Exclusive: Breaking Bad's Limited Edition Comic- Con Poster Strongly Hints at Return of [Spoiler]

Breaking Bad‘s Comic-Con poster should be slapped with a giant spoiler warning.

The stark Season 5 graphic print features Walt and Jesse engaged in a fierce staring contest as a man that looks a lot like junkyard proprietor “Old Joe” proudly displays a huge industrial object.

VIDEO | Watch Breaking Bad‘s Season 5 Trailer Now

What does it all mean?! I have a strong hunch fans lucky enough to gain entry into next Saturday’s season premiere screening and Q&A at Con will find out. In the meantime, hit the comments with your own theories.

Important FYI: The extremely limited edition poster (only 200 were made!) will sell for $50 and be available beginning Saturday at the Golden Apple Comic/G1988 booth (No. 405). The cast (including leads Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul) and series creator Vince Gilligan are scheduled to do a signing at the Sony booth Saturday at 10 am.

Breaking Bad Season 5

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  1. Looks like he’s going to sell them the Millenium Falcon.

  2. AJ says:

    They burned down the lab so I am guessing he will need some kind of large scale vat to cook meth in and the junkyard guy is going to find him something. Looks like the lid to a pressure vessel of some sort.

  3. nlc6868 says:

    probably a bomb shelter built on the junkyard during the cold war era to be used for the lab.

  4. jackis1974 says:

    It’s the hatch from Lost!

  5. Wayne Arndt says:

    I thnik AJ is right… also DAMNIT wont be at comic con and NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED this!

  6. Laurel says:

    Looks like Old Joe has an underground bomb shelter in the junkyard.
    A great place to cook…

  7. stellcity412 says:

    maybe they are gonna buy a new rv

  8. TV Gord says:

    I hope the series doesn’t end with them suffocating in that damn thing!

  9. abner says:

    Looks like the magnet you pick metal things out of a scrapyard with … that guy did destroy their RV.

  10. Mía says:

    Am I imagining things, or are there letters on that thing?

  11. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I am so happy to see Old Joe is coming back. He’s one of my favorite characters on the show next to Saul. Saul has always made me laugh in a “What if Gob Bluth became a lawyer?” kind of way.

    • olivejuice says:

      Gob <3

    • Tounces the Driving Cat says:

      “Better Call Saul!”

      • iviUi2D3i2 says:

        ‘s’all good, man.

        Also, once had a drifter cat that sort of adopted me. Went to go drive somewhere and found this cat just chillin’ sleeping on my drivers seat. So I named it Tounces. It stayed around for bout half a year then just bugged out for adventure and never came back.

  12. Nick says:

    When and where is the breaking bad premier screening at comic con?

    • Tyler Christian says:

      From what I heard, it will take place on the Saturday of Comic Con at the Reading Gaslamp Cinema. Not sure on time though, but I’m sure that they’ll announce it at Friday’s panel.

  13. iviUi2D3i2 says:

    I think “Abner” is right. A huge, strong junkyard magnet. Recently read on another critic site concerning having previewed the first 2 episodes of season 5 that Walt will “literally” become a “magnet for trouble”…

    Now, WTF would they use the magnet for??

    • First we have to figure out how magnets work… Oh wait, it’s only Juggalosers that don’t know how they work. LOL

      • iviUi2D3i2 says:

        MIRACLES, man. Miracles.
        Now that I’m paying attention to the letters on it:

        Frequency (Nu), of 517, through iron (Fe). The electromagnetic frequency and material?
        I don’t know much more about the full science of this. (more than those Juggaloids at least)

        • iviUi2D3i2 says:

          Furthermore, now that my mind is properly wandering due to way insufficient amounts of sleep lately, I’m going to throw a few idee-hurrs out there:
          Extracting cobalt from the magnet to make more poison??
          Using the powerful EMF field to wreck a quantity of electronics??
          Snatching Gus’ Volvo from the parking garage for… some reason??
          From a helicopter to fly over Mexico and grab the shed that Mike is chillin’ out in waiting for Gus. Impatiently checking his watch?
          Uhhh… Illuminati!

          • iviUi2D3i2 says:

            Wait a minute. Been rewatching recently.
            Madrigal ELECTROMOTIVE???
            The conglomerate Gus had ties to.
            Am I reaching here?

          • iviUi2D3i2 says:

            And the quartetto song Gale sings, “Crapa Pelada”, is a “Madrigal”.
            I can’t do this anymore. Going too far down the rabbit hole now. Like Jim Carrey in “23”.
            Damn this. I’m going to sleep. Next week can’t get here fast enough

  14. Isn’t that the giant scrap car magnet off a lift crane?

  15. Dylan Parrin says:

    Cooking meth in a tank?

  16. Tim says:

    Breaking Bad has used very subtle hints throughout the show, and this looks like (to me at least) Junkyard Joe is being used as a “messiah-like” figure with the way he has his arms out. Almost religious-like. Will he be the one to save them? ie, give them a place to cook? Or is this simply a very old outdated picture where he saved them from the DEA?

    • steelcity412 says:

      maybe junk yerad joe is the one who finds them a new place to cook considering he alreadfy knows they do alot of pictures in a warehouse so that could be possible but an under ground bunker might be safer then a hidden lab in a laundry factory specially if its in a junkyard

  17. VigilanceMike says:

    After his twin is blown up by Walt at the end of last season, this is where the real Gus is hiding, under the junkyard, with a backup lab “just in case”…

  18. Jim Pettit says:

    That’s definitely a circular lifting electromagnet (aka a junkyard magnet, as others have noted). Old Joe, of course, while looking like a complete derelict, showed us via his confrontation with Hank that’s he’s very crafty, calm, and possesses a great knowledge of the law. He also showed us that he’s willing to engage in criminal activity so long as the price is right.

    So then…

    I can think of a dozen different directions Gilligan and crew might go with this. The fun part is trying to guess…but I trust Vince by now enough to realize that I don’t really want to know until he wants me to…

  19. Bdemon23 says:

    I’m assuming the combination of letters and numbers have something to with chemistry…
    I know ‘FE’ is iron. I don’t know the rest. NU 517 FE. If you google that it brings up some type of equation…

  20. Truth Addict says:

    When is Walt’s nose gonna heal? Kinda getting tired of that bandage.

  21. Matt D says:

    Looks to me like Walt and Jesse are going to be against each other….

  22. jason cowell says:

    I bet its a hatch with guses money, drugs, back up lab, and safe house.

  23. Matt D says:

    also there’s some sort of symbol between “517” and “FE”

  24. That, my friends, is a scrap handling magnet: magnetically suspended lab?

  25. zetor says:

    Turns out Old Joe is involved in Dharma Initiative. He will offer Walt and Jessie a Hatch where they will meet Locke, Ben and Hurley. And cook happily ever after.

  26. Mandy says:

    So they’ll be moving onto “The Island” from LOST to cook now?

  27. Liz says:

    In the interest of wild speculation…

    I have a theory that the 1st half of the last season will end with Walt killing Hank, leading to Jesse killing Walt in the finale.

    Following that, Walt and Jesse look pretty pissed at each other in the poster with Joe literally in between them. So maybe not all of the RV was destroyed, intentionally or not on Joe’s part, and that causes more strife between the two and leads Hank closer to them?

  28. tjgossett says:

    Hmmm…Well, I think that the situation with Old Joe could be that he gives them the opportunity for a new place to make meth. No 517 FE could be in reference to Brazilian Iron Ore, which can also utilize Hydrochloric Acid in its process, which as we know, has been where Walt and Jessie have “dispersed” other individuals through the show. So could that be the final resting place for one of them, both of them, as they both look at each other over the top of it? Hmmmm….

  29. Tristan says:

    According to wikipedia S17 is one of many “s-phrases…Safety advice concerning dangerous substances and preparations.” meaning Keep away from combustible material…

  30. Dawn Bucko says:

    I an thinking that he didn’t really destroy all of the evidence so he can have something to hold over them and threaten to hand over to Hank..since he happens to know that Hank was after something about that RV. Hmmmmm….Can’t wait til Sunday, this is probably one of the best shows on TV!

  31. Courtney Collins says:

    Hank has sopoenaed the magnet from Joe for evidence to connect Jesse to the meth murders.

  32. Stefan Reich says:

    I was thinking it might look like the cover to a missile silo buried in the desert or something, or some sort of hatch. The giant magnet idea is a good one too, but Walt and Jessie are def squaring off. So excited..

  33. reviewsforsounds says:

    That’s a capsule for something underground, its where they’re gonna start cooking!

  34. kevin says:

    Seems as if Walt and Jesse are going to be battling over turf or something. They are the new ones at the top and they are just going to break more bad as they gain more power. I see this as a hinting point that the sides are about to turn in this season.

  35. What’s Gordon Freeman doing on the poster?

  36. Glen Murray says:

    Early indications are that Walt will be dealing with the German’s this season. I’ve been waiting 4 years for the Gray Matter storyline to unfold, what if at the end of all this Elliot Scwartz, is the kingpin, bigdog over the entire thing and this ends with Walt and Elliot facing off. Oh, by the way, the Schwartz name comes from German origins. I don’t believe in coincidences.

    • J. Goodman says:

      Personally, I think Hank busts Walt, and then Jesse, Badger and Skinny Pete take over, but I can see Walt shoving it in Elliot’s face: “I won.”

  37. joke rabbit slim says:

    I could be wrong but that looks like the top of a smelter furnace not a magnet but I could be wrong as for them squaring off when aren’t they at each others,faces this just means its do or die for either of them at this point I just have a feeling a major character will be killed off….tisk tisk can’t wait for sunday!!

  38. ptsia says:

    will they be resurrecting the RV? are we going back to season 1?

  39. louis a says:

    like other people have said i think old Joe has an underground bunker in the junkyard! I also think he needs the magnet to lift something that hides the opening to it,maybe a car or bus after all it is a junkyard!or maybe Joe is using an old magnet lying around the yard as a lid perhaps old # NU 517 FE to cover the entrance…. doesn’t top a washing machine but oh well.. and you never no maybe some stuff from the rv was salvaged and conveniently stored there !!

  40. Raymond says:

    No ones picking up on the fact that Walt and Jessi appear to be challenging each other. Maybe their final enemies are one another?

  41. John K says:

    YFE = yttrium iron garnet (chemical formula)

    From Wikipedia:
    YIG is used in microwave, optical, and magneto-optical applications, e.g. microwave YIG filters. It is transparent for infrared light wavelengths over 600 nm. It also finds use in solid-state lasers in Faraday rotators, in data storage, and in various nonlinear optics applications.

    Also, if you Google image search “junkyard magnet” it is clearly a junkyard magnet in the poster.

    So YIG’s have magnetic properties. The graphic is of a giant electro-magnet. That much seems to line up. Now we just have the other clues…

    I’m working on figuring out the rest.

    • John K says:

      My initial theory is destroying a huge hard drive, possibly from a mainframe that ran the superlab?

      • John K says:

        Now that I think about it, it could also be the hard drive that housed all of the camera feeds for the lab, payroll info (Walter and Jesse’s names), etc.

    • John K says:

      It also might be used to open a lock, perhaps a safe where Gus kept money or critical info?

  42. Louisj319 says:

    Looks like a land mine!

  43. Jim Pettit says:

    The letters spell out “NO 517 YFE”. Now, I keep waiting for someone to note that in 517 AD, Burgundy King Sigismund was opposed by his son (Sigeric), and that for this transgression, Sigismund had Sigeric put to death. But it’s not really that complicated. See, with sixteen episodes this fifth and final season, there will be only an episode 516. That is, there will be “no 517” (Your Final Episode).

    Simple, no?

  44. Fran Blaesig says:

    Gus was too smart to leave evidence of his involvement. The van was beyond restoration, In true Vince fashion, none of us has a clue!!

  45. JFritsch62 says:

    Just a theory: The RV wasn’t completely destroyed. He kept enough of it to blackmail Walt and Jessie.

  46. becca says:

    i thought that was counselor at Jesses NA groups n rehab?

  47. chris says:

    cooking in an abandoned missile silo!

  48. NY PEST TECH says:

    Its an xfiles reference….. :)

  49. H3C70R says:

    This isn’t much of a spoiler, AMC released a set of sneak peek photos on their own website, one of them feature Walt, Jesse, Junkyard Joe, AND MIKE. Who’s definitely not dead, and in the junkyard with Walt and Jesse, for whatever reason.

  50. Milech says:

    that thing is a lid to an underground sewer. Walt will go down the sewer and discover a new species of spider. He will keep this discovery to himself, which will initially anger Jessie. That’s why they look angry at each other in the photo. Jessie will then forgive Walt and they will venture further down into the sewer together where they will find a family of unicorns. The unicorns have been living underground since ancient times and are a bit smelly but are still pure and pristine at heart. The unicorns politely ask Old Joe to collect them scrap metal from his junkyard and pay him by giving him magic powers, good luck and meat pies. They use this scrap metal to make amazing children’s toys. They then employ Walt and Jessie to bring those toys to poor orphans.

    Walt and Jessie start to get along well with each other and with the unicorns. They only venture out of the sewer to bring the toys to the orphans. Eventually Walt and Jessie also grow unicorn horns (but otherwise still human form) then fall in love. Walt, Jessie and the unicorns live happily ever after.

    P.S. that new species of spider breeds in their millions and makes huge webs out of pure blue crystal meth