Exclusive Drop Dead Diva Video: Will Jane and Owen's Happy Engagement Last?

Drop Dead Diva‘s Jane finally got her man Owen to put a ring on it, but will their happy post-engagement honeymoon period last? As you can see in our exclusive sneak peek below from this Sunday’s episode (Lifetime, 9/8c), warning signs are already starting to pop up.

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Sure, Jane is over the moon as she discuss the Christmas-like avalanche of engagement gifts with her assistant Teri. Then the news is quietly slipped in that Owen has taken off to visit an old friend. Couple that with what creator Josh Berman teased to us (“We’re going to learn some things about Owen that I don’t think anyone saw coming”), and we’re a bit worried — but happy for poor, pining Grayson!

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  1. Brandy says:

    I hate Owen and OwenJane &i can’t wait til they split.Get her with Grayson already!its been 4seasons.

    • nermine says:

      i truelyy agreeeee

    • Tiffany Mortimer says:


  2. Riah says:

    I hope it’s not too bad. Team Owen. Grayson never even wanted her until he thought she was Deb. Jane deserves better!!!!!

    • Ashleah Youn says:

      This isn’t entirely true, as in the first season he had daydreams about her.

      • Mika says:

        ONLY BECAUSE HE STARTED TO SEE DEB IN HER. She was manipulating him by subtle hinting that she’s Deb since she can’t outright say she is (and there wouldn’t really be a show if she upright and said so like 3 seasons ago…) Wish she’d marry Owen, at least he cared for her right from the start ._.

    • Tiffany Mortimer says:


  3. patchouli says:

    Well I didn’t see the engagement episode entirely, just the ring part and Grayson falling apart. I just started watching the show on Netflix, just finished season 2. So have no idea how Owen fits on this..but agree with above sentiments, Grayson and Jane got to get together, but hope we dont have to wait 3 more seasons to see it. :)

    • Tiffany Mortimer says:

      no personally i prefer Jane and Owen I was truly a fan from it first began and I wanted her and Graysen to be together but when she choose Owen on the plane I rejoice. The real cinderella story is with Owen not Grayson, it dont always have to end with her getting Grayson but the story is written already when I saw her kiss Grayson in her wedding dress I was really mad and definitely I will stop watching it.

  4. Diva girl says:

    Team Owen for another whole season and then team Grayson later, because Owen and Jane have great chemistry, and we all know Jane has to end up with Grayson anyways. I just beg the writers not to make Jane break his heart, or for Owen to be the evil boyfriend all of a sudden just to we can root for Grayson. I hope Fred comes back, and Terri has a BF, also I wish the seasons had more than 13 episodes, and came more than once a year!!! love 3D the best show, good writing, I love Owen and Jane I’d like them to live together for a while : )

  5. Hmmmm says:

    So torn when it comes to who is truly the right man for Jane! I like both Owen and Grayson although I think that her ultimately ending up with Grayson would be sweet. However, as someone else already pointed out, Grayson fell for her because she is deb. It doesn’t count if he doesn’t love her for her! She’s a truly great combo of both ladies and deserves to be loved for the woman that she is now. Definitely still have a soft spot in my heart for Grayson though, so maybe the writers will eventually make Grayson fall for her under the right circumstances.

  6. iheartjaneandowen says:

    Exactly…Grayson didn’t give her the time of day until the Jane is Deb speech….Owen fell in love with Jane…I love Owen…he makes her laugh and smile and he listens to her…I like them together. He gave up his trip that he had wanted to do for forever for her….I say Team Owen

  7. GS says:

    I honestly think Grayson had feelings for Jane before he started getting that she is also Deb. Maybe I’m wrong but I think he does love her but a part of that is b/c she is Deb and he can see the similarities…does this make sense?? Owen is ok but I’m a sucker for the ‘fate’ storyline and want Jane and Grayson together. And I really want Fred back. DO NOT LIKE LUKE AT ALL…he’s obnoxious to the n’th degree!

    • Kristen says:

      Well it’s already been said that Fred will return this season, so there’s that. I am actually surprising myself with Luke. While is execution is poor, he really does have Jane’s best interests at heart. He know’s that Grayson can’t fall for her b/c he thinks she’s Deb. It has to be on the right terms, and I think that right now Luke is worried that the only reason Grayson is going after her is b/c of the Deb thing. In which case, Luke is protecting Jane, b/c if that’s the case, she’ll lose him for sure after coming so far. I really do love Owen and Jane. It’s extremely hard not to. The marriage thing almost got me, and then he had to go and propose. “I’d rather live in your reality than mine” – ugh! So sweet! Ultimately, yes, I want Grayson and Jane together, but I want Owen and Jane to end the right way. Not forced! Maybe he’ll have an ex-wife or something she doesn’t know about? Bringing the marriage thing back up. Or an estranged wife? I think Owen is a great guy for Jane, and I think it’s going to take another season till Grayson and Jane have their fair shot. Whatever happens, Owen and Jane can’t actually get married. That will make it even harder to properly work Grayson and Jane back together.

  8. Brittany says:

    I’m all about Owen. I haven’t liked Jane with Grayson since the beginning, only because if he did fall for her, it’s more than likely going to be because she’s part Deb and not because she’s Jane. Owen has been the best of her boyfriends so far, and I’m rooting for them to make a real go at it!

  9. Meg says:

    Team Grayson. The fact is Jane is Deb. The only part of Jane that Isn’t Deb is her body and her factual knowledge. Grayson has always known something was different with Jane.

    • AJ says:

      I agree Meg! She isn’t “Jane” she is Deb and Jane and both of those people matter! Jane is just the shell – like a robot and I love that she is embracing that new person but she is still Deb and Grayson loved Deb for more than just her body! Give him a break!!

  10. Jane might be Deb in a way but she’s also Jane (intelligence and body wise) so I am also for Team Owen since he fell for her without thinking she might be someone else.
    I agree that Grayson was the ultimate guy for Deb’s heart but now, Owen creeped his way into Jane’s and he did a LOT of good to Jane: the trip, the fact that he prefers to see life through her eyes than his, it’s a real proof of love.
    Grayson, in 2 seasons, managed to break Jane’s heart over an over with other girls. Let him suffer. And please don’t make Owen a bad guy so us team Owen start to wish for a Grayson-Jane union faster. Let Jane enjoy her happiness for a while.

  11. the girl says:

    Team Owen. Grayson needs to move on.

  12. Lisa B says:

    I know there’s no way Jane and Owen’s wedding is going to happen… the entire show is built around Jane/Deb and Grayson, after all. I have the sinking feeling in my gut that Owen is going to die… I kept expecting him to drop from a heart attack during his basketball game with Grayson. There were what I saw as little foreshadowings throughout that episode. That being said, I’m thinking Owen’s secret trip is probably for medical reasons. If that’s what the show is going to do, I wish they’d do it sooner rather than later and not have him die at his and Jane’s wedding. That would be just awful.

  13. KCC says:

    I really like Owen. I think he’s a great guy for Jane. I want to believe in the fairy tale, that love can conquer all, even death. But I think it’s tough when one person in a couple grows up faster than the other. Deb has grown up, and is now Jane. Grayson hasn’t, he’s still the guy who loved the 22 year old girl. The message of the story could be that love moves on. It’s time for Jane to move on and have her happiness with Owen.

  14. Elizabeth says:

    i want jane and grayson to be together…….I think that grayson does love her but the fact that he dosent love jane well its not like she really is jane its just her body, i think that in the end it will be great because they will fall back in love with eachother even if deb is in janes body

  15. JTL says:

    i really like Owen & Jane as a couple and think they need more time together. I don’t want to see a two-faced, dog-like cad personality on him. After all, Grayson has been through several relationships, including an engagement! This relationship is good for Jane and I think it’s helping the emergence of the Deb-Jane character.

  16. Velvet says:

    I don’t really care for this season so far. Fred is gone, then there was that Kardashian hobag. I don’t care for the new angel and all Jane has done is annoy me with her pretentiousness.

  17. Lydia says:

    I am a hopeless romantic and although I like the twist of Owen and Jane dating, I want her to end up with Grayson. They are destined to live happily ever after. I also want Fred to come back for Terri!

  18. Tiffany Mortimer says:

    Well the minute Grayson and Jane get together I will stop watching the show Owen puts sparkle into Janes eyes and pep in her step.Every couple deserves someone and the writer can put another women in for Grayson. Dropdead diva is all about Jane the lawyer now not Deb its been too long now Grayson get over it Deb is dead its all about Owen/Jane thats what making the show romantic and hot to watch. Just how he tells her how proud he is of her and how beatiful she looks and on and on. I love it from it first begin to now and I pray Owen gets his chance with LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Danielle says:

    I am Team grayson!!

  20. eve says:

    team grayson all the way. y cant they be togehter already??!!!!!

  21. Lexy bennett says:

    TEAM OWEN ALL THE WAY. I really want Owen and Jane to be together. They match perfectly. I think Grayson only wants Deb type bodywise. Owen is in love with who jane is. Please put Owen and Jane together.