Glee @ Comic-Con: Who Will Be Back? Who's Promoted? Where's Kurt? Who's Not Married?

There was much Glee to be had in the Indigo Room at the Comic-Con on Saturday evening, as TVLine Editor-in-Chief Michael Ausiello led a panel discussion featuring series regulars Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Darren Criss, Naya Rivera, Kevin McHale and Jenna Ushkowitz, plus executive producers Brad Falchuk, Ian Brennan and Dante Di Loreto.

Read on for highlights from the panel discussion.

VIDEO | Glee Cast Relives Finale’s Big Twist, Looks Ahead to Season 4

PERFECT HARMONY | Though some of New Directions peeled off in different directions at the close of Season 3, all of the series regulars will be returning for the new run — in some capacity. Plus, as rumored, Chord Overstreet is thisclose to finalizing a deal to become a series regular for Season 4. Lastly, Glee Project alums Samuel Larsen and Alex Newell are in talks to return.

TIME JUMP | As tradition with the show, about three months will have passed on screen when the new season picks up.

BRITNEY TRIBUTE | Falchuk confirmed that a second Britney Spears tribute will air this fall — specifically, in Episode 2. And yes, Heather Morris will be at the center of it.

RACHEL | The big city won’t be so kind to Rachel. “Now she’s starting fresh [with] the challenges of New York and being there alone,” previewed Falchuk. When the season picks up, it’ll be the start of the school year at NYADA, where dancing proves to be particularly problematic for Rachel. Enter Kate Hudson as her new teacher, who’s got a very different technique than Mr. Schuester. “[It’s] one based on negative reinforcement,” teased the EP. “Rachel has to get used to that.” For her part, Michele is “really excited to see her in a big city, interacting with new people.”

FINN | “He’s the real big question mark when [Season 4] starts,” shared EP Brennan. Added Falchuk, “He went off on this adventure [into the army] and nobody really knows what’s happened to him.” As for whether that means we’ll see Finn with a shaved head, Monteith said he’s “up for the challenge.”

KURT | It looks like Kurt is staying put – for now. Having been rejected by his dream school, he’s still in Lima, unsure of what he wants to do, when the season picks up. But with Rachel in New York, it can’t be too long before he finds his way to the Big Apple, right? “Those two are best friends,” replied Falchuk, tellingly. “It would be hard to keep them apart.”

SANTANA | Although her mom gave her the OK – and the money – to go to New York, Falchuk revealed that Santana will be at University of Louisville on her cheerleading scholarship. As for what advice a more mature Season 3 Santana would give her Season 1 character, Rivera had these words of wisdom: “Stay away from Finn!”

ARTIE | McHale would like to see Katey Sagal and Harry Connick, Jr. play his TV parents.

PUCK | Is the bad boy’s little brother coming to Glee? “I’ve heard that rumor too…,” Falchuk answered with a smile.

MCKINLEY HIGH | Now that they’ve lost their graduating choir members, New Directions will be “underdogs again,” shared Brennan. “That room is half empty. They’re desperately trying to get 12 kids again for sectionals.” Meanwhile, their leader, Mr. Schue, is living the good life with Emma though they’ve yet to tie the knot. “I don’t think they’re going to get married right away,” said Falchuk. “But they’re definitely engaged and very much in love and living together and doing dirty things.”

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  1. Meghan says:

    No Damian??? :(

    • amoeba says:

      Samuel Larsen said both him and Damian would be back for s4

    • Captain says:

      God I hope not. He’s the worst addition the show has ever had. I hope this year they find someone on the Glee Project who can act.

      • Toulouse says:

        he was unattractive, hard to understand, and he only sand 2 or 3 decent songs, the rest were snOOzers. sorry damian fans! homeboy has no place on that show with those ppl, imho

        • Rachel says:

          Anyone who watched the glee project (including ayone from glee) should have known now awful Damian was & that he should have been let go on *that* show several times. The only reason I could see him winning was that Ryan got it in his head that Brittney thinking he was a leprechaun was a great idea. I always cringed when he was on the screen on Glee. I’m so glad he won’t be back. Not really a fan of Samuel’s either, but I could at least tolerate him on glee.

      • mary kelly says:

        your right, he can’t act/sing and is boring,so is daniel. hope showoff ayleen doesn’t win.
        why do some of these glee proj. people focus so much on their gender, nationality, etc.
        who cares. just sing and act and quit being so self-absorbed.

        • Kevin says:

          You have to remember that half of the way these contenders are portrayed is simply the way they are edited. The producers of The Glee Project have to make it interesting in some way, so they have to create these “characters” and conflicts, etc. In order to do that, they emphasize a certain thing with each contender. It doesn’t mean that that’s all they talk about it. It’s just all that is shown. That’s why it seems like Aylin talks so much about being a Turkish Muslim. It’s all in the editing. There’s more to her than that and she’s not self-absorbed.

        • They focus on their gender, nationality, etc., because the Glee Project is more than a competition about singing and acting. In the end, Ryan Murphy is interested in getting to know who they are so that he can then create a character on Glee for them. If he’s not seeing their individuality then they don’t inspire him to write and he doesn’t care if they have the best voice or are the best actor.

    • Ambee says:

      “1. The Glee Project Season 1 co-winner Damian McGinty will not be returning — at least for right now, Falchuk told reporters. “Damian is not back this year,” he said. “The second half of the season, who knows. Right now, he won’t be in the first half of the season.” However, they would like to bring The Glee Project’s Samuel Larsen and Alex Newell back along with Chord Overstreet for Season 4. As for how many episodes all 15 of last season’s regulars will be doing, Falchuk said almost no one will be in every one. Also returning: Vanessa Lengies’ Sugar Motta. No word yet on Grant Gustin’s Sebastian.”

      So bummed about that

      • Dee says:

        At least now I know I can watch Grey’s anatomy. Damian was the rason I watched Glee

      • Santana says:

        In an interview it say sebastian will be back because of us appearance on glee project and says every star who appears on the glee project will return to glee but not all episodes except for lea mIchele

        • Kevin says:

          It’s likely that Grant will be back; right now he’s filming a movie in NY so not for the first few episodes, but it’s hard to imagine that he wouldn’t come back after how popular he was.

    • A says:

      He’s apparantly not coming back and to be honest, good riddance. His character always seemed useless and was just present as an excuse for the Glee club to have the right number of people to be able to compete in competitions

      • Have you EVER considered Damien doesn’t choose his songs or his interaction with the group. The producers are who screwed his character up……….I LOVED Damien and was glad he won.

        • A says:

          I am not saying he has a bad voice and yes they did give him boring songs, but regardless of that he just never brought anything to the show in my opinion. Maybe the producers wrote his character that way because they saw that there was not much material to give him because he’s not a great actor and because they had a contract to keep him since he won.
          I personally think he should stick to singing and stay away from acting because I found him to be extremely boring and a useless presence on the show. I mean being able to sing is a good quality to have for a musical show like Glee but its still is a “TV show” and they should know how to act as well

    • Tanner says:

      I don’t see how. Most foreign students only stay for one year.

  2. ggny says:

    Burning question. Is Sugar return?

    Im serious i like Vanessa Lengies

  3. I still want to know if Tina and Artie will get back together.

  4. WayneInNYC says:

    ANOTHER Brittany Spears tribute? WHY!? The first one was painful enough, though by no fault of Heather Morris.

    • ggny says:

      it was probably apart of Britney contract with The Xfactor

      • onthegointo says:

        lol, get real. ya, a big factor for britney spears signing up for the x factor was another tribute on glee. seriously? :rolleyes:

        • Captain says:

          It wasn’t Britney who demanded it, it was FOX. They announced it when they announced the Britney tribute episode in April. They asked them to do another tribute episode to promote her judging the X-Factor. I think the episode premiers after the first episode of the X-Factor or something.

    • sm says:

      Agreed. Major disappointment when I watched it when it aired s2. Heather is a great dancer but Britney Spears doesn’t appeal to me so the episode was an epic fail right there. Have to give it a chance s4 but the way I feel about Miss Spears and her intolerable music it will be an epic fail part deux. Love Glee but even they can’t make good anything with Miss Spears music. Yuck. Personally speaking. Hope that the resident jewish gossip is gone too. That was gross.

  5. Ian says:

    Chord shouldn’t be a regular. Mediocre actor, boring character.

    • ruth says:

      Totally agree with you! I never understand why they force us to wach him!

      • Dev says:

        Could say the damn thing about Finn/Cory. I’d take Chord/Sam over him any freaking day. Nothing against Cory, ’cause he seems like a nice guy, but he’s about as mediocre an actor as Chord. At least Sam’s a more likable character

        • sm says:

          I have to say that is your opinion not mine. I think Cory is a really good actor. Chord is good also. All these actors have been unknowns found by Glee producers. All of whom have reached notariety and fame due to their association with Glee.

        • Rachel says:

          Sam’s only a likeable character to those who ignore that he’s a huge douche. And Cory is often praised for his acting and is regarded as one of the big three on the show. Chord is small-time and so is Sam.

          • Kevin says:

            Explain to me how in the world Sam Evans could be seen as a “huge douche” in ANY way.

    • Kum says:

      Mediocre actor?
      You must be talking about Darren Criss. Oh sorry, my bad. He’s just plain bad.

      Sam is really a likeable character and if they adress the things they brought up in “Audition” and “TRHGS” again (dyslexia/eating disorder) also an interesting one. At least as long he’s not around Mercedes. But hopefully that’s over now.

  6. RachelA says:

    All I want to know is what the story is with Dave Karofsky. But I appear to be shouting into the wind on this one. Le sigh…

    • Ian says:

      Oh God, I’m right there with you! I could just cry!
      If Kurt’s gonna be in Lima for awhile (yeah Glee, because after that audition, he wouldn’t have gotten into NYADA? Yeah right. Always make Rachel the star and fail Kurt so you can keep your precious Klaine together), they should explore the Kurtofsky relationship further. I don’t know what Max Adler’s status is as part of the The Last Resort, but he’s always said he would love to keep playing Dave. I want to know how he’s doing, when they just totally dropped his story after a bloody suicide attempt. Did he get out of Lima? Is his life any better now? So many questions…
      But like I said, if the show has already gone to the extent of cutting off one of their most socially important storylines and cockblocking another great suitor for Kurt’s heart for the sake of Prince Blaine and Klaine, they’re not gonna invest in anything different now.

      • Devin says:

        All of this. Where the hell is Dave? They left him in a hospital bed for crap’s sake! Did his mother kick him out because of his “disease?” What school did he transfer to? Did he graduate? Is he in counseling? Did Kurt keep in touch like he said he would since they are “friends” now? Who does he talk to, since his entire school turned on him? Has he gained any acceptance of himself? This is a character that has been around since season 1, gradually growing as a person. GLEE- THIS IS NOT HOW YOU END A STORYLINE ABOUT TEEN SUICIDE!

        In my ideal world where Glee writers finally remember how to write actual good storylines, Kurt eventually goes to NY for whatever crap reason they come up with, and runs into Dave who is going to college there. They become close friends (as do Dave and Santana, since she’s inevitably going to end up there as well.), and we get to see Dave as a better person. And no, this doesn’t mean he’s in every episode, but he also doesn’t keep disappearing. We finally get to hear Dave sing, and by the end of the season Dave and Kurt have become a couple, which has been brewing for a long time now.

    • Jason says:

      I completely agree with you. The only thing I care about is Dave, the suicidal boy they left in a hospital room without friends, a school, or a caring mother. Until I hear him mentioned as being in an episode, I won’t be tuning in at all.

    • Dillon says:

      I’ve never felt less heard than I have since I started watching Glee. Dave’s character has a very large following, despite what some in this fandom think. Yet Glee, the writers, and all the interviewers never bring him up/respond to questions about him. I KNOW the questions are asked by many different fans, yet he never comes up in the interviews. It’s always whatever ship is trending that day or what famous person is coming on the show.
      Note to Glee- your ratings have taken a big slide and your critical reviews are getting worse. STOP pandering to the loudest fans on the internet and write a damn cohesive story that incorporates ALL of your characters in some logical sense. Imagine that your writing is a form of art (which most writers do), and stop crapping all over it.

      • dan says:

        Max Adler has a big part in the show Last Resort. I believe he’s a regular. It may be beyond their control to show more of Dave Karovsky, as much as they might like to do so.

    • Janie Sims says:

      Ill shout with you! I love his character and how he evolved during the end of season two and through season three. His scenes with Kurt with are a great addition to the show.

  7. Lucie says:

    Wait, I saw some tweets mentioning Katey Sagal. Did she get casted or was it some sort of “dream cast” Artie has?

  8. P says:

    happy for heather morris and the britney episode, she had like one line per episode and they were all santana related at the end of season 3. happy for chord, too, he should have been regular for a long time. if they bring alex from TGP back they should bring lindsay too, she was a better actress than the other. and damian should stay too, although he’s only in the background doing absolutelly nothing and causually singing songs about how much he misses home.

    • Captain says:

      Completely agree. The only TGP cast member I want back is Lindsay. She’s a fantastic actress and singer while none of the rest of them seem capable of delivering an even half-decent performance. I like Samuel but his character is boring, I have no interest in Unique and Damien couldn’t act to save his life.

      • dan says:

        Keep Alex and Lindsay, lose Damian and Samuel. He even seemed like a jerk using “Skadoosh” again on TGP season 2.

  9. Sofia Leão says:

    Heather FINALLY got another episode! thank god for Britney Spears :D

  10. amoeba says:

    “And nothing of value was gained” What a waste

  11. Amanda says:

    I just wanna know the when Dianna will be back cause that’s all I’m interested in seeing…

    • amoeba says:

      She’s doing a movie with DeNiro, let her move on!!!! She’s better than this sinking ship. I feel bad for Lea, holding onto it…

      • Marina Sabino says:

        You’re completely right. Dianna Agron, who is NOT talented, will have a movie career. Lea Michele, the only one in Glee with real talent, will sink her career in this awful series.

        • Temperence says:

          Agron’s quite talented. She’s also luminous. Jealous?

          • Cindy says:

            Not sure why someone had to insult Dianna with a comparison to Lea. I’m very proud and happy to see Dianna get this plum movie role. But she’s suppose to also return to Glee for some shows so I am very disappointed tv line did not at least ask about Quinn. It was something many fans have been asking tv line to get the scoop on with Dianna, Mark Salling, and Amber Riley.

        • Alexis says:

          There is no doubt that Dianna is a beautiful girl, however, she is simply an average actress. Also, she is a below average singer. It is difficult not to compare her to Lea, since Lea is such an incredible and inspiring actress/singer. I think Dianna mainly gets by with her pretty face, while Lea has true talent.

          • Cindy Lynn says:

            Dianna may not be Meryl Streep, but I think her acting is pretty darn good. And I happen to Love her voice! At least with her there isn’t so much dramatic, over-the-top, look how high and strong and wonderful my voice is while I sing up in the hemisphere. Lea’s voice is so much better when she keeps it in a normal range and is singing from her heart (like in “Get It Right” or “My Man”), but the producers are always putting her in the spotlight and asking her to sing like the audience is dying to see what color her tonsils might be today. Dianna has a very lovely contralto voice, and has done very well – loved her rendition of “Never Can Say Goodbye.” I would buy her album, should she choose to put one out.

  12. Jenny says:

    Bring Lindsey back before even thinking of bringing Alex back. She could Act as well as sing.

    • Presley says:


    • Claire says:

      I agree too. She was the best out of the final four IMAO and i don´t like Damian and Alex at all.

    • Amy says:

      Word. Gerber Baby over Unique any day.

    • Captain says:

      HELL YES!

    • Jess says:

      Amen! With a header like “Perfect Harmony” I thought for sure they meant Lindsay’s character, but no. Of TGP contenders she was by far the strongest singer/actress in her actual Glee performance. Bring back the Gerber Baby!

    • p says:

      I thought they were going to say she would be back when they started the first paragraph with perfect HARMONY.

    • Ann says:

      I completely agree! The only reason Ryan Murphy liked him was because he was a cross-dresser. That’s not talent! UGH! I fast forwarded every scene Alex was in…he was SO annoying on Glee Project and even worse on Glee! I would love to see Lindsey! Having Alex back on the show is just another reason for me to hate Glee once again.

    • Emily says:

      Bringing Alex back = just one more reason to stop watching Glee. Ughh.

  13. Presley says:

    What about Damian! They never gave him a chance last season.

    • uh huh says:

      That’s because he proved to be rather terrible.

      • Dyan says:

        Sorry to say this “Uh Huh”, but unh- uh to you….He is an incredible performer who was given next to NOTHING!!! to do….Murphy, Brennan and Falchuk pulled a fast one on you, the unsuspecting audience, and you swallowed it hook line and sinker!…You cannot produce gold from a pile of crap and that was the dilemma the actor Damian McGinty was faced with for almost 9 months!…Why do you think he was given crap for a story line and the others—Samuel, Alex and Lindsay– were given “gold”?…IT IS NOT!!! BECAUSE HE WAS NOT A GOOD ACTOR NOR A GOOD SINGER!!!…There were hundreds of avenues the writers and producers could have explored with the Rory character but they flat out REFUSED to write ANYTHING for him!!….That’s it , pure and simple—they screwed him over…WHY?!!….He toured the world over for about 5 years with a Billboard and Amazon chart topping stage group called “Celtic Thunder” and performed for the likes of President Barack Obama at the White House, at Radio City Music Hall in NYC, on several PBS specials, etc, etc., etc. prior to coming on TGP and Glee….”Celtic Thunder” was a multi-million dollar enterprise and they most certainly wouldn’t have hired Mr. McGinty if he wasn’t a stellar singer and actor!…The writers did an extreme disservice (that’s putting it mildly!) to the actor and definitely harmed his reputation and career by the horrendous way they treated him! (The comments on this thread are a prime example of the serious damage that has been done to this young gentleman’s career….You anonymously spread rumors and lies on the internet with absolutely no care for the damage you are doing!) …His career was on a vertical ascent before Glee; he was headed for the stars (was ALREADY a world-wide STAR) prior to Mr.’s Murphy, Brennan and Falchuk’s intentionally poor treatment of him….Oh, yes, Lindsay and Alex (and to some of you, Samuel) appealed to you alright…That’s because they were showcased with BIG flashy production numbers and in Alex’s (and Samuel’s) case, lots of dialogue….The writers can write up a storm when they feel like it, can’t they?….My personal opinion is, Mr. McGinty was treated badly because there was some bad “politicing” going on in the writers room, nothing more, nothing less…They had a vendetta against Mr. McGinty and made sure he wouldn’t succeed on their show!…The only plausible explanation I can come up with for their actions is they had some legal arguments with McGinty’s managers and lawyers or….Murphy and his “hooligans” had really ONLY wanted Alex Newell to win TGP because they were infatuated and obsessed with creating and writing the drag queen/ Unique story line, but were over-ruled by some executives at Glee headquarters and forced to declare McGinty a (co-)winner….Destroying Rory Flanagan (inch by inch, episode by episode) was just a way for them to get even with those who had over-ruled their decision on who would win TGP…And they succeeded!….Not only did they “off ” Rory by season’s end but they very nearly destroyed a very talented young man’s career!!….Disgusted at Murphy, etc., but MORE disgusted at the vile HATRED! that is being spewed on the net towards this humble young man—thanks to the producer’s actions….Please think about what effect your words have, but most of all—TELL the TRUTH!….P.S….You might want to ask what Mr. McGinty’s TGP and Glee co-stars think about his singing and acting skills…I think they are more qualified to evaluate the level of his talent than you are or I am—-period!…While you’re at it, check out what the famous producer/director Adam Shankman has to say about McGinty’s acting abilities (He directed the “Pot “o Gold” episode.)…You’ll find his comments in the bonus feature in the season 3 DVD—“The Newbies”—very enlightening, to say the least!….:)….

  14. meg says:

    Can’t wait for the Wemma wedding!!

  15. Tiny Tina says:

    What is Glee even doing at ComicCon? It seems like a mismatch for them, and not appealing to the regular Comic Con audience.

    • V says:

      Good question. The same as Twilight is, I suppose. Bringing in the cash.

    • ggny says:

      This question is asked every year. Glee has been at Comic Con since before it was on the air and the room is always full with people waiting outside. Comic Con is more about TV/Movie Panels and people wanting to see TV/Movie stars. Comic Con is just the name its is more Entertainment Con then anything now

    • Captain says:

      Tell that to the hundred of people who line up to get in every year. Comic Con was the start of the Glee phenomenon.

    • Emma says:

      Fox brings basically all it’s scripted shows to Comic-Con.

    • uh huh says:

      You do know that ComicCon stopped being just about comics and comic-inspired stuff a LONG LONG LONG time ago, don’t you?

  16. Val says:

    Oh JFC, get rid of Darren Criss already or at least stop giving him 10 songs an episode! He is an okay singer but he is the most two-dimensional, boring, bland character ever! He’s even worse than Finn and that’s saying something.

    With that said, MORE RACHEL ALREADY.

    • Claire says:

      Darren Criss was barely even mentioned on the article. Is complaining about him your hobby or something?

    • sigh says:

      More Rachel? She already gets more than her fair share. Get rid of Blaine? Get real. Not happening.

    • Shelby says:

      My god. You really just bring a world of hate don’t you? Darren is a AMAZING actor. So is Cory.(to those that also say he is bad) Heck the cast is wonderful! Like Claire said, he is barely mentioned, so why do you hate on him so much. Sure, Darren’s charater gets a few songs, if you haven’t noticed, Lea’s charater does too. Maybe Ryan and Chuck did us a favor and adding another charater so Rachel could share the spotlight. He isn’t bland. Just stop already. It would be a huge mistake to get rid of Darren. Enough said.

  17. Leslie says:

    I can’t believe Kurt is still stuck in Lima. He’s a determined, resourceful, strong, smart kid. It’s ludicrous to think that he was counting so much on getting one of the few NYADA slots available that he failed to apply to any other New York schools. But since it seems that’s exactly what happened, I guess it isn’t surprising that the writers decided Kurt spent all of his summer feeling sorry for himself in Lima instead of coming up with a way to make it to New York before the school year starts again. Glee has gotten so ridiculous, using tired storylines for the sake of drama with no regard for consistent characterization or the future. Very, very disappointing. Kurt, and most of the other characters, deserve much better material than what they’ve been given recently.

    • Claire says:

      THIS so much

    • Spencer says:

      *Wild applause* THIS

    • sigh says:

      Yes. The only thing Glee needs is better writers.

    • Vee says:

      Obviously you do not follow any other glee interviews or realted news very well. He is going to new york to be sarah jessica parkers fashion intern. He actually winds up providing the fashion for miss rachel berry. Goodness people, if you critique it you might as well know everything about it. Im just gonna say this one thing to get it off my chest. You people are not ryan murphy, therefore you do not know what he thinks of his show, what he wants of it, or where he thinks its going. He does, his show is based on rachel berry, the show started and he has said, it will end, with her. So yeah she gets the most screen time get over it. Obviously, the other actors, were chosen because the casting director, rob ulrich, brad falchuk, and ryan himself loved them. They felt they fit the characters chosen for them. Chris’s character was made for him. Some of them were broadway actors, and there are NO bad actors on broadway. You people yell back in forth, it sucks we hate, ill only watch it if so and so comes back. Then stop reading about it, stop watching it, and please for the people that enjoy the show, and always have and always will no matter what tributes or special guests or actors they have on it. Like my mother told me, if you cant say anything nice then just shut up.

  18. Kia says:

    Ummmm since when are Rachel & Kurt best friends? What happened to Mercedes? Speaking of …where was Amber Riley?

  19. Rachel says:

    A more mature season three Santana? Lolololol She was the biggest bully and isn’t at all sorry about it. Advice is don’t be such a bitch, Satan

  20. Sean C. says:

    So evidently after using the finale to shortcut moving Santana to New York, the writers decided to ignore that and tell the same story over again, I see (paralleled with Finn and Kurt). The writers’ planning skills are flawless as ever, I see.

  21. Kira says:

    Nothing on Amber’s Mercedes Jones? Typical. And I agree Kia, Kurt and Mercedes were best friends long before he and Rachel were. Pathetic.

  22. J says:

    I love Lea!! I can’t wait for Rachel starting her life in NY

  23. lame says:

    Why did you just ask about these boring characters? I want to know at least something about Quinn. i know Dianna aren’t forced to do a full season next year (lucky girl!) but I wanted to know something about her.

    • C says:

      Me too. Not one mention on Quinn? Seriously disappointed that no news outlet could have at least asked about Dianna’s character, since after all, Quinn is one of the MAJOR leads for the last three years.

      • jess says:

        I’m shocked that people actually like Quinn. Seriously shocked. Her storyline was one of the worst in tv history. The writers hate this character. They should have killed her off in the car accident. Waste of screentime.

  24. Shannon says:

    Nothing about Dave? The boy in the hospital who tried to kill himself? The one Glee used to do a PSA and then pretended he didn’t exist? Great message there to suicide survivors- you try to kill yourself because you think no one cares, and then, look, no one really cares.

  25. Evyn says:

    I don´t want Kurt to go to NY for Rachel I wan´t him to go for himself because he has something to do there. If he just goes their so that Rachel doesn´t feel lonely I´ll be pissed, he deserves his own storyline.

  26. Dan says:

    Dave? Come on Glee. Tell me when he’s coming back.

  27. CA says:

    I love how everyone here expected to know the entire fate of everyone with every story line from one panel at comic-con. Come on folks — that was never going to happen. Why should they producers do anything other then tease….they want you to tune in!!! True fans of the show will be watching come September to see how story lines play out, middling fans will watch bits and pieces and still complain, and non fans will continue to come to boards like these and make whiny complaints about how stupid Glee is.

  28. Dellie Q. says:

    Damian McGinty is not returning Season 4 of Glee?! THE worst news. He was the only reason I got through Season 3.

    • I politely disagree. Damian is a mediocre actor, at best. I find him to have a great personality, but he’s a very weak actor and only got the sappy ballads, so I never got to see his singing range on Glee. I know he can sing the upbeat songs and they never gave it to him. However, he still can’t act and I’d rather have actors who can act than ones who can’t.

  29. lady says:

    Poor Lea…stuck on this sinking ship while her co-workers (who Lea stans think are less talented) are landing plum parts in major movies. LOL!! It’s so much fun to watch them cry over it!!

    • Vee says:

      Lea chose to stay on glee. Ryan took them all in a room and said, if you want to stay your welcome, if you want to leave go for it, and if you only want to do a few episodes we will do it. So no poor anybody. Glee is a family they all have said it, they love their jobs. Lea, Cory, and Chris are the only ones that chose to stay as regulars. The rest chose a few episodes at a time.

  30. JDHetherington says:

    I don’t completely disagree that Damian wasn’t as capable acting wise as the rest of the cast, but in his defense, he was only given stuff to do in like 5 episodes out of the 17 he appeared in. He worked with what he was given, but the writers didn’t exactly write emmy award winning and relatable material for him. Add that to the fact, that this is the 3rd time that Glee has left the air for Season break with a member of the Glee Club, that didn’t end up returning in the season afterward. 1st. Matt Rutherford. 2nd. Appeared to be Sam Evans, before his return was announced and it was later discovered that it was in fact Lauren Zizes. And now Rory Flanagan is being removed. I think it’s poor form, when they could have just promoted Damian (as well as Samuel, Vanessa & Chord) and just brought in new recurring characters to fill out the rest of New Directions (with Blaine, Brittany, Tina & Artie) now they need to add 5 members instead of what could have been 4….. :/ IDIOTS

    • Dee says:

      I agree Damain was never given a chance. I loved him in ” Heart” which is the only one they gave him good lines in. Samuel fell into the role Ryan wanted for Cameron. If Ryan Murphy was really looking at the kids from the Glee project Damian is an Irish Catholic who never misses Mass- yet he chose Samuel. There is no consistency to Glee Maybe they need to replace some writers instead of playing “musical actors”. At least now maybe Damian and Cameron can make some music of their own- they sound great together

      • Beth says:

        Completely agree! And yeah, they sound amazing together … Hopefully they’ll make more songs soon..

        And let me just say, as much as I LOVE Glee, it kinda has gone downhill lately :(

  31. Kate says:

    I’d like to know what happened to Dave as well. I don’t really mind the idea of him making the occassional appearence (though I would, of course, much rather him be a regular) because it’s cool, the way it looks like his story is still so tied to Kurt’s that he doesn’t have to be around all the time for them to be connected. Of course, this is Glee, and their OTP is Klaine, so I know it’s accidental. But it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t look that way.

  32. mandy says:

    I now have to tell my mother Damien i not returning. I am very sad….She will be heartbroken.

  33. Terri says:

    When is this show going to bring back Karofsky and show us how he’s been? What happened to him?

  34. anne says:

    No more Karofsky, thank you. At least not with Kurt.

  35. sm says:

    I have to agree with Mr Dilorento, producer of Glee. He felt the need to defend the show on lack of Klaine kisses. He said that they can never please anyone. I feel he meant that with the diverse fandoms of characters and couples that watch the show, not all fandoms will be happy with what is aired. I just regret that the intensity of the fandoms to the point of verbally dissing the Glee panel yesterday, makes the Glee creators mad. After all, the staff, actors, music gurus, writers, filming crews work long and arduous hours to create a show for us fans. It may not be to yours or my liking all of the time but that is their show. If you or I don’t like what is being put on the show, stop griping about incidental things, appreciate the show for what it is, or stop watching it and opt to watch another show to more your liking. It is an insult to them who went to address questions from professional journalists and us the fans. They have always gone out of their way to make us fans feel appreciated. All they got was lip service. Griping and complaining. People can’t let the show be what it is and take it for what it’s worth. Take it or leave it. It is a satire of characters in satirical situations in the Gleeworld. Dave Karofsky was a character in HS with issues that he faced in s3. He is gone. Stop griping about that character. The season has yet to start for Kurt to find out what is his next step and maybe find his real niche in the world. Whatever it is we will find out. Stop blaming Rachel for everyones woes in Lima, Ohio. Please people, it is really frightening to see and read all the comments on this and some other social media and find that people take this show to heart as if they are real people. The panel didn’t reveal much yesterday so we will have to wait and see what s4 brings. Please, give the griping a rest. I know when s4 starts many will begin with the show bashing right after episode 1 airs. I have and always will be a fan of Glee with its good and bad. I will not address or defame an actor for his efforts and hard work. People who do are disrespectful. They write, act, produce, film, edit, sing, dance, everything else that I can’t quite place as talented hard work for Glee staff-talent that you and I don’t have. To those of you who think that you know what is best for the show why not go and apply for the jobs that are in need of being done better? I bet you will be laughed at in your face. We need to remember it is a show. Entertainment not a reality show for the viewer to take part in.

  36. Aileen says:

    I enjoyed watching Damian- he worked with what they gave him. Lindsey from TGP is nothing but a spoiled brat and I fast forward anything she is in. Sam’s character is boring and the Alex was boring too. It’s the writing that needs work, lots of it.

    • I agree with the first sentence……….only

      • Dee says:

        I agree Damain could only work with what they gave him. LOVED his voice from Celtic Thunder. Wished Glee gave him peppier songs. I also liked Lindsey on the Glee project, wished they brought her back. Samuel looks stoned most of the time and Alex is a prima donna. Glee had it’s work cut out going against Grey’s Anatomy. I am sure they just lost a ton of fans( from Celtic Thunder and TGP) who tuned in to see Damian.

  37. William says:

    It really bothers me how the producers clearly favor Rachel/Kurt’s friendship over Kurt/Mercedes’. Not only is it a slap in the face towards the fans of that bond, it’s incredibly annoying.

    • Vee says:

      Do you not remember high school??? Friends grow apart, the grow to do different things and move into different areas of their lives. Rachel and Kurt have always had more things in common than Mercedes. She wants to be a famous singer, but rachel and kurt want it all. They want the same things. It makes more sense for them to be friends.

  38. A says:

    Two words: Matt Bomer! Bring him back. Funniest Glee episode ever.

  39. Taylor says:

    Dave. That’s all I want.

  40. Le wild Troll appears says:

    Screw Dave. Where is Sunshine Corazon? I want her back, her story was so compelling and interesting.

    • Rehina says:

      I want Sunshine back as well, but in no way was her storyline compelling, imho. The writers didn’t give her anything to do, what a waste.

  41. Sof says:

    Ok Damian is cute and that’s all probably Ryan should have thought more about the character. I would love to see Sebastian again! And Samuel not such a fan. Hopefully this season would be good.

  42. JHON says:


  43. C says:

    Jonathan Groff as Jesse St. James. If he doesn’t make at least a small appearance in Season 4 I’m going to be seriously devastated. His storyline with Rachel at Nationals CANNOT just end like that… also, Jon Groff has a magnificent voice.
    I hate putting a “St. Berry shipper” label on myself, but if Jesse St. James shows up at NYADA, I will definitely be squealing like an obsessed fangirl.

  44. Person says:

    I wish I writer on Glee. Since I’m one of the more disappointed fans, I could at least try to persuade the others that they are sinking Glee. I MISS s1, how it was so tied together and REAL! I Miss how in s1, Will was just as much as the Glee club as anyone else. I.MISS THE SLUSHIES ! They are trying to force too many people into regulars, and that leaves us with lots of boring, easily fixed storylines.

  45. Beth says:

    I don’t get why everyone is hating on Damien. Sure it’s kind of obvious he has had no acting experience but he has a great voice and if you keep listening to his voice, you get used to the strong Irish accent. I don’t think it is right to hate on him if you don’t know. Sure you’re allowed to express your opinions and I’m not trying to deny you that. I personally think that it is sad that Damien is not returning. Although I’m not American, surely high schools are diverse and have people from all over the world. That’s what my school is like and I think that is one of the good things about Damien being on Glee, it brought Glee out of just Americans and further.

    • You tell them, Beth……I agree

    • Dany says:

      Damian had PLENTY!!! of acting experience through the 5 years he performed in the stage show “Celtic Thunder.” That multi-million dollar enterprise toured in Canada and the US giving performances for the POTUS, Barack Obama, in the White House, at Radio City Music Hall in NYC, PBS specials, at venues with up to 15,000 seat capacities, gave 1,000’s of interviews, has gone on 100’s of media tours, etc…Watch some of the DVD’s of the “Celtic Thunder” shows and try telling me he can’t act! The young man has incredible stage presence and was born to sing AND! act. Try telling Billboard and that he can’t act. Celtic Thunder” CD’s and DVD’s have topped their charts for all of the years “Celtic Thunder” has been in existence. He was studying “Performance Arts” at a college (NWRC I think is the name) when he wasn’t touring. ….acting most definitely was part of the curriculum. Also, I understand that he was accepted into the prestigious “Tisch School of Performing Arts” (once again, think that is the accurate name) in NY but that was put on hold as he won TGP…and the rest is history. Plus, all of those confessional vignettes in TGP were pretty much “scripted” and he was pretty darned convincing( not to mention entertaining) in them wasn’t he?! The kid is completely at ease in front of a camera and audiences. He was a world-wide star before Glee even existed!!! No one has the right to question his acting skills….He is a professional. Haters hate because that’s who they are ….haters.There’s a very mean segment in our society today that very clearly wasn’t ever taught manners and just plain old human decency—they have no social boundaries. What’s that song that Coach Beiste and Puck sang—“Mean”…”Why Ya’ Gotta’ Be so Mean?!”..Think before you speak, folks….. preferably before you stick thy foot in thy mouth…..Please give Mr. McGinty the respect that he has so rightfully earned……:)……

  46. Melu says:


  47. beth says:

    are britney and santana still together?

  48. J says:

    Aww I’m gonna miss the old glee and the characters. Ill see how this plays out

  49. blake says:

    RACHEAL AND FINN SHOULD BE OVER. The whole series so far has been mostly about them, their relationship is getting old and boring. Sure, they were Glee Club’s captains but THEY GRADUATED, its time for new captains and new power couples. Season 4 would suck if it qas focused on the typical FINCHEL relationship. i love finchel but ewww its been 4 years.

    • Lauren Carr says:

      I agree, Glee should should focus on new characters and new couple but still maintain ungraduated old characters

  50. Why Alex?!?!? I don’t like him or his “Unique” character. Not a big fan of Damien either, BUT I prefer Damien’s “Rory” to Alex’s “Unique.” ~shakes head~ I’m not sure I will watch this season at all. I’ll give it a chance, but most likely will not follow it to the end, Not even for seeing Darren weekly, the only saving grace left for me on that show.

    • Shelby says:

      I completely agree! Alex’s charater just was a turn off to me. It was interesting but it didn’t sink. Damian’s charater was “okay”. I was more upset they didn’t really give him a good story line that actually made sense and was a good one. I have NO idea if I’ll stay with the show. I loved S1 but S4 is sure to be far from. Personally, I agree with the Darren thing. His storyline so worked with adding more Chris Colfer in the show and have him a chance to shine with him. If they kick Darren or Chris, I’m sure to be gone. I guess we will see how this plays out and hope Ryan and Chuck don’t screw it up.