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Glee's Lea Michele Talks About Finn's 'Persistent' New Rival: 'Rachel Is One Lucky Girl!'

Glee‘s Finn, currently away at Army boot camp, may well be at risk of getting booted out of Rachel’s love life if he doesn’t march back into the picture, double time!

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As previously reported, Fox’s musical comedy had added to the Season 4 mix South African-born Aussie Dean Geyer as Brody Weston, a heartthrob who will set his sights on Rachel, now a student at NYC’s NYADA.

“Rachel meets him at the school and they have a little moment and… it goes from there,” Geyer, who previously played Terra Nova security guard Mark Reynolds, tells TVLine.

Lea Michele tells me that while, in the scripts she has seen to date, things haven’t gotten hot ‘n’ heavy just yet between Rachel and school mate Brody, “He is definitely persistent!”

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Getting to delve into a complicated triangle — one in which the deck is quite stacked against Rachel’s almost-husband Finn, who is AWOL at boot camp — has Michele especially excited for the season ahead, which already will feature a split narrative that will toggle ‘tween Lima and the Big Apple.

“That always works on these shows, to bring the characters together, pull them apart,” Michele notes. She then adds with a big smile and in a sing-songy voice: “Rachel is one lucky girl, lemme tell you!”

While Michele touts Geyer as an “awesome” new scene partner, the Glee newbie — who (sorry, girls) will not be using his native accent as Brody — knows that he is stepping into a mine field when it comes to one passionate fan base.

“I’ve gotten a couple of tweets from Finn fans saying, ‘I hope you don’t come between Rachel and Finn,’ so I’m kind of stressing out,” he shares with a laugh. “There is obviously a massive fan base, so…. I don’t want to peeve any fans off. But you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.”

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  1. keik says:

    I love a new guy and Finchel folks please give the story a chance and the guyy. Don’t go all crazyon him or Rachel if she end up liking him.

  2. Carol says:

    I absolutely LOVE Finchel! They’re so cute, and they complete each other! The car scene on the season finale was so heartbreaking… That was the only scene that I actually cried watching it in all three seasons! I still cry after all this time… Cory and Lea did a really great job, they made that scene seem so real! When Finn told Rachel “If we’re meant to be together, then we’re gonna be together”, I believe and I want that! Can’t wait to see their epic reunion! #FinchelForever

  3. Bob says:

    HOUSTON WE GOT A PROBLEM Ryan Murphy is the showrunner and he made his plans for glee perfectly clear before season 3 even got started. Remember the article he did where he stated that he talked with Lea Michele and Chris Colfer but Monteith knew he was a sophmore and he further stated he was not interested in Finn and Rachel moving forward only Rachel cause that is what he had to do. I feel for the professional actor Cory Monteith who not only had to try and sell a marriage storyline knowing full well his relationship with Rachel was going to be over but also after all his hardwork showiing Finn’s growing talent as a performer Ryan Murphy sent him to the army to redeem his father, thank god his father wasn’t a serial killer who got caught because Finn would be on Dexter this season. I feel he used that relationship Cory sold twice now once to keep people happy till he figured out his next move in Season 3 and now he wants them to tune in for Season 4 by teasing a possible reunion so that he can get you to fall for the new guy call him Finn 2.0. Why do you think Cory was signed up for season 4? He will be a backup plan in case this new guy and the Fame 2.0 story with Kate Hudson playing the Debbie Allen role doesn’t succeed. The ratings for the first 5 to 6 episodes where Cory will not be on determines his fate on Glee. If you think I am wrong, look closely at Finn’s role on glee he has slowly been pushed aside he had only one memorable scene with Chris Colfer and one with Matt Morrison in season 3. Ryan Murphy does not want Finn near his Rachel storyline the actor did not even rate a phone call. Like this new guy said I got to do what I got to do and I will not watch glee treat a guy that did nothing but work his ass off to make this show successful so I will stop watching Glee till Cory is on the screen.

  4. Quinn Fabray says:

    I have BIG PLANS. #Finchelfornever

  5. darcy says:

    I am a huge lover of glee, but what I think like 97% of you don’t understand is that…. Its a freakin television show for christ sakes, its not real life. These people are characters, since when have characters been realistic, that’s like saying snow white is realistic, is she heck ?! This show is for entertainment purposes only, some people get attatched to the show because in some way the see maybe traits in a character which they can relate to so become fans, or maybe people just like the show, why are people arguing about the characters and their personalities when, its just a show.. Its not like its affecting anyone, they’re actors, they’re just doing their jobs. Its not as if they’re like that in real life, so.. Get over it.

  6. angelstorm says:

    I say pick the new guy ! He’s way hotter than Finn ! Plus Finn was just holding Rachel back anyway !
    *braces for the hate*

  7. Wendy says:

    I agree with Bob in what he was saying. It was not about characters on a tv show it was about the disrespect given an actor for no reason. Cory monteith seems to care a lot about the fans fact at the glee 3d movie premiere he knew that movie was challenged and instead of dissing the movie or being negative in any way he protested by not giving any sound bites to access hollywood, entertaiment tonight on the red carpet and instead spent all his time interacting with the fans. If they wanted Finn to join the Army at least have him showing a passion for it not going from wanting to be an actor to army in less than 4 episodes. If they wanted that relationship to be a high school relationship why the over the top marriage garbage and why not let rachel be the heavy the reason is simple the college finn guy needed the time to grow on you so Cory was asked to keep this storyline alive long enough to give his replacement a chance sweet deal. Chin up hopeful Finn gets a good ending to his time on glee.

  8. Julie says:

    I think that the comments are pretty good about the direction the show is going in and the fact that some people are not angry upset or mad but just are not interested in the rachel berry college finn part of her story having her struggle with Kate Hudson fine having her be independent fine having a guy fall all over her why and more characters on glee are you kidding me My suggestion would have been to have Finn and Kurt and Santana take on the world by using the money Santana got from her mother and going to New York and forming a theater company and working on a musical about Finn\s father as a way to redeem the man. The humor would write itself the 3 of them living together and struggling to get the general public interested in their project. Also, the dichotomy of having Rachel learn a lesson in the comfort of a classroom setting versus the other 3 learning the same lesson by getting booed or heckled would be worth watching. Alas this would never happen because all interaction has to go through rachel damn.

  9. sam says:

    I think this is an example of a show wanting to sell more itunes trying to get a new voice on the show no matter what and get some more song sales Ryan Murphy I will not fall for this game anymore I will just not watch the show let me know when and if cory is back on till then see ya later.

  10. Fred says:

    The problem I have is when you introduce a new character you need time to develop the character time that takes screen time away from existing characters. All the other characters suffer including Kirk santana et al There are already enough characters on glee to get the job done. Further television is an intimate medium the more you introduce new people the less tethered the audience is to show because the people they care about lose focus and you just stop caring. That is why this show is losing massive audience wait and see.

  11. Jhayanna says:

    I, myself is a finchel fan. They are amazing, but of course they will be together in the end. You cannot deny true love. And thos who are making fun of Rachel Berry, just stop. She’s a fricken character. If you guys believe she’s like this in reality then Lea Michele is one of the greatest actress ever (#IloveLEAMICHELE).

  12. Cello Arcia says:

    Look i’m not hating or anything , but SERIOUSLY I know that there could be a Finchel reunion for sure by the end of this season. But at least give this Brody kid a chance. I’m a Finchel Fan but hey imma just watch and see what happens. Just let Rachel choose. It’s her choice not you guys, sure Finn must of brain washed her or something but thats her choice, not yours. Shes still a Star, she can be still a star while shes with Finn. Just watch and see what happens.

  13. Sarah says:

    Lucky Rachel – definitely! But how about lucky Lea? She has the real Finn Hudson! ;)