Exclusive: Chris Meloni Concedes Law & Order: SVU Fans Got 'Rug Pulled Out From Under Them'

Chris Meloni and Mariska Hargitay Law & Order: SVUChris Meloni has been gone from Law & Order: SVU for more than a year now, but his abrupt departure remains a sore subject among fans — many of whom felt cheated out of a proper farewell between his character Stabler and longtime partner in crime Benson (Mariska Hargitay).

Well, Meloni feels their pain.

“The fans really got the rug pulled out from under them,” he tells TVLine in his most candid remarks yet about his May 2011 exit. “I am absolutely very empathetic about that; I get it.”

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And while Meloni confesses that he doesn’t personally share viewers’ need for closure, he would absolutely consider a comeback down the road. “No one has approached me or anything like that,” he says. “But I’m open to all possibilities. I love those people, I love the actors, it was a magnificent ride. I’ll cross that bridge when it comes.”

Meloni left SVU at the end of the show’s 12th season after contract talks between the actor and NBC broke down. In the year since, he shot a top-secret role in the upcoming Superman reboot Man of Steel, and just wrapped a five-episode stint as Vampire Authority boss Roman on True Blood. He next appears in the big-screen comedy They Came Together opposite Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler.

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  1. eli says:

    great actor, I’ve seen him in true blood and now I love him :)

    • sheila says:

      Yesm I agree, but did you see him THE FANELLI BROTHERS when he started out or in OZ?

      As much as I like the “old” cast of SVU, it’s just not the same without Elliott.

      • Cutie-Pai says:

        I agree, Elliot is Elliot, or as Olivia calls him El. The new SVU is just okay, I don’t put forth any effort to look at it because the show is not the same without Christopher Meloni ( Elliot Stabler) Please gethim back. I look at all the rfe-runs with him in them. As a matter of fact, I’m sitting here lookiing at re-runs.

        • maureen says:

          yes the only episodes i watch are the re-runs, i don’t even watch the new ones. olivia and elliot were a good combination. thank God for USA network.

          • LULA says:


          • Carol B says:

            I, too, love SVU. Tuesday on USA rocks. However, if I get tired of waiting I tune in to Netflix. They have all of the SVU seasons up til Stabler left.

          • Carol says:

            I watch the re-runs bring Elliot back

        • Mary Ellen says:

          I just started watching SVU for the first time in December 2012. I also want Christopher to return. The show is a hit because of Elliot and Liv. I have purchased Seasons 1 and 2 and am watching the Tuesday marathons.

        • Mike Miller says:

          I absolutely agree. While I love Olivia, I don’t make sure I am home on Weds. nights anymore with Elliot gone. If I am , then I’ll watch SVU, but most times I watch reruns with Elliot. It was a huge mistake letting him go. Whoever did should be fired.

          • Teri says:

            I am the same way…. I miss Elliot SO much!!!! I have tried watching a few of the new ones and they are ok I suppose but it will never be the same or near as good without Christopher…. Oddly enough I never get tired of the reruns! I will watch those for years and years to come…. I have seen every episode Elliot was in!!!!!

        • Christopher Melloni and Mariska made the show. If Elliot (Chris) came back, I would be so happy and the show would be back to it’s old self. I’m watching the SVU marathon right now and it breaks my heart to see Elliot in the episodes and then to watch the last one he is in :,( I miss him so much and the show is 20 times worse without him. We love love you Chris! Please come back. Do it for the fans <3

        • Faye Green says:

          I was sadden to find Stabler not in Season 13 after season 12 finale “smoked”. I felt short changed. Olivia’s character seems weak since Stabler left.
          Can’t they bring back Stabler in mid season 15? and I hope there will be 5 more seasons with the favorite casts and Stabler.
          Olivia without Stabler is like mac without the cheese…bland.
          My favorite characters are: Elliot Stabler, Olivia Benson,John Munch, Fin Tutuola, Don Cragen.

        • Nicholas says:

          I agree. Mariska and Christopher had chemistry on LAW AND ORDER SVU. Bring him back

      • Norma says:

        That’s true it’s not the same without Elliot please come back

      • Michelle says:

        Does anyone know if Olivia got on the plane with Stabler???? Could he be coming back???? I HOPE SO……..Their chemistry added so much to the show.

        • Kate says:

          I wondered the same thing. Totally the way he’d roll his shirt cuffs.

        • Suzer says:

          OMG! I would love it but he was dedicated to his family and after all the years together (Olivia and Elliot ) they never hooked up before so why now? But how cool would it be???

          • Sam Vestal says:

            Dude. He got a divorce EONS ago! Elliot was single when he left.

          • Carminia says:

            Plain and simple…bring Elliot back!!! The show needs him. I love SVU, it’s not the same without him.

          • SVU stinks without Stabler. The new guy they replaced him with is just awful. i was a loyal SVU fan but now no way. I watched a few with the new people and I can’t stand it. I will continue to watch only the reruns with Benson and Stabler. When Elliot left they should have just cancelled the whole show because Chris and Mariska made that show. It is not the same and never will be again unless they are both there. A very unhappy fan.

          • Lily says:

            They were divorced. That’s true. But they never got an annulment. They were very Catholic. In the eyes of the church they were still married. Besides, that’s when little Eli was born. I think Elliott would have gone for Liv but I don’t think she would have allowed it.

          • Deb says:

            No. They separated but Stabler and his wife got back together when she was pregnant. Just watched Netflix season 12 episode 23 Deliquent which shows them asleep in bed. You all need to rewatch the shows.

      • linda pasternak says:

        You are so right…Its just not the same without Elliot…I DVR a lot of the old episodes with Elliot in them and I watch them when I need my Elliott fix…they never should have let him walk it was a big big mistake hopefully someday he’ll come back ok I’m looking at him right now…..watching an old episode so good to see that face night all

      • Elliot should come back and save Olivia!

        • Norma says:

          I think everyone wants Elliot to save Olivia. Now my only fear is that with her background she will become slightly unhinged. Remember, she(Olivia) is a product of rape and was almost raped in a prison; her scars run deep. As strong as this character has been, something like this might make her snap!

          • Barb says:

            Actually, Olivia was sexually assaulted in that prison. She wouldn’t own up to it at first and Fin thought he got there in time but he didn’t. She saw a shrink and has mentioned it to a few rape victims.

      • Evan says:

        It sucks without Stabler! SVU has become way to Hollywood, it was once a show about the cases and victims with small amounts of main character back stories. Now on the new SVU its all about sex appeal and the main charactors. Thank the lord Munch, Cragen, and Tutuola haven’t changed and are still around. I wish I could say the same thing about Benson. Last weeks episode was alright but bring Stabler back for the love of g… The Chris Brown episode was trash and I was annoyed that they even made one like that. The show has gone downhill, still good but no longer elite in my mind. Now its about making the money as when before every episode provoked some sort of emotion out of me. SVU was a gritty show with gritty opinionated characters now its just a mix mosh of beautiful people. My rant ends here, brig Stabler back…Do it now!

      • Carole Hearn says:

        It is not just the same without Elliott. Please bring him back.

    • Carminia says:

      The show is not the same. I miss him. Olivia and Elliot are like ying and yang. One cannot be without the other. Please come back.

    • Robyn Fields says:

      I was wondering if he any kin to james arness the one that played matt dillion on gunsmoke. if not he sure would pass for a son or grandson. thanks

    • PHYLLIS ELEY says:


      • Jeck says:

        I feel ya. So true. So true… not about the sexy part (I’m a straight male)… But they better write him back in. He was so good in SVU.

      • Mary Morton says:

        I do not watch the new svu very often but I do watch the old good ones on USA and I hope they keep showing them. But the show is not the same without benson and stabler together. I know it’s just a show but this is how I feel.

      • linda pasternak says:

        apparently they just let him walk when the contract negotiations broke down…. didn’t give it any thought or anything they just let him walk out the door really stupid they didn’t think about it was a very stupid and costly (in so many ways) decision

        • pricedo says:

          The show is circling the toilette bowl without Stablet (Meloni).
          Like so many others I just watch reruns now.
          The new guy is awful.

        • BluEyes517 says:

          Actually, the new writers and producers WANTED to do a “good-bye” scene in the beginning of season 13, but Meloni refused.

    • Jeck says:

      I didn’t realize he has been gone for so long and literally just recently realized it. Meloni — for me — made LaO: SVU so great. Stabler was a brilliant, and brilliantly played character and it was heart wrenching to hear he left. The man was brilliant. I pray for a comeback and to have him written back into the show.

    • Randy says:


      • NAN says:


    • Julian says:

      He Has To Come Back ,,,, We Should Start A Online Petition Bring Back Stabler …. Show is Not The Same

    • Jay says:

      I agree it’s really not the same; SVU is the only L&O i watch an Stabler and Benson are my favorite. I won’t watch the last episode with Elliot in it because it’s too depressing. I can lay in bed an watch episodes back to back all day but I rarely watch the new SVU without Stabler, its not the same; they need to bring him back!

    • Kelly says:

      Please bring him back. He is worth every nickel!

      • Norma says:

        I want Christopher Meloni back as well; his chemistry with Mariska Hargitay was undeniable. The relationship between Elliot and Olivia was what had many viewers tuning in between seasons nine through twelve. I came in on day one with the original L&O and SVU. Now a days I just use my
        DVR to catch certain episodes if the plot line intrigues me and because I still think Mariska Hargitay is excellent in her role.

    • Tish says:

      I have been an SVU fan for many, many years primarily because of Ollivia and Elliot. The show is not the same without Elliot. Pls bring him back immediately

    • Dwight Clark says:

      I’d rather see him back in his original character, of Det. Stabler. Who knows? He might even stay!

    • same says:

      I want Stabler back on Law and Order ! He and Mariska are the greatest team on TV. You do know that Mariska is the daughter of Jane Mansfield and her husband., don’t you? Anyway, bring them both back together. This is the best of that kind of program. Wow, I say bring them back.

  2. Bill says:

    He got greedy

    • TV Gord says:

      So, he didn’t deserve to share in the success of his show, the way all the producers and other executives behind the scenes were?

      • Amy says:

        I totally agree with u..it ticks me off how people call these actors greedy when all they want and deserve is a cut of what they made for the TV stations..he is entitled to his share..my husband works in sales and he gets a commission of what he makes for his company..what’s the difference.? A lot more money I know but the same thing.

    • He got greedy is right. As far as sharing in the success of the show – he was doing fine. He didn’t care one iota for what the fans thought or felt. It was all about the money. But that cuts more than one way. He lost a lot of fans by doing it the way he did it. He could have left the show with a little more dignity and whole lot less money-grubbing-drama…

      • Lynn says:

        give it a rest, he’s far from greedy.

        He’s probably the only thing that can salvage SVU and the unwatchable mess it is

      • Cristina says:

        So he shouldn’t receive more money, perks, whatever, for being part of a successful show and suck it up for his fans? The Friends cast received a million an episode during their last season. Charlie Sheen made over a million an episode for that horrible show. Greedy are the execs at NBC who felt they could have a show without him. He and Mariska are the show. Alone, the show is boring.

        • rebecca says:

          Totally agree with you. :)) I miss Chris. It’s not the same, the Mariska tries really hard.

        • rhonny357 says:

          Exactly! I Agree 100%… Just like anyone else who has a job & has been a part of the success in that company or establishment and feel that they are deserving of a raise! So someone who’s been with a company for 15-20 years & want a raise are being greedy as well? Guess so! (Notice my sarcasm)

        • babydoll4286 says:

          I totally agree with you he n mariska are the show:-) i hope he comes back soon!!!!

      • tn8chusrdhd says:

        Actually money was not the big issue. NBC just wouldn’t budge on another issue. It was a horrific way to treat their bread and butter. He was right to leave and it broke his heart. You shouldn’t slam someone when you don’t have all the facts.
        Your apology is accepted!

        • Sean says:

          Chris’s genuine fans would love to know the real reasons for the contract talks breaking down. There are so many lies spread about him it would be nice if he could find some way of reconnecting with his fans after he closed his website.

        • rebecca says:

          Hehe nicely said

        • Jane says:

          Chris Meloni was the perfect actor for that role! I wish the producers were intelligent enough to bring him back. It is not the same without him. Watching reruns makes me see how great he was in that role. He is Elliot Stabler! Plus he is one fine looking specimen!

          • Sue Peyton says:

            I totally agree with every single word. I Ioved the show and cannot watch it without Chris. He was made for that role!

          • Allah Akbar says:

            Ive been a long time SVU fan ever since they wrote Stabler out I stoped watching the show just wasn’t the same anymore with out there best actor. Loved seeing him in True Blood when he grilled his costars for answers totally reminded me of his law and order roll

      • M says:

        It’s his JOB! Would you stay at a dead end job without your much deserved raise because you felt like you owed it to your fellow employees? Doubt it. I don’t know why you weirdos assume actors are any different. Why is he not allowed to make career decisions on his own? Why should he care about the fans? NBC obviously didn’t care enough about the fans to give him what he wanted and keep him on the show.

      • Grammy in NH says:

        The actor did a job, was paid for the job, and owes no one any more than the time they were paid for. Apparently, those who say, “He got greedy” must go to work and tell their boss “I don’t want to seem greedy, so I never want a raise.” No? Well, why not? Again – You enjoy an actor’s talents. They move on. It is part of their job description. Say “thank you” for doing such a wonderful job all those years. You don’t badmouth people because you ‘can’. Instead, write to NBC and let them know you would like the actor to return if he so wishes.

      • cas says:

        Haha because you don’t want a raise every year? Seriously everyone says these actors/actresses get greedy but when you have been on a show for 10+ years and pretty much are the sole reason for the success of the show, you deserve raises just like the behind the scene people. TV takes up a lot of time and it is actually a lot of work compared to a movie that takes only a couple months to shoot then you can rest if you want, when you are on a TV show you get maybe a few months rest in the summer. So when you stop taking raising every year then they will too!

      • Heather says:

        Actually, if you look hard enough to see why he left the show, it wasn’t that he just all of a sudden asked for more money because he was getting greedy, it was because the producers of the show were giving Mariska(Olivia) a raise when they renewed her contract for some reason but they refused to give Christopher(Elliot) the same raise when he realized she was getting one and asked to get one as well since they’d both been on the show for the same amount of time and worked equally as hard in their roles so it wasn’t fair for one to be getting more money than the other.

        That’s what I found out anyways when I first found out he left the show without so much as one final episode that showed him leaving and explaining to his best friend(obviously Liv) why he was leaving.

    • icywinter2 says:

      No he didn’t, who could blame him for leaving SVU after 12 seasons. Think about it, he wanted a change.

    • DL says:

      He did the show for 11 seasons. He wanted to do other things with his time! If they wanted to keep him, they had to make it worth it to him, and apparently they didn’t. He seems perfectly happy to have left the show. Hardly seems greedy, in my opinion. He’s well within his rights to do whatever he wants in his career.

      • tn8chusrdhd says:

        AMEN! WELL SAID!

      • Leslie says:

        I think that without the $$ and contracts, etc., it’s up to Dick Wolf & the writers who could have created a much better farewell. Even during some breaks between the 2 of them, there was always some explanation (like, “where’s Benson?”). Now, there’s no closure at all; I don’t care about any vampire stuff, I’ve been a loyal SVU & CI fan for years and it’s sorry to see a show end on that note.

      • Jeck says:

        On an interview, actually, he said he was heart-broken to go. Sure he also says he didn’t care about a clean leave of the show but that’s just a preference of style. I don’t even think it was a matter of money. I think someone else mentioned it that there were other issues and impasses that eventually cut him out but NBC ought to know they are throwing away a treasure trove.

        • Frank Vinci says:

          Mariska Hagitary is so overrated. Chris Meloni is the real actor on that show. And the guest stars are exceptional. The writing on that show is so superior you can’t look bad as a actor.Dan Pino is doing a excellent job.

    • Alex says:

      Or he got bored of the show, wanted a break, and feels better now that he’s had a whole year off.

    • Sarah says:


      I think he totally got greedy & in the end as a result of him leaving over a money hungry hissy fit his consequences is he got a very short stint as Roman in HBO’s “True Blood” on premium cable for lord knows a HELL OF LESS $ then he was getting being on a hit prime time hit w/SVU. Who the eff logically thinks quiting one of the highest paid acing gigs on national tv, primetive tv no less, to go4a stint on premium cable4FAR LESS! Not2mention he gave loyal viewers of the show no proper goodbye. Ive been a loyal fan since episode1whenSVU all started in 1999, I think fans like me & all fans rily deserve sum sort of clousure to everything;all the lingering feelings between Elliot&Olivia, its jus kinda messed up to get all that tension tension tension built up and then just no closure. But not only is the Olivia thing not at all approached & no clousure but also it was like he dipped out on the proper goodbyes2 the other ppl that were like a second family 2him. I get that he wants to branch out as.an actor but he shud b thanking the heavens4what the show.has done4him….. long story short: he turned his back on the show thinking if they wudnt give his demands he’ll go to another show, well congrats chris ur now killed of ur hbo acting gig & now all u shud do is beg on ur hands&knees&ask for ur job back at SVU. You owe it to ur fans 4 at least some clousure. That my 2cents.


      • Alex says:

        Dude, it’s not that he wants money. It’s that he wants money… FROM ANY SHOW THAT ISN’T LAW AND ORDER. He’s tired of playing Elliot. He had been doing it for TWELVE YEARS. He wants to play a different character and that’s what he did with True Blood. He knew his character would end up being killed when he signed the contract. He isn’t about to beg the show to let him back. Unlike Mariska, he’s actually a skilled enough actor to be able to get roles outside of SVU.
        And if you think there was anything more than friendship between Elliot and Olivia, you can’t have actually watched the show.

      • Louisa says:

        The show is crap without him!!!! #THATISALL

      • Rhonda says:

        First, please learn to spell.

        I beg to differ with your comments, his leaving had nothing to do with his own greed. Get on Twitter and talk to the the new show runner a bit. He doesn’t really like him much, he would have been off of the show after Neal Baer was gone anyway. Plus the show was never about a romance between them anyway, there was nothing left undone. He was married. I get so sick of people turning this into some love story. It’s a cop story that probably won’t be on much longer because they thought they could make it with only her starring. It takes both partners, but just as partners. There is no love story here.

      • Anthony says:

        I like how you use the word “logically”, but you can’t seem to spell half of your words correctly.

      • Rachel says:

        Hey Sarah…since you know everything about Chris, did you stop for a minute to think that maybe, just MAYBE it wasn’t about money?? Maybe he wanted less hours cause he has 2 children?? Maybe he wanted more responsibility behind the camera since he has directed/produced/starred in a movie since leaving SVU. If you’re going to take the time to go on such a huge rant, at least do a little homework first so you don’t make yourself look like an idiot…seriously.

        • Natalia says:

          Stabler rocked & the show svu sucks now at least ice t is still there!!

        • Natalia says:

          Stabler rocked & the show svu sucks now at least ice t is still there!! Its a shame a great show down the drain oh well,theres other good shows to see now anyway. Maybe its time to move on for all us loyal svu fans….

    • Sarah says:


      I think he totally got greedy & in the end as a result of him leaving over a money hungry hissy fit his consequences is he got a very short stint as Roman in HBO’s “True Blood” on premium cable for lord knows a HELL OF LESS $ then he was getting being on a hit prime time hit w/SVU. Who the eff logically thinks quiting one of the highest paid acing gigs on national tv, primetive tv no less, to go4a stint on premium cable4FAR LESS! Not2mention he gave loyal viewers of the show no proper goodbye. Ive been a loyal fan since episode1whenSVU all started in 1999, I think fans like me & all fans rily deserve sum sort of clousure to everything;all the lingering feelings between Elliot&Olivia, its jus kinda messed up to get all that tension tension tension built up and then just no closure. But not only is the Olivia thing not at all approached & no clousure but also it was like he dipped out on the proper goodbyes2 the other ppl that were like a second family 2him. I get that he wants to branch out as.an actor but he shud b thanking the heavens4what the show.has done4him….. long story short: he turned his back on the show thinking if they wudnt give his demands he’ll go to another show, well congrats chris ur now killed of ur hbo acting gig & now all u shud do is beg on ur hands&knees&ask for ur job back at SVU. You owe it to ur fans 4 at least some clousure. That my 2cents.


      • flutiefan says:

        my god, please learn how to spell and use real words. oh, and punctuation.

      • iread2xs says:

        You have missed the whole point. Contracts are not just about money, i’m sure he wanted a raise but it’s WAY more than that. From your comment i’ll guess you’re young so i’ll make this simple how would you feel if you were told you had to take english 101 for the next 12 semesters no matter how well you did in class? And at the same time you were not allowed to take any theater classes. You would get bored, right? Or let’s say you posed for some pictures and someone put them on a t-shirt and some posters but you weren’t getting any of the money, would that upset you? Guess contracts are about more that who make more money per episode aren’t they?

      • Kimberly Allred says:

        You couldn’t be more wrong. It had NOTHING to do with money at all.

    • mampre says:

      He was just asking for the same amouth money as the detective benson.. That would not make him selfish

  3. Tage says:

    Hope the Stabler character gets some closure as well. The execs did Meloni (and the fans) dirty. They’d rather nickel & dime a valued actor than produce a coherent story.

  4. Pat says:

    He was so wasted on True Blood. You better think that if I cast him on the show, he would have been shirtless and making out with every other hot guy on the show.

  5. icywinter2 says:

    Maybe Chris is forgetting that the excutive producer of SVU; Warren Leight did ask him during last season to do a guest stint and he decline. Leight did say that he did ask him on his twitter page.

    I get why he left, he did the same thing for 12 years and wanted some fresh material to act on. It happens he’s not the first actor to leave and won’t be the last. The way that they had stabler leave was dumb, they should have had closure.

    Personally I don’t see him coming back.. I don’t think his heart is really keen on wanting to come back. He had a long hesitation when someone at Comin-Con asked if he would come back to do a guest stint on SVU. He was very hesitant and didnt’ sound as he really want to do that.

    Melon is a very talented actor, he was very good on True blood. He knew his character would be killed off, yet he’s now currently filming his third movie this year. Things are good for him

    • Lynn says:

      LMAO Warren Leight is a total liar…and as a show runner you do not ask an actor to come back on freakin twitter…oh yeah and Chris isn’t on twitter so maybe that’s why he didn’t get “the message” WL has never liked Chris read his tweets…he’s a sad sad man. Chris has moved on and is happy and doing great…SVU has gone down the drain(check the ratings if you don’t believe me)

      • Kimberly Allred says:

        When are people going to stop blaming Warren He wasn’t even there when Chris Meloni left. If he had his way CM wouldn’t have left in the first place. It was all NBCs fault CM Left.

    • Kimberly Allred says:

      Chris Meloni does not have Twitter people. So CM didn’t get the message.

  6. Me Myself & I says:

    I am not going to be 100% on this until there is an unofficial word. However, IF he does come back, bring Kathy back too. That’s who Elliot is currently with, before and after.

  7. Maria says:

    Chris was not asked by Warren to do anything. Dick Wolf was interviewed before Season 13 started filming and said Chris would not be back. I can’t bear people making this stuff up. If you look at what the new exec producer said he talks about Chris moving on and not being interested in the show, NOT that he was asked and turned it down. If Chris was GREEDY he would have stayed with the SVU cash cow. He wanted to do interesting and different things. He has been very successful this past year in doing that. At the end of the day this is HIS job and career, it’s incredible that anyone would think that he should stay at a job, regardless of how good the pay was, to satisfy fans of a tv show.

  8. solo1861 says:

    I was sad Stabler didn’t get a proper send off. But I’m glad Meloni is busy and enjoying himself on other projects. He is over SVU, but doesn’t want to alianate fans by saying never again.
    I (for exemple) am still hoping for a cameo when Mariska Hargitay decide to live the show or for the serie’s final.

  9. tlc19 says:

    SVU has changed in the time he’s been gone, but I think it’s been a good change. I like the new detectives and last season wasn’t a bad one. I wouldn’t mind seeing Chris come back for a ep here or there; as a fan, I did feel a little cheated that we never got to see the good-bye between Elliot and Olivia. So many layers to that relationship, both good and bad. I’d like to see that he and Liv still talk, still keep in touch, still consider each other special, because I think they were close to each other. It’d be interesting.

  10. Tara says:

    Speaking only for myself, i was glad he left. He always seemed [to me] more of a twisted killer than a cop.

    • Robin says:

      I know what u mean. Half the time he seemed close to a breakdown. Get him a recurring therapist! Liv too. The season finale was the best episode in awhile! Poor Cragen! I like that focus is shifting to more characters. I was getting bored w Liv’s outrage and El’s anger. I just wish Munch and Finn got to do more especially Munch. The show was about the detectives at first – all of them.

  11. lorna says:

    Meloni was great on tb. Had hoped for a longer run with him. Have not watched suv, but quit griping. He fulfilled his contract and prob more yrs. He wants to do different things. I bet he is a luthor or kal el in superman movie, but i dont keep up with that, so no idea if they are cast.

  12. Anon says:

    Meloni is not a great actor. It is only right. At the beginning I missed you. But over time come to love Dani Pino. Dani is beautiful and talented. I do not want the return of Chris. I’m loving the new characters and new phase of SVU.

    Sorry for my English.

  13. April says:

    Sorry, I LOVE Chris but he had to know how hurt and upset the fans of SVU would be and how most of them would react. So for him to say he feels our pain,however genuine, is just coming off as hollow. I am,however,really happy at how great his career seems to be going right now. And even though he may not want to, I for one hope he comes back for at least 1 episode. We need some kind of closure and proper ending to El and Liv. Just something better than his last episode. Even the last episode of the series.

  14. Sean says:

    Chris M. was the show, I can’t even watch it now… I hate the new female det.; couldn’t the network find a person that could act!

  15. Ella says:

    Stabler was the best. The show isn’t the same without him. Whoever was at fault, I just wish they’d find a way to fix it and bring him back. Fans deserve a happy ending for him and Benson.

  16. Natalie says:

    Stabler and Benson were such great partners. Miss them.

  17. Zoe says:

    He “hasn’t been approached?” I believe this is the part where you approach him, SVU execs. …Please?

  18. kat says:

    Personally I’ve been enjoying the show since he left. The previous few seasons were to the point of unwatchable. This past season I found had more interesting stories and subtlety had returned to the writing. The new characters have been a breath of fresh air. No more Stabler going over the edge.

  19. scooby says:





  20. lizzy crow says:

    I want Stabler back!!!!

  21. SARA HUNLEY says:


  22. Dave D'Amato says:

    Hey if the networks getting raises producers getting raises and my pockets are not growing I’m leaving to. They are the ones on camera they deserve the raise not the people around them. He didn’t get greedy he wanted to see what else he could do without SVU he will be back on his terms. God bless him for it.

  23. As much as I am overjoyed he said he wouldn’t rule out a guest role on there I am astonished that he can say that he understands and empathizes with us, the fans. But in the same breath he can say he doesn’t understand the need for closure. It is like he’s being hypocritical of his own words.

  24. Michelle says:

    Chris wanted to do other things than SVU, as is his right. He fulfilled all hs contracts with that show. If he was greedy he would have stayed and took the money on offer, instead he spread his wings. As a result he has been able to do much more varied and interesting things including 5 different films. I stayed with SVU for 12 years as Stabler made it interesting enough to watch for that time. I would have liked the character to have closure but the writers did not provide for that- that’s not Chris’s fault. He was not asked back at the start of season 13 when it would have made sense in the story.
    If they have a proper storyline for him to come on for an episode and Chris is willing to come back then I’ll certainly watch, but otherwise I’m more interested in seeing what else he does in his future career, as his talent wasn’t used properly on SVU for years,

  25. Stephanie Marie says:

    I’ve been in the middle of a backwards SVU Marathon through Netflix and I will admit greed gets the best of us but whether I would be cleaning toilets or acting on television or in a moving… I think everyone should be allowed a performance review yearly and if at that time a settlement for a raise can’t be reached and no real good reason is made by the employer than it might be time to move on….

  26. i want elliot back to i love you elliot you are still one hunk of burnung love please recondsiter ive missed most of last season i belive i only saw 4 shows hope it comes back soon love elliot and oliv

  27. as says:

    Why don’t they just make Richard Belzer the lead actor? Munch is my favorite character on the show.

  28. Doreen Hand says:

    I very rarely watch SVU since Stabler left. He and Benson made such a good team and I really miss the plain old Law and Order.

  29. Sandra says:

    I miss him !!!!!!

    • carmenca says:

      sin elprograma no es nada , me parece que deberian de darle mas credito si no va a pasar como two and a half man se fue Charlie Sheen y el programa es un asco, igual esta pasando sin Meloni no vale la pena verlo.

  30. LittleWolf says:

    He will only ever be Chris Keller! Oz is the best thing he’s ever done! That’s what made him! Nothing else! The rest is of no consequence!

  31. Susan says:

    I miss him in SVU he was really great and I wish he would come back, but I do like the new members of the team and I hope they keep them on as well. Its a great show. Keep them coming!And about them him being greedy look at the professional sport players talk about being greedy!
    Susan from Pennsylvania

  32. Clyde says:

    I dont agree that Meloni & Hargitay ARE the show. Sure they had great chemistry but one thing sets Dick Wolfs franchise apart from the rest is his impeccable choice of actors. Was I bummed that Stabler left? yep. But Fin & Munch are as much part of the fabric of the show as he was.. Munch actually cameo’d way back in the early 90s in the original (and best) L&O with those cool crossover episodes with Homocide life on the street..plus the new detectives have fit in really well too. Bring back the original headed by Chris Noth and Waterston back as DA. and bring back CI with Goren & Eams while youre at it. Greatest cop drama franchise to ever grace our screens.

  33. mary owens says:

    law and order svu needs stabler back the connection between him and benson was ongoing and it pulled people in to watch the show. there was no goodbye story line or death if this had happened i think a lot of fans would be a lot more understanding. please bring him back

  34. Cathy says:

    Yes Law & Order does need Stabler back. I miss him in the show, butn veryone needs a change sometimes. He went from OZ(HBO series), which he was a total a** prisoner to Elliot Stabler and now True Blood. You have to do what you have to do. Thats what we all call life.

  35. kevin says:

    svu will never be the same wthout chris i didnt watch much of season 12 because he wasent in it i think they need to bring him back as soon as they can.

  36. Aurelia Sidney says:

    They lost me as a viewer once he left…. They had to make the story more interesting this season for me to continue to watch…. Capt. Kregan guilty?

  37. Fan says:

    Bring him back!!! Give him what he wants…I love his character. what about the other actors who played his family NBC is stupid…how Elliott just abruptly stop talkin to Liv after 12 yrs and EVERYTHING they’ve gone through. The writers are awful this last season sucked and I love Mariska but she cannot carry the show:( Get it 2gether NBC!!!!!

  38. Jai Aye says:

    Please bring back Stabler, it would really bring back and boost up ratings. Because Benson’s current partner is terrible. I’m sorry…

  39. JP says:

    No comment here …

  40. Josh smith says:

    Please bring him back I watched 1season without him and I won’t watch another until I see stabler

  41. Renee says:

    Bring Stabler back….

  42. Janis judson says:

    For god’s sake benson and stabler have had unbelievable sexual chemistry and love
    For 12 years–bring stabler back so they can finally be together romantically!

  43. holly says:

    Wherever that sexy face turns up, i’ll be watching it!!

  44. Joanne says:

    stopped watching the show when christopher left. sorry mariska love you but not the same without c.m. jb

  45. Leslie P says:

    I love Olivia but Fin, Munch & Cragan r JUST AS GREAT! Not to mention Tamara Tunie. Give Erie Pino a chance! Geez. Everybody gripes about change. Change makes the world go around. Am if Elliott comes back, I’ll welcome him with open arms.

  46. Up and Down says:

    Once again the networks are not being fair, to the actors.

  47. Nicka Kay :) says:

    Elliot and Olivia built the show in which we love. The chemistry was AMAZING! They had the best tv relationship. Law & Order SVU will never get that kinda partnership again. I just can’t get use to the new guy. I’ve been watching Stabler all these years it just feels wierd not see Christopher Meloni in the opening credits. I have nothing against the new guy its just I’m SOOOOOOO use to My Elliot!!! :(

  48. Natalie says:

    Chris Meloni is amazing but I think his best role was in Oz…he carries the weight of any character so well. I love his abilities and will watch anything he’s in; mostly because I love him :)

  49. Maria says:

    I really miss Stabler in SVU, I have tried watching the new season and it is not the same.
    Benson really tries to get this show going but she needs Stabler back!!!

  50. mampre says:

    Look all chris wanted was to be paid the same amouth as benson….. Does he
    not deserve that much… The cast thought by not
    Paying him. . They could use the money for two or three different detective.. They did an k job but no one will replace chris

    h him they can use the m