Fringe @ Comic-Con: Final Season Talk Begets Tears and Movie Buzz -- Watch the Trailer Here!

Fringe‘s final Comic-Con panel gave the Firefly anniversary cryfest a run for its money on Sunday afternoon. When not getting emotional, the cast and executive producer Joel Wyman shared some glimpses at Season 5’s future (including the confirmation of a big time jump). Read on for highlights from the discussion.

VIDEO | Fringe Cast Teases Final Season (Who’s Missing? Who’s Old?), Gives Thanks to Firefly

SEASON 5 SNEAK PEEK | A trailer approved for “all members of the resistance” (watch it below) showcased some new footage – even though the series hasn’t officially started production yet. (How? The cast took time out to film some scenes for the reel, including touching moments between Peter and Olivia.) “[Etta]’s everything I ever hoped she’d become,” said Olivia, to which Peter replied, “Just like her mother,” before deciding to fight back against the Observers by creating some of their own fringe events. Meanwhile, Walter declares, “I know how to rid our world of the Observers!” and “We need Belly!” Added Wyman, “That video was our sales tool to get us a Season 5.”

FUTURE SHOCK | The new season is “going to pick up exactly where we left off in [Episode] 419, the next day” in the year 2036, confirmed Wyman. As for those nasty, invading Observers, Josh Jackson warns they’re “much, much worse” than we think.

THE FINISH LINE | How long has Wyman known how the show will end? “I had ideas since Season 1, but those changed” as new people came in with new ideas, he replied. But about two-and-a-half months ago, the final vision “became very clear.” As for whether there’s more to come after the series finale in some other form, “Anything is possible,” replied John Noble. “I would think a film is very possible down the track.”

TOGETHER FOREVER | Will Olivia and Peter get their happy ending? “I think that these two will get the final chapter of their story,” is all Jackson would say.

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SEE YOU IN ANOTHER LIFE, BROTHA? | Wyman was tight-lipped about the possible return of Henry Ian Cusack’s future resistance fighter, who in “Letters of Transit” wound up ambered. “Henry was an outstanding performer last season,” he said. “Let’s see if he makes his way into the show this season.”

TEARS FOR YEARS | Asked to share their favorite scenes, Anna Torv and Lance Reddick choked up and started crying while discussing Astrid’s memorable episode. Jasika Nicole returned the favor, bringing Torv to tears as she raved about the scene in which Olivia pulls clothes out of dryer after she realizes Bolivia had taken over her life. Meanwhile, Jackson gave Seth Gabel props for his different portrayals of Lincoln Lee.

OBSERVETTES? | When asked if we’ll ever see any female Observers, Wyman shared this tantalizing tease: “The answer to your question will become apparent this year. There’s a reason, and you’ll find out the reason.”

FEDORA THE EXPLORER | A book detailing September the Observer’s experiences is coming to stores near you, and you can be a part of it. There will be a contest that will allow a few lucky fans have their names inserted into the page-turner as “persons of interest.”

Fringe kicks off its final season on Sept. 28 at 9/8c on Fox.

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  1. tjj50 says:

    Oh my goodness! Why didn’t I go to Comic-Con this year?! Hopefully Someone will put this panel online. They haven’t even started filming yet and I’m missing this show already!!

  2. ben says:

    That is a very good way of confirming that Henry Ian will be back. Sure, they didn’t confirm it, but the way the hedgeing was worded suggests the outcome pretty strongly.

  3. liddad says:

    Let’s be honest. “Henry was an outstanding performer last season, Let’s see if he makes his way into the show this season.” means “Yes, we want him back, it’s up to him whether he does.” Which I think/hope he will. He’s a great actor and I doubt he’d turn down the chance to be in such a great show!

  4. Brian says:

    What is the status of Henrietta? Were any questions asked concerning what her role would be in Season 5?

  5. kelly says:

    So awesome. Thanks for the info :)

  6. jenna says:

    Season 5 is bittersweet, I’m already missing the show so I can’t wait for new episodes but then starts the countdown till the end :(

  7. Drew says:

    I still want to see the bridge reopened. I already miss the other side.

    I love this show.

  8. Mike says:

    I honestly liked how they finished the arc with the other side. It’s because we miss them that it’s so powerful. I personally hope they stick to their guns and don’t bring them back, despite how awesome they are. I wouldn’t mind seeing Charley in the finale in some form though, the show had him at the beginning, he should be there at the end.

  9. panda says:

    Let’s all enjoy our last 13 ep.

  10. lois says:

    “I would think a film is very possible down the track.”


  11. kirads09 says:

    I got so unexpectedly emotional over this. No, I was not at SDCC. But all the live tweeting and Fringe love on twitter during the panel! “They are coming” trended worldwide yesterday. The cast’s comments. It is incredible how appreciative they are of the fans. We are so lucky to have a Season 5 but already feeling intense separation anxiety. 13 episodes is going to go by too quick.

    I hope Henry Ian Cusick is back (given his freeing up by Scandal!).
    Can’t wait for more of Belly, either. So going to miss my Lincoln Lee.
    Hope he gets on another show or maybe even a series of his own – soon.
    Seth Gabel is just too good.

    Now starting to save my pennies to get the entire series on DVD to relive when it is released. A feature film would be beyond my wildest dreams!

  12. Anna says:

    Saddest panel ever, when all of them started crying it melted your heart. I was lucky enough to be there and I can honestly say this Is the best cast on tv. Hopefully the last 13 will be great and we can get the movie john noble teased.

  13. Emily says:

    I was there too, and I started crying when they were showing the clip video thanking the fans for all their support. And when 6,000 people held up white tulips. And when Anna and Jasika and Lance (can you believe it?) could barely get their words out through tears. It was an amazing last panel. We laughed, we cried. So thankful I could be part of it.

  14. Mark C In the UK says:

    Tv has the power to emote feelings in all of us. This show has done it better than any other for the last 5 years. When its gone I am not sure if I will ever feel this way about a TV show again. the cast will be sorely missed… surely if the x-files got a film(or two) then Fringe is ripe for the treatment.

    The trailer sums up the feelings for all the cast JJ don’t let us down bring Fringe home the way it should.

  15. bobbie says:

    20 years! No wonder I’m hungry! LOL!!! and it looks like Leonard Nimoy will put in at least one more appearance! yay!

  16. Nina says:

    Oh Geil …. Muss woll im Internet auf Englisch gucken ;D Oder mit Deutschem Untertitel … Mal gucken … Kann’s nähmlich nicht mehr abwarten !

  17. David says:

    All I can say is WOW!!! So glad they get a proper send off. WOW!!!