Exclusive General Hospital Sneak Peek: Blair Is Back! But Can She and Todd Play Nice?

Kassie DePaiva General HospitalLlanview resident Blair Cramer (played by daytime-TV vet Kassie DePaiva) returns to General Hospital today, and we’ve got an exclusive first look at her not-quite-happy reunion with Port Charles’ latest import — and her ex-hubby — Todd Manning (Roger Howarth).

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This clip from Thursday’s episode of the ABC sudser finds the onetime One Life to Live loves coming together to celebrate the musical debut of their daughter, Starr. And though Todd and Blair are definitely still on the outs (remember, he did “kill” his twin brother and frame her boyfriend for the crime!), the chemistry between the two is as undeniable as it ever was — and it’s never more apparent than in the final moments of this preview.

That said, as we first told you, Blair comes also bearing news for Todd — and he has something he wants to tell her. Hmmm….

Blair first resurfaces on Wednesday’s GH, most likely in the very final seconds (you know how it is). Press PLAY for a sneak peek at her and Todd’s sparkage, and then hit the comments with your thoughts on the possible love (re)connection!

P.S. Bonus points for the Irene Manning nod, Todd!

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  1. Ej Henry says:

    Love them-Roger comes to life in scenes w/ Kassie and Todd is far more human with her around… can’t wait!!

    • ToddBlairStarr says:

      Roger and Kassie have had that chemistry since day 1. It is a testament to both of them that 18 years later it’s still as red hot as it ever was. The term Supercouples is thrown around very loosely these days but Todd/Blair’s picture should be in the soap opera dictionary as an example.

  2. Mrs. JVD says:

    I don’t know how long they’re going to torture us by dragging it out the…”in the meantime”, but Todd and Blair have been meant to be since the very beginning,18 years ago and I have no doubts that they will be together again. A gold balloon wedding redux would be fabulous, Frank and Ron.

  3. mrsjvd says:

    I forgot to add, Roger and Kassie – RoKa are just so darn fabulous together! They have an acting chemistry that’s impeccable. Watching them work together is a pure joy for me, it’s been that way from the very start and I will happily watch them every single moment I get.

  4. TnBFan says:

    Todd and Blair are the best!

  5. Percysowner says:

    Todd and Blair forever! No, really. Todd isn’t complete without Blair and although Blair has more of a support system than Todd, she comes to life with Todd in a way she never has with anyone else. Just bring KDP to the show and let them reconcile.

  6. crw says:

    Thrilled to have Kassie and Roger share the screen together again – there truly is no one like them!!! I am trying to remain hopeful that this is just the beginning

  7. gailer says:

    Sounds like Blair is going to break Todd’s heart again with another man!

    • Mia says:

      GH Blair had a ring on till she was in todd’s appartment she took it off. He didn’t see it.
      Acted strange at the end of general hospital 7-19-12 when Todd said they will pick up where they left off.

  8. Monse says:

    Ron and Frank please reunite my beloved Todd and Blair, Roger and Kassie are awesome together.

  9. Dandesun says:

    I love these two together so much. They need to get back with each other and start mixing it up with the Quartermaines, Spencers and Scorpios. What chemistry they have! They hit every note perfectly and they always leave me wanting more. I hope we do get more… A LOT more.

  10. Lyric says:

    Gawd, the longing on Todd’s face as he watched her walk away…the way she looked him up and down when she said she wouldn’t want to disappoint….Starr…they are just perfection, as always. Roger and Kassie always shine together. Todd and Blair are eternal.

  11. TV Gord says:

    I figure she’s either going to tell Todd that Victor is alive after all (less likely) or (more likely) that she and Tomas are getting married (or have already eloped).

    I’m always glad to see Kassie again, so I hope she eventually joins the cast on contract, but I don’t see that happening now. I noticed in one scene last week with Todd, Carly and Johnny, Carly was reciting a lot of the same lines Blair would usually say, so I think it’s pretty clear they plan to put Todd together with her. I’m sure Ron Carlivati would love to have Kassie on the show, but he’s already got a “Blair” in Carly…

    • I read that Kassie will be back in september on a more permenant basis(semi regular) and after yesterdays episode where carly realizes todd is still in love with blair and calls him out on it(he admits he is) i have no doubt there will be a blair and todd reconcillation soon. i dont feel after yesterdays episode they plan on putting todd with carly after all in todds mind that would be cheating on blair and he would never do that even though they are not married.

  12. margie says:

    So far GHers have seen Todd as a bit of a badass and a funny guy. It’s time they see his heart and soul. Keep Blair on GH! She’d be a wonderful addition mixing it up with Carly, Alexis and the Q’s.

  13. matthew b lawler says:

    I always prefered blair with max and todd with tea

  14. Kathy Horn says:

    Love the two of them together !

  15. Lynn says:

    I just love watching Todd and Blair together they are so Awesome and Beautiful and have such a major major chemistry together. Please put these two back together they both just come to life when they are with each other.

  16. Tammy Grzenia says:

    loved Tod and Blair together.

  17. Kathy says:

    I can’t wait for Todd and Blair’s story to continue and for their inevitable reunion on GH. Thank you Frank, Ron, Roger and Kassie for making this possible. Todd and Blair are forever!!

  18. Cathy says:

    How long do Todd & Blair fans have to wait for some real payoff and unification for these two? We waited 8 long years for Roger to come back, and then One Life got cancelled. I think we’ve been tortured enough. Please bring Kassie onto GH full time and give Todd & Blair a story where they work TOGETHER instead of ridiculous 3rd party interference. Tomas is a joke, and it’s ridiculous to think Blair would ever choose him or stay with him over Todd.

  19. Jill Sellins says:

    Love how he calls her Blair Manning!!! Squeee….!!! Hope they don’t just tease us and give Kassie a contract!! Love Todd and Blair!!!!

  20. ToddBlairStarr says:

    It’s always been Todd and Blair!!

  21. matthew b lawler says:

    I am sorry but tea delgado is a much more interesting and powerful character than blair manning and I guess addie must be raising jack and sam since blair and todd seem to have forgotten they exist

    • Lori Lee says:

      It is quite the um…….interesting SCREECH that Tea has, I think GH only fans really LOVED IT, not, sorry, LOL!!

    • Helene Jean says:

      I wonder why since those shows that I never watched, when I want to watch GHt I have been watching since 30 years, I saw Robin as a little girl, I found it so hard to loose her as a very very
      godd actrice, now that OWEN doc what he is doing behind her beeing in that condition. I know that wehen you watcch a soap yhey come bck to life…. But this one is realy a huge mystery for me. Does some one could open my eyes on the situation? Plase put back some of our good GH actors Thank you Helene.

  22. montel says:

    kassie depaiva is the best of the best. she came as a shocking re-cast of blair cramer, originally played by an asian actress. she became one of the most beloved characters on OLTL. she’s a natural, authentic actress. and her chemistry with roger is the stuff of legend.

    i agree with an earlier poster: GH’ers have seen todd’s dysfunction and comedy, but with kassie around they’ll see his heart and soul.

    ron & frank, please please add kassie to your contract cast. she’s extraordinary.

  23. brwnsknlady says:

    I see Todd and Blair are using “Starr” again for their real feelings. Todd and Blair are soulmates in the very best and worst sense of the word.

  24. Denese says:

    I can’t wait! It’s true that Roger seems to come alive in scenes with Kassie. They are just magic together I know alot of people think Roger and Laura Wright(Carly) have tons of chemistry BUT it doesn’t compare to what him and Kassie share. I have never seen him spark with anyone else like he does with Kassie, they truly are acting soul mates. And really not many soap couples can compare to T&B, either. However much I love T&B I just don’t trust ROn he probably has something horrible up his sleeve to throw at Todd & Blair fans but anyway I plan to enjoy them as much as I can it’s been way too long since I’ve seen RH/KDP on screen together. I’m just glad we get to see them again, i’ll worry about the rest later LOL.

  25. bstreis says:

    I friggin’ love them. They just make me smile when they’re together. So excited for there scenes this time around. They’ll hold me over until she comes back to GH again :D

  26. Liz says:

    The only reason I’m tuning into GH today. I have finals but I WILL make time to watch Blair and Todd interact.

  27. Lori Lee says:

    Todd and Blair are absolutely stunning and I can’t wait to see them TOGETHER!! We need Blair back permanently. They are the last true remaining ABC super couple, long may they reign.

  28. M says:

    Love this! Bring Kassie and Florencia (Tea) to GH full-time. Those two and Todd can mix it up with the best of Port Charles.

  29. Alexis says:

    Sigh. I love these two! I’m so happy to have them back on the screen together. My love affair started in 1994 and it’s still going strong in 2012. 18 years! More than ½ my life! It’s a testament to the brilliant pairing of Roger Howarth and Kassie DePaiva. The journey for T&B can be infuriating, but these two make it worth it.

  30. Todd and Blair – if Port Charles is fortunate enough to get these two, there’s no telling what happens next, and it’s all dysfunctional greatness! The chemistry of Roger and Kassie cannot be denied and is still on fire. ABC Daytime needs a supercouple, and here it is….with a long history in the making! T&B are fantastic and UNFORGETTABLE!

  31. debbie Bha says:

    TnB all the way baby. Noone comes close to these two in the supercouple department. They are what I have been watching since 1993 and thank god that RH came back to reclaim the character he made legend and with his babe with him. Put KDP on contract and let Todd and Blair reign in PC. Good days are here finally.

  32. Toni says:

    I took off the day from work just to watch Blair’s return LIVE. I can’t wait to see Blair and T&B today. T&B belong together going against Carly and Sonny.

  33. Jodie says:

    The last remaining super couple in the history of daytime. RH/KDP were like catching lightning in a bottle from the first time they shared the screen.There has never been another like them. I look forward to their next reunion. Because it’s coming one way or another. T&B will forever be endgame!!

  34. Lou says:

    So excited to see Kassie DePaiva return to GH. RoKa have made T&B a genuine supercouple. I hope Kassie gets a contract so T&B can be reunited and T&B can finally be a team against the world after their decades of angst. That would give me reason to watch GH everyday.

  35. Alex says:

    Love Kassie, Blair, and T&B. Hope they’ll bring her on on a regular basis. I know I’ll be watching today.

  36. Michael Carpenter says:

    Cant wait!!!!!! :)

  37. Kassie and Roger have chemistry OFF THE CHARTS. I am glad to see them together again on gh. I really missed them they are the last remaining and possibly greatest supercouple in tv history. Bring on Kassie on a regular basis more people would have reason to watch general hospital everyday!!!

  38. Great way to get even more excited for Blair’s/KDP return to General Hospital today! This is sure to shake things up in Port Charles. Kudo’s to #TeamCartini, they just keep bringin it!!! Thank you TV LINE for another great article! #SoapsStillMatter

  39. Ginger says:

    Loves IT!!!

  40. Rosemarie says:

    YAY,cannot wait to see Kassie DePaiva return to GH!!! I and a lot of other fans who miss OLTL hope that she remains on the show-Todd and Blair forever!!

  41. Cath says:

    I’m excited for Blair’s visit to Port Charles! They really should make KdP a permanent addition to GH. Todd & Blair are also one of daytime’s last remaining supercouples. RH & KdP’s chemistry together is simply a goldmine that shows would kill for.

  42. When you can type in TnB on Youtube and pull up thousands of Mvids and clips or find hundreds of fanfics from amazing authors who either want to continue their story or “fix” a story that played out on screen (hint TOEmas) then you know you truly have an iconic and epic couple. Leaves you to wonder what it could be. I mean really, Roger will have chemistry with a paperbag (heck he did with a parrot) and Kassie has chemistry with everyone- so of course you put these two together and just watch the chemistry explode. So I find myself asking after hours of rewatching their story on Youtube or hours reading fanfics what is it about them? I have yet to put my finger on it but agree with most of the comments about that their acting soulmates, look beautiful together, etc, etc.. In other words its simple they just have “IT”

  43. Jennifer says:

    I love Todd and Blair together. Just goes to show how much we lost when they canceled OLTL.

  44. Gabriella says:

    I’ve missed Todd and Blair and I’m excited about getting them back!

  45. mike says:

    Keep Kassie DePaiva on GH.

  46. Krystle. says:

    Loved the preview. T&B still have those sparks flying after all these years. Never has a couple stolen my heart like these two.

  47. Sharon B. says:

    can’t wait Love Kassie aka Blair. This will be very great. Bring back Victor and Tea also!

  48. Elizabeth says:

    Personally if I had wanted to watch OTLT I would have. GH needs to get rid of these “New” cast members and refocus on the ones that they have. Then maybe the show will get interesting again.

    • Helene Jean says:

      I am with you on that one, Tea is xxx times a powerfull character, she has to be back to deliver Sam’s baby; or may be John Mcbain could deliver this beautiful baby for the second time.

  49. manningfangirl says:

    Thank you TVLine for continuing to cover TnB. I think the comments demonstrate there is strong loyalty to these actors and their characters. I hope Cartini pays close attention to that. We want TnB, many of us have invested 10+ years for a satisfying payoff. Honestly, half of my life I have enjoyed these two. I adore RH and he is doing phenomenal work! Please give KdP the opportunity to do the same. She has many fans and we will support GH to watch her. Todd & Blair are endgame – not Todd & Carly (or Sam, for that matter)!!!

  50. emtk says:

    Such chemistry!! Give Kassie a contract!! It will make Port Charles so much more interesting!!