TVLine's 2012 Dream Emmy Nominees -- Did Your Favorites Make the Cut?

In honor of the actual Emmy nods being announced this Thursday morning, Team TVLine thought it would be fitting to unleash some positive energy into the atmosphere in the form of our dream nominations.

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The following wish list — which we included in our larger, in-depth category overviews last month — has now been conveniently streamlined into one handy slideshow below.

View our optimal picks and then hit the comments with your own best-case-scenario rundown.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kelly says:

    Drama shows: Fringe, Once Upon a Time, Southland. Supporting Drama actors: John Noble and Robert Carlyle. Comedy actors: Dule Hill and James Roday. Comedy show: Psych, Big Bang Theory. Guest stars: Sebastan Stan and Emilie de Ravin on Once, William Shatner on Psych.

    • Anne says:

      I adore every single one of the shows and people you named, but I very much doubt any of them will make the cut… maybe William Shatner and Robert Carlyle but I wouldn’t put my money on the rest. They’re all brilliant but just the kid of show that Emmy voters would overlook.

    • BTW ,, if you have not seen it yet then check out Sherlock , I have been watching season 1 via Netflix and Benedict Cumberbatch , is not just a great actor , BUT , the series as very very sharp writing !

  2. Amanda says:

    I love that in the comedy dream nominations, there is no Glee, no Office and no Modern Family! How refreshing! (Although I actually do like Modern Family, but it is nowhere near the best comedy on TV.)

  3. Captain says:

    This is the one year I genuinely think Glee deserves to be nominated since Season Three was by far their best and most fluid season however, last year seemed to trash their reputation and with so many great new comedies, I don’t see it getting recognized. It’s a shame because Lea Michele and Naya Rivera truly deserve nominations for some outstanding performances. I’d love to see Happy Endings nominated, especially Casey Wilson.

    • jane says:

      First season was amazing because it was unexpected but it has declined in quality since then. The only reason I watch is for Lea Michele and I hate how the awards seem to forget that the category is called Musical and Comedy (for the Golden Globes at least) . I like to see another actress play a role where she has to be an amazing singer, performer, be funny (which her character is underrated for), drama (ultimate drama queen) and annoying (yet you still root for her). Hopefully having her character shine in NY will help given she was nominated in the first season when Rachel Berry was carrying the show.

    • Kel says:

      Naya Rivera? Does she even deserve to be nominated? Her character is so one-dimensional, not to mention Santana uses the same tired lines. In 3 years her character hasn’t changed (of coarse, some fault on the writers) but Naya dosen’t add anything to her character either. Santana is not funny and her dramatic sense are laughable–the scene when she comes out to her grandmother can only be descibed as lackluster, I didn’t feel anything for Santana during that scene but till this day I give Naya a break and blame that scene on “bad editing”. Santana is a mean lesbian and that’s all that is to her character. And yes, Lea Michele is a fantastic talent and I have no doubt she works harder than any actress in television right now, but one bad apple spoils the whole bunch and that is what Glee is–a bunch of bad apples. Maybe, S4 will be better but dont count on it but even with all its problems I still think Glee could be top dog again.

    • Michael says:

      I’d rather that the Emmys create a hybrid category for shows like Glee. While I thought that Chris Colfer was deserving of an award the year that he won a Golden Globe, I didn’t think he won for his comedy chops. In that season, he had quite a few heart-wrenching scenes with his father and Finn and his acting in those dramatic scenes earned him the win. Lea Michele knocked it out of the park this season but what I remember most is how effectively she handled the dramatic car scene in the season finale and the desperation she faced when she blew her audition for NYADA.

      Or, simply change the names of the categories to best dramatic performance by an actor or best comedic performance by an actor, regardless of the genre of the show.

    • octopus says:

      Best and most fluid? Were you watching the same show as everyone else?

  4. Saint Alicia says:

    Bless you guys for the Southland love (it’s tragically under-recognized), and you’re on point with the Mad Men recommendations (Jessica Pare can have a seat); though wish you’d have included TGW’s Archie Panjabi (she deserves all the awards!).

  5. R says:

    Is it bad that I just watch 2 or 3 shows out of the whole bunch of nominated in all categories (drama, comedy, actors, actresses) ? :P

    Well I will watch (and love) Once upon a time, Grey’s Anatomy and How I met Your Mother no matter Emmy snubs them or not!

  6. Spencer says:

    Say it with me now: Parks and Rec! Parks and Rec! Parks and Rec!….

  7. Stephanie says:

    I would really like to see Hugh Laurie get one final emmy nod for House.

    • Gwen says:

      And Robert Sean Leonard, who I really feel has been so consistently enjoyable to watch as House’s only real friend.

  8. joe says:

    Wow. Nothing for Game of Thrones? I’d pick it for drama series instead of Southland.

    • terbear says:

      Maisie Williams should get a nod for playing the Arya/Tywin scenes with a breathholding pace.

    • AJ says:

      Dream nominees not locks… They deliberately chose people/shows that are not guaranteed to get a nod. GoT is a lock for a best drama nod.

      • Elena says:

        If that was the case then Breaking Bad and Homeland wouldn’t be on the list, but they are. Tvline has just never really liked Game of Thrones for whatever reason. The show should definitely be nominated though along with Peter Dinkalage even if they’re not on this list.

        • AJ says:

          I don’t really care what this site likes lol. I think if this site had it their way Glee would win multiple Emmy’s a year while those of us that live in reality know it shouldn’t win any. I just remember when they did these dream nominees awhile back they were picking people who in reality only have an outside chance of getting nominated, let alone winning. Like Sons of Anarchy. They get snubbed year after year.

          • Britta Unfiltered says:

            “if this site had it their way Glee would win multiple Emmys a year”? Huh? Did you look at the slideshow? Glee wasn’t anywhere in there for best show or acting nods. I don’t think TVLine is rooting for them this year at all. And for someone who doesn’t care what this site likes, you sure seem to enjoy reading the articles and reading the comments and even taking the time to post comments of your own. Isn’t there something you actually do care about you could be doing instead?

          • AJ says:

            Oh come on, every other article and spoiler on this site is related to Glee, Castle, or Bones lol. When I say I don’t care what this site thinks, I mean the people who write the site. I won’t let my opinion be swayed like that. Not that I think they are not entitled to their opinions just as everyone else is. People get all uptight and defensive on here if you reply to their posts. I suggest not posting here if you can’t handle it when someone doesn’t agree and says so in a reply. Anyway, Glee fans are delusional and I stand by that statement. They have gone so far off the edge that know they want to create Emmy categories, where it’s only competition is probably Smash, just so it can win. Silly.

  9. Aprilcot says:

    I need some Community and Parks and Rec love. They are the funniest shows on TV right now (along with New Girl)…why don’t they have bigger audiences?!

  10. Barb says:

    Are you kidding me!! No Supernatural! Come on!

  11. JohnQ says:

    I stop watching gallery after I’ve noticed that in “Team TVLine” “dream” (nightmare?) nominations there aren’t neither Mad Men and Modern Family.

    Are you kidding us?

    Happy Endings is a good show, but you can’t put it between masterpieces like Community.

  12. Webb says:

    Couldn’t you have just posted a list? Getting tired of clicking onto blank pages and having to go back and forth for them all to load.

    • davey says:

      Thank You!
      I thought I might be the only one having a VERY difficult time moving to the next frame! It takes forever!!!!

  13. KK says:

    Okay so where are all the nominations for Modern Family. Eric Stonestreet, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Sophia Verga. Also nothing on Blue Bloods or Once Upon a Time. I think we are missing some major competition here.

  14. SJ says:

    For me, personally:
    Drama – Revenge, Once Upon a Time, The Good Wife
    Comedy – 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, Happy Endings, How I Met Your Mother, Suburgatory, Veep
    Drama Actress – Emily VanCamp, Madeleine Stowe, Julianna Margulies, Kate Walsh
    Drama Actor – none (I guess I don’t watch any male-led dramas!)
    Comedy Actress – Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Martha Plimpton, Krysten Ritter
    Supp. Actor Drama – Josh Charles
    Supp. Actress Drama – Christine Baranski
    Supp. Actor Comedy – Nick Offerman
    Supp. Actress Comedy – Jane Krakowski, Jane Krakowski, JANE KRAKOWSKI!!!

    • Tara says:

      My choices:
      Drama – Once Upon a Time, Sherlock, Downton Abbey
      Comedy – TBBT, Mike & Molly, Psych
      Drama Actress – Michelle Dockery, Ginnifer Goodwin, Stana Katic
      Drama Actor – Benedict Cumberbatch, Robert Carlyle, Matt Bomer
      Comedy Actress – Kaley Cuoco, Melissa McCarthy,
      Comedy Actor – Jim Parsons,
      Supp Actor Drama – Martin Freeman
      Supp Actress Drama – Maggie Smith
      Supp Actress Comedy – Melissa Rauch
      Supp Actor Comedy – Johnny Galecki

    • Emily says:

      Filling in for your blank: Bryan Cranston, Jon Hamm, Michael C. Hall, Timothy Olyphant, Damian Lewis, Hugh Laurie… Jason Isaacs, Andrew Lincoln and Bill Macy are also great, and I’m sure if I watched Boardwalk Empire and Sons of Anarchy Steve Buscemi and Charlie Hunnam would be on my list too. There are so many! I watch Revenge and OUAT, but I’d say Revenge has an edge over Once Upon a Time, and neither are contenders. Sorry :(

  15. AJ says:

    No love for Justified?

  16. Liz says:

    No Cougar Town love?

    • Tenney says:

      Agree Liz, where’s the love for Cougar Town? However, I would also be VERY happy to see Community get a bod. Also, while I loved Jessica Lange in American Horror Story, for me the standout of the season was Evan Peters. His character was so evil and unlikable, yet he still was able to make you feel sympathy for him.

  17. Sarah says:

    No Justified?? Best show on TV!

  18. sam says:

    Claire danes plays the most annoying character on TV and I think when it comes down to it — Mad men will finally prevail in an acting category. I’m so glad you included Josh charles — he should be nominated and should win. I really wish that James Roday of Psych would finally get his due but I don’t see it sadly. wish Revenge would make it in.

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      Hey Sam, guess who called? Claire Danes. She says you’re annoying.
      On a more mature note, I do find Carrie Mathison to be the most interesting character on any TV show. I do love a character with issues. And I hope you’re right about Mad Men. I would love to see Christina Hendricks get it, but I worry Maggie Smith is winning it again.

  19. Michael says:

    Max Greenfield, Emmy Rossum, anything Parks and Rec and Community. Busy Phillips wouldn’t be a bad addition to the Emmy ballot either.(It’ll never happen, but she’s always been the funniest of a very funny cast).

  20. Marie says:

    No Hugh Laurie? What a shame it will be if he doesn’t get nominated.

    • gregk says:

      And unfortunately lose again for the umpteenth time. Maybe one of these days he will win; wait, this is his last chance!!

  21. TamIWas says:

    I must have skipped over the slide of Courteney Cox for Cougar Town…

  22. nyla says:

    How can you leave Jane Krakowski off the Supporting Actress in a Comedy list? smh

  23. enr702 says:

    I agree with these nominations more so then E!\’s. I think a few fabulous actors and shows were excluded from both lists though. How about Shameless for Best Drama Series? Jon Bernthal from TWD for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama? I also think shows on FX, such as It\’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Wilfred are being overlooked in the comedy category. What I don\’t undertstand (and maybe it\’s just me) is the dream nominations for Zooey D. While I think she\’s cute and is an okay actress, I don\’t think you can compare her to comedy greats like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Also, Alot of people are saying \”Glee.\” Glee has gotten absolutely terrible when it comes to story flow, character development, etc. The only time Glee deserved any nominations was in its first season. There\’s been a few standout moments, but nothing I would call Emmy status.

    • AJ says:

      I couldn’t agree more with a few things here. Sunny is hysterical. Maybe is is just too far out of the mainstream for Emmy voters to pay attention to. And both Zooey and Glee don’t deserve nominations. The writers on this site are so in love with both of those mediocre shows. It gets to the point where some of them seem personally invested in promoting Glee and have lost any kind of impartiality.

      • Britta Unfiltered says:

        Welcome to TV fandom, where objectivity and impartiality don’t exist. :) Not sure where you’re getting that the writers are in love with Glee. I have seen no mention of it by TVLine in this article and it doesn’t appear to be a dream nominee for anything, so let’s cut the TVLine staff a break, shall we? Also, for Sunny…I used to be the world’s biggest Sunny fan. I was so obsessed with that show, but it went severely downhill after season 4. They got incredibly lazy with their writing. At this point it won’t get nominated for anything because it doesn’t deserve to be, but in those first few years, you are right, it was horribly snubbed. It used to be a work of genius.

        • AJ says:

          If the tvline staff has a problem with my opinion they have my email address and can get in touch with me any time to let me know. Ausiello moderates the Glee panel at Comic-con lol. Stop trying to say that they don’t spend an extraordinary amount of time discussing that show when everyone knows they do.

  24. Kelly says:

    I really hope Lea Michele gets a nomination. She rocked this season. Seriously the choke episode, the props and nationals episode, and of course the most heart breaking scene ever filled episode: the season finale. She’s the main reason I watch glee.
    I also really really want Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz or just Bones to get nominated. I really think that show is Emmy worthy. I mean the storylines are consistent, the cast has excellent chemistry, and you just can’t help but root for each of their stories.
    Oh! and House!! That series finale was perfect. It should be nominated and maybe even win just for that. Hugh Laurie was fantastic.

  25. AJ says:

    I love scrolling through the comments and seeing how many people don’t get what “dream nominees” means. They didn’t include people or shows that are generally a lock for a nomination lol. They are trying to get some love for the people/shows that get snubbed year in and year out.

    • Fran says:

      I agree that people are missing the point- but what about Breaking Bad and Homeland? The Big Bang Theory? Those aren’t dream nominations- they seem more like a lock to me. They list a lot that normally get snubbed but quite a few that will also surely get nods.

      • Emily says:

        I think that’s for shows/actors that TV|Line considers so phenomenal this season that their quality is virtually uncontested, so they are locks and dream nominees, as opposed to ones that are still excellent, but perhaps not as amazing as seasons past. You know, the ones that have been previously considered and are most likely to be nominated again, but might not deserve it as much this year.

  26. Maureen Majma says:

    The Emmy Award Categories are in major need of reformation. Due to network, cable,& premium cable programming there are far too many excellent shows, actors, etc. than there are suitable categories for. Some shows don’t exactly fit into either a total drama or comedy mold. A “hybrid” show such as Glee doesn’t quite have a suitable category. Crime dramas and procedurals are also well done but totally ignored.

    Years ago there were different categories for network and cable series, but not anymore. A show such as Game of Thrones cannot fairly compete against a network show that is grinding out 20 plus episodes a year on a much smaller budget. This needs to be addressed.

    While the Emmy Awards are considered extremely prestigious, The People’s Choice Awards are far more logical in designing appropriate categories for the shows to be sorted into. While the current Emmy categories may have been adequate in 1972, they are no longer properly relevant for what is televised in 2012. How could it be when there are over 100 networks instead of just ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS creating entertainment 24 hours a day?

    By the way, my votes go to Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion of “Castle” for Outstanding Actress & Actor in a Drama for the 2011-2012 Television Season. Unfortunately they, the show, the Castle writers and creative teams, may be overlooked again tomorrow because this show is not considered a 100% Drama. What a shame if that happens. At least they have the People’s Choice Awards.

    • AJ says:

      I am willing to bet that a 24 episode season of a Drama on a major network actually has a MUCH larger budget than a cable series. Not to mention they have actors that are household names. How many actors on Game of Thrones had anyone even heard of before the show started? Maybe a couple at best, and they are not big, high paid names.
      And no, the Emmy’s don’t need to add categories for fans of shows featuring 20 something actors playing high school children. Their acting skills just aren’t on par with the people that actually win those awards. Making categories so they can “win something” is for the Kid’s Choice Awards.
      Judging by who you think should win best actress and actor makes me think that none of your post can be taken seriously. I like Castle, but neither of them deserve an Emmy.

      • AJ says:

        I forgot to add, boohoo there is competition now. The Emmy’s aren’t just for the networks anymore. It’s sad that I keep seeing this argument that cable shouldn’t be allowed to compete for awards because they are simply producing better shows than what the networks can come up with. Oh they can say bad word and show nudity. Oh my god, I totally bet Emmy voters consider that.

        • Fran says:

          I don’t think they should have separate categories, but I can sort of understand the thought. Yes, I agree with the budget issues and big name actors- network shows will always have that. But I do think there is a difference when you have 22 episodes versus 12- with only 12 eps you have to move the show at a fairly rapid pace. As a result you don’t have the grumbling that plots and/or answers are taking too long to resolve (as you get with network). And cable can show a LOT more- and believe it or not, that does make a difference when you’re trying to show things realistically. But anyway- that being said, the Emmy voters don’t pay attention to any of that anyway so I don’t think it matters in the end.

          • AJ says:

            Yeah that’s the thing. They don’t watch the entire season to decide the awards. They probably watch one or a handful of episodes. And I am not so sure on the pace argument. The Walking Dead and The Killing are constantly getting flack over their pace and we are talking about 16 and 13 eps respectively. You can even show quite a bit on network TV in the 10pm slot. They are at a disadvantage there though when it comes to sex, violence, drugs, and language. I hope Emmy voters don’t consider that stuff though lol.

      • Maureen Majma says:

        I personally do not watch Glee. I used it as an a example because it was quite an original show when it was first broadcast. Since then others have tried to imitate it to a certain degree. Other awards shows, such as the Golden Globes, recognize musicals and actors in those categories. It just doesn’t quite fit the Emmy mold.

        My comments are based on having watched TV for over 40 years. Many excellent actors, writers, and shows (no longer on air) were deserving of Emmy nominations and awards and never got a nod. Many other mediocre actors and programming have though. Sometimes the shows with the best PR and the buzz in the industry overshadow other deserving ones and bring home the Emmy. That was one of my points. Through the years it seems that many Emmy nominations and Awards might have been given out based on the “Buzz Factor”.

        As for Youth Programming, that is also another area in need of an Emmy Awards overhaul. There are many excellent young actors today whose acting skills are far more gifted than some of the adults on primetime, however, that is another topic. By the way, how many people remember Anna Paquin winning an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress (The Piano -1993) as a child?

    • Emily says:

      (Note: tl;dr, you have been warned.)

      I watched a lot of drama this year (I’ve got to cut back 50% next year).
      On broadcast, I watched Castle, House, Fringe, Once Upon a Time, Revenge, Terra Nova, Awake, Scandal, The Vampire Diaries, and The Secret Circle. The Good Wife and Person of Interest are on my “to-watch” list. On cable, I watched Game of Thrones, Dexter, Justified, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, The Killing, Shameless, True Blood, The Walking Dead, White Collar, Suits, and Sherlock (I count it as cable). Sons of Anarchy and Homeland are on my “to-watch” list.

      To summarize, I watch both gritty dramas and lighter dramedies, so I hope that circumvents assumptions that I must be either a 12-year old fangirl or an elitist prick. That said, people who are annoyed that network dramedies and procedurals (I’d say USA Network qualifies too) don’t get enough recognition need to get over it. Network comedies dominate over cable. Would you say they don’t deserve it? I doubt it. Is it fair? Depends. Same goes for cable dramas dominating over network.

      For the most part, cable is specializing in highly serialized dramas that are truly different — a.k.a. not ratings juggernauts. If a cable network is very lucky, they will strike gold and get both critical acclaim and great ratings. But for the most part, people just don’t have the patience or the mindset — plenty don’t want watching TV to feel like work, even if it’s compelling work — not if it’s too subtle or too out-of the-box. NCIS regularly gets 20 million viewers; Mad Men gets like 3 million on a good day. Mad Men always wins, NCIS never even gets nominated. Both are good shows, but 9.5 times out of 10, you can’t have it both ways. That’s why there are _____ Choice Awards, so widely-viewed shows that are not as critically popular can be recognized. It’s nice in theory, but the more Emmy awards handed out, the more diluted the prestige. After all, the Oscars don’t give out Best Comedy Picture and Best Drama Picture. So only the best dramas are recognized, not the best in action, sci-fi, dramedy, and procedurals. The PR dollars and buzz and under/overrated are another matter, but I’d draw a parallel to, say, Supernatural fans getting their show to win in all voting awards open to the public, even though it only gets 2-3 million Nielsen viewers. It’s fan effort vs. network effort. It’s politics, it’s priorities, it’s how you play the game, and the forum in which you play it in.

      You can appeal to the masses by making a great show, or you can consider ratings secondary and make a brilliant show, and perhaps then, the ratings will come. For me, these shows are truly the ones with something to say. It’s almost as if for them, entertainment value takes a backseat to character study and story progression, if that makes any sense. And that makes me sit up and take notice that this is really something special. Castle is great fun, and my God, I love Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic, but Castle will not be nominated, nor do I think they should be. Not because it’s not “100% drama,” but because it’s not a masterpiece when quite a few other shows are. Just because you watch something doesn’t mean it’s the best, and just because you don’t watch something doesn’t mean it’s not better. I guess what I’m saying is, I can love a show but also accept that the intensity of my love is not an accurate measurement of its quality. I feel that people often miss that distinction.

      • Maureen Majma says:

        In the past few years, the Academy Awards have doubled the number of movie nominations in the Best Picture Category. They did this because there had long been an outcry of unfairness in the industry. So many deserving movies that didn’t have the PR Machine and bankroll behind them were often left out when Oscar nominations were announced.

        There had been talk earlier this year of having the Emmy Committee look at breaking down the Reality Show nominations into sub-categories. I’m not sure whether or not that has been done; we will find out tomorrow.

        If the Television Academy can revisit whether the “Reality”, or shall we say “unreality”, category is properly classified, it should seriously reconsider breaking down the network and cable shows into subcategories once again.

        When cable TV was relatively new, the bias was towards nominating network shows and overlooking the ones on HBO, Showtime, etc. Therefore, the Academy instituted categories for shows made for Cable TV. I’m not sure when the two categories were merged. The tide has changed. Programming for network TV is now the one neglected when it comes to doling out nominations..

        Too many great shows, actors, writers, and creative talents are frozen out of the current Emmy Award Nomination process each year. I’d like to see more of a level playing field. Right now, the odds of getting an Emmy nomination, never mind the actual award, is like trying to win the Megaball Jackpot Lottery. Perhaps those odds are sometimes better.

        • AJ says:

          Awards are pretty meaningless when you attempt to make so many categories that everyone gets an award and doesn’t feel left out. If they went with your idea it would take 2 nights just to broadcast them all. It’s not unfair either. They are awards and have no bearing on how well your show does ratings-wise, which is what keeps you on the air. I think you are placing too much value on the need for “everyone to get an award so they can be happy.” As if the 50 different award shows they have now aren’t enough.

      • Britta Unfiltered says:

        Emily, you are my favorite person ever. Great piece of writing here, and quite astute.
        I would also like to add I find it very hard to believe that basic cable networks like AMC and Fx and TNT would have higher show budgets than broadcast network channels that are owned by companies like Disney and GE. They have the money, they have the ratings, they have the advertisers. They could be putting out high quality shows if they wanted to, and in some cases like Community and Parks and Rec, they do.
        Sometimes they’ll put a great drama on TV like Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip or Southland, and then cancel it before the 1st season even has a chance to wrap up. (In Southland’s case, getting then snapped up by TNT). Broadcast networks are much quicker to cancel a high quality show than basic cable networks and pay channel networks are. AMC, TNT, HBO, Showtime, Fx, etc., etc., are all networks that are very willing to give their shows a chance to grow their audiences before giving them the boot, even if it takes a few years. And maybe this is because they have fewer pilots to develop than broadcast networks do and are limited on choices. Or maybe it’s because broadcast networks have been taken over by large corporations like Disney and GE that only care about how high they can drive the stock price and couldn’t really care less about the art form. Either way, basic cable and pay channels are kicking broadcast networks’ rears when it comes to the quality of dramas, and they’re starting to take over in the comedy area now too, with really great shows like Girls, Episodes, Louie, Veep. Broadcast networks could do this if they wanted. I find it hard to believe a show like Mad Men couldn’t be on NBC. The censors would find very little wrong with it. It would probably pull in the same ratings as most other NBC dramas do since NBC has that little problem with being the lowest-rated network. But Mad Men could never have been on a network like NBC because NBC wouldn’t recognize an Emmy-winning, critically-acclaimed TV show if it bit them on the…well, you get the picture. Or even if they did recognize a high-quality show, they would do everything they could do to kill it by firing its showrunner, unexpectedly putting it in on hiatus, refusing to publicize it, and even moving it to Fridays after Whitney.
        Okay, so my lengthy point here to add to your great comments is…why should broadcast networks get their own special Emmy categories when they are not working very hard to put high quality shows on television? Why cater to them like that and hand them awards when they make such bad programming choices? I am totally fine with making them compete with basic cable networks and pay channels. Perhaps it will force them to up their game. They have the ability to do it, they just need to get better people in charge of whoever makes their programming choices.

        • AJ says:

          I agree with pretty much everything except for Mad Men. Mad Men has never been a ratings juggernaut on AMC. I would have to go back and look at it’s history but I think it’s ratings would have gotten it cancelled on every network but The CW or NBC. Now I have no way of knowing if it would have rated higher on a network, I am just going by what it has done on AMC. The Walking Dead on the same channel actually destroys Mad Men in the ratings for comparison. Breaking Bad as well.

        • Emily says:

          I think to summarize in a way I couldn’t before, I believe that networks simply don’t need (many) awards. They need ratings. Those who love popular non-award winning shows are, of course, upset when these shows are always passed over, but it doesn’t matter. My impression is that on cable, a show would probably have to be award-winning in order to have a fighting chance of renewal, because they likely don’t cut it in the ratings game. Awards bring buzz, which brings viewers to basic cable networks that casual viewers don’t automatically turn to, and new paying subscribers to premium channels. Network offerings are automatically higher profile and reach many more households, so cable does have to try harder to distinguish itself.

          Realistically, I think the calls for separating cable and network in the Emmys are generally unfounded. Mad Men is like, the most nominated show on the planet, but I don’t think AMC’s been able to monetize it as well as they’d hoped. A good example might be HBO’s Deadwood. From what I hear, it was pretty much universally praised and awarded, and is consistently included on “best TV shows ever” lists, but low ratings led to an abrupt cancellation. So all ye network supporters crying foul: as long as you keep watching, your show will stay on the air, Emmys be darned. I would take comfort in that.

          And thanks, Britta, for reading the whole thing, haha.

  27. Julia says:

    Seriously wishing for a Stana Katic nom!!!

  28. cjeffery7 says:

    if there were an award for brightest future and best young television show (that has not yet been nominated), Happy Endings would be a major contender. i see bright things in their future.

  29. meah says:

    I pray kerry washington(scandal)or regina king(southland)should be nominated.black actresses are underestimated.(I know claire daines would win this year cos she was flawless on homeland).when last did a black actress win lead actress in a drama??its so sad..p.s I hope the guy who plays cyrus on scandal is nominated.

    • AJ says:

      Why should race matter? And why would you hinge your hopes on someone that has appeared in 8 episodes of a new show? There really was nothing outstanding about her performance on the show. I like Regina King on Southland. Not because she is black, but because she is a good actress. Will she get noticed? I doubt it because the show is always on a short run on cable. People always gotta throw the race card out though. It’s sad. Anyway, I watched Scandal and the praise people are giving it for acting is not deserved. Some of them like Guillermo Diaz? gave cringe-worthy performances.

  30. meah says:

    @aj because u don’t think its good does not mean its not..u can be pissed all u want,but its the truth.or are u saying the very few black actresses that are in drama aren’t good??ask urself when last did you see a primetime show on network being anchored by a black actress??when?u can choose to ignore that fact all u want.since kerry is the only one,am gonna support her..

    • AJ says:

      So your reason for her to win an Emmy is because she is black and a black person hasn’t won an Emmy in a long time? Complete nonsense. The show has aired all of 8 episodes and you are ready to declare it the best thing on TV? That’s silly. I never said I didn’t like it either, but I did say some of the actors on it were bad. And that’s the truth.

  31. meah says:

    And I don’t think its only kerry or regina that are underestimated.pretty much the entire cast of fringe is..I hope I don’t see any noms for emily vancamp over kerry or regina,because revenge was pretty good.but scandal blows it totally..

  32. meah says:

    @aj I didn’t say its because a black actress has not won lead drama in a long time(which Is true)I said it they deserve a nom because they are amazing and the cahnces of black actresses being nominated are slimmer…peace out

    • AJ says:

      Why are their chances slimmer? Not sure I understand what you are trying to say. If they are good actresses on quality shows why would they have less of a chance getting nominated? It seems to me you are the one implying the Emmy’s are inherently racist and I have yet to see you provide any real proof that is the case. I think your beef should probably lie with the people that make the shows and choose to cast very few black actors/actresses. People shouldn’t get awards just because their race is under-represented on TV. Then they didn’t really earn that award. I agree with you that the girl from Revenge shouldn’t get nominated over them. I don’t think any of them should get nominated at all. If I had to pick one it would be Regina King though because she actually does an outstanding job on Southland.

  33. Karen says:

    where’s Jon Hamm, and where’s Mad Men? Just the fact that Jon Hamm has yet to win an Emmy is beyond me! (though I’m really hoping for Breaking Bad to grab best drama this year). I’d also want Allison Brie in there (because I love her so!).
    And I knwo the Emmy- voters won’t include Fringe or True Blood, but I would.

    I’m really hoping and praying for Community and all it’s actors, Casey Wilson, John Noble, Breaking Bad and all it’s actors (Aaron Paul and Giancarlo Esposito particularly), New Girl (including Zooey Dechanel and Max Greenfield)

  34. AJ says:

    Someone should explain to me how Zooey Deschanel was “outstanding” on New Girl. She seemed to be playing herself for the most part and I didn’t see anything exceptional from her performance. Not like you see from Amy Poehler, and numerous other actresses, who play actual characters.

  35. Mike says:

    Fingers crossed for Katey Sagal. She has been truly a consistently brilliant performer throughout Sons run, especially in season 2 and 4.

  36. May says:

    Drama – Castle, Once Upon a Time, Revenge
    Comedy – How I Met Your Mother, Raising Hope
    Drama Actress – Stana Katic, Lauren Graham, Ginnifer Goodwin
    Drama Actor – Nathan Fillion,
    Comedy Actress – Tina Fey, Martha Plimpton, Alyson Hannigan,
    Supp. Actor Drama – Robert Carlyle,
    Supp. Actress Drama – Christina Hendricks
    Supp. Actor Comedy – Neil Patrick Harris
    Supp. Actress Comedy – —-

    • AJ says:

      No Game of Thrones, no Breaking Bad in there. Both of which are 10 times better than Castle. How do you guys even come up with these lists that will never happen?

    • Juliet says:

      How is Christina Hendricks on your list without Elisabeth Moss or Mad Men?
      But I agree Raising Hope is underrated.

  37. Jamie says:

    Charlie Maggie and Katey i prey get nominated they deserve it and Sons don’t get a lot of love in the awards department so i hope they are put on the list for their amazing performances this past season!! Also Justified deserves a lot of love that show is brilliant and deserves some respect!!

  38. Sam says:

    Can we all agree best is a subjective and not and on objective term, like with comedy it what you find funny, some will say Modern Family, some say Community, some say Louie

  39. Patrick says:

    Comedy on Tv has severly Gond down hill for me
    The few saving graces on this list are New Girl, Raising Hope, Happy Endings, Subgatory, Community and Shameless but these shows are considered underdogs against awful shows like Big Bang and Girls

  40. Veritas says:

    Lana Parrilla should definitely be nominated. She’s done an amazing job as Regina in “Once Upon A Time”.

  41. Jinjeon says:

    Where the hell is Wendie Malick?! The woman gave the best comedic performance of the season. Her Victoria Chase is the funniest character on the television nowadays. I wish Emmy voters watched “Hot in Cleveland” then they would have known it’s not Betty White who’s the best on the show but Wendie.

  42. Angela says:

    May be a “long shot”, but I’m definitely rooting for “Community” and its to get nominated for all the categories they’re part of here. It’d be a banner year for Jim Rash if he won an Oscar and an Emmy! But I’d be happy with Danny Pudi being nominated, too. Here’s hoping!

    • AJ says:

      It won’t ever happen, but this show is absolutely brilliant in some episodes. The dice game episode with all the alternate realities should win an Emmy. That was so awesome on so many levels. And there are so many other great episodes, like the computer game one. I hope this show gets some nominations, but I am not holding my breath. They seem to like to throw emmys at Modern Family, which is funny, but the same story week in and week out.

  43. Aljosa says:

    Anna Gunn! Maggie Siff! Community! HIMYM! Gillian Jacobs!

  44. Callie says:

    Seriously if Sons of Anarchy and its cast won’t get nominated this year, the jury is a bunch of blind idiots!! The writing and acting were mind blowing! Same goes for Shameless! It’s time they get some recognition!

    BTW awesome choice! Agree with (alsmost) every show/ actor/ actress!

  45. Hurley says:

    Sandra Oh really diserves a nomination…

  46. lily says:

    i think christina hendricks will become the first mad men actor to win an emmy this year. and i also believe that breaking bad deserves to win best drama over mad men. it was superb this season and better than all the other shows. as for comedy, i really think parks and rec would deserve to win over modern family again, but it probably won’t.

  47. jared says:

    Best Comedy Series- AWKWARD

  48. digitalred93 says:

    Peter Dinklage’s performance this year blew every other dramatic actor out of the water – I don’t care if he goes up for lead or supporting, Tyrion in season 2 of Game of Thrones is the one to beat.

    • AJ says:

      Yeah he was pretty awesome. His story gets even better in the next book which will cover the next two seasons. I would love to see George RR Martin get nominated for writing “Blackwater” as well.

  49. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I go 3/6 for almost every category with you guys, except on comedy supporting actor (2/6 there with Offerman and Pudi), Supporting Comedy actress where we go 2/6 on Gillian and Eden, Lead Drama Actress where we go 4/6, and Supporting Drama actress where we go 5/6. My one swap out was Joelle Carter from Justified for Maggie Siff. And honestly, the only reason I went with Joelle was because I love that character of Eva and I love Justified, while Sons of Anarchy is kind of on my crap list as far as shows go. However, I can concede Maggie Siff does a great job on the show, so I think it’s a good pick. And as much as I hate SOA, I also picked Katey Sagal for lead actress. She does really well with that character.
    Some choices I can’t agree with…The New Girl for any nominations. Come now, do you really not find it to be mediocre? I could possibly go with Zooey for a best actress nod, but not best show or Max Greenfield. Especially with those supporting male spots so hard to fight for and so much talent out there. The Good Wife is another show I’ve never been able to muster excitement over. Happy Endings, while very good, just hasn’t approached “great” status with me yet. Suburgatory, The Big Bang Theory, season 2 of Downton Abbey I can’t really get behind either. Though you are right that Michelle Dockery is a much better choice than Elizabeth McGovern.
    I think your most shocking omission is Kelsey Grammer for Boss. I think he ranks right up there with Bryan Cranston and William H. Macy for what he’s managed to successfully do…and that is to so believably create a character that’s so intensely opposite from his real persona and from everything else we’ve ever seen him do. Kelsey Grammer managed to scare the pants off me in that show. If we’re looking at shows like Breaking Bad doing interesting villains as the heroes of the show, then Boss is up there with the creme de la creme. If I had to a pick a winner between Kelsey and Bryan for who I thought did the better job on their shows, I would not be able to pick.
    Nice job on the Modern Family snubs. I see you are as fatigued over their nomination gluttony as I am. Ah, the ties that bind us.

  50. Me34 says:

    OK, since a lot of people decided to do their wish lists, I’ll make mine:

    DRAMA SERIES: “Awake”, “Boardwalk Empire”, “Breaking bad” (my pick), “Game of thrones”, “Mad men”, “The walking dead”
    DRAMA LEADING ACTOR: Bryan Cranston – “Breaking bad” (my pick), Damian Lewis – “Homeland”, Denis Leary – “Rescue me”, Jason Isaacs – “Awake”, Steve Buscemi – “Boardwalk Empire”, William H. Macy – “Shameless”
    DRAMA LEADING ACTRESS: Claire Danes – “Homeland”, Elizabeth Moss – “Mad men”, Ellen Pompeo – “Grey’s anatomy”, Glenn Close, Katey Sagal – “Sons of anarchy” (my pick), Kyra Sedgwick – “The closer”
    DRAMA SUPPORTING ACTOR: Brent Sexton – “The killing”, Giancarlo Esposito – “Breaking bad” (my pick), John Noble – “Fringe”, Jon Bernthal – “The walking dead”, Michael Pitt – “Boardwalk Empire”
    DRAMA SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Anna Gunn – “Breaking bad”, Christina Hendricks – “Mad men”, Christine Baranski – “The good wife”, Lena Headey – “Game of thrones”, Michelle Forbes – “The killing”, Sandra Oh -“Grey’s anatomy” (my pick)

    COMEDY SERIES: “Community”, “Modern Family”, “The Big C”, “The Middle”, “Parks and Recreation” (my pick), “Suburgatory”
    COMEDY LEADING ACTOR: Adam Scott – “Parks and recreation”, David Duchovny – “Californication”, Don Cheadle – “House of lies”, Jim Parsons – “The Big Bang theory”, Larry David – “Curb your enthusiasm”, Louis C.K. – “Louie” (my pick)
    COMEDY LEADING ACTRESS: Amy Poehler – “Parks and recreation”, Julia Louis-Dreyfus – “Veep”, Laura Dern – “Enlightened”, Laura Linney – “The big C” (my pick), Lena Dunham – “Girls”, Marcia Cross – “Desperate housewives”
    COMEDY SUPORTING ACTOR: Donald Glover – “Community”, Ed O’Neill – “Modern family” (my pick), Eric Stonestreet – “Modern family”, John Benjamin Hickey – “The big C”, Nick Offerman – “Parks and recreation”, Ty Burrell – “Modern family”
    COMEDY SUPORTING ACTRESS: Betty White – Hot in Cleveland”, Cloris Leachman – “Raising hope”, Eden Sher – “The middle”, Merritt Wever – “Nurse Jackie”, Naya Rivera – “Glee” (my pick), Sofia Vergara – “Modern family”

    If I didn’t list someone/a show it’s because I didn’t think it was worth of mentioning, don’t watch the shows or I think others are much worthy of a mention.