Political Animals: Could Buzz Offset Soft Ratings and Beget a Season 2? And With the Same Cast?

Though Political Animals, USA Network’s star-studded “limited series event,” by no means roared out of the gate ratings-wise, laying claim to a piece of the pop culture conversation and generating buzz in other ways could – could – be enough to trigger a Season 2 pick-up.

Facing stiff competition in its July 15 bow – including Breaking Bad‘s final season opener, HBO’s noisy if polarizing The Newsroom and A&E’s ever-rising LongmirePolitical Animals started off with an audience of 2.6 million total viewers and a 0.5 demo rating. In Week 2, those numbers dipped, about 10 percent.

But when asked if there was a ratings target/minimum that would prompt a renewal order, NBC Universal chair Bonnie Hammer shook her head and told TVLine, “We never quite measure it that black-and-white. We want to see what the response is, we want to see who comes [and see] what kind of interesting buzz it brings to USA as a whole.

“It’s never just, ‘Do you hit a certain rating?'” she reiterated. “It’s really about the whole, what it adds to USA as a brand.”

Though Political Animals was from the get-go announced as a six-week limited series, series creator Greg Berlanti tells us “the hope” has always been to tell more stories about the Barrish family (fronted by Sigourney Weaver), intrepid journo Susan Berg (Carla Gugino) et al.

“Everyone is contracted for multiple seasons if we get picked up for multiple seasons,” Berlanti says. “We have a whole life of the characters [planned out], some of which is set up in these six [episodes], and a lot of which we pay off in these six.”

“The curtain can come down [after] six and hopefully you’ll be satisfied with what’s gone on,” adds executive producer Laurence Mark. “But we’re happy to raise the curtain again!”

Two weeks in, what’s your read on Political Animals? Do you vote yea or nay?

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  1. Mac says:

    I love this show. 2 thumbs up. Hoping for many seasons.

  2. Laura says:

    We absolutely love Political Animals! I hope it continues for many more seasons..

  3. tara says:

    Best show of the summer! Great acting and story line. I really hope they bring this show back! We need show with character and depth during the summer season.

  4. Megan says:

    I absolutely love this show!!! I look forward to every Sunday now!

  5. BBBoomer1946 says:

    Every week when the show ends, I find myself wanting it to go on and on. The cast is great. I hope this one comes back after the season finale. Sigourney Weaver is so good and powerful as the protagonist.

  6. YAY! Give us a season 2! I almost didn’t want to watch it b/c it was limited, but I still did and seeing the first set of episodes made me hope that USA would change their minds and make it a real series and have a season 2 and beyond!

  7. Eric says:

    Best politics show ever keeps you guessing

  8. Kev says:

    This is a great show. I love it. I’m a Conservative Republican, but I love the spin on this show, have never watched anything quite like it. Please lets have another season =D

    I’ll be telling all my friends to watch. Mind you that many of us watch it on the internet, after it’s posted. I don’t have cable. So I hope that is being included in the view statistics.

  9. Kmm says:

    Political Animals must be picked up for a second season!! I love the show and would be gravely disappointed if it were not renewed. The cast is phenomenal and I want to follow their stories for many seasons to come.

  10. tRINA says:


  11. Andre says:

    This is seriously one of my favorite shows on TV!! I hope it gets picked up!!!!

  12. Cheron says:

    OMG! I love this show!!!! I can’t wait for the decision to bring on another season!!!!!

  13. Emma says:

    This is the best show on tv!!! Love it!! Please pick it up! Am obssessed! James Wolk is adorable and sigorney weaver is fantastic. I love her character! And the writing is outstanding.

  14. Bill_31964 says:

    You got to bring this show back! It’s just too good a program! Please give us what we want! A full season (or three)!

  15. Woman says:

    It is so nice to see something other than stupidity on TV. “Jersey Shores” springs to mind here. It is nice to see the good, the bad and the beautiful and the ugly sides of humanity spring forth. I hate American politics… but I adore this show. For some reason it reminds me a little of “The West Wing”. “Political Animals” and “The Newsroom” are just what television needs right now. Heck, it is just what people need right now. It is about time we get people on TV that we can look up too and admire for having brains.

  16. Nancy Cronin says:

    We have never watched a series on USA, but my husband and I love Political Animals! Please keep it on!

  17. hidell says:

    Keep this show going, PLEASE! My friends and I have found our new favorite show (who knew it would be a USA program) and are in love with The Hammonds!

  18. jenny says:

    yea!!! I DVR it and stay up way past my bedtime watching

  19. Mary W says:

    I love this show, and the writing, especially for the Elaine Barrish and Bud characters, is superb! I can at least dream about politicians doing the right things for America. Renewal would be awesome!

  20. neosaner@aol.com says:

    This is the BEST show of the year!!! The DVR is set to record all new episodes and would love to see it filled with this series!

  21. Sassi says:

    LOVE IT!!~ looking forward to “season 2.”

  22. cL says:

    big time YES. second season is necessary!

  23. Rosey says:

    Yes this Is my favorite show on tv and I love the relationship and drama that this show brings to the table ! I’m in love with these charecters and their issues! THIS SHOW BELONGS IN THE (USA) family ! It’s really is addicting I can watch it over n over again !
    Crossing my fingers for season 2 !
    USA please do not let me down :)))

  24. mark says:

    It gives me hope seeing “season finale” in the promos … I hope they bring political animials back. such a great series. I look forward to Sunday nights, well Monday afternoons when I watch it

  25. Christine Sargeant says:

    I honestly hope for a regular season run of this show. The 10:00 time slot is one that rarely holds my attention, but I make plans to kick the kids out of the living room so I can watch Political Animals. PLEASE consider making this go on.

  26. Maggie Targove says:

    Please bring Political A back for a second season!

  27. Karen says:

    Love it! Love ALL the characters! Please bring it back!

  28. Paul says:

    Absolutely would be a loss for television if this is not picked up BUT please improve the writing a bit. Please consider leaving the platform you currently have, but just build on it something a little more compelling to attract a wider audience.

    Otherwise, this is a really cool show.

  29. KK says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring it back! I love this show!

  30. Derrick says:

    After the 3rd episode, it was no longer promoted as a “limited series event” but simply as season one, the final was no longer called a series final, but a season final.

    so i think its safe to say that the network is hoping the same

  31. Ally says:

    Yay…I would love for this show to be renewed my favorite drama by far of this summer!

  32. Elise Dixie Jane says:

    I think Political Animals is one of the best shows on TV! It not only has amazing actors, but it has depth to it. I would be bummed to see that USA did not bring this show back!!!

  33. Ken says:

    The show makes my Sunday night palattable and I would love to see a season 2 done. I was online to see when a next installment might happen, but if we are testing the waters this does hold its own to “The Newsroom”.

  34. Rj says:

    I do hope u renew political animals. It started a bit weak but got stronger with each episode. For what it’s worth I’m also a fan of the newsroom which is on opposite PA but would dvr newsroom and watch PA at its run time. Please renew. What a great cast and enjoyable show.

  35. Dave says:

    Political Animals has Pushed other Sunday evening shows onto the DVR. Love the show…Gotta bring on season 2!!

  36. bill says:

    I to like this show and think it could be nominated for an Emmy. I hope the show returns as well.

  37. Pamela says:

    This show is fantastic! Keep it!

  38. Brittany says:


  39. Keira R says:

    For all that is holy, PLEASE….bring back this show!! The characters are rich and complex & there’s plenty of story left in all of them! Sigourney’s FANTASTIC!!! I’m gonna need more of this family…please, please, please…more Political Animals. There’s a never ending supply of storytelling in politics. Let’s keep this show on the air! There’s plenty of crap out there…very little shows of substance. Let’s do this!!

  40. Lea list says:

    By far my favorite show of the summer. Could not get enough and am do bummed it’s over. Would LOVE if they made another season!!

  41. Margaret says:

    I love the finale. Not one person had sex. I dont mind if there is a sexual vibe in the show, but I dont live in a world where everyone is cheating and having sex at every moment. It was too much in the shows before, I love the show and will continue to watch, I just hope they stand on the merits of the show and quit with the play for any viewer.

  42. TF says:

    This is a very well written, fabulously acted show. I don’t think they advertised enough because if people knew more about it EVERYONE would be watching. It’s definitely one of THE best shows on television and should have many more seasons to come.

  43. Diana says:

    Definitely want to see Season 2!!! Loved the show. Watched the first episode to give it a try – and was hooked :-) Thanks for some fantastic TV!!!

  44. SM says:

    LOVING this new political drama. Agree that Sunday nights are VERY full. But will continue to watch whatever night it comes on. Bring on season 2, 3, 4, 5…

  45. oz1967 says:

    for Sigourney Weaver alone let alone the perfect ensemble cast, SEASON 2 HAS TO BE MADE.

  46. Andie says:

    Absolutely. I’m addicted to this show and I can’t believe that there are only six episodes. We certainly need more. I was at the edge of my seat watch the finale. It’s fantastic! What a great TV!

  47. Kat says:

    Wow, the best TV show this summer. Want more. Great cast and characters.

  48. Jen says:

    love this series. .. please bring it back !!!!!

  49. Geneva says:

    Yes!! For Sure! Great Finale! Great Actors! Great Characters!