Style to Air Gossip Girl from the Very Beginning -- What Stories/Seasons Should Virgins Avoid?

As The CW’s Gossip Girl prepares to launch its final season (on Oct. 8), the Style network announced that it would be airing episodes of the sudser starting from very beginning.

Starting Aug. 15, GG episodes will air in batches of three every Wednesday from 8 to 11 pm EST. Style will also present an all-day Gossip Girl marathon on Monday, Sept. 3 aka Labor Day.

From the moment I shared this news via Twitter, many of you were quick to weigh in with excitement and/or warnings about what seasons should be skipped right over — with most of the votes going to Season 5.

Gossip fans, what seasons/storylines would you advise first-times to be wary of as they check out the sudser on Style? And what episodes would you suggest for the Labor Day marathon, perhaps adopting a theme of “Oy, this was a labor to sit through”?

Lastly, on a positive note, what classic moments/early arcs are you looking forward to revisiting?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. martina says:

    They should watch up until the end of season 2 and then move on.

  2. Dick Whitman says:

    Every season.

  3. George says:

    Anything & Everything Jenny Humphrey!

    She gives me LIFE! ;)

  4. Emily says:

    Please, for your own sanity, just skip everything after the season 3 finale. Or, you can probably just skip from 4.09 to the season 5 finale and now everything you need to know for season 6.

    Or, you can save yourself all extra trouble and pretend the show was canceled after season 2.

    I am mostly definitely looking forward to rewatching Blair and Serena’s makeup scene in 1.03, Chuck and Blair hooking up in 1.07, and Eric coming out to Lily while Jenny accidentally dates his boyfriend in 1.16. And, of course, CB’s entire “I love you” debacle in season 2.

    • Angela says:

      Oh I forgot about Serena and Blair’s make up scene in 1×03. That was beautiful. Another focus for the Labor Day marathon could be key Serena and Blair episodes like that one, the one where Serena keeps her from running away in S1 and the Paris episodes in S4.

    • Lilith says:

      I think they should pretend it was cancel after season 3. S3 wasn’t that bad, I loved Lily/Rufus wedding and all.

  5. S says:

    Pre-strike Season 1 is the best…after that, there’s only moments of greatness.

  6. Melly says:

    Season 5 should be avoided at all costs. The season that killed a series. I agree with martina stopping after season 2 is probably best. It is best for everyone if we all pretend the Safran years (Season 4 and 5) did not occur.

  7. Sofia says:

    Everything Chair tbh. Abusive relationship from the start, compared her to a horse in season 1 etc. Just focus on the clothes, Dair, and Nate being pretty at times.

    • Elena says:

      Yep. The show started going downhill when it became “The Chuck and Blair Show” or “This Week on Chuck’s Angsty Life.”

      • Ana says:

        LMAO. That makes zero sense. Chuck and Blair has been there from the very beginning and the show’s highest ratings were during their romantic buld up in S2. If there was any point it was the “Chuck and Blair” show it was S2. The show went downhill after that. No one who has actually watched the show could reasonably claim S3 forward was only about Chuck and Blair. LOL. That’s when Josh Safran decided it was time to start exploring the failship known as BAN.

      • sabi says:

        Check the ratings, the show went downhill when it became the Dair Show.

        • Bruce_F says:

          Ratings and quality of content are not the same thing. The masses aren’t really known for their good taste.

          • JD says:

            They had the good taste & sense to tune out of the “Dsaster” arc that killed the show in S4 & S5. Even casual viewers could not stomach that GAGWORTHY corruption of the show…The viewers tuned out in DROVES as I am sure you know!! Yet, the fans came roaring back for the S5 finale (RATINGS MORE THAN DOUBLED!!) to see the show FINALLY get back on track, end the OOC crap, & bring back its HEART & SOUL in CHAIR. I would say the GG audience has great taste!

        • therewas a higher decrease in viewers during s3 than during s5. all in all s3 may have had more viewers, but they also lost more than in s5. ;) so i guess s3 was the worst if it comes to rating decrease.

      • Daisy says:

        lol yeah like it was so much better when the show became “This week on dan’s boring hypocrite life” in season 5 when the show got the lowest ratings!

      • i couldn’t agree more. s3 was such a bore with Chucks man-pain and his daddy and mommy issues that keep turning up every flippin season. its just boring. the only good thing in s4 and 5 were dair and ivy. (even tho both storylines got screwed eventually…)

    • Liz_DrHolland says:

      Are you kidding me? Please. Dair killed the show.

      • David says:

        WORD!!! Even the casual viewers could not stick around for that OOC, OTT crapfest…Let alone die-hard series fans! The viewers RAN from the 2nd half of S5 & only returned for the S5 season finale to watch Blair chose Chuck once-and-for-all, put an end to that OOC absurdity that plagued the show since Safran took over in late S3, & see the setup (aka whether it was WORTH tuning in) for the final season! Since the ratings for the S5 finale more than DOUBLED any other episode during the second half of the season, I’d say the outlook for S6 is AWESOME, thanks to Chuck&Blair, Josh Schwartz, & S. Savage!!! GO CHAIR/GG ENDGAME!!!

      • Personally, for me, it’s the only thing that brought me back to this show. Chuck and Blair was good until he sold Blair for a hotel. That’s when the show really started going downhill. Dair just was really refreshing and then they ruined that with the season 5 finale, when they retconned everything that Blair said throughout season 5 about how her and Chuck needed time and space and she ran after him twice and dumped Dan via text. Totally OOC for the new and improved Blair.

    • Ray says:

      so ur basically saying to show only the first season?even then one third of the epis were “the chuck and blair” show!lol i wonder how u managed to watch the show for so long…if they take everything chair from the show, only 1% of the show would be left unless ofcourse u count the season 5 which got the lowest ratings of this show!

    • TrustNo1 says:

      Given that CHAIR is GG’s core & ENDGAME couple that will be nearly impossible. More than 80% of the series revolves around Chuck & Blair in one way or another AND that is the only portion worth watching anyway!!! CB=DESTINY=ENDGAME!!!

  8. Angela says:

    I think the heart of Gossip Girl is all of S1 and S2 so I’d love most of those episodes in the all day marathon. Some of the most important ones would be 1×01, 1×07, 1×08, 1×10, 1×18, 2×1, 2×3, 2×7, 2×8. 2×13 and 2×25. I think 2×13, the episode with Bart’s funeral is probably the best episode ever of Gossip Girl.

    • Ann-Clau says:

      Bart’s funeral was such a good one. And I just love the first season’s Thanksgiving episode.
      The all-day marathon should only show episodes when they’re still in high school, honestly I think it went downhill after graduation.
      They should have done like with The O.C. only one season after high school to kind of really wrap the show and tell us what their life will be like after. More importantly, end when it was still great and before people got tired of it.

  9. Maria says:

    Okay, when I first read this title I thought you meant actual virgins, and I was like “umm, all of it”, haha.

    But as for GG newbies… I guess I’d skip the second half of S5, from the 100th episode to the finale. Most of the rest is decent, although there are still some clunker episodes in S3 and S4.

    In terms of best arcs? My favorite will always be 1×07-1×13, I think that would make for a fantastic marathon. The first half of S2 is great too.

  10. Skip season 5 and the second half of season 4 for sure.

  11. willa says:

    Seasons 1-3 are (mainly 1 and 2) are good but I would skipe season 5 entirely. A bunch of OOC crap that no one cared to watch when it aired

  12. lil says:

    Skip that “dair” crap. And skip S5. Whether or not you are a “dair” or “chair” fan, it sucked, and sucked BAD.

  13. sabi says:

    Definitely avoid the Dan and Blair ‘romance’ from the awkward drunk sex to the sad pajama parties! Also avoid Blair long-ass Royal Wedding story line, I would say avoid Blair being pregnant but it flashed by so quickly with no repercussions or emotion from any character that you wont even notice!

    Avoid Aaron Rose, everytime he comes on screen just mute or go make a sandwich.

    Avoid the long-ass Russell/Raina Thorpe/ Bass Industries storyline. Not only was it mindnumbingly dull but we’re still not sure what Bass Industries actually is!

    The worst storyline GG ever came up with was ‘Blairs pact with God’ it sounds as stupid as it looks!


    Do not miss Chuck and Blair from start to finish, they are the heart of GG.
    And there are some cute Serena and Blair storylines!

    Good luck GGvirgins, you will now proceed to throw objects at your TV! Starting Wednesday 18th August on Style! Happy watching…or not…

    • Sofia says:

      oh gurl fearing for your future relationships if you think Chuck and Blair are the heart of Gossip Girl. smh.

      • willa says:

        Please Dair fans, your ship sank teh show and your still acting like losers

      • Emily says:

        Fearing for your future relationships if you think enjoying something on TV equates to behavior in real life. I don’t hate, though. I just worry.

        • sabi says:

          GG is a TV show why would I think real life was like this? Do I think the person you get with when you are 17 will be the person you end up with etc? No, very unlikely. So please stop worrying bb, its a TV show and I like the CB storyline. Thank you for worrying though <3 <3

          • Emily says:

            LOL, i was worrying about Sofia who seemed so intent on smhing you for liking CB, haha. I am exactly of your perspective otherwise. Obviously I am not sleeping with my bf’s uncle, nor he is allowing me to do so for a hotel. :P And yet I still manage to love CB!

    • Oh yes…

      Definitely avoid Dan and Blair actually bonding over shared interests, mutual respect, intellectualism and caring about one another. Avoid allll of that.

      Instead make SURE to catch Chuck telling Blair she’s his and smashing a window over her face. And after selling her for his own hotel, don’t miss him daring her to love him because she’s a coward….


      • Maria says:

        Oh yes, “intellectualism”, totally the reason anyone should watch Gossip Girl (massive eyeroll).

        • sabi says:

          My Dad bonds with his colleagues over their intellectualism at this Physics conference they go to. They also all like physics and maths, respect each other. They all want each other so bad <3 <3

          • The scene where DB discuss the work of Damien Hirst in embarrassingly simplistic terms and then fall asleep fully clothed and five feet apart was a “highlight”. After all, Gossip Girl’s claim to fame was always its sexless pretentiousness (!)

      • David says:

        LOL…Please. Even the casual viewers could not stick around for that OOC, OTT crapfest…Let alone die-hard series fans! The viewers RAN from the 2nd half of S5 & only returned for the S5 season finale to watch Blair chose Chuck once-and-for-all, put an end to that OOC absurdity that plagued the show since Safran took over in late S3, & see the setup (aka whether it was WORTH tuning in) for the final season! Since the ratings for the S5 finale more than DOUBLED any other episode during the second half of the season, I’d say the outlook for S6 is AWESOME, thanks to Chuck&Blair, Josh Schwartz, & S. Savage!!! GO CHAIR/GG ENDGAME!!!

    • Maria says:

      LOL at going to make a sandwich every time Aaron Rose came on screen… unfortunately, you couldn’t do that with the guest stars in S5 or you’d end up with like 50 sandwiches (le sigh).

  14. Danielle says:

    I’d recommend skipping the second halves of season 4 and 5. The first half of season 5 isn’t great but it’s better than the second half.

  15. they should totally skip season 3.. it made me basically quit the show until the dair arc saved it in s4. season 1 is definetly worth watching, but so is season 4 and maybe to some extent season 5 (even tho nothing but the dair arc really made sense) season 2 was acceptable but not really exciting… and season 3 was nothing but a waste of time – such a bore. (except for 3×02 and 3×18, still some of my favourite episodes)

  16. Air says:

    LOL newbies should avoid everything having to do with Chuck and Blair. Even though they seem inviting and have promise in the beginning – IT’S A TRAP.

    Actually, virgins should avoid the show altogether…

  17. R says:

    Seasons 1 & 2 are flawless. Season 3 is good, but not great. You should be running for the hills midway through Season 4. And by no means should anyone, anywhere watch Season 5. Jury’s still out on the final season. ;)

  18. TruthTeller says:

    Watch: S1-S3, first part of S4 up to 4X10 then watch 4X21-22 & S5 episodes 5X03-5X13 then watch last 3 episodes of S5 (22-24).

    Avoid: Bulk of 2nd half of S4 & S5 like the PLAGUE it was!!!

  19. hithere says:

    LOVE the picture you used! And any Dair episode should be BANned!

  20. willa says:

    Like most, just skip Dair. Watch seasons 1-4.5 and you’ll be fine skipping season 5 which pretty much was pointless

  21. Chris says:

    Avoid the second half of S4 and most of S5 except for 5.06, 5.10, and 5.22-5.24. The rest is ok. Even with some of the worst storylines, Chair will forever be epic

  22. Ana says:

    S1 and S2 are the best. It went downhill from there. S3 was OK. The show rebounded a little in S4 and lost itself after 4×10. I would avoid everything from 4×11 to 5×24 to be perfectly honest. Actually there were some good things in early S5 but the second half was a nightmare. The core storylines that have run through all the seasons and could be the focus of the marathon are Serena & Blair’s relationship and Chuck & Blair’s relationship. Everything else has been turned on and off at different points.

  23. Liz_DrHolland says:

    In my opinion, the show was at its magical best from 1×07-2×13, so that would be an excellent marathon. Season 2 will always be my favorite, and Season 1 is where it all began. Season 3 and 4 are watchable in the beginning but the second half of each fell flat to me. Season 5 was a joke from beginning to end, and its silly and offensive SLs (God-pacts, Blair not caring about losing her baby, DAIR (yuck)) are the reason Gossip Girl received less than a half season order for Season 6.

    The high school years of Gossip Girl were the BEST. I can watch the first two seasons, 1×01 through 2×25 without skipping anything. I sometimes FFwd scenes in seasons 3-4, but I did love the ending of season 4. But I don’t own, and will never re-watch 5×01 through 5×24 again. I have never in three and a half decades of TV viewing seen such an epic failure… it was just awful TV with only a few redeeming scenes in 24 episodes. The second half of the season was like a trainwreck and yes, I loved that over 200,000 viewers turned Dair off their TV sets during the middle of certain episodes. I’m happily married, a romantic at heart, and I hate that a rogue showrunner’s agenda to make Dan happen and push Dair on an unwilling audience killed this show. These characters AND the actors who brought them to life were done an incredible disservice. The worst of it is that those responsible are completely unapologetic and even disrespectful to the remaining fans, who should have been paid for continuing to watch the dreck that was season 5. One only hopes that season 6 will be our reward for sticking with a show that’s treated us pretty badly.

  24. Amber says:

    Yep, Season Five. It’s the only season I won’t be owning on DVD until it hits the $5 bin. Which shouldn’t take long, haha.

  25. LH says:

    MUST WATCH: Anything & EVERYTHING to do w/Chuck&Blair’s EPIC love story!!! As you will soon discover, CHAIR is GG’s HEART & SOUL–as EVERYONE always comments!! And, they are GG’s alpha pair & ENDGAME couple for the final season–as they are destined-to-be!!

    Avoid: Most of the second half of S4 & S5 as many others have already pointed out. OOC crapfest beyond belief….Made NO SENSE whatsoever!!! GAGWORTHY viewing to the extreme….just boycott it, as MOST of the GG audience did!!!

    • Chair is NOT the heart and soul of Gossip Girl. Sorry, but it’s really, really not. Unless people wanna watch Chuck sell Blair for a hotel, watch Blair beg and plead for Chuck and watch Chuck abuse her in the later half of season 4. I was a fan of them in the first two seasons, but after that, I just couldn’t. Their story is not epic. Do YOU want to date an abuser? Just because he loves you doesn’t mean that he’s still not an abuser.

      • TrustNo1 says:

        YES, Chuck & Blair’s love IS EPIC & they ARE the HEART & SOUL of GG. They are an iconic couple & CB are THE reason GG became a cult phenomenon!! The show got its buzz & following solely because of Chuck & Blair. They put GG on the map & kept it there!!! Those are the FACTS!!! The audience, TPTB, & critics ADORE Chuck&Blair and always reference how they are the show’s centerpiece and that has been the case throughout the series run!! Face it, the audience tunes in for Chuck & Blair’s journey & their EPIC, DESTINED love story. That has/is/will always be the case AND S6 is OUR WELL-EARNED PAYOFF!!! it’s happening and you know it so accept it & MOVE ON!!!

      • TrustNo1 says:

        You also need to let go of the so-called “abuser” argument. NO ONE is buying it because it is NOT true!! Chuck has never abused Blair. Any manipulations/hurt feelings in their relationship has been mutual & the only one who has ever physically hit anyone is BLAIR!

  26. Chris says:

    Season 1 to 4×09 in,everything else must be out

  27. Skip anything having to do with Dair! It was a total disaster!

  28. dtse says:

    I’d skip everything the dairsaster of Season 5 actually but we had some amazing CB scenes too! But mostly they tortured us more! Watch every scene of Chuck&Blair because they have everything to watch for! I hope Season 6 brings that glamorous days <3

    And IA with this pretty much:
    "Watch: S1-S3, first part of S4 up to 4X10 then watch 4X21-22 & S5 episodes 5X03-5X13 then watch last 3 episodes of S5 (22-24).
    Avoid: Bulk of 2nd half of S4 & S5 like the PLAGUE it was!!!"

    4×11 is pretty good because of the flashbacks and I love flashbacks! but after it (even at the end of it!!) the OOCness of Blair started and they started to keep apart CB for stupid reasons and waste our screen time with jabber all the time. That crappytale with Louis??? Why they made it so long!!! Ugh!! And DB nonsense romance??? Like it wasnt obvious from the very beginning they had no chemistry whatsoever but just friendship. even it is a vague term for them. So thank you but no thank you for the jabber and stupidness on our screen Louis and Dan brought and took Blair with them! I skip all of them till the finale but I watch Chuck scenes <33

  29. Maria says:

    Oh, and GG tends to run out of steam in the second half of the season, so the first half is always better. S1 was good most of the way through, but it was only 18 episodes. S2 had 25, and there was a definite lull there late in the season (still watchable though). S3 had a definite lull in the second half, up until the Chuck/Blair angstfest started. S4 was a total snoozefest after the Juliet storyline ended in 4×11, and S5 after Blair’s wedding (5×13) was simply unwatchable. Clearly they needed shorter seasons, because they didn’t have enough material/storylines to fill 20+ episodes.

    • jada says:

      You are so right about the second half of each season being weaker than the first half. Funny but I used to think the second half of S2 was bad until S5 happened. Now I actually look back on the second half of S2 and Nair and Serena’s drama du jour with real fondness. Nothing is as bad as Gossip Girl from 5×15 to around 5×22/23. It’s simply unwatchable. It’s a dumber less sylish, less compelling more ridiculous (but not in a fun kind of way) show.

      • Maria says:

        LOL, I know, right? It’s like, several times during GG I thought to myself “well, it can only go up from here” and it’s like they heard me and thought “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED”. The worst episodes of S2 were better than the very best episodes of S5, IMO.

  30. Mai says:

    PLEASE Skip the Dair episodes. They aren’t good at all…

  31. sarah l says:

    Avoid the Dair arc it is awful and sickening which means 2 half of season 4 and 5. The only thing good about season is Chuck

  32. Larissa says:

    I skipped season 5 completely and now I see I had nothing missed.It was completely a wasted season with lots of cliche and ridicilousness.I can sit and watch all the Chuck and Blair arc even 100 times without getting bored actually they are the only reason to get excited for GG.Any Chuck and Blair heavy episode about their love story the ones I am looking forward to watch again.pls NO HUMPHREY episodes if its possible.

  33. Sarah says:

    I love the first three seasons and the first half of the fourth season but still was good. But the fifth season is definitely the worst, is to forget. So you can avoid the fifth season!. The only good thing that happened was the development and growth of the character of Chuck!

  34. jada says:

    I agree with the majority: S1 and S2 were the best. Even if I didn’t like them I think all the season premieres and finales are important so I’d air them. A few were particularly great like 1×18, 2×1, 2×25, and 4×1/x4x2. 4×22 and 5×24 were good as well. But even though I hated 3×22 it would have to be included since it set up so many important future storylines. The second half of S4 and S5 from 5×15 to 5×21 were bad. 5×15 to 5×21 was like an alternative universe.

  35. Suzanne says:

    Everyone has talked about seasons to skip but I’ll mention a few storylines:
    S2’s Elle/Gentlemen’s Club story was bad.
    S2 Blair’s Yale Fail story
    S3 NYU and Dan/Olivia
    S4 Ben/Serena in second half
    S4 Chuck’s Raina/Bass Industries story in second half
    S5 Blair/Louis royal wedding
    S5 When Blair and Dan actually dated in the second half. I didn’t mind them so much before but the dating arc was gross, weird and out of character.
    S5 Everything Lola related.

    Lots of mediocre stories from S3 to S5 but those were the most mindnumbingly bad and boring. That cuts out most of S5 except for Chuck’s growth, some of Ivy’s first half story, Nate’s B stories, Serena’s struggles and the reactions of Dan’s book. S5 was just a total fail.

  36. Mary says:

    I recommend watching S1.01-S2.16,then skip to 2.21-4.10, then skip to 4.21-5.13, then skip to 5X22-24. Then wait for Season 6. The rest is OOC filler that made ZERO sense & corrupted the show’s core & history. S5 was an ABOMINATION on SO MANY levels, especially epis. 5X14-5X21. Newbies will find it as NONSENSICAL & pointless as the GG audience did and tune out in droves!

    Anything & EVERYTHING regarding Chuck & Blair DESTINED love story is MUST-SEE TV & they are THE couple to watch in S6 AND every season as you will quickly discover!!! This couple is written in the stars!

  37. Lisa says:

    Avoid second half of Season 4 and Season 5 like the plague. The show was at it’s absolute best from the premiere to 2.13 which is when they have Bart’s funeral. That was epic. Not sure how many episodes they could run in the marathon but I would stop it at 2.13. 2.25 was lovely too but the series lost some of its magic after 2.15. Another idea for the marathon would be focusing on Serena and Blair ‘centric episodes since they are the heart of Gossip Girl.

  38. Cindy Hoffecker says:

    Skip all of it. The books are so much better. Nate, Serena, and Blair are the love triangle …….what a waste of a show.

  39. Colleen says:

    Don’t want to repeat what other people said so I’ll focus on the storylines, scenes I want to revist.
    Chuck and Blair’s love story from the beginning from the limo scene to their secret affair to being afraid to say “I love you” to the scene in 3.12 in the hospital where Blair tells him he’s becoming a man in a way his father never was. After that their story becomes more angsty but there are still highlights like the train station scene in 4.02 (best scene in the entire series), 4.07 to 4.09, Season 4 finale, Chuck’s apology scene in Season 5, Chuck & Blair’s limo scenes in 5.10, etc.
    Blair and Serena’s tumultous friendship throughout the whole series. Some of my favorite moments are when Serena returns, the Serena & Blair field hockey fight, Blair reading her letter to Serena, Serena & Blair goofing around in front of the fountain, Serena standing by Blair when she wants to runaway, Blair and the NJBC coming to Serena’s rescue multiple times, Serena and Blair sitting on the Met Steps after the prom, Serena and Blair in Paris etc.
    I also love every episode where the NJBC work together to save one of their own.

  40. David says:

    Face it, S5 was a MASSIVE clusterf*ck!! Even the casual viewers could not stick around for that OOC, OTT crapfest…Let alone die-hard series fans! The viewers RAN from the 2nd half of S5 & only returned for the S5 season finale to watch Blair chose Chuck once-and-for-all, put an end to that OOC absurdity that plagued the show since Safran took over in late S3, & see the setup (aka whether it was WORTH tuning in) for the final season! Since the ratings for the S5 finale more than DOUBLED any other episode during the second half of the season, I’d say the outlook for S6 is AWESOME, thanks to Chuck&Blair, Josh Schwartz, & S. Savage!!! GO CHAIR/GG ENDGAME!!!

  41. deangelo says:


  42. Anusha says:

    Season 1 to Season 4 episode 11.. After that Gossip girl tanked… The beginning of Dair was the ending of Gossip Girl and all its glory..Stupid Josh Saffron

  43. Jeannette says:

    NJBC marathon on Labor Day, please! You can pretty much ignore any GG episodes that don’t have major Chuck-Blair-Nate-Serena stories. The SB and CN friendships as well as CB and NS romances – and even the NB nostalgia relationship and CS sibling relationship – make Gossip Girl for me. Which means you should watch ALL of seasons 1 and 2, then season 3 you can start skipping around but make sure to watch 3.05 to 3.16. Then season 4 the real mess begins, but 4.01 – 4.10 are acceptable. Season 5? There’s barely any worthwhile episodes… 5.01, 5.04, 5.06, 5.08, 5.10, 5.22 – 5.24. Done!

  44. Joanna says:

    Let’s see. I used to highly recommend Gossip Girl without feeling shame but those days have come and passed. So my advice to any GG newbie is the following: 1) Avoid Season 5. Run away if you have to. You can go straight to Season 6. And 2) if you are super sensitive to any kind of BS and characters being thrown under the bus while having one of the least favourite characters being shoved down your throat, then you should stop after 2×25 altogether.

    That is all and… Good Luck! You are gonna need it.

  45. monic says:

    Season 5 never happens for me.
    Season 5 was dairsaster.

    Can’t wait for season 6!
    Chair, serenate, njbc, come to meee <3

    Donut can rot inside the hell. No one cares.

  46. k says:

    Season 1 was good, then it went downhill from there. Ridiculous storylines, repetition (esp chuck and Blair’s on off relationship). Only redeeming feature of last 2 seasons was Dan and Blair’s relationship, but even that was ruined!…..better off not watching gossip girl haha

  47. Jerry says:

    Chuck & Blair=GG’s HEART & SOUL!!! All any newbies need to know. Except AVOID much of 2nd halves of S4 & 5 as many have already stated. It’s utterly unwatchable & could induce fits of nausea/vomiting for reasons already mentioned!

  48. dtse says:

    BTW I LOVED the picture you used for this article!! <3 Serena and Blair is the core, Chuck and Blair is the heart and NJBC is the soul of GG! Jenny is really great in S2! Lily and Rufus has their sweet moments to watch :))))

  49. Meg says:

    Like most, I would watch untl 4.10 and watch about at 5.22. Season 5 pretty much could be the worst season ever on tv and I watched the x-file without Mulder so that’s saying alot

  50. Vanilla says:

    Watch everything but season 5. Gosh what a nightmare!