Supernatural Casts Sam's New Love Interest

Supernatural‘s Sam Winchester will have a new honey to help him through whatever fresh (and who knows, maybe literal) Hell Season 8 has in store.

The CW series has cast Liane Balaban in the recurring role of Amelia, who is described as “a tragedy-damaged soul” that “soon reveals herself to be a brave, sweet, smart, sarcastic woman.”

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Balaban’s TV credits include a pair of Alphas episodes (playing a human “Rosetta stone” who knows every language on the planet) and guest-starring gigs on Covert Affairs (as Auggie’s Russian hacker ex-girlfriend) and NCIS: Los Angeles.

Supernatural Season 8 premieres Wednesday, Oct. 3 at 9/8c.

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  1. Jay says:

    When Dean’s away, Sammy likes to play.

    I like her, she’s pretty and Sam deserves a human love interest.

  2. Tabatha Krystal says:

    I’m not too concerned about her longevity on the show. Every “love interest” that the Winchester’s have ever had has either left quickly ,gotten killed ,or was evil and they had to gank them. Basically it’s just going to be one problematic story line. We’ve already been down this road with Ruby and Lisa. they have of late come to the realization that they can’t have “normal lives” and that “all their friends are dead”. Why would Sam with a good conscience put more people in the line of fire? He already lost like almost everybody that he loved does he really need more pain? Who should be helping him is Sheriff Mills ,Garth and Charley. People he knows he can trust to help him get Dean ,Kevin ,and Meg back.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Since when does Supernatural show on Wednesday instead of Friday!? Someone needs to fix this.

    • Davi says:

      Since the CW announced its Fall TV schedule. Supernatural moved from Fridays to Wednesdays to be grouped with the new show Arrow. Moving out of the Friday ‘death slot’ is rare, and having a pairing with a DC Comics superhero show is a good match. Pretty nice for a show in its eighth season.

  4. maria says:

    I have always hoped that Sarah Blake would have come back and been the ONE for Sam. I really liked her character and she had guts…Sam didn’t have to hide the truth from her.. I am still hoping that she comes back in the future..

  5. Im actually still waiting for Sam to go pay Sarah from season one a visit… call me old fashioned or whatever, I loved the show back then (yeah yeah I still do now) but seriously haven’t the writers learned that the fan girls simply do not want the boys to be with a chick?
    Honestly all I can say is good luck for the girl. Im only watching the show now because I want to see how this ends. I also want to see Jessie the little kid and where he ended up. Ah well if this means I get to see a shirtless Sam I’ll be happy (because I can’t look at his hair anymore)

  6. Linda Conley says:

    Once more I must say, IF you love a show the main stars can NOT get involved seriously with someone. Example: Moonlighting, Remington Steele, JAG, Bones, The Nanny, etc. When “sexual” tension is given into it kills the darn show and it’s gets cancelled. A romp in the sheets, will get noticed, the boys are not supposed to be “innocent’, but if it gets permanent say good bye to the boys. It only works if they start out involved, and no one falls for the character as single. The Cartwrights knew for 14 seasons what to do with girlfriends and wives. KILL “EM or at lease make them sick and dying. It kills the lure for the girls as well. for the guys watching, My 2 cents, I love the show. thank you.

  7. Mimia says:

    I’ve followed supernatural since day one of the series and I think it’s about time that someone brings a woman into Sam’s life that doesnt get killed, become a werewolf, or is a back stabbing demon and so on. I fell behind somewhere in season six so i’m catching up to the third episode of season seven but all this talk about Sam’s new girl is exciting so I fell for some spoilers and went to investigate. I think the haters need to shut their traps about Sam getting a girl. Jared is married and Jensen is to, happily it seems, so get over yourselves and watch Sam get his happy every after. It’s in everyones hopes that Dean gets his happy ever after (fan girls aside) I was hoping that somehow they managed to bring Joanna Harvelle back, but that didnt happen so maybe the writers will shock us and find someone better for Dean. Have all of us been completely dissappointed with this show so far? The answer must be no since were all still watching it, all I can say from this point is keep going supernatural crew, keep us on our toes. Your doing excelent!!!!

  8. Velvet says:

    She’s uggo. If I were Jared’s wife I would make sure she was uggo, too.

  9. Lovetiggi's Book Reviews says:

    Reblogged this on Lovetiggi's Book Reviews and commented:
    ASupernatural Casts Sam’s New Love Interest Awesome will she be Good or Evil?

  10. This is not going to work, Lisa will not stay. Women on Supernatural have turned into a metaphor for the primetime TV crisis of shows not making it, they are both brought with such short leases that the first negative they will get pulled/died, so we can’t invest in them as interested fans because we know they will be gone soon. Is it the fangirls? absolutely, but they are not even half the blame. Though I love the show, it’s entirely Kripke and Co.’s fault (theyve continued after he left,sadly) their main two fears: 1. That we know Sam and Dean won’t die so they kill off people because they’re worried we wont be suspensed (not a word) enough, and 2. Characters don’t last because they worry the show won’t seem enough about Sam and Dean. The latter, unfortunately, is EXACTLY what makes this show so infuriating. Get rid of the things that don’t work, like Bela (if you want an evil person to be like Spike from Buffy, like Spike you have to have SOME likeable qualities), but get rid of what works too well? Really? You’re really telling me Cass got TOO popular? This is a Sam and Dean show, and Cass has to go! (Instead of make him a series regular like Bobby.) Same can be said for Papa Winchester, because Morgan said he would love to come back in EW.
    And I love the show, I love both Dean and Sam, however I lean towards the latter because they don’t write it realistically when it comes to Dean, I don’t know how anyone can complain it is Sam-centric. Dean is never proven wrong. He shouldve backed his brother up like Sam always does about the blood and Ruby, but they wrote it Dean’s way. He should’ve backed Cass up, but again…..Dean never trusts his family except his Dad, and it always works out for him. I hated him going to Hell, as part of the story as well (40 years in the pit and come out like you’re not deranged is too much for a character), but even that was because he wouldn’t trust Sam and at least talk to Ruby (funny how they write it as Sam’s fault for the apocalypse, but he was just trying to do a good thing while dean started the seals by doing the ultimate bad)….
    I like Dean, more than this seems, I do, but these writer’s have changed him so much from fans like us who’ve been there since the beginning it’s hard to watch only because of what he is now. I go back to the beginning and see a character who was joking and smiling all the time, sleeping with whomever, having fun being the ultimate crimefighter, and now he’s just tired, wants to die, changed his voice, and yells and hates everyone, and trusts no one (the worst was Amy, but again, in not even an episode, the writers came back to his rescue)
    After this book report, I don’t mind if you attack, but can you really still say that any girl will last for Sam? and I have a question for you how awesome would this Supernatural be:

    Bobby is brought back in Season 8, Cass is a regular (best add on to a show ever), DJ Squalls is brought in as much as possible along with Samlover and Chuck, and the big baddie for the season is not the lead vamp but actually this; that hunters are starting to drop like flies and the boys are being targeted because there is an underground group led by one of the victims of the boy’s more recent view that killing possessed people is fine and no skin of their nose to all the destruction they leave behind in each city. I’m thinking the first Ruby (because I love her) but it turns out to be the twin sister or something which causes the boys to finally see what their gray area living brings as consequences, not too mention seeing some old favorites. I personally love every season, though infuriating sometimes, and don’t think the show has fallen off like most do of their favorites.

    Sorry my two cents turned out to be twenty.

  11. pamela says:

    I’ve bn watching fr start! I love the show! I don’t care who gets a new love! Just want 2 c my favorite show every week! Can’t wait! Love ya supernatural!

  12. Rc.if says:

    Лично я хочу чтоб Сэм в 8 сезоне вернулся к Саре из 1 сезона 19 серии…они классные

  13. Amber says:


  14. Sasha says:

    Geez, is Liane the daughter of Bob Balaban? BTW, she looks as though she could be ‘Ruby’s” sister, an incredible resemblance between her and Genevieve Cortese! I wonder who cast her? Anyway, hope to see some genuine friendship and romance for both brothers.

  15. Mary says:

    I still think Sam’s true love is Jessica :)

  16. Brendan says:

    Why the hell is Supernatural turning into some retarded teen-drama B.S. show? Isn’t there enough trash on television?! This used to be my last refuge for entertainment on the CW, but now thanks to Sera Gamble and the horde of god-awful writers that have taken over since Kripke has left, I really am losing interest and fast.
    There is only ONE thing that can redeem this show;
    Release Lucifer and Michael from Hell.
    Season Six and Seven were intellectually insulting by creating the main villains as Republicans and Corn syrup. Keep the bleeding heard love-story sh*t out of it as well as a political agenda and keep Sam and Dean in their proper roles: HUNTERS!