Hot Video: The Glee Cast Relives That Big Finale Twist and Dishes on What's Ahead in Season 4

To say Glee‘s third season ended with an emotional whallop would be an understatement, and it certainly left fans desperate to find out what’s in store for Season 4.

Well, brace yourselves, Gleeks, because the cast of Fox’s high-school musical dropped by TVLine’s Comic-Con interview suite for their very first chat about the unexpected twists and turns of “Goodbye,” and where their characters are headed when the show returns to the airwaves on Sept. 13.

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Press play below for all the scoopy goodness — from which cast member is getting inspiration from Into the Wild to who was left in the dark about the Finn-Rachel breakup — and for more intel from Glee‘s Comic-Con panel later today (hosted by yours truly) follow me on Twitter @MichaelAusiello!

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  1. Kelly says:

    These people are perfect. I’m sooo excited for season 4!!!

  2. Isaac says:

    Probably in the minority, but I vote that Darren Criss keep this look for Blaine. So much better than bowties and tight highwaters and plastic hair.

    • Rose says:

      i agree with you wholeheartedly. please let Darren keep this rugged look! also the person who said he was a ‘douche’… are you serious?! Darren Criss is literally the most humble and sweet celebrity. He doesn’t even consider himself famous…

    • Eh, I’d say no because the beard makes him look his age and he’s supposed to be a 17 year old. He looks good, but older than 17, his supposed Glee age.

    • Sazzie says:

      Sorry, but I can’t agree with you. Don’t like “this look” on Darren let alone Blaine. I like dapper Blaine – although I am a Blaine fan and not a Darren fan.

  3. Emily says:

    Darren, you look like a caveman/carpenter/wooly mammoth/Jesus/homless person/pirate/ and you got in a fight with glue and a squirrel, but you still manage to look ridiculously hot<3

  4. Kim says:

    All I see is how gorgeous Naya looks and how cute her besti3, Kevin and her are together

  5. Jenn says:

    Cory is lookin handsome today!!!

  6. thali says:


  7. Spencer says:

    I wish Blaine was gone. I hate him so.

  8. Katie says:

    So excited to have blaine back in season 4!! love him

  9. Rashad says:

    Lea and Naya look AMAZING!!!

  10. Vics says:

    I loved it when Darren Criss says “You guys broke up?” Simply hilarious!

  11. Liz says:

    I tried so hard not to let go of this show but I am done after seasons 2 & 3 being such a let down. But done with this cast NEVER! i still love them all & will watch anything (except Glee) they do.

  12. ladyruth54 says:

    People still watch this?

  13. Anon says:

    Ohmygosh Lea, Naya and Jenna look sooo pretty I love their outfits :) Cory and Kevin look freaking cute and adorable as per usual but Im kinda taken a back by Darren :O he is usually pretty sexy but he kinda looks like a hobo who has no access to saving supplies :L I still love him though <3 hes so talented and gorgeous he

  14. Sean C. says:

    Well, so far as “good scoop” goes, that’s pretty scant, but that’s to be expected, since the cast rarely knows anything about what’s going to happen.

  15. exBFF says:

    Michael – love you, mean it…but, sweetie, you are the most boring, tepid interviewer ever!!

  16. ggny says:

    who is the hobo the snuck in on the interview?

  17. thefirstmrshummel says:

    The only emotional wallop I felt was the sense of being completely screwed over by the writers. I’m running as far and as fast as I can away from Season 4.

  18. Kurt supporter says:

    Haven’t watched the interview – as the only character I’m interested in isn’t there. The question I have is how the writers could have treated Kurt with such callous disregard over an entire season. As far as the audience knows – he’s the only Lima loser in the entire group of seniors. Everyone else got their dream, but him. Kurt was a prop for Rachel the 3rd season – to support her and encourage her. Where was the support for Kurt? He was laughed at, belittled and scorned for being the wrong type of gay. I hope that the writers are asked questions about that…

  19. Brittana was ALWAYS on says:

    Well, I have to say, Naya and Lea and Jenna, y’all are lookin FINE tonight! And Cory and Kevin, handsome devils as always. Darren, darling, I can barely see your gorgeous countenance beneath that marmot you have on your face. Shame. Also, Lea and Naya having the exact same thought, “I know EVERYTHING about EVERYBODY! And you’re not gonna get a word outta me!” was adorable beyond belief. The little ‘I see what we did there’ grance (thats a grin and a glance, together) nearly killed my little fangirl heart. Also, contradicting people who come to obviously labelled Glee videos just to hate, please go away. Be nice, you don’t know them and they act how they’re told to. Gwan. Get. And Naya, could you get a bit less perfect and cute so when I look at you I don’t melt? Thanks.

  20. Iris says:

    …Chris Colfer isn’t there, so no point in watching it then. To me, seriously, Season 2 was the best. It gave me a warm and giddy feeling but in Season 3, I just felt funny…okay, I’ll stick with fanfics then, since I still love Klaine so much.

  21. Jane says:

    Is Naya Rivera pregnant? Bit of a change from the recent bikini photos released…

    • Brianna says:

      Comic-Con red carpet? Yeah, and are they not allowed to have competent stylists or PR people when Ryan Murphy isn’t around? WTF is with some their off-screen interviews and photo shoots? They need better management or better contracts.

      Side note, perhaps the “joke” about knowing everything isn’t such a stretch seeing as Naya is dating a writer for the show. With Ali Adler’s new gig, GLEE is stuck with one of the worst writers possible!

  22. lauren says:

    Awh, they all look so good! Poor Jenna…everyone talks about how amazing the old 2 ladies look, but she is adorable! They’re all beauties!

  23. lauren says:

    other* not old * oops

  24. Finchel/monchele says:

    What is Lea doing with a ring??? Is this to get into character or to give fans a coronary????

  25. J says:

    Glee cast is the best cast in the world!!! I can’t wait for Season 4

  26. I’m scared to watch this because of Darren Criss… I love him as Blaine (Blaine-haters, don’t dwell; we can all have different opinions), but he looks like a bear!!!

  27. Dellie Q. says:

    Damian McGinty is not returning Season 4 of Glee?! THE worst news. He was the only reason I got through Season 3.

  28. ANN says:

    Am I the only one who noticed that there is no mention of Amber Riley or Chord Overstreet in the S4 summary SAMCEDES. They were the best thing they had going in S3 and to dismiss them so easily. WTH GLEE! Really all of your writers and producers need to take a look at what worked and it wasn’t Lea and Cory in S3.

  29. amy says:

    my daughter is mad because they broke up Finn/Rachel. She is MAD so there will be no Glee season 4 for family night.