Adam Lambert as American Idol Judge? Four Reasons He'd Be a Great Addition

adam lambert idol judgeSteven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, and Randy Jackson have yet to finalize deals to return as judges for American Idol‘s upcoming twelfth season, and now it looks as though the show might be looking for a home-grown talent to replace Tweddle-Huh?, Tweedle-Abs, or Tweedle-Yo!

Indeed, Season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert has been in talks with the show’s producers about the gig for the last month, according to an E! News report.

Even though, as an Idol recapper, the addition of Lambert would give me one less person to gleefully ridicule/rage against, I still think it’s a pretty genius idea. And here are four reasons why:

HE’S BRASH | Anyone who’s ever read an interview with Lambert or followed him on Twitter knows he’s not afraid to speak his mind. More often than not, in fact, the guy seems to revel in being a provocateur, even when it comes to discussing his musical contemporaries. That fearless, polarizing energy has been conspicuously absent from the Idol panel since Simon Cowell left the show after Season 9, replaced by critiques that are so intentionally vague and/or syrupy that it’s hard to resist the siren call of the mute button. Love him or hate him, it’s unlikely Lambert’s contributions as an Idol judge would be sanitized or boring — and those new tricks might be exactly what the old dog in the reality singing genre needs to combat viewer erosion.

HE’S KNOWLEDGEABLE | Lambert’s monster voice is one of the most formidable in the current pop scene, and unlike, say, J.Lo: Mistress of Auto-Tune, he’s got the technical knowledge to offer instructive, insightful critiques that go beyond telling contestants they were “pitchy.” What’s more, the guy has undeniable showmanship skills, and as an Idol contestant, his choice of songs, outfits, and musical arrangements were among the most varied and daring in Idol history. Honestly, who better to push the Season 12 contestants to color outside the lines and push their creative limits?

HE’S FUNNY | Judging a live talent competition is a tough gig — just ask Nicole Scherzywhatzit or Ellen DeGeneres — but Lambert is well known for his quick wit, puckish demeanor, and outsize charisma. Plus, with his fabulous hair and penchant for outré fashion, he might even give J.Lo a run for her Louboutins. His mastery of the English language, while clearly not a prerequisite for the gig, won’t hurt either, for me for you.

HE’S GAY | Okay, okay, so Lambert’s sexual orientation isn’t actually a job qualification, but perhaps his weekly presence on the show would finally squelch the sense of gay panic — the occasional homophobic banter among the judges and host Ryan Seacrest; the bizarre resistance to ever mentioning personal lives of contestants who are clearly gay or lesbian — that’s pervaded Idol for 11 seasons running.

What do you think of the idea of Lambert as Idol judge? Would his presence on the panel make you more or less likely to tune in? And if he’s being brought in as a replacement, which of the existing judges would you like to see exit? Sound off in the comments, and for all my Idol news and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. dobie says:

    Idol has never had any especially talented judges (other than Steven Tyler) so he should fit right in with the other mediocrities.

    • Barb says:

      OUCH well that’s about to change. He is known as the ultimate game changer. He broke idol. It’s never been as exciting since, and now he’s gonna get a chance to fix it.

      • Janice Dodd says:

        Barb; You must have a very boring life. I have signed up to hear the remarks on here to my email. You have sent me several. All negative. You don’t like
        him. We get it. So just go away. Why do you have nothing else to do but
        come on here and diss Adam. What did he do to you? Or what would you like
        him to do, and know that he won’t? I don’t understand why you waste your
        time, on someone you obviously don’t like. For whatever reason. If you
        must come here, at least give your true reason to do this. Jealousy,
        homophobia, you are in love with someone he beat out? What is it?

        • Barb says:

          Are you a moron? I adore Adam and support Adam whatever he chooses. It sounded as if you were saying he is mediocre and should fit right in for that reason. It is probably a different Barb you speak of that has had much to say about your comments. I made a few replys to others here, but only one to yours. I’ve only spent a little time late last night, or into the morning I should say so any comments earlier through the day to you was by another Barb.

        • Marsaili says:

          Wow Janice—I remember you from these boards this past season and you are just a kooky as ever. People are entitled to their opinions—who the heck are you to talk to someone like that??? We get it that you LOVE Adam—so what? You were one of the people who also put others down for not liking your Idol this year—geez, grow up!!

          • Janice Dodd says:

            I have never trashed anyone that didn’t approve of Adam. That is that persons
            choice. I do jump people when they trash people for no reason that is
            redily apparent. I just think it is obvious when some people come on here
            on youtube, and anywhere else they can to just trash him. I wish you the
            best. If he does happen to do that job.. Just turn it off. Simple..

          • cmacathome says:

            I still say no, I think it would ruin his career. IMO — But, if Adam had Beth Ditto and Andy Cohen on the panel with him….game on. The three are great together, I would watch to see them interact and shake it up and who knows what would happen–that would make for interesting t.v. Chemistry between the judges is just as important as it is with actors on any show…if it’s not there, your’e not going to get anything. If there’s chemistry, it would be EXPLOSIVE. But, if it’s not a good vibration, it would be doomed, for all involved in the production.

          • Marsaili says:

            Well,Steven Tyler has officially quit Idol and J-Lo is almost right on his heels. So,that leaves Randy…….I think Adam can do great things on Idol AND still have his career—J-Lo and Steven did it—why can’t he?

  2. I can’t think of a person better suited to be an AI judge. Adam is compassionate, without fawning. Adam is witty, without being sarcastic. He is incredibly knowledgeable about vocal technique AND performing. Adam is honest to a fault, without being harsh. He has tons of experience and is extremely articulate. Adam Lambert is actually tailor made for this position. Would he be up for it? Hard to say. He is promoting his brilliant new album, Trespassing, and fronting Queen. He could actually save this show! Adam is also very good looking, young, and very well liked and respected in the music industry! Brilliant choice! The clothes and hair styles alone would be so enticing! People would tune in just to see his fashion get-up for the night! He is larger than life, yet so accessible. Instead of “pitchy,” Adam could actually tell if notes were sharp or flat! lol

  3. Natalie says:

    This would definitely keep me watching Idol for as long as he’s on the show. This could be the best move for them.

  4. Faz says:

    I guess – the problem is that in his AI days he wasn’t particularly musically knowledgeable, Perhaps he has grown since then — for example he’s go for the big high note even when it wasn’t the right. We call that not playing the music. Of course, in fairness, the judges at the time didn’t correct him. And one assumes that he has learned a bit since then.

    • queenrosered1 says:

      There is SO MUCH wrong in your comment that I wouldn’t know where to begin, LOL! Lambert has had EXTENSIVE training (including almost 2 years of opera technique) so, just **facepalm**

      • Faz says:

        Then why did he not show that? Certainly never on AI. Perhaps since?

        • jerri says:

          Really !!!! just admit you’re not a fan. We get it.

          • Faz says:

            He’s ok. You know the word isn’t divided into loving and hating. Lots of shades in between. I don’t think he’s great, but he can sing..

        • Barb says:

          Suppose it comes down to a matter of preference where the big notes or the rock wail is concerned. I absolutely love what it stirs in me, as do the legions of his fans the world over that can hear heaven singing or ‘ Zeus in a thong’ thundering up high and know their souls are blessed for being able to receive this gift.

          • Faz says:

            It is always preference of course. My problem was that he put it in songs where it didn’t belong. I suppose that came from not singing with a band — band members wouldn’t have put up with it. Sing and play for the song.

  5. Princess Adora says:

    Love it! I want it done! The season 11 contestants were so amazing I’m gonna need something like “Adam as a judge” to get me motivated to watch a show that does no longer include Hollie, Skylar, Elise, Joshua, Phillip, Jessica… oh my god this needs to happen!!!! *fangirl freak out*

    • Mary says:

      Who do you think picked those contestants. JLo,Steven and Randy. Look I do not care for their
      Critiques or lack of there of, but they did help pick the contestants. they cannot be all that bad.
      The show SHOULD BE about the contestants not the judges.

      • Barb says:

        That’s the problem with recent seasons. It has become lackluster for a variety of reasons. The judges don’t actually get involved until it has been narrowed down quite a bit for them. When they did get involved with the critique part their comments were vague and did not really help guide where or what contestants could do to better connect with audiences not only live but at home, something Adam had an uncanny ability to do. Maybe you’re right. The judges don’t make much difference, and it comes down to only the individuals ability up on stage to win our hearts. Judges comments during Simon era anyway were our own thoughts spoken out loud, or Paula’s coaxing with encouragement because we wanted our fav to collect their nerves and get another chance to prove theirselves. The chemistry just hasn’t been there in awhile. I still don’t get why Randy ever has been there and still is. With Adam, I know I will be tuning in religiously, just as I did the season he was on, and that is mostly what they want, for people to tune in. An added bonus will be if they find that one shining star that enthralls us regardless of anything any of the judges have to say.

  6. Lki g says:

    This idea is probably spectulIon or rating grabbing but has merit. Adam would bring not just gam but credibility back to Idol . if it costs the show some of that southern vote that keeps the WGWG winning then that’s another plus. I say a resounding yes and if they don’t put him on the panel after this I am done with Idol period.

  7. JASon says:

    He Couldn’t even win the show!!!! Give it to Kris Allen or Scotty Mcreery or Lee Dewyze or Philip Philips. They are really talented WINNERS!!!!

    • cmacathome says:

      Then let your boys have it….I only hope Adam continues to make a name for himself, perform and do what he does best…and that all your “winners” do what you want them to do. I just hope he keeps singing, don’t sell out, and be the man he is. And for your boys…take what you can get.

    • queenrosered1 says:

      Jason? The only flaw with your sentiments is that…Idol hasn’t asked any of the WGWG’s to be judges.Oh, and there’s the actual lack of vocal talent, charisma, stage presence and experience they lack as well. So sorry. But it WOULD be a lot cheaper for Idol to hire ALL 4 you’ve mentioned than to pay the one and ONLY Lambert what HE is worth. ;D

    • Barb says:

      OMG this is why this show is going through a slow agonizing death. Putiting one of the WGWG on that panel will not revive it, I guarantee.

    • dee says:

      OMG this was the funniest post I have read in this list of comments. I nearly spit the water out at my computer. Lee Dewyze and Kris Allen have got to be the worst winners in AI history. I mean even Taylor Hicks managed to sell tons of CD’s prior to his “fall”.

      • Marsaili says:

        Lee and Kris are not the worst winners—AI did not promote them properly and they made them sing songs that were totally different than the stuff they did on Idol and it did not represent who they really are and fans didn’t like that—it isn’t their fault, it’s 19’s fault for not letting them make the right music for them. I liked Lee a lot—I wanted Crystal to win, I felt she deserved it but Lee was really good as well. Kris–there is nothing bad about Kris whatsoever—again, I felt that Adam should have won that year but the fundies that kept Crystal from winning were the same people that kept Adam from winning. All this hating on the WGWG crap is really blinding and deafening people to the fact that the guys who have won really are talented guys. And for the record–Lee is doing well in Nashville right now and Kris just recently released another album—I wouldn’t say they aren’t doing well at all!

  8. Ewa says:

    I love the idea & agree with all the points you listed on why he would make a good AI judge. Added bonus, I really like him & his music, and would want to watch the show because he is one of the judges.

  9. Sheila says:

    I had decided that I had had it with Idol. I will never forgive the fact that Haley Reinhardt and Crystal Bowersox were not winners of Idol, along with the fact that I cannot stand Jennifer Lopez. Woman can’t sing, where does she get off telling anyone about singing. I wasn’t going to watch it this coming season, but if Adam is a judge and Jennifer is gone (please God, please.) I will be in front of my television watching.

  10. cimi says:

    Has Adam said he wants to be judge on Idol?? hum….first i’ve heard of it. But! and i repeat, But! By all means, if he wants to judge, let the games begin:))))))))))))))) Would love him on Idol. Would make for a very interesting season.

  11. cimi says:

    Jen is Jen. i just gotta say. she’s not all that bad, neither is Stephen Tyler. Adam is just so articulate. I think he would bring a lot to the show
    Let’s not diss on the other judges, they can’t help their malfunction

  12. JC says:

    Adam would be a great addition and so are Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. They need to remove these worthless and sometimes bias judges. Kelly and Carrie would be a great reminder of how successful AI produced talents are :)

  13. marygrace says:

    Would love to see Adam Lambert as a judge! Great talent and perfect personality for the show!

  14. Jenn says:

    YES please!!!! Adam would be great for all the reasons that Michael Slezak so brilliantly wrote.

  15. Jet says:

    I have really mixed feelings on this. As much as I would love to see Adam weekly or even twice a week – I really would hate that he isn’t touring and out there doing his own music – also really hoping Queen + Adam does a gig in the U.S. like they are in Europe. Hmmm – just want to see Adam shine with that voice out front.

  16. CAM says:

    Only one word really needed: PERFECT!

  17. I’ll give you three reasons why he wouldn’t make a great judge. 1. After 438 episodes in 11 seasons, I would no longer watch the show – say goodbye to this loyal viewer. 2. I would no longer by an albums from Idol contestants – currently I buy almost all the Top 10 albums each from all seasons. Even if I don’t really like the contestant that much. 3. A whole lot of others feel the same way.

  18. Ed says:

    If you would weed out the folks who base their choice on popularity… and post that for us to read… you could present a serious take on what viewers think makes a great judge.

  19. Jamie C. says:

    YES, a thousand times, yes. I’ve been saying this since Adam was invited back to mentor, which is something else he should do. In fact, every season should include at least one former Idol as a mentor.
    Another judge suggestion? You, Michael! As far as I’m concerned, Idol would do well to hire you as a consultant, at least. :o)

    ps: did you get to interview Phillip yet?

  20. Oh hayel yeah! I think it’s a great idea! I’d watch every week! I well remember when Adam mentored on Idol and I thought he did a great job. If he can’t be a judge, he could take Ryan Secrest’s place! THAT would be a shakeup!!! :D

  21. FreeHaley says:

    Hell yeah, might make the show credible again and save it, but you’d need at least one other along with him to really save it. I actually wasn’t 100% crazy about his style (I know sacrilege) but he was very, very good at it and he sure knows what he is talking about and I can’t imagine him pulling the BS that has gone on the past two seasons, especially looking at who he has supported and praised. They for sure need something like this to save the show. Him plus one other fresh judge of the like to save it.

  22. jiji33 says:

    “His mastery of the English language, while clearly not a prerequisite for the gig, won’t hurt either, for me for you.”

    you are KILLING me! Hilarious!!!!!!! and so true…

  23. Vetle says:

    I’d really like him to replace Randy. So tired of his face and his schtick. He has wrongly critizised too many of my favorites.

  24. Shar says:

    Like hundreds of thousands I, too, was nearly finished with AI after Adam lost and Simon left. When JLo arrived, I departed. I refused to watch the show but never stopped wanting to hear from Slezick. Adam would bring me back.

    • Marsaili says:

      Well, it’s too bad you didn’t bother to watch while “J-Lo” was on because the last two years have had more talent and less of the stupidity of all the other years. It’s really a shame when people pre-judge someone based on whatever crap they choose to base their JUDGMENTS on. J-Lo may not be a great singer but she, along with Steven and Randy, was instrumental in bringing about 2 of the best seasons Idol has ever seen.

      • FreeHaley says:

        Really? I mean yeah they did have some good talent, but let’s not get carried away with praising the judges who quickly went about bashing down many of the best contestants on board. You seem to forget the little point where the past two seasons had the most utterly in your face over the top fake judging and bias ever. Not that they didn’t it in the past, but it was just never this over the top. They trashed whatever bits of integrity the show had at all (Randy the most and JLO second, whether it was because they lost it or were being controlled, who knows, in the end it didn’t even matter, since what went down went down for whatever reason (although it could matter for the future, since either it’s someone else and not the judges who needs to be removed or not)). For whatever reason, that was some of the worst judging ever the last two seasons. Erratic and often biased and highly manipulative.

        • Marsaili says:

          I wasn’t speaking of the judging, i was speaking of the TALENT and Nigel getting rid of a lot of the crap that used to take up valuable time with the real talent. I wasn’t as pissed about the judging as some of you were—I only cared about the talent–and yeah, they messed up here and there but i don’t think they were any worse than the other judges. In the end, though—they were the best at picking the best talent and not wasting time on contestants like Sanjaya or Bikini girl and so on….

          • FreeHaley says:

            Yeah but then they turn around and try to give most of the good contestants the boot as soon as they can and lead us to all country finales and winners with three note range.

          • Marsaili says:

            The people voted who they voted for—I’m pretty sure that if someone likes a contestant, they are going to vote for that contestant no matter what the judges do or say—they don’t have that much power. Facts are that the people who are voting either like country or they like rock—I’d hardly call Phillip 3 note. There are MANY male singers who don’t have much range—there is nothing wrong with that—it’s what they do with it that counts. People like Phillip—and no blaming the judges or whining about WGWG is going to change that—people like that kind of music. Scotty deserved to win, no matter how much i wanted Haley to win—he absolutely deserved the crown, he is doing phenomenally right now. I’m still dying to hear Haley on the radio—it just hasn’t happened yet ;-(

          • Mary B says:

            Marsaili, I agree totally with you. First of all I am tired of people still putting Phillip down. He is doing incredible. His first single just went gold and his EP Highlights album from Walmart deputed on the Billboard 200 at #25. None of the other contestants even came close. Joshua was the closest at 59, Skylar at 64 and Jessica at 77, Holly was somewhere over 100.. That’s with fans of another contestant trying desperately to sabotage him. You should see what they did with the reviews. It is actually sad that people are that petty and have to stoop so low. People need to get over it. Phillip won and he deserved it. The proof is in the numbers. I wish all the contestant the best in the future and if one or more become more successful than Phillip than great but for now Phillip is it.

          • FreeHaley says:

            You honestly think Scotty deserved to win last season, that he had the most talent and best voice out of all of them? I know is doing decently well for himself but that still doesn’t mean he was the shining vocal talent of the season.

            I liked Phillip at first but then he just became boring to me and his limitations more clear after time. He has a good personality and seems like a nice guy and he has some skills but is it a general signing talent show or not? Granted he was very sick on the show, especially after the start, but I wasn’t very impressed at the all-star game, sounded very strained to hit many of the notes just as when he was sick. I’m not saying he’s bad but I definitely can think of at least three others who I think pretty easily should have gotten it over him.

            And if you watch the post idol interviews you have to admit it seems like the one common thread from nearly all of the contestants (along with how much of an utter whirlwind and exhausting it is) is that they all seemed to come to realization to not have much faith most of whatever the judges spout out and that much of it is obvious phony and when it’s not half the time it’s nonsense (not always though to be sure). In the end as COlton said, it is not a talent show, it’s a ‘reality’ tv show through and through.

          • Marsaili says:

            I said that Haley should have won—but based on the the way things are going–Scotty was the right winner for that year—put his numbers up against Haley’s and the proof is in the pudding. I LOVE Haley’s album—I didn’t buy Scotty’s but I hear his songs on the radio all the time and they are good—but I listen to Haley’s album over and over and over again. I just think that people take this show way too seriously—it IS a reality show, it IS a popularity contest—heck if this season would have gone down to who deserved to win the most—I say hands down it should have been Elise over EVERYONE! The thing is—Phillip is doing very well—Jessica is not–where are her rabid fans now? Why isn’t she getting the support they said they’d give her? I think people get all fired up over a contestant but as soon as they don’t win—they are all forgotten by many of the people who were die-hard for them during the show—and that sucks. I can’t wait for Phillip’s album to come out—and I hope Joshua and Elise make one as well—I’m one of those people that actually do purchase their post-Idol albums and continue to support the contestants I really liked! :-D

          • FreeHaley says:

            Anyway I don’t really want to start getting negative against contestants. They wouldn’t be in the top five if they were not good. It’s not who wins that I want to get on (although it does seem increasingly clear that for certain genders or types of singers, it’s almost impossible to win at this point, which is a little unfortunate) as really the way the judges and show act, which can be pretty manipulative and or senseless a bit too often.

          • Marsaili says:

            I agree about the top 5—and that was my point—for all their stupidity the last two seasons—we got some of the best contestants this show has seen and it was THESE judges who picked them—no more Sanjayas or Bikini girls—it was totally serious this time. Yeah, they definitely showed a bias for some contestants and were not very supportive of others–but they are human–they like some people, they don’t like others—as wrong as that seems, it is human. And like you said, we don’t know how controlled they are by TPTB—so it may not matter WHO is in the chair at this point. I guess we’ll find out next season ;-)

          • FreeHaley says:

            Yeah but come on some of stuff like Randy’s call out of Haley that was just ridiculous over the top cold. And it wasn’t even honest since he wasn’t coldly calling out the worst of the bunch but the best. So WTH. And when they would praise someone who literally missed like every single note and then call someone out for pitchy on one maybe two notes there. Come on. Give me a freaking break. At least try to give it SOME passing semblance of being on the up. And there was plenty of other BS and re-editing, etc. At some point it just becomes so overdone it just turns you off. I only watched about half of the season, probably less, last season, as great as it’s potential and some stuff that went down, the way they carried out the show was just about the last straw for me.

            Even this season they were some kinda weird things going on.

            And if the winner simply is who will sell most records to Idol fans, well just stamp a male country singer first episode and be done with the season right there then and start getting ready for next year.

            Also, do note that the winners do get, usually, more promotion so they always have a better shot to make it (unless they get killed by a bad forced first record perhaps) and it’s a catch-22 to get radio play. It’s hard to get the notice to drive radio play without already having radio play. A lot can be who some execs decide they want to push out on radio big time and without that luck it’s a lot tougher. Sometimes someone manages to go viral no matter what and force radio play but it’s not easy. Not that even a winner they do push will automatically get radio play in all markets. I haven’t ever heard Scotty, not once, in my area on radio, although they are pushing him where his main markets are with success from what I hear. I’m not sure they would’ve even tried where I am. FM radio doesn’t even have a single station here that plays any country other than the occasional huge hit and even then almost always only if it’s fairly cross-over sounding.

            It would be nice to Haley get a bit more chance on radio, but we’ll see. Her sound isn’t 100% modern in the most typical sense and yet with all the Adele/Winehouse/etc. it sort of is in a way which makes it seem more feasible, but it’s not easy, anything a little different makes it tough to get the break through you need to be able to get a break through hah. Even Adele took some time to really catch on fire.

            Seeing the reign they gave Haley and some those with whom they hooked her up with they did take her seriously though, which is great, that said it’s still probably far harder for her to get really hard forced back room deals for radio play since she wasn’t the winner and isn’t their top level main client in general. I hear it can be quite the game to get radio play.

            (They gave Haley a short appearance near the end an episode of the new 90210 show and mentioned her at least once every episode until the end of the season, from what I hear (apparently unusual so I guess someone there likes here or her record company tried to get her a bit of an extra little push there or something), but the new 90210 isn’t the cultural phenomenon that the original was when practically anyone, any age knew the names of the stars in it even if they never watched a single episode and it’s on a channel that never gets to like even 1/10th the viewership of stuff on the main four, such as FOX, so I guess it only helped so much. CW channel in general has much lower viewership than FOX.) (apparently she has gotten some good praise and some pretty big invites, I heard something about she was the singer who sang happy birthday at Muhammad Ali’s birthday party, got invited to some shows, apparently Lincoln Center too. hopefully it’ll be enough to at least keep her able to keep doing her thing and maybe, with some luck, she’ll manage to break out bigger mainstream as a few others like her have)

            The viewership crowd still left watching Idol is likely pretty heavily swung to a certain kind of vibe after the last few seasons so that also makes it harder for those who don’t win since less of the sort who might like them even know about them to begin with.

          • FreeHaley says:

            It would be interesting to know just how much different (or not) the judge’s actions would be left 100% to their own devices. I can’t help think they’ve been at least somewhat prodded in certain directions, certain the last two seasons since sometimes things the show has done having nothing to do with the judges seem to match awfully well with some things the judges do. I know Nigel claims that such talk is all nonsense and that the judges are 100% free but…. hmmm.

      • Marsaili? Whatever you’re smoking or drinking, keep it to yourself please. DENIAL ain’t just a river in Egypt.Read the posts. The VAST majority disagrees with you and thus agrees with the author, Slezak.Go puff on THAT. And if you think judges have NO SWAY over voting, you’re not only IN denial but you also drank the Cool-Aid!

        • Marsaili says:

          Um, Redrose—whatever! I agree with Slezak most of the time—so stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it! You may be a sheeple that does whatever the judges say—but 5 years of following Slezak and being an Idoloonie has shown me that the VAST majority of the people HERE do NOT let the judges sway them–most of the people here are not sheeple. most of the people I know outside of this forum are not sheeple—they vote with their own opinions and do not let the judges opinions sway them. So take your sheeple attitude and stuff it—my opinion is not swayed by YOUR rudeness.

          • LOL! You don’t think it a bit ironic that you call me a “sheeple” yet preface that by the remark ” I agree with Slezak most of the time”?? (And calling me “rude” then returning the favor makes you what? about RUDE?)
            Many people around the USA watch Idol, yet the vast majority of those who actually text and phone in votes are younger females who go for the “cute guy” and not necessarily the most talented. And yes, the judges comments DO influence a large number of the voting demographic. Like J-Lo dissing the female contestants who were sometimes (often in fact) far vocally superior to the WGWGs.
            Credit where it’s due though, you DID self-identify as an “Idoloonie” Whatev…. *facepalm*

          • Marsaili says:

            Yeah, I am an Idoloonie—I follow Slezak—agreeing with him doesn’t make me a sheeple—I just happen to have some of the same opinions. Mindlessly voting by what the judges say would make someone a sheeple—I vote based on who I like, period, I don’t give a damn what the judges say. It’s funny—you come in here—-weeks after this article was posted, weeks after the main discussion was had–and call ME names because you don’t agree—I’m a regular here because i watch idol—and I agree with many people, many people agree with me—and I disagree with many people and many people disagree with me—there is no “everyone here thinks the opposite of marsaili” because I KNOW all the regulars here and I know who agrees with me and who doesn’t—I don’t know YOU though—who are you again? Oh, some troll that just stopped by to insult the people they have a differing opinion from—ok. If you took a look on this entire thread—it was a DISCUSSION about things—not a—“I’m right—you’re wrong” thread. You are the only one in this discussion being rude and disrespectful—I was just responding to your rude initial post to ME—so take your “I know better than you do” attitude and again, stuff it.

        • O I C…So being a “regular here” automatically gives one “seniority”? I had no idea….smh…
          I’ve also been a reader for as long as yourself.I don’t automatically agree with everything either but in this instance, I agree that Slezak knocked it out of the park.And fwiw..I am the furthest thing from a “sheeple” imaginable.If I vote at all, it’s for a vocalist/performer who really moves me. I’ve only voted for one person on Idol, Adam Lambert.
          I apologize for my earlier rudeness.Obviously math still being math (exact science) two wrongs do not = right. Let’s just agree to disagree, shall we?

          • Marsaili says:

            No, being a regular doesn’t constitute seniority—I was just making the point from your original post when you said everyone disagrees with me that I know that is not true because I know the regulars and I know where I stand in the basic flow of things here. But, yes, we certainly can agree to disagree—I don’t like squabbles, I prefer a good debate based on fact, not emotion (believe it or not)! :-)

        • Janice Dodd says:

          good mentor but that is different then judging on a weekly basis. Sorry to say but I do not think he is experience enough to judge. I think he has a great voice but for some reason he doesn’t seem to be able to go mainstream and I do not believe it is because he is gay. My son comment was his music is 90′s not current. He might pull in some initial viewers, but I believe as you have stated many time Michael, viewers watch for the contestants not the judges. It might help his career like it did JLo, but he is still relatively new and it might hinder more than help. I also am not sure if he is diplomatic enough to judge fairly. Like you said he is brass, but will he be able to be objective to the one’s who are not his favorite?? Some of his previous remarks it is questionable. Well I think they should try him out as a guest judge first. One thing I learn is TPTB will do what they want.
          Comment by Mary – July 9, 2012 08:50 AM PDT Reply To This Post

          This person does not know Adam, or care for him. They obviously are making misstatements. First of all, he has been an active member of the music and theater community for 16 years. He has been a professional singer, both on stage singing, and acting. He has also learned first hand world wide what it takes to please an audience. He has a gentle and kind way of mentoring. He has done this both through adults, young teens, and children. He; is opposed to the afformentioned critic, very much experienced. I think he would be a wonderful judge. However, he has to think of his own career. Therefor it should be left to him to make that decision. If it is his choice to decline, I will understand. If he chooses to take the job, if it is offered. Then it will be his choice, and his to decide if it will be the right one or wrong one.. There will be consequences whatever that choice is.

  25. Shar says:

    I know…Slezak. Sorry, Michael.

  26. Ace says:

    They should bring on all former contestants.. Kelly Clarkson, Melinda Doolittle, and Adam Lambert..

  27. Kevin says:

    In my imaginary world, I’d want the entire Kradison shabang to be the new panel. That would be amazing.

    But I really hope Adam gets the job. In fact, I think it might actually happen.

  28. allen d burns says:

    thats what t v needs more gays stop it

  29. sara says:

    idont know his good jude or not but i have another idea adam is good for give to motivat (انگیزه(person have competition he can sit near jude and help to person have compition and learn them how can have good performance he had big talent to performance his very claver (با هوش )for performece and make good vedio and he can help them for music that thay have with together in american idol

  30. Bambi says:

    Fantastic choice on all accounts. I think he is one of the most honest, eloquent, articulate speakers I have ever heard. He is not afraid to be honest but helpful honest. Not cruel or mocking or demeaning. Plus, he could really help in a lot of areas too.

  31. Steve says:

    so is our panel going to be adam, mariah and randy? That doesnt spell huge excitement or refreshed show…you really have to get rid of the dawg

    • FreeHaley says:

      agreed, he was the one who really started poising the whole thing (whether through being the most willing to be manipulated or having simplest lost it, who knows) so to keep only him of the three….

  32. Jessica says:

    YES!!!!! YES!!!!!! PLEASE American Idol pick Adam!!!! Ai would once again become the show I looked forward to every week. Adam would be so perfect for this. And let’s face it the man is gorgeous!!! And has great style!!! Best thing idol could do.

  33. lovingadam1031 says:

    Wow I love reading all the comments in fact never seen any blog with so many positive comments about Adam Lambert. As a huge fan I think being a judge on idol would help Adam’s career he’s struggling with a homophobic society in the US and with radio and music industry in general they are stifling his career by not playing his music on radio which is by far 100x better than anything I’ve heard on radio in years. Also he needs the exposure so that people can see the real “Adam” not what bloggers say or how media in general portrays him. What makes Adam stand out above 98% of male artists is his personality and charm. He would draw fans that stopped watching the show after S8 and they would start watching again. I personally wont watch AI again if he’s not a judge. I only tune in if he’s performing or mentoring. Mariah alone cannot save AI from declining ratings AI needs Adam too. But AI won’t ever put 3 ex-idols on that judge panel so don’t count on it.Unfortunately AI producers want judges that are “safe” and Adam is controversial and that is what people like. He’s definitely not boring or predictable. People of all ages are becoming fans everyday. Also how many male artists can say they fronted the most famous and talented band in the world for 6 shows in Europe this month, an award show, and sang with them on AI in S8. I think we will see more of Queen and Adam in near future if not a DVD and new music. No matter what happens Adam will have a successful career with or w/o American Idol.

  34. Good Afternoon America just reported that Nick Jonas is now in “serious negotiations” with AI. So who knows? And if it’s not Lambert…I am over it anyway. Another boring season is what it’ll be with Mariah, Jonas and Randy. IMO.smh…

  35. janicedodd2 says:

    Personally, I don’t think Jonas has the wide array of knowledge, or the maturity to do that job. I can think of many others that would be better.. I hope they are not just picking the cheapest one in order to offset Mariah’s salary….?

    • Oh I agree Janice, Jonas doesn’t have “IT” imo, and I was thinking…….IF Adam were truly OUT of the running for AI judge and the rumor broke back on the 9th of July…and many other names are now being flung about..wouldn’t Adam have tweeted or said something by now to address it with his fans? We KNOW he’s not good at keeping things in, LOL! I still believe it MAY be him!! (fingers crossed!) ;D

  36. lovingadam1031 says:

    After reading all these comments I’m chuckling to myself has anyone every taken just a minute to consider what Adam wants? He wants this very badly and if it did happen would be a huge step in right direction to give him more exposure to millions who don’t know him or have the wrong impression of him. So it’s all good if he gets the gig. If he doesn’t then he’ll still do fine.

  37. Patti Novero says:

    love love adam, even more then any of the others.

  38. Jackie says:

    Now that they have Mariah and Keith on board, it would be a no brainer to fill in the gap with Adam Lambert. His ability and showmanship would be the icing on the cake. Just love him

  39. Tarey says:

    I think Adam would be an exciting addition to a show I have all but stopped watching. He seems to thank Idol more than previous contestants who act like the show is a monkey on their back. He seems like an honest person who supports the arts and he has a humility about him that is refreshing.

  40. atomom says:

    AI for me has flatlined, only until Adam shows up, then it kickstarts again. I think it has to do with how well connected his heart is to his brain; whatever Adam utters, it is with intelligence, wit, kindness, honesty, and compassion. With so many names thrown out as possible judges, he even stands out for being the only one to articulate the reason he would want to judge–to nurture talent of contestants to become their best singers. I have not heard anyone else say anything to this effect. Clearly, Adam has the best intention for being a judge. All other reasons–his technical and vocal abilities, his intelligence, wit, personality, charisma, wide and deep knowledge of music and industry, ability to sing many genres, candor, fairness, interesting, etc–we know as given for Adam, but not necessarily so for the others. Name any of those whose hats are in the ring, and you would know instantly to whom the one that sparkled belonged. Most all of us here would guess it belonged to Adam. No other hat would fit AI to a T, IMHO. All the others, I believe, were thrown in only to show up the best of them, finally– THE ONE that will make AI shine again
    in the way Adam has always done for AI. I also believe this will happen for Adam as another of his cosmic designed Full Circle Moment, e pluribus unum.

  41. Un énorme merci pour ces informations. J’attend avec impatience la suite. bonne continuation.