is telling the story.. he says.. Which brings us to the story of a wedding day that went horribly wrong???

  8. Chelle says:

    Maybe the mother plays bass in the band at the reception – Cindy could have recommended her band to Ted for Barney/Robin.
    The Carly theory seems plausible, too, but maybe a bit too obvious…idk. :)

  9. fourthway says:

    It makes no difference who the mother is. The interesting question is why is future Ted telling this long, involved story to his teenaged kids? There’s a reason, and that’s the real mystery of the show. What’s great is by calling the show what they did, they’ve got everyone speculating about the least important thing.

  10. Jon says:

    “Because sometimes even if you know how something’s gonna end, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the ride.” Future Ted, from “Monday Night Football.”

  11. naomi fraya says:

    Seeing people saying that Ted going back too Victoria is a bad idea and that they should get it over and done with is irritating. The thing I like about HIMYM is that it isnt a we met fell in love and i’ve only ever been with your mum kinda show, its realistic, people make the mistake of going back too someone and best friends fall in love and your best friends who are practically family are part of how you meet someone because they could help make or break a relationship. I think yes 8 seasons is a long time but it will be worth it and watching how every single characters life has turned out is awesome. We see that Wendy the waitress turns out happily married, Marshall and Lily are sucessful and happy, Barney and Robin end up together (heartbrekaing because I LOVE NPH and want him myself) and soon everything Ted has gone through will have paid off because he’s met and is with the mother of his children. I say lets go through as many series as possible and if it has too end give Barney Stinson a spin off, I could watch him forever!

  12. Len says:

    It’s Robin’s sister. He calls them Uncle Barney and Aunt Robin when he is talking to the kids.

  13. LaShawn says:

    I think all or you make some good points. The truth is it’s time for the show to start writing towards the end. I LOVE all of them but it’s time. I REALLY hope Barney and Robin don’t end up together. I didn’t like them together, it wasn’t natural. This season and then one more should do it. That gives them time to write a better ending for Robin and Barney. Not together! Then walk us into the actual meeting of the Mother, Teds wedding and The end. Robin nor Barney should be getting married before Ted. They never wanted to be married and their charaters aren’t very romantic. How and when the show ends I don’t know but I’ll be there till the end.

  14. Larry says:

    I’ve enjoyed the show for years, but mayne my A.D.D. is starting to surface. As I warch the characters slowly become their own dopplegangers, I know look at the “journey” and ask… “Are we there, yet?”

  15. forethought says:

    I love this show, but it is kind of hard to suspend my disbelife and watch Barney and Robin get married when it ended so badly the first time so that I was thinking, “the are totally not right for each other…” Anyways, I am positive the mother is the girl he randomly bumps into on St. Paddy’s Day!!

  16. mbart says:

    When I tell the story of how i met my husband I dont say “We met freshman year of highschool”. I’d say “It all started in High School. I was a freshman. another towns school got shut down so the kids from there had to attend our school.” etc etc. The best story is how we got there and I wouldnt end it at us meeting. I would say “he was 2000 miles away when we started dating” and keep going from there because at that time I didnt know he was going to be my husband. I would tell it to the day we got married because thats what made it official. but the story isnt how i met my wife its how i met your mother. so i guess those kids could be anyones kids. now that is mind blowing. i have no idea where this story is going.

    • Tuttie says:

      There was the episode where it showed how the kids would have looked if he had married Stella (they were blonde) so I am guessing they are Ted’s?

  17. Oswin says:

    I think it would be genius if when he does meet the mother, one of her lines is
    “I think i’m in love with you”

  18. Tuttie says:

    The timing means Ted must meet the mother this year surely? 9 months pregnancy which means she would be pregnant in season 9/10 then time to get to know achother etc…?

  19. Mel says:

    The whole dynamic of this show is Ted telling the story of how he came to be the person he needed to be in order to meet the mother in the first place, its all integral to the actual meeting itself, the entire show is built around the story of these 5 friends, and every storyline is linked to how Ted met the mother, so any1 that feels that its being ‘dragged on for too long’, u clearly need to find something else to watch in my opinion! Like it has been said in these comments before, the show is called ‘How I Met Your Mother’, so naturally Ted is telling the long version of that particular story, as he does actually tell the children at one point, I believe the line is ‘You know the short version’.. So, all you haters? If u dont like the show, or u want to stop watching, thats up to u, but please dont ruin it for all the other fans that are still intrigued by each and every story thats played out. That is all :)

  20. chadman says:

    The couple (lilly and that guy) dies and has a kid/kids……..
    Then the lead character guy ted and robin get married and take care of lilly and that guy’s kid/kids.
    Hence the story is about how Ted met robin (the NEW mother of the children whose parents died.
    Watched one episoded and figured it out…..

  21. Rachel Hartlebury says:

    When robin thought that ted was asking for her hand in marriage ,she clearly did not love him as much as she thought,and that was years ago people are allowed to change their minds.sometimes it can take a while for someone to te realize,when ted and robin were together it seemed wrong to me,ted has moved on.barney and robin are definitely going to get married ,they belong together

  22. um..in the uk whens it comin out?>?

  23. Robyn says:

    Here in Australia we’re a bit behind in the HIMYM episodes so I’m kinda cheating going online to see what’s instore in the distant future. I LOVE this show so much, def my favorite on TV atm. I hope it continues for as long as possible as I think the characters are so interesting and situations so hilarious and I love the one-liners. I have had so many laughs because of this show. That’s what we need today, a light heart and happy spirit. Thank you for HIMYM.

  24. McPhengus says:

    Maybe got this wrong but I heard a rumour that if they did a season 9 it may be the mother telling the kids about how she met their father and could have a lot of interaction with familiar faces, sort of showing what she was doing and the signifigance of the clues they left. Would be really cool to see how close they could have come without actually meeting.
    I also think that it could be Barney’s sis AND Rachel Bilson’s character’s room mate, no reason why it wouldn’t all fit together.
    Anyway, I really can’t wait to see what they decide to do with it – my favourite show on TV just now and sure I’ll be watching it all for years to come!