Supernatural Scoop: Therapy for Cas and Dean? Resurrection For Bobby? Twist For Crowley?

Supernatural Misha Collins Jim Beaver Mark SheppardMisha Collins has a message for Supernatural fans worried about the status of Castiel and Dean’s strained relationship: The bromance can be repaired, provided the former BFFs seek professional help.

“They need therapy,” Collins told me during a group interview with co-stars Jim Beaver and Mark Sheppard over the weekend at Comic-Con. “But I think they will get over the hump.”

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Beaver, meanwhile, dropped a major hint about the fate of his fallen alter ego, Bobby, and Sheppard at long last cleared the air about the mixed messages Supe nuts have been getting about Crowley’s demon-ness (or lack thereof).

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  1. Isla says:

    Man I dislike Castiel. Intensely. When is the show going back to its roots? And what about those of us who don’t care about Castiel or the angels? Have the writers forgotton about those fans who’ve been there since day 1 who don’t give a c*ap about this “bond”. We want the brothers, last season sucked badly because they were paid little to no attention to. Change it writers, repair it this season please, the Winchesters should be the driving force or we switch off, in our droves.

    • Brooke says:

      What’s with this “we”? Speak for yourself. I don’t see how the show has ever NOT been about the brothers. Logistically speaking, based on what they’ve said in the past, the lead actors probably NEED some attention on other characters so that they’re not working 15 hour days.

      Also, I feel like everyone has been moaning about “going back to the roots” since season 2. Shows evolve and tell new stories over time. They have to, or else they’re like House and are finding out that it’s Not Lupus for the 200th time. If you want to watch season 1, pull your DVDs off the shelf.

      • Mallory says:

        AMEN, Brooke!

      • write_light says:

        Double amen (and I’m a huge wincest fan, even)!! Show has always been about the brothers – and they’ve changed since S1.

      • i agree i love all the characters on supernatural besides if you go back and watch season through the current season and soon to be season 8 each season has a them. First season was getting to know the brothers and why they are who they are and why they were seeking their dad. season 2 was the morning of their dad and what their dad said to dean about sam season 3 was the deal dean made to safe his brother same with the crossroad demon. season 4 was why dean was rescued by an angel castel and we learn more about why same is who he is. season 5 is about the earth coming to an end the vesals of micheal and lucifer and a tighter a little more opened relationship with the brothers and how to save the world from distruction. Seaon six first half who brought sam out from lucifers cage and why he seemed different and how to get his soul back. also eve the mother of pergitory and how to kill her. season 7 sams deaking with a broken wall remembers the cage with lucifer and has to figure out how to deal with it. dean has to cope with the lost of castel sam rembering hell and how to kill these black gue creatures. season 8 will be about dean getting out of pargitory keeping secretes from sam again like when he went to hell sam will worrie and ask dean questions for answers and im pretty sure once dean is out of pargertory he will bring the next knew creatures they will need to fight. each season ends were u know that the knew season will begin. the show is a about the brothers love care and bond they have for each other fighting evil every week and seeking help or putting up with there co actors like castel or bobby or crawly. the show about the brothers have stayed the same with the brothers growth and relationship they have. outside of that the get the evil and deal with the good bad and ugly each week. people change as they get older. the writers and creators r allowing their fans to see or beloved brothers change grow deal and jick ass each week if the need cas bobby ghost or bad boy crawleys help so be it. THIS IS WHY I LOVE THIS SHOW AND WHY ITS NUMBER ONE ON MY LIST. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

        • Meg says:

          I love how the show has changed everyone is right shows change ppl form new relationships I love the twists and having castiel just makes the show better. I hope bobby and castiel are brought back. Notice how more ppl enjoy having castiel etc in the show. If your a true fan from day 1 then you kno the story line fits together nicely and you wouldn’t complain you’d watch the show every week and be excited for what they’ll throw out next.

    • mac says:

      Cas has been MIA for almost the entire seventh season so I really don’t know what you’re expecting AND: speak for yourself. We had plenty of Sam/Dean angst last season and it almost made me stop watching, in fact Bobby, Cas and Crowley made season 7 great.

    • Cheryl says:

      I agree totally Isla If he doesn’t go soon the show will become the fan pandering joke its getting close too The way they’ve force fitted him into the show season after season has been some of the worst storytelling and it keeps the show stagnant and unable to move forward. Thankfully Carver wants to reboot the show and move forward hopefully part of that is getting rid of the Angel. If not this show will lose more then half the fandom it already lost because of the lack of the brotherhood and Castiel being forced in where he hasn’t fit since Season 4 ended Give the boys some relationships other than each other as Carver has already said he will be doing but make them human ones Theirs will alway be the main one and strength of the show but therapy for Dean and Castiel is no spoiler just Misha being himself

      • Matt says:

        Cas is the best part of the show, and knowing he would return at some point in season 7 was the best thing about watching it. Castiel has a place in the show, he fits in perfectly especially since Bobby is gone. They need to keep Castiel around because Sam and dean need a friend apart from them selves since everyone else is dead. And besides who doesn’t wanna see a guy who can zap them anywhere in the planet in the blink of an eye or smite demons with a simple palm to the forehead! Cas is badass! And anyone who doesn’t think so obviously doesn’t get what the show is about!

    • I love the character of Cas. Just because Cas is on the show, doesn’t mean the bond between Dean and Sam is somehow weaker. I think it makes sense for Cas to still be around, and he does have a strong bond with Dean, which I think has been built very naturally. I would be really disappointed if we never saw him again.

    • TJ says:

      Yes just speak for yourself–I love Cas with the boys.

    • Vanny says:

      Please don’t include me in your “we”. I liked the old Supernatural fine enough, and watched it, but I really started loving it more in later seasons. I love all the characters…

    • katy917 says:

      Love your use of the ‘royal we’!!! I have been a fan since season 1 never missed an episode and have all the dvd boxsets and I like Cas! I find he brings a new dimension to the show and it’s nice that Dean has another friend other than his kid brother and uncle/father figure. The show works best with a small cast, but while having just 2 main characters worked in the early seasons, it would have gotten really boring for 8 years!! Just to add, I love Crowley, too, adore any work that Mark Sheppard does.

    • Alan says:

      im a long time fan of this show, i own most of the dvd boxsets, ive introduced it to all my friends, and im very happy with where the show is character wise right now. yes the show started out with just the brothers but it has grown and evolved since then. you cant expect the boys to do everything every week, that would be just rediculous, they need a support crew or else it would become unrealistic that the same two people are in the middle of a massive evil plot all the time, whereas its a little more realistic if their friends are involved every now and then.
      if you’re going to complain at least have the decency to state it as your own opinion rather than trying to present it as the view of the entire fanbase, which, based on the previous responses you’ve received, it quite clearly isnt.

    • rowan77 says:

      As another fan who’s watched the show since day one and has never missed an episode, I want to let you know you don’t speak for me. You also don’t know what you’re talking about. Last season WAS the return of the boys on the road with only each other to depend on. Cas exploded (again) and was gone by the beginning of the 2nd episode, Bobby was killed before Christmas. And to make it more isolating they took away Baby. And guess what – the season wasn’t working. It had a few stellar episodes, but the majority of the fans have made it clear that they like the family the boys built and going backwards wasn’t an enjoyable “return to their roots” they thought it would be. Plus the Leviathans were a part of poor plotting and nowhere near as scary as they should have been.

      Cas is an important part of the show. So is Bobby. Removing them from the show was not a step in the right direction and since they had Misha and Jim sit on the panel again this year at Comic Con I think we’re going to see significant storytelling concerning those two characters.

      So stop speaking for everyone. Just speak for yourself.

    • Kate says:

      You should speak for yourself. As is obvious by the comments here and most everywhere else on the internet, most of the fans either like Castiel or don’t care either way. The haters are the ones who are in the MINORITY, despite their claims to the contrary.

    • says:

      Yeah Isla, you need to take ownership of your opinion and not try to artificially bolster it up by using the collective “we” where it’s not accurate or appropriate. Otherwise you lose credibility.

      So be proud of your “I” even if others don’t agree with you. (which, by the way, I don’t — I too have been there since day 1 and I totally love what Castiel brings to the show) But it’s the grown-up way to present your arguments.

    • Alicia says:

      Those of you that “don’t care about Castiel or the angels” may escort yourselves back to when things were simpler and the dull monster-of-the-week episodes with little plot arcs. Seasons 1-3, go right ahead, watch them to your heart’s content. You may stop watching the current series (since you hate it so much) and spreading your negativity.
      If it weren’t for Castiel’s CONSTANT help, being SHOVED AROUND like a tool and then dumped time and time and again, Dean and Sam would be dead, multiple times. Dean is only on Earth because of Castiel saving him. He saves them every time, did I mention?
      Without Castiel, there wouldn’t be a Supernatural season 5. or 6, or 7. Castiel made the show a lot more interesting and season 4 is what really got me into it. Before then it was a rather repetitive, small, incredibly unpopular monster-of-the-week show with the same two or three characters. Supernatural’s been moved to Wednesdays, if you didn’t catch that! That means it’s /better./
      Moving a show forward is what helps it grow. What you’re suggesting is moving backwards.

      “We want the brothers” is completely wrong, you’re probably only the first or second person I’ve seen who feels this way. Last season sucked because it was ONLY about the brothers. “Paid little or no attention to,” what show were you watching? The season was ABOUT THEM. Monster-of-the-week episodes with Dean and Sam going around and hunting boring monsters and you said it yourself: the season sucked. It was probably the worst yet.

      You might not, but Dean and Sam love Castiel. Just like Bobby, he might have not been there from the beginning, but he’s in the game now and he’s going to be with Dean and Sam till the end. He’s not going anywhere, the full gang is Team Free Will instead of just the Winchesters. Fortunately, Castiel is probably going to continue being on the show for the rest of the entire series. Castiel has too large of a fanbase and he’s too important and special of a character to have anything but a happy ending with his real family; the Winchesters. Jensen said it himself at Comic-Con: If there was a family, it would include Castiel. Have I yet mentioned how INTERESTING AND GREAT OF A CHARACTER CAS IS? And how LOVED HE IS?

      I hope Supernatural ends with Sam with Dean and Cas, sitting on the hood of the Impala drinking beer. Maybe in Heaven. Maybe John and Mary inside the house making dinner with Bobby; the whole family, because family doesn’t end with blood.

    • Luna says:

      I am watching the show from day 1 and I give every f*ck in existence for Castiel. I am sorry, but you are either a fan or not, and you are very clearly not a true fan of the Show Isla. I think the show needed to get a way from the Dean and Sam relation ship for a while, because it started being a soap opera for a while, but the show never ever stopped being about the brothers. Also, if the show were to go back to it’s roots, we would soon have a show which follows the fill-the-blanks form.

      Supernatural has done nothing, but grow better from episode to episode.

      • lunamileti says:

        Stupid Swype. I sounds like a spaz. *sigh*

      • Naomi Maggiora says:

        I agree Cas is an important part of the Winchester “family”, as is Bobby. I was just introduced to Supernatural by my 15 yr old granddaughter who has watched it from the beginning. I gave her the 1st 6 seasons on DVD for her birthday and we watched all of them in a week. And I’m catching up on season 7 as the CW encores it now. I have loved all the seasons and can’t wait for season 8. There has never been a time when it wasn’t about the brothers=at least as far as I could tell. I hope the returned writer brings back what all the fans want. As for me, I am content with Jensen/Dean and Jared/Sam and what the writers have planned-until I see differently. I don’t know how I missed such a great show for so many years, but I hope they continue it for several more years. The acting is still amazing and the actors are still gorgeous. Just my opinion….

    • estelle says:

      I adore Cas. I’ve been there since day one, I give a CRAP about this bond. Last season sucked so badly BECAUSE they WERE paid ALL attention to, wow did you even WATCH it? Cas and Bobby were GONE. I cant even with comments like this, there’s having opinions, then there’s ignoring the actual show. Take a hike buddy

    • Evyn says:

      What season have you been watching, because it´s definitively not the same as I did, season 7 was all about Sam and Dean and it was boring as hell, they need the secondary characters to keep fresh, it´s the only thing that made the show bearable last season.

    • If I read one more post about “It should only be Sam and Dean” , “I’ve been watching since season 1 therefore I know the show best and Castiel fans came in late” and “The show needs to get back to it’s roots like season 1-3” I am literally going to pull my hair out. I’m done. If your post begins with sentences like that, there is a 101% chance I will not take it seriously and will scroll past it, because I can pretty much predict what they will say 99% of the time. Same old.

      The show has evolved with amazing characters and relationships. I’ve been there since the life ruining day the pilot aired too. Get over yourself. You’re welcome to sit with your dvds and watch season 1 – 3 but just remember the show has another 4 seasons after that. So really you’ve actually watched less than half of the overall progressing story of Sam and Dean.

      Supernatural will be in its 10th season, having explored every possible storyline and some butthurt Cas haters will STILL be saying “It needs to get back to its roots”. Which actually, makes no sense if you think about it. Get back to the roots of Sam and Dean alone fighting mundane monsters week in week out? Oh, hello season 7.And that still wasn’t good enough for you because it still didn’t focus enough on the brothers? really? over half the episodes of this weren’t good enough for you? Did you miss the brotherly connection? I did. I missed it just like you but that’s because they need to try something new. Lets face it, season 7 wasn’t the best by far . I feel this is due to some issues of having Sam and Dean stripped of everything and having nobody but each other. It felt too forced and it showed on screen too. They need other connections. They need supporting characters to help them in their lives emotionally and not just a solution to their problems. How could you want them to be isloated from the things they love? I feel that is quite cruel. They have lost enough. I want them to have people they love. Yes, that includes Castiel.

      Castiel has been in over half the seasons. He started off as this cold war soldier and progressed into becoming more or less human with his emotions at the aid of the Winchesters. We have seen him on his own path and story progression and it has been absolutely amazing. He’s been kicked and thrown around, had his character churned in every direction and has been killed off with no promise of coming back. I don’t know if I would even be here today if it wasn’t for the strength this “useless, unimportant and pointless secondary character” gave me. Jensen said himself that Dean would include Cas in his family. People are still going on how he isn’t important and how Sam and Dean don’t need him.

      I just-

      Sam and Dean’s relationship is the core of the show in a sense. But they need lives outside of each other. They need other strong bonds. I’m done explaining why. If the cast and crew couldn’t convince you at sdcc, then you’re a lost cause. And maybe you want to be and that’s fine, just keep it to yourself now because it’s been said over and over since season 4. It’s been said for years and its just – I’m over it. I’m tired and i’m over it. It no longer has any relevance in my eyes.

      • rai says:

        This!! You are so bloody right I want to scream.
        S&D wouldn’t be who they are without connections. And this show would be utterly claustrophobic -and boring- to watch. I just hope they restrain themselves a little when it comes to killing off new people in the future. I still think the show would be richer with Jo and Ellen, Dr Ellie, Rufus! Ash… or at least, some of them. Not to mention Bobby. AND Jody, with Bobby!

    • Matt says:

      Your an idiot, quit watching the show if u dont like Cas, and by the way your like the only person out of about a million who doesn’t like him. the show needs Cas and would be dead without him. Hes as much to the show now as Sam and dean are!

    • Elle says:

      ahahahahaha Good one. Funny. But plenty of Cas fans have been here since day one (me, for one, my mom for another, my sister, BIL and best friend for three more). Being a longtime fan doesn’t mean you have to dislike side characters, ffs.

  2. Carrie says:

    I love these guys. It would be interesting if they brought Bobby back somehow. The ending he got last season wasn’t quite fitting for such an important character.

  3. zula says:

    So happy to hear that Cas will be back again and his friendship with Dean probably repaired. Cas’ character has added so much to the show and judging from the enthusiastic reception Misha got at CC yesterday, it looks like a good many fans feel the same way! I’m also interested to see what Crowley’s up to this season- he’s become another of my favs. I’m a bit on the fence about Bobby. After such a powerful death scene and then later exit as an angry ghost, it feels like maybe the character’s run his course. But if the writers do decide to bring Bobby back, I hope we’ve seen the end of the “suck it up, princess, boo hoo” speeches. Dean’s had enough of those over the last few seasons to last a lifetime.

  4. V says:

    I love all these guys.

  5. tvaddict says:

    I hope Cas returns for a good part of the season. I really like whenever him and Dean have scenes together. Maybe they can spend time together while Sam has his new romance going on

  6. Madeline says:

    While I loved the Bobby character for 7 seasons, I really do not want to see him back, at least not as a semi-regualr character like he was.

    I hated the ghost!Bobby storyline. I feel like it was such a disservice to the character and it cheapened his death. The moment that brothers finally burned the flask in the season finale was completely overshadowed by the rest of the episode. And it should not have been like that. The fitting send off for Bobby would have been to just let him die in “Death’s Door.”

    In my opinion, the writers really screwed up as Bobby never should have been killed off in the first place. There was no reason to kill him than creating some contrived heartache for the brothers that was never properly followed up on.

    The writers dug themselves into a hole with Bobby. I’m beginning to hate SPN’s reputation for killing off characters. When you do it so much, death doesn’t mean what it should and I become so less emotionally invested. Because why should I care about an episode like “Death’s Door” when I know three episodes later the character will be back? You lose the emotional punch.

    • Alan says:

      when you are at war in a tv show people die, unfortunately this show doesnt have redshirts so proper characters must be killed off to up the threat level of the bad guys, its a simple law of television writing. i felt it added to the threat that dick roman presented and created great conflict between him and the brothers. i knew he would be back as a ghost in a few episodes and somewhere in the region of 6 episodes later there he was.i enjoyed that we finally got a look at what it is like to be a ghost in this world (a storyline which ive always wanted to see). it was heartbreaking to watch bobby slowly become an angry spirit and it really added an emotional angle to the story which had been lacking to that point. his death scene in the finale was by far the best scene of the episode, acted incredibly by everyone involved and the selection of shots was excellent from the director (especially the shot of the boys as bobby disappeared from their lives again). like it or not the show wouldnt have been what it was last season without bobby’s death, and i most likely wouldnt be bothered to watch it this season.

  7. Connie says:

    I also have been there from day one. But I love cas and bobby. And clearly think there is room for all. However with that said I am a little tired of the main focus on angels and demons. I think they should bring more shows back like old days. Maybe a mix for all to be happy. I certainly don’t think we need cas or bobby all the time. But would be happy to see cas when i can

    • Alan says:

      they did exactly that last season and people complained, they bring cas back and people complain, im beginning to think there is no way to please people

  8. Ari says:

    Honestly, I think SPN should have ended after the 5th season. Swan Song should have been the end. I have always thought this show was really about Dean. Was he in a bad place at the end of the fifth season? Yes. Did he have potential to get better? Yes. He was with Lisa, who we were led to believe was some kind of love of his life. He lost his brother but Sam went by saving the world. That should have been it. Nothing of value has really been added in the 6th ad 7th seasons.

    • Jason says:

      Kills me to admit it but I agree with this. I love Supernatural and have been a fan from the start. Season 5 was so epic and had such a terrific ending it really did feel like the ultimate end. They kept going and there have been good moments but it’s never had me excited as it used to. I’m still waiting for them to prove me wrong for doubting them. I do hope the coming season will be great and feel that even lesser episodes of Supernatural beat a lot of other stuff out there.

    • Alan says:

      to be fair the show was sam’s in season 1, dean was just his protective big brother with no storylines for himself, its not really dean’s show

      • Matt says:

        Are you watching the same show as everyone else?!?! The show is about both of them, dean and Sam, not one of them gets more attention than the other. I’ve been watching since day 1 and have seen every episode at least twice.

        • rai says:

          Well, shamefully enough -for me- I have seen every episode at least 4 times and I think the same. I don’t think one has got more attention than the other at all. There are always the same boring arguments out there: Sam gets more attention, the show should have ended two seasons ago, the show should be about the two brothers exclusively and go back to “the roots”. All my love to the writers for not doing any of these things.

  9. Mcat says:

    So happy that Cas will be back, hopefully on a full-time basis. I’ve been a fan since the pilot first aired so many years ago, and I don’t understand some fans insistence that the show can’t have any other characters or any other relationships besides Sam and Dean. I’m sorry, but the Sam and Dean Monster of the Week Show gets old; the mythology and additional characters and relationships keep the show fresh and interesting. It doesn’t detract from the brother’s relationship – it adds to it by keeping it from becoming a parody of a relationship.
    Can’t wait to see more of Cas, and the bond between Cas and Dean. Also can’t wait to meet Sam’s new love interest – I hope she is a fully developed character and not just a two dimensional place-mat like so many of their female characters are.

  10. Dan says:

    For the thousandth time, the show could be similar, but it will never be same as season 1! It really pisses me off when you fans get tired of the same thing, then you ask for something new, the writers give you something new..and then you all start complaining by saying that the show isn’t what it used to be!! My God!! Just watch the show, and enjoy it while you have it! You all take everything to seriously…

  11. mia says:

    I want Dean/Cas to happen so bad. There’s bromance and then there’s just romance. I don’t want this new “romance” for Dean to be yet another push for heterosexuality. Be brave showrunners, its 2012, let some of your characters be gay.
    /im aware this is a pipe dream.

    • Nia says:

      The new “romance” is for Sam, not Dean. Although Dean is getting a new monster frenemy from Purgatory.

    • Ella says:

      It would be GREAT if they manned up and took that plunge. Seriously. The sexual chemistry between Dean and Cas is greater than a lot of existing canon couples on television.

    • Roxi says:

      For some reason, my first response to this post didn’t go through, or was denied. Don’t know why, I didn’t insult anyone.
      Anyway, I have to ask, why do some of you want so badly for Dean to be gay? I would have no problem with this if he had been shown to be gay all along, but guys, he’s always been shown to be a straight, woman loving man. And even when he’s alone, so you know he’s not doing it for other’s benifit, or to pretend. And NO, I am NOT in anyway anti-gay,I have always in fact been considered a woman who is close with gay men, can I say that without offending? But along with my other comments, Dean is also now in his mid thirties. It seems that if he had any gay tendencies at all he’d have known by now.
      Why don’t you like him as a straight man? I myself would be disappointed only because it would mean I couldn’t enjoy any romantic fantasies about him anymore, I mean, him being into men would mean he could never be into me right LOL
      I did however used to love the friendship, and it was a FRIENDSHIP, the he had with Cas. But then the writers ruined Cas for me with all the awful things he did to Dean and Sam ( the Wall, hello!) and he also let the Leviathins in which caused Bobby’s death. So it will take a lot for them to redeem the character for me.

  12. John says:

    Please let Bobby stay dead. As much as I like the show (a few years ago I would have said “love”), all the resurrections are becoming ridiculous. Heaven, Hell, Purgatory…there and back again over and over…when death becomes meaningless, what are the stakes?

  13. Gigi says:

    I would really like to see Misha and Richard Speight Jr. on SPN this coming season. If you can fit Jim in, all the better.

  14. WillowRose says:

    You really shouldn’t include me in this ‘we’ you speak of. I’ve been watching the show for years and love the character of Cas. He brings another point of view, sometimes with conflict between the boys thrown in. Supporting ccharacters are good for a show, especially where there’s only two main characters. If there weren’t other characters in it it’d be boring. Also, I hope Jim can get on to a recurring role, that would be nice. I miss him already.

  15. Mel says:

    I love these guys, all three.Honestly can’t understand this crazy anger some fans because of his characters. Fear! ¬¬ Can’t wait to see and have fun with the season 8.

  16. paul.c says:

    to all those that prefer just the boys lets get one thing straight its not called the sam and dean show cass crawley and all the others make it all work otherwise it would be dull predictable and boring

  17. Lola says:

    I know the whole bringing characters back from the dead is getting a little ridiculous……But, please, please, PLEASE bring Bobby back. It’s just not the same show without him to me.

  18. Lori says:

    I personally love this show, regardless of the season. I’m excited for all characters. It’s the best show ever made, period. I think Carver will be able to put the show back to great episodes. Unfortunately Sera made huge mistakes and I’m really looking forward to Carver. He wrote my all time favorite episodes ever. The trickster episodes were awesome, the family flashbacks were awesome and changing channels, amazing. Plus Carver and Edlund together really have the best chemistry. That said Sera wrote all the best episodes about Bobby. I disagree with the character observation because Ellen, her daughter, the psychic, all the characters that were in heaven have not been brought back so they only bring back the main characters. Which is needed, Cas, Bobby, Crowly they both need to be in the show. I’m not looking forward to the head vamp, but I know Carver will do a great job. Im totally psyched. I wish SAMs love could have been the girl from Provinence. She was beautiful and had good chemistry. SAMs new girl is not attractive. Also I’m a Dean girl but Sam can do much better. Anyway I hope they bring Adam back, the amulet, the young Winchester mom and dad maybe even john winchester, the back in time episodes and the really fun solo episodes of Sam and Dean. The best seasons have a mixture of everything. There is a lot of spoilers coming out that makes me think this season will be the best one yet. I’ll watch this show for 20 years no matter what. I’m glad it did not end at season 5 because some amazing episodes have been after that. Carver, Edlund, I believe in you! I’m do looking forward to the new season and I will stay loyal no matter what. Team Jensen!

    • TexasGreatGrams says:

      You have summed up my feelings perfectly-love, love, love this show. It is so much better than just about anything else on tv, including lots of cable shows. So looking forward to October 3rd.

  19. Bethany says:

    Fan since day one! Never missed an episode loved every season and if you have complaints don’t watch let us true fans enjoy

  20. Matt says:

    If Cas leaves the show they would lose a lot of viewers. It’s bad enough losing bobby. Cas is as much apart of the show as Sam and dean are. Since jo and Ellen and bobby and pamela and ash are all dead they need to keep Cas. Besides Cas is the only real weapon that they have, he can have them anywhere on the planet in the blink of an eye and smite monsters and demons in a heart beat. He’s awesome.

  21. Kimberly says:

    IMO why is so many people upset about the characters and storylines it is a awesome show great actors and the best show ever. O wait season 8 duh.if u are haters then it ain’t the show for u then leave. The end. Period. I am done venting IMO

  22. Everyone has their opinion, I consider myself and family to be among the hardcore Supernatural fans, We own every season and have watched them in order many times. I cannot wait for tonight’s season 8 premier. so here’s my 2 cents –

    I love Sam & Dean’s characters and I totally disagree with some that have said they haven’t been able to mature or move on or that Castiel and Bobby are obstacles to the story moving forward. Bobby is my favorite supporting actor in this series and in my opinion he is a crucial part of the boys lives and his character brings so much to table. I also love the Castiel and Crowley characters, they embody the enduring human duality of good and evil that each human being struggles with within themselves. What the writers have done is created a wonderful spectrum of grays sprinkled with some vibrant colorful characters, Instead of the easy black and white storytelling and characters you normally get with most genre shows. Supernatural has Castiel and Crowley being both good and evil, greedy and generous and they have greatly enriched the storytelling and moved it forward.

    As far as some feeling they’ve lost their roots. I totally disagree. I have never felt they ever left their roots, they are always hunting, maturing, making mistakes and learning from them and also faced with new challenges, personal and Supernatural. Each season has given us a story arc or theme that focuses on one aspect of the supernatural (demons, angles, Ancient beasts i.e.Leviathans etc.) as well as the main story-line the brothers themselves and the family business. like it or not Bobby, Cass, Crowley and several other recurring supporting actors are their family and as any Super Supernatural fan knows – Family is everything.

  23. sandy kingsland says:

    Love Cas hes a great character. so happy hes going to be a regular.

  24. amy Hancock says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE SPN this is the best show on TV!!!! I love the bond between dean and cas I hope they make misha a reg on the show and bring back bobby I also loved the bond they had with him he’s like a father to them they were like family that was so great to see that bond so plz bring bobby back :)