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Dancing With the Stars Cast Revealed: Meet the All-Stars and Their Pro Partners

brisol palin dwtsABC has announced 12 of the celebrities who’ll be participating in Dancing With the Stars‘ upcoming all-star edition.

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ABC will also allow the public to choose a “Viewer’s Choice All-Star” from the following: Carson Kressley, Kyle Massey, or Sabrina Bryan. Voting is taking place at ABC.com/DancingwiththeStars through Friday, Aug. 24 at noon PT. The final cast member will be announced live on Good Morning America, on Aug. 27.

As for the pros, “It’s impossible for [all of the celebs] to have the same partners,” said executive producer Conrad Green. “It’ll make a very intriguing mix once we announce [them].”

UPDATE: The pairings, announced Aug. 13, are as follows:

Kirstie Alley / Maksim Chmerkovskiy
Pamela Anderson / Tristan MacManus
Shawn Johnson / Derek Hough
Kelly Monaco / Val Chmerkovskiy
Bristol Palin / Mark Ballas
Melissa Rycroft / Tony Dovolani

Apolo Anton-Ohno / Karina Smirnoff
Helio Castroneves / Chelsie Hightower
Joey Fatone / Kym Johnson
Drew Lachey / Anna Trebunskaya
Gilles Marini / Peta Murgatroyd
Emmitt Smith / Cheryl Burke

“We’ve talked about doing an all-stars [edition] and thought about it a long time, [but] we felt we needed enough time to build up the stock,” Green continued. “I’m astonished at the people who said yes. We’ve got the crème de la crème. It’s almost our versions of The Avengers. These are the superheroes of their particular seasons.”

ABC president Paul Lee told reporters that DWTS producers got everyone on their wish list — with the exception of maybe two celebrities who were too busy with prior commitments.

Green went on to say that “there will probably be a few tweaks” for All-Stars judging, considering the competitors will all have ballroom experience going in. “We’re probably going to have to recalibrate the judges slightly” so everyone doesn’t get 9s and 10s right off the bat, says the EP. “But essentially, it will be the same show.”

Polarizing Season 11 finalist Bristol Palin was on hand to explain her reasons for taking another shot at mirrorbally glory. “God provides opportunities like this. I think the press is going to be talking about me no matter what, so I might as well be having fun,” she said.

Dancing With the Stars returns Sept. 24, 8/7c on ABC. Watch the promo video below, then sound off about which all-stars have you psyched, which ones you wish had stayed on the bench, and who you think was too busy for a second spin on the dance floor.–Reporting by Vlada Gelman

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  1. ash says:

    I am thinking a guy wins. Hands down

  2. holly says:

    Lord What makes these people STARS? I was about done last year and I am truly done now.. Are they saying no new talent has stepped up?

  3. GS says:

    I’m not gonna stress about Bristol b/c with Apollo, Joey, Emmitt, Drew, Gilles, the women are totally toast! These guys are awesome and can’t wait to see them again!

    • Jenny says:

      The guys definitely are better than the woman. Shawn is good and I think if Sabrina gets voted it, she could do well.

  4. I’m not really getting why people are so pissed that past winners are on the ALL STAR season. Uhh…that’s the whole point of an all-star season. To have the best of the best compete against each other. Seriously?!

  5. Rox20 says:

    Really hoping for Kyle Massey to make it through. I know Sabrina was robbed & she’s definitely great, but I thought Kyle was a great showman… I think both of them are worthy of competing.

  6. LoRo1 says:

    Please let team SHARK come back…if I have to suffer Bristol being back, I at least want to see Mark and Shawn back together. Shawn and and Melissa are going to have to represent for the women.

  7. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I was really hoping we wouldn’t be getting past winners. I wanted everyone to be getting a second chance at the trophy who missed it the first time. And half these people come from seasons I never watched, so I’m not that excited about them. But yay for Gilles Marini and Kirstie Alley, boo for Sarah Palin and Pamela Anderson and those who are past winners. And I hope Kyle gets voted in. And they better put Gilles with Cheryl! She brought out the best in him, and they had amazing chemistry.

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      oh, and yay to Melissa Rycroft too, she was wonderful, and so tough dancing with that broken rib.

  8. Cory says:

    I wanted to see Donny and Marie Osmond go head to head. They playfully jabbed at each other on their respective seasons… it would have been nice to really see them duke it out on the dance floor!

  9. jill says:

    Apparently most of the good women couldn’t free their schedule. They really had to scrape the bottom. If I remember correctly there are only 3 women on this list that cracked the top 3. There is no way this list of women can be ABC’s dream cast

  10. Jake says:

    I love how just because your a daughter of a political moron, it automatically makes you a star..hmm maybe I need to find someone who is well known to adopt me and then I can become a star. Please the whole Palin clan needs to go to some part of remote Alaska and disappear.

  11. RUCookie says:

    I was excited by this concept until they released the names… now I am just disappointed. Bristol is not a celebrity and she was just horrible. There are several winners – why do they need to go again? There are multiple stars from the same professional dancer, erasing any possibility of putting teams back together. And the three up for audience pre-vote should all be in the cast… they wasted a good idea.

  12. Bill says:

    I love all the people who say that they hate Bristol Palin and yet then they say it has nothing to do with politics. So far in these comments alone she has been called a “whore” a “poor excuse for a human” and people have asked “who is going to draw the short straw to dance with her” and “how can we get her to go first?” Then someone said the the prod should “refuse to dance with her” Yeah that sounds like the normal stuff you would say about someone right? No venom or vitriol there huh? Meanwhile you have had contestants who are basically famous because they had sex on camera or took their clothes off on camera. But no one complains about them? Yeah its not political….. spare me.

    • Ross says:

      The idea that any of these people are “Stars” died early in the show’s history, now most people don’t know who the heck the “Stars” are before the show airs. Then, complete unknowns become fan favorites- like Sherri Shephard- based on HOW that act ON THE SHOW. If they are funny, sweet, HUMBLE, people will root for them. I thought Kelly Osbourne was a complete brat before she came on the show, because I’d seen her on her family reality show, but she worked really hard on DWTS, and was so happy when she was dancing that I started to root for her. Kendra Wilkenson- she sulked the whole time and I was happy when she was booted off. Kate Gosselin? Complained the whole time, about how the world was against her, how it was so hard being a mom (whilst being paid to dance on television while someone else looked after her child) that even my roommate, who LOVED her show, wanted her gone. I’m not saying Bristol didn’t come into DWTS with baggage, but everyone does, and hers wasn’t as bad as most. People would have warmed to her if she had done anything OTHER than what she did: which was act like a victim, and entitled brat that was the victim of some conspiracy. She whined and pouted the way through the whole season. She wasn’t very good, she didn’t have a good attitude, and she stayed on long past much better people because of her mother’s supporters voting for her. Hopefully she’s learned her lesson this year, but I’m not sticking around to watch.

  13. kristy says:

    Yay! Joey for the win this time!!!

  14. Randi says:

    Bristol & Shawn were both paired with Mark
    Drew Gilles& Emmitt were all paired with Cheryl
    Apolo & Helio were both paired with Julianne.
    How will this be fair? They were used to one partner. Some won with that partner and now they have to get used to another.

    • Ross says:

      Easy- nobody gets their old partner, everyone is on new footing. Totally fair. And even though the men have total advantage talent-wise, I won’t have to worry about Mark getting stuck with Bristol.

  15. Jen says:

    Really looking forward to this! I really thought Gilles should have won the first time he was on so I’ll be rooting for him to win this time. So many excellent dancers are included so we should get some terrific dances and a lot of entertainment!

  16. Jennifer says:

    Hopefully everyone is forced to have a different partner this time around…it wouldn’t be fair if Cheryl or Mark get to team up with one of their former partners while the other contestants have to work on finding new chemistry with a different pro. It does stink, though, because some of the stars are so synonymous with their partners. It’ll be hard to watch Drew without Cheryl, Apolo without Julianne, etc. etc.

    • Jennifer says:

      (I mentioned Cheryl and Mark specifically because they both have multiple partners returning and I was going to say how it would suck for them to be paired up with one again over the others…and then forgot, haha).

  17. I am appalled at the idea that Carson might possibly be brought back over Sabrina or Kyle. That said I’m appalled Bristol and Pam were brought on over Sabrina and Kyle.

  18. Claudia says:

    Super excited about Gilles Marini…he was amazing…that Argentine Tango was unreal!! I still remember it and it was years ago…he should’ve won I think

  19. Damla says:

    Bristol Palin!? Oh hell no. I refuse to watch as long as she’s on the show. She is a never has been, never will be!

    • Beth Ann says:

      Bristol is a common tramp, an unfit mother, a bigot and a homophobe – there should be a law against letting this cow on TV!

  20. Roma Kong says:

    BRISTOL PALIN???? ARE YOU FOR REAL???? Way to ruin what could’ve been the best season yet. Also, why bring former winners back? I could’ve done without Kirstie Alley too. Choosing between Sabrina and Kyle is gonna be hard. They both should’ve been there from the start. Hopefully, Gilles will get to lift the trophy this time, since he was clearly robbed during his season.

  21. Sue Thomas says:

    The Palin family are all fame hogs…it appears to be the only way they can make money these days. I saw Todd is even going to be on a show this fall that looks amazingly stupid and won’t last past 1 season if it makes it that far…that’s the thing, is they don’t even care what they’re on, as long as there’s a camera around…GO AWAY PALIN’s!!!!!!!

  22. Larry says:

    Not watching if Bristol is on -so I’m setting this season out. DWTS is getting stale and I still can’t understand it’s popularity.

  23. Lyss says:

    I really wanted Misty May-Treanor to come back! She never officially got eliminated this would have been her chance to come back! Oh well, I’ll still watch for Gilles Marini (LOVE HIM!)

  24. Gail says:

    What’s up with this show, why are stars that have won already be allowed back. It’s not fair for the ones that have not won. Is this show going down hill.

  25. Jazzy jimmy jam says:

    Bristol palin is a all star, what are they smoking over there. Her mother must have connections with the network to get her bad dancer daughter in there.

  26. Sandy says:

    What a shame that Dancing with the Stars has become a popularity contest show rather than what is supposed to be — The best Dancers show. Come on – Bristol Palin — She got the entire state of Alaska voting for her.

  27. Doreen Jean says:

    I agree with all that don’t like Bristol Palin, she has the personality of a snail the only “talent” she had was getting pregnant at an opportune time out out wedlock. Please don’t bring her back. Other than that, it is an exceptional show enjoying it very much laughing out loud a lot of the time which doesn’t happen too often now a days Onward and upward the rest of you STARS.